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					Freedom and Liberty what does it really mean to me ? Well that’s some thing that
I really have to think about because I have never know life with out it. So lets look
at Religion in America you can worship how ever you want who ever you want or
that at all you can be a Christian you can be a Muslim you can be Jewish or be
into Buddhism or Atheists it’s all up to you it’s your choice and know one else
unlike in Afghanistan. I remember a story on the news and this is when George W
Bush was in office there was this man in Afghanistan who switched from Islamic
Religion to Christianity and in Afghanistan that’s a crime punishable by death isn’t
that crazy death for switching your Religion ? and that’s why there’s a freedom or
liberty in Afghanistan but there is here in America you can worship how ever you
want to. And now gay rights and I cant believe I am talking about gay rights
because I’m not gay !!! and I don’t care for gay rights but that’s just my opinion
here in America gay people for years now have been asking for the same rights as
others and married couples they want there relationship to be seen as the same
as other married couples they want to share there insurance and benefits like
married couples do they have there gay pride parades and march and wave there
rainbow flag and you know in other countries they couldn’t do that I saw where
two teenage boys where hanged for being homosexual in Iran isn’t that crazy
hanging them for being different but that’s not going to happen here in America
and that’s why there’s no freedom or liberty in Iran. Here in America if you don’t
agree with the president you can say it you can even tell him to his face that you
think he is a liar and doing a terrible job as president you can say that and you
don’t have to worry about back lash from the government unlike countries like
Cuba or Iraq. back when Saddam Hussein was in power if you would have called
him a liar to his face what would have happened to you ? would you have given
the firing squad or hung by the neck until you was dead or a long prison sentence
the same as in Cuba but not here in America we have election and if you don’t like
the president then you can vote him out of office and it’s that simple just cast
your vote for who ever you want and go on about your day with out worry from
the government but you can’t do that in Iraq or Cuba and that’s why they don’t
have freedom or liberty like we do here in America. Here we have the freedom to
speak or minds the right to chose for our selves who we as the people want to run
or government sure we have or problems just like ever other country in this world
but in the end we come together and fix our problems just as we will in these
hard times so in closing I want to say thank god I’m an American because there’s
no better country on earth !!! Terry123

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