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					                                                                                                                                                   The Monitor • June 14, 2007 •    33

Army Chief of Staff discusses plans for ‘way ahead’
U.S. ARMY, EUROPE                                                                                                                              what they’re doing for their countries.”
PUBLIC AFFAIRS                                                                                                                                    His advice to Soldiers preparing to
Army News Service                                                                                                                              deploy, he said, is to pay attention to
   HEIDELBERG, Germany – Gen.                                                                                                                  their training.
George W. Casey Jr., Army chief of                                                                                                                “At the small-unit level, success in
staff, called the U.S. Army in Europe’s                                                                                                        Iraq and Afghanistan, much like suc-
mission “an important part of our                                                                                                              cess in any conflict, is grounded on
overall Army effort” during a stop at                                                                                                          effective standards and discipline in
Grafenwoehr June 1, part of a theater-                                                                                                         the small units,” he said. “We are get-
wide visit to talk to troops about the                                                                                                         ting better and better in ... replicating
“way ahead” for the Army.                                                                                                                      the environments that these Soldiers
   During a three-day sweep of U.S.                                                                                                            are going into, and if they take full
Army, Europe, Gen. Casey, accompa-                                                                                                             advantage of the training that they’ll
nied by his wife, Sheila, visited                                                                                                              get here (in Grafenwoehr and
Heidelberg, Baumholder, Kaiser-                                                                                                                Hohenfels), I think they’ll be quite
slautern, Grafenwoehr, Hohenfels,                                                                                                              successful.”
Schweinfurt, Kosovo and Landstuhl                                                                                                                 The chief of staff also addressed the
Regional Medical Center.                                                                                                                       recent increase in deployment tour
   During a press conference in                                                                                                                length. He said there were three pri-
Grafenwoehr, Casey outlined his ini-                                                                                                           mary reasons for instituting 15-month
tiatives, which he said are designed to                                                                                                        deployments: first, to give the com-
                                                                                                                         STAFF SGT. SUN VEGA
sharpen the focus on transformation                                                                                                            manders more flexibility; second, to
                                                      Gen. George W. Casey Jr., answers questions at a brief press conference
efforts:                                              held in the headquarters of the 7th Army Joint Multinational Training
                                                                                                                                               give Soldiers and families predictabil-
   • Accelerate growth and readiness                  Command in Grafenwoehr, Germany.                                                         ity; and finally, to ensure deploying
improvements in the Army;                                                                                                                      brigades had sufficient training time at
   • Increase support to Soldiers and                 staff of the Army when we began this       preparing Soldiers for conflict, as the       home station.
Families;                                             transformation effort, and so I bought     war on terrorism nears the end of its            Sheila Casey, in a separate inter-
   • Maintain continuity and momen-                   into the basic correctness of the direc-   sixth year.                                   view, said spouses across the Army
tum in modernization;                                 tion of that effort four years ago. So        “I can tell you that the Soldiers that     have told her frequency and duration
   • Enhance the reserve components'                  you’re not going to see any sharp          I’ve seen across the Army, a lot of           of deployments is a top concern.
operational capabilities;                             right- or left-hand turns in the direc-    them preparing to go back to Iraq or             She said her central message to the
   • Refine the Army’s institutional                  tion the U.S. Army is headed in its        Afghanistan, understand what’s at             Soldiers, spouses and family members
policies and programs to better serve                 transformation.”                           stake here for the United States and          of U.S. Army, Europe, is, “Hang in
an expeditionary Army at war; and                        Casey, who in February completed        for our allies,” he said. “I must say, I      there. This is tough, I know it’s tough.
   • Improve the Army’s strategic                     32 months as Multinational Force-Iraq      saw it on the ground in Iraq every day:       I know these extended deployments
communications.                                       commander, said Army transforma-           the young men and women of the                are hard. Thank you for everything
   He added, “I was the vice chief of                 tion is closely tied to operations and     coalition, they get it. They understand       you’re doing each and every day.”

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