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									      Chair’s Report
 4th IVS General Meeting
Concepción/Chile, January 9-12, 2004

                    Wolfgang Schlüter

                 Bundesamt für Kartographie und
                   Geodäsie, Fundamentalstation
                         Thanks to
University of Concepción and in particular to the TIGO group
               and to the Coordinating Center

       for preparing and hosting the 4th IVS GM 2006

               Local Organizing Committee:
                       Hayo Hase, chair
                       Jenny Neumann, Secretary
                       Oscar Cifunente

               IVS Coordination Center
                   Dirk Behrend (NVI, Inc./GSFC)
     Thanks to the Program Committee
for the preparation of the scientific program
    Dirk Behrend (NVI. Inc./GSFC-USA)
    Johannes Böhm (TU-Vienna, Austria)
    Oscar Cifuentes (UdeC/TIGO-Chile)
    Ed Himwich (NVI, Inc./GSFC-USA)
    Yasuhiro Koyama (NICT-Japan)
    Jinling Li (SHAO-China)
    Seiji Manabe (NAO-Japan)
    Arthur Niell (MIT-Haystack, USA)
    Axel Nothnagel (Univ. Bonn - Germany)
    Pierguido Sarti (IR-INAF, Italy)
    Alan Whitney (MIT-Haystack, USA)
              IVS General Meetings
• IVS GM 2000 “Highlights and Challenges of VLBI”
    Kötzting – Germany, February 21-24, 2000
• IVS GM 2002, “Prospectives for the Future”
    Tsukuba-Japan, February 4-7, 2002
• IVS GM 2004, "Today's Results and Tomorrow's Vision"
    Ottawa-Canada,February 9-11, 2004
• IVS GM 2006, “Next Generation VLBI2010”
    Concepcion-Chile, January 9-11, 2006

    IVS set goals for the future and consequently improved its
          products with time to meet service requirements
     Important steps since GM2004,
              not complete and very general
• Newsletters are an important tool for information
• IVS Observing Program has been evolved in order to
  improve the product quality and quantity
• Digital recording systems implemented and continuously
• E-VLBI Experiments continued and improved successfully,
  routinely employed for Intensives
• CONT05 has been observed to demonstrate the VLBI
  capabilities and the capabilities of combination with other
  techniques, IGS and ILRS requested their components to
  enhance the activities during CON05.
• And more …
           “Next Generation VLBI2010”
            Working Group 3 report: “VLBI2010:
     Current and future Requirements for Geodetic VLBI”
By Arthur Niell, Alan Whitney, Bill Petrachenko, Wolfgang Schlüter, Nancy Vanden-
berg, Hayo Hase, Yasuhiro Koyama, Chopo Ma, Harald Schuh, Gino Tucari

– Report was reviewed by Gerhard Beutler, IAG President,
  and Jan Kouba, formerly IGS analysis coordinator.
– Report is a very good basis for the coordination of future activities
– Report provides good arguments for new developments
– Report supports to obtain funds

– Report is distributed to all members
– Report should be distributed not only within IVS to experts but also to
  administrators and agencies which make use of IVS products
         VLBI 2010 Committee
VLBI 2010 Committee established at the DB-meeting in
 Washington in September 2005

   Members : W. Petrachenko (chair), D. Behrend (CC), J. Böhm,
     B. Corey, R. Haas, Y. Koyama, D. MacMilan, Z. Malkin, A.
     Niell, G. Tuccari
   • To contribute to global geodesy at highest level, it is necessary
     to maintain ongoing research activity directed at continuously
     improving the VLBI technique.

   Primary function is to promote and guide research into the
     improvement of the technique of geodetic VLBI,
   • Take integrated view of VLB I, evaluate the effectiveness of
     proposed system changes
   • Take over responsibility for encouraging the implementation of
     WG3 recommendations
     From the Directing Board
• Nancy Vandenberg retired
• Dirk Behrend became the new Director of CC
  and chair of the OPC
• FAGS representative in the Board: FAGS has
  nominated Roy Booth, Onsala - Sweden
Let’s keep the good work!

       Thank you!

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