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					Addressing the Flood Risk Challenge

        Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable   1

•   Work in collaborative partnership with other agencies
    and stakeholders to develop an integrated national
    flood risk management strategy

•   Minimize risks to public safety from flood hazards

•   Provide flood damage reduction systems that are safe,
    reliable and managed in a partnership of shared

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               Key Participants

•   FEMA
•   National Association of Flood and Storm water
    Management Agencies (NAFSMA)
•   Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM)
         USACE primary focus        FEMA area of concern

                             Levee =
     River                   Levee
                          Common Interest            Floodplain

                 NAFSMA / ASFPM area of concern
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             The Challenges

•   Out-of-date floodplain information
•   Aging infrastructure
•   Lack of understanding of the national flood
•   Uncoordinated Federal flood risk programs
•   Diminished capabilities in Flood Risk

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                        National Flood Risk Management
                        Initiative Program Leaders

                                                SES Oversight
                                                                    Executive Direction

    Independent Advice
    (Interagency Flood Risk           Principal
    Management Committee)          Advisory Group

                                                    Program           Program Integration

      ENGINEERING                   OPS                                  PLANNING                PROGRAMS

Flood Mapping                           Existing               Initiatives,         Projects &     Congressional
                     Inventory &    Infrastructure &
        &                                                       Policy &            Pre-Flood       Liaisons &
                    Assessments       Inspections
 Certifications                                                Legislation          Programs        Budgeting

                             Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable                                                 5
                   Out-of-Date Floodplain Information

•   Interim Strategy
     –   Expand partnership and dialogue with FEMA on Map Modernization

•   Actions Initiated
     –   Corps Map Modernization PDT
     –   Collection of available information on Corps Federal
         levees/floodwalls and shared information with FEMA
     –   Levee Certification Technical team

•   Long-Term
     –   More closely align FEMA’s NFIP program with Corps FDR and
         Inspection programs

                      Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable          6
                     Aging Infrastructure

•   Interim Strategy
     –   In partnership with FEMA, state and local partners develop a
         comprehensive inventory and database of flood damage reduction
         structures, assess the condition of those structures, and participate in
         performing NFIP certification of structures when appropriate.
•   Actions Initiated
     –   Developed a GIS spatial database that can be used for both FEMA and
         USACE purposes
     –   Develop a risk based assessment methodology for levees and perform
         prototype assessments
     –   Initiate “I” wall evaluations using IPET results

•   Long-Term
     –   FEMA/Corps Report on Levee/Floodwall Risks
     –   Identification of National Infrastructure Needs for Decision-Makers

                        Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable                       7
                                                                     FEMA NFIP
                                                                     Objective: Communicate the most current information
                                                                     for flood insurance purposes, irrespective of risk.
             Level of Protection

                                      NFIP & CORPS                         NFIP only
                                   Federal    USACE     Local
                                    O&M        built /  built /            Local
                                     Area    represents all levees
                                               Local   Enrolle
                                                                     throughout the US.
                                               O&M     d in RIP
                                                800       593
                                          CORPS only                    No nexus with
                                                                        NFIP or Corps

                                     1           2        3                      4
USACE Inventory and Assessment                        Levee Categories
Objective: Risk assessment on all
levees in federal programs, regardless
of design level of protection.

                                             Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable                                         8
                                          USACE Levee Program
Level of         Agricultural      Ag      Rural     Rural    Urban     Urban   Total #   Total
Protection        Levees #        Miles   Levees #   Miles   Levees #   Miles             Miles
0 to 24 yrs          204          1281      108       676       231      316      543      2273
25 to 49 yrs          43          489        12        39        49      537      104      1063
50 to 99 yrs         103          926        82       528       162      932      347      8679
100 to 500 yrs       135          1464      175      2888       608      2334     918      6686
> 500 yrs             18          122        14       739        46      171       78      1032
Total                503          4284      391      4871      1096      4291    1990     13446

Inspection       Agricultural     Ag       Rural     Rural    Urban     Urban   Total #   Total
Rating            Levees #       Miles    Levees #   Miles   Levees #   Miles             Miles
Acceptable           313          2490      151       2570     566      1546     1030     6606
                     155          1512      173       1811     467      2309      795     5632
Unacceptable          35           278       66       494       64       435      165     1208

                                Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable                             9
                     Levee Data Model Geographic Features

      levee_flood_fight_point         closure_structure_line
pump_station_point               borehole_point
                                sand_boil_point                     levee_centerline



                                                             encroachment_point             gravity_drain_line

                          Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable                                         10
                   Federal Flood Damage Reduction
                   Programs are Uncoordinated
•   Interim Strategy
     –   Continue and expand partnership and dialogue with FEMA, other Federal
         Agencies and NGOs to integrate Flood Damage Reduction Programs
•   Short Term Action Plan
     –   Established the Flood Risk Management Initiative, and the Interagency
         Flood Risk Management Committee
     –   Maintain and expand Silver Jacket Initiative for coordination within States.
     –   Corps levee certification guidance collaborated with FEMA
     –   Participate in FEMA’s Interagency Levee Policy Committee
•   Long Term
     –   FEMA-Corps Team to develop proposals on modifying federal policy to
         maximize return on federal funds used for FDR
     –   Fully integrated Federal programs that contribute to flood risk

                        Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable                       11
                    Improving Corps Capabilities
•   Interim Strategy
     –   Increase emphasis on Corps technical competency in areas of risk
         assessments, project reliability and inspections
•   Short Term Action Plan
     –   Establish ICW PDT to develop and implement improvement plan for
         inspection programs, and linking ICW efforts to the Corps Inventory and
         Assessment Program and FEMA’s NFIP
     –   Development of a Risk Assessment Methodology for levees
•   Long Term
     –   PDT’s to
          o Develop recommendations for improving risk capabilities and building
            awareness of risk management techniques
          o Improve flood risk technical policy, criteria, evaluation processes

                       Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable                       12
       National Vision (Conceptual)
                              •   The United States Flood
                                  Damage Reduction Systems
                                  Will Be:
                                  —   Safe and Reliable
                                  —   Managed in a Partnership of
                                      Shared Responsibilities
                                  —   Assessed in a Comprehensive
                                      and Continuing Program
                                  —   Effectively Communicated to
                                      All Stakeholders, Decision
                                      Makers, and Communities

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