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									Cross Selling Success                                                        0

               Presenter: Luke Owen, Marketing Manager at Truebridge, Inc.
                                                            Your Opportunity
 Cross Selling Success                                                     1

Recognizing your cross selling opportunity

*4 out 10 consumers open to buying more
products from a single financial services

*Consumers own an average of 9 financial
products – just 2.5 of them with any single

   Source: Forrester Research – survey of 4,600 Americans
                                                             Survey Description
Cross Selling Success                                                                  2

Branch Referral Survey
    Truebridge conducted a 2009 survey to study referral generation for
     investment and insurance products at financial institutions in the US

    Over 160 individuals participated from financial institutions across the United

    Objective - Gain insights to the most important factors for successful referral
     generation from their financial institution
 Cross Selling Success                                      3

Typical barriers to branch employee referral generation

                                                                    What To Do?
Cross Selling Success                                                            4

    1. Understand that your customers are looking for answers to the financial
       issues they face throughout their life

    2. Provide them with the simple and easy to understand answers they want
       – information that will help them save money and avoid mistakes

              Buying a house
              Sending kids to college
              Saving for retirement
              Generating retirement income
              Planning an estate
 Cross Selling Success                                           5

 Providing information makes it much easier…
1. To start dialogues with customers because you
   are helping them with what’s on their mind – not just
   what you have to sell

2. To refer your customer to someone that can help
   them with their topic on interest

3. To increase cross selling revenue from all your
   products and services, including investments and

4. To increase loyalty and efficiency – it costs 8-10
   times more money to get a new customer than to
   keep an existing one
                                                                 New Approach
Cross Selling Success                                                                6

A New Approach to Marketing

                        Old Way - Product              New Way - Content

Marketing               Let us show you the            Let us provide you with
                        products we have               the information you need
                        (3% engagement)                (100% engagement)

Referrals               A sales-driven process         A customer service-driven
Generation              requiring major behavior       process comfortable to
                        shift                          execute

Website                 A place for transactions and   Beyond transactions and
                        product information            products, as a resource for
                                         How to get there
   Cross Selling Success                                7

#1 - You need content
 Put it online – part of your website

 Objective – not sales

 Easy to find – integrated

 Broad set of topics

 Easy to read

 Easy to navigate

 All under your brand
                                   Downloadable Content
   Cross Selling Success                              8

#2 - Make content
 Series of downloadable guides

 “White Paper” look – not sales

 Showcase the person that can
  help with that topic

 Easy to hand out in the branch

 “Just in time” materials upon
  request – cost pennies – no
                             Guides Cover Wide Range of Topics
Cross Selling Success                                                                      9

Full Series of Downloadable Guides
                         Mutual Funds                     Understanding Estate Taxes
                         Disability Insurance             Fixed Annuity
                         College Funding                  Investing Basics
                         Retirement Plan Distributions    401(k) Rollovers
                         Long Term Care Insurance         Borrowing for Small Business
                         Life Insurance                   Retirement Income
                         Variable Annuity                 Tax Reduction Strategies
                         Mortgage Loans                   Health Savings Accounts
                         Medical Insurance                Reverse Mortgages
                         Auto Insurance                   Individual Retirement Plans
                         Homeowner's Insurance             (IRAs and Rollovers)

                         Home Equity Loan                 Retirement Plans for Self-
                                                            Employed (SEPs and Keoghs)
                         Making Critical Estate
                          Decisions                        Borrowing for Small Business

                         Wills Trust & Probate
                                  Tie the Web to the Branch
Cross Selling Success                                    10

    Downloadable Guides bridge the gap
                            Market Guides in the Branch
Cross Selling Success                                11

Merchandise guides in a way that has customers
ask for one or more – stressing benefits
                             Make It Easy for Customers To Request
   Cross Selling Success                                          12

Train front line employees to hand out materials as part of any

   Handouts and takes one’s help get
   the dialogue started

   Not a product brochure – service
                                             Greatest Opportunity
   Cross Selling Success                                       13

Account opening is your golden opportunity

 Present marketing handout with pencil
 Request for a guide is opportunity to
  start dialogue, make referral and set up

Keys to success:

 All Employees know how to introduce
 Knows at what time in conversation to
  introduce handout
 And most importantly, uses it at every
  customer facing encounter
                                   Enter Requests Online
   Cross Selling Success                              14

 Capture customer

 Employee fills out during or
  after client leaves branch
 Client info can be taken right
  from the handout they used
  to check off the guide of
                                        Automated Sales Rep Notification
  Cross Selling Success                                               15

Automatic email to
sales rep for follow up
     Every request is an opportunity
      to continue the dialogue
                                         Tips for Training Employees
 Cross Selling Success                                            16

“The sales culture of the vast
majority of banks (credit unions)
has a major flaw - focusing on sales
rather than service” – TowerGroup

  Encourage employees to read guides
  Have them walk through the online
   content available to customers as a
   value added service
  Role plays conducted by branch
                                       Employee Recognition Programs
 Cross Selling Success                                            17

Recognize employees for taking part

 Handout diplomas for being part of an
  “Education-First” program
 Reward those employees who
  incorporate the process the best
 Share individual success stories with all
  branch employees
Cross Selling Success                                          18

 Track employee activity
 See what are the most popular guides being requested
 Re-train branches that don’t show activity
                                Builds a Sustainable Flow of Referrals
Cross Selling Success                                                               19

Old Way: One-Time Presentation             New Way: Embedded Process

 One-time spike of activity                Part of everyday process
 Sales-driven, uncomfortable for many      Educational, service-oriented, comfortable
 Low frequency                             High-frequency, regularly scheduled
    – Once per year? / Once per quarter?     training webinars
 Additional cost                           No additional cost
 Meeting time headaches, low turnout       Everyone involved
                        Builds Your Image as the Place to Go for
                                 More Than Deposits and Loans
Cross Selling Success                                         20

Before: Narrow                      After: Broad
                                                                  Next Steps

Thank you for your time
 Learn more about Content Marketing

 Attend another webinar – “Using Content Marketing to Generate
  Referrals from your Branch”

 Get a copy of this webinar

Contact Sal Sigleski at or call 800-476-6118

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