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					Student Learning Outcomes

Course: Diesel 021 – Diesel Engines – Heavy Duty


Objective                             Outcome
                                      Students will demonstrate their ability to use
Evaluate safe use of tools and
                                      safe work practices by understanding safety
chemicals, the proper placement
                                      standards and passing a specific safety test
and storage of parts and
                                      and by demonstrating safe work practices
components, and decide upon
                                      and using required personal protective
correct protective clothing and
                                      equipment in the diesel laboratory at all
safety gear for various situations.
                                      Students will demonstrate their ability to
                                      understand the two and four stroke
Distinguish design, operating
                                      combustion cycles by evaluating text-book
principles, and the component
                                      descriptions and actual engines and
parts of the two – stroke and four
                                      accurately outlining each type of engines’
– stroke diesel engine.
                                      intake, compression, combustion and
                                      exhaust sequences.
Disassemble, inspect and repair
parts, which are reusable in a
                                      The student will demonstrate their ability to
manner consistent with accepted
                                      perform the basics of diesel engine
trade practices and assemble a
                                      rebuilding from start to finish by analyzing
diesel engine in accordance with
                                      rebuilding procedures and correctly
manufacturer instructions and
                                      disassembling, performing basic inspection,
specifications. The student will
                                      and correctly reassembling a diesel engine.
order new diesel engine parts as