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Liviu Essay



Essay is known as a sort of encouregement for students to developt writning skills , these skills

allowing them to find out the plesure of the intelectual individual and to experince one of the
mostinteresting forms of freedoms the freedom of speach.

In open democracies this will end with a nice exercise for the respective person and with a briliant
career for a talentated writer.

Without this freedom we d never enjoyed so many beautifull books that have been offerd through the
centuries and deposited in worlds libriries or book shops.

To define simply what freedom and liberty offers to an individual is the multitude of choices that you
can have when this is around and the nothingness that you get in the absence

of it.

This was suppose to be a tribute to the 235 year of birth of America and is well known that ideas like
that are best valued by this country.

As i am reliefed by the patriotic duties to glorify these i am in the liberty to say that as long this country
has fought to protect these through political cultural and military means

its worth every penny to enjoy freedom and liberty.

As a personal experince i love the concept of freedom and i bealive it has been a dormiting concept int
the human history beginning with the sumerian society and than evolved in some ways

in the persian empire and than in the ancient india or the budist maurya empire.
Some forms of liberty were scatered in the roman empire their law beeing design to embrace some
form of liberties but their

bad point was that they were ruled by the concept of citizenship as only the citizens of that empire
could enjpy those freedom and i will make a remark here saying that disclosoure isnt the real freedom

it just offers liberty onto teritorial concepts as i agree that a free individual will be free there or in other
point of this universe.

The roman empire has olso offerd liberty to the nobility and had nothing to offer to the comman
individual so it was long way from a free society.

What i find interesting is this:In Chinese, freedom is written 自由(ziyou). 自(zi) is the character for self,
and 由(you) is the character to follow, with an additional connotation of reason.

It is so intersting that one of the oldest empires of this planet reffers through its ideographic alphabeth
on the concept of freedom on the same way the anglo saxon world simply defines it as the free will

or other way saying the ability of an individual to take rational action in his life without beeing
manipulated or oppresed by other human beeing or non human.

As a personal individual i had experinced living in a place called Romania and witnessed both societies
the dark closed dictatorship and the open democracy.

Me or any other person beeing a traveler through these periods has the options to compare the past the
present and the future and i only say that you dont need to be american to love freedom as there is

more of it in here than in america on some levels.

This is just give you a dual existence which every other individaul has when he has lived the two
societies , you always have the option to hide under the words "it was better in the old days, the state

the real father thinking for me giving me, punishing me when ever he was thinking it was necesary".
You might be frightened of freedom coz liberty is the land of daily decisions of having choices and this is
hard to be digested by an individual brainedwashed through political or religious means onto the

to be guided in life.

I ve had the privilige to see the birth or rebirth of civil rights,freedom of assembly,freedom of
association,freedom of mouvement, freedom of religion, freedom of speach which is very near to my
heart,freedom of the press, freedom of thoughts,

privacy rights, freedom of bear arms, scientific freedom, academic freedom,economic freedom,

What is very interesting is that an individual will undestand these benefits ony if he gets throught some
sistems of educations and these will give him or her the ability at some age to pursue nd encourage
others to love freedom and liberty

so at some level family or the state through what it delivers into its education sistem is responsible if
these pair the lord freedom and lady liberty which will have open doors in the hearts of many individuals

I will think at some other personal experince to conclude and support my disartation.

For me liberty and freedom are awesome and i ve discoverd them through amesing freedom fighters
that i met in romania through the years at the personal level and all these people are icons for me when
i ve heard their stories in life and explained

them to me like watching these on the internets is really freedom and makes you love its values and let
the other generations not encounter this sort of world
durerii-integral-35-episoade/ so this link will tell you

why romanians are freedom lovers.these concepts are relevant to me due to the fact that i was able to
understant them a lot from others brave individuals i met in life

andi will cherish their teachings untill ill die

fallow the links and you will see why...
why do i love america is blind and there are sooo many things that i love about it that i ll need a
book not a bloody essay.

liviu romania

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