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Dear Session Chairs_

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					Important Dates to Remember:
Online Proceedings Available – 4 August 2008
Full Manuscript Due – 11 August 2008

Dear Session Chair,

Thank you for volunteering to chair a session at:
AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference and
AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference and Exhibit
AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference and
AIAA/AAS Astrodynamics Specialist Conference and Exhibit
26th AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conference

Hawaiian Convention Center
Honolulu, Hawaii
18-21 August 2008

As a Session Chair your role is very important to the smooth operation of the
sessions. Here is a brief summary of some of the tasks for which a Session
Chair is responsible.
   1) Ensure there is ongoing communication between you and the authors
      in your session
   2) Confirm that each author has uploaded a manuscript
   3) Register to attend the conference
   4) Verify that each author has also registered (or will send a
      representative) to present his/her paper
   5) Ensure that authors understand that computers will not be provided by
      AIAA for their presentations (it is each author‟s responsibility to bring
      or arrange for a computer)
   6) Attend the Speaker Briefing breakfast the morning of your session
   7) Complete and return the Session Chair Report

A “No Paper, No Podium” policy is in effect for this conference. If a written
paper is not submitted by the final manuscript deadline, authors will not be
permitted to present their papers at the conference. Also, if a paper is not
presented at the conference, the written paper will be withdrawn from the
conference proceedings. These policies are intended to eliminate no-shows
and to improve the quality of the conference for attendees. We ask you to
help enforce the “No Paper, No Podium” policy.

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To help you monitor the status of the papers within your session AIAA is
providing you with a username and password to access a web page called
the “Session Details” page. This page is accessible via AIAA‟s Conference
Administrator System (CAS) at Here you will find a
CAS manual describing some of the features you may want to use. Your
username and password is listed above and is specific to the session listed
above. Once you‟ve logged on, click on the title of the conference and
information concerning your session will appear.

If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the order of the papers in
your session please contact your Track Chair. If you‟re not sure who your
Track Chair contact is, it is most likely the person who ask if you‟d chair a
session, otherwise please contact me.

Authors are required to submit a written paper by the manuscript deadline
date, listed above, under the Institute‟s “no paper, no podium” rule, and we
ask you to help enforce this policy. Please use your „Session Details” page,
described above, to monitor which of your authors has and has not uploaded
their manuscript. You can use the site to send reminder e-mails.
Maintaining close contact with your authors will help to reduce the
occurrence of author withdrawals and no-shows at the conference therefore
please request authors to notify you of their manuscript submission and
conference registration status.

In order for an author to be allowed to present their paper at the conference
they must upload their completed manuscript by 11 August 2008 via their
Author Status page. The Author Status page is accessible at the AIAA
website, Click on the icon “Conferences & Events” and
then click the “Submit/Edit a Paper” link on the left hand side. Scroll to the
bottom of the page and login with their tracking number and corresponding
author last name.

The Author Status page is where the copyright information is completed and
the manuscript is uploaded. An AIAA author kit with templates is accessible
via this page. Templates are available in MS Word 2000-XP, MAC OS X, MS
Word 97 and LaTeX. There is also a PDF version of the template for
reference purposes. The format for technical papers is a single column as
shown in the templates. For questions concerning the templates, please
contact AIAA‟s paper technical support unit at

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Attention Microsoft Office 2007 Users: AIAA systems are not able to convert
Microsoft Word 2007 documents to PDF. Authors may use Office 2007, but
need to save their abstract/manuscript as a .doc (NOT .docx).

Before AIAA can print or publish any paper a copyright clearance form must
be processed. The following four items must be marked: Clearance, No-
Infringement Statement, Publication Status, and one copyright statement
(either A, B, C, or D). Authors will click on Copyright Information found on
the Author Status page and complete their copyright information. Once the
copyright information has been filled out on the Web site, a hard copy of the
form is not needed, and a link to upload their manuscript will appear.

Because of the tightening restrictions concerning Visas, the following
information has been sent to authors: If you plan to attend an AIAA
technical conference or professional development course held in the United
States and you require a visa for travel, it is incumbent upon you to apply
for a visa with the U.S. embassy (consular division) or consulate with ample
time for processing. To avoid bureaucratic problems, AIAA strongly suggests
that you submit your formal application to U.S. authorities a minimum of
120 days in advance of the date of anticipated travel. For more information
on visa requirements or to request a letter of invitation to an AIAA event,
please contact AIAA customer service at 1-800-639-2422, or via e-mail at

AIAA speakers and attendees are reminded that some topics discussed in
the conference could be controlled by the International Traffic in Arms
Regulations (ITAR). US Nationals, which are US Citizens and Green Card
Holders, are responsible for ensuring that technical data they present in
open sessions to non-US Nationals in attendance or in conference
proceedings are not export restricted by the ITAR. US Nationals are likewise
responsible for ensuring that they do not discuss ITAR export restricted
information with non-US Nationals in attendance.

Each session room will be preset with the following: one LCD projector, one
screen, and one microphone (if needed). A 1/2” VHS VCR and monitor, an
overhead projector, and/or a 35-mm slide projector will only be provided if
requested by presenters on their abstract submittal forms. AIAA does not
provide computers or technicians to connect LCD projectors to the laptops.
 Should presenters wish to use the LCD projectors, it is their responsibility to

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bring or arrange for a computer on their own. Please note that AIAA does
not provide security in the session rooms and recommends that items of
value, including computers, not be left unattended. Any additional
audiovisual requirements or equipment will be at cost to the
presenter. Please note that all requests must be in writing and include the
paper number and the session number.

Please ensure that your authors are aware of their allotted date and time for
presentation. The authors will soon receive their official acceptance letter via
email including information on accessing program information on our
website. Changes may occur and authors should be apprised of any changes
made to their session. In general, authors will be allotted 20 minutes for
their presentation and 10 minutes for a question and answer period. You will
soon be able to access the program at Program
information will be listed by day under Agenda. Please access this program
periodically as changes can occur without notification (including author

Please note that the conference committee will not cover conference or
travel expenses incurred by Session Chairs. It is your responsibility to cover
all expenses involved with participating in the conference.

Session Chair Report forms will be available at the Speakers Briefing
breakfast and at the AIAA registration desk. The information requested on
these forms, including whether the paper was presented, withdrawn, or not
presented, is valuable in evaluating past and planning for future
conferences. Please complete this form and return it to the AIAA registration
desk at the conference.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to
working with you on a successful conference.

Best Regards,

Julie P. Smith
Technical Papers Program Manager

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