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Are you, or someone you know, a victim of                                                     Elder abuse,
elder abuse? Don’t wait, the ELDER ABUSE
HELP LINE is there to listen and help.

The ELDER ABUSE HELP LINE is a free, anony­                                                         IT’S REAL AND
mous and confidential service available                                                             IT HAPPENS !
everywhere in Québec from 8am to 8pm
everyday. Anyone can use this service; elders                                                    Let’s not turn a blind eye
in situations of abuse, family members, friends,
neighbours or anyone else who knows about
an elder who is being abused.

An experienced team of professionals is ready
to listen, offer advice and refer you to the
services that respond to your specific needs.

                                                   ELDER ABUSE HELP LINE
Don’t hesitate to call and talk
to us about your situation.

Let’s not turn a blind
eye to elder abuse

Call us.
1-888-489-ABUS (2287)
                                                                           A-5215 (2010-11)
ELDER ABUSE, IT’S REAL                                 DIFFERENT FORMS OF ABUSE                                HOW TO RECOGNIZE ABUSE?
                                                       Physical                                                Certain signs can help detect situations of abuse.
Elder abuse is real, and it happens to many seniors.    Being hit, pushed, forced to eat too quickly,          For example:
It includes psychological or physical abuse, sexual     or to wait too long to use the washroom...
abuse, financial or property abuse, negligence, and                                                            •	 Bruises,	injuries,	changes	in	behaviour,	
                                                                                                                  depression, poor hygiene;
violation of human rights.                             Psychological or emotional
                                                                                                               •	 Increase	in	the	number	of	banking	
                                                        Being humiliated, threatened,                             transactions, disappearance
                                                        infantilized, ignored or secluded...                      of	objects	of	value;
                                                                                                               •	 Social	isolation.
“It’s hard to face up to it but there are a lot        Sexual
more elderly people being abused in Québec              Being harassed, fondled, or being victim to
                                                        inappropriate touching or exhibitionism...             CONSEQUENCES OF ABUSE
than we’d like to think. That’s the reality of
the situation. And it’s happening right here,          Financial or property
in our neighbourhoods, every day. It’s time                                                                    Elder abuse impacts the quality of life of its
                                                         Being extorted or robbed, being                       victims; they tend to withdraw, feel anxious,
the issue were brought out into the open.”               pressured about an inheritance...                     insecure, and confused, and can become
Bill Haugland                                                                                                  depressed.
                                                       Rights violations
Journalist, TV host, news anchor…
                                                         Being discriminated against on                        In certain cases, the abuse goes so far that its
and senior citizen!                                      the basis of age, receiving medical                   victims resort to suicide.
In connection with the governmental
                                                         treatments without consent...
elder abuse awareness campaign
                                                        Being ignored or not having basic                       To learn more about elder abuse and how it
                                                        needs met in a timely manner...                         can be detected, visit

Situations of abuse are often quite complex and
usually involve more than one form of abuse.

                                                       ‘‘Manipulating, isolating, insulting, neglecting,
                                                       intimidating… What’s truly frightening is turning our
                                                       backs on this issue and pretending it doesn’t exist.”
                                                       Bill Haugland

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