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					A short essay by Face1m
Its difficult to define what American freedoms and liberties are and what they mean to
me without including a conversation of there demises following the wildly accepted
terror attack and catastrophic failure of the American government September 2001.

Afterwards, the leader of the free world announced during his Axes of Evil speech, you
are either with us or against us. Leaving little room for dissent or an opposing view.
Pressured by the Bush administration, the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency ) an
arm of the federal government declared, ground zero, a safe working environment. This
action, or declaration, would allow a quick clean up and scrubbing of the scene, and
possibly the removal of any evidence that would support an opinion contrary to that of
any government official or government finding. Finally, in an article by The Washington
Post, entitled FAA Managers Destroyed 911 Tape, May 6, 2004. FAA managers freely
admit to destroying critical evidence, the conversations, air traffic controllers had with
the hijacked aircraft. Clearly, looking back at this event in history, the cover-ups,
concealment, an event so shrouded in mystery and deceit, that we as a people are suppose
to bow to an administrations that conjures up, a mind set of with us, or against, and that
we as a people are to take the government at its word! Where is dissent. Where is my
freedom to disagree.

In summary, the basic fundamental right of dissent that has been ingrained in the
American psychic, embedded in our way of life, our way of thinking. Gone. If you don't
believe me, ask Dan Rather, or Valerie Plame or a host of others that have lost their
careers to the once powerful voice of dissent. If you are in a position of power or
influence and you are not towing the, republican line, you my friend, are apt to become
an endangered species and life outside the lime light. Finally, I close with a question.
Should we celebrate death to the republican pretty, or our freedom to dissent.

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