Best of the Best Children's Books 2006

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					Best of the Best Children’s Books 2006
W2 Session
Thursday 7:30

The Road to Paris—Nikki Grimes
      -Set in New York City—foster child

Rules—Cynthia Lord—Ages 9-12—Newbery Honor
      -Sister of an autistic child

Porch Lies—Patricia McKissack
       -Tall tales from the 20s and 30s
       -African American folklore

Gone Wild—David McLimans—Caldecott Honor
      -Endangered Animal Alphabet
      -Some scientific information

Ask Me No Questions—Maria Budhos--YA
      -Family of illegal aliens from Bangladesh

Yellow Star—Jennifer Roy
      -Based on interview of the author’s aunt (one of 12 children who survived a
      ghetto in Poland)
      -Written in free verse

Dizzy—Jonah Winter—Grades 3-8
      -Dizzy Gilespie biography in picture book form
      -Can be used with the Mysterious THeloneus

Clay—David Almond—YA
     -An altar boy’s life transforms when a neighbor shows him the power of sculpture
     -Can be used with Dead Days

Framed—Frank Cottrell Boyce—Grades 6-9
      -Dylan and his sisters attempt to use art to show a small town it’s beauty

Penny From Heaven—Jennifer Holm—Grades 5-7—Newbery Honor
      -Historical Fiction
      -Penny gets into an accident that does not fit into her summer plans—post WWII

The Pull of the Ocean—Jean-Claude Norulevat—Grades 5-8
       -A mute boy leads his brothers out on a rainy night to take on the horrors his
       father tells
       -Surprising ending
       -Modern day fairy tale
*The Keeper of Soles—Teresa Batemen—K-3
      -A cobbler has a visit from the Grim Reaper
      -Soul vs. Sole

Zelda and Ivy—The Runaways—Laura Kvasnosky--K-2
       -Easy Reader
       -Time capsules?

The Last Dragon—Silvana DeMari—4-8
      -Last elf and the last dragon will come together to save their world
      -bittersweet climax triumph
      -some sad moments

Clementine—Sara Pennypacker—3-4grades
      -Clementine has a knack for getting in trouble but uses it to help family and
      -Ramona, Judy Moody, Junie B.

Life as We Know It—Susan Beth Pfeffer—8-10grade
        -Teenage life as a meteor hits the world
        -Recommended for girls

Move Over, Rover—Karen Beaumont
     -When a storm hits, animals fight for dry shelter
     -compares to The Mitten, The Napping House

*SuperHero ABC—Bob McLeod
      -Traction Man

*Cookies-Bite-Size Life Lessons 2-4grades
      -Each page has a ―lesson‖ ―Patience means…‖ ―Honest means…‖

*Black? White! Day? Night!—By Laura Seegar PreK-1grade
      -Book of opposites
      -Eye popping concept book

Remember Little Big Horn—John Doerner
     -Reproductions of original art work, concepts from battles, historical maps, etc.

Moses—Carole Weatherford
     -told in 3 voices (Harriet, God, Narrator)

Best Best Friends-Margaret Chodos-Irvine—PreSchool-K
       -Friends that do everything together until one girl is jealous of another’s birthday
       -Solves problems with out any adult interventions
*Ruby Lu Empress of Everything—Lenore Look
      -Sequel to Ruby Lu, Brave and True

Marvelous Mattie—Emily McCully

The Wand in the Word:Conversations with Writers of Fantasy—Leonard Marcus
      -YA fantasy writers –profiles of authors/reading lists

The Year of the Dog—Grace Lin—Grades 4-7
      -Tiwanese-American girls become friends

Higher Power of Lucky—Susan Patron

Freedom Riders: Ann Bausum—9-12 Grade

A Small white Scar—K Nuzum—
      -A boy with a brother with Downs Syndrome, tries to change his life by working
      with cowhands.

*Larklight—Philip Reeve—Grades 5-7
       -Romp through space with run-ins with many sci-fi creatures

*Bella at Midnight—Diane Stanley
       -Modern Cinderella story
       -A daughter of a knight is raised as a pheasant

The King of Atoolia—Megan Turner—3rd in the series
      -Author of The Thief and Queen of Atoolia

Toys Go Out—Emily Jenkins

Adele and Simon—Barbara McClintock

Aliens Are Coming!—Megan McCarthy

To Dance—Siena Siegal

John, Paul, George, and Ben—Lane Smith

Standing Against the Wind—Traci Jones

Isaac Newton—Kathleen Krull

Hattie Big Sky—Kirby Larson
Fairest—Gail Levine

Wintersmith—Terry Pratchett

Team Moon—Catherine Thimmesh

Mercy Watson Goes For a Ride—Kate DiCamillo

Lilly’s Big Day—Kevin Henkes

The Little Red Hen—Jerry Pinkney

Quest For the Tree Kangaroo: Sy Montgomery

Wildfire—Taylor Morrison

Escape!—Sid Fleischman

Poetry For Young People:Langston Hughes—Arnold Ramperad

*Jazz—Walter Dean Myers

Shivers in the Fridge—Fran Manushkin

Not a Box—Antoinette Portis

The Deaf Musicians—Pete Seegar

Meow Ruff: A Story in Concrete Poetry—Joyce Sidman

Adventures of Marco Polo—Russell Freedman

The Moon-Robert Louis Stevenson

Flotsam—David Wiesner

Freedom Walkers—Russell Freedman

The Homework Machine—Dan Gutman

Small Steps—Louis Sachar