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                                                                                    AVAYA          CISCO
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Architecture Resiliency:
Number of system single points of failure?
Failover recovery time of main processors
How are existing trunk connections preserved during failover?
How are calls in progress preserved during failover?
Failover station feature preserving - conferencing, hunt groups,
call pick up
How much system admin work/time required on central call
processor and remote call processors for disaster recovery?
What is the effect of voice functionality during a router failure?
Do IP Phones by default follow network connectivity state? Yes
or No?
How are softphones supported in remote survivable mode?
If the system is in a survivable mode, how are configuration
changes to the main processor, automatically and dynamically
updated to the survivable processor?
Number of supported stations and trunks on a single server?
How does the system support dial plan transparency when the
remote is in survivable mode?
Security and Encryption:
How does the system support standards based discovery
How are discovery protocols authenticated and encrypted?
How many IP phone models support media encryption?

How does the system support media encryption for softphones?

How does the system support media encryption between nodes?
How does the system support media encryption on conference
Number of CTI links required for E911?
How many external servers are required for E911
How are ALI database updates managed across multiple
Regional Database Providers?
Does dialing 911 generate any other kind of alarms.
Centralized Management:
Single management tools that provide real time and historical
data on jitter, packet loss, and delay for all IP Phones
Provides inbound and outbound reporting on trunk usage and
recommends necessary increase or decrease in trunks based
on Erlang rules?
How many servers must be administered for patch and virus
definition updates?
How well does the management system inventory all
components and generate reports for any software that requires
How does the system monitor and report WAN status and
performance against customer determined thresholds?
IP Softphone (using PSTN or IP network for voice)
Number of hard buttons for commonly used features to avoid
scrolling through menu's for conferencing, redial, drop, hold,
Can phones display real time call statistics - jitter, delay, packet
loss, receiving codec?

How does call processing software maintain call control when
extending a call from a desk set to a cell phone and vise versa?
How does the system allows a cell phone user to use the
system’s features via access codes. Verify conference and
transfer features.
How is meet-me-conference launched from any phone
How many external servers are required for reservation-less
“Meet-me” conferencing? How many parties per conference?
Can each conference have its own pass code?
Ability via a display set to scroll though the list of callers on the
conference bridge.
Capability via a display set to selectively mute and/or drop
callers on the conference bridge.
How many phones types supports 802.11af standard PoE?
Avg. number of minutes to install an IP phone including
administration of all databases and processors.
How many screens are required to program a phone, mailbox,
and E911?

Does the system have an application to allow for the centralized
provisioning and implementation of multiple branches
System Upgrades:
How are non-service disrupting upgrades handled?
How are non-service disrupting patch loads handled?
How would 100% database and voice mail messages migrate to
a new mesaaging platform?
How many concurrent TUI are available?
How much end user training is required for a new messaging
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