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					Takoma Park Preservation, Takoma Park, Maryland
Merrimac Gardens                          -      1001, 1003 , 1005 University Boulevard
The Crossroads at Flower -                       8624, 8626 Flower Avenue
Sligo View Apartments                     -      641 Houston Avenue

Developer:                         Montgomery Housing Partnership, Inc.
                                                                                                Construction and Permanent Financing
Architect:                         EDG Architects
                                                                                               Montgomery County, MD            $6,420,080
General Contractor:                C.M. Parker
                                                                                               LIHTC syndicated by Enterprise
Management Company:                C.T. Management                                               Community Investment         $4,706,420
Construction Management: LimeRock Contractors                                                  Citibank                         $2,850,000
Project Description:                                                                           Deferred Developer Fee              $504,926
The Takoma Park Preservation project consists of 75 rental units in four                       NeighborWorks America               $258,250
apartment buildings at three sites, all in Takoma Park, Maryland. The                          Enterprise Green Communities
rehabilitation of Merrimac Gardens, The Crossroads at Flower, and Sligo                          Grant                              $50,000
View Apartments consists of almost entirely new plumbing and electrical
systems, all new kitchens and bathrooms, and refurbished exteriors. In                         TOTAL                           $14,789,676
addition, the project has numerous green features which make the
buildings more efficient while saving money for the residents. Construction
began January 2008 and is expected to be completed in November 2008.

         Merrimac Gardens                              The Crossroads at Flower                           Sligo View Apartments
  1001, 1003, 1005 University Blvd.                     8624, 8626 Flower Ave.                              641 Houston Ave.

                 20 Total Units                                 27 Total Units                                28 Total Units

           1 efficiency unit at 40%                        13 one bedroom units                             18 one bedroom units
        of Area Median Income (AMI)                          4 at 50% of AMI                                  2 at 40% of AMI
                                                             7 at 60% of AMI                                  3 at 50% of AMI
             8 one bedroom units                             2 at market rate                                 12 at 60% of AMI
               2 at 40% of AMI
               4 at 60% of AMI                             14 two bedroom units                             10 two bedroom units
               2 at market rate                              2 at 40% of AMI                                  8 at 60% of AMI
                                                             11 at 60% of AMI                                 2 at market rate
             11 two bedroom units                            1 at market rate
               3 at 50% of AMI
               8 at 60% of AMI

                                          (See reverse side for list of amenities and green features)
                            Amenities and Green Features

The Takoma Park Preservation project features an array of amenities and sustainable
green features for the benefit of residents and the community, including:

    •   Energy Star appliances including refrigerators and stoves
    •   Individually metered in-unit HVAC systems
    •   Time-delayed fans in bathrooms for ventilation to control moisture
    •   Increased interior lighting efficiency with Energy Star lighting fixtures in units
        and common areas
    •   Increased exterior lighting efficiency with Energy Star lighting fixtures with
        daylight sensors on all outdoor lighting
    •   Increased water-conserving appliances and fixtures with low-flow toilets,
        showerheads, and faucets
    •   Low-VOC paints, primers, adhesives and sealants
    •   Wood flooring throughout non-ground floor living and dining rooms
    •   Green Label certified carpets, pads, and carpet adhesives in non-ground
        floor bedroom units
    •   A maintenance manual that describes proper use, maintenance, and
        benefits of all green features for the management company
    •   Rain barrels at many drain spouts for efficient watering of grass and
    •   Smart Site locations – near existing development with public transportation
        and retail nearby
    •   Native landscaping with a selection of new plants and trees that are
        appropriate to the sites’ soils
    •   Garbage disposals
    •   New reflective roofs at Merrimac Gardens and The Crossroads at Flower
    •   Community room at Sligo View Apartments