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Desk Copy Request FoRm

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Ohio University Press           •     Swallow Press
19 Circle Drive, The Ridges, Athens, Ohio 45701
                                                                             Desk Copy Request FoRm
A desk copy is available to course instructors who have already ordered 10 or more copies for
their class. Either fax or mail this form or send a request on your department’s letterhead to the
fax number or address below.

Shipping AddreSS:
          Name:   ___________________________________________________________________________

          College/University: ___________________________________________________________________

          Department/Unit:      ___________________________________________________________________
          Address:   _________________________________________________________________________

          Street Address:   ____________________________________________________________________

          City / State: _________________________________________                         Zip or Postal Code:   _______________

          Instructor’s Email (required):    ____________________________________________________________
o I would like to receive email notifications of new titles from Ohio University Press similar to those I have requested.

 Quantity          Author/Editor                              Book Title                                        ISBN 13

  Course Number                                        Course Name                                 Semester         Estimated Enrollment

  Comments, special requests:

    Course begins (MM/DD/YYYY)) _____________________________

    Bookstore(s) that ordered texts: __________________________________________________________


    How did you find out about this title:

         o Conference           o Colleague Referral     o Book Review      o Author or Editor       o Email Newsletter

         o Advertisement (Where?_____________________________)                     o Other _________________________________

                        Send completed form to: Ohio University Press, 19 Circle Drive, The Ridges, Athens, Ohio 45701
                                                              Or fax to: 740-593-4536.

               fax   740-593-4536 •        interim executive editor   593-1157 • editorial 593-1161 • marketing 593-1160
                                    production   593-1162 •   customer service 593-1154 • business 593-1156