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									            Clutter’s Last Stand,                               2nd Edition
            by Don Aslett, America’s #1 Cleaning Expert
               “ A cluttered mind is a reflection of a cluttered house”
                    --Don Aslett, author of Clutter’s Last Stand

When you can’t find your way through your living room because too many things
block your way; can’t eat at the kitchen table because of the newspapers, books,
car keys and canned goods piled on it, trip over shoes and clothing on the bedroom
floor heading to bed, then you have a problem—you are a prisoner of clutter!

Enter America’s #1 Cleaning Expert, Don Aslett who says clutter is anything
that is in anyplace that it does not belong. Aslett’s self-improvement book
CLUTTER’S LAST STAND, 2nd Edition: It’s Time to de-Junk Your Life!
(Adams Media; Trade Paperback; April 18, 2005; ISBN: 1-59337-328-7) will make
you happier, freer, neater, richer, and smarter. With a little help from you, it will
solve more home, family, marriage, career, and economic problems than any other
book you’ve ever read. De-junking your life will cost nothing and will pay 100 %

Face it. We all have clutter control issues that drive us bonkers. While we think
of ways to de-clutter, putting those thoughts into action can be insurmountable. It
has nothing to with whether an item is essential or unessential, useful or useless,
needed or not needed, or even attractive. Something inside us chides us for de-
junking. What if we toss out something that might come in handy latter?

That’s what Don Aslett thought one day in his college dorm room until he
picked up the gauntlet to toss clutter and junk out of his life. He found it to be so
exhilarating, that he created a cleaning company to get rid of other people’s clutter,
dirt, and junk. As they say from that point, the rest is history.

Answer “yes” to any of these questions and you need CLUTTER’S LAST

   1. Do you live in fear that someone you respect may someday open one of
      your closets?
   2. Have you ever threatened bodily harm to anyone who opens your drawer in
      front of company?
   3. Do you wait until dark to pull your car into the garage?
   4. Have you ever finally replaced a broken part—then kept that broken part?
   5. Do you live with someone who has too much junk?
With this handy sifting and sorting guide to opening cleaning horizons you find:

     w     A JUNKEE ENTRANCE EXAM that helps you determine just how bad
           your junk problem is
     w     “101 Feeble Excuses for Hanging Onto Junk” that you can laugh at—and
           learn from
     w     Detailed guidelines for judging junk—both yours and others
     w     Advice for getting rid of clutter you don’t need and storing what you should

Removing clutter from your life involves more than getting organized and tidying
up. It means eliminating unnecessary components that are clogging social or
professional activities and then moving to a healthier and happier level.

CLUTTER’S LAST STAND shows how to save your sanity—not souvenirs,
sacks, and old, worn-out shoes. With anecdotes, charts, cartoons, quizzes and
“bumper snickers”, Don Aslett demonstrates how clutter crowds not only
our basements and attics, but also our personal growth and relationships. He
humorously delves into the full range of junk—home, car, office, and wardrobe. He
offers courage to toss away whatever is hazardous to our housekeeping and mental
health. For all those who have done war on clutter only to come out a loser, here is
the inspiration to get the job done once and for all!

About the Author: Don Aslett, America’s #1 Cleaning Expert, owns one of the
country’s largest cleaning firms, Varsity Contractors. His numerous home care
books have sold more than one million copies. He’s a mediagenic powerhouse,
having appeared on QVC Shopping Network, Oprah, Live with Regis as well as all
the prime national television shows and in the pages of every woman’s magazine.
He resides in Pocatello, Idaho.

Publication Data: CLUTTER’S LAST STAND, 2nd Edition: It’s Time to de-
Junk Your Life!
By Don Aslett
Publication Date: April 18, 2005; Adams Media, a division of F+W Publications, Inc.
Trade Paperback; ISBN: 1-59337-328-7


Contact Information: Gene Molter, Publicist, 508/427-6760

 Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, F+W employs 1,000 employees worldwide and operates offices in Devon, (England),
Boston, Denver, New York City, Savannah, and Iola (Wisconsin). The Company’s publishing targets hobbyists and enthusiasts
in categories such as writing, fine art, genealogy, crafts, antiques, various collectibles, coins, stamps, and the outdoors.
F+W publishes nearly 60 magazines, and has an equally deep book-publishing program across 15 different imprints in
complementary, special interest fields. In addition, the company owns and operates conference and book clubs across the
U.S. and the U.K.
    Get rid of the TOO MUCH in your life .
                          ..the junk, litter—the stuff!

Consider carefully the ten big killers of clutter:

1. It takes up your space—everywhere including in your mind, on your body, in
your garage.

2. It takes up your time to tend—looking after it, storing it, explaining it, and
protecting it.

3. It takes your money for space, heat, and insurance.

4. It takes your respect and dignity. Junkers are treated badly. People carrying,
keeping excess aren’t admired much.

5. It sets a negative residence message to friends and family.

6. It inflicts a burden on others around you who have to view it, dodge it, and later
go through it.

7. It’s an active disorganizer. It confuses direction, gets in the way of progress and

8. It causes/enhances accidents—wrecks, fires, injury (hernias, too).

9. It’s an enemy to the environment, creating waste of resources to handle.

10. Dims and dampens direction and motivation.
                               Dear Mr. Aslett

The following quotes come from real letters that Don Aslett has received in response to
his book Clutter’s Last Stand.

“I can’t thank you enough for writing your books; for my husband, the end result
was a nicer place to live, and more time to do what we want to do. As we are looking
towards buying a house this coming year, it is nice to know that we will not be taking
so much stuff with us; of course, when we finally come to the point where we will
definitely be moving, we will de-junk while we are packing, with the end result being
less to move, and more time to enjoy! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for
writing your books.”

Jennifer Kubenka, Euless, TX

“Can I say what a superb book Clutter’s Last Stand is; I love the practical way it
is written. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and have since putting it into practice
eliminated a good deal of stress from my life. You explain it in easy to understand
terms how to really dispose of clutter- not clean it, tidy it, label it and reshuffle it which
is what I was doing before.”

Claire Lawrence, England

“I just finished Clutter’s Last Stand which I probably should have read several years
ago! I certainly got a lot out of it and have started putting its principles to work.
While reading, I got many ideas for de-accumulating my apartment. Thank you.”

Deborah Jones , Lexington, Kentucky

“Whenever I begin to feel melancholy about some of the things I have parted with,
I pick up Clutter’s Last Stand and I feel great about it and would that I had done it
much sooner.”

David Aperson, Griggin, Georgia

“I save more money now, and I’m more careful of the items I do purchase. The things
I do have now are more purposeful and meaningful.”

Rose Pargiter, Johnson City, Tennessee
   You May Have a Serious Junk Problem
                 if You:
w Hide when the doorbell rings

w Wear your coat when you answer the door so your visitor will think you
  were just leaving

w Wait until dark before putting the car into the garage

w Live in fear that someone you respect may someday open one of your

w Have to think about how to cross a room

w Finally replace a badly worn or broken part—then keep that broken part

w Find the Christmas tree lights while hunting for the Easter baskets

w Fear lifting the lid on some of the Tupperware in your refrigerator

w Hide the tangled contents of a messy drawer by laying a couple of neatly
  folder things over y\the top

w Drag a 22-cubic-foot chest freezer into the yard to keep the repairman from
  coming into the house

w Have an unquenchable desire to paw through a moving neighbor’s garbage
  before the trash truck comes
                    SPRING CLEANING 101

Winter is nearly history. Thoughts begin to turn to spring-cleaning. America’s
number one cleaning expert, Don Aslett, author of CLUTTER’S LAST STAND,
2nd Edition: It’s Time to de-Junk Your Life! (Adams Media; Trade Paperback; April 18,
2005), says, “ be vicious when turning your house upside down looking for things
to get rid of. If you’re not, you are going to end up with the same stuff.”

It’s time to shake off the cobwebs of winter and get your home in order. It’s time
to clean out and get organized. Embrace the following tips from America’s #1
Cleaning Expert and watch clutter disappear:

   ä Before you start cleaning, get all the unnecessary stuff you don’t “love
     and does not enhance your life” out of your house. Give it to a charity
     organization, sell it through a garage or yard sale, or just simply dump it.
     This is where you have to be “vicious.”

   ä If charity is where you want your stuff to go, remember to itemize it to
     qualify for a tax break. Even if your donation doesn’t seem large enough
     to qualify, little tax breaks can add up. If it’s clothing you’re donating, be
     certain it is clean. In fact, that’s true for anything you donate.

   ä After you’re satisfied that your cleaning equipment and supplies are lined
     up and ready to go, create an attack plan. That might mean cleaning on a
     room-by-room basis if you have limited time. That way, you’ll be able to
     accomplish something daily within that limited time.

   ä Yes, you could clean your house all at once but if it is a large house,
     you might need an “army” of helpers. The key is, don’t let cleaning and
     organizing make you a nervous wreck.

   ä Whichever your cleaning approach is, Aslett says always clean from the
     top down starting with the ceilings and wall corner cobwebs. Then, work
     your way to the floor.

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