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									                                      GED Testing

The General Education Development (GED) certificate is a nationally recognized series
of tests that measure an equivalent educational background in the areas of Writing,
Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. Centralia College is contracted
annually by the GED Testing Services to provide this service locally and is the only
public access GED testing center for Lewis, County. Note: The GED Test is offered by
the State of Washington and is not a Centralia College test.

The GED can be used for eligibility purposes for college entrance requirements,
Financial Aid, apprenticeships, the Armed Services, and employment.

Residents of the State of Washington, 16 and over are eligible to register for GED
testing. NOTE: Students aged 16, 17, AND 18 must first request a High School Release
for GED Testing form (
from either the last high school attended or the high school in the town you currently
reside. If Home Schooled, a notarized statement of home school completion is
required: (

Centralia College is an official GED testing site. The test is offered by appointment twice
weekly at our Centralia campus and once each quarter at Centralia College East in
Morton. Students ready for GED testing will need to provide a social security number,
picture identification showing proof of Washington State residency and date of birth,
and provide a payment of $15 for each of the 5 tests. If re-testing is required the cost
will be $18 per test.

Centralia College also provides testing to assess your readiness in taking the GED and
can provide course work for preparing for the five subject tests. This testing is provided
during the GED Preparation Class Orientation. For testing hours, locations, and any
questions that you have, please contact the Phoenix Center in the Kirk Library Building
on the campus of Centralia College or call us at 360.736.9391 ext. 216.

GED preparation materials are also available at most local bookstores and public
libraries. GED resources and On-line practice GED tests can be found at:

         Typical route a student will take in preparing for GED Testing:

-   Visit the Phoenix Center in the Kirk Library Building at Centralia College to
    address your particular needs. (If you are age 16-18 you will need to bring a
    High School Release for GED testing from your local high school)

-   Attend GED Preparation Class Orientation. This orientation will help you
    determine your readiness for GED testing and to help select and register for
    your classes, if needed. Orientation is held weekly. Call us for time and

       A quarterly registration fee of $25 is required for
               GED classes, or you may qualify for a fee waiver.

-   Attend class. The more effort you can put into your class work, the faster you
    will be able to successfully complete GED Testing.

-   Take GED pre-tests. The pre-tests in each of the five subject areas (Reading,
    Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies) are designed to be similar to the official
    tests. This is a good way to take the official tests with confidence! (No fee, no
    appointment needed).

-   Register for your GED tests. Official GED tests are administered twice weekly.
    You may take one or two tests per appointment.
                Arrangements for payment are required before testing
                You will need to know your social security number
                State or National I.D. showing proof of Washington State
                   residency must be shown at time of testing.
                Attend the required GED Testing Orientation, held weekly, to
                   schedule your first test.

-   Attend Graduation! (optional) GED graduates are invited to attend the
    Centralia College graduation ceremony each June so you, your friends and
    family can celebrate your accomplishment.
                        GED TESTING ORIENTATION
              All students registering for their first GED test will attend a
                            required GED TEST Orientation.

                         Call 360.736.9391 ext. 216 for Day/Time

      - Learn about the 5 individual tests and what you can expect.
      - Complete the necessary GED Testing Services forms registering your intent to GED
      - How to interpret your GED test results.
      - Make payment for testing.
      - Learn of times and dates to the upcoming testing sessions
      -   Schedule your GED testing appointment(s).
      - Receive your ticket(s) for entrance to your test appointment(s).

      - Government issued Picture ID
      - A copy of your H.S. Release or Notarized Home School Form to GED Test, (if aged
         16, 17, or 18)
      - The State of Washington requires you to use your Social Security Number for
      - Payment, paid receipt, or voucher authorizing payment for GED Testing from
         another agency.

               $15 per test                          Payment can only be accepted
               $18 per re-take                       by check, cash for the exact amount,

               $75 for the complete series.          or credit Card in the Cashier’s Office

       Need more information? Contact the Phoenix Center at 360.736.9391 ext. 216
      How to Get a Copy of Your State of Washington GED Transcript

A written request is required when requesting a copy of your State of Washington GED
Transcript. Send your request to:

                      GED Records Center
                      POB 42495
                      Olympia, WA 98504-2495
                      FAX: 360-704-4414

You will need to include the following information in your request:
   - Your name at the time of testing (including any other possible names it may be
       listed under.)
   - Social Security Number
   - Date of Birth
   - Location of Where you tested
   - Approximate Year you tested
   - Your written signature

Include the name and address to where you would like your transcript to be mailed.
Allow 3 – 5 business days to process your request. Please note that your transcript
cannot be faxed. There is No Charge for this service.

If requesting a State of Washington GED Transcript for Centralia College Financial Aid
Office, contact the Phoenix Center in the Kirk Library Building, 360-736-9391 ext. 216.

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