Jeffrey Adams by MikeJenny


									Jeffrey was a loving husband and a devoted
father to our three children. Jeff was also
                                                Jeffrey B. Adams
                                                June 19, 1968 – October 15, 2006
many other important things. He was a son,
son-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, uncle,
cousin, grandson, a nephew. He was a
handsome man with a big infectious smile and
beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. He had a
sense of humor that was unforgettable. He
had a natural talent for making people
laugh… oh how we would laugh! We miss
that. Jeff was a hard working man. He
worked in the Elevator Industry. He had a
dream of owning his own Elevator Company
and calling it UP N Adams Elevator. Although
many do not know this, he achieved that
dream… for a moment.          Jeffrey was a
talented and intelligent man. He had many
hobbies. He loved to hunt and fish and play
golf and hockey. He was an awesome chess
player and usually beat anyone who had the
nerve to go up against him. Beyond those
things Jeff loved his family and his friends.
He was kind and generous, romantic, and
                A good man who is missed by all who knew and loved him.
Milton Baez
      The special years will not return
        when we were all together.

     But, with the love within our hearts
       you will walk with us forever.

       We think about you everyday.

       It broke our hearts to lose you,
            you did not go alone.

            Until we meet again.

           Your wife, and family.
Andre Lamar Bell
           July 31, 1985 – June 11, 2007
            “Dre” was a happy, fun-loving,
                and giving individual.
            He always displayed positive
                energy which became
           contagious to those around him.
           “Dre” was known for his sincere,
            bright and warm smile, a smile
              that could light up a room.
           His hobbies were participating in
              football and basketball, his
              favorite ways to spend his
Michael Cammon
           Michael lived life his way.
         He was determined to have a
            normal life as possible.
          He managed Cystic Fibrosis;
         he didn’t allow Cystic Fibrosis
                to manage him.
           He succeeded in having a
           normal life, under difficult
          He was really quite a guy.
                He only wanted
                a “Normal Life”.
           Stephen Michael Celia
   Steve’s time on earth was
 abbreviated, but his impact was

 His nature was friendly, caring and
loving with an extra dash of humor.

   He made the world a warmer,
kinder place in his daily existence.

    He is our benchmark in life
     as the best son, brother
         uncle and friend.

  His legacy of love resides in us
        and all he touched.
Garry Ronald Crowell, Jr.
              April 11, 1974 ~ June 28, 2006

                Garry always made sure
                   he helped anyone
                   who needed help.
              Even after he passed away
             he was still able to help others
                by donating his organs!

                We miss and love you!

                    Mommy, Bobby,
                  Staci and MaryRose
Charles E. Dean
        Charlie worked hard all his life.
        He was the kind of guy who
        would easily give you the shirt off
        his back.

        I remember he brought a lady
        home once who was temporarily
        homeless and she wound up
        becoming a lifelong friend. His
        selfless act was instrumental in
        helping this lady heal her family
        relationships and go on to have a
        productive, fulfilling life.

        I am honored to have been his
        wife for 15 years.
Geri Lynn DiMaio, Ed.D.
                 Dr. Geri Lynn Di Maio,
                 Born in Bloomfield, NJ.
          Geri Lynn had worked for the National
            Office of Boys and Girls Clubs of
           America as Director of at Risk Youth
          and Gang Prevention and Intervention.
           She earned her doctorate degree at
                   Temple University,
              Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
              Her smile touched the soul of
                   everyone she met.
               The world is a better place
                    because of her.
         William M. Donnelly, Sr.
                                    Bill Donnelly always had one more story to tell.
                                    In his absence we’d like to tell his story.

                                    Bill always enjoyed an impromptu get-together
                                    as he lived for laughter and family. He made
                                    you feel welcome and wanted. He taught us a
                                    lot; to follow our own hearts and minds, to enjoy
                                    life, that sarcasm could really mean that you’re
                                    loved, and he taught his grandson how to run a
                                    flea market stand.

                                    Bill gave more than he ever took -- to whoever
                                    needed, from whatever surplus he had--
                                    including those homemade pumpkin breads.

                                     He did good deeds, even though they are often
                                    punished. He lived each and every last day to
                                    the fullest and died content knowing he did all
                                    he wanted to do.

                                    Bill provided countless memories so that he can
January 20, 1936- January 3, 2007   live forever in the hearts of all of us who loved
Janice Diane Fazekas
          Your pictures are a constant reminder
           of how much I miss you in my life.

           I miss your smile and your laughter,
                 for you are my soul mate
                    always and forever.

           I know you were weary the day God
              called you his way and I know
              heaven is a better place today.

            You have given to me what every
                   person seeks in life,
           a friend, a lover and someone who
                 sought life to it’s fullest.

             Your love of making quilts is a
                constant reminder that
                  your love carries on.
Phyllis Foote

         Always in our thoughts

             We miss you.

             We love you.

            Roger and Jim
Phillip J. Frank
          Phillip J. Frank was 31 at the time
          of death. He was a very loving,
          caring, and kind hearted person.
          Phillip loved his family (mother,
          father, sister, two nephews,
          fiancée and extended family and
          friends). Phillip attended Delsea
          High School and graduated in
          1995. Phillip was from South
          Jersey and then moved to North
          Jersey. Phillip loved the shore,
          spending time with family, going
          on trips to Pennsylvania, New
          York, and Florida, but most all his
          dog Vila. Phillip will always be
          beloved and never forgotten. We
          all love you Phil.
George Gacser
       George Erik Gacser was born and
       raised in Hungary. He came to the
       United States in 1957 during the
       Hungarian Revolution.

       He loved gardening, cooking,
       photography, playing soccer and
       working on the computer. He was a
       wine enthusiast who enjoyed
       reading The New York Times and
       watching hockey games.

       He was a very generous person
       who loved to help people.

       His wife, Ruth, and children, Ava
       and David, miss him very much.
         Richard A. Gangaware

Rich was a wonderful husband,
         a great dad,
  a great grandfather (popi),
      and a good friend.

    He was a scout leader
     and loved camping.

   He will never be forgotten
      and will live forever
in the hearts of his loved ones.
Byron Goundrey

        “Reach for the Stars” was your
        motto, and now you are the
        brightest star in the heavens.

         We see your light and feel your
        warmth each day as we live our
        lives to honor you.

        You changed the world and
        touched many hearts. The earth is
        different because of you.

           We miss you so very much!
                    Najeeb Green-Lewis
                                                       I Dreamed Of Being An Angel

                                                          I dreamed of being an angel
                                                       Dressed in pure silk white gown
                                                     I once looked up to heaven above
                                                         And now I am looking down.
                                                            I see how it all used to be
                                                              Living life day after day
                                                   Trying to understand how it happened
                                                      Why God didn’t want me to stay.
                                                        As he came down from heaven
                                                             He took me by the hand
                                                       “Blessed are thee my little angel
                                                     Let me take you to my holy land.”
                                                       Although the doctors had done
                                                             All they could do for me
                                                          I wasn’t ready to go just yet
                                                            Why did this have to be?
                                                       “My dear child”, God said to me
                                                        “I know this may not seem fair
                                                        This is the way things must be
                                                            This is how much I care.”
                                                      I knew then what he meant as we
                                                    Ascended to his mansion in the sky
                                                          Now that I’m living with him
                                                         I no longer have to ask why.
                                                    Perhaps he knew of worse to come
                                                          Had he chose to let me stay
                                                    I spread my wings and fly with him
                                                      To take my place with him today.
     TO OUR BELOVED SON & GRANDSON                   Now that I’m one of God’s angels
     NAJEEB A. GREEN-LEWIS, AGE 12,                 Dressed in my pure silk white gown
     KILLED BY A HIT AND RUN/DRUNK DRIVER              I am now at peace with our God
           APRIL 16, 1995 – MAY 3, 2007                 As with his love I am crowned.

OUR ANGEL YOU WILL BE MISSED, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN”       (Written by Juanita J. Smalls)
      Mark Joseph Henderson

   Mark was a loving son,
    brother and father.

He was bright and cared about

He took care of his two boys
who meant everything to him.

    He was a hard worker
     and always smiling.
                 Edward F. Hill III

He lived to give a friendly word,
 a smile, and a helping hand
      to those around him.

  His life was a song of love
   and praise and gratitude.

     The melody goes on.
Hadiyyah Jones
A beautiful person who was full of life.

       She would always say
     she wanted to be a rapper.

Hadiyyah will always be in our hearts,
        always and forever.

           Rest on baby.
        You’re very missed
  and we’re always thinking of you
       each and everyday.
                  Ronald C. Hurt
    Beloved Husband,
   Father, and Grandpa

  He loved the country and
the West Virginia mountains.

 Ronald was laid to rest
 in the stream below the
New River Gorge Bridge in
      West Virginia

We Love you and miss you!

     Love, your Family
Rudolf William Thomas Kelly

               A gentle giant, loyal to a fault,
                his smile could gladden the
                   hearts of all who were
                     fortunate enough
                       to know him.

                   He loved his friends,
                 his schools, anyone who
                could teach him something
                       and above all,
                    he loved his family.

                    We miss your smile.
Sierra Kerber
         Although Sierra was only seven
             when she died she filled
              our hearts with love.
        Her smile would light up the room.
       We called her Peanut because she
       was petite, but don’t let that fool you
        because she was larger than life.
         Sierra was a giving child she
       donated her hair to Locks for Love
            and was proud to do it.
         We miss Sierra, but knowing her
        death helped so many people is a
                  comfort to us.
       Sierra would approve and be proud.
                            Bill Kubala
                   July 2, 1963 – March 11, 2007

Bill was a wonderful husband
      and devoted father.

         He was loved
 by all his family and friends.

 He was a calming influence
who touched everyone he met.

 We are forever changed by
  having him in our lives.

      You will always be
        in our hearts!

   We miss you so much!
Eugene Arthur Locke, Jr.

               To my beloved son, Eugene

                 This is mom, sharing the
                  words of love to you.

              Through the same spirit god
                shares his love for us…

                 Sharing and caring of our
              great creator,               for
                ever and ever            our
                   hearts links together.

                      Love mommy
Mike Messeroll
            William Michael John Messeroll
                     22 years old.
      Born May 30, 1984, killed December 24, 2006.

      We love you so many words cannot express
      how much you are missed.     You’ve touched
      so many lives. You were a son, brother,
      grandson, nephew, friend, cartoonist, pilot,
      engineer, chef, inventor and so much more.
      How much more you could have been, we will
      never know.

      You were a gift to us, now you are a gift to
      others. Nine months later, we still see you
      everywhere, memories surface everyday.
      Your family and friends will never forget you
      and pray for you every day. You’ve reminded
      us of what is truly important in life.

                   We love you Mike.
       James Michael McCaffrey
    Our dear brother Jimmy,

Throughout your life you taught us
      compassion, patience,
  kindness, justice, forgiveness,
      to love unconditionally,
     how to have a great time,
 and to appreciate life’s bounty.

    “We are all better people
       because of you.”

         Thanks Jimbo!

Until we meet again, we love you.

   With respect and gratitude,
          Your family.
Richard O. Meyer
      Rich was one of the kindest people
      you could ever meet. He was a loving
      husband, brother-in-law, uncle, God-
      father and friend.

       He loved football (huge Rams fan!!).

      He was completely devoted to his wife
      Jan of 28 years.          She has been
      terminally ill for the last 3 years and he
      often wondered what he would do
      without her. A strange twist of fate
      took him suddenly when he died in
      November of a brain aneurysm.

                He is sadly missed
             and forever in our hearts.
                 Shard’e Moore
“Thank you. It meant so
much to me to receive a letter
from you. I will always miss
my angel, but I am so happy to
hear that your baby is doing
well. I hope he continues to do
well and grow to be healthy
and strong.
Although it was a difficult
decision, I now feel good
knowing I made a difference
in your family’s life.”
          Shard’e’s mom
Paul Morales                           At my dad Paul Morales’ funeral one year
                                       ago, someone noted that they will always
                                       remember him with a book tucked under
                                       his arm and I thought to myself, wow that
                                       is true. I was so used to him around that
                                       I never really noticed that. It just shows
                                       how much we take our loved ones for
                                       granted. I thought that I would be taking
                                       care of him until his old age. He quit
                                       smoking, quit drinking and worked so
                                       hard. I thought he earned the right to be
                                       here a very long time. But we lost him at
                                       only 65 years young from a heart attack.
                                       My dad was everything a father and a
                                       husband should be: caring, responsible,
                                       thoughtful and present for every important
                                       event with kind and loving words. He was
                                       a joker, passionate about old movies,
                                       books and stories about the good ol’

  He is missed by his loving wife, Gloria, only child Kristine, son in law Paul,
                     and grandchildren Jaden and Lucas
  (who he loved to call “Cool Hand Luke” after one of his favorites, Paul Newman).
                  John Allen Noecker
When John and I were first married, we
sang with the Bach Choir. Cantata 106,
God’s Time is the Best Time was one of
our favorites. This month, 50 years later,
I’ll be singing this cantata again, but
without the love of my life in the tenor
section. The following verse is the Chorale
of Cantata 106. In this section, the men
sing Jesus’ promise to the thief as they die
together on the cross: “Today you will be
with Me in Paradise”, while the women
calmly sing the serene acceptance of
death and redemption.

  In joy and peace I pass away             Trusting in his promise sure,
  Whene’er God willeth.                    In death I sleep, calm and secure.
  The fears that vex my anxious soul
  His love stilleth.                                 -J.S. Bach, Cantata 106
              Donna Lynn Petrasek
  Life can’t be counted in candles or
 measured in years that have flown---

     It’s counted in kindnesses,
    close friends and loved ones
    and in all the sweet blessings
            we’ve known.

    Donna, you were one of those
   blessings that touched the lives
       and hearts of so many.

We don’t know why sad things happen.
We can only know all precious things
     live on in memory forever.

     We love you and miss you,

                Mom, Mark and Laura
       Jamie Marie Pruitt
     September 19, 1961- December 28, 2006

Jamie was a kind, compassionate and outgoing woman.
       She loved sports and she loved animals.
               Gone but not forgotten.
                      Love you,
                          Tony Sandulow
On September 26, 2006 the Sandulow Family was
changed forever: a wife lost her soul mate, best friend
and lover. The children lost their father, hero and silent
rock of the family, and a son in-law lost a dad.

Our family was and still has a special bond, but at times
it was taken for granted. Especially believing that all
families are great like ours, until we became a little
older and realized that our family is very rare. Many self
sacrifices were made so we can have a great life full of
amazing memories: our short day trip adventures,
endless days at the beach and family cruises that
allowed us to grow as a family and share in these

Our Tony (Daddy) taught us that a healthy relationship
was one were loving mommy was first, we saw that as
children and adults too. When we felt that the world
around us was falling apart, our family was still strong.
You taught us to believe in ourselves, in being honest
and loyal and instilled a strong work ethic and to always
persevere in life and love!
We will forever miss: your laid back personality, silly laugh during movies, your obsession with
remotes and wrist watches, love of country music and football Sundays, gardening and making the
pool ‘perfect’, your endless affection towards Saphie, your beautiful blue eyes and just being the most
amazing dad and husband!
                         Manuel Sargo
 To our dad, our brother, our friend,

  We are trying to exist in a world
    where you are no longer.

     You are and always will be
      our daddy, our brother,
     our best friend, our world!

Nothing in our lives was real until we
 shared it with you. Our hearts are
  empty and our minds are numb.
   We will forever be hugging you
  and talking to you in our dreams.

You will forever be in our hearts and
always traveling with us in our souls!

  We miss you and we love you!!!
                Ginny Salvatore

You will always be remembered
   for your beautiful smile ~
a smile that came from the heart.

  You were always so happy,
      caring, and giving.

 Making others happy was your
       gift to the world.

   We love you and miss you.
    Your husband and son,
      Tony and Matthew
Rahma’an Smith
                     To Rahma'an,
         You grew up to be a great young man,
           caring, loving and willing to help
                    those you could.
        You loved Life and lived yours everyday
         with so much enthusiasm and energy.
       Those who knew you knew that you were
                   "One Of A Kind"!
       You could make the sad and angry people
       laugh if given the opportunity to be apart of
           your life, letting everyone know that
         regardless of the circumstances life was
                       well worth living.
        You lived everyday like it was your last.
                     We Love You
             and you will never be forgotten.
                  Pop, Mom & Khalilah
                     Erica Vallario

It’s been a year since you were taken
      from us on that terrible night.

Erica, you were our beautiful daughter
     and only child, full of energy,
  excitement and so much promise.

      We miss you very much
   and think about you all the time.

You are a special hero to three people
     whom you helped through
       The Sharing Network.

    You will always be our angel.

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