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April Issue


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									                                                       The Torch
                                                  The Official News Source
                                               for Rich Central High School
 Volume 9                                                                        Issue 7                               May 6, 2011

                                                 Senioritis taking over?                                   naturally,” Senior Ashley M. states. “But
What, exactly, is                                                                                          that’s not always a bad thing.”
senioritis?                                                                                                          Many seniors are just like
                                                                                                           Ashley. Some are beginning to lose
                                                                                                           focus on school and make they’re main
by Brent W.                                                                                                focus on partying and other outside of
                                                                                                           school activities.
          Senioritis, from the word                                                                                  Then there are some students
“senior” plus the suffix “-itis” (which                                                                    who look forward to their graduating
refers to inflamation, but in colloquial                                                                   day but aren’t necessarily counting
speech is assumed to mean an illness),                                                                     down the days. Senior Marla J. says, “I
is a term used in the United States to                                                                     think since freshmen year I’ve had
describe the decreased motivation                                                                          senioritis and I’ve been looking forward
toward studies displayed by students                                                                       to senior year. But now that it’s here it
who are nearing the end of their high                                                                      really came too fast. I love my school
school, college and graduate school                                                                        and I’m going to miss this place.”
careers.                                                                                                             Unlike Marla there are seniors
          Many Rich Central High School                                                                    more eager to leave high school rather
seniors are currently walking around                                                                       then stay. “High school has been a
with this “illness” at this moment.                                                                        pleasure and has given me many
Idealistically, many people believe that                                                                   memories but I count down the days
their senior year should be a breeze and                                                                   until I can finally leave,” said Lisa K.
should hopefully go by rather quickly,                                                                               So there must be two different
but for others they see their senior year                                                                  kinds of “senioritis,” but one thing to
as a working year. Some, too, hope it will                                                                 remember is that, yes, high school is
go by slow because a little bit of them                                                                    four years but it is a very fast four
wants to remain in high school.                                                                            years, and when it comes to an end it
          “I’ve tried to hold off on my                                                                    won’t be the time to drop the ball and
senioritis for a while now, but it comes     Senior student sleeping. Photo by Jacquline C.                slack off.

 History assembly a hit
                                                                                           WhAT’s INsIde
Making history all                                                                         Page 1: Senioritis
over again                                                                                    Black History Assembly
by Brent W.
          This past Febuary, Rich Cen-
tral High School put on a Black History
                                                                                           Page 2:Central Issues
Assembly that no one would forget.
          For many years now, Rich Cen-                                                       Inked for Life!
tral has put on Black History assemblys
at the end of Febuary, almost as a tradi-
tion. Now, however, this year’s was very
                                                                                           Page 3:Central Issues
          The assembly began with the                                                         F.L.O.W.
Rich Central competetion team cheerlead-
ers. The cheerleaders did a phenomnal
job and wowed the crowd and really set
                                                                                           Page 4:Central Spotlight
the standard for the rest of the assembly.
          Most year’s the Black History                                                       Wiz Knows the Biz
assembly showcased many students             Rich Central Cheerleaders photo by
who wanted to give a tribute for the
month and showcase their talent.
                                             Jacquline C.                                  Page 5:GORC Sports
          There were poetry readers, sing-
ers, dancers and even an inspirational
                                                       For the first time this year, Ms.      Lovely Ladies of RC
speaker who left the entire crowd excited    Anderson took complete control over the
and feeling empowered.
          Even the students took
                                             assembly and did a “fantastic job” jun-
                                             ior Kendall B. said.
                                                                                           Page 6:Central Voices
somethinh away other then just being
entertained. “The assembly left me with
                                                       She took over for the recently
                                             retiree Ms. Viola Baecher.                       Prom: To go or not to go?
a little more sense of pride because I’m               Brenda W. and Rasmen W.
black,” said junior Dajae R. “The assem-
bly really suprised me I never realized
                                             played the roles of Master of Ceremo-
                                             nies for the assembly and also did a phe-
                                                                                           Page 7:Central Voices
how much talent RC students really had.”
          Junior Brittany Y. stated, “The
                                             nomenal job. They kept the assembly
                                             afloat and constantly moving on to the           Unreasonable Rules
assembly was more then just singing and      next thing.
dancing; they actually showed us that                  We can only think: “What will
black people did/could do more then just     they do next year?”
Page 2                                                                         The Torch                                                                       May 6, 2011

                                                     Central Issues
                                                                   Inked for life!                                                          seemingly rash decisions.
The perfect tattoo or                                                                                                                                   Rich Central High School
                                                                                                                                            junior Gilonni D. was tattooed with a star
a mark of regret?                                                                                                                           and the phrase “What you give is what
                                                                                                                                            you get.” When asked why he wanted a
by Nia G.
                                                                                                                                            tattoo, he replied, “I just wanted one and
          On Friday nights most teens                                                                                                       it was a way to express myself.”
have the same thing on their minds:                                                                                                                   Rich Central High School
PARTY PARTY PARTY! However, this                                                                                                            student Tatiana N. initially had no
night is not a typical house party with                                                                                                     regrets when she received her tattoo.
dancing, but needles are the main                                                                                                           Eventually, she realized, “I should have
attraction. It a tattoo party. Tattoo ink      Tatianna N. tattoo. and Gilonni D. tattoo.Photo by Nia G.                                    gotten it in a different spot because it
replaces normal party dangers as skin is                                                                                                    won’t be appropriate when I wear a dress
bared for the etching. Tattoo parties are      to the comfort of their friend’s home and                  Teenagers often tattoo            or shorts.”
starting to become a fad for teens in          allowing tattoo artists to use their body     themselves to honor loved ones, as a                     Future implications of actions,
today’s society. Many are asking the           as a canvas. With twenty dollars and a        religious expression, or just for fun. The     even one as small as a tattoo, have long
question, “Are teens getting tattooed          note of parental consent, teenagers make      commonality and popularity of the teen         term consequences. Teens should
too soon?”                                     permanent decisions often on a whim.          tattoo movement adds to its allure,            recognize this before they go out and
        Recently, more teens have been         Many decorated individuals who were           causing young people to make                   permanently mark their skin.
going out, not to the tattoo parlor, but       once the minority are now the majority.

                                                       Summer is almost here!
                                                                                             stated, “I am just happy that the warm         plus, I can spend a lot of time outside
A season full of beautiful                                                                   weather is near because now I can go           with my best friends.” stated Brittney
weather!                                                                                     outside without having to bundle up; it        H.
                                                                                             gets extremely annoying wearing a                       Shortly the temperature
                                                                                             heavy jacket everyday.”                        outside will be rising, with temperatures
by Janeen S
                                                                                                       He is not the only student at        in the 70s and possibly the 80s.
                                                                                             Rich Central that feels this way. Joshua       Hopefully, it stays in that range. If not, it
         Many of the Rich Central                                                            N. also said that he wants to be able to       is said that the temperature could
students have been ready for summer to                                                       just throw on a pair of shorts and hang        possibly go lower than 40 degrees.
arrive. Well, guess what? It almost has.                                                     out outside.                                            Brittney H. said, “All I need is
A lot of the students are just ready to                                                                Winter blocked a lot of              the top down on my car, my girls, and a
bring out their short sleeves and shorts       A beautiful flower.Photo by Jacquline         students from being able to hang out           beach.” Many students do agree that
because the hot weather will soon be           C.                                            with their friends because it was just too     they just want to be able to hang out at
here.                                          season of rain, so flowers will bloom         cold. “When I realized that the snow and       the beach. Spring has finally arrived,
         Early summer is usually a             and the grass can turn green. Bernard F.      cold is finally gone, I was very joyful;       with summer waiting right around the

                                                    What’s with the weather?                                                                coaches. They are more worried about
Weird weather conditions
                                                                                                                                            their fields than the weather.
by Noelle S                                                                                                                                           The spring season did already
          Everyone expects rain or sun                                                                                                      start which makes it ten times worse for
in the spring, not snow. Everyone also                                                                                                      spring athletes. Baseball, track, softball,
expects it to start to get warm, not colder.                                                                                                and soccer players all have to deal with
This weather is really confusing many                                                                                                       being cold and trying not to get sick.
people because one minute we can wear                                                                                                       Not only are players starting to worry,
t-shirts outside, but the next minute we                                                                                                    but the coaches are too. The fields for
have to wear sweatshirts and jackets.                                                                                                       all of the players seem to be getting
          “I hate this weather. It irritates                                                                                                worse and worse.
me being cold one minute then hot the                                                                                                                 “I truly believe that our field
next,” stated Rich Central senior Tyler                                                                                                     isn’t even a field. It’s a mud pit,” stated
H. This weather is definitely frustrating                                                                                                   senior Tracy J. Some players are really
us all. Everybody knows that this is just                                                                                                   starting to lose faith in having any home
the weather making a transition from                                                                                                        games because of how horrible the fields
winter to spring, so most students and         The sun rising. Photo by Jacquline C.                                                        are.
adults don’t complain.                         seem to care less about the weather                     The weather isn’t only                         All we can do is be patient
          “Its all in God’s hands,” says       because it’s not really all that bad. Other    affecting regular students or teachers.       and wait. Good things come to those
optimistic junior Brandi P. Some people        people seem to believe otherwise.             It is also affecting student athletes and      who wait.

    Interested in                                            BPA on their way to nationals
     becoming a                                D.C. here we come!                                       Lisa expressed, “I really like      make it to nationals with this being my
                                                                                             BPA because it puts you in a diverse           first time competing.” She qualified in
      reporter?                                by Nia G.                                     setting and it is good experience.
                                                                                             Everyone should try it.” Lisa has been
                                                                                                                                            Administrative Support Concepts.
                                                                                                                                                      Raven joined BPA because she
 Join the staff of                                       From Thursday through
                                               Saturday February 26 th , Business
                                                                                             participating in BPA for three years and
                                                                                             this is her first time going to Nationals.
                                                                                                                                            wants to major in marketing and it would
                                                                                                                                            be a great way to get a taste of the
 The Torch, your                               Professionals of America competed at
                                               Double Tree Hotel in Oak Brook in order
                                                                                             She competed in prepared speech and
                                                                                             placed 5th.
                                                                                                                                            business world.
                                                                                                                                                      Raven said, “Everyone should
  #1 news source                               to qualify for Nationals. The sponsor for
                                               BPA is Mrs. Irvin and the president is
                                                                                                        “Going to Nationals in
                                                                                             Washington, D.C. is special to me
                                                                                                                                            try BPA, even if they are not going into
                                                                                                                                            business, because it helps to develop
 for Rich Central                              Kevin T. Raven H. took first place with
                                               Kevin T., Evette R., and Lisa K. placing
                                                                                             because it is the location of Howard
                                                                                             University, the school I am attending in
                                                                                                                                            skills we all need at the college level.”
                                                                                                                                                      Nationals will be held May 4th-
   High School.*                               to become delegates for nationals. This
                                               year, nationals will be held in
                                                                                             the fall,” stated Raven H. This is her first
                                                                                             year in BPA.
                                                                                                                                            6th and we wish the best of luck to our
                                                                                                                                            Rich Central Business Professionals of
                                               Washington, D.C.                                         She said, “I did not expect to      America.
   *With the exception of the
     lunchroom, of course.                           Look for the online editions of The Torch at www.richcentral.org/torchissue.pdf!
May 6, 2011                                                                       The Torch                                                                           Page 3

                Valentine’s Day                                                                   What is F.L.O.W.?
                                                                                          Future Leaders of the                      school instead of focusing on personal
                                                                                                                                     growth and social issues affecting teens.
                                                                                          World                                                Students who have previously
                                                                                                                                     attended FLOW and want to be leaders
                                                                                                                                     should contact Ms. Stadt. Students who
                                                                                          by Jacquline C.
                                                                                                                                     have never attended FLOW but would
                                                                                                   Did you ever wanted to know       like to participate this year should also
                                                                                          what FLOW was or what it really stands     contact Ms. Stadt or ask teachers and
                                                                                          for. FLOW stands for Future Leaders of     prior students about the program.
                                                                                          the World, and it was an idea of the       Teachers nominate students to attend
                                                                                          school board about 20 years ago. The       FLOW. The nomination forms have
                                                                                          purpose was to foster new leadership       already gone out but you can still join
                                                                                          skills among students and to bring the     by contacting Ms. Stadt.
                                                                                          three Rich Township schools together                 Many students say that this
                                                                                          in a common project.                       program has really impacted their lives.
                                                                                                   Students attend four different    Brittney H., a past participant, says that
                                                                                          student-led workshops on such topics       she would love to go to FLOW again
                                                                                          as team-building and communication         because it teaches you certain things
                                                                                          skills. Each Rich campus sends eight       that you should and should not do, it
                                                                                          leaders and thirty participants to FLOW,   teaches you leadership skills and shows
                                                                                          which is usually held at Camp              you the good and the bad in life.
Heart stuffed animal. Photo by Jacquline C.                                               Manitoqua in the Spring. FLOW is not                 A lot of the Snowball
                                                                                          the same as Snowball; it’s only a one-     participants also participate in this
A day full of love                            express their love for one another.
                                              Ashley M. says, “My Valentine’s Day
                                                                                          day event and its focuses on preparing     program because they say that it is a
                                                                                          students for leadership positions at       mini-Snowball.
by Victor C.                                  was great; and of course I had a
          About the middle of February,
an important holiday filled with love, and
what is a seemingly significant occasion
                                                       Though many students did not
                                              have a valentine, the exchanges of loving
                                              words, gracious acts, and pleasant
                                                                                               Grindz My Gears
passed. This holiday the weather was          smiles were still circulating through the                         What grinds your gears?
cold, but the hearts of Rich Central’s        hallways of Rich Central High School.
students were still warm with                 There are always a few students out of
compassion and love. This once-a-year         the bunch who will be a sour apple            When a random person jumps in to someone
                                              because they don’t have a valentine, but
lovefest known as Valentine’s Day came
and went and was acknowledged by              the holiday is all about love whether it
                                                                                                       else’s conversation.
students with smiles and joyful attitudes     be with someone or just the feeling in                        –Janeen S.
as they exchanged affectionate behavior.      general. Students enjoyed themselves
Seeing as how this holiday is once a          and milked this holiday for all it was
year, students received gifts of all sorts,   worth with the outstanding gifts that                     When people smack their gum.
from huge, life-sized stuffed animals to      were presented and hugs that were
small decorative bags with a card and         exchanged. Overall, the students had a                             –Noelle S.
candy inside. It seemed young men and         good time exchanging gifts of love and
women really went out of their way to         indulging in bountiful amounts of candy.
                                                                                                                    Dirty bathrooms.
                                                                                                                       –Tamara M.
      The Torch Staff
                                                                                                                    Waking up early.
                                                                                                                      –Laryssa R.
   Editor in Chief                                     Jocelyn A.
                 Nia G.                               Chiamaka A.                                                   Article analysis.
    Layout Editor                                        Blair C.                                                      –Ebony C.
               Brent W.
                                                        Ebony C.
      News Editor                                                                          When girls don’t wear properly sized clothes.
                                                      Jacquline C.
               Janeen S.                                                                                       -Nia
     Sports Editor                                      Victor C.
               Noelle S.                                Brian H.
                                                                                              When people talk about Snowball but have
       Staff                                           Kenisha H.                                       never been there.
   Photographer                                        Laryssa R.                                            –Brent W.
           Jacquline C.                                 Diane T.
          Sponsors                                      Sitoria T.                                     When you find hair in your food.
         Marc Helgeson                                 Tamara M.                                                 –Victor C.
         Kelly Lonergan                                  Kyle Y.
                                                                                                When people talk stuff yet they don’t do
  The Torch is the official school newspaper                                                             anything about it.
       for Rich Central High School.                                                                          -Jackie C.
TPage 4                                                                               The Torch                                                     May 6, 2011

                                              Central spotlight
                                                The RC Torch
                                              Rich Central Cheerleaders                                             am proud that we can continue this
 Varsity squad takes                                                                                                legacy and I wish for the other years
 first at State                                                                                                     after us to do the same, and make
                                                                                                                    history.” Marissa S. says, “I always
                                                                                                                    pull the team together and say a
 by Tamara M.                                                                                                       prayer then we just pull each other
                                                                                                                    close and have a pep-talk. I also just
            The Rich Central Coed                                                                                   make them laugh to try and relax
 Varsity Cheerleading Team placed                                                                                   their minds.”
 first in the 2011 ICCA state                                                                                                Being a senior at this
 competition in Springfield on                                                                                      moment could not feel any better.
 February 11th. This is not the first                                                                               Jocelyn A. says, “I was very happy.
 time that they have won this                                                                                       This is my last year and it really
 competition, as last year they won                                                                                 meant a lot to me to win two years
 the title. They successfully defended                                                                              in a row.” Even though a lot of
 their title.                           Varsity Cheerleading team.Photo by Jacquline C.                             seniors are leaving the cheerleading
            ICCA state held the best of At IHSA they were really hard to happier as they lead the varsity team team this year, they know that after
 the best cheerleaders. Marissa Small compete against. At ICCA we had to victory once again. For Jennifer they leave the other cheerleaders will
 says, “At ICCA state we competed one hard team to compete against.” this was her first year being captain only push harder and harder to
 against four teams and at IHSA state            The captains, Marissa Small and winning state. She says, “It feels remain defending champions at the
 we went against twenty-six teams.      and Jennifer Le, could not be great. Words can’t even explain. I ICCA state competition.”

        On the mat with Mr.                                                               Wiz Knows the Biz
              Stewart                                                                     Dear Wiz:
                                                                                          Why is everybody always in my business.
                                                                                          What should I do?
                                                                                                     In my opinion, in order to get those people out of your business
                                                                                          you must not let them in to begin with. This means that you shouldn’t let
                                                                                          them know that they affect you or let them feel as if they know anything in
                                                                                          the first place.
                                                                                                     Letting people into your personal thoughts, or even giving them a
                                                                                          bit of insight into your business from the beginning of a friendly relationship,
                                                                                          creates a sense of comfort for a new friend that may not always be welcomed
                                                                                          by the opposing friend.
                                                                                                     You must begin a friendship the way you want it to be carried out.
                                                                                          Sometimes friendships are hard and difficult, but the best way to have a
                                                                                          relationship is by reflecting what you expect out of it in your everyday
                                                                                          actions. Whether it be your adds on Facebook or deciding who you want to
                                                                                          hang with during school hours you should always try to set boundaries with
                                                                                          the people you know before they cross them and make you upset or
  Mr. Stewart, RC’s Varsity wrestling coach. Photo by Jacquline C.                                   For the people you don’t know you you shouldn’t worry about
                                                                                          them as much. A majority of the time the people who think they know things
                                              how I went to college, through              about you and don’t actually have a personal relationship with you don’t
 Wrestling coach opens                        wrestling.” Also, he was all-state in       know much of anything. So overlook the people who decide to make
 up                                           wrestling and all-conference in baseball.
                                              When his team wins their matches he
                                                                                          preconceptions and rumors about you. Like the old saying goes, if they
                                                                                          matter they don’t mind, and if they mind they don’t matter.
 by Ebony C.                                  doesn’t overemphasize it, but he states,
          Mr. Stewart is the coach of Rich    “Don’t get me wrong, I love to win. I       Dear Wiz:
 Central’s wrestling team and he also         concentrate on the individual, holistic     I’m leaving for college next year and
 “consider[s] himself an educator rather      improvement. If the wrestler does that,     worried about my partner. What should I
 than a teacher. It encompasses more of       he will be successful.”
 what I really do: getting students for the             While getting ready for the       do?
                                                                                                    Many teens are going to have the problem of relationship splits as
 next level.” He’s been here for more than    matches he goes over team and
                                                                                          they head off to college. This is a pretty common problem and as seniors’ last
 four years and really enjoys it.             individual goals and also uses different
                                                                                          year of high school closes out, many of them open a new chapter in their life.
          Coaching and teaching isn’t         strategies based upon competition. Mr.
                                                                                          A lot of things will start to change for them. Having a long distance
 any trouble at all. He talks about his       Stewart states that the team did really
                                                                                          relationship is not always the best situation because as you move on to
 experience wtih wrestling by saying, “It     well this year: “On paper we finished 9-
                                                                                          college and begin a totally new and refreshed social scene people can begin
 enhances it by me meeting other              2-1, but we could have easily finished 4-
                                                                                          to change and the environment could very well be stressful for both parties.
 students. It’s a specialty I have. That’s    5; we must keep improving!”
                                                                                          One serious struggle may end up being simply keeping track of another
                                                                                          person’s life. This could really cut into a student’s school work time and
        Rich Central Fashion/ Talent                                                      potentially cause issues with grades on work, tests, and quizzes.
                                                                                                    On the other hand long distance relationships could spark a lot of

                   Show                                                                   focus in academic achievement if your partner is supportive and also an
                                                                                          extremely focused student. For the most part it depends on the type of
                                                                                          relationship that you and your partner have. If you feel that your relationship
   Where: Rich Central Gym                                                                is not mature enough or developed enough to hold onto that person through
                                                                                          the school year with the distance than it would be best to cut it off before
   When: May 6th @ 6pm                                                                    you inevitably end the relationship and leave emotionally hurt, stressed, or,
   Cost: $5.00 with ID                                                                    worst of all, behind in college.
May 6, 2011                                                                           The Torch                                                                             Page 5

                                        GORC SPORTS
        Fighting ‘til the End                                                                  Gymnastics team soars
                                              of wrestling in state. He stated, “I am                                                                  Teresa M. says, “Doing
Boys wrestling sea-                           extremely happy that I made it to state; I       RC gymnasts are the                           gymnastics at a high school level was
                                              feel that I made it to the highest level of                                                    the most fun I ever had. I met new people
son ends with state                           competition which I have been working
                                                                                               best of the best, though                      and we traveled a lot. Even though I was
qualifier                                     for for four years. It is a dream come
                                                                                               few know                                      the only one to make it to state, my team
                                                                                                                                             came to support me.” Her coach, Mrs.
by Janeen S.                                                                                   by Tamara M.
                                                        Even though Ishmael R. did not                                                       Redmond, recently took a coaching
         Rich Central’s Boys’ Wrestling       make it to state, he still received a great                 Gymnastics is not really known     position at Homewood Flossmoor.
team made it quite far this past season.      honor. Having won 33 matches out of              or heard of much at Rich Central. Few                 Tracey J., another gymnast at Rich
Even though only one of the boys,             36, Ishmael R. was put in Rich Central’s         people that gymnasts Teresa M. and            Central, has been doing gymnastics for
Bernard F., qualified for state, the school   history as having the most wins for a            Tracey J. are the only people at Rich         three years and learned so much
was very proud. Bernard F. stated that        wrestler. “It is pretty awesome that I           Central High School who have been able        throughout those years.
many ups and downs have happened in           broke the school’s record for the most           to witness the gymnastics experience in                 She says, “I loved my coaches,
this season, but the team did not give        wins; when I started wrestling at Rich           Rich Township District.                       they were strict, but they did what they
up and kept on fighting.                      Central I never imagined that it would                      Teresa has been in gymnastics      had to do to get the job done and that
         Bernard F. and Ishmael R. were       go this far.”                                    for 10 years, and she went to state her       was making me and the other gymnasts
chosen as this years MVPs on the                        Although they are seniors and          first time on the team in 2009. Teresa also   better.”
wrestling team. “The season went well         it was their last year wrestling for Rich        did club gymnastics at United                          Even though gymnastics is no
for my me and my teammates,” stated           Central, they both stated that they will         Gymnastics Academy in Frankfort , IL,         longer a sport at Rich Central, Tracey
Ishmael R. “When Bernard made it to           always consider themselves to be a part          but she wanted to bring the trophy home       and Teresa now work at Gainers
state and I didn’t, it was bittersweet        of the Rich Central wrestling team.              to the Olympians.                             Gymnastics as coaches.
because I felt as though we both                        Bernard F. stated, “For future
deserved it.” Bernard F. was extremely        wrestlers, listen to your coach by all
proud of himself for qualifying for state.    means. Work like you have never worked
Although he did not get first place, he is    before and believe in yourself because
happy that he at least had the pleasure       there is a champ in all of us.”

           Majorettes are the                                                                     Sports Spotlight
          lovely ladies of RC                                                                                                   by Ebony C.

Majorettes & Color
                                              start searching for the next generation
                                              of these “Lovely Ladies.”
                                                                                                            Tyler Williams
                                                        “This past season was truly a
Guards look to keep                           good one and I’m looking forward to the
tradition alive                               next one,” says captain Brittany Y. The
                                              Majorettes and Color Guards recently
by Brent W.                                   held workshops and auditions for the
                                              new spots, and the band is looking for
         Rich Central’s Marching Band         any and all females to audition.
is more than just musicians. The                        “We look for dedicated and
Marching Olympians also feature the           hardworking girls who aren’t afraid to
Majorettes and Color Guards.                  sweat, and who give us they’re complete
         Who, exactly, are these              ALL,” squad captain Dajae R. states.
females? They are trained specialists at                The Majorettes and Color
baton and flag twirling, along with           Guards are under the direction of Ms.
dancing and marching techniques.              Donita Monroe and the band director
         This past marching season the        Mr. Phillip Crews.
Majorettes and Color Guards were made                   It is pretty clear that all are very               Tyler Williams. Photo taken by Jacquline C.
up of about 20 females and now that the       excited to see the new team and what it
                                                                                                        The Rich Central                     be as of now. He knows he
season is coming to a close, its time to      has to offer.
                                                                                                 Varsity basketball team has                 would like to go to a Division
                                                                                                 a sophomore student on the                  1 college. Also, he wants to go
                                                                                                 team and he really puts in                  to the NBA, but he knows the
              Attention                                                                          work. In his words, “I’ve
                                                                                                 being playing since third
                                                                                                                                             odds of that happening are
                                                                                                                                             slim. Tyler states, “If I don’t
             Rich Central                                                                        grade and I really love it”.
                                                                                                 Tyler says, “My dad taught
                                                                                                                                             make it that far, at least I’ll
                                                                                                                                             have a college degree. I’ll
                                                                                                 me how to play when I was                   start studying law.”
              Students:                                                                          ten and I have not stopped                          Tyler’s favorite NBA
                                                                                                 ever since. It’s the best thing             player is one of the starters
                                                                                                 he taught me so far.”                       on the Chicago Bulls team,
                                                                                                        The hard work and                    Derrick Rose. The reason why
                                                                                                 practice he puts in with his                he likes him is because “his
                                                                                                 dad’s rec teams have really                 whole concept of playing is
                                                                                                 paid off. Since the season                  good. He goes for what he
                                                                                                 ended in the spring, he                     wants with no hesitation.”
                                                                                                 joined the track team at RC                 Also he states, “With the help
                                                                                                 High School.                                of D. Rose they have a good
                                                                                                        Tyler is the youngest                chance of going to the NBA
                                                                                                 boy on the team and gets                    Finals.”
                                                                                                 more time than some of the                          Tyler has a lot of heart
      Come out and support the RC girls                                                          older guys. He first played on
                                                                                                 HFPD Rec lead and really
                                                                                                                                             for his age, along with a good
                                                                                                                                             head on his shoulders.
       soccer team! Talk to any soccer                                                           enjoyed it.
                                                                                                        His intentions are
                                                                                                                                                     With a good trainer
                                                                                                                                             he will be ready for the
        girl for more info on games.                                                             playing in college, but he is
                                                                                                 not sure what college it will
                                                                                                                                             league sooner than people
                                                                                                                                             think. GO Tyler!
Page 6                                                                      The Torch                                                                 May 6,2011

                      The rc Torch
               Media Center’s diverse nature helps school
                                                       Devin A. thinks it’s a good
MC where we all go                           place for students to come learn, do
for the right info.                          research, and to check out books to
                                             enrich your mind. He says, “I come to
By Jacqulin C.                               check out biographies on people such
                                             as Malcolm X and others.”
                                                       Also Matthew J. thinks “the
          RC’s Media Center is a library     Media Center is useful because, in case
within the school where students, staff,     you have enrichment, or study hall, you
and community have access to a variety       could get your work done. The Media
of resources. Students come after school     Center is a place where teachers meet to
to do homework, read books, tutoring,        assist students after school, so it’s very
and study. Students utilize this facility    useful.”
as a place where they can gather their                 The school’s Media Center is
thoughts in a quiet setting. These           the core of the school. Resources for all
thoughts will assist the students in         curriculum areas plus books and other
priortizing tasks that must be completed.    printed material for leisure and
          Three computer rooms are           entertainment are available for students
available, though many feel that there       and teachers. With the advent of recent
are not enough for the students. If          information technologies, the Media          The Media Center. Photo taken by Jacquline C.
teachers have to fight over who gets the     Center provides access to research
computer labs, or who gets it first, it      sources that are current and easy to use.    technology to be compatible with the       technologies and databases to the staff
makes its harder for freshmen and                      “The Media Center implements       information age and to continue to find    and students.
sophomores to learn how to write             new technologies and databases, and          the current resources.                              Information literacy, working
papers.                                      demonstrates to both teachers and                     Mrs. Baker also emphasizes that   with teachers to support the classroom
          The Media Center has               students innovative ways to find and         the school should have enough space        curriculum, and sharing their love of
circulation of 50,307 books, magazines,      use information using text and               to allow patrons to use the facility       books and stories with students are all a
or audio equipment. An average of 530        technology,” stated Mrs. Baker. As           comfortably. Newer computers that are      part of what Mrs. Baker and the Media
transactions take place on a monthly         technology advances, our school and          compatible with today’s technology         Center hope to bring to the table at Rich
basis.                                       Media Center need to have updated            would allow one to implement new           Central High School.

                                Put all your chips in the middle!
                                                                                                                                     cheesiness may slightly balance out any
Flaming Hot Cheetos                                                                                                                  scorching hot heat or pungent flavor.
                                                                                                                                     Both of these brands are identical in
vs.Crunchy Curls                                                                                                                     appearance and looks are not a factor
                                                                                                                                     that can be taken into consideration
by Victor C.                                                                                                                         because they are identical to the eye.
          After much deliberation, the                                                                                               Though there isn’t much to compare and
decision between Flaming Hot Cheetos                                                                                                 contrast between these too seemingly
and Crunchy Curls, which is not an easy                                                                                              alike brands of hot chips, students
decision to be made, has been                                                                                                        definitely have a preference.
determined by researching Rich Central                                                                                                         When speaking to Rich Central
students’ preferences and asking a few                                                                                               Junior Fahey L., he said, “I like the
people which brand they would prefer                                                                                                 cheesy flavor.” He also replied saying,
to eat and why. Many were undecided                                                                                                  “Where I grew up, people ate a lot of
because they could not make a clear                                                                                                  Crunchy Curls, so I kind of grew up on
decision. Some say that these two kinds                                                                                              them.” There are a lot of Crunchy Curls
of chips are too different to be                                                                                                     at Rich Central and a majority of the
compared. Flaming Hot Cheetos are                                                                                                    students we talked to eat Crunchy Curls
crunchy and have no specific form                                                                                                    more frequently.
besides generally straight and narrow.                                                                                                         Junior Shankena S said, “I
Crunchy Curls are in a Crunchy Cheeto                                                                                                prefer Flaming Hot Cheetos because I
                                             Different chips that kids eat.Photo taken by Jacquline C.
form and are covered in a cheesy thick                                                                                               do not like the cheesy flavor.”
type of hot seasoning. Students argue        cheesy flavor to their product. Though               For the most part, Flaming Hot               It is evident what students
that these two types cannot be compared      they are different in taste, they are also   Cheetos are hotter than Crunchy Curls      prefer. There are more students walking
simply because of the twist that Crunchy     very similar and easily comparable in a      and seem to scorch your mouth as           around eating Crunchy Curls than there
Curls adds to their brand by adding a        general sense.                               opposed to the Crunchy Curls, whose        are eating Flaming Hot Cheetos.

                         Prom: A big deal, or just another day?
Prom not totally great                                  When certain students hear
                                             that their friend or family isn’t going to
by Noelle S.                                 prom they make such a big deal about it.
                                             What’s the point?
         Prom is a wonderful thing to                   Although some may be against
many students around the United States,      prom, others are all for it. Some families
but to others it’s a bore. Prom can be       may not even have the money to spend
what you make it. As a student, I believe    on prom yet they manage to buy a whole
that prom isn’t anything but a “dress to     lot just to keep their child happy. Most
impress” type of thing.                      teenagers seem to be stuck on the fact
         To some of us high school           that if they don’t go to prom then they’re
students, it makes no sense to buy a         missing out on the “high school
dress or tux for over 100 dollars when       experience.”
we are only wearing it for a night. If you              Many teens believe that who
really want to just party then why don’t     ever doesn’t go will regret not going. I
you buy a nice outfit for fewer than 50      mean they might regret it later on, but
dollars and go to a party? It’s just that    that’s on them. When it comes down to
simple.                                      it, its their decision and nobody elses.     Prom or not? Photo taken by Jacquline C.
May 6,2011                                                                             The Torch                                                                Page 7

                                         CENTRAL ISSUES
                                                  Unreasonable rules?                                                                          Listening to music can be
Should electronic de-                                                                                                                 soothing and it can also help students
                                                                                                                                      stay on task and get their work done
vices be allowed in the                                                                                                               quickly. As long as the music is not loud
                                                                                                                                      and disruptive or playing while the
classroom?                                                                                                                            teacher is talking, it shouldn’t be a
                                                                                                                                      problem. Listening to music can also
by Laryssa R.
                                                                                                                                      eliminate students constantly talking to
                                                                                                                                      each other and being disruptive. A lot of
          In many schools, students are                                                                                               people listen to music while doing daily
not allowed to be on their cell phones or                                                                                             activities like homework, driving,
listen to their iPods or mp3 players in                                                                                               exercising, cooking, and cleaning.
class.                                                                                                                                         This rule should be changed
          In Rich Central, if a student is                                                                                            because electronic devices are not
caught on their cell phone or listening                                                                                               disruptive if they are used properly and
to their iPod it gets confiscated and a                                                                                               not being abused. Administration and
parent has to come pick it up. Some                                                                                                   teachers only look at the problems that
teachers kindly give warnings, other                                                                                                  electronic devices cause instead of the
teachers take the device and turn it in to   Cell phone and Ipod. Photo by Jacquline C.                                               positive ways they can be used.
the dean’s office. If you refuse to give                                                                                                       Every student does not use
up your electronic device, you get a         student texting in class if they are paying   they could be used for educational         their devices to be disruptive or cheat
three day out of school suspension.          attention to the teacher at the same time.    purposes like looking up the meaning of    on tests. Most students use their
This rule is unreasonable and                Technology has become a big factor in         something or for use as a calculator.      devices for relaxation and as a tool to
electronics should be allowed in school      society and plays a big role in everyday      Using a dictionary application on a cell   get things done faster. Teachers and
as long as they are not disruptive.          life for many people. Most cell phones        phone is quicker than going to get a       administrators should consider both
          There is nothing wrong with a      and some iPods have internet access and       dictionary to look up a word.              sides of what technology can do.

  The 60th annual NBA                                                                            Weird Things
                                                                                                                              by Lashai S.

    All-Star weekend                                                                                      Weird things happen everyday

                                                                                                          but u never know why
                                             competition, and the skills challenge
NBA All Star Game                            events all happened. NBA players Blake
                                             Griffin, Javale McGee, DeMar DeRozan,                        seeing as man is too insignificant and too
2011                                         and Serge Ibaka participated in the                          limited
by Laryssa R.                                competition. Blake Griffin from the Los
                                             Angeles Clippers won the dunk contest.                       to even try to comprehend God’s
         The NBA All-Star game was           In his winning dunk he jumped over a                         mysterious ways
held in Los Angeles, California. Fans        car. It showed Griffin’s originality and
voted for their favorite players to          talent. Nobody had ever done anything
                                                                                                          i don’t blame us for not knowing the truth
participate in the game. The all-star        like that in the contest.
weekend started on Friday, February 18th               The 60th annual NBA All Star
with a celebrity basketball game and the     game took place on Sunday, February                          but what else can someone like me do?
rookie challenge. The teams for the          20th with great players from the East and
celebrity game included Romeo Miller,        the West. The West won the game and                          im neither sage nor a just human
Trey Songz, Secretary of Education Arne      Kobe Bryant from the Los Angeles
Duncan, and MVP Justin Bieber. The           Lakers was MVP. He scored 37 points.                         so i know im not perfect.
celebrity game was very interesting and      Rihanna, Drake, and Kanye West
exciting to watch. The basketball talent     performed at half-time and they gave a                       im also not a saint
the celebrities had was surprising. On       great show. The game and the other All-
Saturday, February 19, the all-star slam     Star events were very exciting and
                                                                                                          so i can’t save everyone i know
dunk competition, the three-point            interesting to watch.
                                                                                                          i am a simple creature of flesh and bone

    Fashion/                                                                                              i suffer hell in my flesh n soul

                                                                                                          life torturing events

                                                                                                          overcome my happiness

  Talent Show                                                                                             and im left not knowing the real truth

                                                                                                          so i reflect my thoughts wondering

                                                                                                          why my life cant be a spoof

            *                                *                                                            of that movie with that happy ending

                                                                                                          but then i snap back to reality

                                                                                                          noticing life is never as it seems
        ~Friday May 6th~                                                                                  maybe thats why we never know

         in the RC Gym                                                                                    the truth behind certain things

                                                                                                          IS THIS REALLY THE WAY GOD
                                                                                                          INTENDED LIFE 2B???

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