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									My contest letter

      I am not American but Irish and I have been viewing America’s situation from an
outside view. I have a different twist to this essay. In this short essay I will discuss how
some of the American population is blind to what is happening outside of America and
what the American troops are dealing with. Also how some Americans think it is right to
fight in the wars for their country.

    Firstly I will discuss how a lot of the American people do not know the things
happening out in the world or how things work. I have been to America several times and
have come to realise that they only work inside the box they do not look in to in depth
situations. For example when Mr Ende Kenny won the role of Taoiseach in Ireland a new
york newspaper call him Mrs Ende Kenny. I have learned in school that what is written in
a newspaper goes through editing so the editor must of read this and thought it was
correct. I know Ireland isn’t majorly important but at least get his name correct? Or even
Google it?

     For my second point I would like to talk about the troop situation. It is great to see
president Obama is taking troops out but people in America seem to think that it is right
to fight. Don’t get me wrong it is to be proud of to stand up for the fellow men and
women in your country but to bring your children up to fight in war is just wrong. As said
in the poem dulce et decorm est , it shows what is really happening in war and how the
real situation is being censored by the government. Also while I was in America I noticed
that there were no African ads. In Ireland we have ads that show the starving African
children but Americans are blind to this fact.

      This has been my view on America and I do believe it is a place of freedom but
they need to show their people what is happening in other parts of the world.

By Sibhéal, Ireland

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