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									                                      “Freedom and Liberty”
                                      Written by BaronessAsh

What is freedom? Freedom is often defined as the exemption from external control, interference,
and regulation. It is the power to determine without restraint. If we look at only this definition
of freedom, it will be easy to say that none of us are free. Ultimately, there will always be at
least one thing that we factor in whether consciously or unconsciously that will influence our

Psychologist and Holocaust survivor, Victor Frankl, while discussing the rations of bread given
to the camp prisoners, stated that “the last of the human freedoms was to choose one’s attitude in
any given set of circumstances; to choose one’s own way.” For me this is the penultimate
freedom, and the only one that should matter. This is the only freedom that cannot be taken

It appears as though more and more people are becoming displeased with the American
government, stating that more and more freedoms are being taken away as time goes on. People
are so quick to point fingers at this and that and blame others for the things that aren’t going right
in their lives. I will admit that I too have been guilty of this in the past. I would like to point out,
that these freedoms are only surface freedoms. They are of the most trivial unimportance.

The truth is that real freedom in its rawest form lies within one’s self. I feel fortunate to have
realized this at this point in my life, where I have been flooded with many decisions that would
cause people to look at me differently and possibly with disapproval. This does not matter
though, because I have been blessed with this realization that freedom and liberty is found only
within oneself, not society, and not in the government. How one lets a certain situation affect
them is something that no one can ever take away no matter how hard they try. You can take
away my personal possessions, my food, my shelter, my healthcare, my human rights, but you
will not take my spirit.

I would ask those people who feel as if they are losing their freedoms everyday to look inside
themselves and find what truly is holding them back. I would ask them to liberate themselves
instead of wasting time pointing fingers.

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