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             Traditional Archery: Considering Purchasing A Traditional Archery On Ebay?

       By traditional-archery.bidandblog.com
       Dated: Dec 08, 2009

       Bidandblog.com’s brand new Traditional Archery forum provides member-provided opinions, answers, &
       info for those who are considering purchasing a Traditional Archery through Ebay...not to mention that it’s
       just plain fun.

       Bidandblog.com was developed in order to improve its user’s auction buying experience by providing
       visitor-provided reviews and information along with real-time Ebay listings without cost or obligation.

        According to Betty Barnes, Bidandblog’s Guru of Outdoor Sports Forums, the new forum (http://
       traditional-archery.bidandblog.com), which is devoted exclusively on Traditional Archery, has been a
       remarkable success. “There is no doubt that Ebay is one of the most useful websites to source Traditional
       Archery on the net. But what if you want a bit of additional opinions about Traditional Archery postings
       from an informed, but uninvolved source?“

        Barnes continued further, “That’s where bidandblog comes in. Through http://
       traditional-archery.bidandblog.com, visitors will not only be able to search and view the same Traditional
       Archery listings that they would see on Ebay, but will also have the ability to get opinions about Traditional
       Archery from other members...all in realtime.

        As an example, already the Traditional Archery forum has genuinely helpful answers to visitor-asked
       questions that a lot of people have when contemplating buying a Traditional Archery such as:

        Archery--How can I stop hitting my arm?!!!!?

        I'm looking for the right type of bow to get into archery - but which one?

        What do you think of these broadheads for traditional archery?

        How do I keep my arrow on the shelf of my long bow?

        Traditional archery supply in Georgia?

        Another unique feature is bidandblog’s articlebase, which provides helpful free articles and reports for
       anyone interested in Traditional Archery.

        Barnes summed up, “Our focus is to provide our users who are contemplating buying Traditional Archery
       the information and tools they need to purchase with intelligence and confidence...not to mention that
       communicating with other users who are also interested in Traditional Archery is just plain fun.“

        For additional information on Traditional Archery, please visit our Traditional Archery forum at: http://


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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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about products currently listed on Ebay.

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