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					                The Channel Islands                                                     May 2011
                                                                                       Vol. 4 No. 5

The Monthly Magazine of the                                                         Now available online at
CLCA–Channel Islands Chapter                                              

      San Marcos Growers Dinner & Tour
      • FREE to CLCA Members and Friends
      • Thursday, May 19 • RSVP a Must • See Page 4 for Details

                                                                    San Marcos Growers General
                                                                    Manager Randy Baldwin
                                                                    (far right) gives an informative
                                RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED
                                                                    tour to CLCA members and
                               Rowland Heights, CA 91748
                               19055 Abdera Street
                                                                    friends at our 2008 event.
                               c/o El Dorado Communications, Inc.
                               Channel Islands Chapter              This year will be even more
                               Contractors Association
                               California Landscape
 Safety First!

An Eye-Opener: How Safe Are You on the Job?
By Don Kansteiner, Landscape Safety Training System

T    he Landscape Industry Certified Technician Program, held at
     Cuyamaca College in San Diego, was a terrific event, both for
those who sought to validate their skills in the landscape industry,
                                                                                    while trying to pop a Date Palm out of the ground, only to pull the
                                                                                    top off and spring load the crane like it was a toy.
                                                                               What is the message here? Consistent, persistent, and improving
and for those who attended with a desire to                                                     training methods are the key to the well-being of
become better at what they do.
As expected, safety was the primary issue for
                                                                  Consistent, persistent, all employees. In the long run, it will make your
                                                                                                company stronger, your customers more secure,
most of the tests set up by the CLCA. With a                      and improving training and our industry more professional.
suggested 2000 hours of accumulated field expe-                   methods are the key                  The secondary benefit from improved training
rience to take the certification, I expected safety
to be second nature with most applicants.
                                                                  to the well-being of all             is improved profits. The goals of any training
                                                                                                       program are: improved safety, education in tech-
                                                                  employees.                           niques, improved job performance, and reduction
On the station I was assigned to, however, what
I found was just the opposite. Disqualification                                                        of damage to equipment and property. When all
for gross safety violations were at 30 percent for those I tested. The              of these factors improve, costs decrease. These may be decreasing
applicants who had safety violations also had years of experience in                costs from lost productivity or even lower mod rates, which in
the field. The violations I observed were particularly notable in that              turn will lower workers compensation and insurance rates. What
severe bodily harm could have resulted from the actions taken by                    may seem time consuming and costly now can really be turned into
the applicants, and the test had to be stopped immediately.                         a profit center. Not only that, but it can also improve your bid
                                                                                    position and improve company morale through safety incentives.
Being in the industry for over 30 years, I have had my fair share of
incidents. I remember offloading a tractor down a ramp off a truck                  Don Kansteiner is an Account Manager for the Landscape Safety Training
with no spotter, and drove off the ramp and tipped the tractor over.                System, developed by Jay Murray. Jay Murray, CLP is a Certified Horticulturist
I saw two workers get their hands caught in a lift gate. I almost cut               who created the online Landscape Safety Training System. Dan can be reached at
a finger off with a skill saw after my boss offered beer to motivate                (949) 276-1981. Check the system out at 
us to work late. I have seen a crane bounce 4 feet off the ground

                       It’s tIme
                       be a
      The California Landscape Contractors Association
      sponsors the Trophy Awards to:
         · Encourage interest in landscaping,
         · Recognize crafts people who produce
           outstanding landscapes,
         · Create pride in superior workmanship, and
         · Bestow public recognition on companies,
           institutions, municipalities and residents
           for their interest in a beautiful California.
                                     Will   you be honored?

      To Enter: Download an application from
      Entry Fee: $150 per entry if postmarked by July 15, 2011.
                 $100 late fee if received by July 29, 2011.
      Awards Presentation: Awards will be presented at the
               CLCA Annual Convention at Sheraton Maui
               Resort & Spa on November 18, 2011.


2 May 2011 The Channel Islands Clipper
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         FULL or PART TIME
           Landscape/Maintenance Company Owners:
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             Is one of your past employees – or someone
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        Outlook and basic billing computer software.
                                                           Search for plants by common or botanical names,
                    References required.
                                                           get all the info you need, and save your selections.
    Please contact Garden Visions Inc. at (310) 457-4944   Great for designs, bids and helpful for your clients.
             Email: 12:46 PM Page 1
                    Fax: (310) 317-9917          
                       Thanks for helping.

                                                                               The Channel Islands Clipper May 2011 3
 President’s Message

                          It’s Here…Our San Marcos Growers BBQ
                          • And You’d Better Be There!

                          F      or the longest time, our Channel
                                 Islands Chapter has been trying
                             to come up with ways to offer special
                                                                       on out and share some ideas with us as to how we can help your
                                                                       business in the future.
                                                                       Remember, the event is free to all Chapter members and their
                             benefits to our members
                                                                                        guests. Please RSVP to Julio at coastlinejulio@
                             located in and around the
                             Santa Barbara area. We       We want to thank or (805) 485-2106.
                             have come up with a great Randy Baldwin and                On another note, we are excited about being
   Channel Islands President
                             event…a FREE event…                                        the Home Chapter for the upcoming CLCA
     Coastline Equipment
                             and one that we have         his staff at San              State Summer Meeting (SFX=Summer Family
held before to great success. Do not miss our free        Marcos Growers for Extravaganza) to be held July 13-16 at Embassy
Chapter BBQ and Tour of San Marcos Growers on being so kind in                          Suites, Mandalay Bay Resort in Oxnard. We are
Thursday, May 19 starting at 5:30 p.m.                                                  presently considering ways to enhance what will
                                                          hosting our Chapter already be a great experience, with some local events
We want to thank Randy Baldwin and his staff at
San Marcos Growers for being so kind in hosting
                                                          for what is sure to for our Chapter members and friends. More about
our Chapter for what is sure to be a great time.          be a great time.              this next month.
If you have never been to San Marcos Growers                                            Also, it’s not too early to start planning for CLCA’s
and taken a tour of the facility, you are in for a treat. Bring your   State Convention November 16-20 at the Sheraton Kaanapali,
camera, as there are loads of unique plants to see from all over the   Maui, Hawaii. If you look hard, you might still find some decent
world, as well as the good old standbys with which we are more         airfares out there…Alaska Airlines out of San Diego for one. Our
familiar in Southern California. You will not be disappointed.         Editor John Hernandez saved $200 on his roundtrip ticket going
                                                                       out of San Diego. It’s worth looking into.
Ventura area members: Call all your friends in the Santa Barbara
area and let them know you will meet them at San Marcos. Come          We’ll see you at the San Marcos BBQ! – Julio 

Free Chapter BBQ and Tour Thursday, May 19
at San Marcos Growers in Santa Barbara
A     ttention all CI Chapter Members and friends – especially
      those in the Santa Barbara area – now is your chance to
attend a FREE Chapter Dinner Meeting and nursery tour right in
                                                                         well as trees, vines, shrubs, perennials, bulbs and ornamental grasses
                                                                         from around the world. Currently there are 20 acres in nursery
                                                                         production with an additional 2 acres dedicated to cutting and
your own backyard! This interesting and informative event will be        demonstration gardens.
held on Thursday, May 19, 5:30 p.m. at San Marcos Growers in
                                                                         Other special crops include aquatic plants, New Zealand Flax and
Santa Barbara.
                                                                         old roses. They also manufacture, on-site, a line of large cement
The evening will feature tours of the facility, a discussion about       pots, many of which are on display with a variety of plants in front
unique plants and trees you can use in your various projects, along      of the company’s sales office. San Marcos Growers sells to retail
with a free raffle, great prizes, and a whole lot more! On the menu      nurseries and landscape professionals throughout California.
for the evening are delicious, freshly made tacos (beef, chicken and
                                                                         Make full use of your CLCA membership, and come enjoy this
pork), rice, beans, tortillas, chips, fruit salad and refreshments…I’m
                                                                         FREE, fun-filled and educational gathering where you can network
getting hungry already. And did I say it’s FREE!!!
                                                                         with other landscape professionals and suppliers, and chat with
Important! Please RSVP for this event to President Julio Gomez           your fellow CLCA Members!
at, or call him at (805) 485-2106.
                                                                         Tours will begin at around 5:30 p.m., with a delicious dinner
According to Julio, one of the main reasons for meeting at San           served after the tour. This is an event that you just can’t miss!
Marcos Growers, is “…to provide our Santa Barbara area Members           Special thanks to San Marcos’ Randy Baldwin and Jim Osweiler of
and friends a well-known LOCAL venue to visit where they can             Santa Barbara Stone for helping to organize this great event. Bring a
learn more about their Channel Islands Chapter.”                         friend, but remember to RSVP to Julio.
San Marcos Growers is a wholesale plant nursery in the eastern           San Marcos Growers is located at 125 S. San Marcos Rd., Santa
Goleta Valley, just north of the Santa Barbara city limits. For over     Barbara, CA 93111. Their phone number is (805) 683-1561, and
30 years they have been growing plants appropriate to California’s       their website is: 
Mediterranean climate, including many California native plants as

4 May 2011 The Channel Islands Clipper
                                                                         Coming Events, Contact Numbers & More

                   Channel Islands Chapter                               STATE AND LOCAL EVENTS
                   2011 Board of Directors                               May         19 San Marcos Growers Dinner & Tour, Santa Barbara

                                                                         July 13-16 SFX – Embassy Suites, Mandalay Bay, Oxnard
           PRESIDENT                        PRESIDENT-ELECT
            Julio Gomez                        SECRETARY                             28 Green Thumb BBQ – Speakers Nicholas Staddon
       Coastline Equipment                   Brandon Bogeaus                            of Monrovia Nursery and Jurgen Gramkow of
         (805) 485-2106                     American Nurseries                          Southland Sod                (818) 222-0440
                                        Aug.        26 CI Chapter Golf Tournament

                                                                         Sept.       30 Certification Written Test – Sacramento
      EVENTS CHAIR                           Claudio Sandoval            Oct.         1 Certification Field Test – Sacramento
            Brian Peace               Claudio’s Landscape Innovations
Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting          (805) 483-1070              Nov.       6-8 Irrigation Show, San Diego
         (805) 527-0987                     (805) 732-5156 cell
       (818) 522-9761 cell    
                                                                                 16-20 State Convention, Sheraton Kaanapali, Maui, HI
                                            EDUCATION CHAIR
                                                 Pete Dufau              Board Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month
                                             Dufau Landscaping           at Marie Callender’s, 185 East Daily Drive, Camarillo, unless
           Shari Collins                      (805) 642-1239
       Verdant Landscaping                                               otherwise noted.
         (805) 552-9457
                                         ASSOCIATE MEMBER REP.

                                                                         2011 CLCA State Board of Directors
           TREASURER                            Dan Dvorak
           Sarah Corbin                    Landscape Contractors
  Grounds Maintenance Services               Insurance Services                    PRESIDENT – Robert Wade CLP, CLIA (949) 494-2130
     (805) 498-9495 x 303                     (877) 527-5247                                 Wade Landscape,         
                                                                                    PRESIDENT-ELECT – Eric Watanabe (818) 831-1390
                                                                                            Majestic Pools & L/S, Inc.,
                                                                            IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT – Bill Schnetz CLP (760) 591-3453
                             Tom Lucas
                                                                                       Schnetz Landscape, Inc.,
                        Performance Nursery
                           310-925-8075                                          SECRETARY-TREASURER – Ted Sandrowski (530) 345-6101
                                                  Sandrowski Landscaping, Inc.,

                                                                          DIRECTOR OF CHAPTER SERVICES – Kevin Fairchild (714) 541-1000
                                                       Illumiscapes, TLC,

                                                                           DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS – Chuck Carr (818) 300-0176
                    CHANNEL ISLANDS CLIPPER                                        Carr Landscape Management, Inc.,

             EDITOR                        ASSOCIATE EDITOR/              DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION – Steve Jacobs CLP, CLT (760) 945-4321
John Hernandez (626) 965-5015                ART DIRECTOR                            Nature Designs Landscaping, SteveJ@NatureDesigns.Net
       19055 Abdera St.                 Jerry Robin (626) 794-2674               DIRECTOR OF EVENTS – Michael Hertzer (800) 761-9191
  Rowland Heights, CA 91748                           Modern Landscaping, Inc.,
     FAX (866) 591-5093                                                          DIRECTOR OF LEGISLATION – Shari Collins (805) 552-9457
                                                                                       Verdant Landscaping,

                                                                                DIRECTOR OF MEMBERSHIP – Javier Lesaca (661) 836-0229
                                                                                              Lesaca Landscape Co.,

                                                                        DIRECTOR OF RESOURCE MANAGEMENT – Frank Niccoli (650) 592-9440
                                                                                     The Village Gardener, Inc.,

                                                                          ASSOCIATE MEMBER DIR. – Tom Noonan, CID, CLIA (916) 812-5034
                                                                                         Ewing Irrigation Products,

                                                                                 CO-DIRECTOR OF CHAPTER PRESIDENTS COUNCIL (North)
                                                                                           Michael Mitchell (916) 501-5393
                                                                                               MJM Lighting,

                                                                                 CO-DIRECTOR OF CHAPTER PRESIDENTS COUNCIL (South)
                                                                                          Rene Emeterio, CLT (805) 823-5603
                                                                           Specialized Landcape Management Service,

                                                                                 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – Sharon McGuire (800) 448-2522

                                                                                                        The Channel Islands Clipper May 2011 5
 Water Issues

DWR Announces Results of Fourth Snow Survey of 2010-2011 Season
Submitted by Mickey Strauss

D    epartment of Water Resources (DWR) hydrologists
     announced that water content in California’s mountain
snowpack is 165 percent of the
                                                                                   Snowpack water content is measured both manually – on or near
                                                                                   the first of the month from January to May – and in real-time by
                                                                                                                      electronic sensors. The recent
April 1 full season average.                                                                                          manual survey and electronic
                                                                                                                      readings are the most important
“Recent storms have signifi-
                                                                                                                      of the year, since April 1 is
cantly contributed to the above-
                                                                                                                      when the state’s snowpack
average snowpack, helping to
                                                                                                                      normally is at its peak before
stabilize California’s water
                                                                                                                      it melts into streams and reser-
supply for the year,” said DWR
                                                                                                                      voirs in the spring and summer
Director Mark Cowin. “While
this is beneficial for California’s
farms, businesses and commu-                                                                                                       March precipitation has helped
nities, we remind residents to                                                                                                     register 2011 among the
practice sensible water use and                                                                                                    top years in snowpack water
conservation as we transition to                                                                                                   content, despite dry weather
warmer weather.”                                                                                                                   conditions in January and
                                  THE RECENT manual survey and electronic readings are the most important of the year, early February. The mountain
After the snowpack readings        since April 1 is when the state’s snowpack normally is at its peak before it melts into streams snowpack provides approxi-
were in, Governor Jerry Brown                           and reservoirs in the spring and summer months.
                                                                                                                                   mately one-third of the water
officially rescinded former
                                                                                     for California’s households, industry and farms as it melts into
Governor Schwarzenegger’s emergency proclamations and executive
                                                                                     streams and reservoirs.
orders issued in 2008 and 2009 relating to the water shortage asso-
ciated with the drought.                                                             On March 1, the date of this winter’s third manual survey, percent-
                                                                                     ages of the snowpack’s normal water content were 109 percent of
                                                                                     the full season average, 103 percent for the northern Sierra, 106
                                                                                     percent for the central Sierra, and 119 percent in the south.
                                                                                   On this date last year, snowpack water content readings of the
                                                                                   April 1 average were 123 percent in the north, 88 percent in the
                                                                                   central ranges, 102 percent in the south, and 102 percent statewide.
                                                                                   California’s reservoirs are fed both by rain and snowpack runoff.
                                                                                   A majority of the state’s major reservoirs are above normal storage
                                                                                   levels for the date. Lake Oroville in Butte County, the State Water
                                                                                   Project’s principal reservoir, is 104 percent of average for the date
                                                                                   (80 percent of its 3.5 million acre-foot capacity). Lake Shasta north
                                                                                   of Redding, the federal Central Valley Project’s largest reservoir
                                                                                   with a capacity of 4.5 million acre-feet, is at 111 percent of average
                                                                                   (91 percent of capacity).
                                                                                   DWR estimates it will be able to deliver 70 percent of requested
                                                                                   State Water Project (SWP) water this year. The estimate likely will
                                                                                   be adjusted upward as hydrologists make adjustments for snowpack
                                                                                   and runoff readings. In 2010, the SWP delivered 50 percent of
                                                                                   a requested 4,172,126 acre-feet, up from a record-low initial
                                                                                   projection of 5 percent due to lingering effects of the 2007-2009
                                                                                   drought. Deliveries were 60 percent of requests in 2007, 35 percent
                                                                                   in 2008, and 40 percent in 2009.
                                                                                   The last 100 percent allocation – which is difficult to achieve even
                                                                                   in wet years due to pumping restrictions to protect threatened and
                                                                                   endangered fish – was in 2006.
                                                                                   The SWP delivers water to more than 25 million Californians and
                                                                                   nearly one million acres of irrigated farmland. 

6 May 2011 The Channel Islands Clipper
                                                                                                                   Designer’s Corner

Pressing into Sustainability                              By Angelia Woodside Beckstrom, LEED AP

O     ur planet is full of beautiful plants, rocks, trees, water and
      nutrient-rich soil. The people that live on this planet do not
always connect the idea that taking care of the environment means
                                                                           Beyond the Sustainable Sites Initiative,
                                                                           there are also many other sustainability and
                                                                           green building resources you can utilize. For
taking care of plants, rocks, trees and soil, not simply recycling a       example:
plastic bottle. While recycling is important – I am not demeaning
                                                                     • California’s CAL GREEN building code,
this practice – it must be stated from all of us to our clients that
                                                                       which contains many items that pertain to
being “green” refers also to the actions we take towards plants,
                                                                       landscape. Many of them support sustain-                ANGELIA
rocks, trees, soil and water.
                                                                       able practices.                                       WOODSIDE-
Humor is my only outlet when I meet a client                                            • Landscape maintenance              BECKSTROM
who claims to be green focused, but when a                                                practices for sustainability          Angeffects
project comes to the place where money and green Sustainability is a                      in California as recommended at the state
intentions meet, their environmental priorities                                           government.
fade. Words and actions are quite different. Let        word with a multi- • The Department of Resources Recycling and
it be our charge to have our words and actions                                            Recovery (CalRecycle).
match, as shown by our business operations, our         layered meaning.
                                                                                        Using these resources can help improve your
respect for living things, and our ability to design
                                                                                        ability to use sustainable practices. Let your
environmentally responsible, sustainable landscape projects.
                                                                     understanding permeate your design approach, and also the way
To be a considerate, intentional landscape designer who operates     you communicate with your clients. It is our own responsibility to
under the guiding principles of integrity, sustainability, and envi- establish the discipline of this profession with our clients.
ronmental stewardship, it must become a calling of sorts. One must
                                                                     As you listen to people talk negatively to landscape professionals,
commit to this calling in order to weather the hardships that can
                                                                     and as you hear people decide to put a lower amount of concern
take a toll on our inner drive.
                                                                     and respect in their language as it relates to landscaping, please take
Sustainability is a word with a multi-layered meaning. For a simple  heart, show you care, tell them why they should care, and don’t
explanation of sustainability, in my own words, it is a place where  quit.
all things socially equitable, economically feasible, and environ-
                                                                     Seize the day!– Angelia
mentally sound come together. According to the American Society
of Landscape Architect (ASLA)’s Sustainable Sites Initiative these   Angelia Woodside-Beckstrom can be reached at (949) 768-8710. 
three terms are defined as follows:
Socially equitable means shaping a community that allows us to live
healthy productive lives.
Economically feasible means having profitable, competitive and
enduring places to live, work, and visit.
Environmentally sound means ensuring that the global ecosystem
can continue to provide the basic ecosystem services that all life                                      John Roche
relies on.                                                                               

To design in an environmentally sound way, there are a number
                                                                                                                            (805) 306-1730
of factors to consider. According to ASLA’s Sustainable Sites                   4684 Runway Street                      Fax (805) 306-1731
Initiative, here are the guiding principles that should be intertwined          Simi Valley, CA 93063     
into every landscape design project:
• Do no harm
• Use the precautionary principle
• Design with nature and culture
• Use a decision-making hierarchy of preservation, restoration and
• Provide regenerative systems as intergenerational equity
• Support a living process
• Use a systems thinking approach
• Use a collaborative and ethical approach
• Maintain integrity in leadership and research
• Instill a sense of stewardship

                                                                                                        The Channel Islands Clipper May 2011 7
 Industry News

Rain Bird Names Winners of the Intelligent Use of Water Awards
Program Excerpted from the Indiana Irrigation Contractors Council website
N     ow in its fourth year, Rain Bird’s annual Intelligent Use of
      Water Awards program recognizes individuals and organiza-
tions whose innovation, leadership, ingenuity and dedication to
                                                                                  • Green Spaces Pollution Prevention, Fallbrook Public Utility
                                                                                    District, Fallbrook, California ($1,500 winner)
                                                                                  • Community Garden and Open Classroom, EARTHS Elementary
the management and protection of Earth’s most precious natural                      School, Thousand Oaks, California ($5,000 winner)
resource – through improved landscape water-efficiency – raises the
standard for outdoor water conservation. Since 2007, both indi-                   In developing the program, Rain Bird assembled a team of
viduals and organizations have been honored for their completed                   partners that share a common goal of helping individuals and
projects. The 2010-2011 Intelligent Use of Water Awards                           organizations make an impact in their community through the
program aimed at encouraging and funding future water conserva-                   Intelligent Use of Water. Partnering in support of the Intelligent
tion projects, worldwide.                                                         Use of Water Awards program were The Alliance for Water
                                                                                  Efficiency, The American Society of Golf Course Architects, The
Participants of the Intelligent Use of Water Awards program                       Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, and the
were asked to enter their project online in order to vie for enough               Environmental Institute for Golf, Golfdom magazine, Growing A
support from the public to be awarded the grant. The social-                      Greener World, Landscape Management magazine, The National
media-driven program was designed to support environmentally                      Gardening Association, Pebble Beach Resorts, Project WET, Smart
sustainable projects that promote green spaces with the efficient use             Approved WaterMark, The Gardener Guy, and The Groundwater
of water. Voters were invited to anonymously cast votes on their                  Foundation.
favorite projects on a daily basis until voting closed.
                                                                                  For more information on the Intelligent Use of Water Awards,
Over 275,000 total votes were cast for 85 different water conserva-               please visit 
tion projects. When voting officially closed and was verified, 10
winners claimed over $50,000 in funds: four $1,500 winners, three
$5,000 winners, and three $10,000 winners were named in celebra-                  Horizon Distributors Expands
tion of 2011 World Water Day.
Two of the 2010-2011 Intelligent Use of Water Awards winners
                                                                                  into Florida, Caribbean
are in California:
                                                                                  H     orizon Distributors, Inc. (Horizon), a full-service distributor
                                                                                        of landscape and irrigation products, recently announced its
                                                                                  expansion into the Florida market with the acquisition of certain
                                                                                  assets of the Kilpatrick Companies (Kilpatrick), a Boynton Beach-
                                                                                  based distributor of landscape and irrigation products and provider
                                                                                  of equipment services with sales throughout South Florida and the
                                                                                  Caribbean Basin.
                                                                                  “We look forward to expanding the current product offerings in
                                        the former Kilpatrick locations to include the full breadth of irri-
                                                gation, landscape, specialty and professional lawn care equipment
                                                products currently available at all Horizon sales centers,” said Jim
                                                                                  Ross, president, Horizon.
                                                                                  “This transaction expands Pool Corporation’s share of the more
                                                                                  than $2 billion irrigation and landscape distribution marketplace
                                                                                  by strengthening our presence in the strategic Florida market,” said
                                                                                  Manuel Perez de la Mesa, president and CEO, Pool Corporation.
  We have the widest
  selection of LED solutions                                                      This marks the second acquisition Horizon has made in the past
  for whatever design                                                             six months, following the company’s integration of the Las Vegas-
  you have in mind.                                                               based Turf Equipment Supply Company in December.
  Leading the industry in the most                                                “The Kilpatrick team has a long history of serving irrigation,
  advanced LED technology, Vista
  offers a longer lasting solid-state                                             landscape and turf care professionals in the state of Florida and the
  design available in copper, brass,                                              Caribbean,” said Ross. “This strategic transaction allows Horizon
  aluminum, stainless steel and                                                   to provide these professionals with additional resources that will
  composite enclosures to                                                         help them build on their successes, and we’re looking forward to
  meet all your project needs.
                                                                                  doing just that.”
  Call 800-766-8478 for a FREE 12 Volt Series brochure that details everything.   For more about Horizon, please visit
                                                                                  For more about POOLCORP, please visit 
8 May 2011 The Channel Islands Clipper
                                                                                        Industry News

Nina Colasurdo Joins
DIG Corporation Staff
D     IG Corporation announces the hiring of Nina Colasurdo as
      a Commercial Sales Representative. Nina will be traveling
throughout the Southern California area meeting with distributors,
architects, and landscape contractors.
Colasurdo brings an extensive background in irrigation. Nina
has over 8 years of irrigation industry experience along with a
Masters in Agriculture from Cal Poly Pamona with an emphasis on
landscape irrigation. Colasurdo will draw upon this education and
                      experience as she works to provide practical
                      solutions for her customer’s needs.
                     DIG Corporation specializes in providing
                     innovative and green irrigation solutions for
                     our customers. DIG strives for excellence on
                     all levels of customer service and satisfac-
                     tion offering an extensive line of alternative
                     powered ambient LEIT controllers, battery
                     operated controllers, and a complete line of
     NINA            drip irrigation products for use in various irri-
  COLASURDO          gation applications.
For more information, contact Nina Colasurdo at (760) 727-0914
( 

Early Bird Registration Opens
for WaterSmart Innovations
Conference and Exposition
• Event Set for October 5-7 at
  South Point Hotel, Las Vegas

R    egistration is now open for the fourth WaterSmart
     Innovations (WSI) Conference and Exposition, slated for Oct.
5-7 at the South Point Hotel and Conference Center in Las Vegas.
Last year’s WSI conference and exposition drew nearly 1,100
participants from 40 states and 10 countries. WSI 2010 featured
more than 130 professional sessions and an expo hall with 100
The Southern Nevada Water Authority is presenting WSI 2011
in partnership with the Alliance for Water Efficiency, American
Water Works Association, Audubon International, California
Urban Water Conservation Council, the U.S. EPA’s WaterSense
Program, Green Plumbers USA, International Association of
Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, International Center for
Water Technology, International Code Council and the Irrigation
The world’s pre-eminent urban water efficiency conference, WSI is
offering an early bird registration fee of $330 through Thursday,
June 2. Beginning Friday, June 3, the full registration fee will be
If you would like to register or get more information about the
event, visit the web site: 
                                                                         The Channel Islands Clipper May 2011 9
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  Olson Irrigation Systems .........................................................10
  Otto & Sons Nursery .............................................................10
  Performance Nursery ................................................................ 3
  Rainmakers Irrigation Supply ................................................... 7
  Smith Pipe & Supply ................................................................ 9
  Southland Sod ............................................................................ 6
  Village Nurseries .....................................................................11         Committed to Exceptional Customer Service

  Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting ......................................... 8                  • Irrigation Products
  West Coast Turf .....................................................................11          • Environmental
                                                                                                   • Utility Piping
        Otto & Sons                                                                                • Pond Supplies
                       NurSery                                                                     • Outdoor Lighting
                                                                                                   • Commercial
    Landscaping Materials from 1-gal to 24”                                                          Water Management
         Roses (hundreds of varieties)
      Ornamentals • Shade Trees • Citrus                                                                Goleta (805) 967-2374 • Ojai (805) 646-7244
                                                                                                 Santa Clarita (661) 257-0909 • Santa Barbara (805) 897-1166
         1835 East Guiberson Road • Fillmore, CA 93015                                               West L.A. (310) 915-5208 • Ventura (805) 676-1114
    Tel: (805) 524-2123 •                                                              Torrance (310) 782-0355

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                                             5                                           2

                                                                                                   1. DRIP IRRIGATION
                                                                                                   2. RAIN SENSOR
                                                                                                   3. SOIL MOISTURE SENSOR
                                                                                                   4. SMART CONTROLLER
                     3                                                                             5. HIGH EFFICIENCY NOZZLES
                                                                                                   6. RAINWATER HARVESTING
                                                                                                   7. PERMEABLE PAVERS
                                                                                                   8. SELF-WATERING IRRIGATION
                                                                                7                    CONTAINER SOLUTIONS

                              IRRIGATION                                          YOU.
              SMART technology and products available today, delivering sustainable solutions
              With the latest
               while maintaining the landscape has never been so easy. So what are you waiting for? To learn
               more, visit us online at

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