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					                            South Mountain Community College

                         Online Documents and Forms Handbook

SMCC Forms

Academic & Student Affairs
      Academic Assessment & Research Office
      Arizona Small Business Development Center Network
      Center For Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
      Center For Workforce Development
      Grants
      Health Care Education
      International & Intercultural Education
      Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC)
      Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction (MCLI)
      National Center for Teacher Education
      Office of Public School Programs (OPSP)
      Student Affairs

Benefits Forms
      Absence Adjustment Form
      Absence - Time & Labor Reporting Codes - LOA
      Absence - Time & Labor Reporting Codes - Compensatory time
      Beneficiary Change Form - ASRS
      Beneficiary Change Form - MCCCD
      Change of Family Status Request Form
      (An MCCCD Flex Election/Enrollment Form must be submitted with this form. Contact your
       Benefit Analyst for details.)
      Compassionate Leave Donation Form (Available during the Open Enrollment period only)
      Coordination of Coverage Form - Zenith

      Dependent Verification Form

      Disabled Child Coverage Continuation Request - Aetna
      (Used to request continued coverage for a disabled child who has exceeded the maximum age

      Disabled Child Attending Physician Statement - Aetna
      (Used in conjunction with the Disabled Child Coverage Continuation Request form to verify
      Domestic Partner Affidavit
      Domestic Partner Termination Form
      Emeritus Distinction Form (See Emeritus Policy for submission details)
      ESI Prescription Claim Form
      ESI Prescription Mail Order Form
      Employee Address Change Form - ASRS
      Employee Address Change Form - MCCCD
      FSA Claim Form - Submit to Zenith Administrators
      FSA Enrollment Form - Submit to MCCCD Compensation Dpt.
      HIPAA Authorization Form - MCCCD Medical and FSA
      HIPAA Authorization Form - Assurant Dental
      HIPAA Authorization Form - MetLife Dental
      Leave Of Absence Tracking Form - Word
      Leave of Absence Tracking Form - PDF
      Life Insurance Conversion Form - Aetna (Contact your Benefit Analyst for details.)
      Life Insurance Portability Form - Aetna (Contact your Benefit Analyst for details.)
      Medical Claim Form - Zenith
      Medical Waiver FY2007-08
      Medical Waiver FY2008-09
      Mental Health Out of Network Claim Form - Cigna
      MetLife Dental Claim Form
      Residential Faculty Pay Cycle Enrollment Form (Available during the Open Enrollment period
      Salary Reduction Agreement (TSA Agreement for Board Approved & Adjunct employees)
        MCCCD Eligibility Declaration
        TSA Calendar FY08-09
        TSA Vendor Listing
        TSA Vendor Letter
      Supervisor's Report of Industrial Injury (The Employer's Report of Injury must be sent with this
      Tuition Waiver Dependent Eligibility Form
      Tuition Waiver Forms

Business Services
      DO Building Support Services
      CFS Web Financials
      Facilities Planning & Development
      Financial Planning & Budget Office
      Financial Services & Controller
      Institutional Effectiveness
      Internal Audit & Management Advisory Services
      Purchasing
      Surplus & Auxiliary Services


      Academic Calendar
      Budget
      Catalog Production Timelines
      College Events
      Schedule Production Timelines
      Final Exam Schedule
      Payroll
      Secure Exchange Calendar - Outlook Web Access

      2008-2009 Payroll Deduction Calendar
      2008-2009 Payroll Calendar
      2008-2009 Time & Labor Calendar
       2008-2009 Payroll Deadlines
      Curriculum Processing Calendar

Constituency Groups (MCCCD)
      Arizona Association of Chicanos for Higher Education - MCCCD Chapter (AACHE)
      Asian Pacific Islanders Association (APIA)
      Equality Maricopa (formerly known as GLHRA)
      Maricopa Association of Chicanos in Higher Education (MACHE)
      Maricopa Council on Black American Affairs (MCBAA)
      Women's Leadership Group (WLG)
      United Tribal Employee Council (UTEC)

Contracts & Agreements

      Searchable Databases
          o Contracts (FY07-08 & FY 08-09)
          o Long-Term Contracts
          o Leases
          o Dual Enrollment (AY 07-08)
          o Dual Enrollment (AY 08-09)
      Contract Routing Slip (download)
      Contracts for Professional Services
          o Instructions for Completing a Contract for Professional Services
          o Contract for Professional Services (download)
          o Amendment to Contract for Professional Services (download)
      Professional Services Contracts vs. Employment Contracts
          o Independent Contractor Analysis Worksheet (download)
          o Decision Matrix
      Creating & Signing Agreements
          o Guidelines for Written Contracts
      Insurance Requirements (see also Risk Management)
          o Requirements for External Certificates of Insurance
          o Insurance Certificate Decision Steps
          o Indemnification & Insurance Agreement (download)
      Copyright Licenses
          o License of MCCCD Works for Third-Party Use
                   Copyright License - Materials
                   Copyright License - Music & Sound
                   License to Use Film, Video, Photo, or Other Images
          o License of Third-Party Works for MCCCD Use
                   License to Use Work
                   License to Use Student Work
      Facility Use
          o MCCCD Facilities
               Facility Use Agreement (download)
                    *Note: The Facility Use Agreement is password protected. The password has been provided to the individuals at
                    each college responsible for facilities use.
               o OUTSIDE Facilities
                 Agreement for MCCCD Use of Facility (download)
         Permission Forms
              o Permission to be Photographed (download)
              o Permission to Use Photograph & Quote (download)
              o Talent Release Form (download)
         Authorization to Release Education Record
              o Classroom Work (download)
              o General (download)
              o Financial (download)
         Special Services Employment
              o Special Services Employment Form (download)
         Documentation of Loan of Property
              o Documentation of Loan of Property Form (download)
              o Attachment A - Property Loaned (download)
         Contract for Work, Materials, and Equipment (download)
         Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (download)
         MCCCD Employee Microsoft Users Acceptance Contract (download)
         International Memorandum of Understanding
              o International Memorandum of Understanding (download)
              o Supplementary Agreement to International Memorandum of Understanding

Conflict of Interest
The following are resources for Arizona's Conflict of Interest laws including applicable statutes and hypothetical examples, how
those laws apply to MCCCD, how to determine whether or not to contract with current or former MCCCD employees, and how
employees are subject to State conflict of interest laws and what they are required to disclose upon accepting employment with

         Conflict of Interest Statutes
         Applying Arizona's Conflict of Interest Laws
         Contracting with Current or Former MCCCD Employees
         Maricopa Employees Subject to State Conflict of Interest Laws
         Disclosure of Substantial Interest Form

Educational Services Agreements

         Credit Courses
             o Credit Courses - Wash (download)
             o Credit Courses - Non-Wash (download)
             o Credit Courses - Attachment A (download)
         Non-Credit Courses
             o Non-Credit Courses (download)
             o Non-Solicitation / Non-Disclosure Agreement                           (download)

Experiential Education Partnership Agreement
(formerly known as Service Learning or Community Partner Placement Agreements)

         Searchable Database
         Experiential Education Partnership Agreement (download)
         Experiential Education Partnership Agreement -
          Student Employed by Agency (download)

Federal Work Study Program

         Searchable Database
         Federal Work Study Program Form                  (download)

Maricopa Learns Through Service (MLTS)
This program is available for full-time Governing Board approved employees and specially funded employees. See the Creative
Pathways website for program information and additional forms.

         Searchable Database
         Community Partner Agreement Form                    (download)

Official Function Form / Membership Payment Worksheet
The following documents are available on the Office of Public Stewardship website. Both versions of the form can be completed

         Administrative Regulation on Official Functions
         Instructions for Completing the Official Function Form
              o Official Function Form - MS Word (download)
              o Official Function Form - Adobe Acrobat (download)
         Instructions for Completing the Membership Payment Worksheet
              o Membership Payment Worksheet - MS Word (download)
              o Membership Payment Worksheet - Adobe Acrobat (download)

District-wide Groups/Tasks
         2004 Bond Election
         Administration
         District Office Newsletter
         District Reforms
         Cross Country Track & Field
         District Office Improvement Team (DOIT)
         Diversity
         Employee Store
         Governing Board
         Institutional Review Board (IRB)
         Maricopa Mathematics Consortium
         Maricopans with Disabilities
         Maricopa Integrated Risk Assessment (MIRA)
         Maricopa Colleges Television (MCTV)
         New Student System (NSS) Project
         Proposition 300
         Rio Copa Toastmasters
         Strategic Conversations
         Strategic Planning
         Wellness Maricopa
Employee Groups
      Adjunct Faculty Association
      College Safety
      Crafts
      Faculty Association
      Maintenance & Operations (M&O)
      Management Administration & Technology (MAT)
      Professional Staff Association (PSA)

Human Resources
      Benefits
      Creative Pathways
      EEO & Affirmative Action
      Employee & Organizational Development
      Employee & Organizational Learning Team
      Employee Resource Guide
      Employee Store
      Employment & Employee Relations
      HRMS Employee Access
      Jobs
      Organizational Process Analysis Team
      Payroll
      Renewal Program
      Retirement
      Technology Training Services
      Wage & Salary
      Wellness

Legal Services
      Business Law & Contracts
      Civil Rights
      College Safety
      Employment Issues
      FERPA & College Records
      Information Technology
      Intellectual Property
      Governance
      Maricopans with Disabilities
      Risk Management
      Sexual Harassment
      Voter Registration

Payroll Forms
Tax Withholding Forms:
      2008 A-4 Form
       2008 W-4 Form
       2008 W-5 Form
       2008 California DE 4 Form
Direct Deposit Forms:
     Direct Deposit Form
       Time and Labor Forms:
       Absence Adjustment Form
       Leave of Absence Tracking Form
       Non-Exempt Work Schedule Form
       Miscellaneous Forms:
       Employee Address/Name Change Form
       Authorization Signature Form
     Department Table Change Form
     Educational Assistance Reimbursement
   Electronic Communication Devices Form
   Mail Check/Advice Form
   Stop Mailing Check/Advice Form

    Off Cycle Check Request Form
   On Call/Call Back Form
   Savings Bonds Information
   W2 Duplicate Copy/Information Request Form

    Payroll Packets:
   Student/Temporary New Hire Packet
   Adjunct Faculty New Hire Packet
   Non-U.S. Citizen Packet

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