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Falcon Elementary School PTA by chenmeixiu


									         Falcon Elementary School of Technology PTA/SAC Minutes – April 13, 2011
Meeting called to order at 4:20 by Lisa Hines - PTA President

Members present –
Lisa Hines, Nancy Valdez, Larry Knoll, Tom and Lisa Limbaugh, Julie Platt, Natalie Collier, Michelle Lang , and Heidi

Secretary’s Report – PTA and SAC minutes from the March 9th meeting were handed to the members who were
present. The minutes were approved as read.

DAAC Report – Last DAAC meeting was discussed by Wendy LaCroix in March. No information for this month

Membership Report – Melissa Ardolf
   Membership is the same as reported in March

Fundraiser Chairman’s Report – Melissa Ardolf
    Fundraiser – over $10,000 sales with about $4,500 profit going to PTA
    Sheets sales were over $600 profit

Treasurer’s Report – Michelle Lang
    Total monies available as of 4/13/11 is $10,704.04 (See April treasurer’s report)

Principal’s Report – Mrs. Valdez
     Fifth Grade Battle of the Books April 21
     Fifth Grade Musical April 26
     Kindergarten Orientation May 3
     District Music Festival May 9
     3-5 Field Day May 10
     Science Fair (3-5) May 13
     K-2 Field Day May 17
     District Track May 19
     Fifth Grade Graduation May 26
     Last Day of School/Kindergarten Graduation May 27
     Grade Level Field Trips
     April 21- FES Night at the Museum
     “Museum-quality “student work on display throughout the school
     3 -5 Tableau presentations
         rd th

Old Business

New Business
       PTA Nominees - Elections will take place in May
           o President -
           o Treasurer – Michelle Lange was approved as Treasurer for 2011-2012 school year
           o Secretary -

       Fourth Grade Proposal for field trip to Pioneer Museum and to do an extension activity with the Colorado
        Historical Society.
            o Requested from PTA - $168.57
            o Motion made, seconded, and passed to give fourth grades money in the amount of $168.57 for the
                 field trip
       Mrs. Ardolf is in need of some field day ribbons. Mrs. Valdez asked if we could fund money to purchase field
        day ribbons. It was discussed and approved to purchase the field day ribbons.
       Arthur’s Auto Collision and Paint, Inc. will donate 2% of auto repair totals to support our school
       Classic Barber Shop will donate $1 for every $10 haircut
Meeting adjourned at 5:05 PM
Next meeting is May 11th at 4:15

Respectfully submitted by:
Larry Knoll
PTA Secretary

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