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Low cost, focused advice helping you to manage your safety risk

As you will already be aware, health and safety issues are becoming ever more important
to business and the costs associated with not managing your safety issues effectively are
rising. Legal requirements are in place meaning that you must have a Safety Policy, a
Competent Person and have completed, written, Risk Assessments for all safety issues.

Many Employers Liability Insurers are taking a much keener interest in how companies
manage their compliance and reduce their risks and for those that don’t comply the
probability of far higher premiums and even the unavailability of cover lurks on the horizon.

In 2001 the Revitalising Health and Safety Initiative was launched by the Government.
Under this new guidance Enforcing Authorities are encouraged to single out key staff
(Directors, Partners and Managers) to shoulder the blame personally in the event of a
prosecution. Unlimited fines, suspended sentences and disqualification from office can all
result from such a case.

We are acutely aware of these risks and liabilities and have sought to identify a well
resourced specialist consultancy to allow our clients to manage their risks at a reasonable
cost. Based on the experience and recommendations of other clients we have selected
C&G Safety & Environmental Limited. They are ISO9001 Approved and assist companies
nationally providing expert consultancy, and training over 7,000 people each year.
Services range from industrial & plant machinery training through to welding fume and
noise assessments.

We have negotiated a series of offers from C&G and can offer a free consultative visit to
discuss your issues and needs. Services which can be offered cover the full range of needs
from General Workplace Assessments right through to Policies, COSHH Manuals or other
specialist services. In addition, a number of fixed cost solutions are available to give you
advice and assistance and, in some cases, a complete safety policy and unlimited support
for just a few pounds each month.

Whatever your needs I strongly recommend that you meet with a representative of C&G, if
only to assure yourself that you are managing safety effectively. To this end please find
enclosed some questions which will be useful in assessing your present compliance and
some information on what services can be provided.

Yours sincerely,

C&G Services may be contacted directly on 01453 800100, please refer to this letter to ensure a preferential quote

revised 10.2003
C&G Safety & Environmental Limited                                Safety Compliance & Liability Audit Checklist
                                          Use the checklist below to establish if you have potential health and safety problems. If you do answer no to any one of these questions then you have some
                                                   work to do to assure legal compliance, if you want to know what you need to do call C&G Services and we’ll tell you - no charge applies!
                                                                       Email, Fax it to us on 01453 800101 or call one of our consultants on 01453 800100

                                                                                                                Question                                                                       Yes No

                                             Have you formulated a statement of safety policy giving detail to your commitments for safety and assigning responsibilities to staff,
                                             further is this document signed by the most senior partner and prominently displayed?
                                             This is required under the Health and Safety at Work Act

                                             Have you carried out risk assessments for tasks in your business and more importantly, have you recorded the conclusions to these
                                             assessments and taken any precautions specified?
                                             This is required under many separate regulations such as the Manual Handling Regulations 1992 but there is a coverall requirement
                                             under the Management Regulations 1999

                                             Have you educated your staff on the safe methods of work connected with the business? (These can range from using chemicals
                                             through to manual handling techniques)
                                             The results of risk assessments must be communicated to your staff if precautions deemed appropriate to comply with the law need
                                             to be taken

                                             Have you appointed a competent health and safety advisor who is adequately trained and able to advise you on safety issues?
                                             (this person can be external to your organisation if you have a formalised relationship)
                                             The law recognises that you may need assistance and you can appoint an external advisor such as ourselves but you must have
                                             access to competent assistance. Management Regulations Regulation 7.

                                             Have you looked at the chemicals and substances used in the business and conducted COSHH Assessments, recorded their findings
                                             and acted on them?
                                             The COSHH Regulations require risk assessment and the Management Regulations require that risk assessments are recorded and

                                      6      Have you consulted with your staff on safety matters and given them the opportunity to comment on issues affecting their safety?
                                             The Consultation with Employees Regulations 1997 require that employees are consulted on issues which affect their safety at work.

                                     BM/Free/Check                                                                            revised 10.2003
                                      7     Do you display and have you filled out the Health and Safety Law poster?
C&G Safety & Environmental Limited          The poster is a statutory requirement and must be displayed and filled in correctly, it must also be of the correct type and was
                                            updated in 1999.

                                            Do you have an accident book and RIDDOR report forms (F2508) and are they easily available to staff and used to record all
                                            incidents (some are reportable by law)?
                                            The Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences require that you make an immediate report of certain events, failure
                                            to do this is a criminal offence.

                                            Do you have a First Aid Kit and are the contents of this kit adequate for the numbers of staff employed and the risks evident in your
                                            business, for example chemical spills?
                                            A first aid kit must be in place and adequately stocked - call us for a checklist.

                                            Have you appointed and trained staff to give first aid and are these staff available in sufficient numbers to cover sickness absence
                                            and annual leave?
                                            Check that you have cover at all times of the day and remember that renewals need to be performed at least once every 3 years.

                                      11    Do you have fire fighting equipment of the right type, in the right place and of sufficient number?
                                            If a fire occurred do staff have the right equipment to protect themselves against harm. Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regs 1997.

                                      12    Do your staff know how to use these extinguishers?
                                            Use of a water or foam extinguisher on an electrical fire could result in electrocution.

                                      13    Do you have systems in place to ensure that all staff and visitors are safely evacuated?
                                            If there was a fire or other emergency are you sure that all of your staff would safely evacuate, and could you prove this to the Fire
                                            Service - if not they could be forced to search the building at great personal risk.

                                            How do you manage the risks associated with display screen equipment, have you risk assessed the mechanics and ergonomics to
                                            prevent workplace stress and musculoskeletal problems?
                                            Issues from bad backs and RSI are major factors in workplace absence, you must risk assess your staff - required by the Display Screen
                                            Equipment Regulations 1992.

                                     BM/Free/Check                                                                      revised 10.2003
                                      15    Do you have a system in place to test portable electrical appliances such as scales, computers and monitors?
C&G Safety & Environmental Limited          Electrical safety can be a serious hazard and tests must be conducted regularly to ensure that shocks and fire risks are managed.

                                      16    Is your company registered with your enforcing Authority?
                                            It is your responsibility to ensure this, if you have never received a visit or have recently started your business or perhaps moved
                                            premises you may need to update the HSE or Local Authority.

                                            Have you surveyed and risk assessed staff who use computers (Display Screens) and do you have policies for the provision of eye
                                            tests and the supply of corrective appliances?
                                            Required under the Display Screen Equipment Regulations, risk assessments must be recorded and staff have rights under certain

                                              Safety Policy Statements      Noise Assessments                           Workplace Risk Assessments            Risk Assessments
                                              CDM Planning Supervision      Workplace Violence                          Workplace Transport Safety            Advanced Driver Training
                                              Live Fire Training            Safety Policies                             Permit to Work Systems                First Aid Training
                                              Electrical Safety             Display Screen Risk Assessment              Freefone Safety Advice                Using Fire Extinguishers
                                              Office Air Quality            Fire Safety Audits                          Manual Handling Assessment            Fire Marshal Training

                                                                                                    Please tick the services which interest you

                                               Business Health & Safety Management Competent Person Training                                                  Exposure to Hazardous
                                              Unlimited telephone support and advice plus free accident investigation cover from £ per month                  Display Screen Assessors Course
                                              Specific low cost services for Automotive Repair or Dealership sites, Construction Sector, Roofing, Services Sector, Primary C are from £34
                                              per month including policy and risk assessments
                                              A brief, no obligation meeting where I can discuss my needs and ascertain the exact cost of the services I require

                                     Contact name:__________________________________                     Tel.__________________________        Business: _____________________________________________

                                                                                      Fax back on 01453 800101               Call us direct on 01453 800100

                                     BM/Free/Check                                                                          revised 10.2003
C&G Safety & Environmental Limited                     Frequently Asked Questions
                                                            Total Safety Support for a fixed monthly cost

                                     Who are C&G Services?
                                     We are a specialist consultancy and training organisation working nationally assisting clients which
                                     range from the Victoria & Albert Museum through to small businesses employing just 5 or 10 people.
                                     We have been established for over 30 years and currently train over 7,000 people each year and
                                     cover every industry for risk management from construction through to retail. We are ISO9001
                                     Approved and are registered with OCR, CITB, RSA, ITTSAR and many other bodies. Our consultants
                                     are highly experienced, qualified to the highest standards, plain speaking and approachable.

                                     What exactly do I get in return for my subscription?
                                     We can provide you with a list of exactly what the service provides but in summary it means that we
                                     take on the responsibility of supporting you in health and safety issues. Depending on your
                                     subscription level this means providing you with a comprehensive policy document, a safety expert
                                     visiting your premises and completing an in-depth safety audit and report, unlimited telephone
                                     advice and support, information on new practices and regulations before they come into force, no
                                     cost accident investigations, etc. etc. In simple terms we act as your specialist safety department
                                     but for a fraction of the cost payable through a monthly fee.

                                     Can individual or multi-site businesses join the service?
                                     Yes, we’re happy to talk to interested parties of any size.

                                     Should I contact my Broker to find out more?
                                     Yes, please do, most of our business comes from satisfied clients recommending our services to
                                     others. If you would like a list of referees this can be provided.

                                     The monthly cost seems low, are there hidden extra’s which increase the payment?
                                     No, there are no hidden extra’s. This type of practice doesn’t help us form the strong working
                                     relationships which our business has been built on. We have set that cost and the content of the
                                     service packages at as low a figure as possible. If you have an accident we investigate for free, if
                                     regulations change we update policies and procedures and if you need advice your call is free.

                                     I'm interested but what if I should want to change my subscription or cancel?
                                     The level of investment for ourselves can initially be high due to the man hour cost of workplace
                                     audits and policy development. Beyond that it’s at the discretion of each Business whether they feel
                                     they are receiving good value for money. As the payment is made by standing order you are
                                     always in complete control and will only ever pay for what you receive - so there's no question of
                                     being 'tied in' to a service which you no longer want.

                                     But I've already started my safety policy, what should I do?
                                     The vast majority of our clients are small and medium sized companies, roughly 95% of these clients
                                     already have a safety policy in place when they come to us. Most of these policies benefit from
                                     updating and from our experience of the market, we often reduce the level of maintenance and
                                     slim down the policy document making management easier and far more cost effective. If you are
                                     happy that your policy is complete and gives you the advice and protection you need join and then
                                     use our advice and support to improve what you already have and keep it up to date.

                                     I'd just like to be able to call and ask for advice and guidance without paying for every call, is that
                                     Yes, our main interest is to ensure that we give you exactly what you want. Companies with less
                                     than 40 employees pay just £25 per month to call us and get as much advice as they need, get
                                     advance warnings of new regulations which arrive and receive a free accident investigation visit in
                                     the event of a Reportable (RIDDOR) accident / incident.

                                     revised 10.2003
                                     What if you highlight issues which I can't immediately resolve?
C&G Safety & Environmental Limited   It is possible that you will have a summarised matrix of issues which need to be addressed following
                                     a Business Audit but these are always given a timescale and supporting guidance and explanation,
                                     and don't forget - these issues are accidents in the making and were there before our visit! In the
                                     vast majority of cases we recommend improvements covering risk assessments and documentation
                                     to clients, at the higher subscription levels these become our responsibility so you would end up with
                                     a list which left most of the work to be done our responsibility. It is rare that we spot issues which
                                     need to be quickly resolved at significant expense, almost every regulation states 'so far as is
                                     reasonably practicable' meaning 'weigh cost against benefit', this is sometimes a difficult task in
                                     isolation but with our experience and expertise we are able to answer these questions reliably
                                     allowing you to plan any investment over months and even years.

                                     What if I get a visit from an Enforcement Officer before we have formalised our relationship?
                                     It is possible that this could occur and that a series of improvements could be recommended or
                                     even formally enforced under the Health & Safety at Work Act. Should this occur please inform us
                                     straight away and we will start to act on your behalf to negotiate a reasonable timescale to comply
                                     with the Enforcement Notice. If you have already joined a service please bear in mind that no
                                     Enforcement Officer can expect you to achieve total compliance overnight, you have the right to a
                                     reasonable period of time. During the visit explain your plans and, if you have already received your
                                     Safety Audit, show the Officer your present position and your road map to compliance as given
                                     within the Matrix at the rear of the document.

                                     What further costs are likely to arise from joining the service?
                                     None! When we engage professional services we expect a 'No Surprises' cost and this is what we
                                     provide to you. We have no associations or alliances with other bodies who could benefit and we
                                     make an agreement to give you as much support as you feel you need for a fixed monthly cost.
                                     Our goal is to form a strong, effective and lasting relationship with you as we have with our other
                                     clients, key to this is making our services as cost effective as possible and making sure that you, as
                                     our customer, are happy.

                                     What if I want to discuss my particular needs in more detail?
                                     Please email us at the address following ( or call us on 01453 800100.

                                     revised 10.2003
C&G Safety & Environmental Limited          Practical Health & Safety Management
                                     DURATION:                    1 Day.

                                     RATIO:                       Maximum 8 Candidates To 1 Consultant Trainer.

                                     WHO SHOULD                   Any person who has responsibilities under the legislation listed below, specifically
                                     ATTEND:                      Managers and Key Administration Staff and also those needing to carry out
                                                                  risk assessments within the business.

                                     AIM:                         To provide the delegate with a sound knowledge of their businesses, their own and
                                                                  others parties duties under pertinent health and safety legislation.

                                     OBJECTIVE:                   Successful delegates will demonstrate a good understanding of their company’s duties
                                                                  under the health and safety legislation detailed below enabling them to effectively
                                                                  manage the implementation of health, safety and welfare.

                                     COURSE CONTENT

                                        §     The legal duties of the employer and employee under the Health And Safety At Work Act
                                        §     The Role and Powers of Enforcing Authorities with Legal Case Studies on Liability
                                        §     Accidents and Reporting of Industrial Diseases & Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR)
                                        §     Requirements of the Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH)
                                        §     Principles of fire prevention and provision for first aid and emergency procedures
                                        §     Five steps to risk assessment with practical help, guidance and examples
                                        §     Business-wide safety issues and their resolution;

                                                       üFire Risk Assessment and        ü    Display Screen Equipment      üErgonomics and Manual
                                                        Use of Extinguishers                 Requirements                    Handling

                                        §     Structure and Content of the Business Health, Safety and Welfare policy
                                        §     Consultation with Employees Regulations and developing a ‘Safety Culture’

                                     Times:                       9.00am to 4.30pm. Two course lunch and coffee breaks provided.
                                     Certification:               C&G Safety & Environmental Limited.
                                     Venue:                       Station House Training Centre, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire
                                                                  Alternative locations possible to accommodate local requirements for block bookings
                                     Course Fee:                  £95.00 per candidate excluding VAT
                                     Instruction:                 Full time consultant with over 8 years commercial experience. Full Corporate
                                                                  Membership of IOSH (MIOSH) and a Registered Safety Practitioner (RSP). Qualified to
                                                                  Postgraduate level in Safety & Environmental Management.
                                                                  Course costs include meals, refreshments and comprehensive course hand-outs and

                                       Confirmation Agreement Please confirm attendance details immediately by fax to secure dates (01453 792123)

                                       Candidate name: _______________________________________________________________________________
                                       Confirmed by (on behalf of the company)

                                       Signature: _____________________________________                Position: _____________________________________

                                     revised 10.2003
C&G Safety & Environmental Limited                                          Safety Policies and
                                                                             Specialist Support
                                                                            C&G Services has helped hundreds of companies just like
                                           Comprehensive Safety             yours to put together a policy covering all of your work
                                     Policy documents complete              activities. In today's climate a good safety policy must
                                        with Method Statements,             fulfil several different needs;
                                         Risk Assessments, COSHH
                                      Assessments and unlimited
                                                                            q    It must be relevant to the staff concerned and easily
                                                 help and support           q    It must not make promises which cannot be
                                                                                 reasonably met;
                                                                            q    It must offer some protection to the reasonable
                                                                                 employer against No Win; No Fee claims;
                                                                            q    It should break down thousands of pages of legislation
                                                                                 and guidance into small relevant issues;
                                                                            q    It should act as a marketing tool for the business
                                                                                 allowing more business to be won from new and larger
                                                                            q    It should demonstrate the companies commitment to
                                                                                 safety to clients, other construction professionals and
                                                                                 your insurers.

                                                                            We can offer all of these things and more, our policies
                                                                            have the following advantages;

                                                                            1.   Each policy holder automatically becomes a member
                                                                                 of Safety~net, an unlimited access helpline giving you
                                                                                 advance on any safety issue without charge;
                                                                            2.   Each policy holder will have the policy reviewed and
                                                                                 assessed to ensure that changes in the many
                                                                                 regulations passed on safety issues don't catch them
                                                                                 by surprise;
                                                                            3.   Updates are provided when changes in legislation or
                                                                                 best practice are planned allowing you to keep
                                                                                 ahead of the game;
                                                                            4.   Free accident investigation; as a Safety~net member
                                                                                 a specialist consultant will provide a free accident
                                                                                 investigation should a reportable accident occur.

                                                                            Our policy documents, Risk and COSHH Assessments and
                                                                            Method Statements have been assessed and approved by
                                                                            everyone from Enforcing Authorities to Major Contractors.

                                                                            The price of our highly developed policies are a fraction
                                                                            compared to researching, producing and maintaining
                                     C&G Safety & Environmental Ltd         your won in house version. From just £34 per month you
                                     EMO, Station House                     can solve all of your health and safety needs; for a written,
                                     Bristol Road, Stonehouse               no obligation quotation just call 01453 800100
                                     Gloucestershire. GL10 3RB
                                     Tel:      01453 800100
                                     Fax:      01453 800101                 BM/Free/Check
                                                                             revised 10.2003
         Case Study
How much could juggling health safety with
your other commitments cost your business?

     Tackling Safety ‘In House’
    An example of the work and costs involved
         within a typical small business...

  Planning [17 hours]
                                                                 Cost equivalence
   Initial meeting to discuss options and needs - 2
   hours (x3)
                                                                 Hours taken
   Meeting between Manager and Directors - 2 hours
                                                                 Total: 347 assuming 42            hours
                                                                 maintenance pa (£15 per hour)
   Research options available for training &
   development then book courses - 3 hours
                                                                 Cost of involvement - Year 1
                                                                 £5,205      plus   £1,315       directly
  Enabling [£1,065 plus 4 days absence from the
                                                                 associated costs
   Training of the Manager - 2 Days (£400 + absence                         Total: £6,520.00
   Training of one administrator to assist - 2 days (£400        Outcome of project
   + absence cost)                                               The policy document still requires
   Purchase of Health & Safety Guidance & updates -              improvement and the issue of cost
   £265.00                                                       versus benefit has been difficult to
                                                                 apply in isolation.
  Scoping [104 hours plus home reading]                           The business feels that further advice
   Review of the business covering Fire Issues - ½ Day            and support is needed and an
   Review covering COSHH issues - ½ Day                           independent assessment is arranged
   DSE Risk Assessment and Review - 1 Day                         at additional cost.
   Additional areas including Electricity, Appliance
   Tests, Pregnant Workers, Manual Handling, Lighting,            Risk assessments are not complete
   Flammable Liquids, etc. - 11 Days over 12 months               and liability issues are still in
                                                                  evidence with Directors exposed to
  Developing [124 hours and rising]                               criminal liability and civil claims.
  Writing of the arrangements section (duties,
  responsibilities etc.) - 4 days over 2 months
  Writing of safety checks and reminders (2.5 Days
  over 1 month)
  Writing of procedures for work from computer                       C&G Safety &
  equipment through to locking of the surgery at                     Environmental
  night (11 Days over 12 months, not yet complete)                    The Cost Effective Alternative

  Reviewing [12 hours]
                                                                      §   A comprehensive workplace audit
   Check the original workplace risk assessment and
   procedures as experience has built and originals                   §   A complete policy document
   may be flawed - (1.5 hour sessions x 8)                            §   A complete guidance document
                                                                      §   All risk assessments
  Maintaining [£250 plus 16 hours, plus 3-5 hours                     §   A repeat assessment after six months
  Retraining organised following year for update on
                                                                      §   Unlimited telephone advice and
  new regulations and practices - 1 Day @ £250                            assistance
  Review legislation to ensure policies and                           §   Free accident investigation cover
  procedures still relevant - 2 Days                                  §   Fixed monthly outlay by Standing
  Answer queries from staff, clients, insurers and                        Order
  Directors - ongoing, 3-5 hours per month

  revised 10.2003
Health & Safety                                               Full Support from £75 per month

Support Levels                                                The most popular and complete of the three options.
                                                              By subscribing to full support we will arrange a visit to
                                                              your business to perform a full safety audit and issue a
  Choose how much help you                                    comprehensive written report of how to go about
                                                              implementing safety and what issues you may have
  need with 3 Levels of Expert                                that could lead to accidents or liability issues.
  Support from C&G Services                                   The Safety Policy supplied under this service is a
                                                              comprehensive document which provides the tools,
                                                              risk assessments, checklists and guidance needed by
                                                              Managers to be confident in the knowledge that safety
                                                              issues have been addressed and are being effectively
                                                              and efficiently managed.

                                                              The document and its contents are provided in hard
                                                              copy and electronic formats. Updates and refinements
                                                              reflecting Best Practice and New Regulations are
                                                              handled annually as part of the service. The
                                                              responsibilities of the Manager extends to the day to
                                                              day management of the system but the vast majority of
                                                              these tasks can be effectively delegated to another
                                                              member of the team. This gives the added benefit of
                                                              letting a member of staff develop their own
                                                              competence in safety and 'buy in' to the safety

Workplace Audit, Accident Investigation and                   This level of support is typical of most businesses who
Telephone Support from £34 per month                          recognise both the need for safety and their moral and
                                                              legal responsibilities for reducing risks to staff, visitors
                                                              and others. Customers find that they can balance their
This option entitles you to a yearly Workplace Safety
                                                              various, and increasing, duties safe in the knowledge
Audit, full accident investigation cover and unlimited
                                                              that they are complying with the law but, and more
access to our advice and support services.
                                                              importantly, stopping accidents and ill health before
                                                              they occur. Visits from insurers or enforcing authorities
Whatever questions you have, this level of support
                                                              no longer give rise to concerns and premiums may well
gives you the answers and also provides a full,
                                                              decrease as compliance with best practice can be
in-depth analysis of your present position. We'll tell you
exactly what you need to do to comply with the Law
and Best Practice producing a comprehensive report
which tabulates all necessary improvements ordered
by type and giving a suggested date for completion.           Unlimited Telephone Support and Full Accident
                                                              Investigation Cover from £25 per month
If you have questions, our appendices (within the
report) and unlimited telephone support will guide            This option entitles you to a full accident investigation
you through solving them in the most cost effective           cover and unlimited access to our advice and support
manner. You will not however, qualify for the Safety          services by telephone, fax or email.           Whatever
Policy Document issued in the Full Support package.           questions you have this level of support gives you the
                                                              answers. You will not however, qualify for the Full Safety
This level of support suits Businesses that have              Policy Document issued in the Full Support package or
developed a full safety policy document and risk              the Workplace Safety Audit offered with the
assessments but would benefit from the support and            alternatives above.
guidance of an expert in order to continue to
manage       safety    issues    without    investing  a      This level of service is of most interest to Businesses who
disproportionate amount of time in research or                have already invested a significant amount of time
neglecting other important duties. It is also a way of        and money in safety and require some support from an
Benchmarking the progress which has been made on              expert to ensure that their actions are reasonable.
safety issues against others in similar organisations.        Perhaps the most commonly voiced need is the
                                                              difficulty of keeping up to date with new and
                                                              changing       regulations    and      making      informed
                                                              interpretations in order to react reasonably without
                                                              overregulating in the workplace.

     revised 10.2003

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