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                                       GEO 114: Introduction to Human Geography

                                                  University of South Alabama

                                                       How Global are you?


This writing assignment is designed to evaluate your understanding of the notion of ‘globalization’ from
a spatial perspective. The assignment will test your ability to articulate the conceptual ideas that
surround globalization. The assignment has three parts to it.

Part I

So far, in this course you have been exposed to the idea of changing world economy and the patterns
contained therein. Now you know that interdependence and complex interactions are the hallmark of
today’s global economy. To do this assignment you will compile a list of twenty items that you use on a
daily basis ranging from your tooth brush, to your cereals, the electronic gadgets, your car, the books
you read and music you listen to etc. Each item will be listed and numbered. Also identify by examining
the product its place of manufacture and the global headquarter of the company that produces the item.
If the product does not mention the name of its place of manufacture and you have difficulty identifying
its global headquarter google this information and explore the details. In other words you will require
doing internet based research.

Part II

On the world map (provided as word doc attachment) plot the names of places of manufacture and
global headquarters and also name the places on the map. This is your judgment call in terms of
presenting the map beautifully.

Part III

Write an essay of three-four pages (typed in font 12; times new roman; double space) wherein you
cover the following questions

                1. What is globalization?
                2. Describe the interdependence and complex interactions between the places of
                   manufacturing and their global headquarters. Your description must include the
                   vocabulary of this course for e.g. NICs; LDCs; mode of production; fordism; postfordism;
                   comparative advantage; spatial division of labor; outsourcing; commodity chain; core-
                   periphery; HDI; sustainable development (you do not have to cover all the concepts but
                   focus on one or two)
                3. Identify any two cities (one manufacturing and the other global headquarter) and
                   describe 3 local economic development issues that influence the city. Example of a
               manufacturing city could be Shanghai in China, Mumbai in India or Dacca in Bangla Desh
               and a global headquarter city could be New York, USA or Sydney, Australia. (This will
               require internet based research on
            4. Briefly mention according to you what should be the policy decisions taken by the local
               governments in both the manufacturing and headquarter city to improve the quality of
               life of people.

The final output must be presented in the following format

      Introduction [not more than half a page]
      Brief discussion of your method of conducting research (together with your introduction not
       more than a page)
      Discussion of item (2) and (3) [1-2 pages] -- give it a sub-title
      Discussion of item (4) [1 page maximum] -- give it a sub-title
      Finally your own conclusion [maximum half a page]
      Bibliography (not included in the 3-4 page length)
       (please cite appropriately; use of library resources such as books and journals are encouraged
       and will receive favorable grades)

All assignment must be word processed. No need to convert into PDF. Final assignment must be page
numbered with a cover page and all together stapled in the following order

   1. Final output/ Essay
   2. Your Item List
   3. The Map

Due Date:      Word processed hard copies of this assignment is due for submission on Thursday 29,
               2010 in class (Since the assignment has a map component you do not have to turn it as
               an e-mail attachment)

Note: Please plan ahead of time as you work on this assignment. You are encouraged to discuss this
assignment or its progress with me.
Your assignment will be graded on the following criteria

1 = Weak 2 = Moderately Weak 3 = Average 4 = Moderately Strong 5 = Strong

1. Each paragraph in the assignment starts with a topic sentence.

         1         2        3         4        5

2. The organization of the writing assignment is clear and easy to follow.

         1         2        3         4        5

3. The assignment is concise and well written.

         1         2        3         4        5

4. The assignment employs the appropriate information or facts.

         1         2        3         4        5

5. The content demonstrates an understanding of the topic and related concepts.

         1         2        3         4        5

6. The assignment is neatly typed or handwritten.

         1         2        3         4        5

7. The spelling, punctuation, and grammar on the writing assignment are accurate.

         1         2        3         4        5

8. If appropriate, the assignment appears to have been well researched.

         1         2        3         4        5

9. The content fulfills all the requirements of the assignment.

         1         2        3         4        5

10. Overall, the work represents the writer’s full potential.

         1         2        3         4        5

Additional Comments: ___________________________________________________________________

Total Points/Grade: __________

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