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    Facing the challenges in
     the bus environment
Presentation Overview
• The TETA Agenda
• National Agenda’s: Departments of Transport,
 Labour & Finance
• Transformation through skills development
• Collaboration: Working together or against?
    Collaboration defined:
•   Working together:
“ the act of working together with one or
    more people in order to achieve
• Working with enemy
“ mil the betrayal of others by working
    with an enemy, especially an
    occupying force”
The “enemy” – Unemployment & Poverty?
The TETA Agenda
• Skills for sustainable growth, development and
 equity in the transport sector
• Facilitate a framework of learning through a
 delivery system that enhances the level of skills
 in the Transport Sector

Driving Force:
• To provide the best quality service
 and maximise value for all stakeholders
What we do
• Established by the Skills Development Act
• Promotes education, training and development in the
  transport sector
• Eight chambers:
     - Maritime
     - Road Passenger
     - Road Freight
     - Taxi
     - Rail
     - Aerospace
     - Freight Handling
     - Forwarding & Clearing
TETA Strategic Goals
• Prioritise and Communicating Scarce and
 Critical skills for sustainable growth,
 development and equity
• Promoting and Accelerating quality training
 for all in the Workplace
• Promoting employability and sustainable
 livelihoods through Skills Development
• Improving the Quality and Relevance of
  Career Path: Bus Operations
• NQF 1 & 2: Certificate in Transport – Entry level workers
 e.g. Bus Washers, Yard Cleaners, Regulators, Point Controllers,
 Monitors, Queue Marshals
• NQF 3: National Certificate in Professional Driving –
 Bus/Coach Drivers, Driver/Conductors, One-Man-Operators
• NQF 3: Certificate in Road Transport – First level
  Supervisors e.g. Dispatchers, Transport Officers, Route
  Controllers, Section Supervisors, Traffic Supervisors
• NQF 4: FETC in Road Transport – Senior Supervisors e.g.
  Operations Superintendents, Depot Superintendents
• NQF 5: National Diploma in Transport – First level
 Managers e.g. Traffic Managers
• NQF 6: Degree in Transport/Transport Economics
National Agenda

• “The three national goals set
  by government for 2014,
  namely halving
  unemployment, halving
  poverty and boosting equity in
  employment and asset
Press release: Minister of Labour, Membathisi Mdladlana, on
7 September 2004 at Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Is this possible !?!
Department of Transport Agenda

• Focus on repositioning transport as driver of
  economic growth in South Africa
• Strategy has three main thrusts:
  – Eliminating bottlenecks in the freight logistics
  – Improving service provision in the area of
    public transport, and
  – Creating capacity within the Department of
    Transport to improve service delivery
How many legs on this elephant?
Department of Labour
Department of Labour Agenda
NSDS Objective 2
Leveraged Collaboration 1
Leveraged Collaboration 2
NSDS Objective 4
Leveraged Collaboration 3
Taxation Laws Amendment Act (Act no 9 of 2005)
            Vision 2006

SABOA is the credible voice of an inclusive,
 efficient, sustainable and transformed bus
  industry, which plays a pivotal role in an
  integrated transport system through safe,
reliable and affordable bus services that add
 value and is attractive to our stakeholders.
     SMME support and development
Definition of Success:
•   7 existing SABOA established consortia are participating in the formal
    sector in one way or another: Gauteng (Basalel & Scholar transport),
    Mpumalanga (Sambasonke), North West (Sondelani), Free State (no
    name), KZN (no name) & Western Cape (Sibanye). Note: other consortia
    have been established and are operating in many of the provinces.
•   New consortia established
•   1 successful consortia case study presented at or prior to the next strategic
•   Funding structures for SMME’s exist
•   The full SABOA training programme for SMME operators / SABOA
    members has been made available and promoted during 2006
•   50 bursaries are made available for SMME’s for training during 2006
         SMME support and development
Action                                                       Who               When
Continue to meet with and mentor consortia on an            Eric              Ongoing
ongoing regular basis                                     Cornelius

Identify and share specific opportunities for existing    Steve Rudd          Ongoing
consortia in the bus industry
Analyse opportunity and pursue with consortia (follow-    Steve Rudd          Ongoing
on action plan)
Identify potential new participants in consortia &          Eric              Ongoing
facilitate their establishment(s). Consider multi-modal   Cornelius
Prepare and present a successful consortia case study       Eric            2007 strategic
prior or at the next strategic workshop                   Cornelius           workshop

Identify and meet with providers of capital for SMME        EXCO             20/01/2006
                                                          committee         (committee to be
bus operators and agree mechanism to access funds                             established)
                                                          (George Maluka)
for bus ventures for SABOA SMMEs (preferably at a
preferential rate).
      SMME support and development
Action                                                                    Who            When
Invite all SMME operators to forward their training                       Eric        Next Fax
needs to admin@learncorp.co.za or fax: (012) 546-                       Cornelius       Talk
Invite SABOA members to Learncorp consultative                           Louis        31/03/06
workshops to determine their training needs for the                      Naudé
year. (All SMMEs will be advised for their need to be registered with
TETA in order to secure funding).
Secure confirmation of the company registration with                    Willem        31/05/06
TETA (SMME company)                                                     Schutte
Secure funding for training                                             Willem        31/05/06
Develop and implement an appropriate training                            Louis        31/05/06
                                                                                    (Programme approval.
programme to meet the needs of SABOA members                             Naudé         Implementation
around the country. This could include bridging programmes.                               thereafter)
SABOA 19 & 20 January 2006
Presentation Review
• The TETA Agenda
• National Agenda’s: Departments of Transport,
 Labour & Finance
• Transformation through skills development
• Collaboration: Working together or against?
You should see a man's face
and also a word...

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the right, the word begins
with 'L'
         Willem Schutte

Telephone:       (011) 504-9247

Fax:             (011) 781-3601

Email:           willem@teta.org.za

Website:         www.teta.org.za
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