Laughter can not be hazardous to your health Laugh daily, and you will see
an improvement

Laughter loves company and is of great wealth, Laugh with friends and laugh
with me forever more

                  HUMOR / LAUGHTER

“HUMOR” -- The quality that makes something laughable or amusing;
funniness. That which is intended to induce laughter or amusement --The
ability to perceive, enjoy, or express what is amusing, comical, incongruous,
or absurd.

*** Rbi8 Ecclesiastes 3:4 *** “…and a time to LAUGH”

*** Rbi8 1 Timothy 1:11 *** “…glorious good news of the HAPPY God”



g94 5/22 p. 26 Put Humor Into Your Life ***“,,,laughter “the shortest distance
between two people.”

g80 9/8 p. 25 A Sense of Humor—God’s Gift ***Humor is said to be the ability
to see the funny or amusing side of things



Have a Sense of Humor. A sense of humor is to a man what springs are to a
wagon it saves him a lot of jolts.
Good humor makes most things tolerable

Warning: Humor may be hazardous to your illness.

Use humor to lighten your burdens

Humor is to life what shock absorbers are to automobiles.

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Humor is a wonderful way to prevent a hardening of the attitudes.

Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the

the air and you.


Humor is a rubber sword — it allows you to make a point without drawing

         (Mary Hirsch--Quoted in Readers Digest, January, 2002 page 69)



         (If I remember... years ago, George Kalista responded to my querry
with this ditty)

We were discussing how some people

Go around wound up so tight,

That something that's of small account

Makes them blow up out of sight.

You said: "How funny (strange) it is

they cannot laugh off things,

How they clutch them to their bosom,

and the misery that this brings."
You said: "Surely there ought to be

a poem in that somewhere";

And with just a little mouse click

your thoughts flew to here, from there.

Once again you are a prophet

and your words have proven true;

But a prophet can't be fully sure

what his prophesy will do.

When God made up a Platypuss,

He surely knew we'd grin.

And a lizard that runs upright

with his widely outspread fin?

We also smile quite widely at

all kinds of newborn things;

And what a giant belly laugh

their wild antics often brings.
God's gracious gift of laughter keeps

our focus from ourselves,

For it turns thoughts out, instead of in;

Onto you; instead of self.

A gift that He so kindly gives

is the power for us to see

How we just might look to others

not just how I look to me.

And as we stand aside and peer

at such a silly man,

A grin will spread across our face

and our world's alright again.

If only more would learn to use

that gift he gives quite free,

The world would be more pleasant

and more happy we all would be.

*** it-2 p. 208 Laughter *** The Hebrew words for laughter (tsechoq´ and the
parallel form sechoq´) are, according to Gesenius, onomatopoeic, that is, they
are imitative of the sound of laughter (as are the written English interjections
“ho-ho” and “ha-ha”).

*** g72 1/8 p. 3 Can Laughter Benefit Your Health? ***

*** g75 7/22 p. 13 “A Time to Laugh” ***

“Laughter has been called “a prerequisite to a well-rounded personality,”
“wonder drug for depression….The explosive exhalations of laughter seem
designed to ‘puff away’ surplus tension in a kind of respiratory gymnastics.”
( )

What is laughter?

                First of all, laughter is not the same as humor. Laughter is the
physiological response to humor. Laughter consists of two parts -- a set of
gestures and the production of a sound. When we laugh, the brain pressures
us to conduct both those activities simultaneously. When we laugh heartily,
changes occur in many parts of the body, even the arm, leg and trunk

                If you want to get specific about it, it works like this: Under
certain conditions, our bodies perform what the Encyclopedia Britannica
describes as "rhythmic, vocalized, expiratory and involuntary actions" -- better
known as laughter. Fifteen facial muscles contract and stimulation of the
zygomatic major muscle (the main lifting mechanism of your upper lip) occurs.
Meanwhile, the respiratory system is upset by the epiglottis half-closing the
larynx, so that air intake occurs irregularly, making you gasp. In extreme
circumstances, the tear ducts are activated, so that while the mouth is
opening and closing and the struggle for oxygen intake continues, the face
becomes moist and often red (or purple). The noises that usually accompany
this bizarre behavior range from sedate giggles to boisterous guffaws.


If you laugh 15 times a day, you would not need a doctor.

A good laugh and long sleep are the two best cures.

Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects.

Laughter is God's sunshine

If it is sanity you are after, there is no prescription like laughter.

If you're to busy to laugh, you're too busy, period.

Learn to laugh at yourself. You'll have a lifelong source of amusement.

What amuses a man is a good gauge of his character.

If you laugh a lot, when you get older your wrinkles will be in the right places.
A good laugh heals a lot of hurts.

A man isn't poor if he can still laugh.



Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. — (Victor Hugo)

."The most wasted day of all is that on which we have not laughed." --

"He who laughs, lasts." -- (Poole)

“Laughter is the brush that sweeps away the cobwebs of the heart”. Mort

Laughter is the closest distance between two people — Victor Borge
A Healthy Dose of Laughter

I read that a child laughs 400 times a day on the average, while an adult

laughs only 15 times each day. Which is puzzling since laughter feels so

good and is so good for us! You may know the benefits of laughter on the

mind and spirit, but are you aware of how much a good laugh can help you

physically? Norman Cousins used to say that laughter is so beneficial

physically that it is like "inner jogging." Mayo Clinic (Mayo Clinic Health

Letter, March 1993) reports that laughter aids breathing by disrupting your

normal respiration pattern and increasing your breathing rate. It can even

help clear mucus from your lungs. Laughter is good for your heart. It

increases circulation and improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to

tissues throughout your body. A good laugh helps your immune system fight

off colds, flu and sinus problems by increasing the concentration of

immunoglobulin A in your saliva. And it may help control pain by raising the
levels of certain brain chemicals (endorphins). It is also a natural stress

reliever. Have you ever laughed so hard that you doubled over, fell off your

chair, spit out your food or wet your pants? You cannot maintain muscle

tension when you are laughing! The good news is that you are allowed more

than 15 laughs a day! Go ahead and double the dose and make it 30 times

today. (You may begin to notice your relationships improving!) Then double

it again! You are bound to feel better, you will cope with problems more

effectively and people will enjoy being around you. Laughter: it's good

medicine, it's completely organic, it can be shared, it is recyclable and

absolutely free! --------------------(From Life Support)


I was reading in a book about laughter

A tranquilizer with no side effects too

It might help you to live forever after

Laughter can be the best medicine for you
Laughter can not be hazardous to your health Laugh daily, and you will see
an improvement Laughter loves company and is of great wealth Laugh with
friends and laugh with me forever more

by Ann McCartney

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