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									Some experiments to prove that Mineracle really works and is superior to other kinds
of plant products.

All fertilizers will claim practically the same benefits such as better growth, higher production,
healthier plants etc. etc. With Mineracle, you can actually see for yourself the benefits
claimed. You can now produce very healthy, pest-free crops using Mineracle and very
healthy animals raised on these crops.

Mineracle works as claimed. You can do all these experiments and prove beyond any doubt
how good Mineracle really is. See the difference in your plants in days ! Conduct your own
tests to prove without any doubt that all claims made here is 100 % true.

These are only some of the recommended experiments that you can do to prove the
effectiveness and superiority of Mineracle over other types of fertilizers. After all, to see is to
believe and you can do so with your own eyes. We seriously doubt if you can get the same
results with any other fertilizers. Go ahead and try these same experiments using chemical

Most importantly, these experiments will educate people on the importance of trace
elements. Then they can appreciate the value of mineral trace elements in plants and
ultimately in the human body.

We recommend that you actually discover for yourself all the amazing ways Mineracle can
benefit your plants. The benefits of trace elements have been proven by science and their
outstanding benefits on plants will be confirmed by these experiments using Mineracle. The
results should be more than enough to convince many that there is something of great
interest happening to the plants and in soils when treated with Mineracle.

When testing Mineracle against the other fertilizer products, it is best to compare the results
over at least a two month time period. It will be clear then that Mineracle out-produces and is
less expensive per application than many chemical and organic fertilizers. Most importantly,
Mineracle is all natural, not a chemical. In a world of growing environmental awareness,
Mineracle should be the natural choice of plant growers everywhere.

1. Do the coconut shoot growth and the coconut sweetness experiment.

2. Grow some grains like rice, wheat etc. and discover that a bushel of Mineracle grown
grain weighs more due to higher mineral levels.

The same occurs in vegetables and fruits too. They will dramatically weigh more when two
similar sized produce of the same variety are compared. Following the remineralization of a
soil by Mineracle, any crop grown on this soil, if analyzed and compared to chemically grown
equivalents will always show, when analytical results come out, that mineral levels will be
many many times higher on such revitalized soil.
3. Taste a Mineracle grown produce and see how much distinctly better it will taste. More
sweetness, more flavor etc. For example, grow some cabbage on both Mineracle and
chemical fertilizer. Cabbage fertilized with Mineracle will produce larger, more flavorful heads
compared to those produced by chemical fertilizer.

4. Put a Mineracle grown and a chemically grown green vegetable in the refrigerator. See
how much longer the Mineracle grown vegetable will last – as much as 2 to 3 times longer.
The same longevity will occur in cut flowers too.

5. Compare the leaf from a Mineracle grown plant with a similar one from the same variety
not nourished by Mineracle. See how much thicker the leaf is and how much more
prominent and larger the veins and the stems are in the Mineracle grown one.

Remove a leaf from a Mineracle plant as well as another leaf of similar size from the same
plant variety that is not grown with Mineracle. Let these 2 leaves dry out over the next few
days. Then be amazed to see the Mineracle leaf stay flexible and supple. It will retain most
of its green color and will not shrivel up. The non-Mineracle leaf, on the other hand, will
shrivel up completely and totally dry out into a brittle mass.

6. Grow some herbs in Mineracle and see how potent they are compared to chemically
grown ones. The taste and the smell of the herbs will be dramatically stronger.

7. Grow some flowers and see how much brighter and larger the flowers will be with
Mineracle. Compare and compare with similar varieties and be amazed.

8. Put some Mineracle on any diseased plant and actually seeing it recovers and becomes
vibrantly healthy in just a few weeks. Any disease present will simply go away without the
need for toxic chemicals, only Mineracle. It does not matter what the disease is or is called,
just add Mineracle once a week and see the amazing transformation.

9. Insect pests will just move away from any Mineracle nourished plant without the need for
pesticides. Mineracle is non-toxic and will not kill the insects, but insect pests just leave
Mineracle plants alone and disappear. Apply Mineracle to any heavy insect-infested plant
frequently (at least once every other week by foliar spraying and soil drenching) and see how
the plant recovers. Insects can include aphids, worms etc. Insect pests just want to disturb
unhealthy plants. Mineracle makes all plants healthy. It is amazing when this happens to
your own plants. No other fertilizer, organic or otherwise, can do this, only Mineracle.

10. Grow some strawberries or any other fruits that are easily attacked by molds. See how
quickly non-Mineracle grown strawberries are easily attacked by molds within 3 days time.
See how much longer Mineracle grown strawberries will last.

11. See how your own animals and livestock prefer to eat Mineracle grown produce. Give
some Mineracle grown lettuce or carrots to some rabbits together with chemically grown
lettuce or carrots. See which produce the rabbits prefer to eat first. Do this experiments with
all kinds of animals and with all kinds of produce.
In fact, if you have cats and chickens running free in your garden, you will start to notice how
they will eat the leaves and plants grown with Mineracle regularly. And these are the plants
they never even bother to notice before you applied Mineracle to them.

Apply Mineracle on certain portions of a big field so that selected forage plants have access
to it. Let all the forage plants in the field grow for a while and then let loose the animals that
feed on those plants into the field. Observe to confirm that these animals will eat these
treated plants first and foremost before they will eat the other plants that were not sprayed
with Mineracle.

Observe the increased health of animals fed on Mineracle grown feeds and produce. This
can be seen by their external appearance and behavior.

12. Apply Mineracle to a fruit tree, especially a citrus type and see how prolific the flowering
and fruiting becomes in just a month or less compared to a non-treated tree. There are
certain procedures to follow when it comes to large fruit trees. (Please click here for our
procedures on large trees.)

13. This is for all the people involved in natural health practices. Grow your own wheatgrass
using Mineracle and another tray with whatever you have been using. See how much
greener, how much more flavorful and most importantly, how much more nutritious Mineracle
grown wheatgrass really is. You can determine its higher mineral content if you use a Brix
refractometer to test it.

14. Get some seeds, soak some in Mineracle solution and some in plain water. See which
ones grow faster, germinate earlier and results in healthier, faster growing plants. You will
be amazed by the results.

15. Take the time to dehydrate equal weights of the same vegetables, one grown with
Mineracle and the other grown otherwise. Weigh their dry matter and you will see a
significantly higher weight of the dry matter of produce grown on Mineracle.

16. Get a diseased plant that has very obvious signs of disease and which you know should
be communicable to healthy plants of the same variety. For example, papaya ring virus that
affects papaya trees. Get a diseased leaf and rub it well against a leaf that is attached to a
healthy papaya tree that is not yet infected. Just make sure that this papaya tree has already
been nourished by Mineracle for at least 1 – 2 months before doing this. Then start
observing to see how immune to the disease Mineracle plants become. All kinds of virus
diseases can be tested against healthy Mineracle plants to confirm our claim that Mineracle
protects plants against pests and diseases.

17. Take a fruit or vegetable, preferably one with high water content such as a tomato.
Place a tomato from Mineracle grown plant and another one grown on chemical fertilizers.
Place each one separately on an open bowl and place them in direct sunlight, covered with
some screen to prevent insects from laying their eggs. The tomato grown on chemical
fertilizers such as urea will quickly turned into watery mush after a few days while the
Mineracle tomato will just slowly dehydrate and shrivel up.

We also suggest that you try all these experiments using other kinds of fertilizers and
compare the results.

Free Reward

We could go on and on but that would not be as exciting as the ones you discover for
yourself. These are only some of the possible experiments you can do. Use your
imagination and come with up your own amazing story you can tell us.

Simply email us with the full details of your own amazing discoveries about Mineracle
(preferably with pictures and/or visual proof) and if we choose to put your story and pictures
on our website, we will give you a two big liters of Mineracle that you can share with your
friends as a token of our appreciation.

Only stories and pictures that properly check out will be posted on the website,


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