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									Reagan Review Volume 11, Issue 1             Ronald Reagan High School PTA Newsletter                     August 23, 2009

    Bill Boyd, Principal      August 23, 2009        Volume 11, Issue 1           Beth Cholerton, PTA President

A Message from the Principal                                Throughout this year, we will be improving our Reagan
August 10, 2009                                             website. If there is something you would like to see on
                                                            our website, please email us with your suggestions. We
Welcome to the 2009-2010 school year.                       would like to make it as user friendly as possible, pro-
Reagan High School obtained an EXEM-                        viding you with any and all the information you need.
PLARY RATING with our TAKS test                             Your input will be greatly appreciated.
scores and we are very proud of our
students! Congratulations go out to our                     Please join the best PTA in the state of Texas if you
students, parents, and teachers for all                     have not already! Our Reagan PTA is outstanding and
of their hard work.                                         you must be involved. If you need further information
                                                            about joining our PTA, a membership form will be in-
We will start the year with around 2,400 students. Our      cluded in your child’s Welcome Packet, or you may stop
freshman class will be the largest with around 740 stu-     by the main office.
dents. Student attendance will be a major focus this
year. Last year Reagan had a 96.6% attendance rate          To get everyone back into the swing of things, make
and we hope to improve that to 97% this year. In order      sure your children start studying the first week of school
to accomplish this, all students will need to make sure     so that they will keep up with their assignments and not
they bring a note back from the doctor when they have       get behind. With your support we will all be successful
an appointment during the school day.                       this school year!

The student/parent handbook is online and you can           Sincerely, Mr. Bill Boyd, Principal
view it by going to Parent Resources from our district
website, The trend is that some girls do                  RRHS Main Phone Number: 482-2200
not get into the school dress code when school starts           Attendance Office - Grades 9 & 11                 x353
and they stay in their summer dress mode, so I would
                             ask that you go over the           Attendance Office - Grades 10 & 12                x355
                             school dress code with your        Attendance Office - Fax                       482-2242
                             Reagan students. The
                                                                Band                                              x363
                             dress code is in the stu-
                             dent/parent handbook               Cafeteria                                     482-2252
                             along with all student rules       Choir                                             x364
                             and regulations and it
                             really helps if parents re-        Clinic                                            x357
                             view these with your chil-         Counseling Office                                 x251
                             dren.                              Counseling Office - Fax                       482-2245

Parking will be limited to juniors and seniors. All stu-        Dance Studio                                      x246
dents should have been assigned a student parking lot           Gym - Boys                                        x231
at Prep Days. If your junior or senior did not obtain a
                                                                Gym - Girls                                       x397
parking permit or missed their prep day, they will need
to make an appointment with Mr. Shannon to obtain a             Library - RRHS School                             x370
parking permit. Sophomore students are not allowed to           Library - SA Public                           482-2224
drive or park on campus.
                                                                Main Office                                       x221
Reagan High School is proud to introduce Mr. David              Main Office - Fax                             482-2222
Crowe, assistant principal in charge of curriculum and          Orchestra                                         x365
scheduling. Mr. Crowe comes to us from Lee High
School and will be replacing Dr. Jerry Woods. If you            Police                                            x266
have not met Mr. Crowe, stop by and introduce yourself          Special Education                                 x240
to him.
                                                                Theatre                                           x248                                  Page 1                           
Reagan Review Volume 11, Issue 1              Ronald Reagan High School PTA Newsletter                    August 23, 2009

PTA News - Get Involved!                                       or new to volunteering on campus, follow the instructions
By Mrs. Beth Cholerton, RRHS PTA President                     on the PIE form to complete a criminal history record                                            check, as required by NEISD. To receive information on
                                                               volunteer opportunities that fit your interests and your
After a long, unbearably hot summer, it’s                      schedule, complete the PIE Form and return it with the
time for the excitement of a new school                        Welcome Packets.
year! Whether you are sending a student
off to kindergarten, middle school, high                                               Join PTA
school or college, August is an exciting but busy time of
the year. The school shopping, the preseason practices          All Reagan PTA members are entitled to the following
and the new-school jitters bring back memories for us           discounts:
parents and create fond memories for our children.
                                                                     La Quinta discount rate                                     3% off auto insurance from Nationwide Insurance
                                                                     5% - 10% off Enterprise Rent-A-Car
 Visit the Reagan PTA website for Reagan news and                    4% to 6% off Aflac supplemental accident insur-
 events, the school calendar, PTA information, and links             ance
 to student clubs and organizations.                                 5% off Southwest Vacations
                                                                     15% off admission at Schlitterbahn, Fiesta Texas,
                                                                     and SeaWorld.
Now that you have stocked the back-                                  5% off online purchases at
packs, survived two-a-day practices                                  Discounts on selected Sharp Electronics products
and started your school-night routines,                              14% discount at T-Mobile
I hope you can all make time to get                                  Monthly specials and 7% off at Dell
involved in some of the many, many
activities going on at Reagan! From                             Look for the PTA Membership Envelope in your stu-
Rattler Round-up to Project Gradua-                             dent’s Welcome Packet.
tion, there are hundreds of events that
you can attend either as a spectator,
as a participant or as a volunteer. I
                                                               As I begin this year as the new PTA President, I would
encourage all of you to get involved in Rattler Round-up
                                                               like to thank all of the new and returning parents who
Reagan High School. Show your chil-          Aug 21, 2009      have already become involved by volunteering for the
dren that their school is important to
                                                               PTA Board. I am looking forward to working with all of
you. Meet the faculty and the administrators – they are
                                                               these dedicated parents and hope to work with many
awesome! Learn your way around our campus and see
                                                               more of you throughout the year!
all the great resources that are available to our children.
Get to know other Reagan students and parents. Get
involved to be a part of the success of the Reagan com-        PTA General Meeting and Open House
munity!                                                        By Mrs. Beth Cholerton, PTA President

                                                               Our first PTA General Meeting and Open House will be
                      REMINDER                                 held on Tuesday, September 15. Please join us for a
                                                               short PTA meeting at 7:00 PM in the cafeteria. After the
 Don't forget to ask your student for the Welcome              meeting, parents can pick up their student’s schedule at
 Packet distributed on the first day of school. Please         the counselors’ table located in the Fine Arts Building (by
 review all the documents, fill out all the forms, submit      the cafeteria entrance) and begin visiting classrooms and
 payment where necessary and return it to school the           teachers. The Open House will finish around 9:00 p.m.
 next day.                                                     We invite you to come meet your children’s teachers and
                                                               get involved in the school.

After 16 school years and seven schools, I believe the
                                                                          Reagan High School PTA
best way to get involved is through volunteering.
Whether it’s baking a pie for the faculty, hosting a pre-               General Membership Meetings
game team dinner, or chairing the Project Graduation
committee, there are volunteer opportunities for every-         Meetings will begin at 7:00 pm in the Reagan Cafeteria
one at Reagan. Every sport, every club and every or-                           (unless otherwise stated)
ganization, including PTA, relies on parent volunteers to                             September 15
achieve their goals. I encourage each of you to find                                  November 17
your niche. Look for the Partners in Education (PIE)                                   February 16
form in the Welcome Packets. If you are new to NEISD,                         April 6 (begins at 11:30 am)                                       Page 2                      
Reagan Review Volume 11, Issue 1               Ronald Reagan High School PTA Newsletter                 August 23, 2009

Counselors’ Corner                                           are listed in the display cabinet outside the Counseling
Submitted by Mrs. Lucie Dowe, RRHS Counselor                 Office.

                                                             Many reference books can be found in the Career Center
                       Website Reminder                      which give useful information about colleges and univer-
             The best source of counseling information       sities throughout Texas and the United States. You are
              and important web links is the Reagan          welcome to come in and browse although the same in-
                       Counseling website:                   formation can be found online at the college and univer-
               sity websites. If your senior has not taken either of the
                                                             college admissions tests, now is the time to sign up.
                                                             See for SAT dates and registration
                                                             and see for ACT dates and registration.
The counseling staff at Reagan High School would like
to welcome everyone back to school. We have regis-           The official sixth semester rank for seniors should be on
tered many new students and look forward to working          the third week progress report. All other students
with those students and parents as well as our returning     should receive their new rank on the first report card. A
students and parents.                                        senior letter with a copy of the transcript will be mailed
                                                             home to each senior’s parents. Transcript requests
Our student group is based on an alphabetical break-         should not be made until after that official rank has
down. Terry Peel works with students A-BL; Cindy Va-         been released. The first transcript is free, but all others
cek with BO-FA; Lucie Dowe with FE-KA; Matt Eidson           cost $5.00. We must have a transcript release form on
with KE-NA; Linda Pratt with NE-SE; and Michelle Tan-        file before the transcripts can be mailed. These release
ner with SH-Z.                                               forms are given to seniors at the beginning of the
                                                             school year, but can also be picked up from Counseling
We have been working hard to ensure                          Office. Remember that our office needs several days to
schedules are correct, but please be                         process official and unofficial transcripts, so please plan
patient as schedule changes continue                         accordingly.
in order to balance classes. Please
remember that there will be no “mind                         Information about rank and other important subjects
changes” for electives and that all                          can be found on the NEISD website: Addi-
students in Pre AP and AP classes                            tional information specific to Reagan can be found on
need to stay in the class for at least                       the Reagan counseling website. All campus websites can
six weeks. After six weeks, parents                          be accessed through
must meet with the teacher to deter-
mine if it is in the best interest of the                    Evening school brochures should be available soon.
student to move to a regular class.                          Students needing to attend night school should stop by
                                                             the Counseling Office after the second week of school.
We urge all students and parents to visit the Reagan
website to explore the counseling site for college plan-
ning for all grade levels and Senior and Junior booklets.
                                                             Special Parenting Tip
                                                             The most important thing parents
Many questions you may not know to ask will be an-
                                                             can do is to stay current on their
swered there.
                                                             student’s grades. All students
                                                             receive a progress report every
During the month of September, we will be visiting with
                                                             three weeks, but the best way to
all ninth grade students to give them tips on how to
                                                             stay current on a daily or weekly
study now that they are on an A/B schedule. We will
                                                             basis is by using the NEISD Par-
emphasize the importance of doing their very best in all
                                                             ent Portal. Parents and students
they choose to do. We will also explain the rank policy.
                                                             can access grades online anytime
                                                             from anywhere. To register or
Our tradition of meeting with each senior individually
                                                             access Parent Portal, go to
continues. We will begin in late September and con-
                                                    and click on Parent Re-
tinue through November. We will review the informa-
                                                             sources. Then click Parent Portal
tion given to them last year in their College Planner to
                                                             where you will find online instruc-
help them prepare for the college application process.
Parents might review the planner, too, since it is an ex-
cellent reference for important timelines. A monthly
                                                             Please do not hesitate to contact us if your student is
senior newsletter can be accessed online that will re-
                                                             having problems. You can contact us by phone or by
mind seniors of important deadlines and list dates of
                                                             email. Students can come to the Counseling Office and
campus visits from college representatives and scholar-
                                                             fill out a slip to see us. We want each student to feel
ship opportunities. A calendar of college visits is also
                                                             confident, comfortable, and successful.
located in the Career Center and current month’s visits                                    Page 3                    
Reagan Review Volume 11, Issue 1                    Ronald Reagan High School PTA Newsletter                   August 23, 2009

Welcome from the Math Department                                   James Avery “RR” Charm/Pendant
By Mrs. Alli Daniel, Instructional Dean of Mathematics             Last Year to Order!                                                  By Ms. Lynne Connolly, PTA 2nd VP

Welcome Rattler parents to the 2009-2010 school year!                            Final chance to place an order for the
The Math Department looks forward to meeting your                                James Avery “RR” Charm, which was cus-
students. We have many exciting challenges to meet                               tom designed especially for Reagan when
this year including preparing our students for the PSAT,                         the school opened. The charms are not sold
SAT, TAKS, and AP tests; however, our first and fore-                            in the stores and this will be the last year
most goal is to forward their math knowledge to better                           the charms will be produced. The order
prepare them for the future. We would like each of you                           forms can be found in the Welcome Packet
to know that math tutoring is always available either                            and in the Reagan office. This is something
through the individual teachers or the Reagan Learning                           we have proudly offered to our Reagan
Center. Please check out each teacher’s website for                families and the PTA does not make a profit on the
pertinent information and email addresses. The depart-             sales. The silver charms are $45 and the gold (14k)
ment would like to welcome our newest compatriot John              charms are $170. The deadline to place your order
Matthews, who comes to us by way of Northside ISD.                 is September 10. It will take 6-9 weeks for the charms
Here’s to another exemplary year!                                  to be mailed to you. (Just in time for Christmas!) Please
                                                                   email Lynne Connolly at with
Welcome from the English Department                                questions.
By Ms. Sarah Wiley, Instructional Dean of English
                                                                   Faculty Appreciation - Thanks!
                                                                   By Ms. Paula Armstrong, Ms. Irene Pollard, & Ms. Connie Tay-
Greetings Reagan Rattler parents! The English depart-              lor, Reagan PTA Faculty Appreciation Staff Co-coordinators
ment is looking forward to a new school year with your
students. The opportunity to work with your children is            On August 17 the Ronald
our great honor. This year brings more expectations                Reagan Faculty Appreciation
from our state and district to challenge students in the           Staff served breakfast to the
areas of research and writing, and we will continue to             faculty and staff as they re-
prepare for PSAT, SAT, TAKS, and AP testing. Students              turned to school to begin a
may seek tutoring assistance from their individual                 new year. The Faculty Ap-
teachers, the Reagan Learning Center and Saturday                  preciation Staff would like to thank the many volunteers
tutoring during the school year. You may find teacher              who made this event possible. You generously provided
information through the Reagan website where teachers              breakfast casseroles, breakfast tacos, breads and fruits.
post assignments, agendas, and pertinent classroom                 We would also like to thank the volunteers who helped
information. We are welcoming four new teachers to                 us set up and serve. Again, thank you for your support
our department: Susie Youngblood from MacArthur, Ra-               in making this event a great success.
chel McDevitt coming from Florida, Joel Menking from
Northside ISD and Rebecca Robinson who is moving                   PTA Greenback Fundraiser
into English from the Social Studies department. We are            By Ms. Lynne Connolly, PTA 2nd VP
so proud of our new exemplary status and anticipate
2009-2010 will be another exemplary year!                          Reagan is so lucky! We have tremendous support from
                                                                   our parents, staff and community. Each year we are
PTA Membership                                                     able to provide PTA programs such as Winners’ Circle,
By Mrs. Laurie Faulkner - Membership Chair                         Mentoring, Parent Education, this Newsletter, the PTA
                                                                   Website and much more, by the donations given
We are very proud of the support that the                          through the Greenback Fundraiser.
Reagan family shows the PTA year after
year, and we are counting on you again                             The Greenback Fundraiser is a monetary donation and
this year! Your endorsement sends an                               100% of the dollars stay here at Reagan! It is a won-
important message to the students, par-                            derful way to support Reagan without having to sell
ents, and the community about our level                            door-to-door or possibly compete with other student
of commitment to our students.                                     fundraisers.

Membership forms are part of the PTA envelope in-                  We look forward to seeing everyone at the annual Open
cluded in your Welcome Packet. Please turn them in                 House/Greenback Night on Tuesday, September 15. If
with your payment as soon as possible. Membership                  you don’t get a chance to donate with the Welcome
forms are also available on the Reagan PTA website,                Packet, we will have a table set up outside the front of- Thank you in advance for                  fice and you can drop off your donation then. Thanks
supporting the PTA!                                                again for your support of the Reagan PTA.                                        Page 4                       
Reagan Review Volume 11, Issue 1                Ronald Reagan High School PTA Newsletter                     August 23, 2009

Honorary Texas PTA                                                 Our Annual Membership Drive will be September 15-18
Life Membership Award                                              during all lunch periods in the cafeteria. Dues are
By Ms. Shonna Jones, Life Membership Chair                         $10.00, which includes a t-shirt along with a member-                                                 ship card that has many discounts from local merchants
                                                                   who have chosen to support this valuable organization.
Do you know someone who has                                        Only dues paying members will receive the membership
gone the “extra mile” for our chil-                                discount card!
dren? Someone who is a valuable
volunteer, an exceptional teacher,
or an outstanding staff member? Is
this person someone who is dedicated to education, or
one who shares his/her resources and expertise for the
benefit of all children? If so, please consider nominat-
ing this individual for this very special award. Note -
the individual does not necessarily have to be a member
of our PTA. An Honorary Texas Life Membership is the
highest honor that can be bestowed upon an individual
by the Texas PTA for outstanding contributions to the
well being of children and youth.

To nominate someone for this honor, please send a let-
ter with your name, email address, phone number, and
the person’s name that you are nominating in a sealed
envelope marked “PTA Life Membership.” It is impor-
tant to include a short summary on why you believe
they should receive a Life Membership. If the person               Winners’ Circle Faculty Sponsors:
nominated has already received a Texas Life Member-                Ms. Beth Billnitzer (
ship, the Life Membership Committee will consider the              Coach Larry Correa
nominee for the PTA National Life Achievement Award                Ms. Diane Valderama
or Texas PTA Extended Service Award. Nominations are
confidential and are due by October 9, 2009.                       Winners’ Circle PTA Sponsors:
                                                                   Ms. Terri Cirinna (
What is Winners’ Circle?                                           Ms. Kimberly Jacobs (
By Mrs. Terri Cirinna and Mrs. Kimberly Jacobs, PTA Sponsors       Ms. Lynne Connolly
                                                                   2009-10 Winners’ Circle Advisory Board
                                                                   The following students were selected to lead Winners’

                                                                   OFFICERS: President - Jay Sullivan (Sr.), 1st Vice
                                                                   President – Lindsay Faulkner (Sr.), 2nd Vice President –
                                                                   Megan Russe (Jr.), Secretary – Jill Tuley (Sr.), Treas-
                                                                   urer – Sarah Diamond (Sr.), and Historian – Isabelle
                                                                   Abiassi (Sr.).

                                                                   SENIORS: Isabelle Abiassi, Braden Allman, Erin Brown,
CHARACTER – role models for peers                                  Madalyn Christian, Cara Connolly, Sarah Diamond, Lind-
COMMITMENT – follow year-long commitment to be                     say Faulkner, Jessica Jarvie, James Sullivan, Jill Tuley,
drug and alcohol free                                              Ashley Vara, Kara Visconage and Kelsey Weatherman.
CHALLENGE – to challenge self and others to resist
peer pressure                                                      JUNIORS: Kevin Bruemmer, Mathew Bruemmer, Brad
CHOICES – make choices toward a positive lifestyle                 Coulter, Colin Eardley, Corey Harris, Chloe Kennedy,
CHEMICAL FREE – pledge to be chemical free for the                 Abigail Klaws, Eric Kosub, Matt Medell, Megan Russe,
school                                                             Nick Spies and Matthew Turner.

Winners’ Circle is a student organization at Reagan High           SOPHOMORES: Christy Cannon, Evan Cirinna, Kristen
School comprised of students who choose to be drug                 Connolly, Cody Heffron, Haley Jacobs, Stephanie Jarvie,
and alcohol free.                                                  Riley Langdon and Pooja Patel.

Members of Winners’ Circle will participate in fun events          Encourage your student to make the pledge to be drug
and receive rewards and recognition because they have              and alcohol-free and to be involved in the activities that
chosen a healthy and positive lifestyle.                           Winners’ Circle has to offer!                                          Page 5                    
Reagan Review Volume 11, Issue 1              Ronald Reagan High School PTA Newsletter                    August 23, 2009

Reagan Band News                                              color guard staff of the DCI’s Cavaliers.
By Mrs. Sharon Houghton, PTA Band Liaison
                                                              The Band Officers for the 2009-10 school year are
Welcome back to another exciting                              Heather Martindale-President, Abbey Klaus –VP of Ad-
school year from all of us in the                             ministration, Ellen Jablonski - VP of Public Relations,
Reagan Band Program! The Reagan                               Kevin Bruemmer and Bevin Baughn – VP of Aesthetics,
band has already been hard at work                            Sonja Westberg – VP of Music and Chris Porter -VP of
for the last three weeks preparing for this year’s per-       Logistics. The Reagan Band Drum Majors are Matt
formances and contests. This year’s competitive band          Bruemmer, Drew Harding and Trey Melley.

                                                                              The Reagan Band Parents Association
                                                                              held its first band parent meeting on
                                                                              Tuesday, August 11 where information
                                                                              about this year’s band program was dis-
                                                                              cussed. For any information about the
                                                                              association you are welcomed and en-
                                                                              couraged to contact any of this year’s
                                                                              executive board members listed below.

                                                                               On September 19, 2009, Saturday at
                                                                               8:00 AM, the Reagan Band will host the
                                                                               first annual Reagan Band 5K Run/Walk
                                                                               on the Ronald Reagan campus. Register
                           Section and Line Leaders                            at Live music will be played
                                                                               along the course and at the finish line.
show is entitled “Have You Got it in You?” under the          This event will be one of our major fundraisers for the
direction of Levi Chavis and Ruben Escamilla. Watch the       year and every participant will receive a race t-shirt.
exciting production at the Reagan halftime shows. The         We hope to see you there!
                                             band will
                                             compete at
                                             the Bands              Reagan Band Executive Board
                                             of America        Co-Presidents: Mike Jablonski & Patty Bruemmer
                                             Regional          Co-1st Vice Presidents: Fred Buck & LaShawn Ramon
                                             competition       Co-2nd Vice Presidents: Brooke Buck & Cheri Spies
                                             in Arlington      Co-3rd Vice Presidents: Larry Laine & Ken Brown
                                             on October        Co-4th Vice Presidents: Patty Brown & Deborah Kosub
                                             10th and          Treasurer: Sharon Houghton
                                             the San           Secretary: Cindy Pearcy
                                             Antonio           Band Director: Levi Chavis
               Student Officers              Super Re-
                                             gional com-
petition on October 23rd-24th. They will also partici-        Reagan band students are selling Entertainment Books
pate in the UIL Marching competition on October 17th at       for $25. Please help the students raise money to sup-
Judson.                                                       port our program. Our spirit and merchandise commit-
                                                              tees will be showing off all the new band and Reagan
                                    The Reagan band is        merchandise at Rattler Round-up and at every game in
                                    very fortunate to         the merchandise booth at Comalander and Heroes Sta-
                                    welcome Ray Uli-          dium during football games. Please come by and check
                                    barri as our new          out our display, this really helps to support our Reagan
                                    Percussion Instruc-       Band throughout the year. Our popular Reagan afghans
                                    tor. He came from         will also be for sale again this year and make a great
                                    Klein Forest High         gift for your student. There will be an order form for
                                    School in Houston         the afghans in the Welcome Packet that comes home
                                    and Pomona High           with your student the first week of school. You can also
                                    School in Arvada,         purchase them at Rattler Round-up.
                                     Colorado. His
            Drum Majors
                                     band in Colorado         The band directors, students and band parents are all
won 11 state championships and placed 5th at BOA              working very hard to create a very positive and exciting
Grand National Championships. We are also excited             marching season this year. The band looks forward to
that Morgan Brockman is our new Assistant Band Direc-         the Reagan community’s continued support throughout
tor and Colorguard Instructor. He is currently on the         the upcoming year!                                     Page 6                    
Reagan Review Volume 11, Issue 1                Ronald Reagan High School PTA Newsletter                 August 23, 2009

New! - Online Student/Parent Handbook                          Reminders:
By Ms. Wanda Bingham, Assistant Principal                         All obligations must be cleared in order for students
                                                                  to be issued textbooks.
In our continued efforts to be as effi-                           Students have until October 1, 2009 to report any
cient as possible, the District will now                          textbook damage to the Main Office.
have the Student/Parent Handbook and                              Barcodes must be intact when returning a textbook.
the District Student Code of Conduct                              If a bar code is missing, the student will be obli-
available to parents online at http://                            gated to pay for the textbook. It will be available in
both English and Spanish. It would be                          Reagan Senate Prepares for
very beneficial for parents to read and                        the New School Year
discuss it as a family. This will provide the opportunity      By Ms. Jamie Merriam, Senate Reporter
for an understanding of the District’s expectations for
student behavior and resulting consequences, as well           The new senators started diligently working shortly after
as, the general practices of the campus and/or district.       school let out in May to get a head start for projects in
There will be a form placed in the PTA Welcome Packets         the upcoming year. During the summer, senators or-
that both the parent and student need to sign and re-          ganized and planned Homecoming, the earliest project
turn the first week of school. Parents who do not have         of the year. This year’s theme, Cirque Spectaculaire was
Internet access may pick up a hard copy in the Main            revealed at the Rattler Round-up.
Office. The copy will need to be returned to the school
or a replacement fee of $5.00 will be charged.                 The 2009-2010 student council consists of many tal-
                                                               ented individuals with strong determination for a suc-
                                                               cessful year. Returning Senators Erica Salinas, Marina
Welcome Back Seniors 2010!                                     El-Khaliny, and Kate White are joined by Anisa
By Ms. Kiz Mannheimer and Mr. Kirk Karpinski,
Senior Class Sponsors
                                                               Camacho, Bailey Bounds, Braden Allman, Brittany
                                                               Dunne, Brookelynn Mireles, Carly Allen, Caroline Legg,
Seniors, we are look-                                          Christiani Saucedo, Danielle Santiago, Danielle Van De-
                                                               Walle, Desiree Tober, Drew Harding, Ellen Denzer, Gina
ing forward to a
great year. Here are              Class of                     Conti, Isabelle Abiassi, Jamie Merriam, Julia Rendon,
                                                               Julie McCloy, Katherine Crouch, Kirsten Ramey, Lulu

a few dates and re-
minders for August                                             Bellm, Megan Dunne, Melissa Malouff, Melanie Meza,
and September that                                             Nicole Uhlenbrock, and Rebecca DiFilippo. Mrs. Beth
you need to know.                                              Eadie and Mrs. Deborah Ruel-Schaefer serve as the
Mark your calendars!                                           dedicated sponsors for the group.

August 28 - Senior Activity Fee payment deadline.
This $40.00 fee will allow you to participate in all senior
activities through the school year.

September 23 - Senior Panoramic picture at 10:00 AM

September 26 - Homecoming Dance

September 30 - Stone Oak Business Expo, 5:30 - 8:30
PM in the Reagan Cafeteria

September - First Senior Activity... listen for announce-
                                                                           Rattler Round-up   August 21, 2009
ments for date and time.
                                                               Officers elected to lead the council include Erica Salinas
Textbook News                                                  as President, Marina El-Khaliny as Vice President,
By Ms. Wanda Bingham, Assistant Principal                      Katherine Crouch as Recording Secretary, Melanie Meza
                                                               as Corresponding Secretary, Desiree Tober as Treas-
Textbooks were issued during Prep Days. Students who           urer, Melissa Malouff as Parliamentarian, Isabelle Abi-
did not attend Prep Days may pick up their textbooks           assi as Historian, Jamie Merriam as Reporter, Ellen Den-
starting Monday, August 24, 2009, after school in the          zer and Braden Allman as Sergeant-at-Arms, and
cafeteria bookroom area. Textbooks will also be issued         Kirsten Ramey as Motivational Director. Kate White has
Tuesday thru Thursday, before and after school, and            been elected as Reporter/Historian at the district level.
Friday before school only. A student ID and schedule           These students are dedicated and committed to fulfilling
are required for students to be issued textbooks.              their important leadership roles for the council and the
                                                               community.                                     Page 7                     
Reagan Review Volume 11, Issue 1                     Ronald Reagan High School PTA Newsletter                 August 23, 2009

Ronald Reagan Speech and Debate                                     of our program. If you are interested in judging, please
Participates at Nationals; Looks Forward to a                       contact the coaches (we could use community volun-
Successful 2009-10 Season
By Mrs. Lorenda Nerison, Reagan Forensics League Booster Club
                                                                    Our first important date is Wednesday, September 2.
The Speech and Debate team, also                                    All students will meet their coaches and fellow forensics
known as the Ronald Reagan Fo-                                      members from 4:30 – 6:30 PM at their 7th Annual Salsa
rensics League, is gearing up for                                   Party. The Parent Booster Club meeting for all Foren-
another successful year. Ms.                                        sics parents will be held on the following Wednesday,
Katherine (Katie) Vogel is ex-                                      September 9 from 7:00-9:00 PM in the Black Box Thea-
cited to start her third year as the                                ter.
Oral Interp coach and hopes to
match last year’s success at State                                  Please be sure to look in your Welcome Packet for the
and National Tournaments! Mr.                                       beautiful Reagan Rhinestone Pin fundraiser. The
Matt Reichle is back for his sec-                                   cost is only $5.00, so order yours now while supplies
ond year as Debate Coach and the                                    last and show off your Reagan Pride!
debate team is anxious to earn
their way back to State and Na-                                     Forensics provides invaluable skills to students that will
tionals.                                                            last a lifetime. Debate classes teach communication,
                                                                    persuasive speaking skills, writing, analytical thinking,
Summer started with “The Stars Fell on Alabama Na-                  and organizational skills. Students learn how to form
tionals Tournament” at Birmingham, Alabama, June 14-                logical arguments, present them, and analyze other ar-
19. Andrew Asper of the Reagan Speech and Debate                    guments and ideas. The skills learned in debate are
team took second place in the nation in poetry interpre-            truly the skills most colleges and employers look for.
tation and earned a $500                                            Speech/Oral Interpretation classes teach students the
scholarship from the Na-                                            competitive aspect of the drama events. Students par-
tional Forensic League.                                             ticipate in dramatic interpretation, humorous interpreta-
Jordan Nerison reached                                              tion, original oratory, duo interpretation, and duet act-
Round 10 in Lincoln                                                 ing competitions in order to gain a better understanding
Douglas Debate, which                                               of the world of theatre. These students learn discipline,
put her in the top 40 de-                                           organization, and often have college opportunities at
baters of the national                                              the best theatre programs across the country. Classes
tournament.                                                         are open to all students of all grade levels, so see a
                                                                    counselor to sign up and enjoy the fun and excitement
All throughout the sum-                                             that is Speech and Debate!
mer, students in debate
and oral interpretation                                             For further information please contact:
have been attending                                                 Booster Club President: Lorenda Nerison
summer camps to main-                                     
tain and polish their                                               Booster Club PTA Liaison: Laura Krebs
speaking and debating                                               Oral Interp Coach: Ms. Katie Vogel
skills. During the first                                            Debate Coach: Mr. Matt Reichle
week of August, the Fo-
rensics team held their
debate camp and an oral          Andrew Asper, National
interpretation freshman     Tournament, 2nd Place – Poetry                                Rattler
orientation on the Reagan       Interpretation with Coach                                Round-up
campus. They ended the                 Katie Vogel                                       August 21,
week (and the summer)                                                                      2009
with team building at the roller rink. Good memories
were made with new team members and everyone had
a fun time.

The preliminary plans are to attend 15 tournaments
throughout the 2009-10 school year. The Ronald
Reagan “Dutch” Tournament is scheduled for Octo-
ber 16 – 17. The Dutch Tournament is our biggest
fundraiser of the year and the Speech & Debate team
invites anyone interested to come by and watch rounds
of oral interpretation and/or debate to get a better idea                                           Page 8                   
Reagan Review Volume 11, Issue 1                  Ronald Reagan High School PTA Newsletter                  August 23, 2009

Reagan Football: Venom & Volunteering                            sweet remembrances will grow from them.” The ath-
By Mrs. Robin Miner                                              letes went home with the satisfaction of a job well done,
                                                                 but much more than that, an indescribable feeling of
Lately, the big question in the air has been, “Where did         helping to give two families a fresh new start in life.
the summer go?” Everyone in our area is so busy!
Reagan Football is no exception. Venom Camp, which
consists of strength and conditioning activities, began
just shortly after school was out. These dedicated ath-
letes were not sleeping late over their summer “break”!
In fact, there was very little “break” in their schedules.
Many of them have been balancing summer employ-
ment with the intense preparation for the upcoming
season. Free time is always at a premium! If you have
ever heard the saying that one of the most precious
gifts you can give is the gift of your time, these athletes
embody that sentiment.

David Wetzel, Reagan’s Athletic Director and Head Foot-                   Freshman football players and cheerleaders
                                                                              lend a hand at Habitat for Humanity
ball Coach, knows the value of community service. He
and his wife, Shana, who is also a teacher at Reagan,
share the “volunteer vision” with the entire coaching
staff. As author, Sally Koch once said, “Great opportu-          The San Antonio Food Bank provided Reagan athletes
nities to help others seldom come, but small ones sur-           another opportunity to help others on July 16th. Once
round us daily.”                                                 again, Rattler Football came through with an abundance
                                                                 of eager volunteers! In fact, too many! What a won-
                                                                 derful “problem” to have! Our Varsity and JV players
                                                                 learned firsthand, just how critical the Food Bank is to
                                                                 many of the people in our city during these difficult eco-
                                                                 nomic times.

                                                                 This type of community involvement is a “give and get”
                                                                 experience. Athletes give their time and energy to en-
                                                                 hance the lives of others, and the community at large,
                                                                 and they get the im-
           Varsity and JV football players volunteer             measurable sense of
                    at Habitat for Humanity                      pride that comes
                                                                 along with doing
                                                                 something for the
                                                                 greater good. Of
                                                                 course, Reagan ath-
                                                                 letics reaps its own
                                                                 benefits from these
                                                                 kinds of activities.
                                                                 Unselfish giving
                                                                 breeds unselfish
                                                                 teammates. Working
                                                                                             Varsity and JV football players
                                                                 together to achieve a
                                                                                               working at the Food Bank
                                                                 common goal is the
                                                                 cornerstone of volun-
On June 27th, Reagan football players, volleyball play-
                                                                 teering, as well as Rattler Football. The great football
ers and cheerleaders had the opportunity to volunteer
                                                                 coach, Vince Lombardi, once said, “People who work
for Habitat for Humanity. There was such an over-
                                                                 together will win, whether it be against complex football
whelming response, an additional day to volunteer had
                                                                 defenses or the problems of modern society.” Coach
to be requested! The Varsity and JV football players,
                                                                 Wetzel, along with his staff, promotes that type of phi-
along with volleyball and cheer participants, helped re-
                                                                 losophy in the Reagan Rattler football program. Com-
model two homes. Athletes were busy painting, doing
                                                                 munity Service is a crucial team-building opportunity for
tile work and removing linoleum floors. On July 11th,
                                                                 these athletes, helping them be winners on the field,
the freshman football players, accompanied by fresh-
                                                                 but much more importantly, humble men of character in
man cheerleaders, continued the efforts as they sod
                                                                 life. Rattler Football…giving to the community but un-
yards, planted flowers and shrubs, as well as pulled
                                                                 forgiving to opponents!
weeds. As the saying goes, “Sow good services and                                      Page 9                      
Reagan Review Volume 11, Issue 1               Ronald Reagan High School PTA Newsletter                   August 23, 2009

Diamondbacker Memberships                                      gates are exposed to the rights, privileges, duties, and
Patrick Bush, VP Membership                                    responsibilities of a franchised citizen.
                                  I would like to invite all
                                  Reagan sports fans and       Nicolette Kaberides, Mary Lutka, Shannen McCahey, and
                                  parents to become            Elizabeth McCall were selected to be the first female
                                  members of the Ronald        students from our school to attend the American Legion
                                  Reagan Diamondback-          Auxiliary Bluebonnet Girls State on the campus of Texas
                                  ers Sports Association.      Lutheran University, Seguin, Texas held June 14-20.
                                  The Diamondbackers           Girls State shares the same purpose: educate young
help ensure our student-athletes have the most reward-         women in the duties, privileges, rights and responsibili-
ing sports experiences possible. The Diamondbacker             ties of American citizenship. Delegates become citizens
funds support ALL our Reagan sports programs by help-          of a 51st state where they organize their own city,
ing send our athletes to tournaments, holding sports           county, and state governments. The young citizens
banquets, providing athletic apparel for students and          “learn by doing.”
coaches, and funding equipment for our fields and
weight rooms. The Diamondbackers also run the website which is one of the pre-
mier high school athletic association websites in Texas.
All members joining by October 1, 2009 will be entered
into a drawing for a $100 gift certificate to Texas Road-
house. Please consider joining as your membership and
support comes full circle back to your children and the
Reagan community.

Diamondbacker Gala
By Ms. Jill Van Horn & Ms. Sue Brown, VP
                                                                      Wes Skillern, Niki Kaberides, Shannen McCahey,
                                                                       Elizabeth McCall, Mary Lutka and Daniel Dillon.
The Diamondbacker Sports Association                                Not pictured - Tommy Dimmer and Andrea Rodriguez.
is hosting its 11th Annual All Sports
Gala. We would like to invite all                              Mary described her experience as a “crash course in
Reagan sports fans to attend and help                          government that was fun… really.” The girls learned a
support all the sports programs at Reagan High School.         lot about themselves and their abilities while working in
It is a really fun evening with great food, great com-         a group of 503 delegates from around the state. As Niki
pany, and great silent and live auction items.                 Kaberides said, “At first we weren’t sure what we had
                                                               gotten ourselves into; but after several intriguing lec-
When:    October 9, 2009                                       tures, a motivating speech from the Castro brothers
Where:   Holy Trinity Banquet Hall                             which included our mayor, and a trip to the Capitol, I
Time:    6:30pm – 11:30pm                                      found government not to be boring at all.” Shannen and
Cost:    $50 per person / tables also available                Liz echoed these comments with both girls feeling the
                                                               experience was an exceptional opportunity to work with
To attend, just fill out the Gala reply card and return it     others while learning about how our government works.
along with your payment by Monday, October 5, 2009.
You can find the Gala reply card at the Diamondbacker          Sponsored by the Military Order of World Wars, Daniel
website under Diamondbacker              Dillon, Tommy Dimmer, and Andrea Rodriguez attended
forms. Also, if you have an auction item you would like        the Southwest Youth Leadership Conference held June
to donate, please contact either Sue Brown at 289-3880         21-25 on the University of Texas at San Antonio cam-
or Jill Van Horn at 884-6760. Go Rattlers!                     pus. We were fortunate to have three students from
                                                               Reagan’s program selected for this conference.
By LTC Paul Loveless                                           These conferences are designed to give students unique
                                                               opportunities to participate in discussion exchanges with
Along with part-time jobs, pool time, video games, and         authoritative, experienced, and articulate speakers from
family vacations, eight RRHS JROTC cadets took advan-          the military services, government, industry, and the
tage of several educational camps focused on citizen-          academic community. Patriotic education, leadership
ship and leadership development. Wes Skillern was one          development experiences, and teaching responsible citi-
of 1,008 delegates to Boys State, held on the University       zenship are the primary focuses of this camp. The
of Texas campus, June 6-12. Boys State is among the            camp does have a conservative flavor which, according
most respected and selective government educational            to Tommy Dimmer, “rocked.” As Daniel put it, “We
programs for high school students in the nation. Dele-         learned things from some amazing speakers and met
                                                               some amazing people we will not forget.”                                     Page 10                    
Reagan Review Volume 11, Issue 1              Ronald Reagan High School PTA Newsletter                   August 23, 2009

National PTA Mission, Vision & Values                        Welcome Letter from Texas PTA
                                                             By Ms. Jan Wilkerson, Texas PTA President
Parent Teacher Association
membership is open to any-                                   Texas PTA is one of the largest and
one who believes in the mis-                                 most influential child advocacy as-
sion and purposes of Parent                                  sociations in the state of Texas,
Teacher Association. Individ-                                with a membership of over
ual members may belong to any number of PTAs and             600,000, and, therefore, one of the
pay dues in each. Every person who joins a local PTA         strongest voices for our children
automatically becomes a member of both the state and         and schools. The mission of child advocacy and in-
national PTAs. Together we are a powerful voice for          formed, involved parenting was the reason Texas PTA
children. With your help, we can continue to work to-        was formed 100 years ago, in 1909, and the dedication
ward PTA's goal of a quality education and nurturing         and commitment of our members is what brought us
environment for every child.                                 here today.

PTA Vision: Making every child's potential a reality.        In 1909, Texas PTA began as a small group of mothers
                                                             interested in learning more about parenting and the
PTA Mission: The overall purpose of PTA                      betterment of the home. Over the years, Texas PTA
   A powerful voice for all children,                        has been instrumental in advocating for: the Children’s
   A relevant resource for families and communities,         Health Insurance Program (CHIPS), school-based health
   and                                                       clinics, seat belts for children under age 18, early child-
   A strong advocate for the education and well-being        hood education, hot lunches in schools, prohibition of
   of every child.                                           narcotics sales to children, school finance and account-
                                                             ability, and many more too numerous to name. In
PTA Values: What PTA stands for                              short, Texas PTA is a family; a network of volunteers,
Collaboration: We work in partnership with a wide array      staff, and school officials with only one goal: making
of individuals and organizations to accomplish our           every child’s potential a reality!
agreed-upon goals.
                                                             The PTA volunteer is the lifeblood of the organization,
Commitment: We are dedicated to promoting children’s         which can include the smallest volunteer role at the lo-
health, well-being, and educational success through          cal level, all the way up to the State Board of Directors.
strong parent, family, and community involvement.            Most Local PTAs meet at a school campus on a regular
                                                             basis, and sponsor events or advocate for legislative
Accountability: We acknowledge our obligations. We           issues at the local level. Groups of Local PTAs often join
deliver on our promises.                                     together to form councils; above councils, there are 18
                                                             Area Presidents and a Texas PTA Board of Directors, all
Respect: We value our colleagues and ourselves. We           made up of volunteers, with opportunities to make a
expect the same high quality of effort and thought from      difference at every level. The board sets policies for
ourselves as we do from others.                              PTAs throughout Texas, and a 14-member office in Aus-
                                                             tin supports the work of the association. You can reach
Inclusivity: We invite the stranger and welcome the          the state office at 800-TALK-PTA or in person at 408
newcomer. We value and seek input from as wide a             West 11th, Austin, Texas, 78701.
spectrum of viewpoints and experiences as possible.
                                                             Texas PTA is proud to say that we have accomplished so
Integrity: We act consistently with our beliefs. When we     much for the children of Texas over the last 100 years,
err, we acknowledge the mistake and seek to make             and we look forward to fulfilling that mission in the next
amends.                                                      100 years.

PTA Purposes: Historical goals of PTA
   To promote the welfare of the children and youth in        Rattler Round-up
   home, school, community, and place of worship.             August 21, 2009
   To raise the standards of home life.
   To secure adequate laws for the care and protection
   of children and youth.
   To bring into closer relation the home and the
   school, that parents and teachers may cooperate
   intelligently in the education of children and youth.
   To develop between educators and the general pub-
   lic such united efforts as will secure for all children
   and youth the highest advantages in physical, men-
   tal, social, and spiritual education.                                   Page 11                     
Reagan Review Volume 11, Issue 1               Ronald Reagan High School PTA Newsletter                        August 23, 2009

Building a Safety Net for the Internet                           wanted photos or video can easily get posted on sites
From                                 like YouTube or MySpace and have lasting conse-
                                                                 quences. A recent survey indicates that 6 percent of
With the rise of social networking tools like Facebook           teens who use social networking sites say someone has
and Twitter, it's no wonder teens are spending more              posted an embarrassing picture of them online without
hours online, subsequently creating a digital world of           their permission. [2]
their own. While it might be difficult to keep up with all
the latest online fads, parents can actively monitor their       Parents must be vigilant about their children's technol-
teens' Internet use to ensure their children are playing         ogy use and encourage responsible decision-making
it safe.                                                         skills.
Many teens say their parents are unaware of their                [2]
                                                                   "Cyberbullying and Online Teens." Pew Internet &
online activities. Furthermore, nearly one-third (29%) of
                                                                 American Life Project: Data Memo. http://
students say their parents would disapprove if they
knew what they were really doing on the Internet. [1]

                                                                 Follow these steps for guidance in mak-
                                                                 ing sure your teen uses digital technolo-
                                                                 gies appropriately:

                                                                 1.    Keep the computer in a public space in the home
                                                                       and limit time spent online.

                                                                 2. Perform technology audits. Regularly check Internet
                                                                 history and phone call/text messaging logs.

                                                                 3. Use technology to strengthen your parent-teen rela-
                                                                 tionship. Ask your teen to show you his or her online
                                                                 profile and decide whether you want to set up your own
                                                                 page on one of the social networking sites to stay in-
It's important for parents to take the time to learn
about the many online dangers teens are exposed to on            Read more tips on monitoring your teen online at:
a regular basis to effectively keep them out of harm's 
way. Take the teens and technology crash course for              monitoring/default.aspx
parents at:
   i-SAFE survey. 2003-05.

Hold the Phone

Cell phone technology also allows teens to stay con-
nected by text messaging and sharing photos, but un-                       Rattler Round-up        August 21, 2009

                       Ronald Reagan HS Major Events - August 2009
Date             Event                                                           Place                           Time
Aug   24         First Day of School
Aug   25         Varsity Volleyball vs. Smithson Valley                         Smithson Valley                     7:15 PM
Aug   26         Tennis vs. MacArthur                                           BAC TC                              4:30 PM
Aug   26-27      Theatre Arts Auditions                                         Auditorium                          4:00 PM
Aug   27-29      Varsity Volleyball Pearland Tourney                            Pearland
Aug   28         Tennis vs. Madison                                             BAC TC                              4:30 PM
Aug   28         Varsity Football vs. Katy Cinco Ranch                          Katy                                7:00 PM

                   Events are subject to change. Please call the school for the most up-to-date information.                                     Page 12                         
Reagan Review Volume 11, Issue 1                  Ronald Reagan High School PTA Newsletter                         August 23, 2009

                       Ro n ald R eag an H S M ajor Ev en ts - S e pt em b er 2 0 09
Da te               E v en t                                                        P la ce                          T im e
S ep t   1          PTA E xecu tive B oard Meetin g                                Library                              9 :3 0   AM
S ep t   1          Varsity V olleyb all vs. Ch u rch ill                          Littl et on Gym                      7: 0 0   PM
S ep t   2          Ten ni s vs. J u ds on                                         B AC TC                              3: 4 5   PM
S ep t   3          Orch es tra B oos ter C l ub D in n er                         C afet eri a                         5: 3 0   PM
S ep t   3          Orch es tra C on c ert                                         A ud it oriu m                       7: 0 0   PM
S ep t   4          Pep R ally                                                     R att ler's Den                      8 :1 5   AM
S ep t   4          Ten ni s vs. A la m o H eig h ts                               A lam o H ei gh ts T C               4: 3 0   PM
S ep t   4          Vars ity V olleyb all vs. Lee                                  Littl et on G ym                     6: 3 0   PM
S ep t   4          Vars ity F ootb all vs. W arren                                H ero s St adi um                    7: 3 0   PM
S ep t   5          C ros s C ou n try S ou th w es t M eet                        S ou th w est H S                    8 :0 0   AM
S ep t   7          Lab or D ay - Teac her/S tu d en t H ol id ay
S ep t   8          D iam o nd ba cker G en eral Meeti n g                         C afet eri a                          6: 0 0 PM
S ep t   8          C hoir B oos ter C lu b E xtravaga nz a                        A ud it oriu m                        7: 0 0 PM
S ep t   9          Ten ni s vs. L ee                                              B AC TC                               4: 3 0 PM
S ep t   9          Vars ity V olleyb all vs. Ro osevelt                           Littl et on G ym                      7: 0 0 PM
S ep t   10         Th eatre A rts B oos ter C lu b M eetin g                      A ud it oriu m                        7: 0 0 PM
S ep t   11         Pep R ally                                                     R att ler's Den                       8 :1 5 A M
S ep t   11         Vars ity F ootb all vs. Sm ith son Va lley                     S m ith s on V all ey                 7: 3 0 PM
S ep t   1 1- 1 2   Foren s ics B ran dei s Tou rn ey                              B ra nd eis H S                         A ll D ay
S ep t   12         C ros s C ou n try N orth E as t Meet                          B ro oks C ity Bas e                  8 :0 0 A M
S ep t   12         St ud en t Co un c il Ea rly H om eco m in g Bi d S ales       C ou rtyard                           8 :0 0 A M
S ep t   12         Free Prac tice SA T - Prin cet on R eview                      C afet eri a                          9 :0 0 A M
S ep t   12         SA T - Prin cet on R eview Paren t M eet in g                  A ud it oriu m                        9 :4 5 A M
S ep t   13         D iam o nd ba cker F ord D rive O n e 4 U r S ch ool           RRHS                                1 2: 0 0 PM
S ep t   14         D iam o nd ba cker G en eral Meeti n g                         C afet eri a                          6: 0 0 PM
S ep t   15         PTA G en eral Meet in g                                        C afet eri a                          7: 0 0 PM
S ep t   15         Op en H ou se / G reen b ack Ni gh t                           RRHS                                  7: 0 0 PM
S ep t   15         Vars ity V olleyb all vs. New B rau n fels                     N ew B rau nfels                      7: 0 0 PM
S ep t   17         C hoir B oos ter C lu b M eet in g                             C h oir R oo m                        7: 0 0 PM
S ep t   18         Pep R ally                                                     R att ler's Den                       8 :1 5 A M
S ep t   18         Vars ity F ootb all vs. Ch u rch ill                           C om ala nd er                        7: 3 0 PM
S ep t   18         Vars ity V olleyb all vs. Joh n son                            Littl et on G ym                      8: 0 0 PM
S ep t   1 8- 1 9   Ten ni s N orth E ast ISD T ourn ey                            B AC TC                                 A ll D ay
S ep t   19         Ban d 5 K R u n /W alk                                         RRHS                                  6 :3 0 A M
S ep t   19         C ros s C ou n try U TS A Meet                                 B ro oks C ity Bas e                  8 :0 0 A M
S ep t   21         D iam o nd ba cker G en eral Meeti n g                         C afet eri a                          6: 0 0 PM
S ep t   22         Vars ity V olleyb all vs. Mac A rt hu r                        Littl et on G ym                      5: 3 0 PM
S ep t   23         R ea gan Fac u lty Pan oram ic Pict ure                        RRHS                                  8 :3 0 A M
S ep t   23         Sen ior Pan oram ic Pi ct ure                                  RRHS                                1 0 :0 0 A M
S ep t   23         Ten ni s vs. N ew Brau n fels                                  B AC TC                               4: 3 0 PM
S ep t   24         Pep R ally                                                     R att ler's Den                       7: 0 0 PM
S ep t   25         C ros s C ou n try F east F li gh t                            B ro oks C ity Bas e                  4: 0 0 PM
S ep t   25         Ten ni s vs. C h u rch il l                                    B AC TC                               4: 3 0 PM
S ep t   25         Vars ity V olleyb all vs. Mad is on                            Littl et on G ym                      5: 3 0 PM
S ep t   25         Vars ity F ootb all vs. Lee - H om eco m in g                  C om ala nd er                        7: 3 0 PM
S ep t   2 5- 2 6   Foren s ics - O 'C on nor                                      O'C on n or H S                         A ll D ay
S ep t   26         R eg ion Jaz z A u di tio ns                                   TB A                                    A ll D ay
S ep t   26         Ten ni s vs. B oern e                                          B oern e                              9 :0 0 A M
S ep t   26         Ho m ec om ing D an ce                                         Leon V al ley D a nc e H al l         8: 0 0 PM
S ep t   28         Ten ni s vs. J oh n son                                        B AC TC                               4: 3 0 PM
S ep t   29         Vars ity V olleyb all vs. Sm ith son Va lley                   Li ttl et on G ym                     5: 3 0 PM
S ep t   2 9- 3 0   R OTC Blood D rive                                             RRHS                                    A ll D ay
S ep t   30         St on e Oa k B us in es s Exp o                                C afet eri a                          5: 3 0 PM

                      Events are subject to change. Please call the school for the most up-to-date information.                                        Page 13                         

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