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					 Membership and Benefits

   *All of the following information can be found at the MENC website under Collegiate MENC and
                                           Member Benefits*


Active Membership: Open to individuals engaged in music teaching or other music-related educational
work. Each active member has the right to vote and hold office and receives a subscription to the Music
Educators Journal and Teaching Music. All active members hold concurrent membership in their respective
federated state association of MENC. Introductory and life members are also considered active members
and have the same privileges. Introductory membership is offered at a reduced rate for one year and is open
to individuals who have been Collegiate members during the preceding fiscal year. Life membership is
3000% of the current national dues.

Retired Membership: Open to former music educators who have retired from teaching or other music-
related educational work. Retired members have the same privileges as active members except the right to
hold elective office.

Corporate Membership: Open to companies that supply music education products and services. Member
benefits include opportunity to exhibit at MENC conferences, discounts on advertising in MENC journals,
company listing on the MENC Web site and in conference guides and December journal, the opportunity to
sponsor electronic communications, such as the weekly member news update, and a subscription to Music
Educators Journal and Teaching Music.

Affiliate Membership: Any organization that meets the following criteria may apply to the MENC National
Executive Board for affiliated organization status: 1. is a 501c3 non-profit national music organization, 2. has
at least 500 members, 3. its constitution and by-laws do not conflict with those of MENC, and 4. holds at
least one meeting of its membership or its governing board each year.

*Collegiate Membership*: Open to music students in teacher education programs at the college or
university level who are not employed full time as teachers. Collegiate chapter members have the same
privileges as active members except the right to vote or hold elective office.



As part of membership, active, retired, collegiate, and corporate MENC members receive Music Educators
Journal (MEJ) and Teaching Music (TM). These award-winning journals are issued five times yearly. Music
Educators Journal offers timely articles on teaching approaches and philosophies, current trends and issues
in music education, classroom techniques, and the latest in products and services. Teaching Music focuses
on practical articles in specific areas, with guidance on technology, advocacy resources, and “how to” articles
in all specialty areas--even an occasional lesson plan, as well as product listings.

Online Journals

The following online journals are available at to all members free of charge. Printed
Yearbooks for 2005-2006 are available for purchase.
General Music Today (GMT)
— a respected peer-reviewed journal that offers high-quality articles to keep you on top of emerging trends,
effective lesson ideas, and new materials for teaching general music at all levels. Don't miss the wealth of
information and ideas you'll receive from this journal, created especially for the general music educator.

Journal of Music Teacher Education (JMTE)
— A peer-reviewed publication focusing on topics of interest to professors involved in music teacher training.
This journal will bring you information on state-mandated curricula, certification issues, reform movements,
methods courses, and more.

UPDATE: Applications of Research in Music Education
— Practical applications for research findings in general music, choral, instrumental, and special topics in
music education. UPDATE offers information in a jargon-free, easily accessible style to keep you up to date
on new ideas and trends in research and creative ways to apply them in the classroom.

MENC Collegiate Newslink

Designed to meet the needs of Collegiate members, this e-magazine offers articles and news explaining how
to expand on your classroom education to better prepare yourself for the real experience of teaching.

Optional Subscription

Journal of Research in Music Education (JRME)
— This venerable, peer-reviewed journal contains thorough research reports that includes thorough analyses
of theories and projects by respected music researchers. With JRME, you're sure to be kept informed about
the latest findings in music education research.

Member Discounts

All members receive a 25% discount on all MENC-published resources including publications, videos, and
other items covering a wide range of music education topics.

MENC Web Site (

Available to all members, resources on MENC's Web site provide frequently updated information on
membership, conferences, events, programs, and publications, plus links to the U.S. Department of
Education, MENC affiliated organizations, and many others. A wealth of information is accessible, including
many online publications and special resources. Visitors will also find on the Web site a searchable index of
MENC publications and journals, a section devoted to the National Music Education Standards, and an
MENC staff list with e-mail links. Please use the online "Suggestion Box"

Music Education Mentors

Expert mentors in music education will offer online professional development ideas to MENC members by
contributing to MENC's online networks during the school year. MENC members who post questions at the
band, orchestra, chorus, and general music networks are able to get expert advice. During each month of the
school year, a mentor will monitor each network on an "as available" basis. A list of mentors and their dates
of participation are posted on the MENC Web site each month.

MENC Member News Updates

All members can elect to receive important and time-sensitive music education news and action items by e-

MENC Online Job Center
The Online Job Center provides current listings of open positions for all specialties and levels in music
education. All MENC members seeking jobs can also list personal information and qualifications at no
charge. This service is offered year round.

Performance Rights from ASCAP and BMI

Through an agreement with ASCAP and BMI, MENC-(or MEA-) sponsored groups led by active MENC
members are granted performance rights of music managed by these organizations. (This covers only
performances sponsored by MENC or state affiliates of MENC.) However, if members wish to record their
students' performance of any work, permission must be obtained through Harry Fox Agency.

For more information, visit the Harry Fox Agency Web site.

Optional Member Features

MENC WorldPoints® Credit Card
MENC offers a WorldPoints® Platinum PLus® Visa® credit card, an exciting new credit card rewards program
at competitive rates. Issued by MBNA, the leader in affinity marketing, it's got everything you'd want in a card
and much more, all with no annual fee. You'll earn one point for every retail dollar you spend with your card
toward: unlimited cash rewards, tickets on major U.S. airlines with no blackout dates, car rentals and hotel
stays in the U.S., and brand-name merchandise ... plus, double, triple and quadruple points can be earned at
participating merchants, and redemption can begin with as few as 1,500 points. MyConcierge(SM), a
complimentary cardholder service, can help you find tickets to sold-out shows and sporting events, locate a
special gift, even help plan a function for you. You'll have access to a powerful credit line as high as
$100,000 and equally impressive coverage to protect you and your purchases. What's more, the card that
rewards you supports music education. Each time you make a purchase with your credit card, a contribution
is made to MENC at no additional cost to you. Learn more by calling toll-free 1-866-438-6262 (TTY users,
call 1-800-833-6262). Please refer to priority code LJY0 when speaking with an MBNA representative to
apply. You can also apply online
For information about the rates, fees, other costs, and benefits associated with the use of the car; or to apply,
please call the above toll-free numbers.

MBNA America Deposit Accounts

MBNA offers a deposit account for MENC members. MBNA CD and Money Market deposit accounts are
FDIC insured up to $100,000 per depositor. For more information, call MBNA at 1-800-900-6705 and
mention priority code EA0GL.

Group Insurance Plan

Through an agreement with Forrest T. Jones & Company, Inc., MENC offers a variety of group insurance
coverages for you and your family, for low monthly costs and full protection. Free term life is available to new
members during the first year of membership. Other insurance plans available to all members include term
life, professional liability, private practice professional liability, long term care insurance evaluation service,
disability income protection, personal auto, Headstart, accidental death and dismemberment, and Life After
50. First year members have the option of free life insurance. For more information, call Forrest T. Jones &
Co., Inc., at 1-800-265-9366.

MENC Health Benefits Program

The MENC Health Benefits Program(tm) has been designed to provide our members with comprehensive
health insurance benefits at a price they can afford. The program is administered by leading providers of
national association benefits programs, Forrest T. Jones and Company. For specific features of this program
call 1-888-715-6584, or visit

Instrument Insurance
MENC has arranged an instrument insurance plan for MENC members through Music Agency, Inc. The plan
offers affordable rates and worldwide coverage and covers loss, theft, fire, and accidental damage. There is
a low deductible of just $15.00. For more information, call Music Agency, Inc. at 1-800-421-1283.

Car Rental Programs

Alamo and Avis both offer MENC members great savings on car rentals with nationwide service. 24 hour
advance notice is required. For more information, call Alamo Rent-A-Car at 1-800-354-2322 and ask for
Group ID #206729 and Rate Code BY.

Or call Avis Rental Car Company at 1-800-831-8000. Mention Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) number


As an Associate, MENC receives a small commission on purchases made by customers who
access the store via MENC's Web site. If you are seeking a book, CD, DVD, wireless phone, or other
electronics, software or kitchen gadgets, Amazon is a great place to shop online for competitive prices. For
MENC to receive the commission, you need to access Amazon from the front page of MENC's Web site, Just click on the Amazon logo.

Support music education while purchasing sheet music. has over 366,000 titles,
including songbooks, methods, choral pieces, band/orchestra, and much more. MENC receives a small
percentage of each purchase to help us support music education programs ... at no additional cost to you!
Visit for information or to order.

In Tune

MENC's secondary school teachers receive free subscriptions to In Tune Monthly, the magazine written for
music-making students in grades 7-12. In Tune is published monthly eight times from October through May
each school year. Teachers are invited to buy student subscriptions for the 2005-2006 school year by going
to MENC has encouraged and worked with In Tune Partners to create benefits for
MENC members since the launch of the magazine three years ago.

ID Theft Assist

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America, affecting millions of people each year. It only takes
seconds for someone to steal and use your personal information, but it could take years to completely
restore your identity. ID Theft Assist is a partnership between a leading credit bureau and a respected 24/7
crisis response team providing a comprehensive identity recovery system. MENC has arranged to provide
this valuable protection for members. To learn more, call (800) 265-9366 or visit

Special Research Interest Groups (SRIGs)

As a MENC member, you are invited to receive free e-mail newsletters from MENC's Special Research Interest
Groups (SRIGs). Make your selection from: Adult and Community Education; Affective Response; Creativity; Early
Childhood; Gender Research in Music Education; History; Instructional Strategies; Learning and Development;
Measurement and Evaluation; Perception and Cognition; Philosophy; Social Sciences; or all SRIGs.

Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN)

MENC is participating in SPAN's "Partner Program" to enable MENC members to join SPAN at $35 off their annual
membership fee. SPAN is a dynamic voice in book marketing and independent publishing , concentrating on
writers' needs for ongoing education, co-op buying power, product and service discounts, and sales and
networking opportunities. For more information, visit

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