Google note 1 Handout by keralaguest


									   What is google?

   How does it work?

   Who knows what you can do on google?
   List 5 things!

   1. What do you know about Google? (on line test) What did you score?

   2a. What team would have more hits: Toronto Maple Leaf or Montreal Canadians?
   Who do you think? Test it out.
   2b. Now try a Graphic version!
   3. Some Google games and oddities!

   4. To Practice Searching techniques: Take the online test: How’d you do?

   5. List 3 different ways to make money on Google:

   6. Why is Google ranked #1 search engine on the Net

     7. How Do Search Engines Work?

8. What is a Search Engine Spider?
• Calculator              Use Google to evaluate mathematical expressions.
                                                                                         What is 65 out of 80
                                                                                         What is (4+77)x 2.3=
• Currency Conversion Easily perform any currency conversion.                            What is 700 Euros = _____________Can
• Definitions             Use Google to get glossary definitions gathered from various   Define: Google
                          online sources.                                                Define: Froogle
• Froogle                 To find a product for sale online, use Froogle - Google's      Froogle: Ipod Toronto What do you notice
                          product search service.                                        about the results
• I'm Feeling Lucky       Bypass our results and go to the first web page returned for
                                                                                         What would you type in exactly to get St
                                                                                         Pat’s Web Page if you didn’t know the
                          your query.
• Images                                                                                 Using Image search, find the difference
                          See relevant images in your regular web search                 between
                          results.                                                       Bush Karzai and Bushkazi

• Movies                  Use Google to find reviews and showtimes for movies playing Find out how many places the movie TMNT
                          near you.                                                   is playing   movie: TMNT Toronto
• News Headlines          Enhances your search results with the latest related news      Whats the news of Toronto Today?
                          stories.                                                       News: Toronto
• Q&A                     Use Google to get quick answers to straightforward questions. Find the population of Toronto!
• Spell Checker           Offers alternative spelling for queries.                       What’s the proper spelling for Bushkazi
• Web Page Translation Provides you access to web pages in other languages.              Translate this to English from Arabic: ‫ال قط‬
                                                                                         ‫ف ي ال ق ب عه ال عودة‬
• Street Maps             Use Google to find U.S. street maps.
                                                                                         Find the distance to Marshall McLuhan High
                                                                                         School from St Pats.
• Weather                 Check the current weather conditions and forecast for any      What’s the temperature in Toronto?
                          location in the U.S.                                           What’s the temperature in Valencia, Spain?
What is
How does Google rank
the pages?
What is the Google



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