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					          the        Courthouse Journal
                          W W W.W A C O U N T I E S.O R G
                                                                                    Washington Association of County Officials
                                                                                     Washington State Association of Counties
  April 11, 2003
  Issue No. 14             Senate Passes Local Option Revenues Package
     Inside the            Providing Relief to Some Counties and Cities
 Courthouse Journal
                              ESB 5659, authorizing additional funding             The bill also included two amendments that
 Budget, Finance and       for local governments, passed the Senate last        would make a minor change in the Growth
                           night on a vote of 37-9. The bill will allow all     Management Act. Ferry County would be
     Pages 3 - 5
                           counties to place on the ballot a local option       allowed to opt-out of the comprehensive
Courts, Law and Justice    sales tax of up to three-tenths of one percent.      planning provisions of the Growth
        Pages 6            The resulting revenues would be shared sixty         Management Act. Clallam and Jefferson
                           percent for counties and 40 percent to be            County would be allowed to update their
 Elections, Licensing      distributed on a per capita basis to cities in the   comprehensive plans in 2005 rather than
    and Recording          county. Approval will require a simple               2004.
      Pages 7 - 8          majority vote.
                                                                                   You are urged to send letters of thanks to
Emergency Management         In addition, it permits voter approved             Senator Jim West and the prime sponsor,
       Page 9              annual increases in levies for multiple              Senator Shirley Winsley. Others voting in
                           consecutive years, up to six years. This             favor were Senators Brandland, Brown,
Environment, Land Use      provision was a component of the Tri-                Carlson, Deccio, Doumit, Eide, Fairley,
    and Resources          Association package that was intended to             Franklin, Fraser, Hale, Hargrove, Haugen,
       Page 10
                           improve existing revenue elements for local          Hewitt, Honeyford, Horn, Jacobsen, Kastama,
   Public Health and       governments.                                         Keiser, Kline, Kohl-Welles, McAuliffe,
   Human Services                                                               Morton, Mulliken, Oke, Parlette, Prentice,
                              These elements will provide two tools for
        Page 11                                                                 Rasmussen, Reardon, Regala, Sheahan,
                           counties that need increased revenues.
                                                                                Sheldon, B., Shin, Spanel, Swecker, and
                           However, other provisions advanced by the
  Transportation and                                                            Thibaudeau. If one of your senators supported
     Public Works          Tri-Association, the local option utility tax
                                                                                the bill please let them know you appreciate
       Page 12             and new property tax authority were not
                                                                                their vote.
                           included in the bill.
Training and Upcoming
       Pages 14            Scholarship Update: The selection process begins…..
                           The Washington Counties Scholarship Fund received over 150 applications for the
     Good Things
                           2003/2004 awards. Five awards of $1500 each will be announced in early May. The
     Pages 15 - 16
                           preliminary review will be completed in late April and the final selection will follow. The
  Calendar of Events       number of applications was substantially lower this year.
     Page 17 - 18
                           Budget Remains Center of Attention
  The House
  Barely Passes a
                              Last week the Senate passed its version of        million of new revenue for an “Education Trust
                           the 2003-5 operating budget on to the House.         Fund”. The revenues were expected to come
  Budget, Revenue
                           This week, the Senate unveiled a capital             from sin taxes, eliminating some tax
  Bill and Several
                           budget and passed a number of bills                  exemptions and perhaps increasing lottery-
  Policy Bills This
                           necessary to implement the budget. House             based gaming. There is no definitive word yet
                           leaders joined with the Governor,                    on when the House will unveil its budget
                           Superintendent of Public Instruction and             proposal.
     See Page 12           other Democrats to announce that the House
                                                                                  A number of legislators have expressed
                           budget proposal would include at least $100
                                                                                shock at the level of backfill funding for small
 counties in the budget. This shock has       members, because you cannot tell who         Washington Counties Project
 not yet translated into a pledge to          will ultimately have a say about this        Pays Tribute to 39 Counties
 increase those funds. It is important        budget. We need to make sure that
 for counties to increase the funding         whoever it is, they care about counties.        Dedication for the Washington Counties
 number in the House budget, if at all                                                     Project took place on April 3 in the North
                                                 Counties should also note that as the     Capitol Campus Heritage Park, Olympia.
 possible. As the House continues to
                                              Senate acted on budget bills necessary to    Harold Moss, president of the Washington
 struggle to find a majority for a
                                              implement the budget this week, they         Association of Counties, was recognized at
 budget, the Legislature entered the
                                              passed a number of tax exemptions. The       the event, along with Bill Vogler, WSAC
 serious vote trading stage of the
                                              Senate majority has argued that these        executive director.
 session. This means that even though
                                              bills are necessary to improve the
 a county’s representatives might not
                                              business climate. Many of these bills           The project features historical markers
 support the budget, he or she might
                                              will further reduce counties’ already        placed along the Arc of Statehood, the
 vote for something else that would
                                              shrinking revenues.                          broad path that borders Capitol Lake below
 result in backfill funding. Counties
                                                                                           the State Capitol. The brass markers honor
 need to keep talking to their house             On the transportation front, the          Washington's 39 counties and each has a
                                              Governor continues to host talks with the    brief description of the history of each
                                              four corners. Observers are frustrated by    county.
     The Courthouse Journal                   seeing the parties so near to agreement
                                              on the big picture, but sharply divided on      Lt. Gov. Brad Owen of Shelton, the
 Published weekly by the Washington           details. Counties continue to fight to       dedication speaker, discussed the diversity
 Association of County Officials (WACO)       preserve the County Road                     of the state's regions and the role of Native
 and the Washington State Association of      Administration Board’s independence.         American groups in the history of many of
 Counties (WSAC).                             The Senate is not budging off its            the counties. His own county, Mason, was
                                              proposal to merge the board. The House       originally called Sawamish after a local
 We welcome your suggestions and              does not support the merger. Urban           band of Squaxin Island Indians.
 contributions. The weekly deadline is noon
                                              counties are facing similar challenges as
 Wednesday.                                                                                  Take a walk and enjoy this beautiful
                                              the Legislature is trying to merge some
                                                                                           park while you learn a little along the way.
 Direct inquiries and correspondence to The   of the local functions in the Central
 Courthouse Journal, 206 Tenth Ave SE,        Puget Sound that are led by county and
 Olympia, WA 98501-1131 or                    city officials.

 Phone (360) 753-7319
 Fax (360) 664-2812

 Debbie Wilke, Executive Director
 Michelle Hagen, Deputy Director
 Christina Bridston, Programs Coordinator
 Brenda Bamford, Financial Operations Mgr
 Kathie Houts, Administrative Assistant

 Phone (360) 753-1886
 Fax (360) 664-2812

 Bill Vogler, Executive Director
 Paul Parker, Assistant Executive Director
 Maureen Morris, Deputy Director
 Sophia Byrd, Policy Director
 Law & Justice, Emergency Management
 Jean Wessman, Policy Director
 Human Services, Juvenile Justice, Housing
 Scott Merriman, Policy Director
 Transportation, Land Use
 Vicki Kirkpatrick, Policy Director
 Public Health & WSALPHO Administrator
 Tom King, Associate
 Research & Telecommunications
 Jim Potts, Coordinator, Housing Outreach
 Tom Robinson, Coordinator, Timber
 Trina Bannister, Finance Manager
 Ginni Peppert, Events Planner / Secretary
 Barbara Warden, Meetings / Secretary
 Beth Dubey, Accounting & Business Asst.
 Tom Jensen, Technology Project Staff
 Nicole Simpkinson, Special Projects            NOTE: Legislative Committee schedules and agendas can be
                                                found at

Page 2                                                                                         The Courthouse Journal – April 11, 2003
                                        Budget, Finance and Taxes

   Last Senior Exemption Bill                       SHB 1075 clarifies that the date on a      manufacturing, as well as the land on
   Dies in House Finance?                        death certificate will be used to             which the property is located. This
                                                 implement the exception to payment of         property would be exempt from property
      While SB 5034, the last of the senior      back property taxes related to the death      taxes for six years from the date the
   exemption bills failed to pass out of the     of an owner. It also restores language to     facility becomes operational. The
   House Finance Committee by the April 7        the timber tax law limiting the reference     amount of the exemption would be based
   deadline, it may not be dead The              to “applicable rules” to just those rules     on the annual percentage of the total
   committee heard the bill March 25, but        adopted under Title 76 RCW (Forests           value of all products manufactured.
   failed to pass it on to Rules. So it’s dead   and Forest Products).
                                                                                                  SHB 1241 establishes tax deductions
   … right?                                         2SHB 1095 deals with definitions,          and exemptions for the retail sale and
      Not necessarily! Budgets and matters       reporting requirements and cost-share         distribution of biodiesel and alcohol
   necessary to implement the budgets are        funding of the road maintenance and           fuels. The property tax portion would
   exempt from the cutoffs until April 18.       abandonment plan (RMAP).                      exempt all personal property used
   How is a senior exemption bill necessary                                                    directly in the motorized transportation
                                                    HB 1102 clarifies that the term
   to implement the budget? ESSB 5404                                                          of biodiesel or alcohol fuel blends
                                                 referring to groups organized for
   the Senate Operating Budget for 2003-                                                       beginning with the collection in 2004
                                                 environmental conservation purposes is
                                                                                               through 2009. This exemption applies if
   2005 includes an appropriation for the        “nature conservancy corporations” to
   Department of Revenue to implement                                                          at least 75% of the fuel distribution
                                                 whom the Department of Transportation
   this bill. $145,000 of the state general                                                    activity is biodiesel or alcohol blends.
                                                 may convey environmental mitigation
   fund is appropriated for fiscal year 2004     sites.                                           SHB 1250 establishes the rent
   and $118,000 of the state general fund is                                                   formula as a percentage of a marina’s
   appropriated for fiscal year 2005, is            HB 1133 would require county
                                                                                               gross revenues, as set by the Department
   provided solely to implement the              assessors to submit an annual property
                                                                                               of Natural Resources.
   property tax relief. If SB 5034 is not        tax report to the Department of Revenue.
   enacted by June 30, 2003, the amount          The report would detail property taxes           SHB 1278 eliminates the requirement
   provided in the Senate Budget will lapse.     levied within the county including the        that personal property affidavits must be
   Since any and all of these cutoff rules       assessed value, levy rate and levy            signed and verified under penalty of
   can be suspended, we will have to wait        amount for each property tax district.        perjury for property tax purposes. This
   and see what the House Budget includes        The report would also contain details of      permits personal property lists and
   and what is finally agreed to by the          the calculations for the district revenue     affidavits to be electronically
   entire legislature.                           limits, including information on the          transmitted. See story on page 4.
                                                 amount of banked levy capacity.
                                                                                                  ESHB 1564 is the treasurers’ clean-up
   Assessor Interest Bills Still                    HB 1196 authorizes hospital districts      bill which modifies various county
   Moving                                        to enter into payment agreements for the      treasurer provisions.
      The good news is – the list is getting     purpose of reducing their exposure to
                                                                                                  SHB 1737 repeals outdated and
   shorter. The bad news is - while these        fluctuations in interest rates. This is
                                                                                               unused tax exemptions, deductions,
   bills are still moving, nothing is dead       done by including hospital districts in the
                                                                                               credits, and deferrals.
   until “Sine Die” or the end of session.       definition of “local government” for
   Since any and all cutoff rules can be         chapter 39.96 RCW. SSB 5321 is the               ESHB 1742 authorizes a public
   suspended, we will have to wait and see       companion bill.                               facilities district created after January 1,
   what the final outcome holds. As of this                                                    2000, to acquire, construct, own,
                                                    ESHB 1218 creates a first responder
   date the following bills are still moving.                                                  remodel, maintain, equip, reequip, repair
                                                 building mapping information system.
                                                                                               and operate a recreation facility. SB
      SHB 1069 waives interest and               The Washington Association of Sheriffs
                                                                                               5865 is the companion bill.
   penalties on late property taxes if the tax   and Police Chiefs would create and
   bill was not sent to the taxpayer due to      operate a mapping system including all           HB 1905 allows non-profit museums
   an error by the county. This bill has         state and local government owned              and performing arts associations to retain
   been signed by the Governor.                  buildings. ESSB 5269 is the companion         their property tax exemption when they
                                                 bill.                                         allow another organization that does not
      HB 1073 is a treasurers' bill that                                                       qualify for the exemption to use or rent
   provides for foreclosure proceedings for         2SHB 1240 establishes tax deferrals
                                                                                               their exempt property.
   delinquent property taxes against lots        and exemptions for the manufacture of
   that are private leases of publicly owned     biodiesel and alcohol fuel. The property        HB 2001 exempts real and personal
   land will take place against the sublease     tax exemption includes all buildings,         property of non-profit organizations that
   rather than the improvement on the lot.       machinery, equipment, and other               use the property for soliciting gifts,
                                                 personal property used in the                 donations, and grants for individual

The Courthouse Journal –April 11, 2003                                                                                               Page 3
                           Budget, Finance, and Taxes (continued)

   artists.                                      owners. Property owners may                    are removed by the county treasurer.
                                                 electronically transmit personal property      When a mobile home is going to be sold
      EHB 2146 exempts buildings,
                                                 affidavits to the assessor. The returned       or rented out, rather than destroyed, the
   machinery, equipment and other
                                                 affidavits will contain electronic data        outstanding taxes become the
   personal property used in the
                                                 that will be much easier for assessors to      responsibility of the landlord and the
   manufacture of wood biomass fuels and
                                                 process. Excel spreadsheet affidavits          movement of the home is subject to
   the land on which the property is located.
                                                 can be developed to automatically              receiving the county certification.
   The exemption is for six years from the
                                                 download filing information into data
   date the facility becomes operational.                                                          SHB 1069, authorizing a waiver of
   The amount of the exemption is based on                                                      interest and penalties for property tax
   the annual percentage of the total value         The assessors felt it was time to           bills not sent to the taxpayer due to error
   of all products manufactured that is the      modernize some of the old property tax         by the county, was signed by the
   value of the wood biomass fuels               statutes to remove barriers to modern          Governor on April 10.
   manufactured. No new participants will        technology and they have accomplished
   be accepted after January 1, 2010.            the task. Congratulations to all the           Senate Capital Budget
                                                 assessors who worked so hard on this           Unveiled
     SB 5034 is the sole surviving senior
   exemption bill. See story on page 3.                                                            The Senate Ways and Means
                                                 County Treasurers                              Committee would boost capital
      SSB 5326 allows for the creation of                                                       investment in the State by nearly $330
   regional fire protection service                 ESHB 1564, the clean-up bill                million over the Governor’s proposal –
   authorities by participating fire             clarifying county treasurer fiscal             in a total capital budget of $2.7 billion.
   protection districts, cities, towns, port     provisions, has passed the Senate and is       Most of the increase in the Senate
   districts, and tribes. The bill provides      on its way to the Governor’s desk. This        version of the 2003-05 Capital Budget
   the new authority with regular property       bill is a WACO and Treasurers’                 would go to capital projects in higher
   tax levying authority of up to $1.50 per      Association legislative priority.              education and K-12 education. The
   thousand and the authority to impose                                                         Senate also spends $81 million more
   benefit assessment charges under certain         HB 1073, foreclosing against the
                                                 sublease rather than the improvement on        than the Governor on natural resources
   circumstances. It also reduces the levy                                                      projects and $46 million less on human
   rates of participating jurisdictions by the   the lot when property taxes are
                                                 delinquent on lots that are private leases     services facilities. Both the Senate
   rate levied by the new authority.                                                            budget and Governor Budget include $8
                                                 of publicly owned land (Lake Cushman
      2SSB 5364 this is the tax increment        bill), has passed the Senate and is on its     million for farm worker housing.
   financing bill. Although the Senate bill      way to the Governor’s office.                     The Senate proposes to fund the extra
   has not been through the House of                                                            spending by clarifying and increasing the
   Representatives, it is Governor request          SHB 1086, mobile home moving
                                                 permits, passed the Senate on                  statutory debt limit (currently 7 percent
   legislation that is considered necessary                                                     of state general fund revenues) to 8.5
   to implement the budget. The monies to        Wednesday and will head for the
                                                 Governor’s office. This bill was               percent. The constitutional ceiling is nine
   fund this bill are included in the                                                           percent.
   Governor’s budget.                            amended after input from the county
                                                 treasurers. As it now reads, if a mobile          In the natural resources arena, the
     SB 5783 implements the Streamlined          home or park model trailer has been            Senate budget provides $114 million in
   Sales and Use Tax Agreement.                  abandoned or has been awarded to the           funds for public water system
                                                 mobile home park landlord as part of a         improvements necessary for public
   Personal Property E-filing                    final court judgment for restitution of the    health and $48 million for grants to
   Bill should be on House                       premises, the landlord may move the            counties, cities and special districts for
   Calendar Next Week                            home on a public highway without               grants to improve water conveyance and
                                                 having to obtain an endorsement from           wastewater treatment. There is $13.6
      SHB 1278 is assessor priority              the county treasurer certifying that all       million for water supply facilities,
   legislation for the 2003 session. The         property taxes have been paid, provided        including the design of Black Rock
   new legislation eliminates the                that the home is being moved to a              reservoir in Benton County.
   requirement that personal property            disposal site for destruction. In order for
   affidavits be signed and verified under       this to be allowable, the landlord must           The Washington Wildlife and
   penalty of perjury. This opens the door       first file a signed affidavit of destruction   Recreation Program is funded at $40
   for personal property lists and affidavits    with the county assessor's office. Once        million, up from the $30 million
   to be electronically transmitted.             the affidavit is filed, the mobile home is     proposed by Governor Locke, but down
   Assessors may electronically transmit         removed from the tax rolls and any             from its usual $50 million appropriation.
   personal property affidavits to property      outstanding taxes on the destroyed home        Of that $40 million total, $9.4 million is

Page 4                                                                                           The Courthouse Journal – April 11, 2003
                           Budget, Finance and Taxes (continued)
   for habitat acquisition and $6.4 million      rose from the ashes this week and            counties, so that property taxes paid by
   for natural areas acquisition. The            includes revisions to the current property   county residents would not be shifted to
   remainder is for state and local parks and    tax finance provisions that can result in    infrastructure projects benefiting only a
   trails, urban wildlife habitat acquisition,   significant revenue shifts from county to    portion of the county without the prior
   and water access.                             city coffers.                                agreement of the county legislative
                                                                                              authority. As passed by the Senate, some
      Only $43 million is provided to the           2SSB 5364, as amended in the Senate
                                                                                              cities – or cities acting in concert with a
   Salmon Recovery Funding Board, down           Ways and Means Committee and passed
                                                                                              port district – may create a TIF area to
   from $54 million proposed by Governor         on the Senate floor on Thursday, April
                                                                                              finance infrastructure using property tax
   Locke. There is $60 million provided for      10, allows creation of tax increment
                                                                                              revenues that otherwise would go to the
   DNR trust land transfer program. The          areas when taxing districts imposing at
                                                                                              county general fund.
   Senate provides $11.6 million for state       least 60 percent of the regular property
   parks preservation, $8.5 million more         taxes within an increment area approve          The bill now heads to the House for
   than the Governor.                            of a project. This lowers the threshold      further action.
                                                 required from the current 75% and is a
   Tax Increment Finance                         stark contrast from the bill as introduced
   Expansion Roars Back to                       -- which would have required any
                                                 government levying property tax to
   Life                                          affirmatively opt into the tax increment
      The expansion of tax increment             area.
   finance legislation to include a state           WSAC had previously testified that
   match to sales tax increment increase         the opt-in provisions were critical to

The Courthouse Journal –April 11, 2003                                                                                             Page 5
                                               Courts, Law & Justice
 Bills of Interest This Week                   Local Government Liability                    listings are available at
                                               the Topic of House Work             
    SSB 5251, foreign judgments, passed
 the House this week. The next step is         Session
 the Governor’s desk where he will sign
                                                                                             Federal Grants Available for
                                                  County and city officials participated     Drug Courts
 the bill into law. For newcomers, when        Thursday in a House Judiciary
 a bill is signed, a picture with the          Committee work session on local                  The federal Bureau of Justice
 Governor and all interested parties is        government civil liability issues. After      Assistance is requesting applications for
 taken and the Governor gives each             the meeting Committee Chairwoman Pat          its Drug Court Grant Program, which
 participant a pen to commemorate the          Lantz encouraged presenters to work           assists states, state courts, local courts,
 event. All county clerks will be given        with the committee during the interim to      units of local government, and Indian
 notice of the bill signing and are            try and develop legislation for the 2004      tribal governments in developing and
 encouraged to come to Olympia when            session.                                      establishing drug courts for substance-
 their priority bill becomes law.                                                            abusing adult and juvenile offenders.
                                                  Tort reform is part of the Tri-
   Several bills met their demise this         Association legislative package for the         For FY 2003, Congress appropriated
 week with the last cutoff. Those bills are    Washington State Association of               $45 million for the program.
 HB 1223, coroner jurisdiction; HB 1236,       Counties, the Washington Association of       Applications are being sought
 dependency hearings, and HB 1001 and          County Officials, and the Association of      specifically for:
 SB 5018, voyeurism.                           Washington Cities. Although a number                     Adult Drug Court
    SSB 6002, legal financial obligations,     of bills were introduced this session, the                Implementation
 passed out of the Senate on Thursday          House has not passed tort reform
                                                                                                        Juvenile Drug Court
 afternoon. SSB 6002 will allow clerks         measures that significantly remedy local
 to take over collection of legal financial    government issues.
                                                                                                        Family Drug Court
 obligations from offenders that the              Thursday’s work session included a                     Implementation
 Department of Corrections no longer           number of specific examples of the                       Single Jurisdiction Drug
 supervises.                                   burdens on local government related to                    Court Enhancement
    ESHB 1218, the building mapping            joint liability, insurance availability and              Statewide Drug Court
 system for law enforcement and first          cost, erosion of the public duty doctrine,                Enhancement
 responders, passed the Senate Thursday        limitations on relevant facts that a jury
 morning. PSSB 5401, the Senate                may consider, and attempts to shift              Up to a total of $500,000 is available
 Capital Budget, includes $2,000,000 to        liability from the state to local             for implementation grants for up to three
 the Criminal Justice Training                 government through human services             years. A total of $300,000 is available
 Commission (CJTC) for the Washington          contracts. In particular, Yakima County       for enhancement grants for up to two
 Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs     Prosecuting Attorney Ron Zirkle               years. States, state courts, local courts,
 (WASPC) to conduct a school mapping           identified liability associated with jail     units of local government, and American
 and security project. WASPC and CJTC          and probation services as the most            Indian tribal governments may apply for
 will coordinate this effort with the school   serious area of concern. He said the          funding. Online applications are due
 safety committee and the Washington           Washington Counties Risk Pool cannot          May 22. Application information and
 state military department.                    effectively manage the risk in this area      the Resource Guide for Drug Court
                                               and frequently considers dropping             Applicants (a supplement to these
    PSSB 5401, the Senate Capital              insurance coverage for District Court         solicitations) are accessible only through
 Budget, also includes construction            probation services.                           the BJA website:
 monies for the Washington State Patrol
                                                  In addition to Zirkle, Kitsap County
 Crime Laboratories in Seattle (remodel),
                                               Administrator Malcolm Fleming and             gcourts.html.
 Spokane and Vancouver. Seattle is
 budgeted at $2,445,000; Spokane at            Kitsap Mental Health Director Larry
 $11,365,000, and Vancouver at                 Keller also participated on behalf of
 $10,000,000. The Senate Ways and              counties. Cities were represented by a
 Means Committee is voting on PSSB             Tacoma attorney, the director of the
 5401 today (Friday) and the bill may be       cities’ risk pool, and a city of Tumwater
 before the entire Senate as early as this     official. Representatives of the Area
 weekend. The funding of the Crime             Agencies on Aging also presented
 Laboratories is a WACO priority.              testimony.
 WACO members are urged to contact               The work session may re-air over the
 their senators and express support.           next few days on TVW. TVW program

Page 6                                                                                           The Courthouse Journal – April 11, 2003
                                 Elections, Licensing and Recording
   Election Bills of Interest This               June date proposed in the original bill,        instant runoff voting.
   Week                                          but also recognized that the first
                                                 Wednesday after Labor Day (as the bill          Licensing – Bills of Interest
      SHB 1093, ballot candidate order,          was amended in the House) was not                  SHB 1036, modifying subagent
   was heard by the Senate Government            going to take care of the need for a            authority to process mail-in vehicle
   Operations and Elections Committee,           longer period between the primary and           registration renewals is on the Senate
   last Friday. Auditors’ Legislative Chair      general election dates. All interested          Floor Calendar.
   Greg Kimsey, Clark County, testified in       parties will go back to the drawing board
   favor of the bill, but it was not voted out   over the interim.                                  SHB 1592, regulating special license
   of committee and is dead for this session.                                                    plates is on the Senate floor calendar.
   The committee did take action on SHB             HB 1473 and HJR 4206, specifying             Due to an increase in the demand from
   1160, harmonizing election crimes and         when vacancies may be filled that occur         constituent groups seeking recognition
   penalties and ESHB 1158, enhancing            after the general election, have been           and funding through the establishment of
   voting systems certification (with a          passed out of the Senate Government             commemorative or special license plates,
   technical amendment), sending both bills      Operations and Elections Committee to           the high cost of implementing a new
   the Rules Committee. SHB 1222,                the Senate Rules Committee. This bill           special license plate series, and the
   requiring voting devices to be accessible     and the constitutional amendment it             uncertainty of the state's ability to recoup
   to individuals with disabilities has          requires were prime sponsored by Rep.           its costs, the legislature has decided to
   moved to Rules, as well.                      Zack Hudgins, who asked both WACO               delay the implementation of new special
                                                 and the County Auditors’ Association            license plates. In the new process, once
     ESB 5374, the Help America Vote             for their support. Subsequently, the            an application has been approved by the
   Act, has passed both Houses and is on its     Legislative Committees of both                  Special License Plate Review Board, the
   way to the Governor’s desk.                   organizations wrote letters in support of       application need not be reviewed again
                                                 this legislation, which fills a small gap in    for three years. The Board must review
      SSB 5218, requiring timely mailing of
                                                 election law. According to language in          the number of specialty plates sold for
   absentee ballots passed the House on
                                                 this bill, when a partisan elected official     each plate series on an annual basis. The
   Thursday. SB 5463, military and
                                                 leaves office after an election but before      board may make a recommendation to
   overseas voting, is on the House floor
                                                 an elected successor's term has begun,          the Legislature to discontinue a special
                                                 the successor can take office                   plate series. The application fee for
      HB 1106, allowing the Secretary of         immediately after the election results are      those organizations is $2,000 and is to be
   State to make unannounced visits to           certified. The successor need not go            applied to the state implementation costs
   county election offices and facilities to     through the appointment process. The            for the organization’s special plate.
   observe handling, processing, counting        bill applies to partisan elected officials at
   or tabulation of ballots, is on the Senate    the county-level or in the legislative or          SSB 5600, regulating the disposition
   calendar.                                     executive branches. Before passing the          of returned licensed plates, authorizes
                                                 bills, the Senate Government Operations         the Department of Licensing (DOL) to
       HB 1935, changing prerequisites for                                                       provide used license plates to individuals
                                                 and Elections Committee amended them
   county auditors calling special elections,                                                    who request a plate for non-vehicular
                                                 to say that a successor can take over the
   is in the Senate Rules Committee waiting                                                      use. The Department of Licensing may
                                                 vacated office only if the successor is of
   to be pulled onto the Senate floor                                                            charge a fee of up to $5 per used plate to
                                                 the same party as the incumbent. Where
   calendar. It would be helpful for any                                                         recover their costs for postage and
                                                 the successor is of a different party than
   auditors who have members on Senate                                                           handling. This bill is in the House Rules
                                                 the incumbent, a post-election, pre-
   Rules to give them a call and ask for a                                                       Committee.
                                                 January vacancy must be filled through
                                                 the normal appointment process. If this           SB 5970, requiring that the family law
      SSB 5221, reorganizing the Title 29        bill passes the legislature, the issue will     handbook be provided when a person
   election statutes, is in the House Rules      appear on the General election ballot this      applies for a marriage license is on the
   Committee, awaiting its place on the          fall, and if approved by voters would be        House floor calendar.
   House calendar. Auditors can help move        effective January 1, 2004.
   this bill by calling House Rules members                                                         The administrator for the courts will
                                                    The following bills have been                create a handbook explaining the
      ESHB 1431, changing the date of the        reviewed in previous issues of the              sections of Washington law pertaining to
   primary election, was heard by the            Journal and are now dead after                  the rights and responsibilities of marital
   Senate Government Operations and              committee cutoff in the second House:           partners to each other and to any
   Elections Committee last week, but no         SB 5153, electing county commissioners          children during a marriage and
   action was taken to amend or move the         by district; ESSB 5150, library trustee         dissolution of marriage. The handbook
   bill out of committee. Committee              elections; HJR 4204, simple majority            may also be provided on videotape or
   members were clearly opposed to the           school district levies; and SHB 1390,           other electronic form. The county

The Courthouse Journal –April 11, 2003                                                                                                 Page 7
                  Elections, Licensing and Recording (continued)
 auditor is required to distribute the       unanimously on April 9.                     were previously confidential to become
 family law handbook to an individual                                                    available to the public 75 years after they
 who applies for a marriage license under    County Auditor Priority                     are created was passed out of committee
 RCW 26.04.140                                                                           and is in the Senate Rules Committee.
                                               SSB 5477, requiring the delivery of
                                             endorsements by recording officers was         HB 1154, which provides funding for
 Recording – Bills of Interest                                                           the State Archives oral history program
                                             passed out of the House Local
     SHB 1081, providing funds to deter,     Government Committee last Friday and        as well as other archive activities, is in
 investigate, and prosecute real estate      was voted out of the House unanimously      the Senate Rules Committee.
 fraud crimes by adding a $1 surcharge to    on April 10.
 deeds of trust, passed the Senate
 unanimously on April 9. The surcharge       Archives Legislation
 is to sunset in 2006.
                                                EHB 1152 revising funding of the
    HB 1566 gives county auditors the        archives division is still sitting in the
 additional option of retaining electronic   Senate Rules Committee.
 copies of claims, bills, and specified
 records. The bill passed the Senate           SHB 1153 which allows records that

Page 8                                                                                       The Courthouse Journal – April 11, 2003
                                            Emergency Management
 Local Plans Required To                     impacts (costs) of future disaster events.     Additionally, the EMD staff has
 Receive Federal Mitigation                  The funding amounts vary according to          developed other tools and is available to
                                             the annual federal program, but the state      provide guidance and technical
 Funds                                       is currently in the process of allocating      assistance to county staff in order to help
    Now is a good time for elected county    to local jurisdictions more than $330,000      them develop the county plan.
 officials to check in with their local      in pre-disaster mitigation grants and has
                                                                                               For more information, please contact
 emergency managers about the state of       received more than $1 million over the
                                                                                            Marty Best, State Hazard Mitigation
 hazard mitigation planning in their         2-year life of that particular federal
                                                                                            Program Manager at (253)512-7073 (or
 communities. Only 11 counties               program.
                                                                                   or John Ufford,
 currently have completed plans,                If a county hasn’t yet developed a          Mitigation Program Coordinator at (253)
 according to the state Emergency            hazard mitigation plan, it still has time to   512-7475 (or
 Management Division (EMD).                  complete the process by the November           Both individuals are available to guide
    A local Hazard Mitigation Plan           1, 2004 deadline.                              elected officials and their staff through
 facilitates good government decision-                                                      the process and make sure a county
                                                There is also plenty of help available.
 making and now is also required for                                                        remains eligible for these potential
                                             One tool already offered to each county
 counties to be eligible to apply for                                                       mitigation funds. Now is time to ask the
                                             by the state EMD was a mitigation
 federal hazard mitigation funds after                                                      question – Where are we with our
                                             planning software called “Mitigation
 November 1, 2004. Mitigation grants                                                        Hazard Mitigation Plan?
                                             20/20”. While not every county has
 are designed to fund projects that will     taken advantage of this product yet, it is
 eliminate or significantly reduce the       still available – and it is free.

The Courthouse Journal –April 11, 2003                                                                                              Page 9
                          Environment, Land Use and Resources
 Water Legislative Prospects                 Governor’s Water Policy Team, Senator        Water Quality Standards
 Muddy                                       Honeyford and Representative Linville        Cost-Benefit Analysis Out
                                             have met and decided to hold a mini
     All key water bills remain alive.       conference on water legislation. It is       for Comment
 Senator Honeyford and Representative        believed that the two chairs will add a         The Department of Ecology has made
 Linville have begun to talk about how to    member from the minority party in each       the draft Cost Benefit Analysis on the
 proceed with the elements of a 2003         house for the informal negotiations.         proposed changes to the surface water
 water package, but reportedly there is      These negotiations are said to be taking     quality standards (WAC 173-201A)
 little substantive progress. Senate Bills   place on Thursday, April 10 and Friday,      available for public review prior to final
 SB 5023 (replacement wells), SB 5027        April 11. The Governor’s Water Policy        rule adoption. The Draft Cost Benefit
 (watershed planning), and SB 5028           Team could be added to the discussions       Analysis for Public Review is now on
 (water pollution) all passed cutoff         over the weekend.                            Ecology's website at
 requirements and are now in the House                                          
 Rules Committee. The Senate’s                  Among the discussions, it is said that
 municipal bill, SB 5024 (public water       two tiers of water legislation will be          Ecology is asking for feedback on the
 systems), is currently dead after failing   discussed by the members. The first tier     assumptions and methods we have used
 to move out of House Appropriations.        that the members are said to be              in this document so there will be as
 However, it can still be resurrected        considering includes SB 5028 (water          much data and information as possible,
 because of a piece in the Senate budget.    pollution), both municipal bills (HB         and the best available information, in
 Additionally, SB 5025 (water right          1338 and SB 5024) and HB 1336                making their final determination as to
 relinquishment) and SB 5077 (stock-         (watershed planning). After the              whether the benefits of these proposed
 watering) are both currently dead after     members have discussed this tier, it is      rules exceed the costs.
 having failed to make cutoff.               said that they will consider SB 5106
                                             (water consumptive amount), SB 5023             Comments should be sent by April 22,
    While each of the three bills were       (replacement wells), and HB 1317 (trust      2003 to: Cathy Carruthers, Department
 amended with striking language by the       water rights) in a second tier. It is said   of Ecology, P.O. Box 47600, Olympia,
 Senate Natural Resources, Energy &          that all other water bills will be           WA 98503 or
 Water Committee, HB 1336 (watershed         considered on their own merit.
 planning), HB 1337 (replacement wells)
 and HB 1338 (municipal water rights) all      Many water lobbyists are becoming
 passed cutoff requirements and remain       doubtful about the prospects for major
 alive in the Senate Rules Committee.        water legislation this year.

   According to a member of the

Page 10                                                                                       The Courthouse Journal – April 11, 2003
                               Public Health and Human Services
 National Public Health Week                  State Board of Health                          Doherty and Council member Carolyn
 April 7 – 13, 2003                           Meeting Focuses on Public                      Edmonds (also a member of the State
                                                                                             Board), explained to the State Board that
                                              Health Funding                                 local government has such limited
    Along with 46 other states,
 Washington recognizes and celebrates            At a meeting in Olympia this week,          revenue options and funding that
 National Public Health Week. Public          the State Board of Health heard from           impossible choices must be made.
 Health has been, through history, the        state and local officials about the funding    Oftentimes that means public health
 single largest contributor to increasing     crisis in public health. Several bills have    funding is squeezed when additional
 people’s lifespan through such things as     been introduced this session that would        funding is allocated to support the
 safe food handling, safe waste disposal,     provide dedicated funding for public           demands of the criminal justice system –
 immunizations, disease surveillance and      health in recognition of the growing           another mandated county responsibility.
 control, children and families preventive    demands on the public health system to         Representatives from several health
 services, health promotion through           respond to such things as West Nile            departments stated that the per capita
 education on the relationship of lifestyle   Virus, Severe Acute Respiratory                funding for public health has decreased
 choices to health, etc.                      Syndrome (SARS), smallpox planning             in their jurisdictions by more than 25
                                              and preparedness, and other Bioterrorism       percent in the last few years. Most local
    This year’s theme is overweight and       threats. All of this, while still needing to   health departments have exhausted all
 obesity. The goal during this week is to     maintain vigilance in controlling all          reserves to maintain services and now
 educate American adults and children         other infectious diseases and providing        they are facing service reductions.
 about the health risks associated with       important preventive services to children
 this fast-growing epidemic and to                                                              Council member Carolyn Edmonds
                                              and families. However, these bills are         said that the time is right for new,
 present communities and individuals          technically dead. Neither House has
 with ways to “shape up their future”.                                                       dedicated funding source for public
                                              acted on the Tri-Association public            health. If King County experienced a
 Today, approximately two-thirds of all       health funding proposal of a statewide
 American adults are overweight or                                                           smallpox outbreak, it would devastate
                                              voter approved property tax dedicated to       the State’s economy. We can’t afford to
 obese. The proportion of children who        public health (HB 2070/SB 5920).
 are overweight has tripled since 1980.                                                      be unprepared.
 This epidemic is not limited to any             The State Board of Health heard that,
 particular, race, ethnic group or gender.    while the State has prioritized public         Death Investigations
                                              health highly in both the Governor and
   Marked by local events throughout the      the Senate’s proposed budgets, the                SHB 1223, coroner jurisdiction, failed
 country, National Public Health Week         funding is held at slightly less than the      to make the cutoff this week and died.
 will focus on five areas in which            funding for the current biennium. That         The bill gave coroners and medical
 communities can work together to tackle      is simply not enough to guarantee              examiners jurisdiction over child deaths,
 obesity, including:                          ongoing public health protection at the        which they already have, but also would
                                              level our citizen’s expect. Dr. Tom            have required notice by them to DSHS
         Increasing physical fitness                                                        of any child death. It also would have
          opportunities for kids              Locke, member of the State Board of
                                              Health and Health Officer for Clallam          exempted DSHS from the confidentiality
         Promoting healthier living                                                         statutes protecting autopsies and post
                                              and Jefferson Counties, said that
          through better community                                                           mortem reports.
                                              legislators and the public tend to forget
          design, including more walking
                                              about funding public health until
          paths, bike lanes and parks
                                              illnesses become very public (like West
         Offering better opportunities for
                                              Nile Virus and SARS). Locke said, “If
          fitness and healthy eating in the
                                              you want a system able to respond to
                                              these problems, you have to invest in
         Serving up more nutritious          that system. It’s uncomfortable for us,
          options in schools                  but we have to admit, we lack
         Providing healthier dining          resources.”
          options in local restaurants and
          markets                               Several members from local boards of
                                              health, including Commissioner Mike

The Courthouse Journal –April 11, 2003                                                                                            Page 11
                                    Transportation and Public Works

 The House Barely Passes a                       The House also passed the                   The Senate Highways and
 Transportation Budget,                       Transportation budget SHB 1163 along        Transportation Committee passed their
                                              with several other bills to implement the   versions of budget SHB 5338 and
 Revenue Bill and Several                     budget. The budget bill makes the           revenue SSB 6061 bills out of committee
 Policy Bills This Week.                      various appropriations to the               this week. The budget bill still includes
    By a vote of 51-46, the House passed      transportation agencies. The bill does      the merger of CRAB and TIB staff even
 over to the Senate a transportation          retain CRAB and TIB as separate             though the policy bill still hasn't passed
 revenue package ESHB 2231. The               agencies.                                   the Senate. The revenue sources include
 revenue package is based upon four                                                       a one-time five cent gas tax increase.
                                                 They also passed the sales and use tax
 principal sources. A four cents per                                                      The increase would be repealed once the
                                              equalization for transit bill HB 2229.
 gallon gas tax. The tax would be                                                         projects have been paid for. They also
                                              The bill provides a sales and use tax
 increased one cent per year. A 15%                                                       include a 15% increase in weight fees
                                              equalization program for the transit
 increase in truck weight fees with the                                                   (including motor homes) and $2 increase
                                              agencies. ESHB 2228 passed and it
 revenue dedicated for freight mobility                                                   in vehicle license fees. The new fee
                                              provides funding for the commute trip
 projects. A 0.046 % sales and use tax                                                    would be used by local air agencies for
                                              reduction program.
 increase on new and used vehicles                                                        pollution control programs and funding a
 collected at the time of title transfer. A                                               portion of the rescue tug out at Neah
                                              The Senate Highways                         Bay. Finally, they include a three tenths
 $2 increase in the motor vehicle license
 fee to cover clean air programs. We          Committee Passes Their                      of one percent increase on sales tax on
 have yet to see the revised project list.    Transportation Budget and                   new vehicles.
 The list continues to change depending       Revenue Bills.
 on the amount of proposed revenue.


Page 12                                                                                       The Courthouse Journal – April 11, 2003
                                 Training and Upcoming Events

   Instream Flow Workshop
   Registration Available
      A workshop titled “Instream Flow
   Science and Management in Western
   Washington: Developing a
   Comprehensive, Ecosystem-Based
   Approach” will take place May 28-29 at
   the University of Washington.
      Details can be found at
   stream/ The conference will feature a
   number of scientific and technical
   experts from across the Western United

The Courthouse Journal –April 11, 2003                          Page 13
                                                     Good Things

   Coroner Making Anti-                           Blasdel is working on the CD with the         governed by county commissioners and
   Drinking CD-ROM                                Benton-Franklin Substance Abuse               representatives from every member
                                                  Coalition in Richland and ImageWorks          employer. Board members, consultant,
      When Franklin County Coroner Dan            Media Group, a Pasco multimedia               and staff are constantly evaluating
   Blasdel tried to show Pasco High School        production company. Researchers from          insurance coverage to find the best
   students what happens when you drink           Washington State University in Pullman        balance between level of coverage,
   and drive, he wasn't invited back to           are planning to show scenarios to high        service and premium. While those efforts
   campus for two years. He showed the            school students to track their reactions to   are ongoing, the results are not always
   juniors and seniors in driver's education      the CD. "We have a philosophy that we         noticeable due to increasing costs from
   classes slides of people killed in drunken     are going to make this happen," said          all directions: provider charges, new
   driving accidents. Some of the students        Peggy Haecker, executive director of the      technology, new drugs, and an aging
   wept and went to the principal's office.       Benton-Franklin Substance Abuse               population. Pool board members are
   Although his goal was to "scare them           Coalition in Richland. "The idea is to        pleased to see such positive results from
   straight," Blasdel said he's since found a     have this in every kid's hand when we         their bold decision to self insure the
   new approach to his continuing mission         finish production." Officials hope the        medical plans and redesign prescription
   of preventing teens from drinking and          CD will reduce the number of teens who        drug benefits.
   driving -- an interactive CD-ROM.              drink, especially those who get behind
                                                                                                   Recognizing that prescription drug
                                                  the wheel.
      Blasdel is heading up production of                                                       costs were a major factor in driving the
   the CD, which is designed for high                In 2001, there were 394 boys and 147       overall cost of medical care, members
   school and college age students. It's          girls arrested in Benton and Franklin         voted to establish a formulary program; a
   three years from landing in the hands of       counties for DUI, according to Benton-        list of drugs that include the best value,
   students in Tri-City schools, but Blasdel      Franklin Juvenile Department figures.         clinically effective alternatives available.
   hopes the CD eventually will be used           During the same year, there were 3,199        They also voted to use an independent
   across the state and nation. Blasdel, a        boys and 1,632 girls who were arrested        pharmacy manager; one not associated in
   father of four, demonstrated how the CD        for possessing alcohol, based on a report     any way with drug manufacturing and
   will work during a recent meeting of the       by the Governor's Juvenile Justice            the billions of dollars spent on direct
   Greater Pasco Area Chamber of                  Advisory Committee.                           advertising to consumers.
   Commerce. He's also making                       This story was published Tuesday,              They also introduced a three tiered
   presentations at Kiwanis, Rotary and           April 8th, 2003 in the Tri-City Herald        incentive copay design that asks
   chamber meetings around the Tri-Cities                                                       employees to talk with their doctors
   to raise money for the CD, which is            By Genoa Sibold-Cohn Herald staff
                                                                                                about the cost as well as the quality of
   expected to cost $150,000 to complete.         writer
   About $20,000 has been raised so far.          http://www.tri-
                                                   The three tiered design has a lower
      The way the CD will work is that it         1p-2944223c.html                              copay for generic drugs, a slightly higher
   will take students through a scenario                                                        copay for preferred brand name drugs,
   where alcohol is present -- a family           Washington Counties                           and a 50% copay for non-preferred
   barbecue, a party at home. The student                                                       drugs.
   then must decide what happens and is
                                                  Insurance Pool Reaping the
   shown the consequences of that choice.         Benefits of Boldness                             According to Ms. Wallace, “The new
   The scenarios use real people, who                                                           drug programs were introduced over a
   include actors from The Richland               (Washington Counties Insurance Fund /         three year period while the previous
   Players. In one scenario, a man offers         Washington Counties Insurance Pool)           medical plan with no restrictions was
   his nephew a beer at a family barbecue.           After years of planning and employee       slowly phased out. By January 1, 2003,
   The student using the CD then gets to          education, the Washington Counties            nearly 100% of our employees were
   decide if the nephew drinks the beer.          Insurance Pool (WCIP) is seeing a             enrolled in the new drug formulary
   When the student drinks the beer, he           dramatic drop in prescription drug costs      medical plans. By self-insuring, we cut
   vomits and later crashes his uncle's new       on its medical plans. “Drug costs have        administrative costs to the bone. Now
   car. When he doesn't drink the beer, he        dropped by 40% in recent months”, says        that the move to drug formulary plans
   is chastised by the uncle. "With us being      WCIF/WCIP Executive Director Kitty            has been accomplished, we are seeing a
   able to personalize it, I think it will make   Wallace. “If these savings continue, we       real turnaround in costs. This is going to
   them think. It puts them in the shoes of       are going to have a very good 2004            be an exciting year.”
   the scenario and those consequences that       renewal.”
                                                                                                   Believing that few counties are
   happen become more real," Blasdel said.          The Washington Counties Insurance           equipped to operate autonomously in
                                                  Fund (WCIF) and the WCIP are                  today’s benefits environment, the WCIF

Page 14                                                                                          The Courthouse Journal – April 11, 2003
                                            Good Things (continued)

   Board of Trustees and the WCIP Board
   of Directors invite all Washington
   counties to participate as members.
      For more information, please call
   Kitty Wallace or Terri Luther at (360)
   586-0466 or email or

The Courthouse Journal –April 11, 2003                                Page 15
                                                Calendar of Events
   2003 MEETINGS
   April 6 -12                                  May 15                                   June 24
   National Counties Government Week            CPO Training, Decision-Making in the     CPO Training, (full day core course),
                                                Workplace (full day elective course),    Spokane
   April 16                                     Eastside TBD
   WCIF/WCIP ACE Committee Meeting                                                       June 24
                                                May 19 – 22                              CPO Training, Navigating through
   April 16                                     WASPC Spring Conference, WestCoast       Change (tentative) (half day elective
   CPO Training, Public Meetings – Public       Grand Hotel, Spokane                     course), Spokane
   Disclosure, (half day elective, Joint City
   County, repeated from 2002), Colfax          May 21 - 23                              June 24
                                                Association of County Human Services     WCIF Board of Trustees – WSAC
   April 17                                     meeting, Tri-Cities                      Summer Conference/Spokane
   CPO Training, Public Meetings – Public
   Disclosure, (half day elective, Joint City   May 28 - 31                              June 24 – 27
   County, repeated from 2002), Wenatchee       Western Interstate Region (WIR) Annual   WSAC Summer Convention, Spokane
                                                Conference, Reno-Sparks, Nevada          Valley Doubletree
   April 23
   CPO Training, Public Meetings – Public       May 29 - 30                              July 11 – 15
   Disclosure, (half day elective, Joint City   WAPA District Court Training Program,    NACo Annual Conference, Milwaukee
   County, repeated from 2002), Silverdale      SeaTac                                   County, Milwaukee, WI

   April 23 - 25                                June 5                                   July 16 - 18
   WAPA Spring Training Program,                CPO Training, Risk Management (full      Association of County Human Services
   Tumwater                                     day core course), Westside TBD           (ACHS) meeting, Vancouver

   April 24                                     June 11 - 13                             July 29-August 23
   CPO Training, Public Meetings – Public       Washington State Association of County   IACREOT Conference, Denver CO
   Disclosure, (half day elective, Joint City   Auditors’ Annual Conference, Sun
   County, repeated from 2002), Chehalis        Mountain Lodge, Winthrop                 July 30
                                                                                         CPO Training, WCRP Sponsored
   April 25                                     June 16 - 18                             Elective Course Title (TBD), Spokane
   CPO Training, Public Meetings – Public       Washington State Association of County
   Disclosure, (half day elective, Joint City   Assessors Conference, Okanogan           August 21
   County, repeated from 2002), Edmonds                                                  WCIP Board of Directors Rate Setting –
                                                June 16 - 20                             Wyndham Gardens at SeaTac
   May 1                                        Washington State Association of County
   L & I Retrospective Rating Meeting,          Treasurers’ Annual Conference,           September 3-5
   Best Inn R&R, Ellensburg                     Davenport Hotel, Spokane                 WAPA Special Assault Training
                                                                                         Program, Leavenworth
   May 5 - 8                                    June 18 - 19
   County Auditors’ Elections Conference,       Washington State Association of          September 7-9
   Yakima                                       Coroners and Medical Examiners           WAPA Juvenile Training Program
                                                Conference Training, Spokane             Leavenworth
   May 5 - 9
   WAPA-Support Enforcement, 2003               June 18 - 20                             September 8-11
   Annual Training, DoubleTree Hotel            WAPA Summer Conference, Chelan           Washington State Association of County
   Spokane City Center, Spokane                                                          Assessors Fall Conference, Red Lion,
                                                June 18 - 20                             Kennewick
   May 8                                        Association of Washington Cities
   CPO Training, Decision-Making in the         (AWC) Annual Conference, Red Lion        September 9-12
   Workplace (full day elective course),        Grand Hotel at the Park, Spokane         County & Regional Planning
   Puyallup                                                                              Directors/City Planning Directors Joint
                                                June 23 - 27                             Conference, Campbell’s, Chelan
   May 14 - 16                                  Washington State Association of County
   WAPA Support Staff Training Program,         Clerks’ Annual Conference, Silverdale    September 17-19
   Sun Mountain                                 Hotel, Silverdale                        ACHS meeting, Moses Lake

Page 16                                                                                   The Courthouse Journal – April 11, 2003
                                      Calendar of Events (continued)
                                               May 12-14
   September 18                                WAPA Support Staff Training Program,      May 11-13
   WCIF/WCIP Insurance Advisory                Chelan                                    WAPA Support Staff Training Program,
   Committee 2004 Renewal Meeting,                                                       Spokane
   WCIP Board of Directors, WCIF Board         May 24–27
   of Trustees --- West Coast Hotel at         WASPC Spring Conference, Yakima           May 23–26
   SeaTac                                      Convention Center, Yakima                 WASPC Spring Conference, West Coast
                                                                                         Wenatchee Center Hotel, Wenatchee
   September 29–October 3                      June (Date TBD)
   WACO/WSAC Joint Conference,                 National Sheriffs’ Association meeting,   June 13-16
   Doubletree Hotel, SeaTac                    Seattle                                   WSAC Summer Convention, Kennewick

   September 30                                June 22–25                                June 22-24
   CPO Training, Ethical Dilemmas:             WSAC Summer Convention, Sheraton          WAPA Summer Conference, Chelan
   Integrity as a Tool for Successful Public   Tacoma, Pierce County
   Officials (full day core course), SeaTac                                              July 15–19
                                               June 23-25                                NACo Annual Conference, City &
   October 1                                   WAPA Summer Conference, Chelan            County of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
   WCIF Board of Trustees in conjunction
   with the WACO/WSAC Legislative              July 16-18                                September 13-16
   Conference                                  ACHS, Vancouver                           County & Regional Planning
                                                                                         Directors/City Planning Directors Joint
   October 15                                  July 16–20                                Conference, Campbell’s, Chelan
   WCIF/WCIP A.C.E. Committee                  NACo Annual Conference , Maricopa
   Meeting, Yakima                             County, Phoenix, AZ                       October 3-7
                                                                                         WACO/WSAC Joint Conference, Ocean
   November 17–20                              September 14-17                           Shores
   WASPC Fall Conference, Campbell’s           County & Regional Planning
   Resort, Chelan                              Directors/City Planning Directors Joint   2006 MEETINGS
                                               Conference, Campbell’s, Chelan            July 21-26
   November 19-21                                                                        NACo Annual Conference, Denver, CO
   ACHS meeting, Seattle                       October 4–8
                                               WACO/WSAC Joint Conference,               2007 MEETINGS
   2004 MEETINGS                               Spokane                                   TBD
   February 27 – March 2                                                                 NACo Annual Conference, Richmond,
   NACo Legislative Conference, Hilton         November 15-18                            VA (Sponsored by the Counties in the
   Washington & Towers, Washington             WASPC Fall Conference, Shilo Inn,         Metropolitan Richmond Area
   D.C.                                        Ocean Shores

   April 21-23                                 2005 MEETINGS
   WAPA Spring Training Program,               March 3-4
   Spokane                                     NACo Legislative Conference, Marriott
                                               Wardman Park Hotel, Washington D.C.

The Courthouse Journal –April 11, 2003                                                                                     Page 17