January 2011 Activity Report by wuyunyi


									                         January 2011 Activity Report
The following are highlights of the TDC’s monthly activities. Partners are encouraged to
visit the Partner’s Website (www.bswpartners.com) for the full report summary and detailed
information on specific programs.

  •   Kim Turner is New Director of Marketing and Internet
  •   The new 2011 Cooperative Partner Program as defined by the advertising agency of record,
      Loeffler, Ketchum and Mountjoy (LKM), (the agency approved by the BCC on October 26, 2010)
      is underway. This program is outlined on our BSW partners’ website under Media Plan/Co-op

  •   TIG, the agency that formerly handled the Beaches of South Walton website, declined the
      second year agreement of a three-year term. This resulted in the first year’s terms not being fully
      met. Complications that existed with the site were then included in the scope of work identified in
      an addendum to LKM. Presently, LKM is modifying the site to correct these complications.
  •   Implementing new rich content and enewsletter program
  •   SEM program targets 10 performing states within specific ad groups
  •   Social media activity increases over 2010, TDC is developing six-month strategic plan to further
      strengthen social media programs.

  •   Elisa Smith hired as Communications Coordinator
  •   Generated coverage in over 15 regional/national pubs and 5 local media outlets
  •   Conducting media relations outreach promoting spring and summer
  •   Fulfilled advertorial opportunities
  •   Carried out successful media mission in Orlando, pitching destination coverage to four targeted
      media outlets
  •   Hosted media from two Texas publications on group press trip and three journalists representing
      Birmingham Magazine, Nashville Lifestyles and Southern Living on customized media site visits
  •   Working with the TDC’s public relations agency Curley & Pynn (C&P) to establish a
      communication plan

  •   Held workshops for Art & Culture, Eco-Tourism, Meetings & Weddings
  •   St. Louis Artist reception slated for spring
  •   Evaluated and refined Sponsorship Application and process; The BCC approved the application
      on February 8, 2011. We will advertise sponsorship application opportunities beginning
      Saturday, February 12, 2011.
  •   Attended Friends of Scenic 30A Meeting and provided TDC updates

E. SOCIAL MEDIA                                                   Nunc cursus magna quis
  •   Facebook posts were viewed 307,462 times in January (up 5.8% from December) with 800 post
      feedbacks (up 15% from December)
  •   BSW Facebook page had 5,543 Facebook fans on 1/31/11 (up 3% from 12/10).
  •   Only 5.2% of BSW Facebook fans reside in Okaloosa, Walton or Bay Counties
  •   Achieved 1,230 Twitter followers by month’s end (1/31/11)

  •   Attended Elite Bridal Show – Atlanta, GA – January 9
  •   Attended Elite Bridal Show – Birmingham, AL – January 16
  •   Attended Receptive Services Association Summit – NY, NY – January 26-27
  •   Request for Proposal – Meetings 1/Groups 1/Reunions 1/Weddings 25
  •   Media coverage in Rejuvenate Magazine & Meeting Focus

  •   Conducted surveys with winter snowbirds and marketed area winter specials
  •   Developed February event calendar
  •   Evaluating beach safety program in partnership with LKM

  •   An inventory of all BSW branded and logoed items was completed by staff
  •   Brand Analysis Process was shared with TDC
  •   Brand Advocacy - Oil Spill Program Update

  •   After completing a RFP process, Kerr and Downs was selected as the research firm based on
      overall score and was approved by the BCC January 25, 2011.

  •   Continue to coordinate Federal Feasibility Study, public release of report expected soon
  •   Public Workshop scheduled and on time, details being finalized
  •   Beach monitoring for 2011 is complete, but prepared to monitor post-storm impacts
  •   Federal lobbying ongoing, requests to be made in first quarter of 2011

   • Participate in weekly conference calls with various agencies regarding updates and status of
      beach condition.
   • Beach Maintenance has been working with Tom Freeman - Scat 9 on a weekly basis conducting
      beach surveys in segments throughout the county to either concur or disagree with the survey
      results to determine the transition from recovery to maintenance and monitoring.
   • The TDC is meeting with county and BP officials to discuss the removal of the sand berms
      located at the coastal dune lake outfalls February 2nd.
   • The TDC will host a workshop with BP officials, FDEP State staff, Walton County Sheriff’s office
      and U.S. Coast Guard for partners on what they can expect in the coming months regarding the
      BP incident. The meeting is scheduled for February 17th from 2-4pm. at the TDC Conference

  • Sea Breeze, Shell Seekers, Beachside Villas access are all out for bid
  • Dothan boardwalk rebuild completed January 12th using in house staff
  • Point Washington Boat Ramp rebuild is out for bid. Pre Bid was held on Tuesday January 25th
  • BAC parking lot project currently under construction
  • Santa Clara overflow parking project currently is under construction
  • Partnership with Waste Management utilizing a solar powered trash compactor.
  • At the January 24th Leave No Trace meeting attended by Code Enforcement, TDC, Planning
     Department, and County Legal protocol for the upcoming season was discussed and plans to
     conduct a vendors meeting to ensure that they are in compliance and have a complete
     understanding of the new protocol.

   •   December 2010 collections were down -3.12% over December 2009
   •   BP Claim being filed first week of February
   •   BCC, Clerk of Court and TDC are working together to develop Standard Operating Procedures
   •   Meetings/Partnerships – Okaloosa TDC and Vision Airlines Co-op opportunity, NW Florida
       Beaches International Airport Meeting regarding transportation issues into Walton County,
       Business Connection partnership with Walton Area Chamber of Commerce, Visit Florida Board
       Meeting, Seven County TDC Coalition Meeting update
   •   Arts Center and Sports Complex Feasibility Study update

The following is the full summary of the TDC’s monthly activities.

   • Kim Turner’s first official day as Marketing Director was January 31
   • After a lengthy and vigorous process undertaken by the TDC and the BCC, LKM was selected as
     the advertising agency most capable of meeting the TDC’s goals and initiatives. LKM was
     approved by the BCC as the advertising agency of record for the TDC October 26, 2010.
   • The marketing department worked with all TDC staff to provide a comprehensive list of all
     branded and logoed materials to LKM.

COOPERATIVE PARTNER PROGRAMS (available on partners’ site under Media Plan/Co-op
   • The following cooperative insertions were approved and sent to the publication.
            o Southern Living March 2011 insertion
            o Spirit Magazine March 2011 Insertion
            o Atlanta Magazine March 2011 Insertion
            o Oprah May 2011 Insertion
            o Compass Spring Travel Planner April 2011 Insertion
            o Cooking Light April 2011 Insertion
   • Each coop showcased partners wrapped with BSW branding assets.
   • Leads will be sent accordingly
   • BSW will receive a comprehensive leads tracking document on a monthly basis detailing BSW
       leads per publication
   • Partner materials were collected for the Spring program, spanning from February 7 – April 17,
   • Individual partner banner ads were created in 3 sizes, 300x250, 160x600 & 728x90
   • BSW & Partners received comps for first round of online ads
   • First round revisions in process – working to finalize all partner ads prior to the Spring Planning
       online flight.
   • Once ads are loaded, partners will receive automated monthly reports detailing impressions,
       clicks, click-thru rate and cost per click.
   • Four sets of tags – Mediaplex, Google Analytics, Quantcast and publisher tags – are being
       utilized to measure effectiveness, track conversions, provide demographic information and help
       optimize performance.
   • Materials for “The Wonder of WaterColor “ Sweepstakes created including homepage tile ad, intro
       page, enter to win page, rules and regulations page, thank you page and winners page.
   • Materials received for the March sweeps.
   • Google Analytics in place to track sweeps performance.

Main Site
   • January 11th, the BCC approved the recommendation of LKM to become the agency of record for
      all website initiatives, during this emergency period so the TDC would be able to move forward
      with a 1.3 million dollar media buy.
   • LKM met with TDC team to prioritize and address immediate needs to support media buy and
      content plan on January 6-7, 2011.
   •   The decision was made to keep the current site and remedy existing issues until the branding
       evolution process is completed and can be addressed within a new website.

   The following modifications are being made to correct existing site’s complications, in the following
   order and priority:

           o   VPN configured for secure server access and other security measures put in place.
               Logins disabled for TIG users.
           o   Hosting contract with Rackspace renegotiated, with Windows server being
           o   Development site for sweeps forms set up.
           o   Development site set up for EZ Publish and SimpleView, for offline testing.
           o   Through Simpleview, staff worked to update listings creating a uniformed look throughout
               accommodations and added in tags for privately owned and professionally managed.
           o   Created development site for the database.
           o   New domains setup for all of the dev sites.
           o   AddThis account created, to be integrated into site for sharing.
           o   Quantcast account set up for additional measurement purposes.
           o   New site outline and new comps in progress that will show proposed navigational
               changes, site reorganization, the addition of KPI’s and other requested changes
               and enhancements.
           o   Upon approval of comps, implementation of new templates will begin, along with
               style sheet modifications and other corrections.
           o   Streamlining of data feeds, correcting calendar of events issues, SimpleView feed, 30A
               feed, Seemore feed and other chromic issues will be ongoing throughout February, into
               early March.
           o   Request made to expand hosting to incorporate video. May consider cloud hosting at that
Partner Site
   • Both sites continue to be updated with information, while in the transition period from TIG Global
      to LKM. TDC staff provides content needs to the marketing staff with all relevant information and
      it is posted on each site in a timely manner.
   • Changes have also been made to the partner’s site for easier navigation.

• February story complete, titled “Fall In Love With Beaches Of South Walton.” Teaser paragraph live on
  homepage as of February 1st, and full story on new page. Content is link-rich, sending visitors further
  into website and partner listings.
• Top Five ideas appear at end of story and also work as social media items.
• Four ideas for Facebook posts and four ideas for Twitter Tweets correlate to story and monthly theme.
• February newsletter content also developed from story.

• Copy updates for individual beaches on hold pending new comps and templates. Monthly themes,
  stories, Top Fives, newsletters, etc all proceeding as scheduled.

Consumer eNewsletter
  • A new custom email template was created and submitted to BSW for approval
  • Imported consumer list into new email client, Blue Sky Factory
  • Final revisions and testing is in progress
  • First drop scheduled for 2/15/11

Sweeps eNewsletters
  • Partner materials were collected and a new custom email template was created
  • eNewsletter was submitted to BSW & partners for approval
  • Final revisions and testing in progress
  • First drop scheduled for BSW subscriber list on 2/9/11 and two paid support list on 2/10 &
TDC eNewsletters
  • Compiled and distributed weekly enewsletter to bed tax collectors.
  • Compiled and distributed monthly enewsletter to tourism industry.

New program in development for Search Marketing as follows:
Target 10 performing states with the following Ad Groups and their initial budget allocations:
  •    Family Vacations – 30%
  •    Romantic Vacations – 30%
  •    Golf Vacations – 15%
  •    Florida Vacations – 10%
  •    Weddings – 5%
  •    Groups & Meetings – 5%
  •    Sweepstakes, Featured Destination – 5%

Public relations activities are conducted by staff and the TDC’s public relations agency Curley & Pynn
(C&P). C&P was selected through a detailed RFP process and is in year two of a possible three-year
renewable contract. C&P’s scope of service is concentrated on providing the TDC strategic counsel,
implementation of a comprehensive public relations plan and aggressive, proactive media outreach. The
TDC staff works in tandem with C&P to fulfill media interest secured by coordinating press visits,
attending desk side appointments and ongoing relationship building. In addition, the TDC staff facilitates
communication not only to media but to all stakeholder groups including lodging partners, tourism
industry, employees, and visitors, among others.

  • Elisa Smith joins the TDC as Communications Coordinator on January 31
  • Staff strategized with C&P to begin the development of an internal communication plan that
      outlines employee and industry communications strategies and tactics. The plan will include a
      communications audit, communication protocols, processes, tools, standard operating
      procedures and more.

The following coverage tracked by Beaches of South Walton TDC:
       (Full articles posted on bswpartners.com)

Generated coverage by TDC and C&P
  • NewsMax January 1, 2011
  • WMBB January 10, 2011
  • Hotel Online January 9, 2011
  • Tallahassee Democrat January 14, 2011
  • Prevue January 14, 2011
  • Birmingham Magazine January 16, 2011
  • Orlando Sentinel January 17, 2011
  • Family Vacation Critic January 18, 2011
  • Connect January 18, 2011

   •   Rejuvenate January 20, 2011
   •   Sun-Sentinel January 22, 2011
   •   Chicago Tribune January 22, 2011
   •   The Morning Call January 22, 2011
   •   Hartford Courant January 22, 2011
   •   The Philadelphia Inquirer online January 23, 2011
   •   The Philadelphia Inquirer January 23, 2011
   •   Orlando Sentinel January 23, 2011
   •   Orlando Sentinel January 28, 2011
   •   Orlando Sentinel January 30, 2011
   •   South Florida Sun-Sentinel January 30, 2011
   •   Prima Magazine January, 2011
   •   Florida Travel & Lifestyles February, 2011

Coverage on area communities, resorts and events:
   • Conde Nast Traveler, St. Louis Senior Circuit (St. Louis, MO), Newsmax (West Palm Beach, FL),
      Texas Golfer Magazine (Houston, TX), Tallahassee Democrat (Tallahassee, FL), USAToday.com
      Travel Tips, St. Louis Today, Florida Travel & Lifestyles

Local coverage of TDC activities:
   • Northwest Florida Daily News (4), Walton Sun (3), Beach Breeze, SoWal.com,

TDC Staff is responding to media queries by promoting spring and summer travel and combating the
misperceptions created by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. The following press contacts were made:
   • Worked with freelance writer Mickey Goodman, for an assignment on destination weddings for
       Atlanta Weddings. The theme is "Why the Gulf Coast is Back & Better than Ever" for the spring
       and summer issues.
   • Provided images for Carli Morgenstein, art director at Smart Meetings for upcoming coverage on
       Beaches of South Walton.
   • Pitched valentine's stories and specials to freelance writer Judy Colbert for Valentine's article
       slated for the Howard County Times.
   • Assisted Karen Shalett with fact checking and images for her story scheduled to appear in for the
       March/April issues of DC magazine and The Atlantan.
   • Pitched BSW as a leading 2011 festival destinations to Casey Wohl of the Girlfriend's Getaway
   • Provided Jennifer Kornegay information for her article for Condo Owner magazine focused on
       what different Gulf Coast CVBs and tourism councils are doing to lure tourists back to their
       beaches this spring and summer.
   • In discussions with Tim Miller regarding visiting BSW in June or July for feature in Grand Luxe
       magazine highlighting the fall season.
   • Worked with Joe Berger on establishing the Beaches of South Walton section of
       www.travelbase-florida.com, a new travel website aimed at assisting international travelers with
       finding destinations and accommodations in Florida.
   • Provided photography to Beth Raebeck Hall of the The Tennessean for her spotlight on the
       Beaches of 30A in their upcoming “Destinations” publication.
   • Conducted interview with Mike Kunzelman with Associated Press regarding the BP grants the
       TDC had received to date.
   • Conducted follow up on pitches for Artist of the Year with Emerald Coast Magazine,
       Beachcomer, Beach Breeze and 30A Review. Worked with Lily Rockwell of Rowland Publishing
       on fact checking for Emerald Coast Magazine article.

C&P Media Relations
C&P is identifying opportunities and aggressively pitching media outlets reaching our target
demographic in target geographic markets. The following activities were conducted in January:
   • Continued compiling listings of 2011 editorial calendars for travel, lifestyle, weddings and
      meetings publications nationally and in top markets
   • Developed and updated a report to track media coverage
   • Continued reaching out to reporters who had responded to C&P’s TSA Your Holiday! pitch on
      behalf of BSW
   • Invited media to attend 30A Songwriters Festival press trip
   • Continued communication with Nashville Lifestyles re: FAM trip to BSW and meeting with T.
   • Continued working with Associated Press re: findings from the Lapsed Visitor Study
   • Worked with Allyson Walker at WMBB re: Lapsed Visitor Study story
   • Prepared materials and provided to NileGuide for a destination overview
   • Scheduled and coordinated Orlando media desk side appointments for T. Louthain and
      accompanied her to each meeting. Met with editors and reporters from Destination Weddings &
      Honeymoons, Florida Travel & Life magazine, Spa magazine and Orlando Sentinel
   • Prepared a list of media contacts for potential P. Watkins’ February Houston media desk side
   • Began discussions with media about upcoming spring press trip
   • Spoke with Dianna Hunt at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram regarding her interest in sending a
      freelancer on the spring press trip
   • Discussed upcoming trip to BSW and story opportunities with Roy Williams at Birmingham News
   • Provided information on BSW for new Coastal Living column
   • Monitored and responded to several publicity opportunities through the HARO list-serve
   • Continued outreach to national broadcast outlets for BSW coverage including CNN, Good
      Morning America and NBC News Network

Staff supported the following advertorial opportunities:
   • Forwarded information to Kevin Benefield developing the VISIT Florida special section that will
        appear in the March issue of Atlanta magazine.
   • Conducted interview and forwarded information to Stephanie Naman for Culinary Adventures
        special section in Cooking Light.
   • Developed 85-words of copy for advertorial in Oprah Magazine.
   • Oprah April & May insertions
   • VisitFL AmEx Coop in Travel & Leisure April & June insertions, Travel & Leisure Family March
        insertion and Food & Wine May insertion.
   • Cooking Light online website listing in March

Media missions are an important public relations tactic to gain an editor’s and/or journalist’s interest in
Beaches of South Walton with the goal of securing an article. Media missions include desk side
appointments with editors and freelance writers. These missions may include media receptions or
events that invite journalists to a convenient location within the market.

During January, staff traveled to Orlando for a professional development conference and conducted the
following desk side appointments: Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Spa Magazine, Florida Travel
& Life and Orlando Sun Sentinel.

Group press trips are an effective way to bring multiple journalists from non-competing publications to
the destination at one time. A group press trip allows staff to coordinate a master schedule for two- to
three-days that features destination experiences relevant to the theme and attending media outlets.

Staff conducted the following activities:
        • Hosted media from Texas for 30A Songwriters press trip, showcasing what's new and
           cultural offerings in Beaches of South Walton and the beauty of the beaches post oil spill.
           Participating media included Laurette Veres, editor in chief and photographer Kate Axtell of H
           Texas and Abby Hoeffner, managing editor and photographer Kristen Ford of North Texas
        • Querying media for best dates for Spring press trip (late March or early April).

Customized press trips are organized when media are on a specific assignment or cannot attend a
group press trip. They provide more flexibility and customization for a particular theme or topic. They
also allow for a journalist to have a more personal experience with their family, spouse or friend.

In January, staff assisted the following media with customized tours:
    • Assisted Alex Crevar of Southern Living arranging activities and suggesting personalities to
       interview as part of Gulf Coast feature he is contributing to for the May issue of Southern Living.
    • Provided tour and highlights of what’s new in BSW to Stacie Standifer, editor of Nashville
       Lifestyles for her spring beach issue.
    • Met and discussed what’s new in BSW with Carla Jean Whitley, managing editor of Birmingham
       Magazine, for her spring beach issue.

  • C&P distributed and pitched Lapsed Visitor Study news release;
  • C&P updated What’s New leisure backgrounder with additional information
  • C&P drafted and distributed Valentine’s Day specials pitch.

  • Continued an ongoing audit of BSW media lists and expanded the lists throughout the month;
  • Continued the development of a measurable objectives tracking dashboard to measure outreach
     progress and plan for future outreach;
  • Researched several travel bloggers and reporters to evaluate their influence and suitability for
     future press trips and pitching;
  • Updated 2011 PR timeline as needed and updated “Beach Momma” tracking document with
     public relations content;
  • Provided monthly newsletter article on travel and hospitality industry trends;
  • Researched national broadcast opportunities re: Martha Stewart weddings feature on “The
     Today Show;”
  • Interviewed recently married couple for feature in an updated weddings backgrounder;
  • Researched options and pricing of wire news release distribution services with PR Newswire,
     PRWeb and Business Wire. Proposed recommendation to the client;
  • Developed an application for media to attend future press trips that includes accommodation
  • Made recommendations for press trip group accommodation selection process;
  • Developed and revised a plan for the BSW family portrait event;
  • Reviewed upcoming sales team tradeshows for future media deskside opportunities;
  • Continued compiling listings of 2011 editorial calendars for travel, lifestyle, weddings and
     meetings publications nationally and in top markets. Pitched accordingly; and,
  • Monitored social media conversation on BSW and news alerts daily.

  • Facilitated four workshops with the following industry partner segments, on January 19, 2011:
        o Arts & Culture
        o Eco-Tourism
        o Meetings
        o Weddings
  • Engaged in open dialogue with each segment about how they define themselves, what assets
     they would like to see highlighted, best practices and outlined challenges and opportunities for
     growing their business.
  • Presented an overview of brand evolution process and gave a program update
  • Next workshop will be on February 17, 2011 for Social Media partners

  • Finalized Artist of the Year contract and began planning artist reception in St. Louis for late-May
     or early-June.
  • Working to improve Art in Public Places program by increasing awareness (adding to Partner’s
     site, regular mention in The Edge, inclusion in social media)
  • Drafted and distributed press release on February Art in Public Places Exhibit at Coastal Branch
     Library featuring the work of Peggy Jones.
  • Marketing and Communications worked together to refine the Sponsorship Application process.
     The application and process is now complete and will be brought before the BCC for final
     approval of the process on February 8, 2011. Pending approval the application will be available
     to the public February 9, 2011.
  • Attended the Friends of 30A monthly meeting and provided TDC updates.

Staff is implementing social media strategies with the support of LKM to increase followers and
conversations with visitors and potential visitors. The following was accomplished during January:
   • Social Media conference call 1/6/11 with LKM to review six-month plan for Facebook, Twitter,
         TwitPic, Flick, Foursquare, etc.
   • Planning February 17 workshop for Social Media 101
   • Facebook posts were viewed 307,462 times in January (up 5.8% from December) with 800 post
         feedbacks (up 15% from December)
   • BSW Facebook page had 5,543 Facebook fans on 1/31/11 (up 3% from 12/10).
   • Only 5.2% of BSW Facebook fans reside in Okaloosa, Walton or Bay Counties
   • Promoted 30A Songwriters Festival with live photo uploads
   • Promoted events and activities (Polar Bear Plunge, Escape 2 Create, National Championship
         viewing, snowbird gathering, Pure Barre, Winemaker’s Dinner, Walco Eco Tours, Florida
         Chautauqua, golf, spa services, live music, etc.)
   • Promoted photos of BSW daily life / outdoors (January white sand beach pic, sunrise on the bay,
         Grayton Beach eco-tour, Seagrove sunset, Great Southern breakfast, Camp Creek lake sunset,
         Miramar Beach sunrise, etc.)
   • Began “What’s New at the Beach” posts on Mondays (Vision Airlines, V Seagrove, 30A Suites,
         Allison Wickey art in Crate and Barrel, etc.)
   • Continued BSW trivia contests
   • Had 1,230 Twitter followers 1/31/11
   • Reviewing Twitter followers and those BSW is following to improve Klout score

Elite Bridal Show – Atlanta, GA – January 9, 2011
    • Beaches of South Walton attended the Elite Bridal Show, which was held at the Cobb Galleria
       Centre. A total of 839 perspective brides attended the 5-hour event. Each bride was provided
       with Beaches of South Walton bridal collateral that would drive them to the website and
       encourage them to complete a Request For Proposal. Many of the brides were looking for
       packages as well as honeymoon information. A spreadsheet containing contact information was
       received after the show and will be used to send them an e-newsletter.
Elite Bridal Show – Birmingham, AL – January 16, 2011
    • Beaches of South Walton attended the Elite Bridal Show, which was held at the Birmingham
       Convention Center. A total of 886 brides attended the 5-hour event. Each bride was provided
       with Beaches of South Walton bridal collateral that would drive them to the website and
       encourage them to complete a Request For Proposal. Many of the brides were look for packages
       as well as honeymoon information. A spreadsheet containing contact information was received
       after the show and will be used to send them an e-newsletter. Overall, Elite Bridal shows were
       not a perfect fit to market Beaches of South Walton to perspective brides. Other target markets
       will be researched to see what other bridal shows are available for 2011-2012 that might yield a
       more upscale bride looking for a destination wedding.
Receptive Services Association of America – NY, NY – January 26-27, 2011
    • RSAA is a national non-profit trade association whose members include major inbound visit USA
       receptive tour operators and suppliers (lodging companies, transportation companies,
       destinations, attractions, restaurants, etc.) from across the country. These receptive tour
       operators contract with overseas tour wholesalers to provide tourist services throughout the U.S.
       for their groups and FIT travelers from abroad. As a member of RSAA, TDC sales staff attended
       the annual Summit, which alternates yearly between NYC and Florida. The Summit provides an
       opportunity for suppliers to meet one-on-one with receptive operators as well as attend
       educational seminars surrounding the international market. A sales representative from
       Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort also attended the Summit and will begin forming partnerships
       with receptive operators.

   •   TDC sales staff met with the following receptives who promote the UK and German market to
           o RMP Travel
           o AlliedTPro
           o Meeting Point North America
           o Team America
           o Amadeo Travel Solutions, LLC
           o New World Travel, Inc.
           o Mark Travel Corporation

  • Rejuvenate Magazine: http://www.rejuvenatemeetings.com/2011/01/20/meetings-travel-expected-

   •   Meeting Focus – Meetings South: http://www.rejuvenatemeetings.com/2011/01/20/meetings-


NOTE: The number of room nights for each RFP listed below, equates to the estimated number of
individual rooms/accommodations needed during the specified timeframe of that group stay.

Request For Proposal-Group Tour Company
   • Group:              Your Connection Resource, Inc. – Panama City Beach, FL
     Timeframe:          Mid October 2011 through Mid April 2012
     # of attendees:     Varies from week to week: 25-125
     # of room nights:   Varies – one week to several weeks

Request For Proposal-CVENT-Corporate
   • Group:             Printing Industries of America-Sewickley, PA
     Timeframe:         November 4-8, 2011
     # of attendees:    150
     # of room nights:  273

Request For Proposal – Reunions
   • Group:               USS Pensacola
     Timeframe:           April 7, 2011
     # of attendees:      12
     # of room nights:    1-25

Request For Proposal – Weddings
   • Group:              Woodall Wedding - Alexander, AR
     Timeframe:          May 10, 2011
     # of attendees:     25
     # of room nights:   25

   •   Group:              Smith Wedding – Nashville, TN
       Timeframe:          September 10, 2011
       # of attendees:     130
       # of room nights:   needs hotels and cottages

   •   Group:              Anadu Wedding – Houston, TX
       Timeframe:          September 20, 2011
       # of attendees:     100
       # of room nights:   30

   •   Group:              Martinez Wedding –Citrus Springs, FL
       Timeframe:          June 25, 2011
       # of attendees:     50
       # of room nights:   25

   •   Group:              Jankowski Wedding – Ft. Walton Beach, FL
       Timeframe:          November 11, 2011
       # of attendees:     100
       # of room nights:   50

   •   Group:              McBryar Wedding – Buford, GA
       Timeframe:          June 22, 2011
       # of attendees:     60
       # of room nights:   30

   •   Group:              McNutt Wedding – Bradyville, TN
       Timeframe:          June 22, 2011
       # of attendees:     30
       # of room nights:   15

•   Group:              Sans Wedding – Smyrna, GA
    Timeframe:          May 14, 2011
    # of attendees:     140
    # of room nights:   30

•   Group:              Maldonado Wedding – Cleveland, OH
    Timeframe:          July 9, 2011

•   Group:              Ayers Wedding – Franklin, TN
    Timeframe:          June 26, 2011
    # of attendees:     25
    # of room nights:   14

•   Group:              Finley Wedding – Paducah, KY
    Timeframe:          July 14, 2012
    # of attendees:     20

•   Group:              Storm Wedding – Jasper, MO
    Timeframe:          September 20, 2011
    # of attendees:     30
    # of room nights:   15

•   Group:              Jayroe Wedding – Oklahoma City, OK
    Timeframe:          November 15, 2011
    # of attendees:     20

•   Group:              Charles Wedding – Clovis, NM
    Timeframe:          March 3, 2012
    # of attendees:     50
    # of room nights:   50

•   Group:              Rungruang Wedding – Chattanooga, TN
    Timeframe:          June 25, 2011
    # of attendees:     75
    # of room nights:   20

•   Group:              Samuell Wedding – Vardaman, MS
    Timeframe:          July 2, 2011
    # of attendees:     40
    # of room nights:   20

•   Group:              Pearce Wedding – Cincinnati, OH
    Timeframe:          October 8, 2011
    # of attendees:     70
    # of room nights:   70

•   Group:              Pashik Wedding – Lubbock, TX
    Timeframe:          June 9, 2012
    # of attendees:     90
    # of room nights:   45

•   Group:              Le Wedding – Chicago, IL
    Timeframe:          May 27, 2012
    # of attendees:     90
    # of room nights:   90

      •    Group:                Massengill Wedding – Atlanta, GA
           Timeframe:            March 17, 2012
           # of attendees:       250
           # of room nights:     250

      •    Group:                Colon Wedding – Hollywood, FL
           Timeframe:            June 18, 2011
           # of attendees:       50
           # of room nights:     50

      •    Group:                Hope Wedding – Gainesville, FL
           Timeframe:            September 10, 2011
           # of attendees:       30
           # of room nights:     0

      •    Group:                Reese Wedding – Stillwater, OK
           Timeframe:            June 20, 2011
           # of attendees:       25
           # of room nights:     12

      •    Group:                Krix Wedding – Gainesville, GA
           Timeframe:            October 8, 2011
           # of attendees:       60
           # of room nights:     35

      •    Group:                Pizzi Wedding – Atlanta, GA
           Timeframe:            June 22, 2012
           # of attendees:       250
           # of room nights:     175

  • Beaches of South Walton collateral and brochures were requested from the following travel
     agency offices:
  • Places to Go Things to Do Travel- Bridgeton, MO
  • America Express Travel-Dallas, TX

  • RSAA Summit-Silent Auction
  • Emerald Coast Ad Federation-2011 Media Auction
  • Seascape Resort & Conference Center-Snowbird Event
  • Emdeon Group - Nashville, TN
  • Etemadi Wedding - Tallahassee, FL

  • Lunch & Learn - Houston, TX - February 3, 2011
  • Destination Showcase – Washington, DC - February 24, 2011
  • Meeting Journalist FAM – Prevue Magazine

  •       Staff assisted 1,131 visitors through the Visitor Information Center during the month of January.
  •       Staff attended and presented winter activities/events at the Walton County Snowbirds Meeting,
          Jan. 12 and conducted survey with members.

   •   Staff is conducting an informal survey of snowbirds through the Visitor Center to provide
       direction on marketing and services offered to this group in the future.
   •   Staff created February calendar of events, which is made available for visitors to the center.
   •   Visitor Services staff sold $377.75 in BSW merchandise during January.

  • Review 2010 tactics and 2011 recommendations
  • Evaluate immediate publication deadlines and place materials
  • Developing marketing plan to start mid-March

Staff worked together to compile a comprehensive list of all brand assets ranging from printed collateral
to tradeshow collateral to promotional items available with Beaches brand.

  • Feedback from partner workshops has set the foundation for completion of the brand evolution
     process. Workshops have prompted partner feedback and open discussion including:
         o Proper use of bed-tax dollars
         o Synergy with Strategic Plan & Mission Statement
         o Ongoing Bed Tax Collector Workshops
         o Aligning with Research Findings
  • Phase one of the Strategic Brand Analysis process was shared with the TDC team and
     incorporated an audit of current brand and conclusions/recommendations that will support the
     TDC’s overall marketing objectives as outlined in the Strategic plan. The process will also align
     with the TDC’s long-term vision and challenges resulting from past economic decline and oil spill
     disaster with end results aimed at full recovery and long-term growth for the destination and its
     Bed Tax Collectors.
  • Specifically this process includes:
         o Customer Analysis: Trends, Motivation, Unmet needs, segmentation, etc.
         o Competitor Analysis: Brand image/identity, strengths, vulnerabilities, positioning
         o Self-analysis: Existing brand image, brand heritage, strengths, organizational goals and

Oil Response/Recovery
    • Developed recommendations for public relations/marketing communications activities to
       capitalize on potential BP funding in 2011, including input on public relations
    • Researched tourist organizations regionally and statewide re: their oil spill messaging for
       swimming and seafood safety;
    • Developed and refined oil messaging plan, including market-specific messages (based on
       review of 2010 Market Perception study) and Q&A;
    • Reviewed seafood litigation stories;
    • Strategized and evaluated the appropriateness and effectiveness of potential opportunities
       surrounding the BP oil spill anniversary;
    • Determined a plan of preparedness to handle media questions about Beaches of South Walton;

    •   Obtained contact information for the manager of the BP Twitter account, which resulted in the
        following tweets:
             o @BP_America January 13, 2011
             o @BP_America January 14, 2011
             o @BP_America January 14, 2011
             o @BP_America January 17, 2011;
    •   Met with J. Jenkins from LKM to discuss BSW, including plans for oil spill anniversary;
    •   Participated in conversations throughout the month with client and LKM regarding oil recovery
        issue and strategies for 2011; and,
    •   Continued monthly postings on BSWUpdate website with new beach photography and copy.

   •    January 25th the BCC approved the contract with Kerr & Downs Research for research services
        for the TDC. After working with Majority Opinion Research for more than a decade, the TDC
        underwent a request for proposal (RFP) in order to be in compliance with the County
        requirements. After a lengthy RFP process, Kerr & Downs Research achieved the highest overall

   • Continued to work with Mobile District to complete the draft Walton County Federal Shore
      Protection Feasibility Study. Once the District has completed and released the study for public
      review, we will be able to identify deficient areas. The report is scheduled for release by early

  • Public workshop to discuss federal shore protection project update has been scheduled for April
     6, 2011 at 6pm. Agenda under development but presentations will include: What is Beach
     Nourishment, a discussion of the Western Walton County Beach Restoration Project and three-
     year monitoring results; and an update of the Federal Shore Protection Project. All speakers
     have been identified and are available. Location TBD

  • Easement drafting for the Phase 2 beach restoration project is dependant on federal feasibility
     study release. Work to be started upon release of report for public review and continue through
     the summer.

  • All monitoring for 2011 is complete.
  • Post-storm monitoring will be performed in event of an impact by a hurricane.

  • Marlowe & Company and Seahaven Consulting continue to work toward securing ongoing federal
     funding for phase 2 beach nourishment. Due to changes proposed by Congress, consultants are
     identifying ways to influence the decision making process. There are adequate federal funding to
     complete the feasibility study phase, but additional funding will be needed for future phases. A
     request will be formulated and submitted at the appropriate time. Additionally, Seahaven and
     Marlowe will be meeting with Congressional staffers this spring to update them on the progress of
     the project.

   •   Every Wednesday the state of Florida conducts a conference call to discuss issues regarding the
       Deep Water Horizon incident. All counties that were affected by the incident participate in that
       call. Billy McKee, Walton county Environmental Manager and Dave Sell participate in the call. It
       allows a platform for counties to keep informed what is happening statewide regarding the
       cleanup effort.
   •   Every other Wednesday Gwen Marshall, BP Local Community Support Coordinator holds a
       conference call. The purpose is to discuss detailed issues that deal with operations. Scat Team 9
       (operations), U.S. Coast Guard issues, Federal Fish and Wildlife issues and County issues.
   •   Beach Maintenance has been working with Tom Freeman - Scat 9 on a weekly basis. Currently
       Scat 9 is conducting beach surveys in segments throughout the county. Beach maintenance
       participates in the surveys to either concur or disagree with the survey results. The purpose is to
       determine what level of response is appropriate based on survey results. Currently there are 10
       segments that have transitioned from recovery to monitoring and maintenance. Scat Teams will
       continue to inspect these segments for any changes that might occur.
   •   The TDC will host a workshop with BP officials, FDEP State staff, Walton County Sheriff’s office,
       South Walton Fire District and U.S. Coast Guard for partners on what they can expect in the
       coming months regarding the BP incident. The meeting is scheduled for February 17th, 2-4p.m.
       at TDC Conference Room.
   •   Sheriff’s office, TDC, County Finance and County Environmental are meeting with BP officials to
       discuss the removal of the sand berms located at the coastal dune lake outfalls. The meeting is
       scheduled for February 10th at 10:00 am at the WCSO substation.

  • Chandler Construction started construction October 3rd. they have been clearing vegetation in
     preparation for installing storm water infrastructure.
  • Storm Water is going in. They have approximately 80% of the Storm Tech System in.
  • We made a minor change in the sidewalk alignment on Santa Clara. We shifted to the east 1 foot
     which allowed us to terminate the sidewalk on the east side of the utility pole along 30A. Project is
     on schedule and on budget.
  • Added additional Type C drainage inlet and raised the retaining wall on Willow Street. Project still
     on schedule.
  • Project still on schedule.

   • The project consists of a new boat ramp, parking and restroom facility at the end of county road
      395 at the bay. We have a meeting scheduled for Thursday November 6th with the design
      engineer to go over the design. This will be a great addition as we have limited boat ramps on the
   • Preble Rish has received the permits.
   • Now that the 2010/2011 budget has been approved we will be scheduling a meeting in the next
      couple of weeks with Preble Rish to discuss getting the project ready for bid.
   • We were denied the grant. We held the INTAKE meeting 12-21.
   • Pre Bid meeting was held on January 26th. Bids are due February 17th.

  • Taylor Engineering has submitted a proposal for the design and permitting for the rebuild of the
     boat ramp at Cessna Park.
  • Taylor Engineering has completed the design and permitting.
  • INTAKE meeting was completed on July 13th. Project advertised July 16th through August 16th.
     Mandatory pre-bid scheduled for August 17th. Open bids on August 31st. Request BCC award bid
     at 1st meeting in September,2010.

   •   UPDATE; Based off the engineers cost estimate we have decided to cancel the bid. We have
       Preble Rish looking at alternative designs that would be more cost effective. The goal is to
       reduce the over all cost of the project by 30% to 50%.
   •   Preble Rish has submitted a preliminary re-design. They are in the process of submitting the
       necessary documents to the Corps for permit amendment to reflect the proposed changes.
   •   Permit submittals have been sent off to the Corps for there review. We are waiting for approval
       or comments from the Corps in order to know how we can proceed.

  • Staff is working with Preble Rish to come up with an over all parking and access plan for the
     facility. The goal is to tie the BAC access into the Cessna Landing Park. Preble Rish has
     committed to having us a preliminary design by Wednesday September 8th for our review.
  • Preble Rish has completed the design for the parking and access plan for the facility. We have
     an INTAKE meeting scheduled for October 20th to get the bid process under way. The goal is to
     have the improvements completed by April 2011.
  • The TDC is making some minor changes in the building interior layout based off the CAA
     request. We have received 3 quotes for the work. We anticipate the interior work should be
     completed by the middle to end of November.
  • The contractor should complete the improvements by the week of November 15th.
  • We had an INTAKE meeting for the parking lot improvements on October 20th. The project will
     be advertised for two weeks 10-26 through 11-9. Pre bid meeting is scheduled for 11-10-2010.
     Bids will be open on 11-18-2010.
  • Project was awarded to H&T Contractors Inc. We are in process of getting contracts executed
     and should start construction by middle of December.
  • H&T has started construction on the parking lot. They are clearing trees and getting ready to
     hall sub base material into the site for stabilization.
  • Sub Base material has been installed. Storm Water infrastructure is scheduled for installation
     the Week of February 1st.

  • Beach Maintenance has started the design and permitting process for the following beach
     1. Sea Breeze beach access
     2. Shell Seekers beach access
     3. Dothan beach access
     4. Beachwood Villas beach access
  • We have received the FDEP permits for Sea Breeze, Shell Seekers and Beachwood Villas
     beach access. We are wrapping up the design and scheduling the INTAKE meeting to get the
     projects out for bid.
  • Dothan beach access will not be contracted out. Beach Maintenance crew is rebuilding Dothan
     in house.
  • We have had the INTAKE meeting and the projects are out to bid. Bid opening is scheduled for
     January February 2nd.

The goal is have the designs, permitting and construction completed on all these access by the start of
the 2011 tourist season.

  • Design is completed and permitted. We have had the INTAKE meeting and project is
      scheduled for bid opening February 2nd.

  • Beach maintenance staff continues performing daily cleaning and general maintenance of all
     TDC facilities and boardwalks. Now that the summer season is behind us we will begin more
     intense work on getting all facilities ready for the 2010/2011 season. This includes painting
     restrooms, laying pine straw at all parks, inspecting and tighten all substructure on boardwalks.

   •   We continue to be involved with the BP cleanup operations and attend weekly operations

   •   Waste management has agreed to donate a solar powered trash compactor with the recycling
       unit valued at $5,000. The TDC has agreed to conduct a pilot program with the unit placed at
       Ed Walline Regional beach access. This is one of the busiest beach accesses and should be a
       great location for the pilot program. The TDC and LKM are reviewing the logo/brand design of
       the units and are expected to recommend the desired appearance. If the pilot program turns
       out to be successful the TDC will budget for additional units to be placed at our Regional Beach

   • TDC Monthly Analysis – The report for January is the actual BTC for the month of December.
     The numbers are provided by the clerk’s office on the last day of each month.
   • December 2010 – 4.5% collections $345,643.29 for a decrease of -3.12% over December 2009,
     the YTD collections is reporting that a 2.56% increase over 2010. One important note is that the
     clerk’s office reported a $70K enforcement collection that spanned a total of 3 years, so the
     number is inflated compared to the normal monthly collection. The clerk’s commission of the bed
     tax is 3% of total monthly collections.
   • The clerk’s office has purchased a new software program that will help them discover
     homeowners that are actually renting and not currently paying the bed tax. They are realigning
     within the department to be more proactive in collecting the taxes.

   • The TDC has worked with the Nix Law Firm gathering historical financial documentation to
     enable them to establish the financial impact that the Deepwater Horizon Incident had on
     Beaches of South Walton. The claim is being filed the first week of February.

  • We have currently completed filling the vacant positions and have hired Kim Turner, Director of
    Marketing and Elisa Smith, Communications Coordinator. They are currently going through the
    orientation program that we have developed and any necessary training.

  • We are with Okaloosa TDC on identifying potential co-op advertising opportunities including the
     new air service provider Vision Airlines. LKM has requested data and relevant information from
     Vision Airlines to review and determine our best options.
  • Dawn continues to chair the 7 count TDC Coalition. Several meetings were held in January to
     continue to work on regional opportunities, discuss benchmarks, and BP submitted grant. Dawn
     also continued her dialogue with BP officials about the grant application. They are still reviewing
     but no additional information is needed at this time.
  • The TDC met with Kitty Whitney at the Chamber about potential partnership on strategies that
     the Chamber could assist the TDC on in providing the most current business information to
     visitors within Walton County. Kitty is preparing a proposal for our consideration.
  • Attended Northwest Florida Airport Board meeting and addressed the concern regarding high
     cab/shuttle service fees servicing Walton County. The airport will look to do an RFP for a vendor
     to house a kiosk that will help to bring those fees down. They hired a new marketing firm to
     address marketing, PR, and community outreach. Monthly passenger report is attached.
  • Dawn welcomed and attended the Visit Florida Board Meeting held in Beaches of South Walton
     at the Sandestin Hilton.

  • The Arts Feasibility Study is almost complete and will be submitted to the TDC by the end of
  • The Sports Feasibility Study is about 30 days behind the arts study and interviews were done
     within the local and regional community.

  • We continue to evaluate all our processes and build out standard operating procedures. We are
     working with the BCC and Clerks Office to establish a cohesive travel policy, social media
     guidelines and a plan of action regarding the partner co-op advertising opportunities presented


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