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									CIS 238                                       UNIX Network Administration                                       Final

Name: ________________________________

1) When you view all system processes, you notice there are over 35 HTTP daemons running. You thought you configured 10, what
has happened?

2) This command can be used to mount a Windows drive from a LINUX Samba client:

 A. smbmount
 B. smbfs
 C. smbclient
 D. smb
 E. mount –t cifs

4) How can you test the Web site without a graphical interface? (Select all that apply)

 B. lynx
 C. telnet <ip address> 80
 D. netscape -text
 E. netcat

5) A user tries to logs into an FTP server; the message is that she is not authorized. What file(s) affect this access?
_______________________ >

6) You made a couple of quick changes to your Samba configuration file and you need to test it quickly for syntax errors. Which utility
should you run?

 A. smbmount
 B. smbclient
 C. smbfs
 D. testparm

7) The sales department wants to combine its Web site with the HR department hardware to save money. What is the easiest way to
do this?

 A. Virtual Host
 B. .htaccess
 C. DocumentRoot
 D. memory

8) Which of the following TCP/IP network utilities is BEST used to determine the hardware ethernet address of the card(s) installed in
the current machine?
    A. netstat
    B. ifconfig
    C. ethers
    D. arpwatch

9) Which of the following TCP/IP network utilities is the BEST tool to use in identifying bottlenecks between remote machines on the
network? Specifically, assume a goal in this debugging is to determine the paths travelled in the forwarding of network packets, and
identify intermediate routers that may be dropping packets.
 A. route
 B. netstat
 C. ping
 D. traceroute
CIS 238                                      UNIX Network Administration                                     Final

10) You notice no ftpd service running when you randomly check your system, but no complaints have been made. Why is there no

 A. Awakened by xinetd as needed
 B. Only runs at designated intervals of day
 C. Nobody uses it, system cleans house regularly
 D. Run out of memory

11) How would you determine if ftpd service is running without actually trying an FTP LOGIN?

12) The Windows users are complaining they cannot see the HR document share in their Network Neighborhood diagram. What option
is missing from smb.conf?

 A. Hidden = no
 B. Browseable = yes
 C. NetworkDisplay = on
 D. Viewable = no

13) You copy over the Windows-based Web site to your site, set up the virtual host, and try to hit the homepage, but it fails. Which of
these could be the problem if this was a straightforward Web site copy of existing files that worked?

 A. DocumentRoot
 B. Port Number
 C. index.html
 D. Wrong browser settings

14) The sales department wants to know if it can selectively give access to certain users via FTP. Which FTP options could be used?

 A. .htaccess
 B. ftpaccess
 C. rpm
 D. hosts.allow

15) What program are started on a Samba server?

 A. /smbd
 B. /nmbd
 C. /smbclient
 D. /smb.conf

16) A message pops up that News /var file system is out of space, but df -k shows plenty of space remaining on /var. What's wrong?

 A. Out of inodes on file system.
 B. Hackers.
 C. Invisible files on file system.
 D. df is broken.

17) The sales department wants to know if it can selectively give access to certain users on the webserver. Which httpd options could
be used?

 A. .htaccess
 B. ftpaccess
 C. rpm
 D. hosts.allow
CIS 238                                        UNIX Network Administration                                       Final

18) You have added several new servers into your primary DNS server. The zone files are formatted properly, and you've restarted
named. You advertise the new servers, and your help desk immediately starts getting calls that no one outside your domain can see
the new servers. What is the most likely cause?

 A. Your servers are not connected to the network.
 B. The serial number was not incremented in the zone file.
 C. Someone has changed the zone files without your knowledge.
 D. The users at the other end are having ISP problems.

19) You add a new workstation to your dhcpd.conf file. You're in a hurry to finish, so you save and go to lunch. When you return,
your phone mail is full of user complaints that they can't access the Internet, but the local network is fine. You surmise that you
accidentally changed something in the dhcpd.conf file that you shouldn't have. What is the most likely cause?

 A. The absence of a "routers" line.
 B. The subnet mask was changed.
 C. The IP range was thrown off.
 D. The broadcast address was changed.

20) Which program checks the DNS setup? Checkk all that apply.

 A. dnscheck
 C. nslookup
 D. resolve
 E. dig
 F. hosts

21) DHCP has been installed and configured properly. The network is responding. There are no firewalls or extraneous server
processes. Clients are not getting their network information, though. What could be the cause?

 A. Not enough disk space.
 B. The dhcpd.leases file was not created.
 C. DHCP is in loopback mode.
 D. DHCP has phased the multicast server array.
 E. dhcpd was not started

22) Show an example of a properly formatted MX record for instructor as primary for zone

23) In the /etc/exports file, if we want to export /data as read-only, but grant write permission to the supervisor, the proper line is:

 A. /data (rw)
 B. /data (ro)
 C. /data (ro) *
 D. /data

24) You star t getting complaints about Internet performing maintenance on one of the DNS servers. Ciruit and firewall utilization are
low. What’s a possible explanation?

 A. ISP is down
 B. ISP forwarder is down
 C. DNS server is down
 D. recursive lookups removed
CIS 238                                       UNIX Network Administration                                       Final

Name: ________________________________

25) Your company has just suffered an external security breach. As a result, the security department has tightened the screws on all the
servers, routers and firewalls. Up until this point, all user data had been mounted over NFS, but now, nothing works. What happened?

 A. The hackers erased the NFS data, and they got the backups too.
 B. The NFS ports are no longer allowed through the necessary firewalls.
 C. The two are unrelated, check your disk space.
 D. The file system is no longer shared from the server.

26) On bootup, the system will check what file for NFS shares to mount?

 A. /etc/exports
 B. /etc/nfs.conf
 C. /etc/fstab
 D. /nfs/conf

27) The /proc directory contains information about: _______________________

28) Which of the following is the primary directory for Linux system configuration information:
/A. usr
/B. etc
/C. home
/D. var

29) This file determines the order in which TCP/IP names are resolved:
/A. /etc/resolv.conf
/B. etc/hosts
/C. etc/host.conf
/D. etc/nsswitch.conf

30) Which of the following directories is the primary location for system level runtime files:
/A. usr
/B. etc
/C. home
/D. var

31) Which of the following directories is the primary location for temporary user files:
A. /tmp
B. /etc
C. /home
D. /var

32) This IP address is ALWAYS present on a IP networked UNIX system: ________________________ and represents
____________________________ and is used to ________________________________..

33) Which of the following utilities most likely be used to display the ports for which the local server is currently listening?
A. . ifconfig
 B. netlst
 C. ipchains
 D. nc
 E. netstat
CIS 238                                      UNIX Network Administration                                      Final

Name: ________________________________

34) How many hosts are possible in the subnet with the netmask of
A. 1           E. 0
B. 64          F. 62
C. 128         G. 126
D. 256         H. 254

35) The three pieces of information to required to properly configure a TCP/IP network connection are the:
___________________, __________________ and _____________________.

32) The command for configuring TCP/IP info on a network interface is: ______________________________.

33) The general TCP/IP stack program that restricts service by IP address is called: _________________________.

34) The two files that implement the program in the previous question are: ______________________ and _________________.
Which one is examined first?.

35) Suppose that the 'sendmail' application is used on the current system as a mail transport agent. What file may user 'jdoe' modify in
order to cause mail sent to him to be temporarily directed to an address outside the system's domain?
 A. /etc/sendmail/jdoe/forward
 B. /home/jdoe/aliases
 C. /etc/aliases
 D. /home/jdoe/.forward

36) SSH keys are stored in this hidden directory in the user’s HOME directory. __________________________.

37) This command will show all active LINUX firewall rules: ______________________.

38) This statement must be commented out in order to receive E-Mail from the outside using SENDMAIL.

39) This is the ntp configuration file ______________________ .

40) You've set up a gateway LINUX system for your company's Internet connection. The server is connected to the network so that all
may share the connection. You can see the Internet from the server, and you can see your internal network as well. However, the users
are unable to access the Internet. What's wrong?

 A. The users each need their own Internet IP address
 B. Be sure routed or gated is running on the dialup server.
 C. Check to see that the inside network card knows about the outside network card.
 D. Make sure IP forwarding is turned on.
 E. DNS isn’t working

41) The function of “xhosts” under XWindows is to: __________________________________

42) PKI uses _______________________ keys meaning one key encrypts and one key decrypts. However, either key can encrypt or
decrypt. The encryption of the other users public key with the local user’s private ket is referred to as a ____________________.

43) True/False: SSH uses symmetric keys.

44) True/False: Under XWindows, the host running the GUI is the client.

45) This command displays the active firewall rules in memory on a LINUX system _______________________.
CIS 238                                      UNIX Network Administration                                     Final

Name: ________________________________

46-50) Internet research: fill out the below matrix to determine the use (function) of the below network service daemons and the latest
RPM release of the product.

Daemon name                Description (function)              Latest release RPM for LINUX

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