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									                                                                                - COLUMBUS
                                            Supply List SC66 - Effective February 20, 2010
                       For up-to-date pricing, information and availability please contact Gold Medal Products Co. at 1-800-537-6357

Item #   Description                  List Price     Item #     Description                  List Price      Item #     Description                  List Price

SNO-KONE & COLD DRINKS                               1234       STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE-O MIX                    5304       16OZ LEMONADE CUPS 1M
1050     CANE SUGAR STRAWBERRY 4/1                   1235       BAN/STRAWB SMOOTHIE-O MIX                    5305       32OZ LEMONADE CUPS 480
1050GA   GAL CANE SUGAR STRAWBERRY                   1238       CAPPUCCINO SMOOTHIE-O                        5307       32OZ PLASTIC LEMONADE CUP 250
1051     CS CANE SUGAR CHERRY 4/1                    1239       MOC-CAPPUCCINO SMOOTHIE-O                    5316       INFINITY DMR16 COLD CUP 1M
1051GA   GAL CANE SUGAR CHERRY                       1240       FRUSHEEZ MIX-LEMON 6/1                       5316C      COKE DMR-16 COLD CUP 1M
1052     CS CANE SUGAR GRAPE RTU 4/1                 1240GA     1/2 GAL FRUSHEEZ LEMON                       5316L      LCRS22 BUBBLE LIDS 2M
1052GA   GAL CANE SUGAR GRAPE                        1241       FRUSHEEZ MIX-CHERRY 6/1                      5316P      PEPSI DMR-16 COLD CUP 1M
1053     CS CANE SUGAR ORANGE RTU 4/1                1241GA     1/2 GAL FRUSHEEZ CHERRY                      5320       INFINITY DMT-20 COLD CUP 1M
1054     CS CANE SUGAR LIME RTU 4/1                  1242       FRUSHEEZ MIX-BL.RASP 6/1                     5322       INFINITY DMR22 COLD CUP 1M
1055     CS CANE SUGAR BLUE RASP 4/1                 1242GA     1/2 GAL FRUSHEEZ B. RASP                     5322C      COKE DMR22 COLD CUP 1M
1055GA   GAL CANE SUGAR BLUE RASP                    1243       FRUSHEEZ MIX-GRAPE 6/1                       5322L      LCRDO-24 LIDS 2M
1056     SOUR ATTITUDE RTU 4/1                       1243GA     1/2 GAL FRUSHEEZ GRAPE                       5322LD     LCRDO-22 DOME LIDS 1M
1056GA   GAL SOUR ATTITUDE RTU                       1244       FRUSHEEZ MIX-FRUIT PUNCH 6/1                 5322P      PEPSI DMR-22 COLD CUP 1M
1060     CS SNO KONE CUPS 25/200                     1244GA     1/2 GAL FRUSHEEZ FRUIT                       5324       INFINITY DMR-24 COLD CUP 1M
1060TB   TB SNO KONE CUPS 200CT                      1245       FRUSHEEZ MIX-ORANGE 6/1                      5332       INFINITY DMR32 COLD CUP 500CT
1119     5:1 LIQ SLUSH BASE 4/1CS                    1245GA     1/2 GAL FRUSHEEZ ORANGE                      5332C      COKE DMR32 COLD CUP 600CT
1119GA   GAL 5:1 LIQ SLUSH BASE                      1246       FRUSHEEZ MIX-MARGARITA 6/1                   5332L      LCRS32 BUBBLE LIDS 1M
1120     CS NEON SPOON STRAWS 25/400                 1246GA     1/2 GAL FRUSHEEZ MARG.                       5332P      PEPSI DMR-32 COLD CUP 500CT
1120BX   BX SPOON STRAWS 400CT                       1247       FRUSHEEZ MIX-STRAW. DAIQ. 6/1                5344       INFINITY DMT44 COLD CUP 500CT
1175     FLOWER SHAPED SNO-KONE 960                  1247GA     1/2 GAL FRUSHEEZ STRAW DQ                    5344C      COKE DMT44 COLD CUP 500CT
1216     SMOOTHIE-O MIX 6/30 OZ                      1248       FRUSHEEZ MIX PINA COLADA 6/1                 5344L      LCTS44 BUBBLE LIDS 1M
1216ND   NON-DAIRY SMOOTHIE-O MIX 6/30               1248GA     1/2 GAL FRUSHEEZ PINA                        5344P      PEPSI DMT-44 COLD CUP 500CT
1217     CS. VANILLA FROSTY FREEZE 6/.5              1255       CS SOUR APPLE SNO TREATS 4/1                 CCTRAN09 9 OZ TRANSLUCENT CUP 2500
1218     CS CHOC FROSTY FREEZE 6/.5                  1255GA     GA SOUR APPLE SNO TREATS                     CCTRAN10 10OZ TRANSLUCENT CUP 2500
1221     CS CHOC YOSOGOOD YOGURT 6/1                 1256       STRAW KIWI SNO TREATS 4/1                    CCTRAN12 12OZ TRANSLUCENT CUP 1000
1222     CS VAN YOSOGOOD YOGURT 6/1                  1258       SOUR LEMON SNO TREATS 4/1                    CCTRAN14 14OZ TRANSLUCENT CUP 1000
1223     CS CHERRY SNO TREATS 4/1                    1258GA     GA SOUR LEMON SNO TREATS                     CCTRAN16 16OZ TRANSLUCENT CUP 1000
1223GA   GA CHERRY SNO TREATS                        1259       SOUR CHERRY SNO TREATS 4/1                   CCTRAN20 20OZ TRANSLUCENT CUP 1000
1224     CS GRAPE SNO TREATS 4/1                     1259GA     GA SOUR CHERRY SNO TREATS                    CCTRAN24 24OZ TRANSLUCENT CUP 1000
1224GA   GA GRAPE SNO TREATS                         1260       FREEZER POPS 36/7 OZ ASST                    CCTRAN32 32OZ TRANSLUCENT CUP 500
1225     CS BLUE RASP SNO TREATS 4/1                 1261       ORANGE POWER ICE 36/1.7OZ                    CDC83967 COUNTRY TIME WILD BERRY 15/2
1225GA   GA BLUE RASP SNO TREATS                     1263       LIME POWER ICE 36/1.7 OZ                     CDC83973 COUNTRY TIME LEMONADE 15/2
1226     CS LEM-LIME SNO TREATS 4/1                  1291       TWAVE STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE                    CDK83992 KOOL AID BLUE RASP LEMON 15/2
1226GA   GA LEM-LIME SNO TREATS                      1291CT     CTN TWAVE STRAWBERRY 1L                      CDK83993 KOOL AID ORANGE PINE 15/2
1227     CS STRAWBERRY SNO TREATS 4/1                1295       TWAVE SOUR GREEN APPLE                       CDK84023 KOOL AID TROPICAL PUNCH 15/2
1227GA   GA STRAWBERRY SNO TREATS                    1295CT     CTN TWAVE GREEN APPLE 1L                     CDK84024 KOOL AID CHERRY 15/2
1228     CS ORANGE SNO TREATS 4/1                    1296       TWAVE STRAWBERRY/BANANA                      K85476     KRAFT LEMONADE TWIST 12/2
1228GA   GA ORANGE SNO TREATS                        1296CT     CTN TWAVE STRAW/BANANA 1L
1229     CS PINEAPPLE SNO TREATS 4/1                 1297       TWAVE WILDBERRY SMOOTHIE                     POPCORN SUPPLIES
1229GA   GA PINEAPPLE SNO TREATS                     1297CT     CTN TWAVE WILDBERRY 1L                       2030       PREPOP POPCORN BULK 4#
1230     CS COCONUT SNO TREATS 4/1                   1300       20OZ DEJA BLUE WATER                         2032WG     35# TOP N POP WG KERNELS
1230GA   GA COCONUT SNO TREATS                       1301       16.9 OZ DEJA BLUE WATER                      2034       CS POLY PAK KERNELS 4/12.5#
1231     CS ROOTBEER SNO TREATS 4/1                  1302       HERSHEY 2% CHOCOLATE MILK                    2034OR     35LB REDENBACHER KERNELS
1231GA   GA ROOTBEER SNO TREATS                      1303       HERSHEY 2% STRAWBERY MILK                    2036       50LB S&C WEAVER KERNELS
1232     CS BUBBLE GUM SNO TREATS 4/1                1304       HERSHEY 2% WHITE MILK BOX                    2036MM     MAGIC MUSHROOM KERNELS 50#
1232GA   GA BUBBLE GUM SNO TREATS                    5302       INFINITY DMR-12 COLD CUP                     2039L      CS LOU ANNA TOPPING 4/1
1233     BANANA SMOOTHIE-O MIX                       5302L      LCRS-12 BUBBLE LIDS 2M                       2039S      CS SUPERKIST TOPPING 6/1

                                                                                                 Supply Items , Effective February 20, 2010
                                    For up-to-date pricing, information and availability please contact Gold Medal Products Co. at 1-800-537-6357.

Part #   Description                   List Price           Part #        Description                         List Price           Part #        Description                List Price
2040WG   50# WEAVER GOLD KERNELS                            2501         50# BULK PREMIER FLAVACOL                                2368          4LB SAVORY PEPPER POP
2041     50LB 40 RED COCONUT OIL                            2516         14OZ HEAP O CORN BAGS 500                                2369          PARMESAN GARLIC SAVORY 4#
2042     POPPING OIL BARS PER CS 30#                        2649         50# PAIL CORN OIL                                        2370          25LB BULK SPICY PEANUT
2043     CS PEANUT OIL 4/1                                  2650         PAIL POP-N-LITE 50#                                      2372          4LB SAVORY HOT & SPICY
2045     CS FLAVACOL SALT 12/1                              2652         BIB 40R COCONUT OIL 35LB                                 2374          4LB SAVORY HOT JALAPENO
2045CT   CT FLAVACOL SALT                                   2653         BIB 35# BUTTER TOPPING                                   2374JR        JAR HOT JALAPENO SHAKER
2046     CS SUNFLOWER OIL 4/1                               2751         CS 4/1 POP-N-LITE OIL                                    2374S         HOT JALAPENOS SHAKERS
2052     #2 POPCORN BAGS (.75) 1M                           2752         PREMIUM YELLOW KERNELS 50#                               2376          HONEY MUSTARD SAVORY 4#JR
2053     #3 POPCORN BAGS (1.0) 1M                           2753         BIB POP-N-LITE 35#                                       2377          SALSA VERDE SAVORY 4# JR
2054     #4 POPCORN BAGS (1.5) 1M                           2834         2834 36/5.5OZ COCO NAKS                                  2378          CREAMY DILL SAVORY 4# JR
2055     JUMBO POPCORN BAGS (2.5) 2M                        2836         2836 36/8OZ COCO NAKS PAK                                2379          25LB SAVORY CHEDDAR CHESE
2056     TEXAS POPCORN BAGS (3.5) 1M                        2836S        4373 36/8OZ SUNF NAKS PAK                                2380          25LB SAVORY WHITE CHEDDAR
2058     48E PC SCOOP BOXES 500                             2838         2838 24/10.6 COCO NAKS PA                                2383          4LB SAVORY WHITE CHEDDAR
2062     2E POPCORN BOXES 500                               2838S        5374 24/10.6OZ SUNF NAKS                                 2383JR        JAR WHITE CHEDDAR SHAKER
2063     15E POPCORN BOX 500CT                              2839         2839 24/12OZ COCO NAKS PK                                2383S         WHITE CHEDDAR SHAKERS
2064     4E POPCORN BOXES 250                               2839S        SUNFLOWER 24/16 OZ NAKS                                  2384          4LB SAVORY RANCH
2065     25E POPCORN BOXES 500                              2846         20/22OZ COCO NAKS PAK                                    2384JR        JAR RANCH SHAKER 16 OZ
2066     44E PC SCOOP BOXES 500                                                                                                   2384S         RANCH SHAKERS SAVORY MIX
2067     CS CONE-O-CORN CUPS 10/250                                                                                               2386          4LB SAVORY KETCHUP
2067CT   CT CONE-O-CORN CUPS 250CT                          CARAMEL CORN & SAVORY                                                 2390          DELUXE CHEDDAR EASY
2068     18E POPCORN BOXES 250                              2094         CS CONC CARAMEL CT MIX                                   2391          WHITE CHEDDAR EASY
2070     CS WHITE POPCORN SALT 12/1                         2096         CS BASIC CORNTREAT MIX                                   2392          CHEDDAR CLASSIC 30# PAIL
2070CT   CT WHITE POPCORN SALT                              2135         CARAMEL CORN CONTAINER                                   2393          FLAVOR EZ BASE COATING
2079     CS 30IN HEAP O CORN BAGS 1M                        2137         CS CT2 CORNTREAT BAGS-1M                                 2417          4# BLACK COLOR POP
2079HD   HD 30IN HEAP O CORN BAGS                           2138         CS CT4 CORNTREAT BAGS-1M                                 2418          4# ORANGE COLOR-POP
2099     45# PAIL FLAVACOL BULK                             2207         CS CT-7 CORN TREAT BAGS 1M                               2419          4# COLOR FREE FLAVACOL
2100     50 LB BULK FLAVACOL                                2250         CS FREE N EASY 12/1                                      2420          4# COLOR-POP BROWN
2125     CS 18IN HEAP O CORN BAGS 1M                        2250QT       QT FREE N EASY                                           2421          4# COLOR-POP PINK
2132RB   24OZ POPCORN CUP RED/BLUE                          2272         BASIC ONE STEP 2.5 GAL                                   2422          4# COLOR-POP BLUE
1196RB   SFR32 POPCORN CUP 500CT                            2273         KARAMEL BABY BASIC MIX                                   2423          4# COLOR POP GREEN
2133RB   RED/BLUE 46OZ BUTTER TUB 500CT                     2321         1M SUPER SAVER BAGS                                      2505          OH FUDGE MIX CHOCOLATE
2134RB   SFR85 BUTTER TUB 300 CT                            2322         1M LARGE SUPER SAVER BAGS                                2521          GLAZE POP CHERRY PINK
2170RB   SFR170 BUTTER TUB 150 CT                           2326         PLATINUM WHITE CHEDDAR                                   2521CT        CT PINK GLZ POP
2208     WINPAK 46OZ BUTTER BAGS 1M                         2350         50LB WHITE COCONUT OIL                                   2522          GLAZE POP GRAPE 12/28OZ
2208E    ECOSELECT 46OZ BUTTER BAG 1M                       2351         4LB SAVORY SOUR CRM & CHV                                2522CT        CT GRAPE GLZ POP
2209     WINPAK 85OZ BUTTER BAGS 1M                         2351JR       JAR SOUR CREAM SHAKER                                    2523          GLAZE POP CHOCOLATE 12/28
2209E    ECOSELECT 85OZ BUTTER BAG                          2351S        SOUR CREAM & CHIVE SHAKER                                2523CT        CT CHOC GLZ POP
2210     WINPAK 170OZ BUTTERBAG 500CT                       2352         4LB SAVORY BARBECUE                                      2524          GLAZE POP BLUE RASP 12/28
2230RB   SFR130 BUTTER TUB 300 CT                           2352JR       JAR BARBECUE SHAKER 18OZ                                 2524CT        CT BLUE RASP GLZ POP
2232     WINPAK 130OZ BUTTERBAG 500CT                       2352S        BARBEQUE SAVORY SHAKERS                                  2525          GLAZE POP CARAMEL 12/28OZ
2232E    ECOSELECT 130OZ BUTTERBAG                          2353         1.5LB SAVORY SALT & VINE                                 2525CT        CT CARAMEL GLZ POP
2259E    ECOSELECT 32OZ POPCORN                             2353S        SALT $ VINEGAR SHAKERS                                   2526          GLAZE POP HOT CINNAMON
2266     3E POPCORN BOXES 500                               2354         4LB SAVORY PIZZA                                         2526CT        CT HOT CINNAMON GLZ POP
2267     3 1/2E POPCORN BOXES 500                           2355         25LB SAVORY PIZZA                                        2529          CARAMEL LITE BAGS 1M
2268     5E POPCORN BOXES 250                               2360         4LB SAVORY CAJUN                                         2530          16IN SWEET FROSTED BAG 1M
2364     CORN OIL 40R W/BUTTER 6/1                          2362         4LB SAVORY BACON & CHEESE                                2531          18IN SWEET FROSTED BAG 1M
2364GA   GAL CORN OIL 40R W/BUTTER                          2362JR       JAR BACON CHEESE SHAKERS                                 2532          28OZ HEAP O CORN BAGS 500
2455     8OZ HEAP O CORN BAG 500CT                          2362S        BACON & CHEESE SHAKERS                                   2533          50# CARAMEL GLAZE POP
2484     46C POPCORN TUB BOX 500CT                          2363         25LB SAVORY BACON & CHESE                                2538          POP N GLAZE SUGAR CORN
2485     85OZ POPCORN TUB 200CT                             2366         4LB SAVORY CHEDDAR CHEESE                                2538CT        CT POP-N-GLAZE
2486     130OZ POPCORN TUB 200CT                            2366JR       JAR CHEDDAR CHEESE SHAKER                                2547          25 LB BULK CARAMEL GLAZE
2498     45# PREMIER FLAVACOL                               2366S        CHEDDAR CHEESE SHAKERS                                   2572          50# POP N GLAZE GLAZE POP
2500     CS. PREMIER FLAVACOL                               2367         4LB SAVORY NACHO CHEESE                                  5369          ALPINE WHITE DRIZZLER

                                                                                                 Supply Items , Effective February 20, 2010
                                    For up-to-date pricing, information and availability please contact Gold Medal Products Co. at 1-800-537-6357.

Part #   Description                   List Price           Part #        Description                         List Price           Part #        Description                List Price
5370     CHOC MINT DRIZZLER WAFER                           3454CN       CAN STRAWBERRY FLOSSINE                                  SANDWICH & CONDIMENTS
5371     MILK CHOCOLATE DRIZZLER                            3455         CS GRAPE FLOSSINE                                        5033          CS VANEE BBQ BEEF 6/50OZ
                                                            3455CN       CAN GRAPE FLOSSINE                                       5033CN        CN VANEE BBQ BEEF 50OZ
                                                            3456         CS MINT GREEN FLOSSINE                                   5046          CHILI DOG SAUCE 6/#10
COTTON CANDY                                                3456CN       CAN MINT GREEN FLOSSINE                                  5046CN        CAN CHILI DOG SAUCE #10
3010     WHIRL GRIP STABILIZER                              3457         CS LEMON YELLOW FLOSSINE                                 5121          CS DRIED ONIONS 6/3LB
3020N    NEW STYLE CANDEE FLUFF 400CT                       3457CN       CAN LEMON YELLOW FLOSSINE                                5121BX        BOX DRIED ONIONS 3LB
3021     CS PLAIN FLOSS CONES 4M                            3458         CS ORANGE FLOSSINE                                       5123          IND HUNTS KETCHUP PACK 1M
3021M    BOX PLAIN FLOSS CONES 1M                           3458CN       CAN ORANGE FLOSSINE                                      5124          500CT IND MUSTARD PACKS
3049     RTU CANDEE FLUF PINK/BLUE 34CT                     3459         CS BUBBLE GUM FLOSSINE                                   5124A         200CT IND MUSTARD PACKS
3060     CELLOPHANE COTTON CANDY                            3459CN       CAN BUBBLE GUM FLOSSINE                                  5125          IND SWEET RELISH PACK 200
3063     SUPER JUMBO QPAK FLOSS 1M                          3460         CS WATERMELON FLOSSINE                                   5126          IND SUGAR PACKETS 2M
3064     PLAIN QPAK FLOSS BAGS 1M                           3460CN       CAN WATERMELON FLOSSINE                                  5127          IND CREAMER PACKETS 1M
3065     PRT QPAK FLOSS BAGS 1M                             3461         CS PINA COLADA FLOSSINE                                  5128          IND SALT PACKETS 3M
3066     KWIK LOK CLOSURES 500CT                            3461CN       CAN PINA COLADA FLOSSINE                                 5129          HUNTS FANCY KETCHUP 6/1
3068     STADIUM QPAK FLOSS BAGS                            3462         CS BANANA FLOSSINE                                       5129CN        CAN HUNTS FANCY KETCHUP
3201     BOO BLUE FLOSSUGAR 6/1                             3462CN       CAN BANANA FLOSSINE                                      5130          CS WOEBERS MUSTARD 4/1
3201CT   CT BOO BLUE FLOSSUGAR                              3464         25# BAG FINE GRAN SUGAR                                  5130GA        GAL WOEBERS FINE MUSTARD
3202     SILLY NILLY FLOSSUGAR 6/1                          3465         50# BAG EXTRA FINE SUGAR                                 5131          CS SWEET RELISH 4/1
3202CT   CT SILLY NILLY FLOSSUGAR                           3466         CS GREEN APPLE FLOSSINE                                  5131GA        GAL SWEET RELISH
3203     SPOOKIE FRUITI FLOSSUGAR 6/1                       3466CN       CAN SASSY APPLE FLOSSINE                                 5132          CS HAMB DILL SLICES 4/1
3203CT   CT SPOOKIE FRTI FLOSSUGAR                                                                                                5132GA        GAL HAMB DILL SLICES
3204     LEAPIN LIME FLOSSUGAR 6/1                                                                                                5133          PAIL KOSHER DILL PICK 60
3204CT   CT LEAPIN LIME FLOSSUGAR                           NACHO SUPPLIES                                                        5134          IND MAYONAISE PACKETS 200
3205     O JAY FLOSSUGAR 6/1                                5242         RICOS BIB JALAPENO CHEESE                                5135          IND PEPPER PACKETS 3M
3205CT   CT O JAY FLOSSUGAR                                 5246         5X6 2-COMPT TRAYS 500CS                                  5136          IND SWEET-N-LOW PAKS 2M
3206     JOLLY BERRY FLOSSUGAR 6/1                          5246TB       TUBE 5X6 2CMPT TRAYS 125                                 5141          IND SPLENDA PACKS 2000CT
3206CT   CT JOLLY BERRY FLOSSUGAR                           5247         BIB GEHLS NACHO CHE 4/140                                5426          PLAIN SANDWICH BAG 2M
3207     CHERRY BERRY FLOSSUGAR 6/1                         5249         BIB GEHLS SHARP CHE 4/140                                5428          FOIL SANDWICH BAGS 1M
3207CT   CT CHERRY FLOSSUGAR                                5251         CS RICOS AGED CHEDDAR 6/1                                5428J         JUMBO FOIL SANDWICH BAG
3208     BUBBLE GUM FLOSSUGAR 6/1                           5251CN       CN RICOS AGED CHEDDAR                                    5436          FOIL HAMBURGER BAGS 1M
3208CT   CT BUBBLE GUM FLOSSUGAR                            5254         6X8 3-COMPT TRAYS 500CS                                  5436J         JUMBO FOIL HAMBURGER BAG
3209     PINA COLADA FLOSSUGAR 6/1                          5256S        6LB NACHO CHIPS 4/24 OZ                                  5436QP        5HB QPAK HAMBURGR BAGS 2M
3209CT   CT PINA COLADA FLOSSUGAR                           5259         CS RICOS HOT N EASY 6/1                                  5437          FOIL CHEESEBURGER BAGS 1M
3212     WATERMELLON FLOSSUGAR 6/1                          5259CN       CN RICOS HOT N EASY                                      5437J         JUMBO FOIL CHEESEBURGER
3212CT   CT WATERMELON FLOSSUGAR                            5263         6X8 2-COMPT TRAYS 500CS                                  5437QP        5CB QPAK CHEESBRG BAGS 2M
3218     BANANA FLOSSUGAR 6/1                               5265         PORTION PACK CHIPS 48/3OZ                                5439          FOIL BAR-B-Q BAGS 1M
3218CT   CT BANANNA FLOSSUGAR                               5268         CS PORTION PAK SALSA 30/3.8                              5441          PAPER HOT DOG BAGS 1M
3220     SASSY APPLE FLOSSUGAR 6/1                          5269         CS SALSA (4 GAL PER CS)                                  5446          PAPER FOOTLONG HD BAGS 1M
3220CT   CT SASSY APPLE FLOSSUGAR                           5269GA       GAL SALSA                                                5455          FOIL HOT DOG BAGS 1M
3226     SIZZLIN LEMON FLOSSUGAR 6/1                        5271         PORT-PAK MARINARA SAUCE                                  5455M         EISENBERG FOIL BAG 1M
3226CT   CT SIZZLN LEMON FLOSSUGAR                          5277         EL NACHO GRANDE PORT-PAK                                 5455QP        HD8 QPAK HOT DOG BAGS 2M
3227     RAZZLEBERRY FLOSSUGAR 6/1                          5278         BIB EL NA GRANDE JALAPENO                                5468          PAPER CORN DOG BAGS 1M
3227CT   CT RAZZLEBERRY FLOSSUGAR                           5279         BIB EL NA GRANDE CHEDDAR                                 5686          5X5 FOAM SANDWICH CONT 500CT
3321     CS OF 1200 COTTON CANDY                            5282         BIB EL NA GRANDE CHILI                                   5687          FOAM HOAGIE CONTAINER 500CT
3321BX   BOX 300 FLOSS CONES                                5290         JALAPENO PEPPER RINGS 4/1                                5688          5X5 CLEAR CLAMSHELL 500CT
3451     CS VANILLA PINK FLOSSINE                           5290GA       GAL JALAPENO PEPPER RINGS                                5689          9X9 3COMP CLAM SHELL 200
3451CN   CAN VANILLA PINK FLOSSINE                          5291         DEL SOL MIXED JALAPENO 4/1                               5690          9X9 PIZZA CLAM SHELL 200
3452     CS CHERRY RED FLOSSINE                             5291GA       GAL DEL SOL MIXED PEPPERS                                8449          B57469 BRAKEBUSH CHICKEN 2/5#
3452CN   CAN CHERRY RED FLOSSINE                            5400         5400 GEHLS JALAP W/HOSES                                 8451          D/F CHUNK BONED CHICKEN 12/50
3453     CS BLUE RASP FLOSSINE                                                                                                    8452          80030 CIRCLE Z HAMBURGERS
3453CN   CAN BLUE RASP FLOSSINE                                                                                                   8453          SEASONED CURLY FRIES 6/5#
3454     CS STRAWBERRY FLOSSINE                                                                                                   8454          3/5# CHICKEN TENDERS

                                                                                                  Supply Items , Effective February 20, 2010
                                     For up-to-date pricing, information and availability please contact Gold Medal Products Co. at 1-800-537-6357.

Part #    Description                   List Price           Part #        Description                         List Price           Part #        Description                List Price
8455      BOSCO STIX 108CT                                   4160CR       50# BAG CORN SYR CRYSTALS                                7500          729340 BB LEMON CHILL
8501      10/1 EISENBERG ALL BEEF                            4183         CS 12 OZ FOAM APPLE BOWL                                 7502          729333 BB CHERRY CHILL
8502      5/1 EISENBERG ALL BEEF                             4183TB       TB 12 OZ FOAM APPLE BOWL                                 7508          218082 BB FUDGE BAR
8503      8/1 EISENBERG ALL BEEF                             4212         #1P POLY BAG 4X2X12 1M                                   7509          218100 BB VANILLA BAR
8504      4/1 BLACK ANGUS ALL BEEF                           4224         MIDWAYS FINEST CARAMEL 6/1                               7510          546613 BB CHIPS GALORE
FHDT8092 8092 HD FOOT LONG                                   4224CN       CN MIDWAYS FINEST CARAMEL                                7511          575942 BB COOKIES & CREAM
FHDT8BX 8 INCH REG HOT DOG TRAY                              4225         QUICK SERVE CARAMEL 6/1                                  7513          489087 BB CHAMP VANILLA CONE
FHDT8CS   8 INCH REG HOT DOG TRAY                            4225CN       CN QUICK SERVE CARAMEL                                   7515          690389 BB BIG DBLE STRAW
FHDT9014 9014 HD HOT DOG TRAY 1M                             4501         FROSTED NUT MIX 24/24OZ                                  7516          633858 BB BIG VANILLA
FMBRATCS 5/1 JOHNSONVILLE BRATS                              4502         CS FROSTED NUT CONES 10/250                              7517          633865 BB BIG MISS MUD
FMCORNCS ALL MEAT CORN DOGS 36 CT                            4502CT       CTN FROSTED NUT CONES                                    7518          633872 BB BIG NEAPOLITAN
FMHOTD05 5/1 SUGARDALE HOT DOG 10#                           4515GA       GAL UNCLE DAVES VANILLA                                  7519          794427 BB BIG BOPPER
FMHOTD06 6/1 SUGARDALE HOT DOG 10#                           2087         CARAMEL SET 1LB                                          7520          516381 BB KING CHOCOLATE
FMHOTD08 8/1 SUGARDALE HOT DOG 10#                           CABCUPCS BAKING CUPS 20/500                                           7521          523447 BB KING VAN CRUNCH
FMHOTD10 10/1 SUGARDAL HOT DOG 10#                                                                                                 7522          516399 BB KING STRAWBERRY
FMSLOPCS SLOPPY JOE MIX 6/52OZ                                                                                                     7525          751098 BB JOLLY RANCHER
HDBUNS    EISENBERG GOURMET HD BUNS                          FROZEN PRODUCTS                                                       7526          503786 BB ORANGE SHERBERT
HEIKET    JUG HEINZ KETCHUP 6/114OZ                          55411        STATE FAIR MINI DONUTS 8/76                              7531          GH KLONDIKE VANILLA BAR
HEIMUS    JUG HEINZ MUSTARD 6/114OZ                          5411TB       TUB STATE FAIR DONUTS                                    7532          GH CHOCO TACO 24 CT
JTMTACO 5# TUB JTM TACO MEAT                                 5413         SUGAR CINNAMON MIX 4/5#                                  7533          GH SPONGE BOB BAR 12 CT
                                                             5413BG       5# BAG CINNAMON SUGAR                                    7534          GH OLDE MILL DRUMSTICK
                                                             5418         BAGS FOR STATE FAIR DONUT                                7536          GH REESES BAR 24CT
CARAMEL & CANDY APPLES                                       5600         REG PREBAKED PRETZELS 100                                7537          GH RAINBOW POPSICLE 12CT
4004      CS 6-1/2 SETTERSTX 5M                              5601         KING PREBAKED PRETZELS 50CT                              7538          GH LEMON LIGHTNING CUP
4005      CS 5 1/2 IN SETTERSTIX                             5604         EZ TOTE PRETZEL SALT 25#                                 7539          GH DORA EXPLORER BAR 12CT
4005M     BOX SETTERSTIX                                     5605         BAVARIAN GOURMET PRETZEL                                 FF3321CS J&J 10IN FROZEN CHURROS
4006      APPLE SETTERSTICKER                                5607         SOFT PRETZELS BITES 350CT                                FF4503CS J&J 8IN FUNNEL CAKE 48CT
4007      CS CANDY APPLE BAGS (1M)                           5608         6.2 PIZZA PRETZELS 24CT                                  FF4508CS J&J 5IN FUNNEL CAKE 48CT
4010      CS 10X10 APPLE WRAPS 5M                            5609         6.2 CIN APPLE PRETZELS 24CT                              FF4530CS FUNNEL CAKE FRIES 4IN/600
4010M     PK 10X10 APPLE WRAPS 1M                            5611         6.2 JALAPENO PRETZELS 24CT                               JJ20371       1.3 MILK CHOC COOKIE DGH
4011      CS 11X11 APPLE WRAPS 5M                            5612         6.2 CREAM CHEESE PRETZELS                                JJ20375       1.3 OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIE
4011M     PK 11X11 APPLE WRAPS 1M                            5619         BIG CHEESE PREBAKE PRETZE                                JJ20377       1.3 SUGAR COOKIE DOUGH
4012      CS 12X12 APPLE WRAPS 5M                            5623         CINNABON ICING CUPS 120/1.5                              JJ40011       4OZ WRAP COOKIE WHITE 48CT
4012M     PK 12X12 APPLE WRAPS 1M                            5627         MEISTER BAKE PRETZELS 48/6                               JJ40013       4OZ WRAP CHOC COOKIE 48CT
4015      CT 4IN R&W STRIPE TIES 2M                          5629         NO-SALT MEISTER PRETZEL 48/6                             JJ40014       4OZ WRAP OATMEAL COOKIE 48CT
4120      CARAMEL APPLE DIP BLOCK                            5631         MEISTER CINNAMON PRETZELS                                JJ40909       CHOC CHIP GO COOKIES
4124      MOMS HOMESTYLE CARAMEL DP                          5634         ICINGS CUPS 96/1.5 OZ                                    JJ40910       CANDY GO COOKIES
4124CN    CN MOMS HOME STYLE CARMEL                          5661         PRETZEL HOT DOG BUN
4128      30# BOX GRANULATED PEANUT                          5662         BAVARIAN PRETZEL STICK
4129      50LB ALMONDS                                       5673         SUPER JUMBO SOFT PRETZEL                                 PAPER PRODUCTS
4132      CS PECAN HALVES 30#                                5691         5 IN PEPP DEEP DISH PIZZA 60CT                           2101          MARQUEE MOVIE TRAY 250CS
4135      JAR RED HOT APPLE FLAVOR                           5692         16IN PEPPERONI PIZZA 10CT                                5200          #89 4 CUP CARRY TRAY 250
4142      GRAPE APPLE-EZ                                     5693         4SLICE STUF PEPP PIZZA 72                                5201          7543 4 CUP FIBER TRAY 250
4143      BLUE RASPBERRY APPLE-EZ                            5694         4SLICE STUF CHEE PIZZA 72                                5202          7535 2 CUP FIBER TRAY 250
4144      CS APPLE-EZ                                        5695         12IN CHEESE PIZZA 12/CS                                  5203          M510032 4 CUP ONLY TRAY
4145      CS 4.5IN WOOD SKEWER 10M                           5696         16IN CHEESE PIZZA 10CT                                   5204          20990 2-CUP FIBER TRAY
4145M     BX 4.5IN WOOD SKEWER 1M                            5697         12IN PEPPERONI PIZZA 12CT                                5206          MODEL B 4 CUP TRAY 250
4146      CS REDDY APPLE MIX                                 5698         5IN CHEESE DEEP DISH 60CT                                9951          XPRESSNAP NATURAL NAPKINS
4147      CS FLAT WOOD STICKS 10M                            5880         CINNABON CINNA PRETZEL 42CT                              9952S         XPRESSNAP STAND DISPENSER
4148      2M CANDY APPLE BUBBLE PAK                          5915         CHILL STRAWBERRY 12/16OZ                                 9952T         XPRESSNAP TABLE TOP DISP
4149      CS LARGE APPLE BUBBLE PAK                          5916         CHILL LEMON 12/16 OZ                                     CCPGB6181 CAN LINER 38X58 BLK 100CT
4155      CS 5.25 X 7/32 SKEWER 10M                          5917         CHILL WATERMELON 12/16OZ                                 FP006PWC 6IN FOAM PLATE 8/125
4155M     BX 5.25 X 7/32 SKEWER 1M                           5973         BARQS FROZEN ROOT BEER                                   FP007PWC 7IN FOAM PLATE 8/125

                                                                                                  Supply Items , Effective February 20, 2010
                                     For up-to-date pricing, information and availability please contact Gold Medal Products Co. at 1-800-537-6357.

Part #    Description                   List Price           Part #        Description                         List Price           Part #        Description                List Price
FP009PWC 9IN FOAM PLATE 4/125                                NAPLUNCH LUNCH NAPKIN 12.5 X 11.7                                     5112          2QT PLASTIC FUNNEL CAKE
FP09CPWC 9IN 3-COMP FOAM PLATE 500                           NAPROLCS ROLLNAP NAPKIN (500/ROLL)                                    5116          CS DIPSY DOG MIX 6/5 LB
FP09PRWC 7X9 FOAM PLATE 4/125                                NAPTALDI TALLFOLD NAPKIN DISPENSER                                    5116BX        BX DIPSY DOG MIX 5LB
FP6PAPER 6IN WHITE PAPER PLATE 1M                            NAPTALLF TALL FOLD DISP NAPKIN                                        8011          FRENCH WAFFLE MIX 6/5#BAG
FP9PAPER 9IN WHITE PAPER PLATE                               PIZCIR12 12IN CORRUGATED PIZZA CIR                                    8027          CS FRYING SAUCER MIX
FRYCUP09 9OZ FRENCH FRY CUPS 2M                              PIZCIR14 14IN CORRUGATED PIZZA CIR                                    8212          VANILLA 6/5# WAF-A-CONE
FT#025CS #25 1/4 LB FOOD TRAY                                PT292-15 WIPE-A-WAY TOWEL (REUSE)                                     8315          #5P POLY BAGS 8X3X15 1M
FT#050CS #50 1/2 LB FOOD TRAY                                PT294-06 DINE-A-WIPE TOWEL (REUSE)                                    FFDRAKES DRAKES CRISPY FRY MIX
FT#100CS #100 1LB FOOD TRAY 4/250                            PT825000 CHIX WIPE TOWEL (REUSE)                                      FFMALTCS CS HEINZ MALT VINEGAR 4/1
FT#100TB #100 1LB FOOD TRAY (TUBE)                           PT89460      ENMOTION WHITE ROLL TOWEL                                FFMALTGA GA HEINZ MALT VINEGAR
FT#200CS #200 2LB FOOD TRAY 4/250                            PTB76520 BLACK 38 X 58 CAN LINER                                      FFPILDOG PILLSBURY CORN DOG MIX
FT#200TB #200 2LB FOOD TRAY (TUBE)                           PTC87817 C FOLD DISPENSER TOWEL                                       FFRY16        DFF16 16OZ FRENCH FRY CUP
FT#300CS #300 3LB FOOD TRAY 2/250                            PTC87818 WHITE MULTI FOLD TOWEL                                       FFRY32        SFR32 32OZ FRENCH FRY CUP
FT#300TB #300 3LB FOOD TRAY (TUBE)                           PTC87819 BROWN MULTI FOLD TOWEL                                       FFVINECS FRENCH FRY VINEGAR 6/1
FT#500CS 5# FOOD TRAY 500CT                                  PTEXTEND 28124 SOFPULL DISP TOWEL                                     FFVINEGA GAL FRENCH FRY VINEGAR
FUFORKCS MW PLASTIC FORK 1000                                PTH87820 8 IN DISP ROLL TOWEL 12CT                                    SUGARPWD POWDERED SUGAR 25# BAG
FUKNIFES MW PLASTIC KNIFE 1000                               PTK87811 2-PLY KITCHEN PAPER TOWEL
FUSPOONS MW PLASTIC SPOON 1000                               SC2OZLID PL2 LID FOR 2OZ SOUFFLE                                      HOT DRINK SUPPLIES
FUSPORKS MW PLASTIC SPORK 1000                               SC3OZCUP P325 3.25 OZ SOUFFLE CUP                                     7018          CS PLASTIC STIR STIX 10M
FUW3PACK 3 PAK FORK KNIFE SPOON                              SC3OZLID PL4 LID (FITS P325/P400)                                     7034          POWDERED CAPPUCCINO MIX
FUWRFOR MW WRAPPED FORK 1M                                   STRW02BX #02 7.75 UNWRAP STRAWS                                       7035          POWDERED FRENCH VANILLA
FUWRKNI MW WRAPPED KNIFE 1M                                  STRW02CS UJ22 7.75 UNWRAP STRAWS                                      7036          POWDERED SWISS MOCHA
FUWRSOUP MW WRAP SOUP SPOON                                  STRW03BX BOX UNWRAP GIANT STRAW                                       7037          POWDERED HOT CHOCOLATE
FUWRSPO MW WRAPPED SPOON 1M                                  STRW03CS #03 GIANT STRAWS 7.75IN                                      7043          WALLINGFORD DECAFF COFFEE
FWF18ROL 18 X 500 ROLL ALUM FOIL                             STRW10CS WV54N 10.25 WRAP STRAWS                                      7044          WALLINGFORD COFFEE
FWF710BX 500/BX 9X10 FOIL SHEET                              STRW33BX #33 7.75 WRAP STRAWS                                         7048          POWDERED CHERRIES JUBILEE
FWF710CS 9X10.75 FOIL SHEET 6/500                            STRW33CS WJ22 7.75 WRAP STRAWS                                        HC2191CS CS 12/26 LIQ HOT CHOC
FWFILM12 ROLL 12 X 2000 FOOD FILM                            STRW50CS 10.25 UNWRAP GIANT STRAWS                                    HC2193CS CS 6/96 LIQ HOT CHOC
FWFILM18 ROLL 18 X 2000 FOOD FILM                            STRW60CS 10.25 UNWRAP JUMBO STRAWS                                    HC5528CS CS IND HOT CHOC PACK 6/50
FWFW69BX 500CT 12 X 10.75 FOIL SHT                           WH12LBBL 2 LB WHITE BAG BALE                                          HCCARNCS CS 12/2 PWD HOT CHOC
FWFW69CS 6/500CS 12 X 10 3/4 FOIL 12/500                     WHI1LBBD 1 LB WHITE BAG BUNDLE/500                                    HCF20115 BUNN COFFEE FILTERS 1000
FWG120BX G-12 12X11 DELI WRAP 500                            WHI1LBBL 1 LB WHITE BAG BALE                                          HCM88590 MAXWELL DECAFF FIL COFFEE
FWG120CS G-12 12X11 DELI WRAP 12/500                         WHI2LBBD 2 LB WHITE BAG BUNDLE/500                                    HCPIC12       SOLO IC-12 PAPER HOT CUP 15/40
FWG800BX G-8 8X11 DELI WRAP 500                              WHI3LBBL 3# WHITE BAG BALE 10/500                                     HCPIC16       SOLO IC-16 PAPER HOT CUP 15/35
FWG800CS G-8 8X11 DELI WRAP 12/500                           WHI5LBBD 5 LB WHITE BAG BUNDLE/500                                    HCPL16        SOLO TLP316 LID FOR 12/16 1M
FWT120BX T-12 12X11 TISSUE WRAP                              WHI5LBBL 5 LB WHITE BAG BALE 6/500                                    HCS10J10 10J10 10OZ STYRO CUP 1000
FWT120CS T-12 12X11 TISSUE WRAP 6/1000                       WHI8LBBL 8 LB WHITE BAG                                               HCS12J12 12J12 12OZ STYRO CUP 1000
FWT600BX T-6 6X11 TISSUE WRAP 1000                                                                                                 HCS12J16 12J16 12OZ STYRO CUP 1000
FWT600CS T-6 6X11 TISSUE WRAP 6/1000                                                                                               HCS12SJ2 12SJ20 12OZ SQUAT STYRO
FWT800BX T-8 8X11 TISSUE WRAP 1000                           FRIED & BAKED PRODUCTS                                                HCS14J16 14J16 14OZ STYRO CUP
FWT800CS T-8 8X11 TISSUE WRAP 6/1000                         2044         ALL VEG FRY CUBE 50LB                                    HCS16J16 16J16 16OZ STYRO CUP
JTP01252 CHARMIN 2-PLY TOILET                                2044MS       ALL VEG FRY CUBE MS 50LB                                 HCS16JL       16JL STYRO VENT LID (J16)
JTP87814 2 PLY ROLL TOILET PAPER 96CT                        4156         10IN DOUBLE DOG SKEWER 1M                                HCS20J16 20J16 20OZ STYRO CUP 500
JTP87816 JUMBO ROLL TOILET PAPER                             4159         18IN WOODEN SKEWERS                                      HCS24J24 24J24 24OZ STYRO CUP
JTP87835 COMPANION 2PLY TOILET                               5017         ONE-STEP BELGIAN WAFFLE                                  HCS32TJ3 32TJ32 32OZ STYRO CUP
NAP87804 LUNCH NAPKIN                                        5095         35LB LIQ CREAMY FRY OIL                                  HCS6J600 6J6 6OZ STYRO CUP 1000
NAP87807 FULL FOLD NAPKIN                                    5100         CS FUNNEL CAKE MIX 6/5#                                  HCS6SJ12 6SJ12 6OZ SQUAT STYRO
NAP87808 MINI FOLD NAPKIN                                    5103         8 IN FUNNEL CAKE RING                                    HCS8J800 8J8 8OZ STYRO CUP 1000
NAPD3052 TALL FOLD DISP NAPKIN                               5104         6 IN FUNNEL CAKE RING                                    HCS8SJ12 8SJ12 8OZ SQUAT STYRO 1M
NAPD3061 LOW FOLD DISP NAPKIN                                5107         25LB BULK FUNNEL CAKE MIX                                HCS8SJ20 8SJ20 STYRO DISH
NAPLOFDI LOFOLD NAPKIN DISPENSER                             5109         1.5QT S/S FUNNEL CAKE                                    HCSL10JL 10JL STYRO VENT LID
NAPLOWFO LOW FOLD DISP NAPKIN                                5111         8IN FUNNEL CAKE PLATE-500                                HCSL10UL 10UL STYRO SIP LID (J10)

                                                                                                  Supply Items , Effective February 20, 2010
                                     For up-to-date pricing, information and availability please contact Gold Medal Products Co. at 1-800-537-6357.

Part #    Description                   List Price           Part #        Description                         List Price           Part #        Description                  List Price
HCSL12JL 12JL STYRO VENT LID (J12)                           ISCHERCS PHILLIPS CHERRY SYRUP 4/1                                    T06210        ASST SWEDISH FISH 12/5 OZ
HCSL12SL 12SL STYRO SLOT LID (J12)                           ISCHERGA GAL PHILLIPS CHERRY SYRUP                                    T06224        SOUR PATCH WATERMELON 5.0
HCSL12UL 12UL STYRO SIP THRU LID                             ISCHOCCS PHILLIPS CHOCLATE SYRUP 4/1                                  T06227        SOUR PATCH KIDS PEG PAK 12/5
HCSL16SL 16SL STYRO SLOT LID (J16)                           ISCHOCGA GAL PHILLIPS CHOC SYRUP                                      T06247        SOUR PATCH KIDS (BOX) 60/3.5
HCSL16UL 16UL STYRO SIP LID (J16)                            ISPINECS PINEAPPLE SYRUP 4/1                                          T08033        SOUR PUNCH STRAWS TPAK
HCSL20JL 20JL STYRO VENT LID (J20)                           ISPINEGA GAL PINEAPPLE SYRUP                                          T08136        CHERRY SUPER ROPE 2.25
HCSL20SL 20SL STYRO SLOT LID 1M                              ISRASPCS PHILLIPS BLK RASPBERRY 4/1                                   T08422        GUMMI CARE BEAR TPAK 24/6
HCSL24SL 24SL05 STYRO LID                                    ISRASPGA GAL PHILIPS BLACK RASP                                       T08813        GOOD & PLENTY PEG 12/6 OZ
HCSL32SL 32SL STYRO SLOT LID (J32)                           ISSTRACS STRAWBERRY SHAKE BASE 4/1                                    T08839        GOOD & FRUITY PEG 12/5 OZ
HCSL6JL0 6JL STYRO VENT LID (J6)                             ISSTRAGA GAL STRAWBERRY SYRUP                                         T08947        SIMPSONS FRUIT SNACKS 48/2.5
HCSL8JL0 8JL STYRO VENT LID (J8)                             ISSTRRTU GAL STRAWBERRY SYRUP                                         T09326        COOKIES N CREAM COOKIE 30/3.1
HCSL8UL0 8UL STYRO SIP THRU LID 1M                           ISVANICS VANILLA SYRUP 4/1                                            T11410        REESES PIECES PEG 24/8
                                                             ISVANIGA GAL VANILLA SYRUP                                            T11434        ALMOND JOY PEG BAG 12/5.0
                                                             ITBLACCN CAN BLACKBERRY TOPPING                                       T11480        REESE PIECES CONC BOX 12/4
ICE CREAM CONES & TOPPINGS                                   ITBLACCS BLACKBERRY TOPPING 6/#5                                      T11606        REESES PIECES VEND BAG 48/3.5
5137      WORLDS GREATEST APPLE ICE                          ITBLUECN CAN BLUEBERRY TOPPING                                        T13039        SWEETARTS TPAK 6.0 12CT
5137CN    APPLE TOPPING                                      ITBLUECS BLUEBERRY TOPPING 6/#5                                       T13143        CHEWY SWEETART PEG PK 5.0
5138      CS WORLDS GREATEST CHERRY                          ITBRASCS BLACK RASP TOPPING 6/#5                                      T14092        SKITTLES ORIGINAL POUCH 12/7.2
5140      CS WORLDS GREATEST STRAW-                          ITBUTTCN CAN BUTTERSCOTCH TOPPING                                     T14093        SKITTLES SOURS POUCH PAK 12/5
5140CN    CAN WORLDS GREATEST STRAW                          ITBUTTCS BUTTERSCOTCH TOPPING 6/10                                    T14114        STARBURST POUCH PAK 12/7.2
DC5       5 OZ SUNDAE CUP 1M                                 ITCHOCBX CHOCOLATE SPRINKLES 10LB                                     T14185        SKITTLES SOURS T-PAK 12/4
DC58      DC58 DOME LID                                      ITCRUNBX CRUNCH TOP`N W/SPRINKLS                                      T14451        STARBURST MEGA STCK 3.45
DC5TB     TUBE DC5 SUNDAE DISH                               ITCRUNCS CRUNCH TOP`N W/SPRINKLES                                     T16264        STARBURST GUMMIBURST PEG
DC8       8 OZ SUNDAE CUP 1M                                 ITHOTFCN CAN HOT FUDGE TOPPING                                        T17650        KIT KAT BAR CONC 72/3 OZ
ICDBANCS SD-8 BANANA BOATS 500CS                             ITHOTFCS HOT FUDGE TOPPING 6/#10                                      T20101        CARAMEL CREMES 1.90 96CT
ICDBANTB TB SD-8 BANANA BOATS 250                            ITMARSCN TUB MARSHELLO TOPPING                                        T23040        GOBSTOPPER 1.77OZ 12/24
ICDSD5CS DSD5 5OZ SUNDAE DISH                                ITMARSCS MARSHMELLO TOPPING 6/3LB                                     T23570        BUTTERFINGER BITE 60/3.5
ICDSD5TB TUBE DSD5 5OZ SUNDAE DISH                           ITPEANCN CAN PEANUT BUTTER TOPPING                                    T23580        SNO CAPS 3.1 60CT
ICDSD8CS DSD8X 8OZ SUNDAE DISH                               ITPEANCS PEANUT BUTTER TOPPING 3/1                                    T23640        RAISINETS 3.50 60 CT
ICDSD8TB TUBE DSD8X 8OZ SUNDAE DSH                           ITPINECN CAN PINEAPPLE TOPPING                                        T23650        GOOBERS 3.50 60CT
ICLDS5CS LDS58 LID, 5&8OZ SUNDAE                             ITPINECS PINEAPPLE TOPPING 6/#5                                       T23660        BUNCHA CRUNCH 3.20 -48 CT
ICONE001 1D KEEBLER CONES (2OZ)                              ITRAINBX RAINBOW SPRINKLES                                            T26405        DARK CHOC M&M PEG PAK
ICONE010 #10D BODEANS CONES 10/100                           ITSTRACN CAN STRAWBERRY TOPPING                                       T29476        BOX M&M PLAIN 12/3.4 OZ
ICONE060 #60S BODEANS CONES 16/22                            ITSTRACS STRAWBERRY TOPPING 6/#5                                      T29480        BOX M&M PEANUT 12/3.4 OZ
ICONE119 119D DUBLE HEDER CONES                                                                                                    T31042        GOBSTOPPER T-PAK 12/7 OZ
ICONE30D JOY #30D CONES 6/100                                                                                                      T31102        RUNTS VIDEO T-PAK 12/7OZ
ICONE310 310 JOY SUGAR CONES 200CT                           CANDY                                                                 T31322        RAINBOW NERDS 12/7 OZ
ICONEWCL 7192 JOY LRG WAFFLE CONES                           TT00117      SQWIGGLES 3.50 30CT                                      T32245        BOX STARBURST CONC 12/4.0
ICONEWCM 6228 JOY MED WAFFLE CONES                           T00118       COOKIE DOUGH BITES 3.10 30CT                             T32251        BOX SKITTLES CONC 12/4.0
ICUSTERA STERA SHEEN                                         T00615       SOUR JACKS 3.50 48CT                                     T37600        ROLO CARAMELS PEG PK 12/5.3
IDBUTSCN CONE DIP - BUTTERSCOTCH                             T00693       TUXEDO CHOCOLATE ALMONDS                                 T42079        MIKE & IKES 48/3 OZ
IDBUTSCS CONE DIP - BUTTERSCOTCH 6/1                         T01306       GUMMI CARE BEARS 3.50 30CT                               T44600        REESES MINIS PEG PAK 12/5.3
IDCHERCN PHILLIPS CHERRY CONE DIP                            T01502       SNICKERS PEG PACK 12/4.4                                 T46786        HOT TAMALES TPAK 12/9.5OZ
IDCHERCS CONE DIP PHILLIPS CHERRY 6/1                        T01731       M&M PLAIN PEG PK 12/5.3                                  T46790        MIKE & IKES TPAK 12/9.2OZ
IDCHOCCN CAN CHOC CONE DIP / PHILL                           T01732       M&M PEANUT PEG PK 12/5.3                                 T50361        WHOPPERS 24/2.75
IDCHOCCS CHOC CONE DIP / PHILLIPS 6/1                        T02006       FUN PAK GUMMI BEAR 300/1 OZ                              T52935        JR SCREAMING SOUR 12/6.5
IDSTRWCN CONE DIP - STRAWBERRY                               T02285       STRAW MILKSHAKE WHOPPER                                  T53040        T53040 JUNIOR MINT 4/12
IDSTRWCS CONE DIP - STRAWBERRY 6/1                           T04431       KING M&M PLAIN 3.1 6/24                                  T53041        JUNIOR MINTS 48/3.0
ISBANACS PHILLIPS BANANA SYRUP 4/1                           T04432       KING M&M PEANUT 3.2 6/24                                 T53090        JUNIOR MINTS TPAK 24/4.75
ISBANAGA GAL PHILLIPS BANANA SYRUP                           T04460       KING SKITTLES 4.0 6/24                                   T53190        CHARLESTON CHEW VANILLA 12/4
ISBLUECS BLUEBERRY SYRUP 4/1                                 T04466       KING SOUR SKITTLES 3.3 6/24                              T53350        MILK DUDS 48/3.0
ISBLUEGA GAL BLUEBERRY SYRUP                                 T06208       RED SWEDISH FISH 12/5 OZ                                 T54402        STRAWBERRY TWIZZLER 12/7.0

                                                                                                  Supply Items , Effective February 20, 2010
                                     For up-to-date pricing, information and availability please contact Gold Medal Products Co. at 1-800-537-6357.

Part #   Description                    List Price           Part #        Description                         List Price           Part #        Description         List Price
T55666   WONKA KAZOOZLES 48/3.5 OZ                           B08807       BOX GOOD & PLENTY SINGLE                                 JSDUST36 36” GREEN DUST MOP HEAD
T57713   STRAWBERRY TWIZZLERS 60/5.0                         B08900       OH HENRY BAR BOX 1.80                                    JSGLASCS BETCO GLAS CLEANER 4/1
T59307   DARK CHOCOLATE COOKIE 30/3.1                        B11037       FUN DIP BOX 1.50 36 CT                                   JSGUMCN BETCO 923 GUM REMOVER
T61041   AIRHEADS ASST THEATRE PAK                           B11121       BOX TWIX PNUT BUTTER 1.8                                 JSGUMCS BETCO 923 GUM REMOVER
T61900   CHEWY SPREE 12/7 OZ                                 B14451       BOX STARBURST KING SIZE                                  JSHANDCS LIQUID HAND SOAP
T62245   AIRHEAD XTREMES 8/18 CT                             B17289       BOX NERDS ROPE 24/.92 OZ                                 JSHANDGA LIQUID HAND SOAP
T70860   JOLLY RANCHER GUMMIES 12/4.5                        B20636       100 GRAND BAR BOX 1.50                                   JSIT1401 URINAL SCREEN (CHERRY)
T85000   DOTS THEATRE BOX 12/7.5OZ                           B23040       BOX GOBSTOPPER 24/1.77OZ                                 JSURINDZ URINAL DEORDOR BLOCKS
T98861   BULK SOUR PATCH KIDS 6/5#                           B23110       CHEWY RUNTS BAG 1.85OZ                                   SABLEACS BLEACH 5.25% 6/1GAL
C00330   YORK MINT PATTY CASE 1.50                           B24600       KIT KAT BAR BOX 1.50                                     SABLEAGA GAL BLEACH 5.25%
C00336   NERDS STRW/GRP CASE 1.65                            B44060       BOX REESES 2 CUP 1.6 36CT                                SASTERJR STERAMINE TABLET
C00934   TOOTSIE GIANT CASE 3.75                             B44251       BOX 3-CUP REESES PEANUT
C01101   MILKY WAY BAR CASE 2.24
C01103   3 MUSKETEER BAR CASE 2.13
C01123   TWIX CARAMELS CASE 2.00                             READY-TO-EAT SNACKS
C01151   STARBURST SGLS CASE 2.                              PEABAGED BAGGED S-I-S PEANUTS 60/4 OZ
C01160   CASE SKITTLES SINGLES 2.0                           PEANUTCS PLAIN IN SHELL PEANUTS 25#
C01202   CASE SNICKERS SINGLES 2.0                           PEASISCS SALTED IN SHELL PEANUTS 25#
C01231   M&M PLAIN SGLS CASE 1.6                             PSCCBAGS BAGGED CARAMELCORN 48/3.5
C01232   M&M PEANUT SGLS CASE 1.7                            5793         CS PEANUT BAGS-PRINTED
C01266   CASE SKITTLES SOURS 1.8                             5257         FRITO LAY VARIETY PAK
C04402   KING SNICKERS 3.7 6/24
C08053   SOUR PUN STRAW CASE 2.00                            CLEANING SUPPLIES
C08807   GOOD & PLENTY SINGLES                               2059         KETTLE PUCKS 48/2 OZ
C11037   FUN DIP CASE 1.50 10/36                             2059BX       BOX KETTLE PUCKS 8/2 OZ
C11478   GIANT CHEWY SWEETART                                2088         WATCHDOG STAINLESS STEEL
C17289   NERDS ROPE CASE .92                                 2088CN       CAN WATCHDOG STAINLESS
C23110   CHEWY RUNTS CASE 1.85                               2095         CAN HEAT N KLEEN CLEANER
C24600   KIT KAT BAR CASE 1.50                               2173         CS KLEEN SWEEP CARBON
C44060   CASE REESES 2 CUP 1.6                               2173CN       CN KLEEN SWEEP CARBON
C44251   3-CUP REESES PNT BUTTER                             2580         WATCHDOG EQUIP AEROSOL
C86100   PIXY STIX 3-STRAW 12/48                             2580CN       CAN WATCHDOG EQUIP AERSOL
B00336   NERDS STRW/GRP BOX 1.65                             2585         CLARIO ANTIBACTERIAL
B00934   TOOTSIE GIANT BOX 3.75                              2603         CHLORINE TEST STRIPS
B01101   MILKY WAY BAR BOX 2.24                              2603QT       QT10 TEST STRIPS PER ROLL
B01103   3 MUSKETEER BAR BOX 2.13                            5524         CS SEASN KLEEN 6 CANS
B01123   TWIX CARAMELS BOX 2.00                              5524CN       CAN SEASN KLEEN
B01151   STARBURST SGLS BOX 2.0                              FGLOVLBX POLY GLOVES - LARGE 500
B01159   BUTTERFINGER BAR BOX 2.10                           FGLOVMBX POLY GLOVES - MEDIUM 500
B01160   BOX SKITTLES SINGLES 2.1                            FLATGLO      LATEX FOOD GLOVES LRG 10/100
B01202   BOX SNICKERS SINGLES 2.0                            LATGLOBX BOX LATEX GLOVES 100CT
B01231   BOX M&M PLAIN SINGLES                               JS0138CS BETCO 138 NET FLOOR
B01232   BOX M&M PEANUT SINGLES                              JS0305CS BETCO 305 DISF/SANITIZER
B01266   BOX SKITTLES SOURS 1.8                              JSAEROCN CAN AEROSOL GLASS CLNR
B01588   BABY RUTH BAR 2.10 24 CT                            JSAEROCS AEROSOL GLASS CLEANER
B04402   BOX KING SNICKERS 3.7                               JSBOWL       QT EZ MAID TOILET BOWL
B04431   BOX M&M PLAIN KING SIZE                             JSBOWLCS EZ MAID TOIL BOWL CL 12/1
B04432   BOX M&M PEANUT KING                                 JSDEGR       BETCO 103 DEGREASER 4/1
B04460   BOX SKITTLES 24/4.0 OZ                              JSDEGRGA GAL BETCO 103 DEGREASER
B08052   SOUR PUN APPLE BOX 2.00                             JSDISHCS PINK DISH SOAP 4/1GAL
B08053   SOUR PUN STRAW BOX 2.00                             JSDISHGA GAL PINK DISH SOAP


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