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    Vol. 15. No. 1        December 2010 / Kislev 5771

                                                CAR MENORAH PARADE
                                      Join our Car Menorah parade and light up the streets with the beautiful
                                      Chanukah lights- Wednesday, December 1st. at 5:15pm. Parade will
                                                                          be leaving from Chabad House
                                                                          on Old Furys Ferry Rd and
                                                                          heading downtown to the Giant
                                                                          Menorah lighting at the Augusta
   ~ Inside ~                                                             Commons.
                                                                            Please consider sponsoring one of
                                                                            these Car-Menorah’s A $180 dona-
                                                                            tion will cover the expense of one
Chanukah 2010                    1                                          Car Menorah. To be a sponsor or
                                                                            for more info. please contact Rabbi
Help Chabad Help Others          2                                          Fischer.

Sukkah Party Pictures            2
                                         GIANT MENROAH LIGHTING CEREMONY
Chanukah Flyer                   3         See mid section of this newsletter for more information.
Adult Ed & Acts of Love          4

Super Bowl Hero to Speak         4        CHANUKAH TOY DRIVE FOR
Sunday School Info               5         CHILDREN IN HOSPITAL
Chabad Philosophy                6
                                     Kickoff of our Toy Drive for children
                                     Mission: Light up the lives of children who are in MCG children’s
                                     hospital by donating toys.
                                     Contribute: To participate, simply bring any unopened toys to the Me-
 The Chabad Newsletter               norah Lighting ceremony or donate money and we will purchase the
         is published by
   Chabad Lubavitch of Augusta       toys for the children.
      and is distributed free        The Toy Drive will continue until December 5. We will then deliver
     before Jewish Festivals.        the toys to the children at MCG as Chanukah gifts from the Jewish
         For information:
        706-722-7659 or              community.
Kislev 5771                                                                       The Chabad Newsletter

    Help Chabad Help Others
    Five great ways to help Chabad...pick one or more!
    #1 Join the “Circle of Friends” Club
    Support one of our outreach programs or help provide a scholarship
    for a child’s Jewish education by donating an amount that fits your
    budget. Even a small monthly donation will make a BIG difference.
    You can use a credit card. go to and click on
    “circle of friends” link.
    #2 Pick up a Tzedaka Box
    Place some coins (and bills…) in the box every day and return charity
    box when it’s full.

    #3. Sponsor a Kiddush
    for Shabbat morning in honor of a loved one or to observe a yartziet, for $75.

    #4. Honor A Friend or Someone Dear
    we will send out a personal letter with an appropriate greeting. Suggested donation $18.
    #5 Do you shop at Krogers? Purchase a Kroger gift card. Chabad will earn 5%

                             SUKAH PARTY PHOTOS—despite the rainy day….

              * * * Mission Statement * * *                                 CAPITAL CAMPAIGN
                    Chabad Lubavitch of Augusta
                                                                        The Chabad Capital campaign
                      Judaism With a Smile!
                 An Educational Outreach Organization                   committee reports that they will be
                                 Goals:                                 finalizing development plans in the
   To serve as a resource for Jewish Learning and Experience in our   near future — for a new Chabad
     local community.                                                   center to be built at our recently
   To reach out with unconditional love to every Jew and              purchased location—3924 Old
     bring to them the warmth and beauty of Judaism, re-                Furys Ferry Rd.
     gardless of background, affiliation or level of                    Please stay tuned for more infor-
     observance.                                                        mation.
   To extend help to all in need, spiritual or physical.

Kislev 5771                                                      The Chabad Newsletter

                            December 1
                             6:00 PM

                     At the Augusta Commons
                 on the 800 block of Broad Street
                     (across from the Chabad Center, 850 Broad St)

      Sizzling Latkes Chanukah Songs  Gifts for all Children 
  Greetings from Local Dignitaries Special Children’s Presentation 
                                  No Charge!

         Launch of the Chanukah Toy drive for children.
     Bring any unused toys you would like to donate. We will
       deliver them to children at MCG children's hospital.
              Bring the joy of Chanukah to children in need!
                      For more information please call:
                 706-722-7659 or

Kislev 5771                                                                                       The Chabad Newsletter

 Thursday evenings from 8:00—9:00 pm: Text based study from the Gutnick edition of the Chumash (Torah).
 at Chabad House on Old Furys Ferry Rd. This class is geared for a student with an open mind who would like to
 delve into a detailed study of a specific topic within the Torah portion - with emphasis on Rashi’s classical com-
 mentary. No Hebrew knowledge is required. Each week is a separate, independent topic. RSVP to $18 suggested donation for the entire series! Dedicate this lecture series in honor of or in
 memory of a loved one with a donation of $360. For more info
 Shabbat mornings at 9:00 am - A 30 minute class in Chassidism at Chabad House, Old Furys Ferry Rd.
 Shabbat mornings (approx) 10:30 am - a review and discussion of the weekly Torah portion.
 Sunday evening at 7:30-8:45 pm - Maariv service followed by Talmud study. Currently we are studying the
 laws of price fraud.
 All are welcome. To find out more details or to see if one of these classes might be for suited for you please
 call Rabbi Fischer at 706.722.7659.

                                                                                         Schedule of Weekly
  COMING THIS FEBRUARY TO                                                                & Monthly Services
         AUGUSTA                                                                       Join us and feel free to bring a friend!
  FROM FOOTBALL TO FAITH                                                             Every Shabbat 9:30 am (at our Old
                                                                                       Furys Ferry location.)
                                                                                     Every Sunday night for Mincha /
                                                                                       Ma’ariv at 7:30pm - followed by Tal-
                                                                                       mud Study. (at our Broad St. location)
                        Alan Shlomo Veingrad, former NFL Offensive
                                                                                     Every Rosh Chodesh for Shacharit,
                        Lineman and the only Jewish player on the Super
                        Bowl XXVII World Champion Dallas Cowboy                        6:45am (at our Broad St location.)
                        Team in 1992.
                        Today Alan lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with
                                                                                              All are welcome!
                        his wife and children.
                        Alan is a captivating speaker and storyteller. In his               User friendly Service
                        talks he describes how the lifestyle he fell into after    In-depth Parsha Analysis, Meaningful
                        his retirement from professional football left a void          Sermon and great socializing…
                        that unwittingly lead him to a life filled with Juda-     (a Farbrengen style Kiddush on Saturday.)

                                           Join us every Saturday morning for a meaningful and joyful Shabbat service and
           Acts of Love!                   in depth Torah study, followed by a delicious sit down Kiddush luncheon. The
                                           famous saying “a Jewish community is as strong as its volunteers,” is how best to
 describe this community luncheon get together—and WOW do we have some wonderful volunteers!
                               Recent (last few months) Kiddush preparers and sponsors
  Preparers: Robert & Sandy Alman, David Antopolsky, Ronald Blum, Stevin Dubin, Cynthia Eiring, Judi Estroff, Emma
 Franco, Chani Fischer, Bonnie Owens & Lessia Hawkins, Whitney Husid, Monica Podolsky, Ora Singer, Nita Skandrani.
 Sponsors: Maurice and Rebecca Ades, Robert & Sandy Alman, David & Esther Antopolsky, Stevin Dubin, Jim & Cynthia
 Eiring, Rabbi Zalman & Chani Fischer, Bonnie Owens & Lessia Hawkins, Marc & Whitney Husid, Rob & Monica
 Podolsky Drs. Sol and Luisa Nussbaum.
 Special thanks to kiddush chairman David Antopolsky who keeps it all going.
 All are welcome to attend any part , regardless of background, affiliation or level of observance. Come try it out, you’ll
 be pleasantly surprised!
Kislev 5771                                                                 The Chabad Newsletter

                        CHABAD SUNDAY SCHOOL
              “Where Kids Love To Go”
     Children from all backgrounds are welcome– No affiliation or membership necessary.
     Sensitive teachers who are also role models in Jewish observance
     Professional curriculum including the renowned “Aleph Champ Hebrew” curriculum with
       emphasis on teaching Synagogue Service Participation, Torah, History, Holidays, Arts &
       Crafts, Israel, Jewish Values & more.                                      Co
                                                                                  O ing
     A safe and loving environment – a place where kids love to learn       wo live up
                                                                                 rk    Oi soo
     Personal attention to each & every student                              nu shop l Pre n:
                                                                                    h S — a ss
     Torah Coins Reward Program.                                                     pe Cha
                                                                                         cia -
   We guarantee that your child will be very happy as well as get a solid Jewish education!
   ~~~~~~~~Not sure if this is for you? Try it out with no strings attached.~~~~~~~~

           For more info please call Rabbi or Chani Fischer at 706.722.7659

       At Sunday School—making round Challah, Shofar Factory, learning Hebrew with card games...

                           Chabad of Augusta, 850 Broad Street, Augusta, GA 30901
Kislev 5771                                                                    The Chabad Newsletter
                                                                                          Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                           U.S. Postage
    FIND LOCAL                                                                                 Paid
                                                                                            Permit 623

CHANUKAH FESTIVITIES                                                                       Augusta, GA


              Mitzvot for Clunkers
       Thinking about a New(er) Car?
  Why not donate your old one to Chabad for a
                   Mitzvah &
          Full Value Tax Deduction!!!

  For more information call 706-722-7659

                            THE CHABAD PHILOSOPHY
  You may see yourself as unaffiliated, Reform, Conservative, or Orthodox. At Chabad we see you as
  Jewish. No labels. No differences.
  Chabad is the largest and fastest growing Jewish outreach organization for one very simple reason:
  We focus on the soul of every Jew, the bond that unites us as family. Therefore, Chabad is the home
  for every kind of Jew, regardless of knowledge or background.
  So come in and feel the warm and loving welcome you are sure to
  I'm sure you will find the programs, services or learning classes
  refreshingly casual, and made easy to follow. Our Hebrew-English
  prayer-book accompanied with song and explanations, or study
  material, make everyone feel involved, and at home.
  If you have any questions or concerns or to receive “What to ex-
  pect at Chabad” brochure, please don't hesitate to call me,
  706.722.7659, or — Rabbi Zalman