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					Delirium                                 Brief Psychotic Disorder                 Dysthymic Disorder                             Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
*Disturbance of consciousness            *Presence of 1+                          *Depressed mood for more days than not         *Duration= x > 1 month
*Change in cognition or perceptual            Delusions                           *Duration= x ≥ 2 years
     disturbance                              Hallucinations                      *2 + while depressed:                          Acute Stress Disorder
*Rapid evolution                              Disorganized speech                      ∆ appetite                                *Duration= 4 wks > x > 2 days
*Evidence present for direct                  Disorganized or catatonic               ∆ sleeping
     physiological consequence of        *Duration= 1 mo > x ≥ 1 day                   fatigue                                   Conversion Disorder
           general medical condition    *Eventual return to normal f(x)               low self esteem                           * One or more symptoms/deficits
           substance intox.                                                           poor concentration                             involving voluntary motor/sensory
           substance withdraw           Schizoaffective Disorder                      feelings of hopelessness                       function suggesting neurological
                                         *Major Depressive, Manic or Mixed        *Never been w/out symptoms for 2 years              condition
Dementia                                 episode PLUS 2+ x 1 ≥ month:             *No major depressive episode in 2 years        * factors associated w/ initiation/
*Slow evolution of multiple cognitive         delusions                                                                               exacerbation of symptoms
     deficits                                 hallucinations                      Bipolar Disorder                               *Not intentionally feigned
*Impaired memory                              disorganized speech                 *Bipolar I: cycling mania and depression       *Cannot be explained my medical cond.
*Personality Disturbance                      negative symptoms                               Manic ≥ 1 week                     *Causes impairment or distress or f(x)
*Alzheimer’s type: 40 < x <90 yo         *Delusions/hallucinations ≥2 wks         *Bipolar II: hypomania and depression
                                              without above mood symptoms                      Hypomania > 4 days                Somatization Disorder
Schizophrenia                            *Mood symptoms present for substantial   *Cyclothymic: hypomania + less severe          *Hx of many complaints before 30 yo
*2+ x 1 month:                                period of time                                      depressive episodes            *4 pain, 2 GI, 1 sexual, and 1 pesudo-
     delusions                           (Bipolar type)                                           **may cycle rapidly                   neuroligical
     hallucinations                      (Depressive type)                                          (w/in hours!)                *Either cannot be explained or reaction is
     disorganized speech                                                                                                                more than expected in normal pt.
     negative symptoms                   Delusional Disorder                      Panic Disorder                                 *Not intentionally feigned
*Social/occupational dysf(x) in one or   *Non-bizarre delusions x ≥1 mo           *Recurrent, unexpected panic attacks
     more areas with below-average       *No features of Schizophrenia met        *Attack followed by below for > 1 mo           Hypocondriasis
     achievement                         *F(x)ing not markedly impaired                Persistent concern over future attack     *Preoccupation w/ fear of having serious
*Exclusion of…                           *Behavior not obviously odd or bizarre        Worry about implications of attack             illness based on misinterpretation of
     Schizoaffective/                   *Mood symptoms, if present, only brief        Sig.  ∆ related to having attacks             symptoms
     mood d/o                                                                    *Presence of absence of agoraphobia            *Persists despite medical evaluation
     Substance/medical                  Major Depressive Disorder                                                               *Not delusional in nature
*Duration= ≥6 mo continuous              *5+ during same 2 weeks                  Specific Phobia                                *Duration= ≥ 6 months
                                              depressed mood                      *Fear that is excessive or reasonable to a
Schizophreniform Disorder                     anhedonia                            specific stimulus                             Body Dysmorphic Disorder
*2+ x 1 month                                 sig weight ∆                        *Exposure to stimulus provokes anxiety         *Preoccupation w/ imagined deficit
     delusions                                sleeping ∆                          *Pt. recognizes fear is excessive and          *If present, blown out of proportion
     hallucinations                           psychomotor agitation/retardation    unreasonable
     disorganized speech                      fatigue                                                                            Pain Disorder
     negative symptoms                        feelings of worthlessness           Generalized Anxiety Disorder                   *Pain in one or more anatomical sites
*Exclusion of…                                diminished concentration            *Excessive anxiety toward multiple             *Causes clinically sig distress
     Schizoaffective/                        recurrent thoughts of death               events or activities                     * factors play role in onset
                                         *Not due to bereavement                  *Duration = x ≥ 6 months                       *Not intentionally feigned
     mood d/o
                                         *Not directly resulting from medical     *Difficulty controlling worry
                                              condition (i.e. hypothyroidism)     *Focus of anxiety is not toward specific
*Duration= 6 mo > x > 1 mo
                                                                                   stimulus or event (i.e. panic attack onset)
Anorexia Nervosa                            Antisocial Personality Disorder              Obsessive Compulsive Personality d/o         Martin thinks we’re important…
*Refusal to maintain normal body weight     *Pervasive pattern of disregard and          *Preoccupation w/ neatness and               Harlow:
*Intense fear of gaining weight              violation of the rights of others            order/perfection                            *Infant Bonding in Primates
*Denial of seriousness of current low        occurring since 15 years old                *Interference with completion of tasks       *State-sponsored removal of children from
     body weight                            *MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YO                      *Inflexible morality or ethics                 parents
*Amenorrhea x > 3 months                    *3 or more deceitful or manipulative         *NO OBSESSIONS like OCD
(Restrictive type)                           behaviors types
                                                                                                                                      *Imprinting  as Adaptation/Emotion
(Binge-purge type)                                                                       Oppositional-Defiant Disorder
                                                                                                                                      *Environmental roots of psychopathology
                                            Borderline Personality Disorder              *Negative, Hostile and Defiant  with 4+:
Bulimia Nervosa                             *Pattern of instability of relationships,         Loses temper                            Bowlby:
*Recurrent episodes of binge eating with    self-image and affect with (5+)                   Argues w/ adults                        *Attachment and Bonding
 excessive amts in small time and sense           Franticly avoids abandonment                Actively defies/ refuses to comply      *Separation anxiety
 of a lack of control                             Alternating extremes of idealization        Deliberate annoyance                    *Framework for attachment disorders
*Recurrent compensatory  to prevent              Identity disturbance                        Blames others for his mistakes
 weight gain                                      Impulsivity that is self-damaging           Touchy/ easily annoyed by others
                                                                                                                                      *Unconscious mind
*Duration= 2x/wk ≥ 3 months                       Recurrent suicidal  or threats             Angry/resentful
                                                                                                                                      *Components of the Psyche
(Purging type)                                    Marked reactivity of mood                   Spiteful/vindictive
(Non-purging type)                                Feelings of emptiness                  *Duration= x ≥ 6 mo
                                                  Inappropriate intense anger            *Not conduct disorder or antisocial
Paranoid Personality Disorder                     Transient paranoid ideation             personality disorder                        Jung:
*Distrust and suspiciousness of others’                                                                                               *Collective unconscious
 motives as being malevolent                Histrionic Personality Disorder              Conduct Disorder                             *Mythology and symbols
*Does not occur during schizophrenia or     *Excessive emotionality and attention-       *Repetitive  violating other’s rights and   *Uncovers hidden potentials by unmasking the
 mood disorder                               seeking                                     social norms with 3+:                        persona
*Duration: begins early adulthood           *Uncomfortable not being center of                Aggression to people or animals (7)     Piaget:
                                             attention and attempts to behave as to           Destruction of Property (2)             *Stages of Cognitive Development
Schizoid Personality Disorder                secure the spotlight by whatever means           Deceitfulness or Theft (3)              *Defined normal range of cognitive
*Pattern of detachment from relationships    necessary                                        Serious violations of rules (3)          development
*Restricted range of emotions                                                            *Duration= 3+ > 12 mo w/ 1 ≥ 1 mo            *Cognitive Therapy
*Does not occur during schizophrenia or     Narcissistic Personality Disorder            *Not anti-social personality disorder
 mood disorder                              *Pattern of grandiosity, need for                                                         Kraepelin:
*Duration= begins early adulthood            admiration, lack of empathy                 Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity d/o          *Defined Dementia precox
                                            *Requires excessive admiration               *Six+ symptoms of inattention x ≥ 6 mo       *Correlational studies
Schizotypal Personality Disorder            *Feels sense of entitlement because he is                       or                        *Defines subtypes of psychopathology
*Social and interpersonal deficits marked    “special”                                   *Six+ symptoms of                             DSM
by acute discomfort with close              *See link: REAL ULTIMATE POWER               hyperactivity/impulsivity x ≥ 6 mo           Cerletti:
relationships                                                                            *Symptoms present before age 7               *Seizures v. mental disorders
*Cognitive distortions                      Avoidant Personality Disorder                *Impairment from symptoms occurs in          *Development of ECT
*Eccentric  or comments                    *Pattern of Social Inhibition. feeling       two or more settings
*Does not occur during schizophrenia or      inadequacy and hypersensitivity to          (ADHD-inattentive)                           Moniz:
 mood disorder                               negative evaluation                         (ADHD-hyperactive-impulsive)                 *Comparative Psychology
*Duration= begins early adulthood                                                        (ADHD-combined)                              *Brain surgery for psychotic disorders 
                                            Dependant Personality Disorder                                                             frontal lobotomy/leucotomy
                                            *Excessive need to be taken care of                                                       Insel:
                                             leading to submissive/clinging behavior                                                  *Physiology of attachment in voles
-                                           *Fears of separation                                                                      New medications for attachment disorders

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