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                    Published by St. Colman's Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society

Volume No. 3                                  Issue No. 2                                     September, 2004

              By Mary Callaghan
      President, St. Vincent de Paul Society

 There is a line in one of the musicals that says,
 “May I introduce to you, the best, the kindest
 man I ever knew.....” Perhaps that line could
 best describe our new Pastor, Father James C.
 Sherlock, recently arrived from Our Lady of
 Lourdes Parish in Overbrook on July 1, 2004
 to replace both Bishop Robert P. Maginnis and
 Father Joseph Arnholt. It takes a wise and
 caring priest of experience to fulfill that
 pastoral role. And Father can indeed do that,
 for he has many years of priestly ministry
 experience, serving as Parochial Vicar in many
 parishes, including Annunciation BVM and
 Mother of Sorrows. He served as Pastor of Our
 Lady of Lourdes Parish in Overbrook from                   Heart Parish Elementary School in Manoa.
 1985 to 2004.                                              Even though he was not much older than the
                                                            boys he coached, he was well-respected and
 In addition to parish service, Father Sherlock             got results. He coached both football and
 has had part-time assignments as Chaplain of               baseball teams for the parish, and brought the
 Archbishop Ryan and Bishop Conwell High                    championship to the baseball team in 1954.
 Schools, at Nazareth and Lankenau Hospitals,               Father Sherlock was ordained on May 16,
 and as Director of the Main Line CYO Region                1964 and celebrated his first Mass in Sacred
 for seven years. He has successfully                       Heart Church.
 coordinated religious education programs. He
 was elected to the Archdiocesan Council of                 Father Sherlock, as a young man, caddied at
 Priests for a term of six years. His love for all,         Llanerch Country Club. In 1958 he caddied
 young and old, and tireless efforts for the CYO            for the great golfer, Billy Casper, during the
 merited for him the Father Daly award, the                 PGA Tournament held at Llanerch. Father
 highest commendation presented by the                      Sherlock occasionally plays and enjoys the
 Archdiocesan CYO to a religious or lay                     game of golf.
                                                            Father Sherlock's list of accomplishments is
 Father Sherlock, while still a high school                 impressive. It is important that we credit his
 student, coached the football players of Sacred            vocation and his priestly success to his
Father Sherlock                                             OUR NEW STORE IN GLENOLDEN
(continued from page 1)                                             By Mary Auxier
wonderful Irish Catholic background. His
father, John, came to Philadelphia from County            The St. Vincent de Paul Society has opened a
Down, Ireland around 1921. His mother,                   new thrift store in St. George’s Parish in
Anne, likewise arrived in Philadelphia from              Glenolden. I was able to speak with Alice
County Armagh, Ireland. She met her husband              Lavelle, the manager of the new store. She is
and they were married in 1930 and settled in Sacred      very excited about this brand-new place that
Heart Parish. They had five boys, John, Frank, Ned,      opened May 7.
Jim and Bill. In 1953 when the youngest boy was
eleven years of age, John Sherlock died suddenly,        The address is 407 South Chester Pike (where
suffering a heart attack. Anne raised her five sons      the Mitchell Lumber Company used to be) in
alone and resided in the family home until 1988          Glenolden. There are really three stores in this
when God called her home. They were proud of the
                                                         one location: first, there is the clothing,
fact that Sister Francis of Assisi, an Immaculate
Heart of Mary nun, was their mother's sister.            furniture, and miscellaneous items store;
                                                         second, there is a library with books, CDs,
Father Sherlock had quadruple heart by-pass surgery      records, and videotapes; third, there is the
on August 7, 2003. He has recently received a good       electronics room with TVs, VCRs, radios,
bill of health. When you see Father Sherlock after       DVD players, and microwave ovens.
Mass, or around the parish, please introduce yourself
to him and say hello. Father asked that you please       Alice told me about all the wonderful
pray for your priests and for an increase of vocations
                                                         merchandise which has been donated through
to the priesthood and religious life. We welcome
Father James C. Sherlock with open arms and open         local parish collections, and she wants
hearts to his new home in Saint Colman Parish,           everyone to pass the word around about all the
Ardmore.                                                 great things in the store. She has worked for
                                                         St. Vincent de Paul for eleven years, and has
                                                         been at the stores located on Woodland
             COMING EVENTS                               Avenue, in Darby, in Yeadon, on Oregon
 September 19 Catechetical Sunday, 11:15                 Avenue, and at Ninth and Luzerne.
 Mass; Food drive for BVM parish in Darby
                                                         Why not give the store a try? If you are
 October 3 Respect Life Sunday; Eucharistic              looking for a certain item or want to call for
 Adoration, after 11:15 Mass until 7 p.m. (see           directions, the number is (215) 586-5064; ask
 article on opposite page)                               for Alice, she knows everything!
 October 16 5 p.m. Mass, Sacrament of the
 Anointing of the Sick (see article on opposite
                                                                     Furniture Pick-ups
 October 23       Clothing Drive, 9 a.m. to 2
 p.m.                                                    The St. Vincent de Paul Society will pick up
 October 24       New Members’ Reception                 items that are too heavy to be brought to their
 after 11:15 Mass                                        truck - e.g., furniture. Ed Shirlow is the
                                                         Executive General Manager for the Society,
 November Sundays Turkey Boxes will                      and he is eager to receive any items that you
 return!                                                 may have to donate - bulky or not! Call 215-
 November 6 Eucharistic Pilgrimage to                    288-8160 for pick-up; if you do not receive a
 Washington, DC                                          response, you can reach Ed at 215-399-7824.
        VEHICLE DONATIONS                                    EUCHARISTIC DAY /
              By Peg Readinger                                 HEALING MASS

Since the beginning of this year, Catholic           On Sunday, October 3, St. Colman’s will
Charities USA and other national charities           sponsor a “Eucharistic Day.” At the 11:15
have been concerned about Congressional              a.m. Mass, the Blessed Sacrament will be
legislation on vehicle donation programs. This       exposed in the church all afternoon, and at
issue is being politically driven by the need to     7:00, a Vesper Service with Homily and
enhance federal revenue and to address the           Benediction will take place.
problem of taxpayers overestimating the value
of their vehicles in order to claim higher tax       On Saturday, October 16, at the 5 p.m. Mass
deductions.                                          our priests will administer the Sacrament of
Senator Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) has                the Anointing of the Sick to the elderly and
introduced an amendment that will limit              infirm. Please mark your calendars now to be
deductions to the sales price received by the        able to attend both of these grace-filled
charity. This could discourage vehicle               opportunities.
donations for two reasons: it will increase the
cost of donating and shift the responsibility to     If you need a ride to either of these special
determine fair market value of the vehicle from      activities, kindly contact Mary Callaghan at
the donor to the recipient charity.                  (610) 687-9005 x122. (This is a number at
The reason that vehicle donation programs are        which you may leave a message at any time
so successful is simplicity and fairness for the     of the day.)
donor; it is also a significant source of money
for many charities such as the St. Vincent de            Help Save St. Colman's Pipe Organ
Paul Society. Charities need to offer policy
makers a way to preserve the incentives for          Gold envelopes are available in the church
donating vehicles while sufficiently addressing      vestibule for contributions. Please consider
the problem of taxpayer abuse.                       helping with this most worthwhile project.
                                                     Everyone's help is needed to raise the
(Editor's Note: Generous folks from our parish       $132,000 to repair the pipe organ!
have donated five cars so far this year!)

                             OCTOBER CLOTHING DRIVE
 The St. Vincent de Paul Society is in desperate need of your clothes and used household goods!
 The Society, which runs 5 thrift stores in the Philadelphia area, needs your gently used clothing
 and other household goods to help fill these stores. A clothing drive will be held here in the
 parking lot on Saturday, October 23 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Volunteers from our parish
 conference will meet your car, help you unload your donations, and provide you with a tax
 receipt (if you want one). On most occasions, we fill the truck and we would like to do it again!
  Check the rear vestibule bulletin boards for goods SVDP will not accept. If you have a large
 amount of goods and can’t transport them to the truck, or if you have bulky items like furniture
 which you would like to donate, call 215-288-8160 for a pick-up at your home. If you do not
 receive a response, you can always reach Ed Shirlow, the Executive General Manager of the
 Society at 215-399-7824. Please help us help the needy!
        SISTER RUTH CATHERINE                        more well-fed among our group, including
              By Mary Auxier                         yours truly, a reason to stop and think.) Over
                                                     80 families are served each month by this food
Sister Ruth Catherine, the new Pastoral              cupboard, and each family upon enrollment
Minister for St. Ignatius Parish in West             receives a visit from a member of the Pastoral
Philadelphia, came to speak with the St.             Committee to verify their need.
Colman Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul
Society at our June meeting. We were all very                St. Ignatius Summer Day Camp
glad to meet her. She is a most inspiring
individual, being deeply involved in the past        The summer day camp at St. Ignatius (to which
with the beatification and later canonization of     a contribution has been made due to your
Mother Katherine Drexel. She has been                generosity to the “camp box” poor box
assigned to St. Ignatius for the near future; this   program in May) ran from June 21 to July 22.
is her fourth time at this parish.                   This year, the camp focused on academics,
                                                                             both remedial and
She spoke to us                                                              enrichment. The camp
mainly about her                                                             was for a half day and
work in the
                       “If you could see what good                           focused on math,
parish, their         you accomplish with your                               reading, and language
food cupboard                                                                arts. Breakfast and
(which the food       food and other donations, it                           lunch was provided to
drive in St.                                                                 each child. The parents
Colman’s is           would make your heart feel                             of each child will be
stocking every
other month),
                      good.”                                                 expected to make a
                                                                             contribution of $50 in
and the St.                                                                  terms of “tuition,” in
Ignatius Day Camp, which she was in charge           order that the child will appreciate the camp
of this past summer.                                 and work hard to achieve. In the afternoon, a
                                                     basketball camp was provided for the children.
                Food Cupboard
                                                     At least 100 children came from St. Ignatius,
The food cupboard situation, while not               Our Mother of Sorrows, and the surrounding
desperate, is still in very great need. Through      neighborhood. Our Mother of Sorrows parish
the bounty of the Lord, they have never run out      school enrolls approximately 250, and the St.
of food, but they have come very close.              Ignatius School is about 200 children.
According to Sister, their greatest need is for
breakfast cereals; Dinty Moore meals in a can;                       Final Thoughts
any type of soup (chunky or regular); boxed
stuffing mix and macaroni and cheese dinners;        Sister closed with the comment that, “If you
peanut butter and jelly; pasta and pasta sauce;      could see what good you accomplish with your
and tuna fish. When we questioned the boxed          food and other donations, it would make your
stuffing mix, Sister said that if they know it is    heart feel good.” Please continue to make your
a very large family or that there are a large        heart (and our hearts, and the hearts of those
number of children, they will add the stuffing       we help) feel good by continuing to donate to
mix to the family’s bag so that no one will go       the food drive and the clothing drive, as well
hungry. (This comment gave a number of the           as the poor box.