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					A Wizard Of

   Author: Ursula K. LeGuin
                  Name: Amy
  Ursula Kroeber Le Guin
• She has written novels, poetry, children's
  books and essays, and is best known for
  her science fiction, fantasy novels and
  short stories.
• Her earliest writings were non-fantastic
  stories of imaginary countries. Searching
  for a publishable way to express her
  interests, she returned to her early interest
  in science fiction and began to be published
  regularly in the early 1960s.
• She became famous after the publication of
  her 1969 novel The Left Hand of Darkness,
  which won the Hugo and Nebula awards.
         Cast Of Characters
• Ged (Sparrowhawk):Major character in the story
  comes from a desperately poor village in the
  mountains. Which the island Gont is the
  birthplace of Goatherds, Pirates, and Wizards,
  The boy discovers he has a strong talent for
  magic. So he went to magic school to learn more
  powerful magic.
•    The boy comes from a poor village in the
    mountains. Many people there cannot read or
    write. With no mother ,his father a hard
    worker , and his much older brother sister
    away from home, he grows up alone, and

•    The boy discovers he has a strong talent for
    magic. His aunt, the village witch, teaches
    him the little that she knows, but his power is
    stronger than hers. One day, he uses his
    talent and a spell his aunt taught him, to save
    his village from a bad group of Kargs .
• The tale of his remarkable act spreads far
  and wide, finally, Ogion the Silent hear about
  it.He recognizes that the boy is so powerful
  he must be trained or he will be a danger to
  himself and others. During the feast, he gives
  the boy his "true name", Ged, and teaches
  him the magic that he knows.
• The naughty young man didn’t have patience
  for listening to his teacher. The teacher
  finally gives him a choice: stay with him or
  go to the famous school for wizards, on the
  island of Roke.
•    Ged learns fast in the school, but his pride
    grows even faster than his skill .he brings
    out a dead spirit with a dangerous spell. The
    spirit of darkness attacks and scars him. The
    spirit is killed by the head of the school, but
    in doing so, he uses his power and dies soon

•    Ged feels guilty about causing the old
    man's death, but after a painful and slow
    recovery, he graduates. Normally, Roke's
    wizards are chosen by princes and rich
    people, but the new leader of the school
    send Ged with his agreement, to a poor
    island group, to protect the poeple from a
    prowerful dragon.
•    Ged realizes that runing away from the spirit
    isn’t helping him, and it also doesn’t help the
    people on the island. So, he decides to force
    the dragon to stop attacking the people.

•      After killing the dragon, he decides to
    force his big enemy, the spirit,to stop
    chasing him. He finds the spirit and uses a
    spell that he knows to make the spirit
    disappear by naming the spirit “Ged”

• Ged becomes a leader of the magic school
  and saves as many people as he can. The
  story fells us that being proud will always fail.
•  This story reminds us of people who are
  proud and selfish, They won’t succeed. Ged
  was proud because of his story magical
  talents but he forget there were many ways
  to show talent .
• He chose the most dangerous way. So , he
  must fix the problems that he caused. People
  that have talent that others don't
  have ,usually want to show off their talent
  and want more power .
• At the end of the story, Ged finally realizes
  be was wrong .This bocks is interesting .
• The author has created a different world-a
  world that uses magic and shows the dark
  side of people.