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									August 2009
Volume 1, Issue 2

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Did you know?                  1

Anxiety & Phobia               1

Antibiotic Update              2
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New Patients                   2

Crossword Puzzle               3
                                         Did you know?
                                          Oral Piercing can do more              canals.                               born disease such as
All Under One Roof 4                     than just change your looks.       2.   Nerve damage can make                 Hepatitis B, C, D and G
                                         We may not think that a sim-            your tongue feel numb or              is a possible factor to
Healthy Living                 4
                                         ple procedure like piercing             even change your sense                consider.
                                         could cause problems but it             of taste.                        8.   Endocarditis.      This is
                                         can. Our mouth is a growing        3.   Excessive drooling and                very serious risk of oral
                                         ground for bacteria, creating           difficulty pronouncing                piercing. Endocarditis is
                                         the ideal place for infection           words correctly. Need                 the inflammation of the
                                         to start. If infection isn’t            we say more?                          heart valves or tissues
                                         enough to worry about, con-        4.   Radiographs may have                  from bacteria entering the
                                         sider these additional com-             interference from the                 bloodstream through the
                                         plications:                             jewelry, reducing your                piercing site in the mouth
                                                                                 dentist’s ability to cor-             and traveling to the heart.
                                         1.   Damage to teeth and                rectly diagnose serious
                                              gums from biting the               conditions in your mouth.        The American Dental Asso-
                                              barbells or playing with      5.   Allergic reaction to the         ciation and your entire dental
                                              the balls with your teeth.         metal.                           team oppose the practice of
                                              You just might scratch        6.   Damage to your tongue’s          piercing in or around your
                                              or crack your teeth, re-           blood vessels can cause          mouth. If you already have
                                              sulting in the need for            serious blood loss.              piercings, we encourage you
                                              fillings, crowns or root      7.   Transmission of blood            to remove them.

  Anxiety & Phobia                                                          pletely diminish pain. Topical anesthetics are applied with a Q-tip to
                                                                            numb an area prior to an injection of a local anesthetic. We are careful
                                                                            to place a strong topical anesthetic exactly where the injection site is.
Do you suffer from dental anxiety or phobia? Someone with dental            This is very effective in numbing the surface tissue. We use an anes-
anxiety will become uneasy when it’s time for their appointment.            thetic that has no additives which eliminates tissue sensitivity normally
They may experience exaggerated or unfounded fears relating to den-         associated with this additive. The key to painless injection is to admin-
tal treatment. Most people can cope with this type of anxiety. A pho-       ister the anesthetic very slowly, this eliminates trauma and pain. With
bia is a more serious condition associated with intense fear or sense of    proper technique the whole process of numbing and restoring teeth
dread. Symptoms of dental phobia may include trouble sleeping prior         should be painless. Oral conscious sedation is a sedative prescribed by
to a dental appointment, the thought of going to the dentist causes         your dentist and taken prior to your appointment, however it is impera-
crying or makes you physically ill, difficulty breathing and headache.      tive that you have someone drive you to and from your appointment.
The effects of a dental phobia are numerous.
                                                                            Gain Control. There are a few things you can do to give yourself a
Physical effects: Gum disease, early tooth loss, painful conditions         sense of control. Discuss with us whether or not you prefer to complete
such as cavities or cracked teeth, poorer overall health and decreased      treatment in a few short appointments or just one. You may want us to
life expectancy.                                                            explain exactly what is happening at each stage of treatment or you
                                                                            may not want to know at all. Let us know what you prefer. Agree to a
Emotional side affects: Some people may begin to smile less fre-            hand signal to alert us that you need to stop – maybe you need to take a
quently or talk with their mouths partly closed to hide discolored or       break, rinse your mouth or for any other reason.
damaged teeth. It is likely that their self-esteem will diminish, affect-
ing their personal and professional life.                                   You may also want to listen to music. We have a large selection of
                                                                            music to choose from or you can bring your own music device.
The most important step in reducing anxiety and managing phobia is
to discuss how you feel with us. Once we know what the issues are,          Remember, we have many options to help you overcome anxiety and
we will be able to work with you to find solutions. Such as:                reduce the effects of dental phobia so be sure to discuss with us any
                                                                            concerns or fears you may be experiencing.
Pain Relief. There are several methods used in our practice to com-
                                                                       www. americanheart.org
Antibiotic Update
  American Heart Association            prevents infective endocarditis in
            New                         patients who are at risk of develop-
    Antibiotic Guidelines               ing a heart infection. On a daily
                                        basis our hearts are exposed to
    Based on an increasing amount       bacteria found in our mouths which
of scientific evidence the American     can enter the bloodstream during
Heart Association has changed           common daily activities such as          recommended for patients who
their recommendation for taking         brushing and flossing. The new           have the greatest danger of a bad
antibiotics prior to dental treat-      guidelines are based on a compre-        outcome if they develop bacterial
ment. In the past this was done         hensive review of this scientific evi-   endocarditis. The American Heart
with the belief that antibiotics        dence.                                   Association continues to recom-
would prevent infective endocardi-         People who no longer need to          mend preventive antibiotics for
tis. Infective endocarditis is an       take a preventive antibiotic include     patients with the following condi-
infection of the heart’s inner lining   those with bicuspid valve disease,       tions:
or valves, which is a result of bac-    calcified aortic stenosis, mitral         * Artificial heart valves
teria entering the bloodstream and      valve prolapse, rheumatic heart           * History of Infective Endocarditis
traveling to the heart.                 disease or some congenital heart          * Specific congenital heart condi-
    Scientists have found no com-       conditions such as atrial septal de-     tions including,
pelling evidence that taking an an-     fect, ventricular septal defect, and     • a completely repaired congeni-
tibiotic prior to dental treatment      hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.                 tal heart defect with prosthetic
                                           Preventive antibiotics are still          material or device, whether
                                                                                     placed by surgery or by cathe-
                                                                                     ter intervention, during
                                                                                      the first six months following
 Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can.                       the procedure
                                                     Danny Kaye, entertainer     • any repaired congenital heart
                                                                                     defect with residual defect at
                                                                                     the site or adjacent to the site
                                                                                     of a prosthetic patch or a pros-
                                                                                     thetic device
                                                                                 • A cardiac transplantation that
                                                                                     develops a problem in a heart
                                                                                     Patients with any of these seri-
                                                                                 ous conditions should check with
             New Patients Welcome!                                               their cardiologist prior to any den-
                                                                                 tal procedures, including teeth
                                                                                     The American Heart Associa-
           The greatest compliment any of our pa-                                tion emphasizes maintaining opti-
           tients could give us is to refer a family                             mal oral health by practicing daily
           member or friend to our practice. When                                oral hygiene to minimize the risk of
           our patients refer us we know we are on the
           right track. Our passion for dentistry and
                                                                                        16. Invisalign     20. Gingivitis
                                                                                       14. Gum Disease    19. TMJD
           genuine concern for our patients is shining                                 13. Sealant        18. Incisor

           through. Our reward is new patients that
                                                                                       12. Emergency      17. Mandible
                                                                                       11. Root Planing   15. Caries
           are just as wonderful as the ones who re-                                   8. Endodontics
                                                                                       6. Prophylaxis
                                                                                                          10. Perio Pocket
                                                                                                          9. Plaque
           ferred them to our practice.                                                4. Tarter          7. Resin Filling
                                                                                       2. Pulp            5. Canal
                                                                                       1. Maxilla         3. Palate
                                                                                               Down              Across
                                   DENTAL TERMS

                                                         1                             2

                                          3                               4


6             7    8


10       11                               12


                                                    14       15






          ACROSS                                              DOWN
3    Roof of the mouth                              1    The upper jaw
5    The narrow chamber inside the tooth's          2    The inner tissues of the tooth
     root                                           4    A hardened substance (also called
7    An artificial filling used to restore teeth.        calculus) that sticks to the tooth's
     Also called a composite filling                     surface
9    A sticky, colorless substance that             6    The act of cleaning the teeth
     covers the teeth after sleep or periods        8    A form of dentistry that addresses
     between brushing                                    problems affecting the tooth's root or
10   pocket that forms when the gums detach              nerve
     from the side of the tooth                     11   Scraping or cleansing of teeth to remove
15   Another term for decay                              heavy buildup of tarter below the gum
17   The lower jaw                                       line
18   Front teeth with cutting edges; located        12   A knocked out tooth or bitten tongue
     on the sides near the front                    13   A synthetic material placed on the
19   Temporomandibular joint disorder. Health            tooth's surface that protects the enamel
     problems related to the jaw joint just in           and chewing surfaces
     front of the ear                               14   An infection of the gum tissues. Also
20   A minor disease of the gums caused by               called periodontal disease
     plaque                                         16   The invisible way to straighten your
                                                         teeth without braces
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