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					                                 CLIENT REVIEW                       CORGI CLASSICS LTD

                      Corgi Classics drives forward
                     with the AxPact Alliance

Corgi Classics Ltd
Sense Enterprise Solutions Ltd
Manufacturing Distribution
TURNOVER BRACKET                           The company
$30 - $50 million                          Corgi Classics designs and develops world-re-
NO. EMPLOYEES                              nowned die-cast models at its headquarters in
                                           Leicester, England. The company reports to its
COUNTRIES                                  American parent organisation in Chicago and all
UK, USA, Hong Kong
                                           manufacturing is handled by the company’s Hong
SOLUTION                                   Kong office, which then arranges manufacture of
Microsoft Axapta
                                           the products in China.

                                           The challenge
“Corgi Classics, is continuing to

gain major benefits through its
                                           Because of Corgi Classics’ rapid expansion both
                                           in product range and sales, especially in the US, it
                                           had outgrown its previous software system, which
use of Microsoft Business Solutions � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �
                                 �         had numerous bolt-on applications. The company
Axapta since implementation in             needed a true multi-national ERP solution that could
                                           connect the business worldwide and speed-up the
2001. And the past three years             supply chain.
have seen the introduction of
                                           The solution
a raft of further enhancements             After speaking with the AxPact member in the UK,
facilitated by Corgi Classics’             Sense Enterprise Solutions, Corgi Classics chose
                                           Axapta because of its advanced technology, its
relationship with the AxPact World         user friendly interface and great flexibility for cus-
Alliance’s UK representative,              tomisation. “After Sense had provided a demon-
                                           stration of the software, we realised it had all the
Sense Enterprise Solutions.”               functionality we needed, and was the only product
                                           we had seen that was a totally integrated solution,”
                                           commented Scott Ferris, Corgi Classics’ senior ana-
                                           lyst and IT controller.

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                              CLIENT REVIEW                                   CORGI CLASSICS LTD

After implementation was completed by Sense,
Corgi Classics went ‘live’ with Microsoft Axapta
on 1 July 2001 for up to 30 users at its UK head
office. Since then the system has been extended
to incorporate additional functionality and
locations and during the first half of 2004, Corgi
Classics successfully upgraded to Axapta
Version 3.

Some of the benefits
In terms of functional benefits, Corgi have re-
alised significant improvements in the way it
controls stock and produces key management
information which was previously very time
consuming and inaccurate. Microsoft Axapta                                          Corgi Headquarters in the UK
provides detailed data analysis with the On-Line
Analytical Processing (OLAP) feature, real-time       system provides us with visibility regarding both
calculations and having a completely inte-            invoiced and non-invoiced orders, as well as the
grated system. “We are now able to produce all        latest stock on-hand information, summarised by
reports directly from the core system rather than     a customer-based sales channel.”
from spreadsheets,” said Ferris. “We can also cus-    Another key benefit for Corgi is the Remote
tomise screens and reports to the requirements        Capability functionality of Axapta. Ferris ex-
of any user at any level. Users can see the reports   plained: “With Remote Capability our UK, Hong
in real-time rather than having to wait a week for    Kong and US operations can easily access up-
someone to put them together, as previously.”         to-date information related to stock, waste etc.
More recently, Corgi Classics has been work-          from our warehouse. Additionally, Corgi Classics
ing with the Sense to further refine its Axapta        has begun publishing Axapta OLAP cubes on the
system. “We have re-analysed and grouped our          company Intranet to provide staff with a power-
products again, and this was easily undertaken        ful tool with which to trend sales by product and

due to Axapta functionality, and the support
we received from Sense,” said Ferris. “We have
also continued to improve the way we distribute
                                                      customer type.

                                                      The future
products by using filtering pools for groups of cus-   Now that Corgi Classics has upgraded to Axapta
tomers, and are continually improving analysis        Version 3, it is rolling out Axapta functionality to
regarding product and customer,” he added.            its Hong Kong and Chicago offices, with Sense
                                                      as project coordinator. “Roll-out ensures we are
Corgi Classics has also begun to use the
                                                      able to communicate more efficiently between
Forecasting functionality of Axapta for products
                                                      offices and with our international customer-
that are non-limited edition. “This is to improve
                                                      base,” said Ferris. “And thanks to Sense and the
our planning so that we can fulfil our global
                                                      AxPact World Alliance, we are standardising our
customers’ requirements as efficiently as pos-
                                                      systems and reports across our operations in all
sible,” said Ferris. In addition, some extra Report
                                                      relevant countries, enabling greater visibility in
functionality has been added to the company’s
                                                      the analysis of sales and stock availability. Also,
Axapta system. “These reports can compare
                                                      by using local partners, this enables support and
actual invoiced sales and sales orders to an origi-
                                                      customisation to take account of local rulings; for
nal plan and a later sales forecast by channel
                                                      example, USA purchase Tax.”
with customisable variables by product type,”
explained Ferris. “This provides us with an excel-
lent snap-shot of our business at any time. The

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