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					E-mail Subject Line
“Be Heard By The Catholic Church”

Dear Student:

What are yours views about the Catholic Church, about spirituality, and about
religious vocations? St. John’s University is collaborating with the Bishop of
the Brooklyn Diocese in an historic on-line study that explores the views of
local college students regarding important issues that affect the relationship
between the Church and the young people of New York City. This is a 15-20
minute on-line, confidential questionnaire designed to open a dialogue between
the Church and today’s youth. At the end of the questionnaire, you have an
option to enter your e-mail address for a chance to win one of 40 cash prizes.

Click here to begin the questionnaire (or paste this into your browser):

Thank you for your time and participation in this important confidential study.

Dr. Jeffery Fagen, Dean, St. John’s University
Dr. Frank Biafora, Associate Dean, St. John’s University
The Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop of Brooklyn
Rev. Kevin Sweeney, Diocese of Brooklyn
     Youth Culture and the Catholic Church:

 Findings from an On-Line Survey of Student
Attitudes Towards Religious Vocations in NYC

                        Dr. Jeffrey Fagen


                        Dr. Frank Biafora

                       St. John's University

In collaboration with the Office of the Bishop, Diocese of Brooklyn

                            July 2007

        No research project of this magnitude could be accomplished without the generous support and

dedication of many individuals, all of whom already had a full plate of daily activities but they somehow

still found time to assist us in carrying out this important project. We are particularly grateful for the

invaluable assistance of Rev. Kevin Sweeney, Vocation Director, Diocese of Brooklyn, who guided us at

each step in the process and helped us navigate over, under, and around obstacles on our way to

developing the student questionnaire and administering it to the Catholic high schools in Brooklyn and

Queens. The assistance of Lisa Amore, Assistant to Rev. Sweeney in the Vocations Office, is also

notable as she was always a quick phone call or e-mail away ensuring all of our questions were

answered and that all research needs were met with enthusiasm. A very special thanks to James

Campese, Master's Student at St. John's University. In his role as Graduate Assistant in the Graduate

Division of St. John’s College, James went over and above his normal duties, serving as the "face" of this

project when we were unable, pulling together an extensive literature review that helped in the creation of

the questionnaire, while at the same time successfully keeping up with a full compliment of graduate

coursework. We would also like to recognize the assistance of Mrs. Piyaporn Nawarat in the Office of

Institutional Research. Piyaporn worked magic behind the scenes transforming our paper questionnaire

into its final live, on-line format. We only wish we had even an ounce of the technological talent that she

was able to bring to this endeavor. A very special “thank you” to Pam Shea Burns, Vice President for

University Ministry at St. John's University, and to Michael Germano, Director of Campus Ministry at

Archbishop Molloy High School. Both Pam and Michael were particularly helpful early in the planning

stages in pulling together subjects for our two focus group subjects, one held at St. John's University, the

other at Molloy.

Thank you all,

Jeff and Frank
                                        Research Design

       At the center of this research project was a voluntary, confidential, on-line questionnaire.

Given the private nature of the project, the attempt to reach all Catholic high school juniors and

seniors and college/university students in the Brooklyn/Queens area, and the limited time,

funding, and staff for this project, the research team quickly moved away from the idea of a hard

copy instrument in favor of an on-line design. Once created the questionnaire was uploaded and

housed on the St. John's University computer network under the following 24-hour accessible

web address: The survey was live for the better part of three

months (February, March, April, 2007). Eligible high school students were directed to this survey

web address by their home room teachers who were also instructed to pass out a printed 4 X 6

invitation/incentive card (copy attached). College students were invited to participate and

directed to the web address from an e-mail blast (copy attached) sent at three different times

throughout the administration period.

       En route to the final 45-item instrument, the research team obtained invaluable input

from two student focus groups, one with high school students, the other with college students.

The first focus group meeting was held at Archbishop Molloy High School early in the

conceptualization process. This initial meeting consisted of a diverse group of 10 Catholic

student leaders (mix of juniors and seniors) selected by the Vocations Director of Molloy. The

second focus group was held at St. John's University. This group consisted of a diverse group

of 12 Catholic students identified by the Vice President for Campus Ministry at St. John's



       Questions were written and designed to tap nine pre-determined domains of interest

(see attached questionnaire):

       1. Demographic characterizes of the participants

       2. Religious beliefs and practices
       3. Families views of religious vocations

       4. Friends' views of religious vocations

       5. Perceptions/beliefs about recent issues in the Catholic Church

       6. Perceptions of modern youth culture

       7. Perceptions / memories of vocations recruitment

       8. Career goals

       9. Open ended write-in response for Bishop DiMarzio


       Through ongoing collaborative discussions with the Bishop and his Vocations Director,

the decision was made to focus our efforts on reaching the local student population of 18 – 24

year olds. With the support of the staff of the Office of the Brooklyn Diocese, the population

sampling frame was identified and consisted of area Catholic High Schools in Brooklyn and

Queens (listed below) and a select group of colleges/universities (listed below).

       Once secured and cleaned, usable data were obtained from a total of 1,170

respondents. Males and females were about evenly represented, with 562 males (48.4%) and

599 females (51.6%). The majority of the respondents were non-Hispanic White (51.9%),

followed by 14% Hispanic/Latino, 12.2% Asian, 8.1% African American, and 13.8% specifying

"Other". Two-thirds of the sample (67.5%) was Catholic, followed by a small number of

Protestants (6.6%), Jewish (1.6%), and Muslim (2.2%) students. Approximately one-fourth of

the students (22.9%) selected “Other” for this question or did not answer it. Nearly three in four

(75.6%) stated that they belonged to a Church, Mosque, Synagogue, or other religious

community. Additional details about the characteristics of the sample are presented in the next

section along with the percentage of students who chose each choice for each question.

High School Participation

       The following 20 Catholic High Schools were approached and asked to participate in the

study. In mid December 2006, Rev. Sweeney and Dr. Biafora attended a regional meeting of
Catholic School Principals (held at Stella Maris High School) to discuss the project and to solicit

institutional support. This was followed by telephone calls, e-mails, and in some cases personal

visits. It should be noted that in an effort to ensure confidentiality, school names were not

identified on the instrument and, as such, we are unable to know with certainty which of the

schools ultimately participated. Although it is possible that students from each of these schools

were represented, follow-ups with school contacts lead us to believe that representation comes

from those schools noted in bold by a *.

*Archbishop Molloy High School
*Bishop Ford Central High School
*Bishop Laughlin Memorial High School
*Cathedral Preparatory Seminary
*Christ the King Regional High School
*Holy Cross High School
*Msgr. McClancy Memorial High School
*Nazareth Regional High School
*St. Edmund Preparatory HS
*St. Francis Preparatory School
*Xaverian High School
Bishop Kearney High School
Catherine McAuley High School
Fontbonne Hall Academy
St. Agnes High School
St. John's Preparatory High School
St. Joseph High School
St. Saviour High School
Stella Maris High School
The Mary Louis Academy

College / University participation

       Presidents from the following 15 colleges and universities were approached and asked

for their institutions to participate in the study. Contact was first made by a letter from Bishop

DiMarzio explaining the project. This was followed by an e-mail (an in some cases a telephone

call) from Dean Fagen soliciting participation. Only four colleges/universities responded to these

requests. These are noted in bold by a *.

*Polytechnic University
*St. John's University
*St. Joseph's College
*St. Francis College
Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus
New York Institute of Technology
Medgar Evers College
York College
Queensborough Community College
Kingsborough Community College
Pratt Institute
LaGuardia Community College
Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology
Brooklyn College
Queens College

Ethical Assurances and Incentives

       The research team took special care to ensure that this survey research followed

necessary human subjects and ethical guidelines specified by the federal government and the

Institutional Review Board of St. John's University. It was important to ensure that students

under the age of consent (i.e., 17 and under) obtained parental consent prior to being directed

to the survey web address. Attached is the parental consent form in both English and Spanish

that was utilized. The research team relied on high school officials and classroom teachers to

collect signed consent forms prior to giving out the survey web address. As an added protection,

the opening ascent paragraph to the on-line instrument stated that "Students must be 18 years

old or have parental consent before taking this survey."

       As an incentive, each participant (whether or not s/he finished the questionnaire) was

offered an opportunity to win 1 of 40 gift cards (10 @ $100; 10 @ $75; 10 @ $50; 10 @ 25) via

a random drawing. Students who were interested in this voluntary raffle were required to provide

the research team with an email address with the assurance that this email address would only

be used for the raffle.


        For each question, the percentage of respondents selecting each choice was calculated.
These data are presented first. Second, we present these percentages divided by gender. A
series of chi-square analyses was conducted to determine if there were any significant
differences (α = .05) in the responses between the males and females. Third, for the Catholic
students only, we used a series of chi-square analyses (with correlations) to compare the
students’ answers to each question as a function of their answers to Question 44: “Looking into
the future, how likely are you to explore the possibility of becoming a priest, brother, or
sister/nun?” This last set of analyses produced a great deal of data, some of which may be
difficult to interpret. We have provided an explanation for each significant result; however, it is
important to point out that, in most cases, there are other ways to look at and interpret these
data, including those analyses where no significant difference emerged. Finally, we present the
results of a content analysis conducted on the student’s write-in responses to the final question
on the survey: “As you are probably aware, the number of young people entering religious
vocations in America is declining. If you could have a few honest and uninterrupted minutes with
the Bishop, what advice would you offer him in an effort to increase the interest of young men
and women to seriously consider a religious vocation?” Here the number of students whose
open-ended comments fell into 1 of 20 categories is indicated along with an analysis by gender.
             Youth Culture and the Catholic Church:
   A Survey of Student Attitudes Towards Religious Vocation in
Dr. Jeffrey Fagen and Dr. Frank Biafora, professors at St. John's University (Queens, NY) are
conducting a confidential study that explores the views of young New Yorkers towards the
Catholic Church today. The study is designed to explore your personal thoughts and ideas about
religious vocations that have witnessed declines in recent years -- namely priests, brothers,
sisters/nuns. What follows is a brief questionnaire that will help us better understand youth
culture of today with the ultimate goals of enhancing the dialogue between young people and
the Catholic Church and also exploring ways to increase awareness and participation in church

Again, this is a confidential questionnaire. We are not interested in your names, only your honest
views and ideas. At the conclusion of the survey you will have the opportunity to enter a
drawing to receive one of forty gift cards:

1st Place (10 Winners) = $100
2nd Place (10 Winners) = $75
3rd Place (10 Winners) = $50
4th Place (10 Winners) = $25

If you have any questions regarding this study you may contact the co-project investigators:
Dr. Jeffrey Fagen (718.990.6272) or Dr. Frank Biafora (718.990.6243) or
contact the Secretary of the Internal Review Board at St. John's University, Dr. Jeffrey Olson

Student must be 18 years old or have parental consent before taking this survey.

Prepared by: Office of Institutional Research (pn)   Page 1 of 8                                 02/13/07
             Youth Culture and the Catholic Church:
   A Survey of Student Attitudes Towards Religious Vocation in
Student must be 18 years old or have parental consent before taking this survey.
Are you currently 18 years of age, or do you have parental consent to complete this
    Yes           No
If YES, please continue on the next section (DEMOGRAPHICS).

If NO, you MUST obtain parental consent in writing in order to complete this survey.
Speak to your vocations director if you would like a permission slip.

1. You are: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      Male         Female
2. You currently attend: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                         High School      College/University
3. Do you currently attend a Catholic High School or College? . . . . . . . .                                         Yes        No
4. Counting grade school, middle school, high school and college, approximately how
many years of Catholic education have you had?
    1               3               5                7       9                  11        13            15       17          19
    2               4               6                8       10                 12        14            16       18          20
5. Which of the following best describes your ethnic background?
    Non-Hispanic White/Anglo                                                    African American
    Hispanic/Latino                                                             Asian

6. Which of the following best represents your family structure when you are at home?
    Your Mother and Father                                                      Your Mother Only
    Your Mother and other adult                                                 Your Father Only
    Your Father and other adult                                                 No parents, but other adults
7. At any time in your life, did your parents get divorced? . . . . . . . . . . . .                                   Yes        No

8. Were you born in the United States? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                          Yes        No

    8.1 If NO, please name the country. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
9. What is your religious denomination?
    Catholic                                Protestant                          Jewish                       Muslim

Prepared by: Office of Institutional Research (pn)                Page 2 of 8                                                02/13/07
10. Do you belong to a Church, Mosque, Synagogue or other religious
community? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .           Yes       No
11. Are you a member of a youth group that is affiliated with a Church,
Mosque, Synagogue, or other religious community? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                       Yes       No
12. In general, how important is religion in your life?
    Not at all important                    Moderately                         Very important
    Not too important                       important
13. How often do you attend religious services?
    Never                           Rarely                    Sometimes                    Often                      Always
14. How often do you turn to your religion or spiritual beliefs to help you deal with your
daily problems?
    Never                           Rarely                    Sometimes                    Often                      Always
15. How often do you pray?
    Never                           Once a week               More than once
    Rarely                          Once a day                a day
16. How strong would you say is your religious faith?
    Not strong at all                       Not too strong                     Moderately strong                 Very strong
17. I currently know (or knew in the past) a priest or religious brother or
on a personal level, that is someone whom I could easily talk to
outside of church. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .             Yes       No
18. I believe being a priest, brother, sister brings structure and a sense of purpose to
one's life.
    Not at all true                                  Somewhat true                                   Very true

  Historically family members have been a source of encouragement for individuals
  considering a religious vocation (priesthood, brotherhood or sisterhood). For the
  following questions, think about your own family, including extended family such as
  aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

  If you are a male, the term Religious Vocation in the questions that follow refers to a
  priest or brother. If you are a female, Religious Vocation refers to religious sister or

19. Is a member of your family (aunt, uncle, brother, sister) a priest,
brother or sister/nun within the Catholic Church? This includes those
who may have been
in the past. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       Yes       No

Prepared by: Office of Institutional Research (pn)               Page 3 of 8                                                   02/13/07
20. How often have members of your family encouraged you to consider a religious
    Never                                   More than a few                      All the time
    Once or twice                           times
21a-c. In general, what reaction would your family have if you told them you were
seriously considering a religious vocation? They would
                                                                                                                                       Yes No

      21a. encourage me . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      21b. take me seriously . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      21c. talk me out of it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

22. Is a Catholic priest, brother, or sister/nun a close friend of your
family? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .              Yes        No
23. In the past year or so, how often have members of your family talked to a priest,
brother, or sister/nun to discuss problems and/or to get spiritual guidance?
    Never                                   More than a few                      Frequently
    Once or twice                           times
24a-c. In general, how would your closest friends react if you told them you wanted to
become a priest or brother (or sister/nun for female respondants)? They would
                                                                                                                                       Yes No

      24a. Encourage me . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      24b. Take me seriously . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      24c. Talk me out of it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

25. How knowledgeable are you of the sexual abuse scandal within the church?
    Not at all                                       Somewhat                                          Very
26. How true is the following statement to you: "The recent sex scandals in the church
have discouraged me from considering a religious vocation."
    Not at all true                                  Somewhat true                                     Very true
27. What impact has the sexual abuse scandal in the Church had on your personal faith?
    Diminished my faith                              No impact                                         Increased my faith
28a-k. "More young people my age would consider becoming a priest, brother, or
sister/nun if..."

Prepared by: Office of Institutional Research (pn)                 Page 4 of 8                                                          02/13/07
                                                                                                          Not at All Somewhat
                                                                                                            True       True   Very True

28a. They could get married and have a family . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
28b. They did not have to take a vow of poverty . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
28c. The Church did not have so many rules of obedience . . . . . .
28d. The Church did not require giving up so many personal
freedoms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
28e. Commitments to religious life could be time-limited and less
permanent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
28f. The Church was more permissive of a woman's right to
abortion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
28g. The Church was more permissive of homosexual lifestyles . .
28h. The Church was more permissive of the use of
contraception/birth control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
28i. The Church was more supportive of sexual relations between
non-married couples . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
28j. Women were able to be ordained as Priests . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
28k. They were not required to live in a religious community . . .

29. I believe that the Catholic Church, in general, is in touch with the ideas, views and
feelings of young people today?
    Do Not Agree                                         Somewhat Agree                                  Strongly Agree
30. I believe that the Priests in my parish try to understand the thoughts and feelings of
young people of my age?
    Do Not Agree                                         Somewhat Agree                                  Strongly Agree
31. How often do you talk with a priest, brother or sister/nun to discuss problems and get
spiritual guidance?
    Never                                   More than a few                         Frequently
    Once or twice                           times
32. In the past few years, how often have you been invited to engage in
religious/spiritual based activities, whether through your church, your school or your
    Never                                   More than a few                         Frequently
    Once or twice                           times
33. I have received promotional materials encouraging me to consider joining a religious
    Never                                                Once in a while                                 Frequently

Prepared by: Office of Institutional Research (pn)                    Page 5 of 8                                                02/13/07
34. A priest, brother, sister/nun has personally talked to me about the possibility of
becoming a priest, brother, sister/nun.
    Never                                   More than a few                      Frequently
    Once or twice                           times
35. I believe that the Church has done a good job of reaching out to me in an effort to
educate me about religious vocations.
    Not all true                                      Somewhat true                                    Very true
36. I believe being a priest, brother, or sister/nun is a fulfilling career choice.
    Not at all true                                   Somewhat true                                    Very true
37. About how many priests can you honestly say that you look up to as "role models"?
    None                                    One                                  Two                                Three or more
38. I have attended a Vocations Recruitment Program where I learned
about religious life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                     Yes        No
If NO to Question 38, please go to VIII. MY FUTURE CAREER.
If YES to 38, please respond to the following. I ____________ about what the vocation
dircetors/presenter(s) has said.
                                                                                                                                       Yes No

38a. seriously listened to . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
38b. had serious talk with my parents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
38c. had serious talk with my friends . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

39a-l. When you consider your future career, how important are the following issues: A

Prepared by: Office of Institutional Research (pn)                 Page 6 of 8                                                          02/13/07
                                                                                                            Not    Somewhat    Very
                                                                                                         Important Important Important

39a. That pays very well . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
39b. That is satisfying to me spiritually . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
39c. Where I can directly help people . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
39d. Where I feel good about myself . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
39e. That is exciting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
39f. That is fulfilling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
39g. That offers long-term stability . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
39h. That offers travel throughout the world . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
39i. That allows me to help my community . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
39j. That gives me a lot of personal freedom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
39k. That provides me and my future family with financial
security . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
39l. That provides me with opportunities to share my feelings
about God and the Catholic faith. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

40. I believe I understand what priests, brothers, or sisters/nuns do on a day to day basis.
    Not at all agree                                     Somewhat agree                                  Strongly agree
41. I believe I understand what type of professional training it takes to become a priest,
brother, or sister/nun.
    Not at all agree                                     Somewhat agree                                  Strongly agree
42. I am not sure I would be accepted into a religious vocation even if I wanted to
because of the things I have done in the past.
    Not at all agree                                     Somewhat agree                                  Strongly agree
43. I believe that young people do not necessarily choose to enter a religious vocation,
but do so because of a calling from God.
    Not at all agree                                     Somewhat agree                                  Strongly agree
44. Looking into the future, how likely are you to explore the possibility of becoming a
priest, brother, or sister/nun?
    Not at all agree                                     Somewhat agree                                  Strongly agree

Prepared by: Office of Institutional Research (pn)                     Page 7 of 8                                              02/13/07
45. As you are probably aware, the number of young people entering religious vocations
in America is declining. If you could have a few honest and uninterrupted minutes with
the Bishop, what advice would you offer him in an effort to increase the interest of
young men and women to seriously consider a religious vocation?

If you are interested in entering a raffle drawing for a gift card, please provide your e-
mail address. Winners will be notified via e-mail after the data collection period . (Only
one e-mail entry per person)

E-mail address (For drawing only): . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

More information about the ministry as a vocation
If you are interested in learning more about the ministry as a vocation, please provide
your e-mail address for future contact.

Prepared by: Office of Institutional Research (pn)      Page 8 of 8                                  02/13/07
                                       ST. JOHN’S UNIVERSITY SURVEY
                                             Section II - Percentages


1.You are:

562; 48.4% Male              599; 51.6% Female

2. You currently attend:

304; 26.3% High School             854; 73.7% College/University

3. Do you currently attend a Catholic High School or College?

1075; 93.2%Yes                     79; 6.8% No

4. Counting grade school, middle school, high school and college, approximately how
many years of Catholic education have you had?

128; 11.2% 1              43; 3.8% 5          36; 3.2% 9             55; 4.8% 13       32; 2.8% 17
124; 10.9% 2              41; 3.6% 6          45; 3.9% 10            59; 5.2% 14       15; 1.3% 18
114; 10.0% 3              37; 3.2% 7          62; 5.4% 11            46; 4.0% 15        9; 0.8% 19
114; 10.0% 4              51; 4.5% 8          87; 7.6% 12            37; 3.2% 16        5; 0.4% 20

5. Which of the following best describes your ethnic background?

600; 51.9% Non-Hispanic White/Anglo
162; 14.0% Hispanic/Latino
141; 12.2% Asian
 94; 8.1% African American
160; 13.8% Other

For “Other,” students listed (Note: some categories were listed by more than one

•   Italian, Irish, Cuban, and           •     Indian                              •   White/Asian
    English                              •     White, Asian, Hispanic              •   Albanian
•   European descent                     •     Egyptian                            •   Caribbean Mixed
•   West Indian                          •     East Indian, Polynesian, Asian      •   Afro Caribbean
•   West Indian/Black                    •     Asian (Chinese)/Pacific Islander    •   Bangladeshi
•   American                                   (Philippines)/European (Spain)      •   Indian Subcontinent
•   Pacific Islander                     •     Nicaraguan/Brazilian/Pakistani      •   Spanish
•   Multiracial                          •     Sicilian French Jew                 •   Guyanese West Indian
•   African, East Indian and             •     Arabian                             •   South Asian (Indian)
    Chinese                              •     Asian Indian                        •   Anglo/Hispanic
•   Italian                              •     Mixed                               •   Asian-Indian
•   Caribbean                            •     Central Asian Jew                   •   Middle Eastern
•   Italian American                     •     Caribbean/Black                     •   Garifuna
•   Mixed Caribbean descent              •     Caucasian                           •   Portuguese
•   Native American                      •     South Indian                        •   Russian
•   Spaniard                             •     White/Italian                       •   Non-Hispanic White - European
•   Indo-Caribbean                       •     Arab/Middle Eastern                 •   East Indian (from the
•   Mixed Ethnicities                    •     Prefer not to disclose                  Caribbean)
•   Filipino                             •     Combination of many different       •   Jamaican and German mix
•   East Indian                                ethnicities                         •   Black/Hispanic
•   African                              •     Indian-Asia Subminor                •   White Ukrainian
•   Guyanese                             •     Puerto Rican & Polish               •   Black
•   Italian and Colombian                •     Asian American                      •   3/4 Italian ,Part American
•   Black Guyanese                       •     Caribbean black                         Indian, part Irish, part of some
•   Hispanic and White                   •     Indian- (Asia)                          other things I’m not sure
•   Haitian American                   •     Italian/Puerto Rican                  •   Native American and African
•   Albanian                           •     Ethiopian Indian                          American
•   White                              •     Hispanic/Latino/White/Anglo           •   Bangladeshi/Portuguese
•   Hindu                              •     Italian American/ Latino              •   Interracial
•   Greek                              •     Haitian                               •   Guyanese/Peruvian
•   Black West Indian                                                              •   Mixed Latino and White

6. Which of the following best represents your family structure when you are at home?

815; 70.7% Your Mother and Father                     200; 17.4% Your Mother Only
74; 6.4% Your Mother and other adult                   27; 2.3% Your Father Only
8; 0.7% Your Father and other adult                    28; 2.4% No parents, but other adults

7. At any time in your life, did your parents get divorced?

236; 20.5% Yes               915; 79.5% No

8. Were you born in the United States?

968; 83.4% Yes               192; 16.6% No


9. What is your religious denomination?

782; 67.5% Catholic
77; 6.6% Protestant
18; 1.6% Jewish
25; 2.2% Muslim
268; 22.9% Other or no answer

For “Other,” students listed (Note: some categories were listed by more than one student):

•   African Methodist Episcopal        •     Christian: Congregationalist/         •   I was raised Catholic, but I'm
    Zion                                     Bible based                               not sure what religious category
•   Agnostic                           •     Converting to Catholicism                 I would fall under at this point in
•   Agnostic Atheist                   •     Coptic Orthodox                           my life
•   Agnostic; raised Catholic          •     East orthodox Christian               •   I am spiritual
•   Anglican                           •     Eastern                               •   Indian Christian Orthodox
•   Apostolic                          •     Eastern Orthodox                          (Eastern Orthodox)
•   Atheist                            •     Episcopalian                          •   Jainist
•   Baptist                            •     Gnostic                               •   Just Christian
•   Believe in God, not organized      •     Greek Orthodox                        •   Just plain Christian-It is
    religion.                          •     Greek Orthodox Christian                  ridiculous that Christianity has
•   Born with Buddhism but have        •     Gregorian                                 been divided into so many
    been thinking to convert it to     •     Hindu                                     branches
    Christian                          •     Hindu/Muslim                          •   Latter-day Saint (Mormon)
•   Buddhist                           •     I do not practice any 1 religious     •   The Light of the World
•   Buddhist/Spiritual                       faith                                 •   Lutheran
•   Bulgarian Orthodox                 •     I don't affiliate myself with any     •   Methodist
•   Cherubim and Seraphim                    religion, but I am not an atheist.    •   Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist
•   Christian                          •     I was raised as a Baptist             •   No affiliation
•   Christian (Lutheran)               •     I was raised Catholic, and my         •   No religion
•   Christian Nondenominational              family is very active within in the   •   No religion/Recently left the
•   Christian Orthodox                       Church, but I determined that             Church
•   Christian with an undecided              my beliefs do not coincide with       •   Non-religious Taoist-Buddhist
    denomination                             Catholicism                           •   Non-denominational
•   Christian-Marthomite                                                           •   Non-denominational Christian
•   Non-religious                             church every week and teach          •   Studying to be a confirmed
•   None                                      Sunday school                            Catholic
•   Not determined                      •     Raised Protestant by father and      •   Syrian Orthodox
•   Orthodox                                  converted to Catholicism in high     •   Syrian Orthodox Christian
•   Orthodox Christian                        school for mother                    •   Theist
•   Orthodox-Greek                      •     Rastafarian                          •   Transcendentalist
•   Pentecostal                         •     Russian Orthodox                     •   United Methodist
•   Protestant Christian                •     Secular                              •   Wiccan
•   Raised Catholic- no longer          •     Seventh day Adventist
    Catholic, but I attend a non-       •     Sikh
    denominational Christian            •     Spiritual not religious

10. Do you belong to a Church, Mosque, Synagogue or other religious community?

873; 75.6% Yes                281; 24.4% No

11. Are you a member of a youth group that is affiliated with a Church, Mosque,
Synagogue, or other religious community?

280; 24.2% Yes                877; 75.8% No

12. In general, how important is religion in your life?

99; 8.6% Not at all important                         492; 42.6% Moderately important
150; 13.0% Not too important                          414; 35.8% Very important

13. How often do you attend religious services?

123; 10.6% Never                            305; 26.4% Sometimes                 194; 16.8% Always
282; 24.4% Rarely                           251; 21.7% Often

14. How often do you turn to your religion or spiritual beliefs to help you deal with your
daily problems?

125; 10.9% Never                            310; 27.0% Sometimes                 220; 19.1% Always
151; 13.1% Rarely                           344; 29.9% Often

15. How often do you pray?

115; 9.9% Never                                       388; 33.5% Once a day
239; 20.7% Rarely                                     228; 19.7% More than once a day
187; 16.2% Once a week

16. How strong would you say is your religious faith?

113; 9.8% Not strong at all                           511; 44.3% Moderately strong
195; 16.9% Not too strong                             334; 29.0% Very strong

17. I currently know (or knew in the past) a priest or religious brother or sister on a
personal level, that is someone whom I could easily talk to comfortably outside of

635; 54.9% Yes                521; 45.1% No
18. I believe being a priest, brother, sister brings structure and a sense of purpose to
one's life.

167; 14.4% Not at all true       608; 52.5% Somewhat true       383; 33.1% Very true


19. Is a member of your family (aunt, uncle, brother, sister) a priest, brother or sister/nun
within the Catholic Church? This includes those who may have been in the past.

157; 13.7% Yes        988; 86.3% No

20. How often have members of your family encouraged you to consider a religious

805; 69.7% Never                            98; 8.5% More than a few times
212; 18.4% Once or twice                    40; 3.5% All the time

21a-c. In general, what reaction would your family have if you told them you were
seriously considering a religious vocation? They would

       21a. encourage me.

       683; 61.3% Yes        431; 38.7% No

       21b. take me seriously.

       664; 59.1% Yes        459; 40.9% No

       21c. talk me out of it.

       315; 28.5% Yes        791; 71.5% No

22. Is a Catholic priest, brother, or sister/nun a close friend of your family?

413; 36.1% Yes        732; 63.9% No

23. In the past year or so, how often have members of your family talked to a priest,
brother, or sister/nun to discuss problems and/or to get spiritual guidance?

516; 44.8% Never                            196; 17.0% More than a few times
348; 30.2% Once or twice                     91; 7.9% Frequently


24a-c. In general, how would your closest friends react if you told them you wanted to
become a priest or brother (or sister/nun for female respondents). They would

       24a. encourage me.
       410; 37.2% Yes        692; 62.8% No

       24b. take me seriously.

       353; 31.8% Yes        758; 68.2% No

       24c. talk me out of it.

       533; 47.5% Yes        589; 52.5% No


25. How knowledgeable are you of the sexual abuse scandal within the church?

38; 3.3% Not at all          693; 60.1% Somewhat          422; 36.6% Very

26. How true is the following statement to you: "The recent sex scandals in the church
have discouraged me from considering a religious vocation."

780; 67.5% Not at all true   270; 23.4% Somewhat true     106; 9.2% Very true

27. What impact has the sexual abuse scandal in the Church had on your personal faith?

175; 15.2% Diminished my faith            47; 4.1% Increased my faith
931; 80.7% No impact

28a-k. “More young people my age would consider becoming a priest, brother, or
sister/nun if

       28a. they could get married and have a family.

       118; 10.2% Not at All True                437; 37.8% Somewhat True
       600; 51.9% Very True

       28b. they did not have to take a vow of poverty.

       280; 24.3% Not at All True                559; 48.6% Somewhat True
       312; 27.1% Very True

       28c. the Church did not have so many rules of obedience.

       322; 28.1% Not at All True                508; 44.3% Somewhat True
       317; 27.6% Very True

       28d. the Church did not require giving up so many personal freedoms.

       201; 17.6% Not at All True                512; 44.8% Somewhat True
       430; 37.6% Very True

       28e. commitments to religious life could be time-limited and less permanent.
       367; 32.2% Not at All True                 513; 45.0% Somewhat True
       260; 22.8% Very True

       28f. the Church was more permissive of a woman's right to abortion.

       531; 46.3% Not at All True                 422; 36.8% Somewhat True
       194; 16.9% Very True

       28g. the Church was more permissive of homosexual lifestyles.

       494; 43.1% Not at All True                 424; 37.0% Somewhat True
       228; 19.9% Very True

       28h. the Church was more permissive of the use of contraception/birth control.

       297; 25.8% Not at All True                 464; 40.3% Somewhat True
       389; 33.8% Very True

       28i. the Church was more supportive of sexual relations between non-married

       387; 33.7% Not at All True                 442; 38.5% Somewhat True
       318; 27.7% Very True

       28j. women were able to be ordained as priests.

       272; 23.7% Not at All True                 434; 37.7% Somewhat True 444;
       38.6% Very True

       28k. they were not required to live in a religious community.

       358; 31.1% Not at All True                 523; 45.5% Somewhat True
       269; 23.4% Very True


29. I believe that the Catholic Church, in general, is in touch with the ideas, views and
feelings of young people today?

471; 40.9% Do Not Agree                    579; 50.3% Somewhat Agree
101; 8.8% Strongly Agree

30. I believe that the Priests in my parish try to understand the thoughts and feelings of
young people of my age?

274; 23.9% Do Not Agree                    596; 52.0% Somewhat Agree
276; 24.1% Strongly Agree

31. How often do you talk with a priest, brother, or sister/nun to discuss problems and
get spiritual guidance?
602; 52.4% Never                             116; 10.1% More than a few times
356; 31.0% Once or twice                     75; 6.5% Frequently

32. In the past few years, how often have you been invited to engage in religious/spiritual
based activities, whether through your church, your school or your community?

148; 12.8% Never                             412; 35.8% More than a few times
328; 28.5% Once or twice                     264; 22.9% Frequently


33. I have received promotional materials encouraging me to consider joining a religious

685; 59.7% Never              393; 34.2% Once in a while           70; 6.1% Frequently

34. A priest, brother, sister/nun has personally talked to me about the possibility of
becoming a priest, brother, sister/nun.

830; 72.4% Never                             69; 6.0% More than a few times
218; 19.0% Once or twice                     29; 2.5% Frequently

35. I believe that the Church has done a good job of reaching out to me in an effort to
educate me about religious vocations.

523; 45.6% Not all true                      484; 42.2% Somewhat true
140; 12.2% Very true

36. I believe being a priest, brother, or sister/nun is a fulfilling career choice.

307; 26.6% Not at all true                   527; 45.7% Somewhat true
318; 27.6% Very true

37. About how many priests can you honestly say that you look up to as "role models"?

416; 36.2% None                              234; 20.4% Two
310; 27.0% One                               189; 16.4% Three or more

38. I have attended a Vocations Recruitment Program where I learned about religious life.

123; 10.8% Yes        1015; 89.2% No

       If YES to Question 38:

       38a. I seriously listened to what the vocation directors/presenters said.

       137; 49.1% Yes         142; 50.9% No

       38b. I had serious talk with my parents about what the vocation
       directors/presenters said.
       60; 22.9% Yes              202; 77.1% No

       38c. I had serious talk with my friends about what the vocation
       directors/presenters said.

       62; 23.7% Yes              200; 76.3% No


39a-l. When you consider your future career, how important are the following issues: A job

       39a. that pays very well.

       69; 6.0% Not Important                              645; 55.9% Very Important
       440; 38.1% Somewhat Important

       39b. that is satisfying to me spiritually.

       163; 14.2% Not Important                            524; 45.6% Very Important
       462; 40.2% Somewhat Important

       39c. where I can directly help people.

       67; 5.8% Not Important                              708; 61.5% Very Important
       377; 32.7% Somewhat Important

       39d. where I feel good about myself.

       20; 1.7% Not Important                              998; 86.9% Very Important
       131; 11.4% Somewhat Important

       39e. that is exciting.

       18; 1.6% Not Important                              864; 74.9% Very Important
       271; 23.5% Somewhat Important

       39f. that is fulfilling.

       13; 1.1% Not Important                              1011; 87.6% Very Important
       130; 11.3% Somewhat Important

       39g. that offers long-term stability.

       27; 2.3% Not Important                              915; 79.6% Very Important
       207; 18.0% Somewhat Important

       39h. that offers travel throughout the world.

       379; 32.9% Not Important                            326; 28.3% Very Important
       447; 38.8% Somewhat Important
       39i. that allows me to help my community.

       102; 8.9% Not Important                           581; 50.4% Very Important
       469; 40.7% Somewhat Important

       39j. that gives me a lot of personal freedom.

       46; 4.0% Not Important                            723; 62.7% Very Important
       384; 33.3% Somewhat Important

       39k. that provides me and my future family with financial security.

       15; 1.3% Not Important                            997; 86.8% Very Important
       137; 11.9% Somewhat Important

       39l. that provides me with opportunities to share my feelings about God and the
       Catholic faith.

       480; 41.7% Not Important                          230; 20.0% Very Important
       440; 38.3% Somewhat Important

40. I believe I understand what priests, brothers, or sisters/nuns do on a day to day basis.

251; 21.9% Not at all agree                      680; 59.2% Somewhat agree
217; 18.9% Strongly agree

41. I believe I understand what type of professional training it takes to become a priest,
brother, or sister/nun.

389; 33.9% Not at all agree                      567; 49.4% Somewhat agree
192; 16.7% Strongly agree

42. I am not sure I would be accepted into a religious vocation even if I wanted to
because of the things I have done in the past.

707; 61.7% Not at all agree                      323; 28.2% Somewhat agree
115; 10.0% Strongly agree

43. I believe that young people do not necessarily choose to enter a religious vocation,
but do so because of a calling from God.

224; 19.6% Not at all agree                      597; 52.1% Somewhat agree
324; 28.3% Strongly agree

44. Looking into the future, how likely are you to explore the possibility of becoming a
priest, brother, or sister/nun?

907; 79.1% Not at all agree                      192; 16.8% Somewhat agree
47; 4.1% Strongly agree
                                      Question 45

                       Content Analysis of Write-in Response to:

“As you are probably aware, the number of young people entering religious vocations in
America is declining. If you could have a few honest and uninterrupted minutes with the
Bishop, what advice would you offer him in an effort to increase the interest of young
men and women to seriously consider a religious vocation?”

A content analysis of the 782 usable write-in responses to this question yielded the
following broad categories (the numbers in parentheses indicate how many of the write-
in responses fell into each category):

   1. Allow for families and marriage (112)
   2. Do away with the vow of poverty (24)
   3. Allow women to be ordained (49)
   4. Do away with the vow of celibacy (17)
   5. Loosen rules (non-specified) (72)
   6. More teen programs in the Parish/Church (72)
   7. More teen programs in the schools (24)
   8. More teen programs (non-specific) (4)
   9. Better marketing of vocational opportunities (13)
   10. More respectful and tolerant Church (65)
   11. Things are fine as they are / Things will be fine (20)
   12. The end is near / All religions will decline (13)
   13. Sex scandals turned me off / Zero tolerance policy (22)
   14. More interaction between clergy and laymen (50)
   15. More church sponsored community outreach programs (22)
   16. Modernize (non-specific) (69)
   17. Offensive or rambling response (30)
   18. Better religious education (non-specific) (62)
   19. More / better role models from within the Church (30)
   20. Other (uncategorized) (113)

What follows is:

1. a series of chi-square analyses comparing the males versus the females ;

2. an unedited printing of the students’ comments.
                Youth Culture and the Catholic Church:
   A Survey of Student Attitudes Towards Religious Vocation in NYC
                    Comments (Data as of 5/4/07)

45. As you are probably aware, the number of young people entering religious vocations in America is
declining. If you could have a few honest and uninterrupted minutes with the Bishop, what advice
would you offer him in an eff

        I would tell the Bishop that I feel the requirments and expectations of becoming a nun/priest have
        to be altered. I feel that even if many young people want to be a nun/priest, their minds change
        when they realize they will not be able to be married or have children of their own. They also do
        not want to vow to a life of poverty, they want to not only be fulfilled by being a nun/priest but
        have a certain amount of fulfillment financially. I also believe not everyone my age knows all they
        can about this vocation, and if the Vhurch reached out to us more we may come to enjoy this
        vocation or become more heavily interested in it. Lastly, I believe that thei should be more Teen
        programs to make us aware, not to force us into becoming a nun/priest but to let us know it is a
        Honestly, the church is too conservative. If the church became more open minded and accepting of
        different groups of people, more young men and women would consider a religious vocation. I
        believe that homosexuals in particular are not being treated fairly in the church. The world today
        needs more love, and I don't believe homosexuals are being treated with the respect they deserve.
        Many young men and women would probably consider a religious vocation if you allowed priests
        and nuns to get married.
        I would tell the church to consider letting priests and nuns get married. I would also tell the church
        to try to become more accepting of homosexuals.
        In America, the number of young people entering religious vocations is declining. If I could have a
        few minutes with the Bishop, in an effort to increase the interest of young men and women who
        are seriously considering a religious vocation, I would advise him to relax some of the rules
        regarding women, poverty, etc…. Most young people do have faith and believe in God. However,
        the strictness of the church often turns them away. I'm not saying to throw all the rules out the
        window, just loosen up a bit and conform to fit the lifestyle of the modern day.
        If I were to meet with the Bishop, I would suggest trying to make the prayer services more youth
        oriented, while keeping the Catholic tradition, so teenagers may see what a great life they could
        have with God in their lives. I believe that going to church is a great experience, and I love having
        hope in my life, I just wish everyone else could feel the same way.
        I think it would be best that we invite the youth to youth groups and meetings so that they can
        first learn more about God. It shouldn't be something where they feel they are forced. If they go
        to groups for the youth where those who have devoted their lives and given their lives to the Lord
        can speak with them on a personal level, it would be better. It is always nice to hear that a person
        would be great for the priesthood or to become a nun but when it becomes forced, then it is not
        so appealing. I am actually a server in a youth group in St. Laurence Parish in Brooklyn and it is
        good to see the youth come together and praise the Lord without having to be forced, but doing
        it because they love God. Some people come in not knowing what to expect and they leave feeling
        Blessed. I think there should be more groups within the church but also I think the adults need to
        have more belief that the youth want to do this. If the adults in the parish doubt the youth, the
        youth might stop or it just might push them harder. But I think the youth need more support.
        Many young people are unaware of the rewarding and fulfilling lives offered through religious
        vocation. I only know of one high school or institution that creates a pathway into religious
        vocation--Cathedreal Prep in Queens. I feel there needs to be more interaction with young people,

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 1 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        and the Church should seek the advice of the young people, not the elderly, because we are the
        future of the Catholic Church and we need to be informed. We, the youth of the Church, are
        ignorant to what the Church is truly about and what a life of vocation would mean for us. There is
        a cliche of priests, nuns/sister and brothers that turns many people away. They are often seen as
        uptight and do nothing but pray, however, the priests and sisters I know are wonderful and
        hysterical. If there was more interaction between the young people and the amazing people there
        are in the Church I am sure a life of vocation would be more appealing because they could see that
        priests/sisters are real people. There must be more action taken by the church to teach our young
        people of what is available to them, because there may be hundreds ignoring the calling because
        they're scared and uninformed.
        That no matter what a person has done, that the church will still accept a person. Also, to maybe
        show the younger people what it's like to be included in religious vocations in America.
        The idea of having a religious vocation is seriously -- VERY SERIOUSLY -- inhibitted by people's
        need for companionship of the opposite sex. There is a certain human NEED that goes unfulfilled
        in eros wich eventually leads to agape.

        I don't know what to tell the bishop about this problem; the problem almost seems inevitable.
        People want that companionship, and I think the only way to fulfill that need for some type of
        eros is by creating agape for the poor and all of God's People.

        I think once the problem with divorce and marital separation is solved, the rest should fall into

        There also seems to be a lack of information and example for someone who is called to the family
        vocation to mimick the virgin martyrs and saints. There seems to be no modern or PRACTICAL way
        for the family to elevate itself to Sainthood. There is pleanty of practical examples of persons of
        sainthood who became successful -- saint Vincent DePaul included; but there is no practical
        example to live by for the majority of God's People: Family Vocations.
        I don't think that anything should be changed. We should stick with our strong morals and values
        as Christians and never compromise Christ's teachings for the sake of encouraging young people to
        join. God will call those he feels would be fit to represent him and his Church. It wouldn't matter
        whether we change things or not because at the end of the day God chooses the ones he wants
        and nothing can ever change that. I would also tell the Bishop to ask God for advice. He is really
        the best person to ask.
        The Church needs to find some way to really get across how exciting a career in religious life can
        be. Too little young men and women see the Church as offering exciting opportunities to travel,
        help others, be a part of a community...really make a difference in the world. The youth of this
        country are indoctrinated practically from birth by the media and television programs that clearly
        define so-called American-values as those that revolve around the fanciest car, the biggest
        paycheck, the prettiest spouse, etc.

        I think if more people really understood that a religious life can be just as exciting and much more
        rewarding personally and spiritually than just another job on Wall Street, then maybe more young
        men and women would consider a religious vocation.

        I suppose the key is outreach programming that really showcases what a dramatic impact religious
        can really have in other people's lives. The Church should also continue developing web-based
        materials and should add more interactive features to some of its websites...really allow people to
        explore what life might be like within the Church without leaving the comfort of their own home.
        Then when they are ready they can come in to a local parish, campus ministry, etc. and talk to
        someone in person about a possible vocation.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 2 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        Religion is man-made. To get people to enter a religion vocation, the rules have to be based more
        on spiritual beliefs than on the Church. If a person could handle devotion to both God and his
        family, let it be so.
        To try to understand what the younger generation does and to listen instead of just giving advice,
        sometimes having someone listen to what happened is better than recieving advice.
        Appeal to the youth of America more by doing good unto others. Show the youth that the
        religious people do not suffer from any of the seven deadly sins. Prove to the youth that the
        clergymen are honest, true, and good.
        I'm not sure.
        I would ask him why he thought this was true. In my opinion, the times are changing and there are
        not enough strong willed Catholics to live as it says in the Bible at this day and age. I'm not sure
        that the vocations in America will ever become plentiful again without changing the rules that
        have been followed for a few thousand years, which to me is something that sounds like a solution
        but would be going against what God wanted.
        The church needs to worry more about spirituality and love for a higher being- not whether males
        are marrying males and so on. The church has turned into a political system over a place of
        acceptance and worship. I think that if Jesus came back today then he would not be happy with
        how the church is run. We are not following his word- we're following the word that human's
        wrote down as the Bible with our own interpretations of what those things mean.
        Advertise more about vocational programs. Make sure people know it is an option and not just a
        calling you must have.
        I would tell him that having a family is very important for all of us and that shouldn't be stop if
        someone wants to become a priest or nun. I believe that all those sex scandals would stop if the
        priests are able to have a family. If the Church changes this then more young people will enter
        religious vocations. I know this because I know so many people who follow the Church but don't
        want to follow the religious vocation because they all want to have their own families.
        The Church has not moved with the times as it should. Of course there will be traditions and
        teachings that are static but somethings can change. The church should take a serious look at it's
        strengths, weakness, opprotunitys and threats. Then it should look at society and see the good
        qulites that exemplify the catholic christian teachings and try to iccorporate those more so into the
        faith community. When society is more easiliy welcomed into the chruch people will more freely
        come foward.
        Confront the child-sex abuse issue head on! Loudly, angerly and PUBLICALLY to the entire religious
        community. It NEEDS to be announced that there is a stong intolerence for this within the Catholic
        Church. And it needs to be shown that the Catholic Church will PUNISH to the full extent of the
        law, and by this I also mean Catholic law, i.e., announced and published excommunication from
        the Church. Sadly, very little is being said OR DONE, and whenever a young person says anything
        about a Priest the first thing others do is balk about the sexual abuse issues. That Catholic Church
        needs a PR firm! Seriously. This IS the number one reason people are straying from the Church.
        Even though the media claims that its the Catholic Church's lack of tolerance for birth control,
        same sex couples etc., that is keeping people away, it is not. It is the fear of sexual abuse at the
        hands of the most trusted men in the Catholic society. Stomp this issue out and there will be more
        answering the calling.
        Thank you.
        Find some way where you can better relate and understand the issues the youth are obligated to
        deal with at this tiime. If we feel as if you understand then it may be easier to get through to tus.
        In addition,the rigid structures and restrictions imposed in the catholicc Church tend to scare a lot
        of young people and do not encourage them to join or practice their religion
        I would encorage the Bishop to visit parishes and talk to the congregation about religious
        Consider women being ordained.
        Catholic education at the lower levels is too simple. The best things I have learned about
        Catholicism have been in my last two years of high school and the first two of college. I am sure

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 3 of 79                                 Data as of 5/4/07
        that if some of those things could be taught earlier, more people would become interested in
        religious vocations.
        I am fully aware about this issue within the roman catholic church. Although I am not exactly sure
        what could possibly help with this situation.
        Sexual activity between non-married couples is a very normal thing today and I feel that the Bishop
        needs to understand and accept that. Also, the Church's rules are quite outdated in the sense that
        spreading God's message, I feel, no longer requires the messenger to be chaste, poor, and
        obedient. On the contrary, the messengers (priests) should be allowed to encourage open
        discussions without fear of taboos. I feel that religious life could be just as satisfying with or
        without the restrictions placed on our priests today. The sex scandals are just one of the ways that
        priests are coming out of their sexually frustrated shells with terrible consequences. These sexual
        acts are partially due to the restrictions that are placed upon priests. I feel that if the priests were
        sexually satisfied at home, with a wife or other "partner," they would be better able to control
        themselves and not have turned to pedophilia.

        There are many faithful young people out there, including myself. It's so unfortuante that the
        Church never seems able to catch up with the times. I have basically stopped going to mass on a
        regular basis. It's time for the Church to reinvent itself. If not, sooner or later, it would simply
        become an institution of the past.
        To be honest, it's nothing you can CONVINCE someone to do - like I answered in a previous
        question, I feel that it is a call from God to live a life such as this. The problem is that today's youth
        is not interested in doing something that will make them appear as different or make them stand
        out. I'm not sure there's a whole lot the Church can do to overcome something like that.

        My honest opinion is that I can't understand why women are not allowed to be priests, and don't
        give me that whole 'Jesus didn't use women so we won't' thing... You'd be doubling your pool of
        priests! Aren't we supposed to be treating people as equals? How can God be seen as being
        sexually biased when even the 7-11 can't turn a woman away for a job because she is a woman??
        Women can be incredibly spiritual and loving leaders, just as men can. So that is my personal
        opinion on how you can increase membership in your seminaries.
        If the church really wants to recruit more younger priests and nuns they should sacrifice a little bit
        of traditions of the church and be a little bit more lenient with church rules.
        I would encourage him to listen to young people talk about their issues and concerns and to do his
        best to give them a better understanding of the way the Church works. He should encourage
        participation in ministries and education about their faith.
        Not enough information out there. Other vocations have lots of information out there for us to
        read and see and hear on tv. Nothing about the religious vocation is ever told.
        I think that it takes a divine human being to consider a religious vocation but at the same time in
        2007 the barriers and issues young people must confront before entering a religious career are
        innumerable. Bisexuality, contraception, birth control, homosexuality, even heterosexuality are
        such deep and complex issues and it is a complete rarity for a young person not to question his
        own values before deciding that priesthood or becoming a nun is really the answer for him or her.
        The Vatican and Rome and all of the tradition does not seem to be transforming fast; so I believe
        that people who feel like this is their calling will continue to enter these vocations but at the same
        time the world and its complexities with the sexuality and overall anguishes of life also are not
        shrinking. So it seems as if intense changes are not made within the seeds; within the true centers
        of Catholocism; then young people may begin to sadly write off religion and forget that its true
        core is genuinely such goodness.
        We need to reform Religious Education in our diocese. The fact that we do not even have a
        curriculum for High School Religion/Theology is outrageous. I believe that High School is the most
        formative time within a person's life. I think too often we have people (both ordained and lay)
        teaching Religion who do not have the proper training, or who do have the proper training but
        have their own agenda. There are some quality Religious educators in our Diocese, but not

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)    Page 4 of 79                                     Data as of 5/4/07
        enough. I think by the time students are approached by the Diocese about vocations, they are so
        confused and sometimes angry at the Church because of a misunderstanding of what we believe
        and stand for and uphold. Before you approach a teenager about becoming a priest, we have to
        do the best we can to give that person the spiritual tools he would need to recognize a call from
        Although I know that a lot of being a part of the church is standing up to societal pressures, you
        need to take into account the modern day culture. I am by no means a feminist, but the Catholic
        Church is VERY misoginistic. In my expierence with some nuns, they feel slighted. Another huge
        problem with young people choosing vocations is that they cannot be a part of a family. Maybe
        there would be less of a problem with priests molesting little boys if they werent so sexually

        But, what I say probably doesn't matter anyway, seeing as I don't believe in god.
        Priests always seem to be on a higher pedestal than everyone else. If perhaps more priests would
        form personal relationships with younger people, so they that get to know them as real people
        and human beings, it would make a vocation as a career more considerable.
        I don't know
        At the center of the issue is proper religious education. Too often, kids are not stressed the
        importance of the magisterium and traditional Church views. The media and contemporary society
        encourage the idea that the Church should adhere to more modern beliefs, as was done at Vatican
        Council II. However, I feel that this only weakens the desire of America's youths. The largest
        barrier I have experienced would be teachers and administrators, especially at "Catholic" colleges.
        In public schools, religion is never mentioned nor given any weight. At "Catholic" colleges, it
        seems as if the school should be known as "historically Catholic." In my own time, I seriously doubt
        the strictness to which these schools obey and follow Ex Corde Ecclesia. This document was made
        for the proper governance of Catholic schools, and I firmly believe that straying away from it or
        rejecting it weakens the ability of the Church to seriously appeal for vocations among teenagers
        and college students.

        I am not from the New York area, and I am very fortunate and thankful that my diocese, and
        especially my parish, is very conservative and traditional. Along with the Diocese of Omaha, we
        were the only other diocese in the country where our Bishop did not allow female altar servers
        because the provision called for them only if there was an extreme shortage of young men. That
        has never been a problem with my diocese, but sadly, the Bishop announced the allowance of
        female altar servers this past year. I strongly believe that women have their place in the Church,
        but the role of altar server is supposed to be a stepping stone towards the Priesthood. The Church
        worries about staying modern instead of continuing to teach the same traditional beliefs and
        ideals that have kept the Church strong for almost 2000 years.

        The best advice I have for His Excellency would be to crack down on schools that do not follow Ex
        Corde Ecclesia. The teachers should either be Catholic, or at least vow to teach their classes in
        accordance with the Catholic Church, especially since the idea of Catholic schools is to teach and
        integrate the Apostolic Faith. In the time where people are so afraid to impose beliefs on others,
        the Church must never step back from proclaiming its teachings. Catholic schools are private--they
        have no government board with which to comply their curriculum. I firmly suggest that admission
        standards should be strengthened, and let applying students know that they will receive a Catholic
        education, not a modern education at a Catholic school. Admissions may lower, but you will have
        a solid body of students who are willing, trained, and prepared to defend the Church, whether by
        living their lives in the manner of Christ or by taking up vocations.

        Now as much as ever, may the Divine Assistance remain always with us.
        I think it is often hard for young people to relate to priests and nuns. I think that a lot of times
        there is this overbearing sense of religious righteousness when priests talk and it often alienates

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 5 of 79                                   Data as of 5/4/07
        young people. There are better ways to relate to people without throwing bible scriptures in their
        faces and discussing how they should be more pious.

        I remember while spending my first year of college my home in Brooklyn church got a new priest.
        It was ash Wednesday and it was the first time I went to church in a while. When I went to talk to
        the priest he remarked that he had not seen me there before. Then he proceeded to call me an
        "A&P Catholic" the kind of catholic that goes to church only on Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday.

        That statement has stayed with me and it is ideology like that I think that puts people off. Don't
        alienate people because they don't go to church enough, help them feel invited so that they go to
        church more often.
        start informing kids at a younger age of religious vocations.
        Well, hiearchy should be domolished in the Christian faith, and try to create a peacful interaction
        with other parishes. At the same time, create a better oppurtunties for the priest, brother or the
        Be more open minded
        I feel that most young people are pushed away from the Church because there is not enough social
        activities to pull them into the community. I know that my parish does not offer any kind of
        activities for the youth of the parish, and I believe that if there was something to draw the youth
        in, then the Church would be more full of young people during Mass.
        I believe it is necessary that the Church begin to consider the this generation and the fact that it is,
        as it is commonly referred to, "new". Most people do not have an inclination towards service to
        God because it does not very much "match" the opinion of most of the people I know (as well as
        myself). Service towards God seems to encompass cutting out any happiness in a person life, when
        that shouldn't be the case at all. I think most young people can agree that they do want to start a
        family some day, that they do want to have careers, but that doesn't necessarily mean we wouldn't
        want to include God in our lives. It's a matter of the Church accepting that people need these
        familial connections. Most importantly, why wouldn't God be happy seeing his creations
        flourishing while also committing service to Him?
        I have never been approached about even considering a religious vocation, I think because the
        focus is to find priests and brothers. It might do well to "recruit" women more, I also think that if
        more woman became nuns and sisters that more men would become brothers and priests.
        Honestly, I am not a religious person, but because I go to a Catholic University, there are a lot of
        opportunities that make really shows the meaning of helping and leading in one's society. I am
        not part of any church nor faith exactly, I believe in God, therefore I sometimes feel like going to
        church, because its surroundings calm me. I think that many people turn away from the life of
        becoming a nun or priest because of the rules and the long standing obligations they have. In
        order to increase the young women and men to consider religious vocation probably to increase
        the things they do, when it comes to being in contact with young people, make them see what the
        good is that they can do. Also when they are young before the teenage years, make the parents
        and kids participate more, that way when they grow up they are more inclined to stay with the
        church, and participate. My friends do a lot of church work on campus, and I have done some of
        the activities as well.
        There need to be more opportunities for young people to mingle with YOUNG priests and
        religious. Most young people feel that priests and nuns are only old people, and that it is very old
        fashioned. There are many young religious who are savvy to the situation of youth today, and have
        recently gone through their own discernment processes. These need to be the young men and
        women on the "front lines" meeting youth and giving encouragement. Many young people are
        more encouraged to look into something if they see it is something a peer has done.
        The church should creative more activities for youth people involve in community such as helping
        poor people so the young people have an idea Love God and once another

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 6 of 79                                    Data as of 5/4/07
        i do not believe that people should have to pick the idea of becoming a priest or bishop. i believe
        that one should want to become a priest and not have to get talked into it. it should be a personal
        I would make the douglaston program a bit more publically advertised.
        Considering the distractions the youth of America face in terms of technology, education, and
        leisure activities, I feel that the Catholic church will continue to have serious problems with
        convincing young people that a life in the church is fulfilling. Since we are faced with a generation
        of people who are more self-centered and less likely to give up the luxuries that they have grown
        accustomed to, the church will find it difficult to sway many towards their vocational direction. I
        feel that if the church is truly interested in increasing recruits towards religious vocation, it must
        modify itself for the society at hand. There are many aspects of the Catholic church that directly
        interfere with things that society tells us are our rights- for example, if women are equal in society,
        why not in the church? As a female, I can say that the church does not make one feel equal in the
        eyes of God. I believe the church must eliminate the hypocrisies between the Bible and the social
        practices in order for the youth to take it seriously. More and more we are finding young people
        stating that they are Catholic, but do not follow the practices and teachings. While the church
        cannot go under a huge revamping project to allow for same-sex marriage, contraceptive use, and
        whatnot, perhaps the threats of "you are going to hell" and the like could be eliminated. Instead
        of preaching against particular practices on the basis of "God's word" or "the Bible's word," a
        logical argument for the youth might be more effective. The church still has believers among the
        young population. Belief in God and Jesus is a leap of faith and does not require reason or logic.
        Fortunately, for the church, that is the easy part of appealing to the youth. The only problem the
        church still has is appealing the lifestyle and rules to the youth. Those aspects cannot be supported
        by faith- reason and logic alone. If the church is to uphold God's image as a logical and kind being,
        then the rules and guidelines must also follow suit.
        Get to know their interests. Talk to young people abut more than just religious studies to help
        them realize they can have other interests in a religious life and make them feel comfortable.
        I think more freedoms would need to be allowed for young people to consider a religious
        vocation. Either that, or spread the word of the different things one can do or accomplish while
        being in a religious vocation. The image that people my age have about the men and women in
        the religious vocation is that of unhappiness and solitude. If we were to see the interaction with
        people and hear about the personal fulfillment these individuals get from their chosen vocation,
        then I think more people my age would be willing to consider a similar vocation.
        Considering how many secular and personal issues are becoming more relevant than religious ones
        these days, many young people see the Catholic Church as being out of touch with the values that
        modern youth hold. Also, probably due to the Philosophy requirements at some universities, young
        people are questioning Church dogma and teaching, and not getting a satisfactory answer.

        I believe in order to solve both of these problems, and giant forum would have to occur. A big
        discussion in which the Catholic faiths are put up for defense against the cries of the youth. "Why
        is abortion wrong? Why is premarital sex wrong? Why is contraception wrong?" And they are
        going to want reasonable, moral answers, that a secular Catholic (or non-Catholic) can identify
        with. Like, "abortion is wrong because it involves the destruction of the fetus, a human life, and all
        destruction of human life is inherently evil because it robs us of all of our freedoms; given that you
        see life as a good to be preserved from a teleological perspective wherein the destruction of all life
        would be the absolute worst possible end" not "The Bible said so." Something like that.
        I would say that reaching out to the young community a little more by showing the qualilities and
        benefits of having a life in vocation. I think that the younger society is little aware of the
        happenings of the church and all that can be attained with a relationship to God and the Church.
        Most of my friends are either Christian or Catholic. However, sometimes they don't want to go to
        church is because the church interferes too much into their personal life. Some priests or people
        even tried to stop college students to date within the church. Sometimes they have plans on
        sunday, and they would give up the time for church and do something else.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 7 of 79                                   Data as of 5/4/07
        I don't really know what brothers or nuns do. I know a few who teach at schools or are principals. I
        know they go to mass every day and pray at certain times.
        I knew a very evil nun who was a principal; she punished me and isolated me and scared me so
        much that I got into a car crash with my grandpa and almost died. Then I changed schools and the
        nun who was the principal was the nicest lady ever, very caring for her individual students, always
        doing something to better the school. She helped me out a lot and always supported me.
        I know the priest says Mass. And that he writes and prepares his homily. And that he does
        confession, visits sick people, consecrates Communion, organizes and leads special prayers like
        Rosary on holy days.
        I know that they live in a house nearby the church. And sometimes are very busy doing things for
        the parish people. They greet people outside church after mass.
        Reach out to the homeschoolers; never substitute appeal for the substance of truth. Never renig on
        teachings of the Church to boost vocations. The Church will always be provided for...
        Rethink the restrictions on birth control for married couples- it seems very excessive
        Let Women become Priests
        I believe that the biggest problem is the decline in morality and faith and as a result there has
        been a decline in priests and nuns. No one wants to give up their freedoms anymore, and no one
        wants to give up having a relationship with a member of the opposite sex to become a priest. I am
        not sure if I support allowing priests to have families and wives, because it seems to me that a man
        cannot be completely devoted to God unless he is without such daily interferences that the family
        life can and most of the time provides.
        The best advice will be is that to do more activities where youth canparticipate and like this they
        will feel that they are taken into consideration.
        I would ask the Bishop to take into consideration that the teachings we learn in church are still
        those of our parents and grandparents times, and it make it a little less personal and less appealing
        to young adults. I would ask for more ideas of how to involve those my age or younger in the
        religious community. i don't believe we should change the views of the church, including abortion
        into the teaching, but I do think the teaching should be more modernized.
        First try to strongly develop the young man or woman's faith, then show them how fulfilling the
        career could be.
        I think one of the essentials ways to increase the interest of young men and women to seriously
        consider a religious vocation is by having "career" fellowships and introducing them the religious
        vocation. I think its also very hard to persuade people to do something that should be strictly
        speaking "God's calling..." If a person does not feel spiritually reasonable enter seminary school
        and have a religious vocation, then it should be left alone.
        being a priest should be open to womean and they should also be able to get married and able to
        have a famiy.
        I believe the idea of religious servants not being able to marry and have families is an outdated
        doctrine that needs to be revised. Considering the fact that many theologists personally believe in
        the possibility of Jesus Christ being married, I don't think the idea of priests not being able to start
        a family as a less of a devotion to God.

        And while the recent sex scandal has definitely shaken the solid ground that the Catholic Church
        sits on, I don't think it is going to have any longstanding effects with the public. But it needs to be
        somewhat patient with the general public concerning feelings towards the problems.
        I doubt there's much to be done, unless becoming a priest/nun puts a Mercedes in the driveway of
        a mansion. People want money, not religion.
        I would want to discuss the limitations placed upon those with regard to celabacy issues, as well as
        women's oppression within the church. Those rules were written at a time when the world was in
        a different place, and I believe that they need to be adapted because times have changed. I
        generally believe that women in this day and age are more devoted to the church than men, and if
        women were in fact allowed to be priest we might actually have an increase in the number of
        those joining the seminary. I think that for the most part a lot of spiritual people that I know, like

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 8 of 79                                    Data as of 5/4/07
        myself, are detered from pursueing any further vocation because they can not have families. I joke
        about becomming a nun, when in fact it is something that I have truly considered, but I would like
        to get married and become a mother, and I think it is terrible that I can not have both.
        Female Priests? A Change in the Vow of Poverty and personal freedoms?
        I've briefly talked to a few males in my lifetime who wanted to become priests, but, I've never seen
        any females who wanted to become a nun, I'm guessing because of the restrictions. I've only heard
        of one adult who wanted to become a Sister.
        Coming from an all girls Catholic High School, not many people took religion very seriously (maybe
        a little) even thought we had courses in religion. Maybe because religion was "thrown" onto many
        of the students.
        not so much focus on religion, although thats important, but more on relationship with God
        I would tell the Bishop to stop presenting a religious vocation as a means of sublimation or a way
        to channel your repressed energies. I believe that the people who enter a religious vocation should
        have a chance to work on their demons first rather than pretending that they do not exist and
        then engage in illicit activities. I believe that honest dialogues about sex, poverty, lifestyle choices
        should take place in the communities by priests and instead of the normal didactive don't do these
        things, they should talk about why people are drawn to these things.In addition, the ways that a
        religious vocation does not serve as a bandage for these desires but a means of understanding
        them and accepting them as perfectly normal. People in a religious vocation should then use those
        repressed energies not to give instruction to the rest of the world but to meet and understand the
        rest of the world who are engaged their desires and show them how most of their desires will not
        lead to fulfillment. Then challenge them to really be fulfilled.

        On another note, I have a problem with the fact that this survey is being tagged as a chance to win
        a free raffle drawing for a gift card. Isn't that what Jesus did not want out of the church?
        Matthew 21:12-13 "Jesus entered the temple area and drove out all who were buying and selling
        there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves. "It
        is written," he said to them, " 'My house will be called a house of prayer,'but you are making it a
        'den of robbers."
        I attend Mass every Sunday and feel out of touch with what is going on. I feel that attending Mass
        weekly is important but sometimes the Mass itself seems to be too routine. Some variations to the
        celebration would be beneficial. I know there is a shortage of priests, but parishes need a larger
        mass schedule. As far as religious vocation recruitment, I think my parish is making an effort to
        recruit people, because many of the homilies have been based on the matter.
        I would advice reforming some of the church rules and having a one to one talk with the kids in a
        manner that they feel they're talking to their friend, not a bishop.
        Since I have been a student of a Catholic University, only once that I have received a brochure
        stating how wonderful it is to be a part of the religious vocation community. I hardly ever hear my
        Parish discuss the reasons or the wonders of becoming a part of the religious vocations in America.
        There is no religious classes in the public schools, and I think that this may hurt the religious
        vocations in the long run, the children are voluntarily brought into the Parishes for religious
        education. I understand that there is a sepraration of church and state, but still, there should be
        more programs for children who are not able to attend religious education classes in their parishes.
        It's sad that the Homilies contain no encouragement from the Churche's part, from the Pastor's
        part to call into the religous vocations. I rember my parish in Poland and the dedication of the
        Priests was on a completely different, but higher level. Everyone knew where the nearest Convent
        was, who to speak to if you wanted to become a nun/sister/priest/ brother. There was more
        invovement with the community, with the people, more encouragement. Here, everything seems
        so "stiff" and "unnatural" that it makes me miss my home parish a lot. The true meaning of
        religion is dying, and it's a scary thought that by the year of 2020 we are going to be the 1/20 of
        the world's religion. I feel that I am drifting away from my faith, because no one seems to care
        anymore about a Sunday Mass, about the Easter Sunday, no one seems to even try to understand
        what occurs around us through the miracle of Jesus.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 9 of 79                                    Data as of 5/4/07
        As much as I love my University, I believe the Campus Ministry needs to reach out to students,
        especially freshmen, because their minds are very vulnerable, and they need stron leadership.
        There should be more emphasis on the religous vocations, on the life of dedicating oneself to
        faith, to God.
        The scandals that have been happening are not helping much either, but the Catholic Church is not
        trying to exemplify itself. We need stronger leaders, people who exemplify themselves, who are
        seen and heard. We need someone who speaks for the Church, goes for banquets, public intrest
        group meetings, parents night at school, dances, field trips.
         Just like Sister Joan from St. John's University, we need people like Her. She makes students aware
        of what faith is all about, that God gives meaning, especially when you look at what She has done
        for our St. John's Community and through the St. John's Community. I am not a part of her
        organization but I feel that somehow everytime She does something, she does it with me. That's
        what leadership in faith is all about. And right now, there is no leaders and everyone seems to be
        getting off the track.
        Try to appeal to young people on their level. Become more active in their lives and show them that
        you care.
        There needs to be more education and explanation about what entering religious vocations
        involves. People do not understand the hard work or the fullfillment that can come out of taking
        these vows.
        I cannot be certain of what could influence our youth to take on this life...I strongly believe this is a
        calling from God and the only way for them to even get to that point you have to first bring the
        desire to go to church. Bringing meaningful messages and passages during mass that apply to
        their community I believe will reenforce their beliefs in God and confidence in the Church.
        I think there should be more youth-related events/programs. If young people have a strong
        spirituality, they are much more likely to consider a religious vocation. Strong youth groups and
        dioceasan-wide youth programs would be good ways to increase vocations. Also, more effort
        should be made to encourage female religious vocations. I know that priests are a necessary and
        vital part of the Catholic Church, but religious sisters and nuns contribute as well. Female vocations
        should not be ignored.
        I think in today's culture, the general attitude can be summarized as. "What's in it for me?"
        People, especially youngsters, focus very heavily on their personal wants and needs. Religious
        vocations represent sacrifice and many people are frightened by the prospect of personal sacrifice.
        If the rewards are not apparent, they probably see no point in working towards an abstract goal
        such as helping others achieve spiritual salvation. With most other vocational shortages, the
        solution is to provide an incentive that will attract more people to respond to that vocation. But
        the difficulty with religious vocations is that such an incentive will draw a response from people
        who may not be the best candidates for the job. Even if some traditional Catholic doctrines are
        compromised to conform to more modern ideas, the shortage of priests and nuns will still exist.
        The problem will be solved only when people change their selfish attitude or when they discover
        that the religious lifestyle is not unreasonably demanding. I think this can be achieved if the public
        is more aware of the nature of religious lifestyles (to be honest, very few people know the daily
        routine of a priest or a nun) and if people invest more faith in spiritual rewards. So I believe the
        Church should try to educate people with regards to religious vocations and sprituality.
        <I am currently a sophomore at St. John's University. I am from Virginia- the Diocese of Arlington.
        However, my father was active duty military my whole life, so I have lived in numerous dioceses
        throughout the country.>

        I came from a very religious family and I attended religious education all throughout my school
        years. However, I didn't receive much information about considering a religious vocation except
        from a few annual pleas from the pulpit for parents to pray for their children to answer a call to
        the religious life. I prayed and discussed it with my parents and found that that was not my

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 10 of 79                                    Data as of 5/4/07
        Having received 13 years of public school education, I would tell the Bishop that more efforts need
        to be made to reach kids at the middle school age. That is where students in school become much
        more career-oriented. As kids mature into their teenage years, they're innundated with
        information about what schooling path to follow and what sort of jobs they might seriously begin
        to consider as a career. This is also the time, however, that most kids begin to drift away from the
        church. Parishes need to put a lot of effort into drawing teenagers into postive (and FUN) youth
        activities, where the discussion of what it means to be a priest/bother/sister/nun can occur.

        Also, don't make it sound like it's our generation's fault that their is a decrease in vocations. That's
        all we've heard about our whole lives, and while we understand the problem, it's not making us
        run to sign up to join the religious life. A vocation to the religious life should be presented as one
        of many life choices.

        I think awareness (and of course the Holy Spirit) are what it will take to get the needed increase in
        religious vocations.
        The laws of The Bible are unyielding, but showing young people that the church does keep in mind
        that human beings have emotions or tragic experiences which steer them to a negative path.
        Obeying The Bible word for word,and joining a vocation may become an impossible task for many
        young people because of the emphasis on making money in American culture.
        I think the only thing that could be done is speak the truth. Speak of God's love, mercey
        forgiveness, joy and salvation. I do not think the church should try to modernize itself to appeal to
        the youth, I think the church just needs to be more open about the joy and peace you are
        overwhelmed with when you walk with Jesus Christ. The only truth in the world comes from the
        Bible. The Bible and Church will never change in purpose and in truth. I became a Christian when I
        went to church and heard God's word and saw the living God in people's lives, in their facial
        expressions and in their acts of kindess. In order to reach out to youth, Christians need to make
        sure their life song reflects God's Word in everything we say and do.We should not focus on the
        quantity of people considering a religious vocation but we should focus on the quality of the God's
        teaching and make sure it is God being glorified and not the actual people who are teaching the
        become more Protestant. allowe women to become ordained, allow priests to marry and have
        children. allow for birth control and condoms. everyone is HUMAN. priests/popes etc. are not
        above the common people..we are human first and THEN leaders. I think if the Catholic church
        treated its clergy as normal sinners instead of infallible leaders, it would recieve more people who
        decide to live their lives for God.
        If a guy was to constantly see a preist doing his thing, that is not tryna be a follower...then he can
        say I wanna be like him. Even people in the industry(music, fashion, movies) are not admired or
        looked up to if all they do is be fake. People can read between the lines.
        Start a movement to get the church to allow priests to get married. It is a sacrament and a holy
        ordeal, there's no harm in it and the church could still simultaneously allow priest to take vows of
        celibacy if they wish. Citations of church tradition and obscure biblical references should not carry
        much weight in this matter, because much of established church tradition is based on the action of
        ancient power mongerers who through violence and misinterpretation of Catholicism started many
        wars and pursued courses of action that ended many lives all in the name of God, who is supposed
        to be benevolent and merciful.
        Adjust the strict rules and beliefs that have been strictly pushed upon the youth for centuries.
        I believe that the Church should reach out more to the youth by educating them about the life of
        Christ and the role of the Catholic Church to spread His word. Once the youth understands what
        the Catholic Church believes in, it will be easier for the youth to put into action the teachings of
        the Church.
        Unfortunately I think that the declining numbers entering religious vocation are more a testament
        to today's youth culture as opposed to anything the Church is doing 'wrong.' For more young

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 11 of 79                                   Data as of 5/4/07
        Americans to join religious life the Church probably would have to make changes but I strongly
        think that this is NOT in the best interest of the Church. Another thing to consider is that in order
        for young people to join the church I believe that they would have to have a very strong, religious
        family (parents).
        There are too many rules that are not fitting to today's society. With the society changing every
        day becoming more and more advanced, the church needs to accept some of the modern views
        and encourage them instead of staying the same as years and years ago.
        When people think of becoming a priest or nun, they think that they have to give up their lifestyle.
        Everyone dreams of a family, and if you become a priest or a nun, you have to give up your dream,
        which women in particular do not want to do. I think the church also needs to be a little more
        accepting of the changing times. For example, I refuse to believe that a homosexual goes to hell
        because I don't think it's a choice, just as choosing your eye color isn't a choice. It's a bias, just as
        racism is. By having such strict view points about everything, it makes people feel excluded and
        unwelcome. We have these rules that don't apply to today's society. We say we get our rules from
        the bible, but the bible was written for a certain community in a certain time period. We have to
        be flexibile in how we interpret God's will. What it meant for that culture, may not be identical to
        what it means for our culture. We have technology now, and all these options and circumstances
        that a person could not even imagine when the bible was written. And we need to just be careful
        to not use rules from hundreds of years ago in today's society, but instead consider what God's will
        really is. Jesus said to love your neighbor as you love yourself... but, if your neighbor is gay then
        love him anyway because he is a child of God.
        Honorable Bishop,

        "What advice would you offer the Bishop in an effort to increase the interest of young men and
        women to seriously consider a religious vocation?"

        To be candid, I'm not exactly sure what means would increase the interest of our youth to seriously
        consider a religious vocation, if any. With all due respect, we now live in a more secular and "open-
        minded" society (as you know) where the youth are less attracted to practing religion; and are
        especially less attracted to seriously considering a religious vocation. I believe that the
        advancement of science has proven many religious beliefs (such as when and how the Earth was
        created) to be "rubbish" or unsound, to an extent. It is very hard for anyone, free from religious
        obligations (from within the family or culture), to seriously accept certain religious principles or
        ideals. Especially when you have a religious teacher or priest telling you that "this is the truth
        because you have to have faith." I'm sorry, I'd rather accept a "truth" that is scientifcally proven
        and evaluated; this is just logical.

        I, myself am not a religious person. Through my years of study at St. Johns and through
        independent research I have come to the conclusion that I am agnostic, or possibly even an atheist.
        How can one religion be "the truth" when so many others out in the world ar saying the same
        thing? How does the church condemn condoms when thousands and thousands of people in the
        world are dying of Aids? Why shouldn't a priest be allowed to marry and have a family?

        But although I may not believe in God, per se, I do not feel that humans certainly have a moral
        obligation to act just and ethical towards one anyone. And in this reason alone I respect anyone
        who is religious or has a religious vocation because religion, in itself, stresses these principles.

        I hope my response has helped you in one way or another answer the question that you pose to
        me in this survey. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and best wishes.

        A student,
        St Johns University

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 12 of 79                                    Data as of 5/4/07
        I would tell the Bishop the concerns of young adults today. Like I answered before, the Church only
        follows doctrine and is not in tune with the times of today. If they became more appealing to the
        young of today, then maybe they would get more people.
        I think that the Catholic Church just needs to keep promoting the need for people who want to
        enter religious vocations. Our Catholic traditions and faith should not be changed in any way to
        accomodate those who don't want to become a priest, brother, or sister because of the
        responsiblities that go along with these vocations. As long as the word is getting out there that we
        need more people to enter into religious vocations, the Catholic Church will continue to lovingly
        spread God's word and glorify His name.
        Don't really know, I never really went to church, so I don't think I would be interested regardless.
        Emphasize that entering a religion vocation does not mean that you are cut off from culture and
        i would advise to hold perhaps education but fun events where teenagers would like to attend and
        learn about religion while they have fun.
        I don't think giving advice to a bishop would help young people want to consider a religious
        vocation. I just think young people don't want to make all the sacrifices it would take to have a
        religious vocation and they won't want to become involved until they do not have to make those
        Allow marriage and take away celibacy
        I personally feel that the main reason that has always held me back from entering a religious
        vocation would be missing out on the chance to have a family. Many people feel it's not their
        calling because they, like me, would rather get married and raise a family.
        Tell young people about the dedicated commitment that is required to be a nun/priest. Explain to
        young people that other religions that allow members of a religious vocation to marry and live on
        their own may seem better, but there is just not the same full commitment to the relgion as there
        is with those Catholic priests/nuns. I think young people need to understand the importance of
        people in religious vocations and I think that more young people need to start going to Church
        and bring the Catholic religion back to the way it was when our parents were young. With all the
        violence in the world today, especially from extreme muslims, I think that young people need to
        understand the importance of the Catholic Church, and its members including priests and nuns.
        While this is not the lifestyle for me, in the future, I intend to raise my children as Catholics and
        attend Church regularly and as a young person, I would be very pleased to see more young people
        joining the Church in general, but especially as priests and nuns who are willing to completley
        commit themselves to the Church with the same values the Church has believed in for centuries.
        Find a way to change the requirements to allow women to become priests.
        Dear Bishop DiMarzio, PhD. D.D.

        Today very few young women and men consider a religious vocation, as a matter of fact very few
        teens attend church. Many teens feel useless and ostracized in church. Adults are always blaming
        teens for things that happen and always point out the negative things that they do, instead of
        praising the positive. This had left many teens discouraged and with no interest in considering a
        religious vocation. The church is not in touch with what teens are thinking or feeling these days.
        Many teens see the Catholic Church as a group of older male, who want to return to mass in latin
        and who have the power to make all decisions. The world has change, but the church has not
        changed to keep up with the world. I am not suggesting that the church completely change the
        beliefs that it has held for centuries, but the church needs to make some compromises in order to
        attract young women and men.

        As someone who comes from a catholic family and who has attended catholic school all of my life,
        I personally would not want to become a sister. This is mainly due to the vows that sisters have to
        take. I also feel that the church is unfair to women because we can not become priests. Before
        you can get young people to consider religious life, you have to get them back to church. This can
        be done by having youth groups and other activities for them to attend. Teens like myself like to

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 13 of 79                                Data as of 5/4/07
        feel needed and useful. Being a part of different groups in my church, like the youth group has
        kept me interested in church. Have teens take leadership roles in the church, such as being a
        teacher in religious education or lectoring at mass. Once that has been done, begin to talk to
        them about religious life in school, in the religious education programs or in the church. Have
        priests and sisters, preferably the younger ones (30s-40s) speak to them about why they chose that
        road in life and their experiences. I expecially found it meaningful to hear why my assistant
        principal in high school and my former pastor joined a religious community.

        It is not only important that you speak to teens about religious life, but the way you choose to tell
        them is equally important. Young people become bored easily, so if a speaker is not captivating,
        they will not pay any attention. Another thing that should be done is putting a positive spin on
        religious life. Many believe that joining a religious community will cause someone to lead a less
        fulfilled life. Begining a priest or a sister is not very exciting, nor does it pay well. The speaker
        should talk about their joy of helping others and show teens that priests and sisters can have
        regular jobs. Even if they decide that religious life may not be for them, at least they will remain
        active in the church. Because the older generation id dying and without the younger generation,
        the church will not survive. I hope that what I have said has helped you.
        The calling from God to become a priest or enter into a vocational life is extrodinary. People must
        willingly and freely choose this lifestyle. Individuals lifes events often may lead them toward this
        calling. At most a bishop can do is enter extra incentives to the process. These incentives must
        countereact the negatives of never marrying and often a lack of pay.
        allow priests and nuns to marry. I know that they are tecnically married to God but if you allow
        them to marry more would join and then their children are more likely to become a priest or a
        I understand today's youth is choatic; premartial sex, drugs, decieting each other and liyng; and I
        don't expect Faith based communities to accept this and adopt to its ways. However, I would like
        to see the Church meet todays youth in the middle and bring them up to the Churches level. The
        intrest spectrum of the young men and women have changed drastically from years ago, the
        Church however can adoopt to this in some way. Possible ways can be a change in music during
        Mass, more relative Homilies that can capture the interest of the youth.
        Honestly, these days there isn't much that can be done to help young men and women enter into
        religious vocations. If they don't personally choose to become a priest, sister, nun, etc, there
        probably is little that anyone can do to persuade them. I say this because people in today's society
        have a very fast-paced lifestyle and mindset. The "American Dream" or goal of most people is to
        obtain a stable job that can support a family. People want to get married, have kids, have a career,
        etc. Living a more subdued life without marriage, kids, luxuries, etc, is hard for some people to
        accept. I personally know that after having lived my life a certain way for the past 18 years, I would
        never be able to become a nun or a sister. Switching from my life now to a life of a nun/sister is
        mind-boggling to me. Not that there is anything wrong with going into that vocation, but I believe
        that most people want to "live life to the fullest", and expierience all that life has to offer. Also,
        there is definitely a decline in how religious people are these days. Most of the people who go to
        my church, for example, are older men and women, or young children who come with their
        parents. There aren't too many young adults my age that attend Sunday mass on a regular basis.
        Another inmportant factor worth mentioning are the sex-scandals that the church has had to deal
        with in the past few years. When I first heard about what was allegedly going on, I was mortified. I
        couldn't believe that men of God, men who devoted their lives to helping God and living an
        honest, spiritual life free of sins like that, would actually commit ludicrous behaviors like that.
        Many people probably lost their faith in this religion, especially young adults. So, these are just
        some of the reasons why I honestly feel that most young people wouldn't want to pursue a career
        in a religious vocation.
        I believe that in order for more young people to consider entering a religious vocation there needs
        to be more information available to the people about the entailments of the vocation. I also
        believe that in some ways the youth of today may not feel comfortable entering into a religious

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 14 of 79                                 Data as of 5/4/07
        vocation because of the sexual scandals and its contradiction to the values of the religion. I also
        believe that more people would consider a religious vocation if marriage was allowed because
        people feel as though they cannot fulfill their personal dreams of sharing a life with a special
        person if entering into a religious vocation.
        For the church to be more open to the new evolving times in current culture.
        Unfortunately, the world we live in has become too materialistic and shallow. A religious vocation
        would help people get away from the mindless distractions that surround us.
        It's simply the cycle of religion. The Baby Boomer generation had the Red Scare, and so people
        became religious. My generation is a lapse in religious belief, many other people my age do not
        either believe in God or in organized religion. The next generation, however, is shaping up to be
        religious. It's just a cycle, and the catholic church is not the only church that is seeing declining
        numbers in young people interested in religious vocations.
        More freedom in lifestyle. ie. marriage, women having higher roles - priestsLess of an "uptight"
        role.More in direct contact with the youth, especially junior high and high school teennages.
        The sex scandals certainly hurt the image of the Church, and probably damaged the chances of a
        great number of people becoming interested in religious life. I'm honestly not sure how to remedy
        that, and the damage done will probably only begin to heal in time.

        I think, right now, the Church draws new priests, bishops, and nuns from a small portion of the
        population. That portion of the population, mostly composed of those who grew up actively
        involved in religion, is dwindling in America, which is certainly not helping recruitment efforts.

        To make the priesthood (or other areas of religious life) an attractive vocation for today's young
        people, the Church needs to address the way in which religious life is perceived. The fact of the
        matter is, that young people in America are very concerned with common career-association
        concepts such as income. Without compromising what religious life is all about, I think it's
        necessary to communicate explicitly that those involved in religious life can enjoy financial security
        and some degree of material well-being.

        I also feel that the fact that religious life prevents the raising a family also plays an enourmous role
        in the dwindling number of men and women considering religious vocations.
        Honestly, I cannot give an opinion.
        I will let him know that young people need their leaders weather state or church to be there for
        them and to be honest. More religious houses should be open to young people to experience the
        day to day living of priests, brothers and sisters. Priestsneed to listen to everyone and not just the
        few they spirit give with. Just be themselves and young people will see through them and that will
        give young people a more positive attitude towards priesthoos and religious life in general.
        The church needs to adapt to this changing world including Marriage ( which used to be allowed)
        and the possibility of Women Priests
        dont be so judgemental towards young people and their friends. Be accepting of everyone.
        I would try to infleunce the Church to allow marriage of priests and sex. I believe that many more
        people would be encoraged to become priests if this was possible. Starting a family is the most
        important thing to me in my life, and even though spirituality is important, I cannot be happy
        without a wife and children to brighten my day
        I believe the most important thing to do to reach out to young men and women is to find a way to
        educate them about the church from a young age. I had very little formal education or experience
        with the church before attending a Catholic University, so I went all this time without having to
        consider or learn about faith or God. Also, I think it is important for the church to remain the
        same but thier relationship with youth to change. I don't think it matters, as I observed in the
        survey, for certain veiws on current matters to change because the church should stand by what it
        believes and youth would probably better accept and respect a church that did not alter to
        accomdate mass society. However, finding ways to educate those members of the religious

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        vocations to better relate to the youth and speak with them would make young adults feel more
        The Church needs to find a way to find a balance between tradition and modern society. I know
        the Church is concerned with promoting moral behavior, but I think it goes too far in some cases
        and alienates many of today's youth. Young people today cannot relate to a church that thinks
        condoms are a sin or that sex is only for procreation. Also, they cannot relate to a Church that
        forbids sex before marriage in committed relationships. Nor can they relate to the idea that
        homosexuality is a sin because most people are tolerant and accepting of gays because it is widely
        believed they born that way. In short, today's youth disagrees with the Church on so many issues
        that it is not surprising that we do not want to represent such an institution.
        I think the main reason for declining number of people wanted to become a priest is the reason
        that you can not get married. Also if women were allowed to be priests that would open more
        learn how to connect the teachings of the church to everyday life
        I would advise the Bishop to hold more Vocation Fairs in order for young men and women to learn
        more about the process and journey that a religious vocations entails. The Bishop, I believe needs
        to inform the youth about the serious problem of declining vocations and how important it is to
        talk to someone about a possible vocation. Most importantly, parish priests and nuns need to be
        exemplary role models for young men and women and perhaps plant a "seed" in their minds
        regarding a religious vocation.
        The number of young people entering a religious vocation is declinging because in this day and
        age, many people consider themselves "spiritual" not "religious". Young people look at the
        couurption within religions and question their faith, which in turn defers them from a religious
        vocation. After all, how can you work for something that you don't really believe in.
          Religious vocations are not necessarily glamorous jobs. While, i'm not saying that yound people
        today are fixated on financial aspects of a career (but that is taken in account when deciding a
        vocation), but more young people desire the need to work with something that is tangible.
          Increasing the interest of young men and women to a religious voaction will be an extremely
        difficult task. It is not like the military, where you can simply draft people into the vocation.
        Perhaps you should remove certain stigmas that are attached to religious vocations. When people
        think of religious vocations, quite honestly, they conjure up images of elderly people whoswear by
        certain rules that they may or may not follow themselves. If you can get young people to see
        themselves in the role of a religious career, then they may actually consider it. Retaining the idea
        that young people today are different in many ways from those people who considered religious
        vocations in the past, you hav eto realize that times are changing and today's youth believe and
        desire much different things to sastify themselves.
        I believe that if priests were allowed to marry and have a family that more young people would be
        drawn to religious voacations. I know young people who are very religious and have thought
        about becoming a priest, but chose against it because they want to have the ability to have a
        family. If priests could have families, then I feel they would better be able to relate to those in the
        To the Bishop: NoneTo the Pope and Cardinals: Allow more freedom of choice for preists.
        I understand that the act of celibacy is trying to bring you closer to God. But the creation of a
        family, in my opinion, brings you even closer. Bring LIFE into the world is one of the most
        beautiful and forfilling things in the world. The act of God true work is something that makes
        religious vocation unpopular with today's youth. If that was changed, I would consider it more
        than what I have already done. I believe that is the main reason for the decline of young people
        wanting to become Priest/brothers or Nuns/sisters
        tell them more aboutthe procedurein how to become a priestor nun, advertise it more. i never
        hear itspoken of in the church at all. it would be nice if someone was to tell us about the
        possiblities and how to go about in doing so, and also a little encouragement to the youth in
        considering becoming priest or nuns.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 16 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        I would advise to reach out and be role models to very young children. As they would grow, they
        would look up to priests and brothers and want to be them.

        Also try helping troubled teens. They make the best advisors. Once someone makes a complete
        turnaround, they are typically proud to be helping others turn their lives around.
        The Catholic Church should understand the needs of the people in modern time. The priests should
        be allowed to marry its the 2007 not 1207. There are many things in this world that need to be
        changed the Church is one of those places that needs fixing.
        Instead of hearing elderly priests and nuns talk in church about entering the religious life, I would
        prefer to hear younger priests and nuns. I would even appreciate hearing about those who
        currently undergo the process of becoming priest/nun. It sounds much more insightful when it
        comes from a younger person. I have even been in churches where the priests preach about joining
        the religious life. I feel that the very act of preaching causes young people to turn away from a life
        where they believe that is what they will be doing.
        You can't do this, because a significant number young, educated people do not believe in
        organized religion. One does not need religion to make life worth living. Knowledge of life in
        terms of science and evolution is enough to make people grateful to be alive.
        The Catholic Church needs to stop with all the restrictions they place on young people entering
        religious vocations. Homosexuality, abortion, birth control, etc., are all becoming part of every day
        life. There is nothing that the Catholic Church can honestly do to change our world today.
        Instead, they need to adapt to the new world that is developing.
        I feel the number of men and women entering religious vocations might increase if it were
        presented as a viable career option, like becoming a police officer, doctor, or lawyer. For example,
        while a person is in school, they are made aware of the educational requirements to become a
        lawyer. A high school guidance counselor can advise a student who is considering a career in law.
        Although a student in a Catholic high shool would have the opportunity to find out about the
        requirements from a priest, brother, sister, or nun, a student in a public high school would find it
        more difficult. However, most view entering religious vocation as the result of a call from God. As
        a result, I am not sure if having representation at high school career fairs, for example, would
        make a difference. The only solution might be for God to start calling more people to a life of
        service to Him. I have attended Catholic school for my entire life, and I can honestly say that the
        members of the religious community running the school never actively tried to get the students to
        seriously consider becoming a priest, brother etc... Perhpaps the number of people God is calling
        to a life of religious vocation has not declined, but maybe His church just is not fulfilling its mission
        of finding those that have been called and showing them how to respond. There are many
        distractions for young people today. Although most are enjoyable, they also fail to fulfill and are
        not constructive. The Church should find a way to display the enjoyment of leading a religious life,
        and do it in a practical way.
        Try to be more open-minded about young people and issues that affect them (in regards to
        devoting one's life to God). Having to be abstinant, taking a vow of poverty, and living in a
        religious community is a lot to ask of a young person (considering peer pressure and the fact that a
        young person has not expereinced much). Survey young people (as this survey is doing) and see
        how you can increase relgious vocations. See what their interests are and see where the Church
        and interested participants can compromise so that both needs can be met.
        More young people my age would consider becoming a priest, if they could get married and have
        a family, women were able to be ordained as Priests, the Church was more permissive of a
        woman's right to abortion, the Church was more permissive of homosexual lifestyles, the Church
        was more permissive of the use of contraception/birth control, and the Church was more
        permissive of sexual relations between non-married couples.
        The most likely explanation for the declining the number of young people considering a religious
        vocation is a direct result of its limitations. The limitations are greatly restrictive to those who
        believe in the aspect of loving another human being here on earth. This aspect of a human’s life
        should not be excluded from vocational life; rather it would only enhance it. To say that it is not an

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 17 of 79                                    Data as of 5/4/07
        aspect of vocational life is limiting someone’s full potential. We are born with certain qualities that
        require companionship and love from a person in both a physical and emotional context.
        Therefore when one must contemplate eliminating that aspect of their personhood, the life of
        religious vocation is no longer appealing. I am not naïve on the beliefs of the church, such as
        requiring full commitment to the church hence the no family concept. But I think it would only
        encourage a stronger community among the church rather than the current division that exists. It
        would provide members of the church community with experiences that will assist in helping the
        community because they too have gone through it, such as marriage consoling and pre-cana. I
        believe this is the most likely reason that young people do not allow religious vocation to become
        a part of their future.
        For no reason should the Church really tone down its views as mentioned above. If allowing
        women to kill their babies would add to vocations, then the extra vocations are not at all
        important. Priests also shouldn't get married because unfortunatley those that can help the world
        and the community have so much trouble helping their own. It would be a disservice to the
        priest's family to allow them to marry. I don't see the reason for women being disbarred from the
        priesthood other than tradition, although I don't want to see a surge of whack feminist / liberation
        theology. The Church must stay true to its roots and not abandon Jesus as the Episcopals have.
        I think he would need to market religious life in a way that would be appealing to younger
        people. It would help to be going through the process with people your own age. Emphasis
        should be placed on the many possiblities for adventure with the many service projects and
        connections between countries.
        Accept different lifestyles, focusing on the message of Jesus rather than out-dated rules of the
        Church; reach out to people in need regardless of whether they fit the mold of what the Catholic
        Church claims is the right one and teach them God's message regardless- they deserve God in their
        lives too.
        RECOGNIZE AND ACCEPT SAME-SEX RELATIONSHIPS and allow these people a respectable place in
        the Church.
        Let women be priests and give them a more prominent place in the Church, instead of as nuns who
        are not seen in a position of power despite the hard work they do (this will inspire women who
        want to make a difference to pursue a life in the Church)
        Allow priests to get married - this will allow them to experience the difficulties of having a family
        and will help them better understand the difficulties of married life and raising children
        Have priests and nuns available to counsel teens and college-age students on matters of modern
        relevance to guide them and help them deal with more sensitive issues and find structure in their
        life- I know that going away to college was very hard and I went to Church and found support in
        that but if there was more personal involvement it would have been even better
        Raise current issues at hand more so having to do with the youth at a personal level & show them
        how faith in god can make them feel more alive & help them to reach their true potential &
        increase motivation.
        We need to be more open minded as a society, adapting to some popular demads will not be so
        horrible. Our religion is scripture & tradition based, if currently we all pratice different traditions
        shouldn't those be incorperated?
        I feel that if we explained religious vocations to a younger crowd the youth might actually start
        saying that they want to be priests when they grow up instead of firemen. If we start at a younger
        age it expands the options for them.
        Mass needs to be a little more personal and less detached. I believe that will allow more young
        people to want to take part in it and perhaps pursue a vocation. For instance many, like myself,
        believe in God and pray, but do not go to church because it doesn't do anything for them.
        I see the best way to do that is to show the way the church is moving forward. It can no longer be
        seen by the younger generations as the conservative "do as I say, not as I do" hypocritical church of
        days past. Now I do understand that the church does not create laws, it merely interprets them the
        way they see them meant. So it would be difficult if not impossible for the church to change its
        long established doctrine. I also see how difficult it is to recruit in a highly secular society. I believe

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)    Page 18 of 79                                     Data as of 5/4/07
        the best way to do that is to take a new position. Not a position of fighting science and technology
        as I and many other of my peers see it, but as a collaborator. Not arguing Darwin's theory of
        evolution, but complimenting it. Since the begging of time people have looked to the church for
        answers they couldn't come up with themselves. Perhaps it could not dispute stem cell research as
        godless and such, but perhaps enlightenment on how to fight disease. Now I know I am being
        quite extreme but I am merely throwing ideas out there, clearly you need them and I'd be happy
        to help.
        Please clarify on the good things a person should follow and believe in life. Many people are afraid
        to go to church because their sins may prevent them.
        Many young people do not really know what people who choose to live a life of God do. If they
        were more understanding of what the job consisted of, they possibly might reconsider it.
        I would tell the bishop that maybe if more personal freedom was allowed, or more people were
        educated about how fulfilling it is to have a religious vocation, then maybe more Americans would
        want to consider that option.
        The best thing that you could do is take away the 'veil' of mystery that surrounds religious
        vocations. The only way to do this is to somehow educated the general population on these types
        of vocations. The other thing you need to do is reach out at catholic high schools/colleges to
        personally get your points accross to students.
        Find a way to talk to young adults personally, but don't not pressuring. Talk about the advantages
        of becoming a priest or nun and explain that they are not giving up their lives, they're gaining
        Explain what is being done to bring justice to pedophile priests, they have not been punished
        enough and it has damaged people's view of the church severely. Explain why entering a religious
        vocation would be more fulifilling than other careers.
        Give up, God is dead ... let the "brights" run the world.
        1) encouraging bible studies for young people in the church
        2) Maybe having the sacrament of communion a little bit later where children can make more
        informed judgements and understand catholism more
        3)Have more youth related programs inthe church, for kids run by kids, gives them more sense of
        I believe that a stronger Catholic education through youth with more emphasis on the religious
        vocations would at least make young adults more aware.
        Be more fun! and less serious
        I honestly can not think of any due to a person will join if they want to because it is something
        that they will be active in. It truely depends on an individual.
        i want him to seriously look at the world today and see that we dont need all these rules and
        guidelines that the church wants us to follow. what young person would want someone telling
        them that being gay is wrong and that if they are gay they would go to hell??
        this is absurd and thats one of the reasons i cant stand the church's hipocricy
        Please allow women to join the Priesthood. We are in the 21st century and women are equal to
        men, except for in the Catholic church.
        I think that more young men and women would be more likely to seriously consider a religous
        vocation if they had better role models in the Church today. Many of the nuns and priests that are
        in contact with young people don't even believe or teach what the Church stands for. If young
        people could work with a religous person who was joyful and sincere about his or her vacation,
        they would be more likely to consider one themselves.
        Reassess your morals. Even further, stop preventing us from having much needed moral
        discussions. Let science prevail.
        I would tell the Bishop to participate in speaking at more functions in order to attact more
        Encourage the Pope to allow Priests to get married, then they will be able to help with family
        issues becuase they have first hand experience if they are married themselves.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 19 of 79                               Data as of 5/4/07
        I don't think that anything should be stressed or understressed to try and persuade young people
        to consider a religious vocation. Instead, I think there should be more information about it given
        out. I rarely see anything that tries to get people to consider such a choice of a way of life. Also,
        one does not see people of a religious order just walking around the neighborhood - one has to go
        to a parish or religious community or school to interact. It would be interesting to see a nun or a
        priest living next door and showing everyone around them just how they live and how they can
        help out the community. People of a religious vocation seem very sheltered to me, as if they are in
        almost another world, with everyone else on the outside and interaction between those two
        worlds only through education, religious services, and choice to ask for advice.
        Personally I don't really believe that encouraging young people to enter in to a religious vocation
        is the way to lead them to the truth. However I believe that finding a way to spread the Gospel for
        young people might actually help save their life and soul. If we are interested in expanding the
        chatolic church by encouraging more young people to become a memeber, it will be for the
        benefits of the chruch. If we are interested in helping young people to know the truth, we can do
        so by teaching them about Jesus our savior.
        Young people are so easily swayed by the temptations of the culture of today. In order to have
        people seriously consider a vocation the implications have to be given early in a person's life
        without being forceful. Furthermore, the implications must be consistent throughout the rest of
        their lives or at least for a good period during the consideration stages of careers and vocations.
        Educate people more about religious vocations via the use of mass media
        I would tell him that the priesthood can be a lonely lifestyle and priests should have greater
        freedoms. It can be extremely boring to continously live with two priestswho are not your age and
        you have nothing in common with.
        Priests need to better identify with the younger community so that they can have a more positive
        experience with the Church and possibly consider a religious vocation.
        I am a woman and religious vocations for women is extremely limited. I want to have a marry and
        have a family and I truly believe that that is my calling in life. That is what God wants me to do.
        i will advice the bishop to allow priests and sisters to get marry. And also have children if they so
        Providing more frequent opportunities to attend spiritual seminars, conferences, or any other
        activities, where the young believers can have more spiritual encounters. Also, having prayer/praise
        meeting once a week at the church.
        I believe you should talk to teenagers not on just facts about religion, but what religion has to
        offer for them. Teenagers usually turn away from their church because they already know the story
        of God and of their religion, but do not know what the religion could offer or do to them.
        Try to modernize the church slowly and not too liberaly
        Let women become priests and let all priests be allowed to marry. It is as simple as that.
        I would tell the bishop to change the part about the priests not being able to get married because
        far more young people would want to go into a faith profession.
        These days because of how educated people are and everything going on in the world (including
        in the Catholic church) faith is diminishing. In entering a religious vocation you need a whole lot of
        faith. Also I believe there used to be more parents who encouraged such a vocation, but I don't
        think that is the case as much. In all honesty, I never think that the numbers of people considering
        a religious vocation will be back to how it was in previous decades. There are just so many other
        much more appealing possibilities. It is part of human nature to want to get married and have
        children, so really people who choose otherwise are bit off (no offense). Young people are
        liberated in this day and age. We know that we can do anything we put our minds to and we don't
        even have to go about it in any certain way. We can do anything anyway we choose and still end
        up with a great lifetime career. The Catholic Church would have to majorly modernize and loosen
        up to get young intelligent men and women interested again, and I really don't see that
        happening in my lifetime. They also have to stop be so exclusive. For example, my mom is Catholic
        and my dad is Lutheran. My mom went to Catholic school her entire life and never missed a day in
        church. They were not married in a Catholic church, instead had a friend pastor marry them. When

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 20 of 79                                 Data as of 5/4/07
        my twin sister and I were born the Catholic church refused to baptize us and considered us
        bastards because our parents weren't married in the church. To this day my mother still resents the
        church. I'm sure there are many other similar cases. Clearly those bastard children are not going to
        feel wanted in a religious vocation. And quite frankly, the church doesn't want them, but
        considering the church and its current reputation it wouldn't shouldn't be so critical.
        Several huge issues the Catholic church faces, in my opinion, are issues concerning women,
        marriage, and relevance. I believe that it is important for the Church to consider their stance on
        women in ministry. I think there are a great many women that would want to be in higher up
        positions in ministry, and the Church, by denying them that right, not only deprives people of the
        chance to serve God in fullness (with respect to their calling), but also kind of turns off some
        Catholic females. Marriage is another huge issue. Alot of youth blame the scandals within the
        Church on the fact that the priests are deprived of natural relations that are actually God-
        ordained. Marriage is a sacrament- how can the Church continue to deny priests the right to a
        natural family? I also think its a detriment to young men and women; as much as they may love
        God, the fear of being "alone" all their lives is almost difficult and sad for many.Especially if they
        have someone significant in their lives already. Finally, I believe that the Church really needs to
        start opening their eyes to the world around them, and find more relevant ways to keep people
        relating to God. God is never-changing, the same yesterday, today, and forever, but people and
        culture are not in some ways. I'm not suggesting changing the most important things that the
        Church is based upon- the Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit into righteousness- but I
        am suggesting that they don't let ritual freeze in the place it has been for centuries. There are so
        many ways to relate to God; our relationship with God should be dynamic and growing and
        flourishing, so doesn't it make sense that the Church should be also? Tradition is beautiful and
        important, but not the end all, and if it is outdated, and no longer means anything more than lip
        service to young people, then it has lost its salt in some respect. Perhaps, the Church should just
        consider finding new ways to institute old practices, and breathe life into the beauty and awe of
        them again. Isn't that, after all, in a sense what Jesus did to Judaism? He didn't come to abolish the
        law, but fulfill it! He shook things up, but in doing so, gave the tenets of the law DEEPER meaning;
        he didn't destroy the rituals of the past, but He reminded people of why they did them.
        Many people believe in God/ the idea of God, but I don't know if society is as accepting of religion
        as it once was.
        To seriously consider a religious vocation i truly believe the ability to have marriage and a family
        would bring many new young people to enter religious vocations.
        Religious vocations are not necessary to have a close relationship with God.
        Allow women to become priests and let them have families. One of the biggest reasons I am no
        longer Catholic is because of the last popes refusal to revisit the subject. Tradition shouldnt matter
        if it isn't Biblically supported. I don't want to be apart of something that oppresses women. I
        believe it would have a huge change in third world countries for the rights of women.
        The belief on contraceptives also needs to go. It isn't Biblically supported and I think it destroys
        marriages because it doesnt allow married couples to truly enjoy it the way God created it and
        defined it in the Bible.
        I'm also concerned how Catholics segregate themselves from the rest of the Christian population.
        Condemnation does not convert, it pushes people apart.
        I believe that the Catholic Church as a whole is out of touch with the younger demographic and
        needs to open up a greater conversation with young adults. A period in life when most people are
        trying to understand their faith I think it's hard to get this age group to commit to a religiously
        affiliated lifestyle. Although I do believe that numbers would increase if priests were able to get
        married just through conversation with friends. I think that rather then the Church trying to
        recruit from this age demographic it would be a lot more influential to help people to fully
        understand what it means to be Catholic as well as what Priests and nuns do on a daily basis, or the
        mentality will remain, 'that's right for someone else just not me'.
        In order, to recruit someone you must be that person, wherein there is currently a large gap
        between the ages of the Priests and potential candidates. It is advised to start near home, educate

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 21 of 79                                 Data as of 5/4/07
        nieces, nephews, family friends, then expand, otherwise the task becomes very difficult since it is
        not based a significant research.
        One of the most important things to me is family. I have always dreamed of having my own family
        and raising my children as practicing Catholics. This personally is the reason I would not consider
        entering religious vocations. Although, I do participate regularly in Church functions and volunteer
        opportunities. I am a Catechist at my home parish and part of the campus ministry. I believe this is
        a major reason many young women do not consider becoming a sister or a nun. Also, there must
        be an increase in activities that interest the young population. Research is a good tool to find out
        what young people would like from the church. Young people need to know what the Church can
        do for them, communication must increase.
        I am currently a seminarian studing at St. John's. When I started discerning for the priesthood I
        was fortunate in having a great priest encourage me to continue in this vocation. I truly believe
        that the Church lacks in awareness to the vocation to the priesthood and/or reilgious life. I
        strongly believe that more priests need to make vocations more available to the young people of
        their community within their homilies (and within the homilies emphasize the importance of the
        priesthood and/or religious life to the parents as well so that they will be able to encourage their
        children), and/or special events in their parishes. From the youth groups I have attended in
        different Churches of the dioceses of Brooklyn and New York I've noticed the lack of the presence
        of the priest within these groups. One of things that has helped me understand and want to
        continue in this calling to the priesthood is the example of Christ the priest has to offer and
        witnessing his role in the community as a servant of Christ.
        More publication of the benefits this could bring to young people, as well as informing others of
        the freedom this would bring.
        Increase awareness about what is involved in becoming a priest, nun, etc. I don't really know
        anyone my age who truly knows what their life would be like were they to choose to follow that
        path. Maybe if we knew more about it then more people would become interested.
        Many teens are looking for more structure in their lives than folk Masses and liturgical dancing
        provides. Parishes tend to try too hard to be "cool" and it turns teens off.
        The youth today are seemingly different than the youth of the past. Youth have constant and
        immediate access to all types of information, especially American children. In order to increase the
        interest in these children you have to speak to them about the issues that concern them today. I
        think it will be increasingly difficult to recruit the Youth of American because of the ideas and
        values that the Catholic church upholds. Right or wrong, these rules prevent the youth of today
        from wanting to take part in a religious vocation.
        I am not catholic! I don't like preaching "man's" ideas.
        Entering A religious Vocation is a big decission to make, especially for todays youth in America.
        Todays youth is mostly concered with obtaining the proper education to prepare for the future
        and take the correct steps in financial and spitual freedom for the rest of their life. If knowing that
        religious Vocations would not interfer or even possibly help these goals i do think more young
        people will be willing to enter one.
        Primarily, continue entrusting all young men and women to the protection of Our Lady. Without
        her care and guidance to her Son, we will never realize our vocations.
        I think it is also necessary that more young people have the chance to see and hear from priests
        and religious. All Catholic schools and CCD programs should have a day (or more) where religious,
        especially young, joyful religious, can come and speak to students and teach them about religious
        life. If the only religious that young people come in contact with are ones who seem unhappy and
        old to them, they will never be able to see themselves as a religious. They must see religious happy
        in their own consecrated lives before they will ever be able to picture themselves happy in that life.
        I think there should also be more resources for young people seeking to discern. As a diocese,
        there should be spiritual directors made available and retreats offered for young men and women
        who are interested. Discernment can be a very lonely world, so students who are discerning need
        to be introduced to one another and provided with opportunities for fellowship with one another.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 22 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        I think that I personally am not one to give any sound advise to because I am not part of a church
        ourside of my University. I come from a low income neigborhood and until I came to this University
        I did not know that members of the Church actually went places to help perform acts of service to
        communities all around the city, state, country and even the world. Especially with the Vincentian
        followers for whom my university bases its principles on. We tutor people in the local community,
        we send people on plunges from as close as Philadelphia to New Orleans and even as far away as
        Panama. There even service opportunities in soup kitchens and other places that would give young
        people more of an idea of what these poeple actually do. I think that if people were to just be
        given the opportunity to travel and exchange views on living with other people from other regions
        then young men and women might find religious vocation more appealing.
        I would advise the Bishop to be more aware of as well as open to understanding the everyday
        issues young men and women face. As our ways of living change, the church has to adjust to those
        changes as well. If everyone is to be for the church, the church has to be for the the people in
        Priests should be able to marry and have children and WOMEN SHOULD BE ORDAINED AS PRIESTS.
        Young people do not accept that Jesus would wish for a Church in which only men were ordained.
        Jesus was revolutionary in his time in his dealings with women. We are aware of the argument
        that all of the Apostles were men and that the priest, during the Mass, is supposed to fulfill the
        role of Christ in body. We do not accept that Jesus would separate, for example, Mary Magdalene
        or his mother, as less than his Apostles. We also do not believe that male anatomy is essential to
        embody Christ. It is beneath the Church to suggest that such basic inequality would be the design
        of Christ, and it is unbelievable that it has persisted this long.
        I believe some of the issues stated above have to deal with the decline in the number of young
        people entering religious vocations. The sex scandal has smeared the name of the Catholic Church
        on many levels, making the church look like hypocrites. The church discriminates against
        homosexuality, birth control, pre-marital sex, etc. and yet manage to get caught doing the
        unthinkable. Women are also dealing with a glass ceiling when it comes to the Catholic Church,
        being that they cannot be ordained.
        I think the Bishop and priests need to be able to make Catholics more united. Even at church
        people my age are a rarity to see. So many other faiths have youth groups and young people want
        to go to church and be with their church community. The Catholic church needs to find a way to
        bond all ages in a faithful way. Maybe then they'd want to learn more about their religious life
        and trust priests/bishops to talk to about advice.
        Be more visual in the community. Many see simply the priest who celebrates mass and maybe
        confession every once in a while, but don't see much else. If they saw and identified more religious
        and priests out doing something that others will take note of and aknowledge and hopefully
        respect, more would want to aspire to such positions.
        The church needs to change some of its antiquaited ideas.
        We need to move forward and they have anknowledged some mistakes, but are still arrogant
        about things such as birth control and contraception which in my opinion is an important topic and
        a necessity in this day in age.
        Having a religious vocation seems so old-fashioned. The sex abuse scandal did not help your case
        either. You need to consider this when trying to recruit young people.
        I would tell him that the church should try to reach out with people who are younger. Maybe in
        their early twenties. Teenagers aren't going to want to participate in something if the person
        talking to them is old enough to be their parent or even their grandparent. The church should also
        make more of an attempt to speak to the teenage age group. Perhaps they could try giving a
        message that would apply to today's teens. It's really hard for a teen to want to get involved in the
        church when they can't understand what is being said.
        There is nothing that can be done on a local level to recruit people in masses. The issue of fixing
        these declining numbers has to happen at the Vatican. The world is evolving, and society is
        changing, therefore the Catholic Church should as well. The Church does not have to compromise
        its values, and won't if it makes some minor alterations. The Catholic Church still acts as if its

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 23 of 79                                Data as of 5/4/07
        targeting a 1920's society still, but it isnt. The Church needs to realize that it needs to be more
        inclusive, accepting all people (gays, lesbians, etc.) and needs to foster a life that is more appealing
        to today's society.
        I would ask the Bishop to emphasize to young people of today whom most don't understand why
        thousands of our U.S. troops are in a foreign land that unlike politics, becoming a priest or nun is
        joining "God's Army" - there are no ambiguities about our purpose in the war, who our enemy is
        and who our allies are. Young people are especially aware of the everyday war against the enemy
        and that it is on our own soil, in our own backyards, in our own homes, among us and within us.
        The point is, most young people feel that there is nothing they can do to help the effort -
        government and politics are "taking care of" all that. Emphasize "what about God's army? Join a
        different frontline without the physical bootcamp." etc. Young people will come out of the
        woodwork to be "heroes" for a truly worthy cause - God!
        The only way that I can think of would be to stress the community involvement and the giving
        back that they do for society. Just emphasizing the fulfilling aspects of church.
        You should promote the spirituality and inner-fulfillment that can be provided by a religious
        vocation to compensate for the loss of wealth that one would inevitably suffer. Young people
        today are raised in a capitalist society where money and the acquisition of money is made to be
        the most important aspect of life. A simple, non-materialistic type of lifestyle is incredibly
        unappealing to youths today, so focus needs to be diverted away from that in some way.
        Sexual desire is probably the most powerful human compulsion. To require it to be suppressed is
        unhealthy and against our nature. Also, the pope has give special permission for some priests to
        marry. Morever, the priesthood is not a religious obligation that originated from Jesus Himself.
        For these reason, priests should be allowed to marry.

        Religions that claim to hold the only possible and absolute truth are doomed to end up in conflict.
        Christianity believe in Jesus' divinity, but doesn't our unique human ability for complex reasoning
        lead us to agree that it is POSSIBLE that Jesus was not God? This is why I left the Church-and
        religion altogether. There is no "absolute truth" in theology because we are talking about the
        mystery of God, of the universe, and our very own human mystery. The God Without Religion
        Movement is what I am not discovering, along with universal ethical principles. I don't know if this
        is possible, but the Church needs to work with all other religions to try to unite all of humanity
        with the belief in God-a God without religion.

        As far as homosexuality is concerned, the Church desperately needs to look at the science. There is
        increasing evidence that there's a biological component to homosexuality. What if one day there
        is sufficient scientific proof that homosexuality primarily has a biological bases? Will the Church
        continue to believe that it is an abomination?
        The idea of "condemning" yourself to a life of chastiy, and poverty that is stereotypically cut off
        from the rest of the world is pretty scary! I think that teens really need to understand what
        religious life is about, and what it's really like on a day to day basis. Maybe interested students
        could spend a day in a convent/abbot, or shadowing a priest? After talking to Sister Joan, who
        works on my campus, I've been much more open to the idea of being a sister because she is very
        happy and fulfilled, and leads a "normal" life!

        Our culture doesn't really seem to embrace religious life as a viable option. There's something
        weird about not wanting to get married. That's something kids are told from a very early age, and
        it's a concern you have to address! They should be taught from a very young age that being
        single, or accepting a religious vocation are equally viable options that they should fully consider.
        I would make sure young people know that they would not be judged for past mistakes and not
        feel so confined with stereotypes.
        Young people need respect from their peers and in order to get that they must know where they
        stand on issues and why. Religion is riddled with all sorts of misinterpretations, scandal,
        misunderstandings, corruptions etc. Until I had a truly knowledgeable theology professor I thought

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 24 of 79                                   Data as of 5/4/07
        myself to be agnostic, but this guy was so good at lecturing I decided to give my faith another
        look. He was rebellious, knowledgeable about things other than religion that are important to
        young people (like sports/entertainment, and he was funny. You need people from the faith
        community that can deliver the message you want to say in a way that appeals to young people.
        You have to show us what it really is like to do what you guys do and tell us why you like it so
        I believe as much as possible is being done to make young people aware of religious vocations --
        youth groups, Catholic education, and Altar serving are all very prominent in my community.
        I believe in a way it is out of their reach because many people just don't have a faith or religion to
        guide them.
        I would tell him that he needs to attract the younger generation by meeting there needs and
        As a young person of today I believe in the church, religious values and spirituality. I live my life
        day by day letting God guide my way, but many young people of today do not have a focus on
        religion, feeling that it isnt cool or even if they do, they dont admit it to their peers. I was there in
        that situation, and then I had a personal experience change it all. And although I agree with the
        church and many of its values, I do not agree with many people who attend, because the enter the
        church as though they practice what is being preached to them when in truth they leave church
        and sin in the greatest ways. This is discouraging as well, when parents drill into their children
        what religion is and make them go to church everyday, but their homelives are not based on
        spiritual values at all, many young people of today go through things in life at home that may
        discourage their religious values. Thankyou.
        Offer encouragement to persue religious vocations. Give a well rounded view of a religious
        vocation, the good and the bad.
        I think you need to be aware of the problems that are facing today's youth. We go through many
        things that we are afraid to talk about in the church, so we just hide it or not attend church as
        often. In other words, we feel ashamed. The church needs to teach us more about forgiveness
        and about the fufillment of a relious vocation.

        This problem has nothing to do with the Catholic Church's teachings. Society has changed and the
        Church should never give into those changed just because it seems like it should.

        The Catholic Church sets a moral standard for America and the World. It should always stay like

        I am 19 years of age and was educated in public school. But if the Catholic Church began to change
        it's values for what was popular during that time, I would lose faith--not in God, but in the leaders
        of the Church.
        I strongly believe that more young people would definitely become a priest, nun, or sister if they
        could get married and have children. I think sexual intercourse is a major thing to give up. I do
        not see why people who enter vocations cannot do the same things they do now and have a
        family. I would like an answer to this if possible. Sex is not the only thing humans are made to do,
        but I think it is a major part of our humanity. I do not understand why the Catholic Church does
        not allow men and women who enter into a vocation to have sex. I, myself would consider
        entering a vocation if I did not have to give up the opportunity to marry and have children. I think
        marriage and children are a wonderful experience that priest and nuns are missing out on.
        I would say that he should accept women into the preisthood as well as allow priests to get
        married. Those two actions would most likely get a lot more people to enter the vocation.
        to try to understand the youth, and talk about the themes that are importants to us, not to the old
        people. to understand that our music, art and other things are our forms of expression and are not
        bad and even tho some messaages are wrong it doesnt mean we will follow it, and telling us the
        music is from satan doesnt work anymor. i will tell them to forget about dogmas and focus on

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 25 of 79                                    Data as of 5/4/07
        spirituality, you dont have to be on mass every sunday to be in Gods good side, but you have to ac
        accordingly to Gods message... most people that go to church go because they feel guilty about
        what they do during the week. i would also focus on birth contro wich is a very important subject,
        it is important to understand todays society, and even though you could say its more immoral it is
        important to understand that birth control is important in order to stop all the unwanted
        pregnancies, abortions and children, it is better to use obirth control than havinmg unwanted
        children that are going to en up suffering the most. the church has to understand that toidays
        society is not the same as the one 100 or 200 years ago, and that as the world evolves they have to
        evolve with it, becuase if they stay behind no one will stay with them. they have to try to adapt a
        little more in order to make us young people feel confortable in that environment. they have to
        make us feel welcome, but we, the young people are not a strcict dogmatic society, we are a
        strong selffullifilling growing society of people that believe in god, but not the mass god, but the
        spiritual god, the helping god, the one that hel,ps on the street, that cooks for the poor the one
        that is action instead of words. that is my god and i believe that is mpost of the young people's
        You cannot compromise religion. If a certain aspect of religion is not embraced by young people
        you work to explain it better through workshops, personal sessions etc. When we compromise
        religion or make exceptions the religion loses values and structure.Younger people especially feel
        that religion can be compromised they pick and choose what they want to follow.
        Prove the existance of God, not based on the Bible.
        I would encourage him to show youth how important it is to build a relationship with God and talk
        to him about any major decisions, especially when choosing a career. A career in religious vocation
        is a demanding one and should not be entered for convenience or for any other reasons that do
        not include a caring heartfelt decision. In order to increase the interest in religious vocation the
        youth should be exposed to careers early on, before they can readily form opinions about any
        negative aspects that society feels are included when working in this field.
        Consider allowing priests to marry. Most people my age would say that a future family is very
        important to them.
        There should be more of an awareness to people my age of the large decline of priest and also so
        friends I know have considered being a priest but the fact that they cannot get married while
        being a priest is a disadvantage in there eyes.
        to offer more awareness and to offer an understanding of today's generation an be able to apply
        it to religion and be able to answer these questions why would i want to be a nun/priest esp after
        such scandal
        Young men and women are growing up in a different atmosphere these days. The church has old
        traditions that are not as relatable any more. Many sins are accepted by society and the church
        needs to change the way scoiety thinks in order to make an impact on todays youth. I personally
        feel that the church should focus more on youth services that are more modern. The music in the
        catholic church is wonderful, but it would be nice to sing songs that are more relatable like those
        that the christian churches sing.
        In our day in age, lots of young people arent so perfect, and many in college expirement with
        many things that the Church looks down upon. This is one major factor that turns youn people
        away as well as not really believing. Its hard for teens to realize that God is real, just because our
        modern day is all about what is real we can see and everything has an explanation, a sort of
        excuse. They say that they cant see this Godly figuere so they dont believe because their isnt an
        answer for him. Just a little more focus on teens an issues surrounding them maybe helpful as well
        as letting them decide what religion if any to take instead of being told or born into one.
        As I understand, the hierarchial nature of the Church limits his abilities to increase youth interest to
        consider religious vocations. Several changes would dramatically increase interest: allowing
        women into the priesthood, and marriage for priests, sisters and brothers. And taking a more
        open stance on homosexuals and contraception. As time has progressed we have been bombarded
        with problems that religion and faith don't seem to answer. As a result we turn away from the

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 26 of 79                                   Data as of 5/4/07
        traditional Catholic Church. I have faith and by own beliefs that I have formulated to fit the
        obstacles I needed to overcome because the traditional bible never helped me.
        Be cool.
        None at all.
        I believe it would be in the churches interest to consider allowing priests to marry, and perhaps
        even have a "trial period" (sort of like military service) where you sign up for X-amount of years,
        and after that choose to continue. I have, unfortunately, dealt with many priests in my youth that
        seemed cold, greedy, and out of touch with the youth.
        I wouldn't because that seems like he would be trying to sell a job to the youth and I do not
        believe that people should be convinced into joining the ministry. I believe one is called to join the
        ministry and the only thing I believe a Bishop should do is encourage youth not to be shy and be
        bold, offer encouragement to follow God's call on their life if it is there. And above all to pray to
        God to call more for His will.
        Let women be ordained as priests, and allow male priests to marry and have children.
        Just as society evolves, religion evolves over time. Much of the Church's practices stem from
        tradition and culture, not dogma. The practices and views of the church should mesh with our
        society. Our society has evolved at such a pace that leaves religious vocations behind. The modern
        world does not have a place for religions that interfere with the government such as the pursuit to
        teach creationism and intelligent design in public schools. The media has portrayed the church in
        such a light that it is the antithesis to everything that society strives to progress towards.
        Technology and liberalism will only grow as knowledge and information spread. The Church must
        reach a symbiosis with society if it wants to survive and grow. Traditions of the church are just
        traditions, not the word of God.
        Religious figures need to connect more with the youth of today by learning more about the new
        culture and technology. They need to be able to relate to the youth, and to do that, they need to
        actually see the world and the communities, instead of watching from a distance.
        Maybe you should not go about the business of "recruiting" young people for a vocational life.
        Maybe the religious vocation should not be promoted and pushed on young people. Maybe, just
        maybe the church should focus on helping to solve this nations problems of poverty, prejudice,
        violence, disease, and many other ailments. Take a stand and make a difference. That is what this
        generation of young people is about. We will change to world and no one, I mean NO ONE, will
        stop us; not even the church. "Why?", you ask. Well, it is because you are weak and cannot get
        done what we need to do. So, we will take matters into our own hands.
        The youth today has become driven by such things as technology. Since the world, especially
        America is usually the first to try things why not when it comes to religion? There is no doubt in my
        mond I would have thought of becoming a pries if I could marry. I believe there would be a rise in
        the offers to join the vocation if that rule was changed. Can such a rule be dropped, I hope so for
        our churches sake!
        I would say that understandably and ultimately, the bible is the law. but in changing times such as
        these, young people have more modern views of life and some of the rules that worked in the past
        don't necessarily work anymore. i'm not saying that to attract more candidates, the Church must
        negate its morals, but I am saying that no one likes to be told what to do and how to think. there's
        a reason that students go far away to college, and its to gain their independence from control.
        guidance is ok, but demands are not.
        To clearly outline the moral beliefs of the church and how they apply to the world today
        eg- homosexuality, abortion , etc

        Relate to them on a normal level...tell them why they (bishops etc) became religious leaders and
        how it has affected their lives, both positively and negatively
        Do not be so traditional. This is the 21st century, not the Counter Reformation. Young people
        would be so much more accepting if they were only listened to, not just passed off.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 27 of 79                                 Data as of 5/4/07
        It is difficult because Catholicism in particular is viewed by many as too traditional and strict. The
        church certainly needs to show that it understands a lot of the problems that youths face in today's
        world, and possibly offer answers as to how a religious vocation would benefit youths.
        Catholicism is a very touchy subject for me. Everyday I increasingly grow disrespect for the religion
        because of the sex scandals. Not only to me, but to many people I know, we consider child sex
        crimes to be THE WORST crime known to mankind. I cannot respect people who take part in it, let
        alone people who are suppose to represent God. It makes me consider vocation to be a lost cause,
        because if these people cannot be pure, holy and close to God, it makes me wonder if it's even
        posible. It upsets me to such a degree that now, I don't even know wether I want anything to do
        with Catholicism, I am even considering dropping from my catholic university because I do not
        want to represent an instition that encourages this behavior. And I am afraid that one day I will
        disregard Christianity altogether. Thank you.
        Perhaps if there were more advertisement of some way, it would be able to inspire people with
        some positive news. What people need now is a reason to join a religious vocation and I believe
        what the problem is is that the chruch as not given the proper motivation. Most people believe
        that the church is more political and controversial than it should be (being involved in scandals,
        abortion, contraceptives, etc.) and it has affected many people from the want to join. What the
        public needs is some inspiring news from the chruch to wipe these misconceptions away
        Try to connect with the individual on a personal level and in speaking about whatever personal
        issues the individual wants to talk about incorporate how faith and religion play a role in that
        I believe that if women were allowed to become priests and priests were allowed to get married
        there would be a great deal more young people open to entering religious vocations.
        The American society/govt is not against religion but it is not pro-religion either. A lot of people go
        to church without understanding the message gotten in church. The materialism in the world
        today deters people from being religious. Ones inclination towards a religious career depends on
        of they were raised blind to the evil portrayed in todays worlds by the media, govt etc...
        I think that in religion classes, children need to be taught about vocations very early on. I only
        know that in my case, as a young child, I didn't know anything about being able to be a nun if I
        had wanted to be. The younger one is when someone enstills ideas, the more open they are to
        ideas and the more likely they are to accept those ideas. My younger brother has been talked to
        about being a priest and sometimes he plays priest, but it needs to farther than at home. I think
        that parishes need to promote vocations to especially the youngest of their youth. The only other
        option I can think of is to pray.
        I am really not sure that I would know what to say to the Bishop. The youth now-in-days are in to
        other things and not in to religion. Most do go to church and pray, but on the weekend they are
        off to the night club to dance and drink. My generation is not ready to commit to anything as
        serious as becoming part of clergy.
        I am not Catholic, however I am marrying a Catholic next year and the one thing I would probably
        tell the Bishop is the Catholic Church needs to make it easier to intermarry to other faiths that are
        not of Christian faith without having to be baptised or having to do the other sacraments, because
        as we can see society is changing and people are intermarrying and in order for the Church to
        reach out to young people it also has to adjust slightly to what the community needsaand would
        like. I also think that the Catholic Church needs to review what rules should be strictly enforced,
        many religions are against abortion, homosexuality and sex before marriage however you cannot
        stop people from doing things and because the Catholic Church is enforcing it so strictly, people
        who are engaging in those acts feel that they are not welcomed in Church, meanwhile I think WE
        are all Gods children and just because a few people in the world may be doing things the Church
        disagrees with I don think that they need to be looked down upon or forbidden from being a part
        of religious vocations.
        I would tell the Bishop to stop being so old-fashioned. A lot of things have changed over the
        years. The Church can't be completely inflexible, they have to at least attempt to compromise
        with changes in society.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 28 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        I'm not sure. I would suggest, not to change their beliefs on abortion, gay marriage, stem cell, etc.,
        but to be more understanding of others' beliefs. Also, a life of poverty and abstinence does not
        sound appealing to most teenagers or college students.
        Get them more involved in Church. Increase the payment. And give them some freedom.
        I am not sure of other students, but I honestly would have to say that I do not really have a strong
        enough curiousity to make the effort to go search for information on religious vocation. Maybe if I
        had recieved information about it in some sort of pamphlet or flyer, I would read it.
        In my opinion, the Catholic church is not open enough, or does not understand young men and
        womens' views. There is much more that needs to be done probably at an early age that
        exemplifies the Church as a more understanding, free, and open organization instead of such a
        structured old-fashioned institution. I strongly believe that it is too late to convince anyone of my
        age or older of this, and the only way that they will find spiritual faith is through their own
        experiences or later views on life. The positions the Church takes on certain issues must also be
        updated, such as the vows of poverty or chastity. If people knew they could continue a fulfilling
        social life, such as having a family and some financial stability, they would be more inclined to
        joining the priesthood. I knew at one point I did consider becoming a priest because I felt it was
        very noble to preach and reach out to people. That view changed, however, after I learned of the
        vows that need to be taken, and the Church's closed-minded attitude on many issues that
        characterize young people's lives.
        I'm not a very religious person, and belong to a religion that doesnot believe in religion but does
        believe in God. From what I have seen in movies and in books, Love and the chance to relate to
        another is a very overwhelming feeling. A feeling that could sometimes cause doubt and
        temptation for people within the vocational field. I believe that the people in the vocational field
        should be allowed to Marry and have families. A family is something that strengthens a single
        individual, which supplys all sorts of happiness and faith. If people in poverty have strong faiths
        and maintain a family then the people in religious vocations could do the same.
            In this modern day and age, Materialism and Money seems to be a driving force for people to
        reach careers to soley support themselves financially. I guess people should preach to others that
        happiness, faith and health are the only thing that matter in life. When people experience such a
        fulfilling simple life, it make the young people head for careers in religious vocation. Such a way of
        opening up to the youth would be to create clubs,camps or small communities. Within these
        groups, people should experience the beauty of nature, the reward of helping out others, trips to
        cathedrals and Ancient monastaries, young people just need to be inpired. I've heard from my
        friends that going to church is something they just loath to do because its boring, they fall asleep,
        they have better things to do, and etc. The youth should be inspired not by straight preaching
        from the book but through experience, because being young is all about the experience and
        feelings they face as they mature.

        Sorry if this was too long.
        I think it is one of the most unfortunate things that vocations are declining in America. My late
        uncle was a priest (Archdiocese of Phila.) and my aunt is a nun with the IHM. They, along with the
        rest of my family, have been my guide to the faith I have today. However, I do not feel as though
        many religious figures outside of my family have had a strong, direct hand in shaping my faith or
        my relationship with God. Although my faith was not tainted by the sex abuse scandals, I believe
        that across America the overall opinion of the Catholic Church was tarnished. To try to increase
        vocations will not be a simple task and making a drastic push will not help the cause. The overall
        direction of America is one that is moving away from faith. Americans feel invincible and that they
        do not need God. To increase vocations would require a change in the mental set of so many
        people. An overwhelming number of today's youth is influenced by peer pressure... and peer
        pressure is not pressuring many to really find God's calling for them. If the youth of America were
        to make real and meaningful relationships with today's priests and sisters (especially the more
        youthful and motivating ones), the rate of vocations would increase in the future. In elementary
        school I had a "prayer partner" who was several years older than me, I really looked up to her and

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 29 of 79                                 Data as of 5/4/07
        a lot of her views on life were imprinted on me. She wanted to become a nurse. I am currently in
        college majoring in a health science occupation. Maybe if today's youth were influenced by
        someone who knew their religious calling, it would have a similiar effect.
        Talk to the youth on their level, from their perspective, maybe through youth guidance counselors
        or young men who have already committed themselves to a vocation.
        Its declining because of the many rules and the bad press been giving about the Catholic Church.
        The church must make some changes in order to grow..
        Educate young people on the Church doctrine first. If they do not know the Catholic Church is,
        then why would they enter relgious life? Young people are influenced by their elders and I think a
        priest or nun can be a role model for someone. If young people know and appreciate the Catholic
        Church for what it is then they may be more inclined to join a religious order. But at the same
        time entering religious life occurs through divine intervention. A person just does not "choose" to
        become a priest. They become one because it is in their plan.
        Make the idea of the priesthood more mainstream. Do not have priests thought of as being so
        Make music the center for learning.
        In today's society, especially in the United States, most young people are born in to a world of
        privilege. Most are more attracted to the prospect of success and happiness gained from
        education, hard work and minimal sacrifice rather than that of salvation from a "God" that they're
        not even sure exists. It is difficult, especially for young people to dedicate their life to a faith that
        would prefer them to give their money to others in need rather than buy an iPod. However, I don't
        believe this is the only reason young people are becoming less interested in dedicating their life to
        their faith. With new social issues such as same sex marriage, birth control and abortion, and
        advances in science involving stem cell research coming to light, the Catholic Church's views and
        interpretation of them seem to be narrow minded and misguided. It is more than likely that one of
        these issues has at least a small impact on everyones life and therefore it is difficult to be part of an
        establishment that forces one to make such difficult choices regarding these issues. Personally, I
        could not take such an active role in an establishment that rejects the idea of research that could
        potentially help a person suffering from Alzheimers or Parkinsons disease. It's hypocritical to claim
        that research of this sort tarnishes the "sanctity of life" when in reality condemning this research is
        doing just that, though on a much larger scale. Simiilarly, it is duplicitous to claim that God loves
        all people and grants the same rights to each and every one of them but yet that that same God
        doesn't believe that those who engage in same-sex relationships deserve those rights as well and
        that they are sinners as long as they desire to engage in those relationships. The world is changing
        and young people are becoming more educated and aware. Most are not willing to go on faith
        and blindly agree with every decision made by the church just because "they said so." Young
        people, myself included, have questions and opinions about contemporary issues and want logical
        answers. If the church or other faith's can not provide that for us then our interest in taking an
        active role in such will continue to decline.
        They can explain what benefits people can get, how they can start it, because I think most ypung
        people don't have a clear idea about religious vocation.
        While I do not know anyone personally who has lost interest in the prospect of entering a religious
        vocation, I do not know anyone who has had such an interest in the first place. I believe that
        interest in such a vocation is a rarity today among young adults because of the predominance of
        ultra-liberalism in popular culture (and thus a declining sense of the relevance/importance/validity
        of religion); because of the great role religion has played in the past and actively continues to play
        in inciting riots, massacres, and wars; because of the Catholic Church's extreme sexism and close-
        minded patriarchal structure; because of the unfair and incorrect view the Church holds against
        homosexuality, which instead of promoting human equality, compassion and understanding
        promotes discrimination and hate; because of the reluctance of the Church towards any type of
        improvement or change after so many years; and because of the years of misconduct and abuse of
        power of priests and high Catholic Church officials with regard to the sex scandals.
           I believe that the culture in America today does not encourage a non-materialistic lifestyle, a

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 30 of 79                                    Data as of 5/4/07
        tendency which would make a religious vocation unappealing to many. Further, because the
        Church has maintained such controversial views on many issues, many Catholics (or former
        Catholics) have ceased to take such views seriously much less adhere to these guidelines, and so
        have stopped looking to the Church as an authority on such matters or for guidance in general.
          I guess what I'm trying to get at is that I'm not sure that mere advertising or recruiting will work
        to increase young adults' interest in joining priesthood, sisterhood, brotherhood, etc. There are
        more fundamental issues involved beneath the surface that span years in the past and that will
        continue to stand in the way of increased youth participation in the future if no steps are taken by
        the Church to reconcile its outdated views with the current views of its lay people.
        As society has changed so should some of the rules of the Catholic Church. I feel that a priest can
        serve his community well, while still marrying and having a family. A woman is also fully capable
        of being a priest.
        To increase the interest of young men and women would require a radical change in the Catholic
        Church as a whole. Society and society's youth have changed and this needs to be recognized. We
        ask more questions and we are not satisfied with 'papal infallibility' as an answer. We want
        rational answers to our modern day issues, which the Church does not seem to be answering with
        the conditions of today's world in mind.

        Apart from sounding so pessimistic and critical of the Church, I can still manage to offer some sane
        advice. You can offer shadowing days for teens, so they can see what it is like to be really be a
        priest/nun. It would shatter prejudicial myths and perhaps be the push that they need to answer
        God's call.
        to reach out to them. most people today, like me, dont have any idea about the vocation.
        Make the life of a priest/nun/brother/sister a little more exciting and more "for the community"
        and less "for the rules"! Let them know of activities they could do and how they would be helping
        out people lead better lives and have the respect & admiration of everybody around you. And
        when a person is trained in a religious vocation, they should be thought to be a lot more easy-
        going and friendly...they should be able to talk to people and give them sound advice and not just
        say "pray!". Praying helps, and they should always encourage everybody to pray, but that
        shouldn't be the only answer.
        nothing to say
        Considering the fact that I am Jewish I really don't know.
        The idea of vocation is not a limited term. AllvVocations need to be discussed in conjuction with
        one another. One can not discuss religious vocations without addressing marriage and visa-versa. I
        believe that to have a successful outreach program on vocations to young men and women today,
        one needs to discuss the idea of love and service of others. One must address a vocation as
        "searching for one's call to love"-- within the context of a family or within the context of a
        religious community. Otherwise, the youth of today are too caught up in the fears and aniexty of
        choosing one vocation over the other. One can not discern properly without the complete
        freedom and understanding between the beautiful options of the numerous vocations.

        Finally, to show the youth of today the true meaning of a religious vocation, the youth must meet
        young religious men and young religious women who love and live-out thier vows. Also, the
        youth must meet other women and men who are currently discerning. This collaboration between
        the religious community and thier youth is vital so that young adults can understand the full life a
        religious vocation offers.
        I think the biggest reason for the decline in young people entering religious vocations is that
        priests, brothers, and nuns are not allowed to get married. I know people my age that I could see
        entering a religious vocation if only they were allowed to get married. I do not think that being
        married lessens one's love and devotion to God. I even think that being able to get married could
        enhance their love for God. A loving marriage is a living sign of God's love for us, and married

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 31 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        religious persons would be able to relate better with the people of their Parish. A married priest
        would simply have to be sure that he balanced his religious life with his family life.
        You must know that today's youth is the most sinnest and modern when compared to other
        generations. To get us into a commitment w/ a religious life with many restrictions, which ,may
        benefit us in the long run- there must be a SLOW process. In other words the bible has many
        restrictions and rules about person's personal life, so encouraging to apply them all at the same
        time would scare away anyone who is new to this life style. For example giving us a strong and
        reliable advice when we need itand seeing it come teu is priceless.
        I do not believe that there is a practical way of doing so. The values of the Church are antiquated,
        and alienate much of the modern youth, if not also the rest of society. I understand that the
        Church provides guidance and support to segments of society, and that is a very important role.
        However, to modern sensibility, the Church's hostility towards homosexuality, contraception, and
        possibly life enhancing medical advancements is a souce of alienation and even anger. The Church
        seems to have made it clear that it has no intention of softening its position on these issues to
        more accurately reflect the society to which it would like to reach out. While the strict
        requirements of a religious vocation may be an issue for some, I strongly believe that the deepest
        and most vexing issue is the Church's inability to relate to youth on a practical level. As such, I do
        not believe there is a way to successfully increase youth interest in religious vocations.
        The only thing I can say for sure, is to keep the minds of the old open to new ideas. Don't get
        stuck in the niche of tradition.
        Based on the sex scandals within the church, many people are objectifying the church as dishonest
        and having ultimate motivations that do not benefit its members. If this case is resolved, more
        people would have faith in the church and probably return to or join it. The church also has to be
        more open-minded about people of all backgrounds, especially of others' prior or current cultural
        and religious views, so that they may be more sensitive towards others. By eliciting this sort of
        understanding, the church would seem more appealing and maybe even be viewed as a where
        sanctuary actually exists.
        I would encourage the Bishop to reach out to the community and educate them as to the benefits
        to considering a relgious vocation. It is important to also reach people on a relgious basis as well,
        not only are they rationally thinking about the vocation and its earthy benefits but, they can also
        see the spiritual, long-term benefits as well.
        Try to be in touch with the needs of young people, and try to understand the perspectives we have
        on life s as to be better equipped to offer information on religious vocations.
        Promote, promote, promote, I cannot express this enough. I have only been asked by one priest
        ever, if I wanted to become a priest or brother. I believe many have the calling, but in this world
        all they need is the final push. I also think that a better explaination of church's moral teachings
        should be expressed. Just not how, but why.
        Well based on the incentive for this survey, which is the raffle to win money, I would say that if
        younger people were more aware of the benefits of entering into religious vocations then they
        would probably be more inclined. Also, the money is important because everyone need money to
        survive. Life is not free and young people are well aware of that fact.
        There is nothing one can really do. I believe the strict structure of the Church is as it should be. If
        one wants to seriously consider a religious vocation sacrifices must be made. It is written in the
        Scripture, especially in the Gospel, that if you truly wish to be a servant of God and follow His holy
        will, you must leave everything behind. The Church cannot lower its standards because to do so
        will be going againt what is written in the Bible as a testament of our faith.
        People need to be more aware of the non-spiritual things that people in religious vocations are
        involved in.
        I seriously have no idea. Sorry.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 32 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        Good luck. Talking to young people in general is hard. I would suggest connecting to them
        personally, asking about family, and/or other possible career choices. Are they set on a family? Are
        they unsure about a career? What are they looking for in a career?
        To be much more open minded and understand that todays world does not take the bible so
        literally, particuarly regarding homosexuality. He should also think about accepting it, considering
        how many scandals emerged within the church. Otherwise the church will only turn itself into a
        mockery of what religion is truly about being that many within committed a crime much worse
        than homosexuality and are simply hypocrites.
        The advice I would offer is just to be honest about the current situation of the church. Explain the
        difficulties of pursuing a religious vocation. In no way force or try to demand joining the faith, just
        be honest and truthful and leave the decision up to them.
        A granted way to salvation.
        Provide more workshops in all catholic schools to spread the news of how young people can be
        part of a religious vocation. Going to Catholic highschools and letting students know they have an
        option of becoming a nun or priest. Becoming a priest/nun is also hard when you can't have a
        family, but providing assistance for a stable financial life is important. Providing assistance in going
        to college or finding an appropriate part time job like counseling in schools or clinics.
        To increase the amount of young men and women to join religious vocations, it is a very difficult
        task. However, I am sure there are people out there who would wish to persue this. I think it is
        important to make things more interesting or exciting to the younger generation. That is what
        catches their eye because I think the young people are very bored of certain things. So I would say,
        make things more interesting and explain to them how this is a very beautiful job and it is well
        worth it.
        I would tell him that the culture of America is losing itself in general. As a whole, we feel we're
        being led blindly through life in many ways, our education is blind, we'll never be rich, we're
        powerless with regards to our government &c. Generally, we're disillusioned. I think that youth
        no longer wants to be seen as a whole, and there is a strong pull to be different and the best.
        The catholic church just seems out of touch. I understand their stances on faith and moral codes,
        but, the message comes across as a hard line truth, which is what they're trying to achieve - a
        strong foundation. But, I will also note that the church has, hm, modified its principles over the
        One should be led to spiritual nirvana. Jainism is the way for me, I hope that others find spiritual
        awakening under any banner.
        In this day and age, I think that if The Church wants to increase attendance at church and into jobs
        as priests or nuns, I think the whole process needs to be more appealing and more involving. For
        example, if I ever wanted to join, I would not know where to begin to go.
        The society is changing rapidly, so the young people of this society today has views which are also
        different from the Church. In perhaps changing the Church's view, it might also help to bring
        more young people into entering religious vocations.
        reach out more through more programs at local parishes for the younger kids that would
        encourage a strong religious foundation. I truely believe that the programs at my parish that i
        attended when i was in my early teens still have a strong effect on my faith.
        not applicable
        I feel a lot of people are hesitant to enter into a religious vocaton because they are not allowed to
        get married or have children. Also, many women feel that they are seen as second class citizens
        within the church. In addition, the views on homosexuality are very discouraging because as it
        becomes more an more accepted in society, many members of the church prove to be unaccepting,
        and somewhat bigoted. Many young people that I have known are very deeply spiritually
        connected. They feel a true personal bond with Jesus. However, many of us feel that the strict and
        sometines abrasive rules hinder that relationship. For instance, why can't one be in a religious
        vocation and be a father? There have been men in my family that considered the priesthood but
        also fell in love. One way of life had to bend and they were not truly happy with either decicion. In
        other instances how can work for a faith that does not accept all of God's children equally? Just

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 33 of 79                                   Data as of 5/4/07
        because one is Gay does not mean he or she is promiscuous, lewd or diseased. If one is born that
        way, why can't he or she love Jesus and be what he or she is.
        The views of abortion, birth control, gay marriage, etc. need to change. The Church is too old
        fashioned and strict about these things... as well as controversial due to the sex scandals. You also
        can't yell at teenage mothers for having children so young, and at the same time, say abortion is
        wrong when they chose no to abortion.
        be less hypocritical. women are equal to men, stop demeaning women as if we're not human. jesus
        preached equality, yet the church twists his message to put men in power and hold women down.
        im done with the practices of the catholic church because i have more respect for myself than any
        priest in any parish will show for me. i don't need to be in a community to pray, i'm doing fine
        talking to god in my own way, on my own time, without strict obligations.
        My thoughts about the Catholic church are not kind at all. I believe its because of the "church"
        Christianity has gone below the intentions of what Jesus had in mind. If anything IT IS because of
        the church the reason i have lost my complete faith in God. Putting the stuff you hear about in the
        media aside with the sexual molestation of children from a priest, i believe it comes down to one
        thing; Marriage. Thats something way to big to give up even if it is for "God", if he even exists at
        all. If you want changes let priests/nuns marry.
        Make the voice heard in the sense that publicity is needed to inform people about the benefits one
        would get by considering a religious vocation. Many people like me believe that nuns and priests
        spend the rest of their lives in a church and don't have much of an impact in our society. Another
        reason is that the morals of our society are deteriorating and we are living at a time when
        everyone is driven by the desire to earn lots of money so this will make it even harder for the
        church to recruit people.
        We live in a nuclear age now and more people are starting to realize that it's wrong to
        emotionally and physically abuse homosexuals. It's not thier fault, they were born that way just as
        there are people out there who are born straight. Another thing is that the church restricts certain
        actions like marriage before sex. Let's get real, even parents know that thier kids will most likely
        have sex before thier married especially when they go off to college, and sex isn't a bad thing as
        long as your responsible and you do it with the person you love. Helping the poor and needy is
        something that I respect the religious community for doing which a lot of young people are
        interested in. I do believe that thier is a God or some strong force out thier but what a lot of stuff
        that the bible says I disagree with and it makes me upset that some people abuse it and turn into
        The Catholic Church needs to make religious vocations more attractive to young people. Telling
        people they must be deprived the joy of a spouse and children is a HUGE deterrent for so many
        people. It's not fair that you can't both answer your calling to God, and your calling to be a
        husband/wife and parent. If we are all created Imagei deo - In the image of God - then why can
        women not be priests? Doesn't this sound like sex discrimination to anyone? Maybe the reason so
        many priests have been involved with sexual scandals involving children is because they are
        deprived of having that relationship with a WOMAN OR LIFE PARTNER! These things all seem
        obvious to me, and I'm not sure why they aren't to the Catholic Church community.
        I'm not a member of the Catholic Church, but I am Presbyterian. We don't have a problem with
        getting our youth to consider a religious vocation such as a reverend or a pastor. Maybe the
        problem lies with the fact that the Catholic Church's religious vocation is limited by rules that
        guard sex, marriage, and the living with a religious community.
        People in NYC need to be more familiar with the Catholic Church, and the Catholic Church should
        become more conservative like how it used to be before Vatican II. Also, the Catholic Church
        should do more to reach out to young people about vocations, and should not change its views to
        go along with that of liberals which we have way to many of in NYC.
        I would tell him this: times are changing. In my Human Relations and Adolescent Deveolopment
        class I'm learning a great deal about people and their respective views on the world. I'm also
        learning how to accept people for who they are, mistakes and all. I would suggest that he and all
        other religious members think seriously about the world in which we live. We cannot bring people

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        back to traditional ideals and beliefs without first reaching to them -- AS THEY ARE NOW.
        Something has to give.
        To consider the possibility of allowing those in religios vocations to get married and have families.
        loosen up and stop touching kids
        I think if priests got more involved in their community and frequently visited with the parish
        children either through educational classes or ccd classes. I think if children got to know their
        priests a lot more children would feel more free to open up to them. Children will then see priests
        as friends and not as someone to say hello to and walk away.
        I think it's difficult to talk to young people about religion. We have access to a lot of information
        and at times the Catholic church can be viewed as hypocritical. I think that the church should have
        an open mind. They should make an effort to grow with society instead of insist that society
        remain in line with them. I am currently sitting in my residence in Rome about a five minute walk
        from the Vatican and I can't help but be overwhelmed by the extreme beauty of everything in the
        Vatican. It makes me wonder about the whole poverty concept. I have a very strong faith in myself
        and God and some times I wish that the Catholic church could be more accepting of individual
        spirituality and connection with God rather than following the rules.
        While I was raised a Catholic, I aman ateist, and do feel that the Catholic Church would have to
        more greatly embrace the ideas of modern times more so than they do now, for young people to
        not only consider religious vocation, but to join the Church at all.
        we need to look at the problems youth face and realize that the world is also part of god in
        addition, we need to look at the financial structure of the church and invest more into the youth
        I would say that the Church has to change moderatly with the times. The tradition is crucial to the
        structure of the church but, a womean priest or having a family is not so far off from what the true
        message should be. Its about reaching people and contributing not, giving up on the idea of
        having family to reach God in the same light. Why can't one enjoy both?
        Allowing people with religious vocations to have a family will give them more knowledge and
        insight into how most people live, act, and respond. They will understand more issues if they have
        a family because they will have gone through more of these daily problems. This will make them
        more approachable, people will trust them more, and their guidance will be accepted as more
        credible. More freedom will allow people in religious vocations to help people in a way that
        interests them. This will make each individual more productive and happier.
        America is going to hell, there's nothing you can do about it.
        Listen to the needs of the future generations. The rules are to strick. You chould be able to believe
        in whatever God you want without having to follow a "guideline". I do not agree with the
        churches veiws on Abortion, Birth Control and Homosexual Relations. We are all credted in the eye
        of god and the choices made in our life are also done in the eye of God.
        I am of Protestant beliefs. I am not sure what I would tell the Bishop, I used to attend a Catholic
        CHurch with my father however, the Church did not do anything really to encourage the youths, or
        anyone for a matter of fact of gaining a closer relationship with God, let alone pursue a religious
        vocation. Maybe they need more outreach programs, fundraisers, and Church members need to be
        more welcoming to outsiders.
        Clearly, stricter religion classes need to be compulsory at a College Level. Now is the time when
        students actually make a bulk of their own decisions that guidance and spiritual influence should
        me emphasized the most. Relenting spiritually in today's society is a weakness that must be
        I would tell him to run activities that the kids want to participate in and put a religious twist to
        them. I would also tell him to get preachers who are more in tune with this generation and more
        appealing to the kids.
        The Catholic Church needs to make some big changes. Most importantly, priests have to be able to
        get married. I believe this would decrease by far the amount of sexual scandals happening in the
        Church today. The Church needs to accept women in higher levels of authority, then maybe the

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 35 of 79                                Data as of 5/4/07
        Church's opinion on issues such as abortion and contraception may change. If priests and nuns did
        not have to live in a religious community I feel that this would encourage more young people to
        consider a religious vocation.
        As a young woman raised Catholic, I can honestly say that I have known some great nuns and
        members of the clergy. However, I have also encountered some who close-minded regarding social
        issues. While I understand that they are adhering to Catholic beliefs, and greatly respect that, they
        should also be respectful of alternative opinions, particularly in university classrooms where
        academic dialogue is meant to take place.
            Most of the reasons I no longer consider myself Catholic are because of the structure or the
        Church, not the faith itself. For example, I find it incredibly disheartening that women cannot be
        deacons or priests. I am aware of the traditions of the priesthood, having researched them
        extensively for a theology paper where I argued that women should at least be allowed to be
        deacons, if not priests. I feel that this practice is a practice of exclusion, telling women that they
        are good enough to be nuns, but not good enough to partake more intimately in the Church. In
        essence, I think that this type of exclusion creates an unnecessary hierarchy of the sexes within a
        Church that preaches inclusion and respect.
            I also think it would be a good idea to stress the importance of deacons to young people, who
        may be more receptive of that vocation because it allows them to have a family, but still play a
        large part in the Church.
        Many people say that the Church is not modern because its views are not up to date with the views
        of society. This is not true. The Church holds views that agree with the teachings of Jesus. These
        standards can be considered ideal. The views of society on certain issues are based upon
        immediate gratification and are not necessarily right. As religious faith in society decreases, more
        and more younger people are agreeing with the opinions of society and feeling like the Church is a
        voice that can be ignored and not taken seriously. The problem is that the Church cannot change
        its laws and society is moving further and further away from them. This problem must be
        addressed before addressing the problem of finding people to take part in religious vocations. If
        faith continues to decline there will be no one who will want to become a priest or a nun.
        not sure
        Recruit more at University and high schools. Be more open to what young people have to say.
        Generally, the people that are seen that go into this field of study are 'weird' in the eyes of youth
        today, they are no longer seen like everyone else they are treated differently and are told to
        behave differently. THis creates a barrier from the rest of the youth population and can be
        discouraging to people who could be interested in getting information.
        i think that the church should really try to understand the youth now. it is different then it was
        before, we have more problems and more pressure and less people there to support us. times have
        changed and i think the church should change too not completely but enough to help the youth
        I would tell the Bishop to make religious vocation more appealing to young people. Show the fun
        and enjoyable aspects of the life--not just the community service and the poverty aspect. Young
        people feel that this career is boring and a burden. They feel that they do not get anything in
        return for the good will that they are doing. Young people dream of being rich and famous and
        having a family (or at least getting married). They do not dream of only being faithful to God and
        living in poverty.
        Offer payment. Offer free stuff people love free stuff
        Offer a vocation that is truly focused on helping people. Show that the Catholic church takes into
        account the concerns and issues of current society
        Don't be ignornant of worldly issues. Sex is far more commonplace-if you do it don't be punished
        but rather offered knowledge about contraceptives, and protection.
        It can't be helped. It is either they choose to or not; nothing we humans do will effect their
        interest; all we can do is have faith, stop trying to impose our own interpretation of the holy
        books, stop wasting time on who is right and who is wrong, who is condemned and who is going
        to be spending the eternity in heaven. In other words, no one has the right to decide or judge
        others - that is the creator's job, let the creator do it. If you believe that your responsibility to the

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 36 of 79                                    Data as of 5/4/07
        creator is to educate people of the good faith, then do it with good faith; don't try to put them in
        categories, like popes, bishops, good person, or bad person, just EDUCATE! Let the individual
        decide on what they want. Besides, being a priest or a bishop or even a pope doesn't necessarily
        garauntee a place in heaven, purgutory, or hell. It just says you have a title of some sort; it just
        defines your job description. Honestly, that is what bothers me the most about religious educators
        or leaders; doing the good deed without a title of some sort DO count as a good deed. I'm just
        glad that my life after death doesn't depend upon what the religious educators have to say about
        me. Sorry if I said too much. Doubt you will be even reading this.
        I would encourage leaders to talk to young men and women about faith and less about works.
        Today's religious world is so focussed on what you can't do that it has become so negative. The
        main reason many young people reject religion is that they only see it as an invisible figure who
        tells you what you can and can't do. They seldom hear about the freedom thats in living for their
        Consider giving some type of a seminar or something similar in that nature for young people as
        verbal action in my mind is one of the most effective ways to help those in question consider a
        religous vocation.
        I believe people choose religious vocations due to God's calling on thier lives. Im not really sure
        what he could say or do to get people to join.
        I feel that the youth is not attracted to considering a religious vocation due to the lack of
        connection that the church has with the youth. The parish I assisst does not offer any groups for
        youth, perhaps in these groups there can be a connection with the scriptures to the difficultioes
        teens face. Another isssue is the sex scandals that put the young people in doubts about the help
        offered by the church.
        Talk to them about why the believe people entering religious vocations and get opinions from
        them. Also, keep praying for those young people!
        There is a great quote by a genius of a man named Kurt Vonnegut that refers to religion, "She was
        a fool, and so am I, and so is anyone who thinks he sees what God is doing." This is exactly the
        reason why young people steer clear from religion in general: nobody has any clue what the hell
        God is up to, and anybody who says that they have the answer is a fool.
        That not all people who are priests are having sex with minors and acting like pedafiles. Try to
        change the rules on letting women become priests and/or deacons to get more people involved.
        Make the job more appealing to today's youth because at this rate the job does not appeal to
        many of today's youth.
        A lot of kids look forward to the future and to getting married and having kids. I think that is one
        of the main reasons people don't even think about it.
        i don't know, i always fall asleep during church I know tradition is important but it needs to be
        more exciting and may be if the church showed all of the travel opportunity, and education that is
        involved in religious vocations they would join the priest hood instead of the army (and let priests
        have a family)and i think that many more women would be interested in a religious vocation if
        they could have equal rights with men.
        I think the main reason many young people are not entering religious vocations in America is
        because they can't start a family if they were to do that. That is a very hard pill to swallow and, in
        all honesty, I don't know how you can interest more young men and women to join when they
        have to be celibate for the rest of their life if they were to do that.
        I would tell him that if there were less restrictions on daily living, then young people would
        consider a career in religious vocations.
        Although I am not Catholic, I would suggest that the Bishop educate young people more about the
        religious vocations. Because I feel that certain young people just don't know much about the
        I believe that we need a more modern version of the Bible. We are in 2007 and we should be
        accept that there are homosexuals. There are people who engage in premarital relations.
        Hundreds of years ago, it wasnt as much of an issue as it is today. But, if the Church really does

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 37 of 79                                 Data as of 5/4/07
        want to "reach out" to everyone, then that would be an excellent start. God is supposed to love all
        of His children, just because one is gay, doesnt make them any less of a person.
        I would, probably in a loud angry yell, tell him that the Church had better get with the social issues
        program. I feel sometimes as if this were still the Middle Ages, before the Ennlightenment. Rather
        than hanging people for believing the earth revolves around the sun, we are now telling people
        that homosexuals are flawed individuals; and that people who cannot afford to have anymore
        children are sinners for using birth control, especially in already highly populated, poor countries.
        The Church only stands to lose credibility and vocations when you are telling intelligent people,
        that we should deny condom use. I roll my eyes when the Church said people should not use
        condoms in such places as Africa where HIV/AIDS is running rampant. I surely would not want to
        devote my life to a place that believes that!
        Well I am not knowledgeable of religious vocations in the catholic faith. I don't know who "the
        Bishop" is. But if I did have a few honest and uninterrupted minutes with him, I would tell him to
        focus more on getting young men and women to seriously consider a relationship with God,
        instead of a religious vocation. That is what is most important. God will take care of the rest by
        leading the young people by His spirit to do what He has called them to do, whether that would
        entail considering a religious vocation or not. Instead of trying to recruit young people to any
        particular parish or religious vocation, you have to first recruit them into the kingdom of God.
        Young people need to first understand what living a spirit led life is all about and they need to
        NOT get caught up in religion. It's not about religion, it's about a relationship with God. There are
        young men and women that do not know about God, and they don't want to hear about religious
        vocations. They need to know that they need their lives to be changed and the only One that can is
        Jesus Christ. Then and only then will they know exactly where it is they should be. So my answer is,
        get kids to recognize their need for God and a relationship with Him. Start with that, NOT with
        To change the attitude of the Church towards what happens in today's world.

        People are going to have sex, ragardless of what the Church says. So let's wisen up and allow birth
        control/ contraception.

        People are going to be homosexual. Whether it's by choice or by preference. Don't condemn and
        isolate them. Some of these people are more religious and are at least more honest than alot of
        "straight" people who are actually bisexual or who are having promiscuous heterosexual sex,
        raping, etc

        It's one thing to be a firm believer in the Bible and God's Word. But sometimes there needs to be
        some flexibility to adapt to the changing times. No one wants to be a hypocrite, but no one wants
        to be isolated and ostracized for doing what their heart or mind says.
        I am going to go off topic for a moment because there was no where for me to enter my personal
        opinion in general. Please continue on to read. I am not apart of the Catholic religion, however I
        am a Christian. At home I am very involved in my church and the community. Most of the
        questions I answered thinking about my Reverend at my church. Then some of the questions
        specified the Catholic religion so I was unsure of how to answer. However I did still take time out
        to read the entire survey and answer the questions to the best of my abilities. It seems as if this
        survey was geared towards students of the Catholic religion, in saying that. Not all of the students
        residing here are Catholic. I'm not sure if my answers to the survey can help you all in your
        process, but good luck.
        Some of the rules when it comes to the priesthood or the sisterhood need to be updated - perhaps
        allowing nuns and priests to be married or women to enter the priesthood. If the Church became
        more modern with its views, it may attract more young people to such a wonderful vocation.
        I really don't know how to answer that question. The young people of America and I am sure
        everywhere in the world only care about making money. That is the only motivation they have. At
        least that is what it seems to me.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 38 of 79                                 Data as of 5/4/07
        I think the main issue is the declining of young people's faith and connection to their church or
        place of worship. There is too many political problems within many churches that causes many
        young people to stray away from their church. Some of us are already confused about our faith in
        God, and we don't want to be mixed in with all the chaos of inter-religious conflicts and problems
        within the church.
        I am not a catholic. Although, I love and accept all religions, and understand the meaning they
        have in different people's lives. My advice would be, honestly, let us feel God....stop trying to
        make it so complicated to be with God, to love God. So many rules, so many dogmas, all created
        many many years ago. We are living in a different time, it is time for the church to evolve. God is
        here around us always. Do I really need to go to a church to pray? No. I can walk right into my
        backyard and do so...the church needs to offer more.
        Talk about the advantages that would interest young people.Talk about role models in the
        church.Give a tour of what priests, brothers, and sisters do in their community.
        I wouldn't.
        find a way to get the young people more involved.
        Stop trying to convert people. The number of voations is decreasing because people are realizing
        how silly religion is in and of itself. Nothing you could do can stop the decline. It is inevitable.
        People are starting to see that the church is not modernizing with the trends of the rest of the
        world. also people are questioning why they need to go to church if everyone has a connection
        with God.
        To not have to prohibit the necessary, natural parts of our human way of life. To live your life for
        God does not mean to not live as a normal human being could. In fact that would be better
        servicing God and his children.
        I think that the church as a whole needs to be a little more progressive regarding certain issues.
        first you have to make them believe it is not a job but an experience
        I would suggest more openness to youth issues such as abortion, sexuality within a non-married
        couple. I am not for any of these two practices but I wish the Church could adapt to today's society
        and try to understand the causes of an abortion before condemning it. For example, in the case of
        a rape, I would personally think twice about abortion if the result of that was a pregnancy. I would
        not understand an abortion at 6 months in the pregnancy and would condemn it.
        Be more up to date with younger peoples and consider having priests marry.
        I have no comments because I am Lutheran and would rather encourage young men and women
        to become pastors.
        Decrease in the sex scandals will increase more belief in God. Instead of trying to make people do
        or believe in unbearable things, through more humanitarian work people can find God.
        When i was in high school, there was this brother that was always on campus and getting involved
        in every aspect of our school's community. Everything from Amnesty International to Student
        Council functions, Br. John was there to help and advice us. And the one thing that stood out
        about him the most was that he wasn't constantly giving us a sermon or quoting the Bible. He
        actually talked to us like regular human beings but with the kindness and sincerity in his voice that
        reminded you of Jesus. I believe that the more we are exposed to religious life and humanizing
        them, then we can begin to break from some of the myths(e.g. it's not fun, all you do is pray all
        day, there are so many restrictions...etc.).
        Train them well to ultimately have a rewarding and fulfilling life.
        I would tell him that the church should not change any of its policies to encourage enrollment in
        seminary. The church has certain views on abortion, homosexuality, and the marriage of priest
        that should not be altered. I believe people become preists, brothers, and sisters because of a
        calling from God and for no other reason.
        to tell them that life is not about parties, parties, and parties but most of the time a little bit of
        time to talk to themselves will help them realize that deep in front of them there is something that
        is helping them to do good and they can still have fun while being part of the religious group.
        I would say that the Church still seems to be stuck in the past, so to speak. If the Church was more
        in-touch with the younger communities, they may have a better chance of increasing the entry into

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 39 of 79                                 Data as of 5/4/07
        a life of God. The future generations are very different and think in very different ways than past
        generations. The world today, causes individuals to "grow up" quicker than generations in the
        past. Also, I do not feel that the Church is in connection with younger groups based on many
        controversial topics, such as, abortion, homosexuality, pre-marital sex, birth control, drug use and
        abuse, etc. I feel that these issues face the future generations at an earlier age due to the
        controversy surrounding them.
        Honestly it would be hard to interest young people in entering a religious vocation I think because
        for most vocations you can't be married. I guess I would tell the Bishop it's important to address
        this issue and the idea of being married to God. Also I think to consider a religious vocation you
        have to be strongly religious so I think a Catholic education is important to get that started.
        I think that young people need to be better instilled with Christian values. Possibly if good
        Christians see this need for people to enter into a religious vocation, they might step up to fill that
        role. I think that they need to see for themselves that it is a rewarding and fulfilling life and talk
        with priests, brothers, and sisters/nuns. I think that above all, if they get a calling from God, that
        would encourage them to consider pursuing a religious vocation so the best thing would be to
        pray and ask God to provide more workers.
        Increase the amount of priests, nuns, brothers, and sisters people meet on a regular basis, to show
        them what living a religious vocation is truly about.
        These days (as everyone in contemporary society knows) there's just so much out there in life. You
        can't really put your finger on just one thing, there's so much out there if you know what I mean.
        For example, my religious faith is Roman Catholic and so is my entire family, but I havn't been to
        church in literally about 7 years. I want to go back, but I have so much to do, which I think is a
        poor excuse, but really with college work, family, friends, work, life, ect I forget that I really should
        in fact be practicing my faith. I personally don't know of any advice I would give to the bishop. I
        strongly believe that entering a religious vocation is a calling from God. I wish I could help, but I
        don't know what to say in terms of giving advice.

        All the best...
        The way the mind of a young person has changed is drastic compared to the minds the bible was
        set up to be. If the rules would become more lineant, people would feel better about joining
        because they would feel more accepted and welcomed.
        Get rid of the law that says priests cannot marry, because its just a reminant real estate clause from
        the "enclosure movement" and therefore not truly warranted by god. Second get rid of the
        women cannot be ordained, because catholicism in its nascency would not have survived if it was
        not for women hold services in their private homes secretly. This is history and proven facts, when
        you put man in the helm of such power as the christian church...they will abuse is and manipulate
        it with their own intentions in mind. Christianity/Catholicism's essence is not in the brick and
        mortar establishment of the church, but rather it is a faith. A mental faith we all seek to follow
        and consult. Thank you for your time Mr. Bishop...
        I believe that the men and women of the religious vocation should be allowed to marry and have
        children because it's in the bible under (family).
        There are a lot of problems in the world and there are people who would like to get involved.
        There are homosexual people who are very involved in world issues and they could contribute a
        great deal to the current issues. I'm sure many of them would consider a religious vocation if they
        could get married. Many people would probably consider becoming priests or nuns if they were
        able to get married. There are many people now that want money and the vow of poverty would
        probably discourage them. Also, I never heard about what a religious vocation is and how to
        become a priest or a nun from anyone close to me. I don't think this type of information is
        available to the general public.
        I believe if there were more youth programs as well as mass directed toward young people they
        would become more involved in the Church. As a result they may take more time to consider their
        faith and possibly a vocation within their faith.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 40 of 79                                    Data as of 5/4/07
        To be honest, I wouldn't know where to start. I know that I do not attend any masses or services
        because, as petty as this sounds, my schedule does not allow me to do so. I am full all 7 days of the
        week. I intern in Manhattan at an advertising agency on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I
        have class on Tuesdays and Thursday throughout the day with an hour and a half break to
        eat/shower/study; and then I go to work serving tables on Tuesday, Thursday nights and spend
        approximately 24 out of 48 hours on Saturday and Sunday serving tables just to make rent. I wish
        there weren't such a stigma of guilt for not being able to attend mass on a Sunday morning.
        It is quality that matters, not quality. The decline in religious involvement by the young people is
        because young people today are plagued by materialism, consumerism, moral relativism and have
        no interest save basking in the present. To try to "reach out" to young people would be
        compromising much of Biblical truth. If there were only 500 Catholics left who follow the Word as
        It is, not as they want It to be, then that is the Church, not the thousands of "Catholics" who
        attend Church but go home and pay no attention to the Word and tolerate sin and indecency out
        of apathy.
        Honestyly I believe that only by prayer will young people begin to answer God's call. The secular
        world is much more apealing and therefore only the Holy Spirit can draw young people into the
        ministry. Much Prayer must be made!
        you need to strenghthen and inspire in them a revived love for the church...then the vocations will
        make themself apparent
        I would say to listen to young people in terms of the strict laws within the church regarding
        homosexuality and abortion.
        I honestly don't know what advice I can offer to get younger men and women involved. I believe
        that I take my religious beliefs so strongly because I was raised into a family that focused on
        religion and instilled certain rituals, like going to church every sunday, in me. Young adults are
        often confused about themselves and their life and are often afraid to get advice or feel as though
        turning to their religious faith is pointless. I don't know how to prove to them that it does in fact
        bring a satisfying feeling. I often have this debate with my friends who are atheists but it's always
        the same argument. I honestly can not picture my life without my religious values.
        To use the vocation as a way to discuss the issues of adolescents on a spiritual/religious level in
        order to attract students based on their needs/feelings.
        Priest should be able to be married and women should be allowed to be priests.
        I like many have left the Catholic Church and have joined a Christian community for several
        reasons. For one, they are willing to forgive sinners and help them change. Another thing that I
        noticed is that they get to know the people who come to church on a personal level so that when
        they speak to them its not like they are speaking to a crowd of people they don’t know. Also some
        people think it is wrong and don’t agree with the fact that there are statues all over the place in a
        Catholic Church. These are all things the Catholic Church should reconsider in changing. In
        addition, if they are trying to increase the interest of a young man or woman on a religious
        vocation the last thing you want to mention to them is that they have to take a vow of poverty,
        especially when talking to women. Most importantly, men and women of today are really opposed
        to being sexually abstinent for the rest of their lives. Times have changed and there are many
        sexual temptations in the world today.
        Most people I know my age arent very concerned with religious issues and hardly ever speak of
        God. I honestly can't say what would help young people become more engaged in religion. I am
        not Catholic but I attend a Catholic University; not because it's Catholic, just because its a good
        school. I consider myself to be somewhat religious, I am interested in the word of God but I, sadly,
        can't say the same about almost all of the people I know.
        I think the reason most people are moving away from the religious vocations is mainly the fact that
        in this day and age, many want to get married or experience a fulfulling love relationship with
        another individual. According to the Church, a priest or nun is not allowed to participate in such
        relations. Also, I believe that young individuals see being a Priest / Nun means the restriction of
        their personal rights -- a restriction on their daily activities. The activities of a Priest, in a general
        sense, is very different from what teenangers and young adults do today. Though, there will still

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 41 of 79                                     Data as of 5/4/07
        be those that go for religious vocations because of personal belief, a calling from God, or the
        desire to help out their community, I believe the number will still decline due to the changes in
        today's young adult society.
        In the Orthodox faith, men are allowed and encouraged to get married and have a family before
        becoming a priest. I always felt I was never pressured with "rules" or "obligations" until I went to
        a Catholic high school. Christians believe good morale is already within, I do not feel it is necessary
        to be so strict and "unforgiving". It is bad for the conscience and unhealthy. It is nobody's job to
        judge except for God, and he is all-forgiving.
        I would just tell him to try to make entering a religious vocations more interesting to people and
        to show the people how fulfilling it is to be close to God and help other people get close to God.
        Eliminate the pedifiles. Eliminate the propaganda being destributed to the children, abandon all
        prior ignorent claims to the impossibility of both alien existance, as well as scientific evolution. Try
        convincing Rome to become more spiritual and less of a power driven, secretive, buisness mogal it
        feels it has become. Those reading this with a clear mind fully understand, and deep down will
        agree with the minor scrapes in the glass that I have touched upon. All others are blind, ignorant,
        or part of the corruption. If I know best, this entire survey will be disgarded due to the truths
        presented which some wish to hide. Enjoy your day and the rest of your lives.
        P.S. How many priests do u know are pedifiles? How many of you ignored turning them over to
        the police? How many priests do not actually adhear to the strict behavioral guidelines? How
        many priests feel good at night liying to the public and children? How many priests feel they
        should have a right to be a political entity in womens right to abortion? How many priests feel
        they have the right to get invovled with human rights and marriages. How many priests truely
        believe in their cause when their founding fathers castes millions to die in holy wars of the past?
        ..................................I could go on!!!!!
        Consider changing some of the "rules" that are offered in question 28a-k above. Encourage
        parishes to offer retreats or trips to places in which they are able to help needy people directly.
        The Church has more of a focus on the elderly and families. This is somewhat understandable,
        because they are the predominant donors to the Church, but with little focus on our generation,
        there will be nothing to build any future relationship on. What little focus we have is not at all in
        the interests of the teens--you have to present them with spirituality in a way that THEY will enjoy
        and accept. Anything else will lead many to close their minds to what you are saying.

        Also, the culture itself is miles apart from Church teachings. We are taught (in a very Christ-like
        way) to love ALL of our neighbors, to be fair and kind, and yet the Church is seen doing and saying
        many things that contradict that. From the non-acceptance of homosexuals, the condemnation of
        a woman's right to choose (Free Will was given by God, and it would be wrong not to use it), the
        sex scandals and the gender differences, it is apparent that the Catholic Church is completely out
        of touch with today's society and its youth. It is sad that it was only when I was a pre-teen that the
        Church finally allowed girls to be altar servers. My aunt is Director of Religious education at her
        parish, with a masters in theology. Even though she has taken all the courses required for a priest,
        with the exception of one (Homiletics), she is not even allowed to be a Deacon, much less anything
        else. As Americans and teens, we cherish equality and acceptance. There is no equality or
        acceptance in the Church, and what little is given is coming very late.

        I cherished my time in my Catholic High School (St Francis Prep)because of the wonderful staff of
        brothers, nuns and lay people. Their take on Catholicism was refreshing and geared to keep teens'
        attentions. I suggest the Catholic Church learn from its successful spiritual guidance for our
        generation and change its outlooks on many topics. It will increase the Church's relevance to
        society again.
        Honestly not many young people today are religious and are interested in even learning about
        their religion. The majority of the people around my age that I know rarely attend church and
        neither do their families. They are usually surprised when I tell them, I attend church every sunday,
        then they ask me why because they only go to church around Christmas. Most of the people my

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 42 of 79                                   Data as of 5/4/07
        age are only concerned about school, work, boyfriends or girlfriends, and when they are going to
        hang out next and with who.
        I tihnk the big issue is the ability to get married. I feel that married men should be ordained
        priests. However, I think if an unmarried man becomes a priest, he should then not be allow to get
        married. Positions above being a priest (ie Bishop, etc) should still be reserved for unmarried men.
        I think there are plenty of men who have strong faith and would make wonderful priests and
        leaders of a community, but they decline that calling because they want to have a family.
        I believe it is a different world these days. People of today find value in things which in retrospect
        have no importance. The world of today caused people to be confused about what really matters.
        I believe once people begin to realize what is important in life, maybe more people will come back
        to the church, but right now people are far too involved with themselves, rather than God and one
        another. Until people realize what is pure and good, I believe those devoted to a religious
        vocation will continue to decline.
        In my opinion, religion should be a matter of choice. It should not be forced upon the youth of the
        nation so strongly at a young age, it should not be made out to be so rigid and have everything be
        seen in black and white. As society progresses and evolves people are more and more becoming
        free thinkers, especially the young people. I believe that if they were presented with the
        information in a way that shows that they have options more people would make the attempt to
        follow a religious vocation.
        You stipulate that the number of people in religious vocations is declining.

        It is in decadence. Such a remarkably atheistic system is not caused so much by the indifference of
        the Church to the youth, as it is by ubiquitous bad breeding in our youth altogether. Capably
        beneficent representatives of the people are all but extinct. An inspiring religious evangelist is one
        in 300 million in the States and virtually non-existant in Europe and the pagan provinces
        throughout the rest of the Continents. Unbecomingly femininated opinions and silence of
        orthodoxy have produced a weakness of character too timid to face the full stringency of
        competitive religious survival. Seduced into lethargy and self-censorship, Christian apologetics and
        evangelism have vanished from the public spectrum and been replaced by moral relativistic fascist
        organizations intent on brainwashing the youth into believing that abominations such as
        homosexuality and inauguration of females into priesthood are natural, requiring not only
        toleration, which was the dogma before, but now approval, since Congress is no more supportive
        of moral legislation anymore than our commonwealth is with the War in Iraq. The connections of
        Christendom with the hearts of the global population have not been severed or lost altogether,
        but only timeworn and old hat. Our people have forgotten what a good priest is. It was a mistake
        for the Church to merely condemn such perversion in dioceses, when the real solution was make its
        philanthropy popular again and actually ameliorate poverty and other hard conditions where
        people can not help but take notice. The Church has spare energy and specific talent for such
        administration, yet where are the men who will take the helm and courageously defend the values
        that made our nation a city on a hill? Nowhere.

        We must cease catering to political minorities and not capitulate that which God has given to us to
        defend. Vatican II was simultaneously the greatest progress and the most costly mistake the Church
        could have ever performed. Since then, the Church has not expressed much zeal for Jesus Christ or
        embarked on any conspicuous evangelical projects. Its moral silence has become notorious. Given
        the state of things, with hordes of idolatrous masses competing for world domination in religion,
        the light of Christianity and our glorious Saviour must prevail, and to do so will require a firm spine
        and an apologist's wit. Ironically, the church desperately needs a revolution back to conservative
        values. In order to be luminary, it must be incendiary.

        I believe that assisting the world to relieve poverty, apotheosis of more saints, controversial stances
        against popular idolatry and corruption, explicit denunciation of the barbaric Islamic Empire and
        its violent constituents and bloodthirsty faith, economical assistance to Africa to ameliorate the

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 43 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        AIDS epidemic, condemnation of the moral depravity on television, and more conservative
        propaganda on universities in a spirit of defense of the Church and not in the mean obstinacy of
        cowardly religious pluralism under the shroud of ecumenism, will in part re-invigorate the
        decomposing corpse of religion in the States. We cannot allow our secular politicians to have the
        platform in defining what is good and evil in America. Legality can be legislated, but morality must
        not be. The criticism and upbuilding must proceed from the tongues of angels, and not those of
        venal attorneys already firmly entrenched in faithlessness. America must be summoned back to its
        religious bedrock at all costs, and not have its Godly roots deracinated by the political mercenaries
        in power.

        America's youth has become disenchanted with Christianity, because they do no longer know
        exactly what it stands for. Anglicans have damned themselves by forcing homosexuality as a
        component of liturgy. Catholicism has sterilized itself by ceasing to compete against Islam and
        Buddhism, and most of all, moral relativism (our current political mood). Consequently, the youth
        must be re-indoctrinated, because the patriotic virility and moral strength of our nation's citizens
        rests solely on the religous foundations that were so instrumental in the formation of this splendid
        nation. For any perennial power to remain continuously potent, an education of the current youth
        generation must be considered mandatory.

        The final war will be not between religions. That is our calling now. The apocalypse will be
        between politics and Christianity. We must prepare, so that our persecution will have the ears of a
        lost paradise.
        It's difficult because of the influence fo rhte media, and how demanding society has become for
        "survival" ie jobs are more demanding and competative for positions because of accademic
        requirements from tirstry education institutions. Religion is being overlooked by the young people
        because its is not teaken seriously by the majority, and the amount of branches of the church who
        argue against each other amoungst the parents.
        The church very much needs to modernize to the lifestyles of today. You wouldnt tell an
        organization which hasnt changed since the time of slavery that it is okay to own slaves, much like
        the church shouldnt be making such accusations about things like women and the gay community.
        In a world in which STD's are spreading rapidly as well, the idea of contriception needs to be re-
        thought and a philosophy other than abstinence needs to be taught to college students at catholic
        Find a way to show how it could appeal to them. Show them the advantages and pro's to entering
        a religious vocation.
        I believe, as it said before, if rules weren't as strict. If priests can marry or nun's can marry I think a
        lot more people would want to become priests, nuns, or brothers. I also believe that women
        should be able to become priests. Times have changed in the world and the country. Women have
        a say in politics, the workplace and everyday life. Women should have the option of becoming
        priests if they want.
        Have more information dissemenated to young people about religious life.
        To be truely honest, if a young person feels the 'call' from the Lord then he without any second
        guessing should enter into a religious profession, because that's what God intends for him or her. I
        beleive that women should also be allowed to become priests in the Catholic religion. I myslef is a
        Reformed Protestant and I have met some wonderful lady revrends who were, according to my
        judgement very nice and filled with the spirit and loved to preach and conduct service, and I think
        that there would be a good amount of women who , if allowed would like to become Catholic
        priests. Also I think many young people should be more educated religiously, even though those
        people who receive religious education are sometimes live a life more unreligous then someone
        who has never had a religious education, but have heard of God and belives in Jesus. I also believe
        that religious experience is very important to religious education or religiousness. We all have
        experienced many thing is our lives, and I believe that in each of our lives Jesus is knocking at our

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)    Page 44 of 79                                     Data as of 5/4/07
        heart's door looking, asking us to open it for him and let him fill our selves, our lives with his Love,
        Faith and Hope. I hope that many young adults will have religious, heartfelt experiences and so
        they would perhaps be more involved in church activies and religious professions-because it is very
        important to have religious leaders around us who could educate us, help us and make rol models
        for us by their exemple, lives and true faiths.
        To let them know that you can still lead a normal life and be "cool"
        Things have to change they way there are in the church because not a lot of young people want to
        enter into such a career due to the lack of freedoms. Thats why in other religions where they have
        ministers, young people are interested in that because they can still get married and have a family
        as well as advise the community. Yes, it is a sacrifice your making to God to become a Priest or Nun
        but i believe that God wants us all to be happy. All of us would truly be happy sharing our lives
        with people we love.
        in catholic schools, it should have more programs for the youths to get involve in.
        Try to get to know the younger generations not through adults but directly. Start with the young
        ones and grow their faith so that when they are older is has a big role in their lives. college kids
        are a bit older and we have the capability to choose and if we were once religious we tend to stay
        religious throughout college but if we loose that when we are in college we lose our faith as well.

        Reach out to public school children. I've know more young people from Public schools that are
        now discerning vocations than any where else.
        To reach out to younger crowds, in churches, schools, public places.
        well i don't exactly know what a religious vocation is all about but i love god and he is almighty
        and everlasting and he sent his son to save me and i am forever grateful and thankful for him. his
        mercy is everlasting and his truth endureth forever. i love him unconditionally just like he love's
        me and he knows this. if i find out more about it i would be happy to work for him full time.
        You cant force people to have a vocation. So if vocations are declining God is doing it for a reason.
        The advice I would offer in effort to increase the interest of the youth to consider a religious
        vocation would be for the Church to be honest and sincere. I mean nothing is more better than the
        truth so we as the youth do not want to be bought anymore but we do just want to be told the
        truth and that would really help us find the light.
        Personally, I do not believe in any religious establishment whatsoever. I feel that all religions do is
        set up boundaries and divide people. If only people would take the time to realize that we do not
        need religion in our life, but if we were to simply have faith in something, if it is even just
        ourselves, that we can lead happy lives. Should the Church try to reach out to young people and
        try to get them to join the would-be cult, they should work on trying to establish the fact that they
        should not fear God. I feel that the Church, especially the Roman Catholic Chruch emphasizes too
        greatly on punishment. I do not fear God. I know God loves me and I love Him. I have no reason
        to fear Him, and I do not fear damnation because I know that I am a good person and have the
        strong moral beliefs to back it up rather than to just live in fear of punishment. Also, the Church
        should become increasingly aware that homosexuality is 100% a curb 2 inches from the ground
        and get over the fact that not everyone is the same. They should also look back in history and see
        that women were running the ceremonies before men were when the Christian religion originated
        because it had to be done in secret. It was only when the mere notion that the Church could lose
        its precious land and power gained from owning that land (what happened to the poverty vows?)
        that it established the laws that women could not join the priesthood. All in all, I give you my
        word that I would sign up to be a priest today if the Church would only how full of hypocrisy it is
        and maybe rather than even change it, have the balls to just own up to it. Just say, "Yeah, we

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 45 of 79                                   Data as of 5/4/07
        know we kinda screwed up in the past, and we're sorry. Here's the deal, we'll compromise to fix
        it." That would, definitely, help in the long run. However, we both/all know that this,
        sadly will never happen and the Church will remain as close-minded as ever, especially since it has
        almost completely taken over government in this country and driven people to fear voting for
        people who see through the facade. Please, Bishop, prove me wrong.
        Catholicism needs to be more fleible. I know there is tradition and history , but modern times are
        changing things of the past. I know now we are able to have altar girls which is a good thing , but
        simple things like that make a difference in the long run. We nee d to cintinue an open discusson
        woth the youth of today. Provide them with what they need. We need spiritual guidance. Leaders
        by example. The sexual scnadal, put the seed of distrust in the garden of catholicism.
        live by example and trust in God that He will provide
        You cant be so strict on the youth you have to understand how the outside enviroment is and try
        to work with them not against them.
        Be more open. The attitude of young people is all about being open minded and free. In contrast
        a religious vocation is known to be a very strict and demanding lifestyle.
        I would say to stress the fact that you are a human being just like them. You sin, make mistakes,
        and ask for forgiveness like they do. Emphasize the fact that you are not held higher than they are
        because of your education and title but that you are merely a person that is called by God to serve
        others by spreading the His word. The best advice is to live an upright life. Don't portray a positive
        imagery when you are doing sinful things behind closed doors because people are best viewed by
        the fruit they bear, their lifestyle outside of the church.
        I think it is hard to take everything from the past and apply it to today's standards. Many of the
        rules that applied then are overlooked now, for example, sex before marriage, etc. Many people
        aspire to get married, have kids, etc, and its hard to show how a life following God is more
        fulfilling than what they already have instilled in their minds as children and young adults. I'm not
        sure I would offer him advice but instead, I would ask him why he believes entrance into religious
        vocations is declining. I believe he knows more about these reasons than I do, and maybe by
        collaboration for a few minutes, we could establish the problem, then worry about the solution.
        The only thing suggestion I have is that times are changing and it's changing fairly quickly but it
        seems that the Church is always a step or two behind; and nobody I know (myself included)is
        willing to be left behind especially when there are so many other choices available to them. So I
        think that it would be in the Church's best interests to re-examine all the rules and regulations that
        seem to stifle the youth, in order to keep them in the Church; let alone consider a religious
        Many students lose interest in religion when they attend CCD because the classes are boring. Many
        teachers don't worry about making the classes interesting, the are only concerned with presenting
        the material. Also, I have heard many people say that services are sometimes dull. Perhaps more
        upbeat services would draw the attention of young people and would eventually lead them to
        consider entering into a religious vocation. Although it is a drastic change, I do think that some
        time in the future the church should consider allowing preists and nuns to marry. I do tend to think
        that this causes many people to reconsider becoming preists/nuns etc.
        Talk to them about the benefits it has and how this will improve their spiritual life.
        i would suggest talking about the sanctity and peace of mind that the vocation would bring along.
        also, the bishop could discuss the personal benefit he got from helping those less fortunate and
        taking a vow of poverty, so that nothing is taken for granted.
        I think religion is a element of lifestyle introduced by parents and is incorporated through one's
        childhood. The number of teenagers starting families has increased recently, and therefore look
        for parents for guidance. If a family started without religion, its often difficult to spark it later on
        in life. Encouraging the aspect of religion for stability and support among young people is a big
        selling point. Not forcing religion on young adults is important. We should have the opportunity to
        take part in religion, not have it forced on us. Constantly having an open door for religion,
        welcoming and encouraging spirit, but not forcing it. If more young people see how much stability
        can be found among the religion, they might be more open to it.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 46 of 79                                   Data as of 5/4/07
        Pay closer attention to the times we're living in now. There are too many things going wrong in
        this world. I may be inaccurate when i say this but, the focus of the chruch needs to shift towards
        what is going on now. You can get many individuals more involved if you showed them how they
        can make a positive contribution to times like these(the wars, the genocide, the poverty, etc.) The
        church has become an organized institution for many people who attend mass on Sunday only to
        better their lives basically. If you want more young people to enter into religious vocations, give
        them a better sense and educate them about what they can physically and spiritually do to better
        this world that is in dire need of positive change. When you say Priest, I say Sunday mass, and I
        think that misinterpretation needs to be changed if you want more young people to join. I know
        there's more to Priests than preaching at mass and being spiritual guiders.
        The Catholic Church needs to be stronger, it cannot be taking down by the media. It feels that the
        media is stumping the Catholic Church through Hollywood movies, newspapers, magazines and tv
        shows. They show no respect what so ever and there are not that many people protecting the
        Catholic Church except the Catholic League. The Catholic Church will lose all the youths because
        been religious is not cool anymore, thanks to the media and what they show. For example, they
        make fun of Jesus, The Virgin Mary, they promote divorce and a lot of sexual clips. This has to
        stop. I am very proud of been Catholic, but the Catholic Church cannot be tossed around like an
        animal. Once the Catholic Church is respected then you will see more people taking it serious,
        until then Hollywood will belittled the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church most also stop the
        sexual scandals, it hurts the Church as a religion and financially. The Government should pass laws
        to protect the Catholic Church from law suits, if not the Church will go bankrupt and then the
        church will dissapear. Yes, have criminal charges for priests that commit sin, but the Catholic
        church should not be financially liable. The media is changing peoples mind and the scandals are
        hurting the Catholic church. The Catholic Church most step up and be Strong. A final note, the
        Pope should also visit Catholic countries more frequently to show the people that the Catholic
        Church is with the people and the world.
        I would suggest that there be more information redily available about what a religious life entails.
        To many people, including myself, get steroetypical ideas from television and movies about
        religious life.
        The number is declining because faith is declining. This cannot be helped. Whether this is tragic or
        liberating I cannot decide. Civilization needs regilion. The Church must change its doctrine to keep
        up with a changing society. Do not have us try to believe things that are no longer believable.
        I think the problem with religions whose teachings and moral code are based solely on sacred text
        and are not adaptive to each successive generation such as more ancient indigenous religions is
        that over time generations become distant because culture, taboos, etc. change. Issues such as
        those mentioned earlier such as abortion, premarital sexual relations, contraceptives, etc need to
        be approached differently with more open mindedness and become more receptive to them so
        that maybe religion can provide guidance on how to safely manage these issues rather than be
        strictly against them. Maybe then, the youth may not distance themselves and more youth would
        consider having a role that provides such guidance. If the youth dont agree with the current stand
        point of these institutions they will not want to enter into them.
        the catholic church needs to understand that the times are changing, the rules that were made up
        centuries ago cannot be applied in this century, they are too outdated. the catholic church also
        has to embrace the culture that we live in.
        I would just say that find ways in which we can appeal to the youth. But we also want them to
        abide my the religion so it should be a joint effort.
        I find it interesting that although the number of young people entering religious vocations is
        declining, the number of youth, as far as I understand, that believe in Jesus as the one Way to God
        is on the rise. A possible solution to the Bishop's dilemma is to have a section of mass, e.g. a
        different room/time versus the regular mass, geared specifically towards youth. Alternatively, one
        might consider addressing the specific issues that face the Catholic Church today i.e. the issue of
        homosexuality, gay marriage, and the scourge of sexual abuse that faced the church just years ago.
        I do understand that the Church probably addressed these issues, but I truly doubt that the Church

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 47 of 79                               Data as of 5/4/07
        addressed these issues with the youth in mind. In fact, I feel that the youth have been largely, if
        not completely, ignored by the Church. It is really quite simple, if you think about it, to increase
        the interests of any age group, address the issues concerning that age group. (One thing that you
        might also realize is that many youth consider the Church to be very...archaic).
        And most importantly, the Church might consider conducting surveys such as this one, asking after
        the interests and concerns of today's youth.
        The church needs to become more liberal in some of their view points not all. Marriage being one
        of the biggest issues that is needing to be addressed. Even if the church became more liberal about
        certain issues, students of Catholic institutions learn that a priest/nun/brother takes vow of
        poverty. In todays age when parents push their children to make a good living by making a lot of
        money, the church may not be able to support that. I am not saying that the church should just
        open their wallets when they are having financial problems of their own with the funding of
        certain schools (which maybe unrelated but I am ignorant about) within the Diocese. A decent
        living is going to be important especially if the church one day changes its views on marriage for a
        priest because he will want to start a family and a life of poverty would not be conducive to raising
        a family.
        You are all faggots who deserve to be burned at the stakes. You and your religion is the cause of
        all the sufferings in the world. Your intolerance towards other religion is the single cause of global
        destruction. I hope Asia will be the death knell for evangelical and intolerant religions such as
        Lead by example. If you don't enjoy what you're doing yourself, how can you expect others to
        enjoy what you're doing. And try to abstain from the pleasures of the flesh. Always talk to God for
        guidance, because if you ask, he will show you the way. And never be afraid to ask God for help no
        matter where you are. And stick to what God's word says (even if its something people don't like).
        You cannot be wrong if God's word says it (but you must reveal the ugly parts too to the people)
        In my opinion the Catholic Church has not adapted well to changing times, particularly in
        reference to scientific views of nature and the physical laws of the universe. I don’t think there is
        an inherent conflict between science and faith. However, I think the ongoing "conflict" between
        science and faith, particularly over evolution/creation, contraceptives, and stem cell research create
        a rift between open minded young people and the Church. (I realize many people involved in
        these arguments are not Catholic but the Catholic stance is very clear on these issues.) In my
        experience going to a four year Catholic high school, it seemed to me that these issues from the
        Church's point of view are non-negotiable, period. For these reasons (and in my opinion there are
        others) these view points turn off young people from considering a life in the ministry, especially
        those with an interest in science.
        I wouldn't. There is a reason the number of young people entering the Catholic religious vocations
        is declining, and it is a good thing.
        I can't really tell him much, because people already feelrestricted enough by the laws of the
        government, to add religion is just to add more restrictions to your life, restrictions that people
        might not agree with. I think people are just becoming more open minded, and religion restricts
        that by dealing with absolutes, like all abortions are bad, which I don't think is true.
        Homosexuality has been around for hundreds of years, it's not a FAD, and the Church should
        embrace people for what they are, not what they want them to be. Homosexuals are not more
        likely to commit any type of crime over other people, but then again to the church being a
        homosexual is a crime against the lord. I am not a church goer, my grandma goes every day
        though, but I just try and live my life by the idea that you don't do to others what you don't wish
        don't to yourself, so no stealing, no killing and so on. I in fact do a lot of volunteer work with
        many people from many religions. I think one big step all the religious institutions can make is to
        collaborate with eachother, in other words accept that you all have different views, and show
        people how they can be helped by following any of the religions. If the religious leaders are
        working with eachother to promote spirituality, I am sure more people would give religion a
        second chance.
        I would encourage him to end the requirements of a vow of celibacy.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 48 of 79                                 Data as of 5/4/07
        The Catholic Church needs to be more in touch with its members, and stop chasing new converts.
        The pews are empty on Sundays because parishioners are weary of a old-fashioned, rigid hierarchy
        and priests with ulterior motives. The word "catholic" means worldly, and I feel that the Church
        abandoned that definition years ago.
        Do not decrease the standards that Priests/Brothers/Nun's are held to, but try to increase the
        outreach into communities and show a lay-persons view of their lifestyle.
        I am not the right person to answer this question.
        The hypocrisy of the Catholic Church is deafening. They need to stop discriminating against gays,
        protect the environment, denounce violence in all its forms, remove those attempting to make
        religion a political issue, encourage the use of birth control, and stop passively discriminating
        against other religions. Maybe then people would take them seriously.

        It might not even be the bishop or the preists' fault. The same way that a teacher tells you that
        you represent the school (and that teacher) when you go on a field trip, the parish reflects upon
        the priest, the bishop, the church, and the religion. And there are plenty of practicing Catholics
        out there screwing it up for all of you. Just rent 'Jesus Camp' and hopefully you'll get an idea
        about what I mean.
        The church at the moment seems to be focused away from people of my age. The church should
        do more to connect with people of my age in a way that they could accept and not feel forced
        i dont know
        I would suggest that the traditions being upheld be revised so that they fit this new century and
        society. There are some rules and belief that no longer have a place in society. An overall non
        biased study/review of religion and how many of its traditions started and see whether or not they
        should still be upheld (ie: priests cannot marry etc.). Stop trying to force certain ways onto others
        through fear of damnation and be a little more open minded about certain...aspects of life. you
        cannot advocate God's forgiveness and then turn around and threaten damnation if a person does
        or does not do something the church sees fit or unfit.
        The Church needs to update its views. Religion is not written in stone, its supposed to grow and
        change witht he times and the people. its something thats supposed to support people, not
        outcast them.
        If they could be allowed to cook or buy whatever they want to eat instead of having the same
        food consecutively. Also if they could get more involved with the public.
        The new pope needs breakdancers like the old one had.
        As I assume you are referring to a Catholic Bishop, I would have a hard time offering advice on the
        subject. As I indicated earlier, I think that the Catholic faith is woefully out of touch with the youth
        in this country, and I don't think it has very much to do with the recent sex scandals. There is a
        certain amount of intolerance that is pervasive and institutionalized, and I, personally, feel that
        excluding women from the ministry or homosexuals from the congregation is incompatible with
        Jesus' message of tolerance and inclusive love.

        Youths pick things up very quickly these days, and it will be difficult to move ahead as a religious
        faith without creating a clear picture of a God of integrity, who doesn't backtrack or make
        Religious vocations help people find meanings in their lives and guide them in the right direction
        to righteousness.
        Although a student, I am a middle aged woman so I'm sure I have a different perspective than a
        traditional college student, however, I would recommend that The Church be a little more
        consistent in its message and less self-doubting. While it is very, very, important to listen to and be
        responsive to it's "flock" - The Church seems to doubt its teachings, its culture, its rituals, its very
        faith and foundation which I believe is a turn off for young people considering a vocation. The
        committment to a vocation, especially in this day and age, is tremendous and at times it can feel

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 49 of 79                                   Data as of 5/4/07
        like The Church is not as committed to its own teachings as it would expect a religious to be to his
        or her vocation.
        - Realize that this is the 21st century and the world that we are living in is very different from the
        world you want to see. Many of the teachings of the past were based on issues that were relevant
        in the past... The founding fathers of this country based many of their ideals on religion; however,
        they also realized that in time there would be change. They created provisions for change...
        amendments to the constitution; amendments which allow the freedom to move freely in an
        organized structure.
        i honestly have no idea.
        Religion as it has been for eons is a method of control and discipline that focuses on something, or
        someone (GOD), outside of the individuals body. Instead, the entire Catholic, Christian, Judaic,
        Islamic, and every other Religious Organization in the world should encourage the notion that
        "God" lives in each of you and you must do everything you can to be at a balance with him.
        Meditation is important as is self-awarness and realistic knowledge.

        My personal belief is not religious, but spiritual; I think every person has the strenght of "God"
        inside him, but is confused and manipulated by the physical world into beliveing they do not!! This
        is in large part due to church, as well as governement, society and even culture.
        I would blame the "freedom" that we all have..freedom is good to a certain extent but people
        here take advantage of it and misuse it. We miuse it to an extent where we have forgotten as to
        which religious faith we belong to. I dont think there is any religion out there which allows sexual
        relaitonships before marriage and so forth. All religions have some things in common. We need to
        educate people more about our religion.
        you should be more realistic with the world's views today regarding abortions and contraception
        I would probably say to him that he should tell young people that if they want to choos a career
        that they feel would be fulfilling, help out his/her fellow community, and make them successful
        and feel good inside, to choose to become a priest, brother, or sister/nun.
        Offer to support the family they will be leaving behind
        Expose TRUTH to the world. Stop putting a mask over religion and explain realities, inaccuracies
        and being OPEN MINDED about other's people's thoughts. Don't "modify" religion to recruit more
        people. Keep religion the way it was meant to be (which is now an opinion) and just live and let

        God Bless
        I would tell him to explain the pro's and the con's of considering a religious vocation.
        the desire should come from one's own heart after teaching them the love and knowledge of God.
        I would like to talk to the Bishop about different issues that are affecting the youth
        community,such as dealing with drugs, peer pressure, alcohol, sex etc. There is so much that is
        misunderstood with teenagers today, and such a great deal of emphasisi is placed on what they do
        wrong, or how they react. It is imoportant to treat teenagers as adults since mnay of them are
        struggeling to live day-by-day. Also, the catholic church should try to inform the youth of pursuing
        a vocational lifestyle. It might be helpful to give the yoth some insight as to what happens there,
        and why it is an important and fulfilling career choice.
        Bishops should try to appeal on reason and not on faith in G-d.
        I think people are still very upset by the sex scandal of the Church, the way things were addressed
        was horrible and have tainted the way many feel. I also think the Church needs to find a way to
        explain exactly how they feel about topics such as abortion, homosexuality, and sex outside of
        marriage. Youth know its wrong but why? I think thats the problem with the Church, or at least at
        some of the parishes I have been with. There was never a clear understanding or reason, clergy
        just told us "its wrong!" When I was with a youth group, luckily they explained it to us, the details
        and such. Even with explaination, I still have hard feelings towards these topics because I don't

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 50 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        think the Church has really evaluated these situations, I understand that going back on their word
        and changing how they feel could make people re-evaluate anything the church has said, but its
        just so difficult.

        I've have been able to come to terms with my religions as well as with my personal feelings about
        those topics. I am a Catholic and love my background, but I have also started to embrace Buddhism
        and other religions. I don't expect the Church to be happy with my decisions or feelings but the
        fact is: religion was dictated to man through revelations and other mediums, it was given to us in
        the spectrum of our knowledge, as humans learn to embrace more then just a book, I have been
        able to communicate and feel at peace with God and my religion. I live a good religious life, I try
        hard not to committ sins, I serve the poor, I embrace my neighbors and overall try to live a good
        standard of life. I feel its hard for an older man to relate to me... the lives we lived were different.
        Either way, the youth will always have a distant relationship because this is the time where we are
        all over the place, the fact is the only person/s that could keep our lives entact are our families... so
        maybe the new angle they should take is "EMBRACE THE FAMILY" not so much an individual. Like
        my priest used to say, "A family that prays together, stays together."
        I have many of the strong values that would suggest to people that I become a priest. However, I
        truly believe that a relationship with another person allows one to grow in faith (in a different
        way) in ways that perhaps cannot be imagined through the life of a priest. Do I necessarily want
        to see married priests? I am not sure of that…I really think it would be such a drastic change that
        would dilute the role of a priest and make it less significant / trusting… UNLESS, there are two
        people with such a deep faith that, together, they contribute so much to one another that they are
        such a strong representation of Catholic values. Perhaps my faith or calling is just not that strong
        where I could give up a living person – a beating heart that is the physical existence of faith in this
        world – in favor of a life devoted to God alone. I feel that God is present through that one other
        person I will give my life to which therefore means I am also giving myself to God.

        Of course more people would consider a vocation if the values of the church were altered but that
        would destroy the church. The only issue of true value and relevance is the issue of marriage and,
        in this case, I mean a REAL marriage where there is such a strong bond with that one other person
        because of the values of the Catholic Church. My point is: a person who otherwise would be ideal
        to become a priest with a person who otherwise would be ideal to become a sister/nun are drawn
        so strongly together by faith that to give it up for faith seems somehow unfaithful – a part of faith
        will always be missing.
        who knows???
        make it more open to freedoms
        i would tell him to make more youthful events involving famous people to talk to us and to also
        hang out with us. this would influence the religious.
        keep doing what you are doing.
        Honestly, for more people to take religion seriously they'd need role models as preists who show
        them it is a good career. With kids today, the Church needs to take kids interests,whatever they
        are, and connect them with Jesus, what he did, and the CHurch today.
        I would tell him to tel the young men and woman to do whatever God is asking them to do.
        I would tell the bishop to have more youth group activities. Such as retreats, days of
        prayer,etc.Maybe one day they might listen to their vocation from god.
        i would tell the bishop to try and understand what the younger society thinks about and what they
        like and try and teach them what is right and wrong. Try to have more kids enter the parish youth
        group and have the youth groups adapt to what yuong people think. Youth groups also should
        have religious activies such as retreats. retreats are a great way to get the the attention of young
        people. Young people would like that they have a place to act seriously about themselves and
        other individuals.
        To increase financial support for youth groups and vocation programs in parish communities,
        especially in urban settings.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 51 of 79                                    Data as of 5/4/07
        reacxh out and invest further in youth groups
        The United States is a pluralistic society and the Roman Catholic Church should be reflective of
        that. The Church in the US should try to reach out to men of more ethnic backgrounds to serve as
        its priests. In addition, the Church, as a whole, should extend Holy Orders to women as they play
        an important role in the life of the religious institution. Priestly celibacy, and its role in vocations,
        should be vigorously debated within all levels of the Church.
        The Church, I think should liberalize its positions on who can be an ordinated priest, while at the
        same time keeping to its core social and moral values; aid to the poor, promotion of the dignity of
        human life, and the like.
        Appeal to them
        Keep on Keeping on
        Dear Bishop,

            Personally I believe that the reason to why there is a decrease in vocations is due to a decrease in
        faith in the Catholic Church. With emotional issues hitting the floor of political debate (ie abortion,
        homosexual marriage, and contraception), Catholics see what the World considers to be injustices
        against man's "true" freedoms. In addition to that, people continue to show false assumptions of
        the Catholic Church and those who aren't well educated in the faith seem to believe them easily
        due to stereotypicalities of those who minister to the church.
            I think it can be said that the only source of vocations is the laity. The Church as a whole has to
        make sure that the assumptions of the World do not take over the Truth of God's plan of salvation.
        Personally after all has been said, I believe ( coming from the viewpoint of a layman going into
        college) that the faith has to be revitalized in the Church. Once that is done a intrest to learn more
        about the Church will spark in the minds of young people and from there God has the means to
        form those he has called to a consecrated vocation. He has done the same to me despite my
        decision and faith to go to college without the seminary. Overall more people just need to learn
        about what we're all about and from there curiousity in God's plan will bring them to where God
        needs them.
        I try my best to encourage my classmates to look to further the realtionship with God.
        If I was speaking with the Bishop I would tell him to consider giving more financial funds and
        support towards the vocation office and to the seminaries in the diocese.
        you guys got your work cut out for you, get on that.. keep on truckin' and just hold down Christ
        like a monkey on a banana
        If they had the possibilty of marriage, you might attract more people into the priesthood. Also if
        there were more freedoms.
        Have more young people involved around the church or get priest that are more realistic. Also
        have young people hang around priest in the rectory and to spend personal time with the priest
        like going shopping or having diner with others.
        I would say that the Catholic Church should allow priests to be married like in the protestant
        Church, though i can see that some may say that it may take away their focus on God. However,
        the priest can then understand the problems that the common lay person is going through. I went
        to a Catholic elementary school for about half of my life and I feel that the priest there does not
        keep up with the times and does not really have a good analytical sermon. Perhaps its because he
        simplified it for me as a kid, but i find my pastor in my protestant church to have a bit more depth.
        What I do like about priests is that they are very humble, which i strive to be, whereas Protestant
        pastors seem to have a giant ego. Overall, i find that the Catholic church feels a bit antiquated and
        out of touch with the public, which may turn away potential people from becoming clergy.
        The Catholic Church should allow people to get married!
        There are reasons why young men and women are no considering a religious vocation and in the
        end, it is up to the individual to decide what they want especially something this serious. One of
        the main reasons why young men and women are not doing this is because they do not share the
        same devotion to anyone or anything as people did in the past. I think this is a sign that todays
        youth is not as easily persuaded as before.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 52 of 79                                     Data as of 5/4/07
        Adapt Religion to the present life, more freedom and let priest have some open sexual experience
        to avoid scandals.
        The Wu-Tang Clan is a New York-based, all-star lineup of nine American rappers who are Grammy
        winners, multiplatinum-selling solo artists, multiplatinum record producers, film stars,
        screenwriters, TV stars, product spokespersons, business owners and, most recently, major motion
        picture composers.

        The group started with just three members, RZA, GZA and Ol' Dirty Bastard, known as All In
        Together Now.[1] The group later added six members, and featured nine MCs until the death of
        Ol' Dirty Bastard in 2004. There is estimated to now be over 200 Wu-Tang Clan affiliates in the
        United States alone, consisting of rappers, record label CEOs and hit-making record producers.

        The Wu-Tang Clan derives its name from the 1981 martial arts movie, Shaolin and Wu Tang.
        The founders of Wu-Tang Clan were cousins GZA, Ol' Dirty Bastard, and RZA, who had previously
        comprised the trio Force Of The Imperial Master, who became better known as "All In Together
        Now" after they had released a popular single by that name. The group had attracted the
        attention of some in the industry, including Biz Markie.[2], but had never managed to secure a
        record deal. Since the crew dissolved, GZA (then known as the Genius) and The RZA (then known
        as Prince Rakeem) had also embarked on separate unsuccessful solo careers with Cold Chillin'
        Records and Tommy Boy Records, respectively. Their frustration with the workings of the hip hop
        music industry would provide the main inspiration to Wu-Tang's revolutionary business plan.
        According to The Wu-Tang Manual, at the group's inception, RZA promised the members that if he
        had total control of the Wu-Tang empire, it would conquer the hip-hop world within five years,
        after which he would relinquish his total control. ]] Wu-Tang Clan was gradually assembled in late
        1992 from friends and accomplices from around Staten Island, with The RZA as the de facto leader
        & the group's producer [3]. The two cousins (GZA and The RZA) created their new Wu-Tang aliases
        by mimicking the sound that the words "genius" and "rakeem" would make when scratched on a

        The word Wu-Tang comes from the name of the Taoist holy mountain Wu Dang in northwest
        Hubei Province in central China; it was also the site of the Ming Purple Imperial City built by
        Emperor Yong Le during 1404 to 1420. The RZA and Ol' Dirty Bastard adopted the name for the
        group after seeing the kung-fu film Shaolin and Wu Tang, which features a school of warriors
        trained in Wu-Tang style. The group's debut album loosely adopted a Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang theme,
        dividing the album into Shaolin and Wu-Tang sections and using dialogue excerpts as skits.[4]

        The group have also developed various backronyms for the name (as hip hop pioneers like KRS-
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        "Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game" and "Wisdom, Universe, Truth, Allah, Nation, and
        God". This last reflects the teachings of the 5% nation of Gods and Earths.

        [edit] Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

        Cover of Wu-Tang Clan's 1993 debut, Enter the Wu-TangThe Clan first became known to hip hop
        fans, and to major record labels, in 1993 (see 1993 in music) following the release of the
        independent single Protect Ya Neck, which immediately gave the group a sizeable underground
        following. Though there was some difficulty in finding a record label that would sign Wu-Tang
        Clan while still allowing each member to record solo albums with other labels, Loud/RCA finally
        agreed, releasing their debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), in late 1993. This album
        was popular and critically-acclaimed, though it took some time to gain momentum. Though hip
        hop had long had a gritty texture, the surreal aggression and minimalist production of 36
        Chambers nevertheless had a huge impact on the genre, and was to prove massively influential

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 53 of 79                              Data as of 5/4/07
        over the next decade. By the beginning of the 21st century, the album had become a regular
        fixture on "Best Albums Of The 90s" lists as well as a frequent choice for "Best Albums Of All
        Time" lists. [5]

        The success of Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers established the group as a creative and influential
        force in early 1990s hip hop, allowing GZA, The RZA, Raekwon, Method Man, and Ol' Dirty Bastard
        to negotiate solo contracts.

        [edit] First round of solo albums
        The period between the release of Enter the Wu-Tang and Wu-Tang Clan's second album is
        considered to be "the greatest winning streak in rap history."[6] The RZA was the first to follow up
        on the success of Enter the Wu-Tang with a side project, founding the Gravediggaz with Prince
        Paul and Frukwan (both of Stetsasonic) and Poetic. The Gravediggaz released 6 Feet Deep in
        August 1994, which became a well known work to emerge from hip hop's small sub-genre of

        Method Man's TicalIt had always been planned for Method Man to be the first breakout star from
        the group's lineup, with the b-side of the first single being his now-classic eponymous solo track. In
        November 1994 his solo album Tical was released. It was entirely produced by The RZA, who for
        the most part continued with the grimy, raw textures he explored on 36 Chambers. The RZA's
        hands-on approach to Tical extended beyond his merely creating the beats to devising song
        concepts and structure. This approach would continue throughout the first round of solo projects
        from the Clan members. Ol' Dirty Bastard found success in early 1995 with Return to the 36
        Chambers: The Dirty Version, which saw the 36 Chambers sound become even rawer and rough-

        Raekwon's debut solo, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...Late 1995 saw the release of the group's two most
        significant and well-received solo projects. Raekwon the Chef's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx was a
        diverse, theatrical criminological epic that saw The RZA move away from the raw, stripped-down
        beats of the early albums and towards a richer, cinematic sound more reliant on strings and classic
        soul samples. Cappadonna, a close Wu-Tang associate, featured on the album, as did Queensbridge
        MC Nas on the song "Verbal Intercourse", the first non-Wu-Tang artist to appear on a Wu-Tang
        album, and marking the birth of the rapper's "Nas Escobar" persona. GZA's Liquid Swords had a
        similar focus on inner-city criminology to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, yet it was far darker, both in
        GZA's grim lyrics and in the ominous, foreboding production that saw The RZA more reliant on
        keyboards than ever before. The two 1995 solo albums remain widely regarded as two of the finest
        hip hop albums of the nineties.

        Ghostface Killah released his own debut, Ironman, in 1996. It struck a balance between the sinister
        keyboard-laden textures of Liquid Swords and the sentimental soul samples of Cuban Linx, while
        Ghostface himself explored new territory as a lyricist. It was critically acclaimed and is still widely
        considered one of the best Wu-Tang solo albums. Although the 1994-1996 albums were released as
        solo albums, The RZA's presence behind the boards and the large number of guest appearances
        from other Clan members (Raekwon and Ghostface's albums only had two or three actual solo
        tracks each and both included many tracks that included other Clan members) means they are
        usually considered as important to the group's evolution as the group albums proper.

        [edit] Wu-Tang Forever

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 54 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        Cover of Wu-Tang Clan's 1997 album, Wu-Tang ForeverWith solo careers firmly established, Wu-
        Tang Clan came back together to release the enormous highly-anticipated double album Wu-Tang
        Forever in June 1997. It easily debuted at number one on the Billboard Charts after selling 600,000
        in its first week[citation needed] — no small feat for an album that made very little attempt to
        reach a broader audience. Its first single, "Triumph," was over five minutes long, had nine full-
        length verses from each member plus Cappadonna, and no hook. The sound of the album built
        significantly on the sounds of the previous three solo albums, with The RZA using more keyboards
        and string samples, as well as, for the first time, assigning some of the album's production to his
        protégés True Master and 4th Disciple. The group's lyrics differed significantly from those of 36
        Chambers, with many verses written in a dense stream-of-consciousness form heavily influenced by
        the teachings of the Five Percent Nation. Around the same time, the group's part in the highly-
        controversial joint 1997 summer tour with Rage Against the Machine was cut short after numerous
        legal problems and amid rumors of internal disputes[citation needed].

        Wu-Tang Forever also marked the end of The RZA's "five year plan". After Forever's success, The
        RZA ceased to oversee all aspects of Wu-Tang product as he had done previously, delegating much
        of his existing role to associates such as Oli "Power" Grant and his brother Mitchell "Divine" Diggs.
        This move was designed to expand Wu-Tang's reach in hip-hop and take advantage of financial
        opportunities for the group. In keeping with this move, a large amount of Wu-Tang product (both
        musical and otherwise; example Wu-Wear) was to be released over the next two years.

        Immediately after Wu-Tang Forever, the focus of Wu-Tang was on promoting emerging affiliate
        artists (referred to by the fanbase as "Wu-Fam") rather than its own members. The group's close
        associate Cappadonna followed the group project with March 1998's The Pillage. Soon after, Killah
        Priest (like Cappadonna, a close associate of the Clan, though not an official member) released
        Heavy Mental to great critical acclaim. Affiliate groups Sunz Of Man (of which Killah Priest was a
        member) and Killarmy (which included The RZA's younger brother) also released albums while a
        compilation album, Wu-Tang Killa Bees: The Swarm, was released showcasing these and more Wu-
        affiliated artists as well as including new solo tracks from the group members themselves.

        There was also a long line of lesser-known releases fr
        If i was able to speak with the Bishop i would tell him to start traveling to schools all over the
        diocese. Spread the word of god to all sorts of age groups ranging from children in grammar
        school all the way to the college level. It's important that the bishop himself spreads the word in
        my opinion if the children of this faith see the leaders of this faith speakin to them about the
        vocation of priesthood and sisterhood it might change there minds just a little bit.
        I would tell the Bishop that young people today are more interested in sex and alcohol. Most of my
        friends are very interested in both of these topics because young men now a days are right at the
        age where they are very horny. This may seem very obseen but it is very true and want to
        experience what the world has to offer them every day. Being a priest you are not allowed to
        interact with a woman on that type of level.
        Send out newsletters from the younger seminarians explaining their choice for entering the
        seminary and their experience
        I would offer my personal opinion to the bishop and tell him that I feel the way to get the youth
        into entering religous vocations is to continue wat they are doing. Have a vocations director I feel
        has greatly influenced me into the priesthood. I would also tell the bishop that another way to get
        the youth into entering the priesthood is point out all the benefits of being a relgious brother or
        priest. Some kids are blind to the wonderful things the priesthood has to offer.
        Send out newsletters to more people
        It is very hard to tell young people to join the priesthood because of some of the rules and I feel
        like the Catholic Church should get more on the issues of current young people.
        educate more about the faith

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 55 of 79                                 Data as of 5/4/07
        I would tell the bishop to advertise more about the Great High School Catherdral prepatory
        seminary becuase know one really nows where this school and what we stand for.
        I think your great job just have more church singles nights like jewish people do
        A religious vocation is just not the priesthood, brother, or nun. You can have a religious vocation
        by lectoring, being a minister of the holy communnion or an altar/sacrastan. Everyone has a
        vocation life and it is based on their willingness to accept or decline what God offers to that
        certain individual. Overall young people can be active in various ways but it is up that individual's
        true relationship with God and helping out his or hers community for the better of everyone else.
        to try and explain to certain men who are unsure about the preisthood that it is a very fulfilling
        vocation in the eyes of God. If God challenges you to be a priest then you must do that because it
        is God's will.
        Well, in my opinion, young men and women would consider on taking a role in the religious
        vocations area, if, they can dress differently, on a daily basis, when they are just shopping. They
        should be able to live with people their own ages, so they will be able to get to know everyone
        easier, and relate to each other. Young men and women also are drawn to the extravagance of
        life. So maybe instead of living in a small place together, they could live somewhere bigger, where
        there are alot of rooms, and that they can have their family come visit.
        Try to make it appeal to young people more.
        It is the degradation of American society that has caused a lack of interest in the religious
        vocations. Catholic bashing and negative slurs about our religion are all too common in the media.
        I urge you to stand strong in Catholic tradtion and do not take on a liberal stance in order to
        attract American youth. It is those youth, who, called by God, will fulfill their role in a religious
        order; it is not a climate change of the church that must ensue. I hold much pride in the
        conservatism of the Catholic religion and hope the bishops and cardinals will maintain this
        conservatism for my children.It is an overhaul of society that is needed, not an overhaul of the
        I will tell him that if they allowed priests and nuns to be able to get married and have a family
        more people would becomes priests or nuns.

        I understand the problem the Church is facing today with the decline in interest in religious
        vocations. I feel this decline is because of the restrictions and requirements the Church enforces. I
        think that if the Church made a few changes, interest in vocations would increase.

        I'm a bit conservative and a bit iberal. I don't want to see all Catholic traditions changed, but I
        would like to see a little more modernization. For example, I would like to see priests have the
        option of taking the vow of celibacy. I have considered entering the priesthood, but my parents
        discouraged it because I would not be able to raise a family and give them grandchildren. If
        celibacy was an option for religious life, more Catholics would consider religious vocations. Plus, I
        would be able to explore further the posibility of the priesthood.

        I also think that women should be given more freedom and opportunities to profess their faith in
        the Church. I think women should be allowed to assist at Mass. By that, I mean that women should
        be allowed to be deacons. Also, some orders of nuns should be formed that allows women to work
        more in the community and not have to give up so much in their lives.

        Also, the Church has painted a grim picture over the years that homosexuality and other forms of
        sexuality outside of marriage is evil. While I understand that it contradicts what our Lord intended

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 56 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        sexual intercourse to be, I feel that the Church needs to be a bit more accepting. If the Church
        were to accept homosexuals for who they were and to not say that if a man does it with a man, or
        if a woman does it with a woman, they will go to hell, then more paople would be more accepting
        of the Catholic Church.

        I thank you for allowing me to express my opinion in how the Catholic Church can improve. If my
        suggestions and those of others are taken into consideration, I know the Church will be able to fix
        the decline in religious vocations.
        The Church needs to speak out and notify more people about religious vocations. The Churh does
        not reach out to the younger generation to explain the benifits of becoming a priest, brother,
        sister/nun. The Church need to start making the church more exciting in a way, it has to attract the
        youth to come to church and understand our faith on a more mature level rather than just having
        learned the RULES(what not to do) in school or through our parents.
        I'm sure that there are many young women who would like to become priest but the church does
        not let them. The church is full of scandal and can sometimes be cult like due to radical extremist.
        The curch should accept that not all people want to be catholics and believe in some form of a god
        but not the way catholics view God. God tells us to except everyone yet you cannot accept gays as
        people. They are somewhat shunned yet they are people, too.
        I would suggest to take more time to get the message of what is to become a priest like, meaning
        that he should take more time sending the message to the young people out there.
        More recruiting programs and information sessions.
        Stop brainwashing people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Start early. Include what the life of a priest is like in catechism schooling of children so that they
        are exposed to what it is like and all about. that way people have a base they can work from if
        they feel that religious vocation may be for them.
        If i spoke to the bishop about the declining number of people my age joing religious vocation the
        advice i would give him is to make enrollment in the priesthood, brotherhood or sisterhood more
        publicied because many people my age don't really consider it because it really is not spoken about
        in public or really in church on sundays.
        I'm not Catholic, so I will probably not talk to a bishop
        bring the church more up to date on new societal acceptance (i.e. homosexuals, birth control and
        woman's more prominent role in society)
        To be aware that issues facing families and young adults of today are not the same as they were 30
        years ago. Times and society are rapidly changing and i feel that needs to be taken into
        consideration in the church as well.
        I think that the key to having a positive outlook on any profession is knowing and admiring the
        people in that field. I have been lucky enough to have been brought up in a parish run by the
        Monfort Missionaries. This group of priests has always been deeply involved in the comunity, infact
        most grew up in the parish. They have been spirtual leaders, role models, and most importantly
        great friends to all the families in our community. I realize that not all parishes are this lucky. Many
        people I know that go to other parishes have never had that experience to know their spiritual
        leaders as people also.
        If you truly believe that God loves everyone, then act like it. Stop denouncing people because of
        sexual preference! There are enough homosexuals within the Catholic church that it should no
        longer be an issue anyway. Also recognise that today is a new day, and the old rules no longer
        apply. Abstenance is no longer the only option that applies... You would do more good if you
        promoted and counceled people on safe sex, and contraception. I'm not going to bring up
        abortion, cause I know you're not ready for that.....but keep it in mind. It is a neccessity for those
        who find themselves with no other alternatives.
        I have been in religious instructions since I was in Kindergarten. It was called CCD at Saint Simon
        and Jude in Bensonhaurst Brooklyn. My mother was a religion teacher for ten years. I learned
        many valuable lessons from attending CCD. If you are looking to increase the number of young
        men and women to join onee of these programs, one suggestion would be role playing or more

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 57 of 79                                   Data as of 5/4/07
        talk groups where teens can discuss their faith and get questions about their religious beliefs
        Catch them young!!!
        Little kids from the age of four should be told about the vocation and taught to know and love
        God and when they grow, they'll stick to the teachings and have the vocation among their
        priorities when they start thinkin of a future career.
        If the church does not change with the times the number of people in it will decline. We live in a
        time where technology and material possessions are introduced to us at a very young age. We
        experience these things as well as personal relationships. It takes a great deal of maturity to give
        all of these things up. I do not think this maturity exists in today's society and although it may be
        unfortunate is reality. It is sad to say that if the Church does not lower it's requirements it will
        never become at all appealing to young people in today's society.
        Though I am not a practicing Catholic, I believe if the church were more open-minded, as a
        majority of "young people" today are, they might have more luck recruiting for religious
        If I had a few minutes with the Bishop, I would urge him to rethink Christian vocations. Namely, I
        think the Church should seriously consider lifting the vow of chastity. I believe the Church is losing
        talented and qualified pastors because of celibacy restraints. I think that allowing married priests
        would bring an energy back to the Church which is sorely needed. The Church's mission, in my
        opinion, is to embody the Mystical Body of Christ. I believe we're called to love and to union with
        the divine, and I see nothing wrong with pastors demonstrating this love for others through the
        bonds of holy matrimony.
        I believe that a life of religious devotion does not appeal to the vast majority of young people
        today. It's not the fault of the church, it is teh fault of the surroundings of young people. There are
        more opportunities for finacial gain out in the world now and people have more expressive
        freedom. I admire priests, nuns, brothers and all individuals who give their life to the service of
        God. Personally I am Catholic but do not find that lifestyle fitting for me. The task is overcoming
        the incredible amount of material items that young people venerate which is almost impossible.
        I believe that the Church has, in a certain sense, "gone soft", if you will. In years past, politicians
        such as John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, the Kennedy clan, and Rudy Giuliani would have been
        excommunicated for their positions on abortion and homosexual lifestyles (as well as their own
        marriage status in some cases). These days, though, some bishops publicly announce that they
        "might" deny the offenders Communion, while the rest say nothing at all. Additionally, you have
        many within religious life, such as Sr. Helen Prejean or various members of the Society of Jesus (just
        to name a few examples), who express opinions on varied topics, such as abortion or
        homosexuality, that are in direct violation of Church norms. But despite all of this, the Church
        does nothing; no excommunications for Senators Kennedy or Kerry, no laicization for Gustavo
        Gutierrez or Hans Peter Kolvenbach, no laicization followed by excommunication for Robert
        Drinian. If the Church will not step up to the plate and take a firm stance on dissenters within the
        ranks, and thus present a unified front, what does it expect the youth to think? If Father "A" says
        abortion is bad, but Father "B" says it is acceptable, how is a youth supposed to know which is
        right? And furthermore, why should a youth take the Church seriously when seemingly every
        point of doctrine is going to be objected to by elements within the Church? If there is any reason
        as to why the youth do not attend Mass or enter religious life, it is because they do not know what
        to expect from the Church. There are days when we're almost as bad as the Anglican Communion,
        with persons in positions of leadership within the communities disputing and defying orders from
        on high and damning the consequences. Can we reasonably expect the youth to enter into a life
        in the Church if they believe that it will be a lifelong job in which obeying and being obeyed are
        optional? Can we reasonably expect them to enter into a life in the Church if they believe that
        things which they will spend years building up could very well be undermined by the next priest or
        nun? Can we reasonably expect young people who are not quite sure what to do with themselves
        to seriously investigate a vocation with a Church that is just as confused at to what to do with its

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 58 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        Allow women to become priets it would greatly increase the amount of applicants or eliminate
        the marrige restriction on priest. I this modern world the youth are more attached to the calling of
        finding a partner. vocation eliminates any thoughts of that happening.
        In my opinion young people aren't becoming priests/nuns because of the lack of freedom. I also
        feel that many are unaware of the decline in people entering religious vocations. I would try to
        hold discussions and the importance of becoming a Priest/Nun
        There needs to be more flexibility and room for disagreement. The only religious people I have
        ever been able to listen to are the ones who admit mistakes and can take criticism.
        educate my fellow peers guide them to seek out interest of intellectual rather then physical.
        Mainstream it and people would follow simply explain the pleasures of the mind that derieve from
        a connection with the church.
        I've worked in my local parish rectory for almost 5 years and have not once seen any active efforts
        made towards recruitment (other than a one-page advertisement in the Tablet). The Church needs
        to find a way of creating dialogue with young people on the prospect of entering religious
        vocation without seeming forceful, desperate or oppressive.
        To give more freedom the ability to marry and no vow of poverty.
        I think that with the way society is going, the number of young people choosing a religious
        vocation will decrease. Peer pressure is too strong and children as young as 2 and 3 year olds are
        knowing things that before I didn't know until recnetly. I feel as though the eye's of the youth
        have been opened by the negative influences of society. The only way to attract them to the
        religious life is by totally changing the norms of priest and nuns but I think that these changes are
        too radical and not o many will approve.
        Young participants may influence young people. Discussing topics that will relate to young people
        would be very encouraging. Discussing topics that relate to School and Education- encouraging
        students to pray for Knowlegde, Wisdom and Understanding would be good for both Adults and
        Children. There are many topics that young people would like to discuss with the priest but are
        affraid to bring up such topics, such topics deals with thier relationshipS with others - dealing with
        boyfriends and girlfriends and other types of tough subjects that young adults are going through.
        Also It would be nice for Priests to have humors, they can be entertaining to be more lively.
        Read my answers so 39a-l
        The church needs to really reach out more, sensitize itself to what young society is all about (its
        wants and needs.) Also, people in religious careers should only work with young people when it's
        their passion. I have had teachers in the past who were nun/priests/brothers who gave me a
        negative opinion of them in a religious role and it turned me off to religion for a time.
        Show the positive signs.
        It would be helpful if people were more educated about religious vocations. Also, a little bit more
        personal freedom would help people be enticed by the career choice. In today's society, it is very
        hard to follow the Church's strict rules fully voluntarily.
        On certain issues the Church does not seem to be understanding. For example, if a woman decides
        to have an abortion or to use birth control. These two methods are not accepted at all and for
        many young women they are. If a woman thought she is not capable of giving birth to the child
        than perhaps she shouldnt have had sex - but if she was raped and chose to have an abortion, it is
        still not accepted by the Church. I personally feel that the woman's role in the Church is not
        promoted or recognized.

        I also feel that if Masses became more interesting that more teens and young adults would attend.
        Mass seems to have too many "rules" - for example, when to sit, stand or kneel.
        I do not feel the Bishop has a say anything. The Catholic Church is based on traditions that my
        generation cannot seem to grasp. If we go to church and hear what the people are chanting
        around us, all it is is a bunch of words, and it doesn't seem to have meaning to anyone. It can also
        seem that the priests just like to hear themselves talk. Homilies are too long and are not
        inspirational. I feel the most spiritual when I'm the top of a hill and there is nothing but grass and
        sky, not when I'm in church. Religion has turned into something that we only look to in times of

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 59 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        sadness and grief, like funerals or when someone is sick, we pray. There are too many things our
        religion looks down upon that is just a part of life. Okay, be against abortion, but be against
        contraception and birth control. It's part of the present that people are going to have sexual
        relations. The church is holding too tightly onto tradition. It makes not only religious vocations
        unappealing, but religion itself unappealing.
        -Education is the most important aspect of any career choice. I was born and raised in the church
        and I have never really learned what it means to be a priest. I don't know what is needed of them,
        I don't know the educational qualifications needed, i don't know most of a priest's responsibilities.
        I believe if I were educated young about this I could have considered a career in the church.
        - I also strongly believe that if women were allowed to become priests and hold high positions in
        the church the number of priests in America would double.
        i really wouldn't know, society makes it seem that evrything in the ten commendments persay is
        okay to do. Man young people to attend church anymore and some of the restrictions of the
        church are pretty extreme. What happen to the American dream- to get married and get a great
        job making money to support and multiply. And i believe othet than considering a religious
        vocation young people have other ways to stay close to god with out joining a vocation. I was part
        of the youth group, i did alter serving, member of legion of mary and i taught CCD classes.
        I think that most kids my age are not interested in entering a religious vocation because of the
        perception that money is required to live a happy and fulfilling life. I feel that most kids my age
        go to school just for the sole purpose of having a degree that will make them the most money.
        The lack of knowledge about religious vocation is another reason why I think the numbers of
        young people entering religious vocations in America is declining. It should be promoted not only
        in churches but also in our schools and communities. To my experience, it is very rare to hear
        someone my age wanting to become a Priest or a Nun. Other concerns that might be responsible
        for the decrease in religious vocations are issues dealing with family, personal freedoms, sex and
        lifestyle changes. Commitment to religious life seems like it could be time-limited and unless on
        individual get a calling from God, this might not be something would cross their minds. Promotion
        about opportunities and advantages of being part of a religious establishment and an increase of
        advertisement might help this conflict with the youth. I personally have not ever considered
        becoming a priest or ever thought about it until now.
        PS. I would love to see what my peers think about this issue or the results of this survey.
        I would request the Bishop to be more open minded when it comes to the relations between
        others and have him understand that by condemning people for their "sins" is not helping to bring
        them closer within the church.
        post more ads, need to be more open and active and start program for young people to gain some
        knowledge regarding to religion.
        The Pope should change some of the "laws." Priest should be able to marry. There's even some
        contradictory news about Jesus being married to Marie-Madeleine... It could be true. Some part of
        the bible is so "covered." For example: what happened to Jesus between the age of 12 and 33
        (when he died). We need more information, more freedom...
        i would tell him to stop having th church make a minimum number of money to donate.
        Invite members of the parish to consider a religious vocation. Try to emphasize that during a time
        in society where people are lost morally and spiritually, the Church needs support from the
        community to stand together, educate one another, and keep the word of God in the hearts of all
        who are faithful.
        I would have nothing to say.
        I'd advise the Bishop to seriously consider changing a few of the rules that are enforced by the
        Catholic Church and require sacrifices that are viewed as important elements of life. Also, I'd
        suggest a bit more leniency on controversial subjects that we, as a whole, have to deal with on a
        daily basis. Sometimes compromising is one's best bet.
        Try to explain the importance of how it is important to help people when they have problems in
        their lives or they are going through some difficult times in their lives. Also to tell what can be
        done and how that faith can make a difference in someone else's life.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 60 of 79                                Data as of 5/4/07
        God is an inspiror to many people and he is the best role model that sets that example. He can do
        miracles and that certainly is true if you are a good person with a warm heart and you are able to
        make a difference in someone's life.
        Even a simple thing as listening to a person can help.

        Best of Luck!
        I hope I helped...
        Change with the times and try to accept the newer younger generation, not alienate them and
        chastise them for doing all that they know how. It's a changing world with changing times, so do
        not be so extreme, try to find a place somewhere in the middle, and stick to it, hard and fast.
        Think of different methods in convincing others for help. For instance, helping others in return for
        their love and that you can generally have others in need for your help in future. Another
        example might be that if one help others, you are doing a biggest favor that God would help; if
        you help others, you are helping God as well in getting people back on their feet. People would
        look upon you as a wonderful person and even possibility as an icon to the community.
        I feel a lot of young people are unaware of religious vocations are and don't necessarily know
        what they are about, so I think making programs available at one's Church solely for religious
        vocations and training would be paramount.
        I feel that the religious life today is not at all the way it used to be. The concepts and ideals of the
        religious life need to be detailed in a better, more positive light. The opportunities that may be
        encountered entering the clergy could be quite beneficial, but so few young people know this. If
        other younger people were to share this, I think the outreach could most definitely gain new
        I will sincerely say that I believe that if young people are given the option to marry and still lead
        their usual lives there will be more of us considering the priesthood as a vocation.
        Maybe promote a conference at a church that discusses ways to get into a religious vocation?
        My name is Magdalena. When I was in Poland, I was always in touch with priests and nuns, I went
        for a religious camps, joined a religious group, played a guitar in Church and I was thinking about
        becoming a nun and travel to other, poor countries to help people. As I came to United States my
        faith decreased. I was not close to religious activities anymore. I played and sung in Church for few
        months, but I don't do that any more. I think that the best way to encourage people to become
        closer to God is to give them an opportunity in public high schools and elementary schools to meet
        God, read about God, and what is more important is to teach young people how to look at other
        people and see them all as children of God. I think that it would be a great idea to organize camps
        during summer or just for weekend that would bring people together and teach them about
        God.... It is important to show young people that priests and nuns can are a regular people and can
        also have fun but on the other side have their spirituality and are close to God.
         God Be With You....
        I'm not a religious person. I don't attend Catholic church. I don't attend any church. I've had bad
        experiences in the church (not of a sexual kind) and consider myself agnostic. I do, however, have
        a tremendous respect for what the church can do for a community and for the people who
        dedicate their lives to religious work.

        I would tell the Bishop that his life isn't easy, it must've been hard giving up what most wouldn't.
        That taking a vow of celibacy and poverty are two things that America's youth have a big problem
        with. Nowadays, nobody wants to be poor and celebate. The thing of is, if you give people an
        inch, they'll usually take a mile. I'm not sure there is a solution, barring the extremely unlikely
        chance that America's youth will suddenly stop being so materialistic and over-sexed and start
        thinking about others instead of themselves. Be happy with what you can get I suppose. I
        wouldn't know how to make becoming a priest/nun in today's society a "hip" or "cool" thing to
        become, because that's what the kids want. They want a job that's going to pay big, and the
        trophy spouse to show off.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 61 of 79                                   Data as of 5/4/07
        I would say that the Church has to show their best assets. What are the benefits of devoting one's
        self to God? (Because spiritual enlightenment and inner peace doesn't really say "cha-ching) A
        change has to take place. But it's not going to be easy. It's hard, changing rules that have been
        seemingly set in stone.
        I think that a majority of young men and women in this country do not take the idea of religion
        seriously. Religion is just ,"something that you have to do..." and not something that he/she would
        want to do. Also, many young people are skeptics about the existance of a god because of the
        violent world that we live in, especially after the tragedy of 9/11. The Catholic Church is way too
        conservative. Young people today are more liberal. In order to increase the interest of a young
        man or woman, you must prove to them why they should devote their life to god rather than work
        at a company, make a lot of money, and raise a family. Think of reasons why you chose to become
        Ordained and try to spread that message to the youth in a way that they will understand.
        In an effort to increase the number of men and women that seriously consider and then enter a
        life of religious vocation, marriage should be allowed for priests and nuns. Women should also be
        permitted to lead services such as mass.
        to do it
        the restrictions on becoming a preist are obviosly too stringent and noone wants to dedicate their
        life to a beleif that could be false
        To try and convince younger people to cosider religious vocations if they want to.
        i would tell the Bishop that young people entering religious vocations in America should have
        mroe rights such as getting married
        To make programs about becoming a priest or brother
        i HAVE NO ADVICE
        If you need an increased number of vocations, you should permit female priests as well as allow
        people who take religious vocations to marry.
        Maybe bring sports or some activity that would connect the young crowd. Maybe bring dance to
        the church for the girls.
        be able for priest to get married that way they are able to have wife and kids......
        to be a little less strict with all of the rules. Alot of People would not join because they feel
        restricted from things they would have to give up.
        Stop recruiting like the army, church if anything should never be the staging ground for preist and
        religious vocational recruitment. theres enough of that on tv for the army and the marines. young
        people obviously know there is a possibility of becoming a preist how else would they have preists
        to listen to. its the constant badgering some people get that completely discourage them from
        participation even if they want to.
        though it may seem nearly impossible to do if you keep certain rules that same or certain things
        are unchecked than you will keep haveing a massive decline.for starters the rules on certain
        matters of life or choices must be alterred,even though itb probably wot happen because of strong
        belifs.Its all that can be expected,the church old ways are dying and new ways of the church must
        be made.times are changing and you cant keeep old rituals.the church order needs to be more
        flexible with rules and change with time like th US constitution.if it does not change than certainly
        the situation will not change unless , the church is with gravity when you drop
        something it falls to earth,you cannot change that,if you expect a diffrent result like the object
        floating instead of falling is foolish.just as expecting the church to get new members if it does not
        change with time than the rates will continue to fall but if you take gravity away than the object
        floats than the rules change.the church needs a major change in rules or the natural way of things
        will not survive with the new generation and future generations.
        I would ask him to get kids more involved with campus ministry program to show them what it's
        like to help the community.
        to make it interresting making it more to our likeing not makeing it to strict and doing something
        that relates to our age group

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 62 of 79                                Data as of 5/4/07
        I would tell the bishop, that if he wanted to attract younger people to religious vocations,
        advertising for t should not be so "serious". This makes a religious life seem boring, and not
        fufilling. It sends yung people the wrong message
        be more open and have less restrictions on the lives of the people you recuit
        To allow priests to get married or have relationships.
        I believe that the way of life is a major factor in becoming a priest or brother today. People want
        the American Dream. They want a job that pays well, and they want to be able to raise a family.
        This is why i believe that younger people are not becoming priests and brothers. There isn't that
        much freedom in the life of a priest or brother, which may bother most people and make them not
        want to become a priest or brother.
        Offer more money to priests, allow them to marry, give them alot more freedoms.
        Limit restrictions. It doesn't seem right to do so, but I do believe that when teens are faced with
        the career choice of becoming a priest or a brother, they are blinded by all the restrictions and
        how the dedication is so strong that you must live it everyday. I don't believe many teens today are
        this strong mentally in taking a vow that will be with them for the rest of their life, it seems a bit
        too extremem. Maybe if priests would come out and talk to teens about how they live their lives
        just like other people do, and how its not restricting yourself from the world.
        Be honest with them about the things they must do, in order to help them make the right decision.
        Take a different approach in the way you talk to kids. Don't give them the same speeches that has
        been used 20 years ago, because society has changed and if u talk the same and say the same
        things nothing will change because they're environment is different from 20 years ago to now, be
        realistic, don't seem FAKE, because you have to take what society is now and put it in your speech,
        that way your chances of getting to kids is a far greater chance than the same words from 20 years
        I really cannot think of any advice to give to a bishop because going into religious vocation to alot
        of people is very unfulfilling. Not in that it isn't a great career but because it does not meet
        certain desires that most people have. Most people in America today want families, alot of money
        along with their own business. I would say that if people in America are less willing to join
        religious vocations, than the bishop could maybe start recruiting people in other countries where
        they are less fortunate than the people here in the U.S.
        To find out althe things on how to beocme a priest
        I would tell the bishop to be more assertive in his own community and really try to reach out to
        young people, especially in High Schools. High School i feel like is a place when the students start
        to think about what they want to do with their lives, and if Bishops can talk to more High School
        Students about becoming preists than i think there will be more young people entering religious
        vocations for the catholic church.
        That the bishop would need to try and make things a little more interesting for the youth. Most
        parishes are mainly elderly people, and in order for them to stay around the youth is needed. The
        bishop should try and make more youth groups and maybe try to get bands that promote god
        through their music to have more youth get involved in parishes around the diocese.
        I would tell the Bishop that that it is time for a change. It is hard to have faith in something that
        has rules that are hard to accept as a teenager and even as an adult. To make the vocation more
        interesting would attract more followers and make the chursch better. The church does not need
        to be so stubborn on its rules yes the catholic churches rules has sustained the catholic faith for a
        long time but todays world is different, there is non fear of God and it is hard to instil that valuse
        into todays youth. So instead of making people fear God maybe have them embrace God and
        make mass more interesting, from somthing as simple as making the the mass shorter to extreme
        things like havine the priest Rap the nicene creed anyhtign that can attract more followers.
        every young person today thinks about grwoing up and having a family with a good paying job. If
        we could make being a priest somewhat similar to that kinda life style i believe the number of
        people becoming priest will rise.
        For the Bihop to encourage more young people to come into the church maybe the church should
        reach out more to the youth. They should have atleast one young preist inside as many different

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 63 of 79                                 Data as of 5/4/07
        church and church comunities as possible. There should also be a type of "Church Fair" filled with
        games and sports and activites to have the youth learn what they would have inside te church
        To let people know all the benifits for choosing this carrer. All the sacrifices, and dedication it
        takes to become one. Also to make the guidelines for following the cathlic church a little more
        liberal. also, to keep the relationship between the church and politics seperate.
        i would ask him if men priests followed the rules of a decon with the ability to marry
        I think the bishop is doing a good job.
        Try to relate more to teens.
        Show them different aspects of it, and include more choices for them.
        I would tell him to make it more interesting because some young people find the life boring
        because they are not ready to sacrifice for a life where they dont have enough freedom.
        If i could join a religous vocation I waould want the people doing these vocations to be allowed to
        love and get married it is what you tell us about and i feel all people have this right even priests.
        to give more freedom after taking the vocation. being able marry and have a child would make
        teens consider to take a religious vocation.
        You guys should make being a priest or nun or Like it shouldnt be this whole
        ceremonial thing that only stuck up people do. i strongly beleive that if yall pump it up a little bit
        and make it more exciting. telling people that priest can become doctors or researchers or
        zoologist and cool jobs like that then people will look into it. peace priest!
        tell them of their future spiritually
        dont push people will follow
        Try to go to colledges and highschools to help promote.
        to let priest have a family if that was change the number of people who will become priest will
        greatly increase.
        well honestly ans simply, without allowing women to become priests, that eliminates HALF of the
        population that is able to be a priest
        also priests being able to marry would greatly open it up to more people
        even though the Church's laws and rules are becoming more archaic, it should NOT back down on
        its stances concerning promiscuity, abortion and contraceptives
        these are issues that affect teenagers lives on a daily basis
        woudlnt matter
        Tell someone that children arent getting fondeled as much anymore.
        Allow the priests and brothers more personal freedom.
        Give them more freedom than they are given, but not too much that will completely violate the
        rules of obedience.
        tell them of its benefits
        First of all i think preist should have the right to get married. Second women should be able to
        become preist to because they have every right. I believe that there should be more freedoms, for
        a priest or anyother concereated person. Kids today want freedom and the idea of preisthood and
        all the restrictions in that life make them turn down this option. I think if we allow preist to do a
        little more it will attrack more young men and maybe in the future women.
        I honestly could not care less at all about religion and I do not have any advice about religion.
        Priests should be allowed to get married because being a preist is fulfilling but without a wife and
        kids what is the point of your life.
        I would tell the Bishop that a religious vocation increases faith in God.
        attempt to be more appealing and lok further, there are still people my age who are interested in
        a religious vocation. The only trouble is fnding them.
        I do not have any good advice.
        i think that priest should be able to be married because everyone should have the opportunity to
        enjoy a family.
        I personally have no idea..

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 64 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        I think that priests, nuns, brothers and sisters should be allowed to get married because everyone
        should be entitled to enjoy a family of there own.
        To really share his life experiences before he became a Bishop. For example, to tell young men and
        women the "mistakes" he did as a child or teen so that young adults do not feel helpless or
        uncomfortable. Being a teen is not an easy thing especially in today's day and age so the Bishop
        has to take into consideration that times have changed greatly since his childhood.
        Alot of youth of today seem to be lost in their own endeavours. It is important that parent s be
        taught to encourage their children to participate in spirit build activities. Understanding that the
        church has its traditionaly ways, many young people feel because of the possible wrong things
        they do they will be judged by memebers of the church and often are actually judged before given
        a chance. To encourage the youth of today, one has to ask the youth as to what activities would be
        benefical to them, encourage them to speak out on issues important to them and to do this is by
        participating in activities important to them to know the youth of today they have to trust you.
        You have to closer interact with them to give you the feedback that you need.
        1. Allow men and women in the Church to marry and elmiminate the vow of poverty.
        I wouldn't say a thing becvause I have nothing to say to a man I have nothing in common with. I
        feel all religions are on an all time down fall with modern events and technologies. People are
        finally thinking outside the box, and are not accepting what is on the table put in front of their
        face anymore.
        I would tell the bishop to make the kids have fun through activities and also make them have alot
        more fun.
        Allow some women too have abortion, only those who have been raped and who are too young to
        have a child.
        I would tell him to allow both me and women priests, as well has allowing priests to marry and
        have children. There is no reason why this cannot be.
        The Chruch has to become modern with society. For example preist not being able to marry is
        extremely outdated. Living accomadations must more then just a convent. Its views on sex and
        abortion must be more liberal. If these goals are not met, expect the a very fast decline in the
        Try to change some things in the church to give more freedom and choice to preist/brothers. Let
        them get married and have a family because i think that is what is turning them away from
        becoming a priest/brother.
        I would tell the bishop that all of these children are children of God and that's why they are here
        today and if kids think that this is not important then they should talk to somebody becuase God
        plays a big role in our lives becuase he helps us out whenever we need him and wecould pray to
        him everytime something goes wrong.
        Young people today feel that becoming a priest puts to many restrictions on their lives. The
        church needs to do more to prove that statment wrong and show that priests lives are not that
        different from others.
        More options within the religious community, more dimensional than the normal religious life
        Theres nothing to do to make the church better, it is what it is and always will be.
        He should be able to relate to certain things that are in our world today such as singers and young
        professionals becuase that is what most kids our age are still interested in. They need to have a
        focus point on what they see as role models.
        To talk to them more and to listen to what the people want.
        i would tell the bishop that in order to get a younger croud u need to promote the view of a
        young atmosphere and make the church less strict.
        i would tell the bishop if he wants younger people to start considering vocations more he should
        try things that connect with younger people get more involved witht the lives of younger poepl
        find out what really goes on in there lives.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 65 of 79                               Data as of 5/4/07
        I would tell the priest to have more religious parties and outings to increase the intwerest of
        young men and women.
        I feel as though many of the issues that prevent young men and women from practicing their
        religion at all are the same issues which prevent them from considering a religious vocation. I feel
        that many young adults today have problems with some of the commandments and requirements
        of certain religions. I believe that the "no sex before marriage" rule prevents many young adults
        from wholly accepting a certain religion. The issue of homosexual marriage is also one, which I
        believe hinders one's decision to follow a certain religious path. Basically, I think that many young
        adults today find that religion is too old-fashioned and needs to be updated to flow with the
        times. Moreover, I also feel that educating the young adults in the community about the meaning
        behind these rules and acknowledging that there is a lot of pressure on young adults to have
        sexual intercourse, or take drugs, or cheat on their significant others will help to reverse the
        negfative stigma that may be on religion.
        Young Americans have very poor spirituality. There is more attantion on the money, materialism
        and being independent. I think that if people as a priests or nuns could have some more freedom
        would help to consider religious vocaions. The church should organize more events for the youth
        in America in order to increase the exposure of young people to the religious activitie.
        To have a open mind and heart about certain issues such as same sex relationships. I thought that
        god wanted us to love, accept, and respect one another. To judge another or condem is coming off
        to young men and women today as Hypocritical.
        The only suggestion I would have to get young men and women to consider a religious vocation
        would be through education. The problem I see with today's society is that they grow up with
        relativistic ideas so they see anything that has to do with religion as automatically being bad.
        There are also others, who are religious, but don't understand fully the teachings of their religion
        and they end up sending out the wrong message. But in the end, it is still only a consideration. You
        can't force or heavily influence people to consider a religious vocation because they may not be up
        to it. There wouldn't be a point in changing the rules of living a llife like a priest/brother
        sister/nun, because it wouldn't essentially be the same. People need to learn that the world doesn't
        revolve around relativistic subjective ideas.
        The reason religious vocation has declined and will continue to decline is intrinsic within the
        Catholic religion itself. Christianity as a whole has declined steadily since the Enlightenment. Why?
        Christianity endorses altruism, the idea that man must sacrifice himself for the sake of others. It
        also endorses faith, the idea that knowledge is gained through divine revelation and that we must
        believe without evidence. People now have embraced reason and egoism, products of deist and
        atheist philosophy. Catholicism is incompatible with human nature - its mysticism. Capitalism and
        egoism have generated wealth on a vast scale and people would rather participate in the
        marketplace where the major profits and lush, extravagant lifestyles exist. Unless the Catholic
        Church plans on further watering down its biblical teaching to try and reconcile rational selfishness
        and self-sacrifice, Catholicism will continue to decline.
        As a young child I wanted to become a nun no one ever spoke to me about becoming one or
        encouraged me. Now I am 47 years old and at times I wish I would have looked into it,since I
        entered St francis I have met many wonderful and dedicated brothers and a father.As for
        encouraging the young people It would have to begin from they are young , surely exposing them
        to positive, fun role models that they would one day want to be like.Certainly the way the life of
        priest and nuns are portrayed such reflect more joy and happiness.
         Giselle Ruiz
        I think the Church should seriously consider allowing priests to marry which is a ridiculous rule the
        Church made as a political move to acquire more land anyway. And in todays times, woman
        should be allowed to have bigger roles in the Church if they should so choose
        I think there is a major sense that only "old" people are priests, ect. and i think that in order to get
        younger members interested in this particular vocation, something needs to be changed about the
        image of the priest, ect.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 66 of 79                                   Data as of 5/4/07
        In all honesty, I couldn't even answer this question because I think it would take so much.
        Most, but not all, young men and women I know would not even think about considering a
        religious vocation. Nobody is religious, or spiritual, or anything anymore. They just think
        about themselves and where they will party on the weekend.

        I know this answer probably does not help you out, and that I am sorry for. But as far
        as our youth culture, many of us are misguided, misinformed, and sometimes doomed.
        You stumped me on this one. Maybe when I'm older and possibly a Franciscan Brother
        (something I'm considering)I'll be able to do more research and I'll try my hardest to
        find a way to enlighten kids in the ways I've been enlightened. But until then, who knows.

        This survey was really cool, by the way.
        Be less rigid. The Bible is thousands of years old. I think it is time that we find new ways to
        interpret and follow through with the word of God. I don't think God minds if we look at things in
        a new way just as long as we live in harmony and fulfil his work in some sort of way.
        The stop the priest scandal.
        I would tell him, to continue the same progress level that he is working at. However, include more
        high schools and colleges. Though I feel in the end no matter what the bishop or other priests do
        to encourage men and women to take up religious vocations, that eventually falls upon the person
        to decide whether they want to or not. You can not force a person into doing something they do
        not want to do.
        I believe God calls us to follow him in the way that he chooses and he is always there for us.
        Remember to listen to HIM and not give up becuase HE is always there.
        Over time things change whether we want them to or not. The church should embrace the
        change, and focus more on the community. Even though I am Atheist, i feel the church has an
        important role to play in society. Helping the less fortunate and the community are two places to
        start. If all people regardless of religion saw the Catholic church taking an active role in improving
        the quality of life in their community people would be more open to becoming a member.
        allowing nuns , prisets , and brothers to be married and have children
        I would suggest that there be more hands on and personal interaction with young people. In my
        opinion, people who are younger do not tend to do as much research on subjects as those who are
        older, especially if it is not required for projects. Moreover I would say that I personally believe
        young people have more trust and interest in that which they see firsthand.
        Allow priests to marry
        Every priest involved in the sexual abuse scandal should be imprisoned for life or exiled
        More cooperation between denominations is required
        Stay out of politics, your concern should only be mankind's relationship with G-d
        offer help and assistance to all those who suffer from famine, war, poverty, and disease without
        the intention of converting them to your faith (That bothers me more than anything).
        I beleive there must be more stability within the church. Although each parish is run by itself, there
        should be more control by the state church. Perhaps this way there will be less corruption in
        reguards to sexual problems and people wouldnt look away from a church that we should feel we
        can depend on.
        Try not to be so judgemental when speaking to young people. Ultimately God, is our only judge.
        Spirituality is based on a personal relationship with the believer and God/Christ.
        Why must there be such a stern rule that a priest cannot be married? How does that make him any
        less spiritual? If anything, a married man with a family of his own knows more about the might
        and beauty of God through his children. It's not until you have your first born that you know that
        it's a miracle everytime. And the rules about how it's sinful to use contraceptives? We live in a new
        generation where it's not frowned upon to have premarital sex. Contraceptives help reduce
        spreading of diseases and prevents the possible birth of any unwanted babies. Plus it would be nice
        if there were sermons expressing the views that all religious groups; ie: Jewish, Muslims, Hindus,
        Buddhists, etc., are on different paths and will eventually arrive at the same place in the end. I've

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 67 of 79                                 Data as of 5/4/07
        spoken to many people of so-called Christian Youth Groups who feel if you don't worship Jesus
        and, you are basically doomed. Maybe if these changes were met, we might have a chance. But
        remember, no matter what happens, faith can never die.
        They should consider modern teen's current lifestyles and try to incorporate their interest and new
        beliefs somewhat into the religious vocations.
        Give more freedom
        Well, the most appealing way is to (1) focus on the calling of God to spread the Word of God and
        (2) focus on the helping the community. Those two seem to be the most prominent reasons as to
        why people consider taking on a religious vocation.
        Allow more widely open rules and not such strict rules to join a religious vocation. I think the
        Catholic Church is way too strict and that is why many people are not joining a religious vocation.
        Young people today might feel that the duties of entering religious vocations might be
        overwhelming and something that they cannot handle. However, if they were better informed of
        the description of a religious vocation maybe they would consider it.
        The Church is taking a decline not because of the thought of a religous vocation itself, but because
        the Catholic Church has no appeal to my generation. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate alot of the
        conservative veiws and live by many of the words in Evangelium Vitae, but the Church seems
        hypocritical and structured. For example, many catholic institutions are constantly asking for
        money and pulling odd strings for it. It parallels itself to the bastard goverment our country. The
        Catholic church expects us to jump on the old fashioned bandwagon, but we wont do it. We are a
        generation who wont accept faith because our parents told us to. We want more.
        I think two issues that, I don't feel violate the message of Christ and the Church would be the
        allowing of women to be ordained, and a compromise on the marriage issue. Love and family are
        the core of the church; however, those we look to for guidance and counseling are not permitted
        to get married and have families, and possess that first hand experience. I understand a few of the
        Church's reasons, dating back to the beginning of Catholicism, but I feel changes in those two
        areas would help keep the church in touch a little more with their parishioners, and to increase the
        amount of young people entering the vocation. Yet the core problem with structured religion is
        that with such a multicultural society, and such a great freedom of ideas, Americans have opted for
        more of the path of "having faith", but not necessarily accepting the specific structure of religion,
        such as Catholicism. We saw after 9/11, that Americans have not become Godless, but rather
        through education, experience, and other factors...have created their own patchwork of faith in
        God. Whether this is right or not, to have such a relativistic view of religion, is not for me to say,
        but I think that that is what truly threatens the Church in Western Society.
        My advice to the Bishop would be to create more religious programs and activities for young
        people to attend. By strengthening their faith they will be more open to the calling they receive
        from God. Because he is calling on many of us but we can't hear him and we end up being mislead
        by all the messages society is giving us. I would tell him to continue the programs created by Pope
        John Paull the second and to follow his example. My interest in religious life is not only due to my
        upbringings and teachings from my parents but by the openness and love I received from my
        religious communtiy.
        Personally my own parish is losing it's parishioners. I think the first step I would tell a Bishop is to
        advise the priests to get to know the young people. My church elementary school has recently
        been closed down so the main parishioners at my church are parents and little ones. If the Bishop
        advised priests to start with the young ones. Have groups, activities, and trips for them to go on
        that would ensure a future relationship with the youth. A priest cannot excpect to simply talk to a
        few teenagers and change minds, a relationship needs to grow throughout the years. When I was
        in 8th and 9th grade I would go visist the Sisters of Nazareth in Monroe, CT. I would stay there for
        a week at a time and I loved it. I built great relationships with nuns who I remained penpals with
        for many years. I was asked to consider a vocation, and I surely considered it. As the years went on
        though I did meet someone who I believe I will marry and have had my calling to become a
        teacher. I love children, my significant other, and God very much. In my spare time I like to share
        the love I have with God with youngerters in a Saturday religion class. I think a lot of young

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 68 of 79                                   Data as of 5/4/07
        people should be introduced to becoming involved in their church in some way, even if it's a
        religious instructor or whatever. Thank you and Good Luck!
        Stop opressing women. They teach equality yet women can't give te body and blood of christ only
        a MAN can. Only men can run the church because only men are "worthy." Nuns generally have
        worse living conditions then priests.
        Stop being so strict and closed minded on issues important to youth such as abortion, birth control,
        and the immorality of being homosexual.
        I believe that people do not need to go to church to be close to God. They can pray and speak to
        God whenever they want. Also, I feel the church as become a business. I know my nieces can not
        have their report card at the end of the year if she did not sell $250.00 worth of candy or other
        fundrasier items. During mass they also pass out the basket twice, some people do not have the
        money to put in the basket twice, and people see when you put money in or just pass it on. I
        believe that taking a religious vocation is a calling from God, nothing he could tell a young person
        would make a difference.
        To teach them what it really means to have a religious vocation and give them honesty when
        asked questions about it so that it doesn't seem scary or that you are giving your life away. I dont
        think young people are given enough information about the day in the life of someone who has
        answered a religious vocation by becoming a priest or nun, so for young people it can seem like a
        scary promise to make.
        Nothing, but people should confess to God and not man.
        Women should definitely be allowed to become priests, priests should be allowed to get married
        (we need to remember that the whole thing abou priests not being allowed to get married started
        for pure economic reasons), more liberal views about sex(recognize reality),more dialogue with
        other religions and giving up on all dogmas.....
        If we want more young people to consider religious vocations, to be part of the churh, and the
        community, then there must be a conscious effort by the church to reach out to the young people.
        Today's American society expects a great deal from young men and women, and interest in the
        community and service to others is also declining because of the demands of society - if we can not
        persuade our young people to contribute to their nighborhood, community, city, how can we
        expect them to contribute to religious vocation, and also the community.
        First the church must contact, spend time with the young people - go out to the city, in numbers
        (brothers and sisters)to show them they are thought of, cared about, that they have tremendous
        possibilities to influence and change their world - for the better, to use their faith in God as a tool
        to help our fellow human beings - that there is a human element to religion; get to know them,
        then ask for their help, and ideas, they are the ones who know the community the best. Show
        them you care, and that the church is willing to take the time to understand them and the issues
        important to them. Show them God is present, and that God works through us, that God loves us,
        and we should love and care for one another. Not because of our faith, because of our common
        human bonds - we need each other to survive, that is God's plan.
        Allowing for marriage and family and a more "normal" day to day life.

        Being more accepting of homosexuality, both for those within the church and those within the
        Catholic community.

        Being ready and more willing to question the Pope and his actions/words if they seem at odds with
        the teaching of our faith and the feelings of the community.
        Make it attractive to young people.
        Maybe understand what the young men and women these days are exactly going through and try
        to relate to them. Alot has changed since then. Also, homosexuality shouldn't be frowned upon.
        God is supposed to love all of his children, including homosexuals. They should be encouraged with
        their decisions.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 69 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        I would tell the Bishop that the Church sometimes needs to be a little more open to the changing
        times and the views of people in society today. I don't think that they should change everything
        but they could be a little more lenient.
        Allowing marriage for priests would make a huge impact on the number of young people entering
        religious vocations.
        I do think the fact that marriage not being allowed is a major factor for this generation. If there
        were not so many restrictions I do think that more people would consider it. There is aslo the
        problems of the sex scandals. This does turn people off and does not give a positive image for the
        churches and for pursuing a career in religious vocation.
        i would say that the church dosen't reach out to the youth as much as they should. we are the
        church now and if we don't feel accepted in the church, then we won't go to church. make us feel
        important and a youth. and try not to make mass so boring. having a church that can realate to
        everyone is important.
        don't be as strict and you will get more people. allow woman and u wil get more girls.
        Reach out. I don't think that young people have much interaction with representatives of their
        churces, unless it is family influenced. Now-a-days many families don't even attend church. I think
        that reaching out to young people outside of the church setting would be a great way to increase
        education about regligious vocation. Also, pamphlets with information about religious vocations
        can be handed out at church.
        I would tell him that it is all about propaganda. That if he wished to at least get more young
        people interested in religious vocations he should advertise it more at all school levels (pre-K-
        College), television, radio and the internet. The point is to advertise it more...
        I feel that if people were able to get married the number woulld increase. In this century society is
        extremely influential especially towards people our age.
        I believe that the main deterrent for vocations for many young people is marriage and the
        availabilty of information and persuasion. Many people growing up, maybe due to society, are
        taught that the way of life is to go to school, become educated, find a job, a wife, and start a
        family. There aren't many persuasive factors along the way encouraging students to enter into the
        religious life. Sure there is church, catholic schools, and various religious groups and activities, but
        as far as possibly trying to motivate someone into vocations, that part seems to be missing. The
        diocese and the church needs to take a more active role in persuading and motivating the youth to
        the possibility of religious vocations. Influence, persuasion, motivation, and encouragement are
        key factors that guide youth through life, and currently we are influenced more by society that
        tells us to grow up, find a job, and start a family. We are taught to set goals, aim high, and that
        you can be whatever you want to be. Youth see that as becoming a firefighter, police officer,
        doctor, business person, some sort of career. Those are mainstream views of what someones future
        can and should look like. The church needs to present itself stronger in the mainstream view of
        things where becoming a priest, etc., can be a career and a good choice at that. The church needs
        to present its opportunity, encourage more, and motivate.
        I believe that many young kids arent really paying attention to what their fath is and do not really
        take their religion seriously as we might want them to. What I believe can be done to make
        religion more a part of a person's life is to combine religion with things that people want to do.
        Sports and activity groups where people can learn more in depth about their religion. I also believe
        that ,as a Catholic, God forgives those who want to be forgiven. There are people out there that
        might want to change their ways but are too scared that the Catholic Church would not accept
        them. I think it is very important to let people know, especially young adults, that it is not too late
        and that if they really truly repent and want to be forgiven and want to change their life then the
        Catholic Church is there to help. I also think it is important that the Church lets itself open up to
        what is happening in the world and can give advice to those who need it. In this case, advertising
        spiritual groups and even meditation or counseling groups might also help. I am not saying that
        the Church has to be a person's psychologist (mentally), but an emotional and spiritual
        psychologist that people can confide in. It is also important to me, as a young adult who goes to
        church, that all those corrupt priests that are doing so much harm to people be taken out of the

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 70 of 79                                   Data as of 5/4/07
        church completely as well as IMMEDIATELY. THOSE are the people that who harm the Church as a
        whole because the people take into consideration more of the bad things than the good. They
        shouldnt only be transfered from one parish to another ( for what? to continue ruining other
        people's lives?). I am not saying that every priest is like that but with what is going on in the
        world... noone can really trust anyone and that is why as a Catholic, we need the church to be a
        part of our lives even more.
        I would tell him that kids today lack interest in the traditional ways.I think in order to reach kids
        today they to put a modern spin on some of the things they do.
        Before one could place focus on increasing the amount of young Americans entering religious
        vocations, one must work at increasing the number of active Catholics. Times have changed and
        with that, social values, morals, and what's now acceptable have evolved to make this a more
        liberal era. The Catholic faith is very fulfilling, but too strict in current societal views. Acceptance of
        unmarried heterosexual couples and planned parenthood would be a great start. Also, even
        though the Bible states Jesus as being forgiving and all-accepting, the Catholic Church appears to
        do the opposite: it turns people away and gives the impression that we'll all burn in hell. Another
        characteristic of this era is that people are seeking feel-good faiths where they feel accepted and
        the again, the Church seemingly falls short. This is exactly the reason why other Christian faiths are
        flourishing and the number of Catholics dwindleing.

        The Catholic Church must adjust its ways to conform with the changing times.
        My only piece of advice would be to allow women to become priests. I believe more women would
        be interested in a life full of religious vocation if they could become priests.
        The only advice I could offer is that the Catholic Church as a whole needs to change. That change
        needs to happen soon or the decline of young people entering the church will soon deminish
        altogether. The fact that women cannot be ordained as priests, and priests are not allowed to be
        married are two of the Church's many outdated tradtions. These two ideologies along with the
        more controversial abortion and contraception beliefs have strained the religious beliefs of many
        young people, often turning them away from the Catholic Church altogether. If the Church
        cannot catch up with the ever-changing environment around it, I am afraid that its followers may
        grow fewer and fewer until there are no more left at all. Honestly, this change is the only way the
        interest of young men and women to consider a reilgious vocation could ever increase.
        I would tell him that not enough information is presented to the youth regarding God and his
        faith. This is why they have o faith, because they don't belive. They do not have a reason to
        believe. I grew up in the Catholic church and i learned nothing, through first communion,
        comfirmation, i did it all and only because I had to. When I was through with all of that I lost God
        somewhere in between everything else, the news about abortions amongst the nuns and the
        priests molesting young boys was very discouraging. I know better now, because God found me
        and told me it is not about religion, it is about his glory, his honor. In the beginning, when he
        created the earth, he said be fruitful and multiply. Why must a priest be lonely and a nun be
        without and husband, when in fact God created a woman for a man in order for him not to be
        lonely. We must look at the times right now and realize that it is all about God and no one else.
        No Catholic, no Jew, no Jehovah Witness etc.; but God. Love God, worship God, Praise him and we
        receive his blessings.
        Try to connect more with young people because the youth is the future of tomorrow. I think to
        many times priests are looked upon as very strict men who are supposed to put the fear of God
        into people. I think that it is important to show that Priests are an important part of the
        community. They are suppose to be there for support and advice and guidance. I think showing
        that this is what priests are suppose to do is very important. I also think that nuns too are
        misrepresented and they should be promoted as religious women who have personality and
        Inolve more students in parish activities as well as invite students into the life of a priest before
        hand and describe pros and cons and emphasize on fulfillments

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)    Page 71 of 79                                     Data as of 5/4/07
        schools focus too much on telling students to make a lot of money, parents should take their kids
        to church more often,
        Primarily I think that vocations need to be promoted in a new way. Not only is the vocation
        material in the Brooklyn Queens diocese look straight out of 1983 but it’s in unappealing and
        unattractive. The vocation material should play up the numerous benefits to a vocation such as
        community leadership. I think they entire vocation campaign needs a new, modern and sleek look.
        Religion is too traditional and relies on rules that have NEVER been updated for 100s/1000s of
        years. The world changes, religion doesn't, and gets left behind.
        I think that priests give up too much.
        There should be more freedom to be who you want to be. Those who choose to enter a religious
        vocation, should be allowed to marry and/or be accepted as a gay individual. God loves
        EVERYONE... NO MATTER WHAT and it's time that that gets recognized by the church. As long as
        the person respects God and everyone around them physically, mentally, and spiritually, there
        should be nothing at all wrong with who that person chooses to be with on an intimate level. I
        believe that allowing this may help them to perform their jobs better. It may being them a level of
        peace which everyone needs in their lives to perform any task to an optimum level.
        With all of the oppurtunities and things to do, children and teenagers no longer want to become a
        priest. They feel locked down and taken away from their fun. The church needs to tell kids the
        positives of being in the Catholic Church.
        Maybe try to turn the lives around of misguided youth living in group/foster homes things of that
        nature. Mainly b/c it give the child or adolescent a feeling of self-worth and that even though they
        may not have mother or father, they have about that??
        I would tell him to spend more time on the message of God's love instead of having people talk
        about fundraisers and other stuff. Also I would tell him to have the homily of the mass relate more
        to what is going on in the world today.
        Allow sex
        Instead of trying to drill what the Bible says into our heads, and enforcing such notions such as
        homosexuality is a sin, focus on the word of God. Try to teach about peace and love, and not
        threaten us with hell or such things.
        Oh, and yes, the ritual of mass is a good way to praise God, but some churches thinking that
        singing and dancing in Church is "inappropriate", need to loosen up. There are many ways to
        praise God and he listens to all of them. More kids would definitely go if it wasnt so tedious.
        Less rules and restrictions. I feel a more open lifestyle with less regulations and constant
        requirements would encourage people to be more religionsly involved. If there were less rules;
        more like guidelines instead, more people would be involved than the people currently ordained.
        This allows for flexibility, because of so many (potentially) people who are acceptable to fill the
        voids, and the loose atmosphere would then create a beneficial cycle of more and more people
        I have no advice.
        Show more of what sisters and brothers do in helping others and the impact they have on others
        try to learn the life of young men and women.
        I would tell him to consider opening up the priesthood to women.
        I would tell him that I do not agree with the closed-mindedness of the Catholic Church. We are
        supposed to live a life similar to Jesus Christ. We shouldn't discourage people from living in love,
        whether it is a homosexual relationship or a relationship involving pre-marital sex.
        Let them experience it first hand and see what it is like, then maybe that would change their
        minds. Also give them more freedom and not make it so strict
        To be more involved and always strive for your goals, not what people want them to be.
        To share their own stories and experiences of it.
        If you want more priests they should be able to marry, and women should be able to become

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 72 of 79                               Data as of 5/4/07
        I think that in today's society of love and passionate ideas, I feel that banning marriage in order to
        become a priest is turning many people away. The idea of living without having a wife and
        children is anathema in today's society. Children see their families and want that to be their lives,
        not to be alone with God. Many teenagers don't really understand God yet and don't realize how
        much God can influence people's lives, so when people come up to them and talk to them about
        vocations, it scares them away from the very idea of it. I believe that certain changes have to be
        made to the Church's rules in order for more vocations to start coming in.
        I would tell him to spread awareness of the number of decreasing vocations and to highlight the
        positive points in becoming a priest or nun.
        allow women to become priests or a big part in the catholic church.
        Go to more schools and talk to classes directly about their decision about becoming a nun or a
        priest. there are many out there that would like this option but you never really know until you
        address people directly. this idea would be more beneficial.
        The way the Catholic Church is today, there really isn't anything you can about it. Unless you
        change the religion, the numbers aren't going to change. The Church is hypocritical and extremely
        conservative and we're becoming a more liberal nation. If you want increased numbers, go to
        Talk about religious vocations more often and talk about the good qualities of it and what
        interested them about becoming apart of the vocation.
        I do not know what could increase the amount of vocations, but what i do know is that the recent
        amount of scandals in the church has definaltey been bad publicity and has scared many people
        away from the church.
        Review all the positive influence priests and nuns can have on everyday lives.
        Less strict rules and guidelines for nuns, brother, and priest.
        I would say that the church should make more of an effort in spreading the news about vocations
        and the way in which it can be fulfilling. When i heard about vocations, I honestly pondered
        throughtout the whole day wondering "Is this something I could do". I was really touched when i
        heard the stories of those who went with the calling of God. I also feel that the Catholic church
        should make changes to the mass to make it more interesting.
        Allow them to know the benefits of becoming a priest, nun or sister. Give examples of how
        gratifying the life of living in religious life is for you. Also be honest with the yound men and
        women, and when they see your honesty they will consider it even more.
        I would tell him to talk about topics that the youth can relate to. Also, to create awareness for
        what religious vocations are all about.
        I would suggest maybe trying to open the possibility of allowing women to become priests. God
        loves each and everyone of us equally. He would not discriminate against women and tell them
        that they couldn't worship him in this way just because they are women. It's not fair that just
        because human beings believe that women can't be priests that women can't serve God in this
        way. I'm sure many women would love to serve their God as Priests to help reach out to others and
        help bring people closer to God. God wouldn't say no to this, so who are we to contradict His
        I think the rules regulating religious vocation should be loosened. One of the most major
        suggestions I would have would be to allow religious memebers to have a family of their own.
        To describe the lives of people with vocations more in depth.
        Allow them to know the benefits of becoming someone who helps others.
        I would tewach more people what priest do all day and I think women should have the right to be
        able to become a priest. What is so wrong with that?
        I think that they should really get to understand how the youth think, instead of just saying that
        they do understand. Most of them really don't though. You could probably learn more by being
        with young in an unbiased manner, because most kids probably wouldn't really say what they
        want with a priest around, because they'd be afraid of getting in troublt or something like that.
        i would say that young men and women need to be educated about religious vocations more
        because not many people know to much about them. I also would say how people need to be

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 73 of 79                                 Data as of 5/4/07
        educated on the lifestyles of religious people, because i think many people feel that a religious life
        style is very restricting. I would say that the best thing is to inform the young men and women and
        have discussions so they could get the real veiw of a religious life.
        I think that if there was somebody that was famous the talk ti kids about it they would think more
        about vocation. I feel that because alot of youth really do what ever people in the music industry
        The advice I would offer would be to make the life of a priest, brother, sistuer or nun seem a little
        more appealing. Also direct honesty helps too. To present pros and cons of both taking on
        religious life and not taking it on would help.
        I would offer him some ideas in order to gain the interest of youg men and women to seriously
        condering a religous vocation. I would make them consider to making the rules more lenient and
        also doing more fun activities which would appeal more to the younger generation. I would also
        make the Bishop ask young men and women what they would want out of all of this experiance to
        encourage them.
        I would explain to him that there are still people out there in the world who love and care about
        God and would be more than willing to consider a life of vocation, if the rules change slighly and
        become more flexible and open minded to new ideas. Change is not neccessarily a bad thing, and
        might be just what the Church needs.
        i would say that he should be honest with them and tell them about his life and how he lives and
        benifits from his life choice
        I believe that they are doing a good job. You cant force kids to lead a religious life. It has to be
        inside them, but information is being give ver well.
        The advice that I would offer the Bishop is to have more knowledge spread about religious
        vocation throughout the world.
        I would suggest asking more youth about their desires for the future and what they hope to
        achieve in life. From their responses, he can exemplify how a religious vocation has things like that
        to offer and much more. If youth were more educated about the purpose of life under their faith,
        then they would realize that religion is a great priority in life. I think it's important that more
        youth know what comes after their lives are over and how to live their lives meaningfully and
        remember that God gave each and every one of us life for a reason and a purpose.
        A lot more people would consider entering into a religious vocation if the rules were not as strict.
        We do not live in the 14th century anymore, day-to-day life has chnaged radically. The beliefs held
        100 years ago do not necessarily translate into the 21st century. I think priests should be for both
        men and women and they should be able to get married. I also think the stance on homosexuality
        should be eased up. If God did not want homosexuals then they would not exist. I also think that
        the Chursh should take stronger positions in times of war. The church issued a neturality policy
        during the Holocaust.
        1-The pastor has to be more open to the youth. They are a lot of priest that doesnt like youth. I
        have that experience becuase I am an active member from the Jornada Movement and I had faced
        that kind of situation.
        I would propose that priests or brothers would have the option of marriage. Also if the vow to
        take poverty was diminished, this would increase the interest of young men and women to
        consider a religious vocation.
        put more emphasis on the benefits of priesthood or belonging to a religious order.
        Priests should tell the young people that they have to serve the humanity and this is their aim for
        rest of their life.
        I DOnt Know
        Give them a chance to see how the life of a priest/brother/nun is and to give them a chance to
        experience it. In addition, I think that young people should be taught the true meaning of giving
        yourself up to God so they fully understand what they are devoting their life to.
        I would tell him to try to explain the life of people in the religious vocation and to ry to make it
        more appealing to young people.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 74 of 79                                 Data as of 5/4/07
        Try to get even more involved in youth culture in order to appeal to them and have them consider
        it with more thought.
        I think Church must change to more religious way because People don't believe "God" As "God"
        maybe this will help you in your life time
        If I could have a few honest and uninterreupeted minutes with the Bishop, I would tell him to get
        the word out. Go to school and mass services telling the students and kids the benefits of
        becoming a important part of the Catholic community. I would tell him to just make everything
        possible and help the kids understand what a religious vocation is really like.
        To increase young men and women to consder a religious vocation I will say that it is very fullfilling
        and they can help alot of people with there problems.
        I would tell the bishop to try to reach out to the young community by influencing them with more
        education about the vocation. I would make the vocation more interesting and fun so that more
        young men and women would consider it in their lives.
        i would strongly advise him that in order for more young people to join religious ceremonies he
        must promote more religious acts on the t.v and go world wide.
        the answers for question 28 would help
        I would say that the church needs to change with the times because young people are going
        though different issues
        I would tell the bishop to relate to people and find out why they are not joining and see if he can
        do anything that appeals to that person to make them want to join a religious vocation.
        I would say that perhaps if they showed more how being a great man of the cloth would help their
        society, and perhaps if in the future the church could be more leniant with their vows and pledges
        I'm sure more young people would join.
        I would ask the Bishop to be totally honest with the people and reveal as much secrets as he can on
        the Roman Catholic Religion, i also would tell him not to push kids to be what they dont wanna
        I would tell the bishop that we should have family masses for the family and children mass and
        invite and encourage young people to be part of religion life and to tell them that religion is
        important to our life because God is our Father and he is our saviour, friend, helper, listener, and
        moslty of all our father. Our generation today on earth has not been good because of many evil
        and bad things, and also we see our children and young teens involve in some what of gangs. We
        should have clubs or youth talk for our teens and young adults, so that they could know more
        about their religion life and their faith and their catholic faith. As me growing up we need young
        people to step up to be a priest or deacon or bishop because in today's world we need more priest
        so that we could teach and tell our people to not do bad things in us and we should always be on
        our religion and belive our faith. We need youth community in every village or town in United
        States so that we could help our teens and young adults. I hope that my suggestion would help
        out. Thank you!
        Offer more freedom the people who are in religious vocations, the religious vocations life does not
        appeal to me or some poeple I know because of the limited things they can do. Ofcourse that is
        the meaning of being a priest or a brother but in this day and age when children are brought up
        with materialism it just does not appeal to their minds anymore, people interested in religious
        vocations are rare.
        I would tell him to talk more about the issues of today. Churches today should be more exciting if
        he wants todays youth to attend church.He might want to relate todays issues with what Jesus had
        went through.
        I would tell the Bishop that everybody no matter how bad or good they are all deserve a chance.
        Religious Vocation should offer more excitement to those who would actually want to get into it.
        If I could have a few honest and uninterrupted minutes with the Bishop I would tell him that a
        religous vocation is something that can a young person do to find what one is missing. The call
        from God to do work that benefits others can spirtually help a young person and find an ultimate
        understanding of what it means to be fully human. I would also tell him to have programs/retreat
        programs to illustrate what the call from God really is. This would allow young people to see what

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 75 of 79                                 Data as of 5/4/07
        it means to live in the footsteps of God and set a good example for others. This perhaps can
        increase the interest of young men and women to consider a religous vocation.
        You must appeal to teens and young adults in general if they have no other options in their lvies.
        Personally, you should make a conscious effort to stay with the modern times and to make
        religious vocation another form of occupation, allowing those who are elligible to participate
        good pay and options to take care of themselves and others such as family or close personal
        Give more freedom to the brothers, priests, etc.
        Teach the fear of God again.
        The importance of God and and spirtul life itself. Religion is something that is taught in school and
        makes you wonder if becoming a priest is something you want to do. You should give the priest
        now and in the future more freedom because Jesus does mention to protect and have a family. But
        if you don't let priest have freedom now they would never understand the true meaning of
        happiness and of life.
        To tell them of all the oppurtunies they would recieve to not only aid those in their community but
        also to be part of the cure to global social crisis and aid in the restructing the of moral ethics of the
        world especially in third world nations.
        I would say that the Bishop should go out to the people more often and show to them how
        successful he has become by following the footsteps of God. He can share his feelings on how he
        faced the challenged of deciding whether or not to consider a religious vocation. As he share his
        experiences, he might be able to solve many problems that young people are facing as they decide
        on their own consideration of a religous vocation.
        I would bring up world/real life issues that the Church as a whole need to accept and understand.
        For one, how Mayor Bloomberg launched free condom stands around New York City in order to
        promote safe sex. To my understanding the Church wasn't accepting of this plan because of the
        beliefs in scripture that you shouldn't use contraceptives--that sex should be a sacred thing.
        However, in today's world these ideals have become null and void, the populace and governments
        alike in many countries have become almost nihilistic when making decisions. Secondly, it is easy to
        say things like 'Premarital sex is wrong!' or even 'Abortion is wrong' until it actually happens to
        you and your own children--in a case of a Bishop they wouldn't have any children to know what
        these ordeals are like which feeds into the fact that priests and the rest of the Church's hierarchy
        should be able to marry and have children for the sake of having a larger understanding on topics
        such as these.

        As a student and as a person, I feel that the Church doesn't understand me, nor do they
        understand what I think seeing as how they just plain do not know. This is why I would rather turn
        to my parents or friends before I turn to a priest or a bishop.
        The importance of God and spiritual life has to be heard at an early age. Religion has to be
        something taught in school and really explained so kids grasp the full idea of it. The parents play a
        major role and I think the quality of parents is decreasing. My mom is the biggest reason for my
        involvement in the Church today. She has been bringing me to Sunday Mass since I was two years
        old. Now, that I am an adult, I can think for myself and to the best of my ability will continue to
        lead my life the way God wants me to. If my parents weren't such a good influence I don't were I
        would be today. The apple doesnt fall to far from the tree.
        Though I am not intrested myself i would possibly say, instead of pushing it when children are
        young and hoping that they follow through in a yearly, if that basis.
        One way to really increase the interests of the youth to join into a religious vocation is to
        implement programs that the youth today are interested in and incorporate that together with
        religion. Make the youth comfortable by putting things in that they are comfortable with.
        I would consider to bring poeple to a more Christian community of grace by trying to stop
        difficulties that contradict the Church teachings and as well as God's teachings. Such as Abortion,

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 76 of 79                                    Data as of 5/4/07
        I would tell him to ut out more programs tha tallow for students to learn about brotherhood and
        what it is like to become a religious. I would advise for him to explain to everybody that becoming
        a religious is not an easy thing to do, but that it is a very fulfilling thing to do.
        More people would be encouraged to join the ministry if:
        -They could get married and have a family
        -They did not have to take a vow of poverty
        -The Church did not have so many rules of obedience
        -The Church did not require giving up so many personal freedoms
        -Commitments to religious life could be time-limited and less permanent
        -The Church was more permissive of a woman's right to abortion
        -The Church was more permissive of the use of contraception/birth control
        -The Church was more supportive of sexual relations between non-married couples
        -Women were able to be ordained as Priests
        -They were not required to live in a religious community
        I would probably tell him to stop trying to recruit every kid he possibly can simply because many
        kids this age are more susceptible to suggestion and ideal changes. How about you consider other
        ideas about the universe, you closed-minded, facist bastards.
        I would offer the bishop the advice that he should go out more and show people how the life of
        priesthood is and allow people to know what really is happening.
        i would offer the bishop to make the youth look at a religous vocation in a good way something
        that the youth might think is fun and cool. Also they should show people how the life of a priest is
        I would tell the bishop to make the masses more fun and enjoyable for the younger members of
        the parish. This I believe will encourage young adults and teens to take the religiuos life more
        seriously because they will see themselves more in the position of the priest. Thus, they will know
        that being a priest is not just serving God but also your community. And I think that many young
        people in New York are willing to help out others.
        I would tell him thaat it would be a good idea for the Catholic Churhc ot be more lieral,. It would
        bring in more young me and womne if they ahd the privilege and were ble to do more things
        while they are in the religious vocation.
        help make young people realize even more that religious vocation is important in life. religious
        vocation helps bring truth and good values in life.
        The Bishop should talk to young people about the benefits of considering a religious vocation.
        I would tell the bishop to keep on trying to get more people to consider a religious vocation by
        telling them that they would help people both physically and spiritually and would also help
        preach the Word of God.
        not sure
        let you have a wife/husband and family.
        I would tell him to try to change the rules about women being priests.
        The average U.S. citizen is interested more in material things than helping others. The sacrament
        of marriage and vocation are both life fulfilling jobs, but for most young adults marriage seems to
        be the better, more fulfilling choice. It is sad that the human brain these days doesn't understand
        true faith in God. This is because of the world we live in and the fact that to many the bible is just
        a story that people believe in. It is hard to tell people otherwise.
        i would say to make it more appealing to the youths
        I would tell the Bishop that he should reach out to the community and let them know what the
        priesthood and other ministry is all about. Tell him that he should have more information readily
        available about religious vocations, and offer a program about seeing what the life in a religious
        vocation would be like to show people how fulfilling it could be.
        I would tell him to have people ask questions and talk about the questions they asked during mass
        with eachother as a whole and find out what people think God is all about.
        In order for me to consider a religious vocation I would need two drastic things in order to even
        make it possible
        1.Enough money that provides me and my future family with financial security.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 77 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        2.Women were able to be ordained as Priests.
        The subject that makes me honestly mad about the church is the fact that women can not be able
        to become priests. Its the year 2007 what can a man possibly do for God that a woman cannot? The
        church does preach that EVERYONE IS MADE IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD!!!
        I would tell him to create more awareness of the declining vocation rate and to tell the priests in
        different parishes bring up the subject during mass. I also think the topic should be discussed in
        elementary schools and high schools. Children and adolescents shouldn't be forced to pursue a
        religious life. Instead, they should at least be informed of the problem. From personal experience I
        can say for a fact that i hear more about the declining rate in church rather that school. The Bishop
        should tell Catholic schools to hold assemblies to talk about the issue.
        To be more realistic about what is accepted from people and allow more freedoms
        I would tell the Bishop that the Catholic Church needs to be more in touch with the youth and that
        he should find a way to help young men and women relate to mass.
        Young people need to be provided with more information in order to consider such a thing. I
        personally am not very religious and am not fully sure what "religious vocation" is. Benefitting
        others and myself is something I and other young people are interested in so they might be
        i believe that if someone chooses to become a priest or nun they should still be allowed to be
        married and that if they are capable to have children they should be able to ..... many i fear do not
        choose to go into priesthood or sisterhood because of vow or celibacy and the fact that they may
        not have any children of their own.
        I would ask him to reconsider the fact that priests can't get married and have a family. I'm sure
        that if priests were allowed to marry and have kids alot of more people would be interested to
        become a priest.
        Well Mr. Bishop i think the religious vocations groups of America are too strict and they should
        lighten up on up and coming brothers,( younger adults) They should allow them to have a family
        and make it less of a commitment but still a serious job. Many people dream of growing up and
        having a family and becoming part of a religous order stops them from that dream. So please try
        to fit the rules so that way younger adults wouldnt be discouraged from joining a religous
        They should be able to get married, and have a good pay, and pre-marital sex
        The advice I would offer to the Bishop would be to try to integrate younger ways into the church.
        Whether it be new music, technology or studies. Just bring a new, young vibe to the church, and I
        would be almost positive that it would encourage younger people to join a religious vocation.
        If i was talking to the Bishop and he wanted advice about gaining men and women becoming a
        brother or a nun. i will tell him that there are alot of things out there that could express the word
        of the lord. I will tell them that there's people called God Whispers out there that want to reach
        out to God but they arent becoming brother's or nuns. ill reach out to them about about and
        express the feelings that both a God whisper and vocation could be both realated and you could
        reach out to God in different way. This is probably the strongest way you could people to come.
        Also, to get young people to be in a religious vocation reach out to the churches alter boys/girls
        who are interested in this so that they could also realized they could reach out to God and become
        a brother/ nun
        if i were to offer any advice to the bishop, i would tell him to try to reach out to as many schools as
        possible because it is there where you will find children. i would also advise him to try to make
        vocation as interesting as possible, maybe with the trips or group gatherings. another good idea
        would try to intergrate sports into vocation becuase i feel as though schildren enjoy sports ad the
        outdoors in general.
        If I were to offer any advice to the Bishop, I would tell him to try to reach out to as many schools as
        possible because it is there where one will find children. I would also advise him to try to make
        vocations as interesting as possible, maybe with trips or group gatherings. Another good idea
        would try to integrate sports into vocations because I feel as though children enjoy sports and the
        outdoors in general. I would also advise the Bishop to bring someone to talk to the children that

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 78 of 79                                  Data as of 5/4/07
        they can relate to, maybe a teenager or a young adult. I believe that kids will listen better to
        others who are similar in age.
        You allow people to get married, and allolw for the use of birth control and also pre-marital sex.
        You should also increase the pay that the priests, brothers, and sisters get paid, that way people
        can start seriously looking at religous lifestyle as a career choice.
        why am i here ?
        I would tell him that all the rules and restrictions of becoming a priest, brother, or sister/nun is
        what is causing the declining number of young people entering a religious vocation. The thought
        of living in poverty is one thing that turns young people away. Also which is possibly the main
        reason is not to be able to have sex and have a family of their own. Most young people nowadays
        wants to have sex or have a strong relationship with someone they care for but, with this rule in
        effect it does not make it possible. Even if the person wanted to spread the word of the Lord they
        would find another way in doing so without entering this religious vocation.
        Some advce that i would give the Bishop would probably be to open upnew ideas for the church
        and there community.
        to reach with young people in games because many young people are not interested in God and
        interested in games and somewhat sports and also they are to young to believe in God.
        I really have nothing to say. The major tenements of the religion are just starkly perpendicular to
        the wants and needs of youth culture as a whole. The method of strict enforcement is gone, and
        very few people will volunteer for uninteresting masochism.
        I would tell the bishop that the youth of america is turned off from church, expecially when they
        attend mass. The mass should be more interesting for they youth, while also maintaining the
        churches spiritual comitment.
        I would say that he should probably inquire for The Pope to allow for women and homosexuals to
        become priests.
        I would tell the Bishop that he has to make the Church seem more appealing to the youth of
        today. When Catholic schools start to close it discourages the kids from parishes to become altar
        serves and even to attend Mass. My old school, Queen of Angels, closed down and now in Church
        we have almost no altar servers and the attendence to Mass has slowly been dropping.
        Try to reach out to the young children of todays society and show them what good life you have
        and how cherishing it could be and have sex with cotovs mom.
        Well I would say that many young men and women decide not to enter any of the religious
        vocation due to the fact that they must take the vows of poverty and chastity. So, I would suggest
        maybe doing away with those or at least one of the vows in order to attract more young people.
        Or the Bishop can raise the allowance that the religious get so people can see that it isn't bad to
        become a religious.
        offer free food
        Refer to 28a-k.
        one advice i would give is to allow for sexual interactions between men and women during a
        religious lifw styleanother would be not to take the vow of poverty
        be more active in the activities of the young people today and do things that will appeal to their
        i would say that if the immigration plic e came to get these two spics that look exactly alike
        eachotehr than we would ahve a better church world and if joey wallace would stop hookin up
        with 13 year old girls
        it is a great way of coming together with god and learning the values of a priest!!!!
        There are many things that need to be changed with the Catholic faith, the world is a nonstop
        changing world and therefore we need a religion that could in turn change with us. Meaning that
        there are certain extunuating circumstances that the Catholic faith does not understand.
        Furthermore i believe that the church should decide as to wether they are going to take a literal or
        symbolic understanding of the "holy" bible.

Prepared by: Offic eof Institutional Research (pn)   Page 79 of 79                                Data as of 5/4/07