Monuments by CleoGarvin



I went to see Elsie Richards yesterday. She's had a stroke, but remembered me. I couldn't find
the cemetery on my own...I didn't realize that one had to go into Menifee county, and then circle
back to Morgan:~) I couldn't have found it anyway with the directions from the Morgan county
web site. Anyway, I backtracked to Elsie's and she went with me to the cemetery. One of the
Conferderacy groups in Morgan county recently erected a new monument at the grave site. Here
is a picture of both; the second picture is James Davis Johnston's wife, Rebecca Goad's,
monument. There is a verse on the bottom of James' old monument that I couldn't read. Elsie
said it said something like, "As you are now, I once was." It could be read if one took enough
time, I'm sure. It was interesting talking to Elsie. I'm glad I made the trip. Virginia wants to go to
the I know where to take her. She also wants to go to the cemetery where the
other Johnstons, including John and Susannah, are buried. We hope to do that in the next few

By the way, these are large files, but make it possible to zoom in several times before getting out
of focus.


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