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Finding adoptive homes for children in foster care with YOUR help since 1957                                                  Summer/Fall 2009

   MARE Adoption Parties: Newly-Focused on Specific Needs
   To anyone familiar with adoption parties, the scene                                    in the teens’ lives were there to encourage them and
   at Leo’s Bowling Alley in March looked familiar, but                                   to speak with waiting families. Unlike other adoption
   there was definitely something different…                                              parties, all the nametags were uniform with first names
                                                                                          only and there were no “waiting child” booklets. Two
   MARE has long been known as the agency that hosts
                                                                                          teens have already been placed with families from this
   adoption parties in Massachusetts. As one of the most
                                                                                          event, and there are more connections in the works.
   consistently effective ways to connect our waiting
   children and teens with families, these events are                                     Bringing out the best in each child
   unique in their approach. After 28 years of facilitating
   adoption parties, however, MARE is developing                                          What did MARE learn from this experience? Given
   new ways to structure these events to benefit the                                      the spotlight, our children and teens relax and let
   youngsters for whom the “traditional” adoption parties                                 people learn who they really are. While MARE
   were not successful.                                                                   will continue to host adoption parties as in the
                                                                                          past, there is certainly a place for more specialized
   Tailoring to specific needs                                                            recruitment efforts. This past July, a customized
                                                                                          football and cheerleading event was held with the
   The process of deciding what these new approaches
                                                                                          DCF Southeast Regional Office to focus on waiting
   would be began where all of MARE’s recruitment
                                                                                          children ages 8-12. MARE has also co-sponsored
   efforts start: by looking at the particular children and
                                                                                          an adventure camp with the DCF Western Regional
   teens and assessing their individual and collective
                                                                                          Office and Springfield College for the past several
   needs. One piece of the initial assessment was not
                                                                                          years. This program brings a group of teens together
   surprising; there was a group of teens in the Northeast
                                                                                          for two days of team-building exercises. The third
   that had been waiting longer for families than many
                                                              Kyle, 11, at football and   day culminates in an adoption party for all children
   of our other children. The plans for a bowling event       cheerleading party.         and teens.
   for teens and homestudied waiting families took off.
                                                                            A promising future
   With the support of the Department of Children and Families
   (DCF) Northeast offices and contracted agencies, an invitation-          MARE will continue to refine the way events are designed to
   only event was planned during which 14 teens, their social               best meet the needs of every waiting child and teen to find their
   workers and supportive adults, and 13 approved waiting families          own permanent family.
   came together for an afternoon of bowling. Teams were formed
   so that one-to-one interactions could take place. Supportive adults      MARE’s next party? See page 6 for Upcoming Events.

     Chowder Challenge Regatta on 9/7 * Fishing Tournament on 9/12 * Golf Tournament on 9/21
                                 BYC Golf Tournament for MARE will be held at the:
                 Beverly Golf and Tennis Club - Registration: 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. - Scramble: 1:00 p.m.

          Don’t golf? Join us for the evening’s banquet overlooking Marblehead Harbor!
    To sponsor or register for these events, visit
           or call MARE at 617-54-ADOPT or the Boston Yacht Club at 781-631-3100.
                                                                                                                                    MARE Staff
Krystal and Angel’s Journey to Adoption                                                                                             Lisa K. Funaro
                                                                                                                                    Executive Director
                                                                      By Lindsey Brynjolfsson

                                      Photo by Lindsey Brynjolfsson
                                                                      MARE Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter                         Tracy Scatterday
                                                                                                                                    Associate Director
                                                                      Fourteen-year-old twins Krystal and Angel had been
                                                                      waiting for their “forever family” for many years             Maurine Albano
                                                                                                                                    Child Services Coordinator,
                                                                      and were starting to doubt that they would ever be            Western Mass.
                                                                      adopted. But after a family inquired about them this
                                                                      past December on the AdoptUsKids website, which               Nikia Bodden
                                                                      recruits and connects prospective adoptive families           Child Services Coordinator,
                                                                      already homestudied with waiting children throughout
                                                                      the U.S., things started to look up for the Hispanic twins.   Ruth Bodian
                                                                                                                                    Family Support Services Director
                                                                      A few weeks after their initial inquiry, Martha and
                                                                      Herman met Krystal for the first time. Angel did not          Lindsey Brynjolfsson
                                                                      attend, insisting that he did not want to be adopted.         Deirdre Madden
                                                                                                                                    Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiters
                                                                      Though skeptical, Angel did agree to meet Martha
                                                                      and Herman during their next visit. Afterwards, Angel         Kristin Erekson
Krystal and Angel, both 14, moved in with                             asked, “If I want to go with them too, how soon can           PR & Fundraising Associate
their pre-adoptive family this summer.                                we move?”
                                                                                                                                    Janice Halpern
Over the next few months, Krystal remained committed to transitioning into Martha and                                               Director, PR & Fundraising
Herman’s home at the end of her school year. Like many older children in care, however, Angel
wavered between wanting to live with the potential adoptive family and wanting to stay with                                         Nichole Lawton
                                                                                                                                    Child Services Coordinator,
his current foster mom. It was after Krystal and Angel packed up for a five day visit that Angel                                    Southeast Mass./Worcester
changed his mind. Once the vacation was over, Angel was making calls to all of his social
workers asking how soon he could move in with Martha and Herman.                                                                    Christine Mitchell
                                                                                                                                    Child Services Coordinator,
From that visit on, June couldn’t come fast enough for the twins or their “forever family.”                                         Northeast / North Central Mass.
Krystal and Angel were both very excited to join a large Hispanic family - complete with many
cousins around their age - who had welcomed them into their lives from the start. Martha and                                        Marcia Mousaad
                                                                                                                                    Administrative Assistant
Herman believe their faith led them to Krystal and Angel – the children who were meant to
complete their family.                                                                                                              Milton Ortiz
                                                                                                                                    Latino PR & Web Coordinator
Lindsey Brynjolfsson has been MARE’s Western Massachusetts Wendy’s
Wonderful Kids Recruiter since 2007. She has been working to find an                                                                Carolyn Short
adoptive family for Krystal and Angel since April 2008.                                                                             Business Manager

                                                                                                                                    MARE news is published three times
Paul Deletetsky Joins Board of Directors                                                                                            a year by the Massachusetts Adoption
                                                                                                                                    Resource Exchange, Inc. (MARE).
For Paul Deletetsky, what had once started out
                                                                                                                                    MARE is a private, non-profit agency
as a simple business venture has now blossomed                                                                                      that exists to find “a permanent place
into something much more meaningful. A Senior                                                                                       to call HOME” for CHILDREN
Account Manager with New England Office                                                                                             waiting in foster care, including
                                                                                                                                    sibling groups and children who
Supplies since 1993, Deletetsky began his                                                                                           are traditionally harder to place.
relationship with MARE by providing the best                                                                                        We do this by recruiting, educating,
deals on everything from paper to pens to Post-its.                                                                                 supporting and advocating for
But now his relationship has become much more                                                                                       FAMILIES throughout the adoption
personal, as he joined MARE’s Board of Directors
this past April.                                                                                                                    Please direct inquiries or comments to:
“All I knew was the name MARE until Carolyn,                                                                                          45 Franklin Street, 5th Floor
the Business Manager, explained what MARE                                                         Paul Deletetsky                     Boston, MA 02110-1301
does,” Deletetsky said. “When she told me, I said,                                                                                    617-54-ADOPT(617-542-3678) or
‘I’m an adoptive parent!’ I felt a connection right then and there.”                                                                  1-800-882-1176
                                                                                                                                      Fax: 617-542-1006
Deletetsky and his wife Lorrie adopted their now 15-year-old daughter, Celia, from state foster                                       TTY: 617-542-7772
care in 1996. Using both his experience as a salesman and an adoptive parent, Deletetsky will                                         Web site:
be helping MARE to expand its fundraising initiatives.                                                                              MARE is funded in part by the
                                                                                                                                    Massachusetts Department of
Deletetsky has also been a member of the Knights of Pythias for almost 40 years.                                                    Children and Families (DCF)
2 • MARE news • Summer/Fall 2009
MARE Hosts Four Adoption Parties, Sees Many Matches

                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Brian Sullivan
 (L) Denzel, 16, steps up to the lane. (R) Cassie, 16, keeps an eye on the score.

 Northeast Adoption Party
 On March 28, MARE hosted its first specialized adoption party for 14
 waiting teens in the Northeast region of Massachusetts. Social workers,                                                   Raekwon, 11, participates in a ropes course.
 supportive adults, teens waiting for adoption, and 13 approved families
 gathered at Leo’s Metro Bowl in Peabody for some casual bowling, food,
                                                                                                                           Adventure Camp to Adoption Party
 and fun. This event matched two children with families. Ages 14 and 16,                                                   MARE, DCF, and Springfield College teamed up for two
 these two teens are now living in their new homes! Many thanks to all who                                                 days of adventure geared towards helping older waiting
 made this day possible.                                                                                                   children ease into the Western Massachusetts Adoption
                                                                                                                           party held April 25. For two days before the party, children
                                                                                            Photo by Jaclyn Mastromatteo

                                                                                                                           ages 10-16 attended Adventure Camp at Springfield
                                    Photo by Jaclyn Mastromatteo

                                                                                                                           College’s Camp Massasoit. There they were able to
                                                                                                                           build connections and confidence through activities like
                                                                                                                           canoeing, group games, and ropes courses. Thank you
                                                                                                                           to Cooley Dickinson Hospital’s Healthy Communities
                                                                                                                           Program who made this possible for our waiting children!

                                                                                                                             Football & Cheerleading Clinic

Jonique, 12, and David, 5, enjoy the party.

Hockomock YMCA Adoption Party
North Attleboro’s Hockomock YMCA hosted MARE’s Spring Adoption                                                                    Shahada, 7, reaches new heights.
Party on June 7. More than 70 prospective adoptive families came for                                                         This small July 12 event at Jordan’s Furniture
workshops and to meet some of the children available for adoption. The                                                       in Taunton featured a football and cheerleading
29 children at the party kept busy with dance demonstrations, cookie                                                         clinic for 8 waiting children in the Southeast and
decorating, arts & crafts, basketball, T-ball games, and much more! A                                                        their social workers. Eighteen families attended.
15-year-old boy has already been matched with a family thanks to this event.
                                                                   MARE • 617-54-ADOPT •                                                            MARE news • 3
MARE’s Online Auction a Success, Beats $15,000 Goal
MARE tried a new approach to fundraising during these

                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Boston Herald Staff Photographer Matthew West
challenging times, with an on-line auction held June 1–18 via

Nearly 100 generous businesses and individuals donated goods
and services to our “Bids to Help Kids” auction, which featured
over 300 items! An anonymous friend donated over $24,000
worth of art work, and the related story in the Boston Herald
drew even more bidders, from as far away as California, Texas,
and Kentucky! Over 65% of the items sold, raising $17,000 for
MARE’s work to find families for children in foster care.

       Read the Boston Herald’s article about
             MARE’s Online Auction at:

Thank you to MARE Board Member Nancy Woodfork who
donated the top-selling item – a week in Hawaii! Thank you to        Janice Halpern, MARE’s Director of PR & Fundraising, examines artwork
                                                                     donated by anonymous collectors to benefit MARE’s Online Auction.
all our donors, bidders, and friends who spread the word.

And many thanks to Jordan’s Furniture and Stop & Shop, our auction sponsors. Look for more auctions in the future, including a
combined on-line and in-person auction of the remaining art work. Sometimes, you just have to get up close and personal to fall
in love – just like meeting that waiting child who belongs in your family!

If you have season tickets, a time-share, or other exciting items that you’d like to donate to MARE, call us at 617-54-ADOPT (542-3678).

     Demaris is waiting

                                                                                                                                     Photo by Stephen Johnson
                                         Demaris,         soon
                                         to be 13, loves
                                         listening to music
                                         and being with
                                         her friends. Her
                                         favorite band at
                                         the moment is The
                                         Jonas Brothers. She
                                         also enjoys being
                                         active and is involved
                                         in organized sports,
                                         especially basketball,
                                         her favorite.
            Demaris (Reg. # 1502)
                                        With big brown
  eyes and a winning smile, this young lady of Hispanic           MARE’s Executive Director Lisa Funaro (left) with MARE Board members
  descent has a bubbly personality. When asked about her          MaryJo Johnson and Mary Beth Carmody aboard The Pride of Baltimore II.
  future, Demaris says that she would like to go to college
  someday.                                                        A Tall Ships Night for MARE
  Demaris is seeking a two-parent or single mom family            More than 30 MARE supporters had the opportunity to attend
  where she can be the only or youngest child. With the           a private reception on July 10 aboard the Tall Ship The Pride
  love and guidance of a permanent family, Demaris                of Baltimore II. Rhys Gardiner, a Boston foster parent and Tall
  will continue to blossom and reach her full potential.          Ships fan, donated the tickets. This event raised $1,180 for
  Learn more about Demaris. Call 617-54-ADOPT.                    MARE! Thank you Rhys and to all those who attended!

4 • MARE news •Summer/Fall 2009
Thank you! Your donations help match children with families!
          We have made best efforts to include      Jordan’s Furniture, Inc.                      Handel and Haydn Society
       all donors of $50+ from 3/1/09 to 6/30/09.   PG Gillette                                   Holiday Inn Boston/Somerville
           Please let us know of any errors.        Route 128 Used Auto Parts & Sales, Inc.       The House Of Seven Gables
                                                    Scarbro Foundation                            Huntington Theatre Company
Individual Donors                                   The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company           Stephen J. Hussey
                                                    Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr LLP       Hy-Line Cruises
Bryan and Linda Beaver                                                                            Johnny D’s Uptown Restaurant & Music Club
Katherine A. Canney                                 MARE’s Online Auction Donors Jordan’s Furniture
Michelle and James Cuff                                                                           Larz Anderson Auto Museum
Cara Daniels                                        Ahla Food Tours Inc.
                                                                                                  Learning Express of Mansfield
Herbert Daroff and Andrea Alexander Daroff          AirTran Airways
                                                                                                  Mamma Maria Restaurant
Paul and Lorrie Deletetsky                          Amesbury Playhouse Dinner Theatre
                                                                                                  Old Country Buffet
Barbara Dunn and Elizabeth Daly                     Amtrak Downeaster
                                                                                                  Old Sturbridge Village
Karen Dunnett                                       Anne Hentz Interiors
                                                                                                  Olympus Corporation of the Americas
Colleen B. Finnegan                                 Anonymous
                                                                                                  OxBow Decor
Rhys Gardiner                                       Tom and Renee Arena
                                                                                                  Pats Peak
Ara and Susan Hagopian                              Artwear Fiber Arts Gallery and Studio
                                                                                                  Peabody Essex Museum
David and Lisa Hubbard                              Battleship Cove
                                                                                                  Pet Express Boston
Agnes Huot                                          Boston By Foot
                                                                                                  Plimoth Plantation
Susan M. Johnson                                    Boston Duck Tours
                                                                                                  Ragged Mountain Resort
Susan and Edward Linehan Kenney                     Boston Lyric Opera
                                                                                                  Reclaiming the Joy of Parenting
Karen and Jeffrey Kruck                             Boston Red Sox
Dr. and Mrs. Aaron and Laurie Lazare                Boston Tea Campaign
                                                                                                  Secret Garden Inn
Laurence Mazzotta                                   The Briar Group
                                                                                                  Sheraton Boston Hotel
Bradford L. and Dianna Meigs                        Charles Hotel
                                                                                                  Showcase Live at Patriot Place
Andrew McMains and Beth Henriques                   Charles River Boat Co.
                                                                                                  Six Flags New England
Karen Newkirk                                       Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation
                                                                                                  Story Land
Carol O’Brien                                       Kevin Clancy
                                                                                                  Terry Tarantelli-Louison
Bruce Powers and Elizabeth Alper                    Erica Cohen
                                                                                                  T C Jewelers
Valerie Samuels                                     Colonial House Day Spa
                                                                                                  Unico Costa Rica
Florence Small                                      Community Boating Inc.
                                                                                                  Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery
Peter and Donna Williams                            Elizabeth D’Sarno
                                                                                                  Yankee Fleet
                                                    John P. and Carol Ann Delmonico
                                                                                                  Deborah Wingard
Corporate & Foundation Donors                       Elephant Walk Restaurant Group Inc.
                                                                                                  Nancy Woodfork
                                                    Essex River Cruises & Charters
American Express Charitable Fund                                                                  Peter Wyman
                                                    F1 Boston
Anonymous                                                                                         Amy Yanover
                                                    Fairmont Copley Plaza
Clipper Ship Foundation                                                                           Heidi Yates
                                                    FELT Boston
Clipper City Gymnastics                             The Fireplace                                       A special thank you to the
Combined Federal Campaign                           Stephanie Frankel                                   Jack Williams Endowment
The First Church of West Bridgewater                Mark French                                         for Wednesday’s Child for
The GE Foundation                                   Funway USA                                          the $50,000 grant to help
The Jack Williams Endowment for                     Gamewright                                          support MARE’s Photolisting
  Wednesday’s Child                                 Greg Coles Dance & Drum                             for the upcoming year!

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                                                      MARE • 617-54-ADOPT •                            MARE news • 5
                           Upcoming Events - Fall 2009
MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 7                                                   SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7
Chowder Challenge Regatta for MARE                                    Family Connections Adoption Party
Boston Yacht Club, 1 Front St., Marblehead, MA 01945                  Boys & Girls Club, 25 W. Silver St. Westfield, MA 01085
The Boston Yacht Club of Marblehead kicks off its annual              1:00 - 4:00 pm
fundraiser for MARE with the Chowder Challenge Regatta at             A fun-filled event aimed at finding permanent adoptive families
the BYC. Call the BYC at 781-631-3100 for details.                    for children in foster care. Orientation for all families on how to
                                                                      make the most of your time at an adoption party begins at 1:00.
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12                                                Waiting children arrive at 1:30. The adoption party is free, and
Home Run for a Child Adoption Party                                   interested families can get to know waiting children and their
Boston Police Station, 1708 Centre St., West Roxbury, MA 02132        social workers through indoor games and activities.To RSVP,
11:00 am - 3:00 pm                                                    call MARE at 617-54-ADOPT.
Learn about the adoption process, meet social workers and             FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20
waiting children. Entertainment includes a wiffleball game and
police station tour. To RSVP, call MARE at 617-54-ADOPT.              Massachusetts’ 7th Annual National Adoption Day
                                                                      Featured site: Middlesex County Juvenile Court, 121 3rd St.
THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17                                                Cambridge, MA 02141
                                                                      Times to be Announced
Single Parent Matching Night For
Homestudied Families                                                  Massachusetts will celebrate its 7th annual National Adoption
DCF Office, 45 Congress St., Salem, MA 02132                          Day at eight courthouses across the state. Judges will open
6:30 - 8:30 pm                                                        their courts to legalize the adoptions of children currently in the
                                                                      state’s foster care system. Last year, more than 4,500 children
Network with social workers and single prospective adoptive           were adopted from foster care nationwide, including 208 in
parents. Hear from an experienced single adoptive parent. Learn
                                                                      Massachusetts. Join us for this year’s celebrations!
about specific children who are appropriate for single parent
homes. Refreshments will be served. Waiting children will not
be in attendance. To RSVP, call MARE at 617-54-ADOPT.                    Visit for updates.

BYC Golf Tournament for MARE
Beverly Golf & Tennis Club, 134 McKay St., Beverly, MA 01915                  Donald is waiting
Registration: 11:30 am Scramble 1:00 pm                                                               Donald is a happy 10-year-old
Golf at the Beverly Golf & Tennis Club in the afternoon then                                          Caucasian boy who can be very
party at the BYC in Marblehead in the evening. $150 player                                            affectionate. Busy all the time,
fee includes gift, greens fees, cart, dinner, and awards. Call                                        Donald enjoys building just
617-54-ADOPT or the BYC at 781-631-3100 for details.                                                  about anything, riding his bike,
                                                                                                      and drawing. He especially
                                                                                                      loves animals and building his
                                                                                                      own toys.
The “Adoption Option” Adoption Party
Jordan’s Furniture, 50 Walker’s Brook Drive, Reading, MA 01867                                       In school, Donald has many
9:00 - 11:00 am                                                                                      friends and gets along well with
Prospective adoptive parents, particularly those new to foster care                                  all his classmates and teachers.
adoption, are invited. Attend workshops on the adoption process,              Donald (Reg. #3670)    Although not yet performing at
speak with social workers and experienced adoptive parents, and                                      grade level, Donald has benefited
meet waiting children. To RSVP, call MARE at 617-54-ADOPT.             greatly over the past year from weekly therapy, which has
                                                                       helped him deal with the losses in his young life. This support
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15                                                   has also helped him begin to overcome his academic struggles.
Western MA Pre-Party Adoption Info Meeting                             Donald would do well in any family in which he can have several
Providence Behavioral Health Hospital, 1233 Main St.                   siblings of any age. The ideal family for Donald would need to be
Holyoke, MA 01040                                                      a strong advocate for his academic and emotional needs.
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Information Meeting for families interested in learning more           If Donald could have his own special wish, he said it would be
about adoption from foster care. Learn how to make good use            “to have a family who would love and be patient with me.”
of your time at adoption parties. Waiting children will not be in      Learn more about Donald. Call 617-54-ADOPT.
attendance. To RSVP, call MARE at 617-54-ADOPT.

6 •MARE news •Summer/Fall 2009
From Teacher to Mother: The Labontes Adoption Story
When Christine Labonte first                                                                              himself,” Christine said.
met Carlos he was a student
                                                                                                          Carlos’ adoption was finalized on
in her third grade classroom.
                                                                                                          September 17, 2007.
Never did she think that, years
later, he would become a                                                                                  Now, Carlos is a thriving teenager
member of her family.                                                                                     who is involved in school and
                                                                                                          extracurricular activities. He
“He was always a very kind
                                                                                                          excels academically and was
and sweet boy,” Christine said
                                                                                                          placed in an advanced math class
of Carlos.
                                                                                                          last year. In addition, Carlos is
Although adoption had always                                                                              also able to live out one of his
been in the back of Christine’s                                                                           dreams, which was to be able to
mind, it wasn’t until the                                                                                 play on sports teams. His favorite
following year that this desire                                                                           sport at the moment is soccer, and
became a reality. One day,                           Jason (left), Christine, and Carlos                  he takes great pride in making the
Christine went to speak to                                                                                school team last year.

“We have discovered together that none of us are perfect. ”              “We enjoy taking family vacations together or just having
                                                                         dinner at the table every night,” Christine said. “We have also
                              — Christine Labonte, adoptive parent
                                                                         discovered together that none of us are perfect. We just try our
                                                                         best to respect and encourage each other each day.”
Carlos’ afterschool program teacher. To her surprise, Carlos,
then in the fourth grade, was in the classroom. The teacher              With obvious pride, Christine marvels at the obstacles Carlos
said, “Did you know Carlos was going to be on TV tonight?”               has overcome when she relays her adoption experience. Said
Sporting a big smile on his face, Carlos told Christine that he          Christine: “He is a blessing and a big inspiration to our entire
was going to be on Wednesday’s Child and that she should tune            family.”
in. That evening, November 30, 2005, Christine and her then
fiancé, Jason, decided to watch the segment together.
                                                                            Jacob, Dylan & Paige are waiting
It was when Carlos ended the show with “Goodbye everyone…I
                                                                                                                                               Jacob, Dylan, and

                                                                                                                   Photo by Suzanne Larocque
hope I find a family” that Christine knew right then and there
                                                                                                                                               Paige are fun-loving
that she wanted to take the first steps to learning how to adopt
                                                                                                                                               sociable children who
him. A bit nervous at first, Jason was open to discussing the                                                                                  could bring a lot to a
prospect of adopting and soon agreed to begin the process.                                                                                     family.
Determined to have Carlos join their family, Christine and                                                                                     Jacob, 8, is a talkative
Jason applied to begin the adoption process in their home state                                                                                Caucasian and African
of Connecticut and arranged a visit with Carlos and his worker.                                                                                American boy who is
Christine, Jason, and Carlos had their first visit at an adoption                                                                              eager to please. He
party at Springfield College. With excitement in his eyes,                                                                                     enjoys many movies
                                                                                                                                               and computer games.
Carlos could barely contain himself when he saw his former
teacher at the party and even dropped his plate of food in an                                                             Dylan is an adorable
attempt to greet them faster. At first shy around Jason, it didn’t                                                        3-year-old boy of
take Carlos long to warm up. Soon, the two of them were                    Jacob, Dylan & Paige (Reg. # 3682, 3683, 3684) Caucasian and African
eagerly participating in all of the activities at the party, in which                                                     American descent who
Carlos even made Jason a special Red Sox pin to take home as               loves nothing more than to go to the beach or zoo and play
a memento of their first time meeting.                                     games, especially his Leap Pad. He attends a preschool.

From that day on this newly-formed trio continued their                    Paige is an outgoing, humorous African American 12-year-old.
adoption journey together.                                                 She likes to watch movies, talk on the phone with friends, and
                                                                           make beaded jewelry and other arts and crafts.
Christine and Jason were married in July of 2006 and Carlos
                                                                           These siblings would like to have a mother and father and the
moved in with them in November.
                                                                           chance to all be reunited and grow up together. They would do
“We felt very close as soon as Carlos moved in,” Christine                 well with other children, either younger or older.
remembers. “But it was an adjustment for all of us. ”
                                                                           Learn more about Jacob, Dylan, & Paige. Call 617-54-ADOPT.
It took Carlos a few months to “feel comfortable enough to be
             MARE • 617-54-ADOPT •                                                                                               MARE news • 7
                                                                                                                               U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                Boston, MA
                                                                                                                              Permit No. 13204

   45 Franklin Street, 5th Floor
   Boston, MA 02110-1301

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Denea, Bishop &Benjamen are waiting                                                                           Top 10 Reasons to
                                                            Denea, Bishop, and Benjamen are three            Adopt an Older Child
Photo by Terry Tarantelli-Louison

                                                            beautiful siblings of African American
                                                            descent. They currently reside in a foster
                                                            home together and would like to remain       •	   No diapers to change.
                                                            together in an adoptive family.              •	   They sleep through the night.
                                                            Denea is a cheerful, endearing, and          •	   No bottles, formula or burp rags.
                                                            outgoing 9-year-old girl who loves
                                                            to follow the progress of local sports       •	   Interesting conversations.
                                                            teams. She wants to play basketball          •	   They will keep you up-to-date on
                                                            for the Women’s National Basketball               the latest fashions and music.
                                                            Association when she grows up.
                                                                                                         •	   No carpools - they’ll soon drive!
                                                           Bishop is an active and charming 10-year-
                                                           old boy who presents as quiet and very        •	   They will be ready to move out
     Benjamen, Denea, and Bishop (Reg. # 3688, 3690, 3691) observant of his surroundings. In addition         sooner...but they can still visit.
                                                           to basketball, football, and baseball, he
                                                                                                         •	   They can help out at home.
   loves camping and other outdoor activities, as well as drawing.
                                                                                                         •	   They can learn from you.
   Benjamen is an inquisitive and outgoing 7-year-old boy, described by others as being
   constantly busy. He likes television, video games, outdoor activities, and wrestling                  •	   You’ll learn a lot from them,
   with his older brother and sister.                                                                         especially computers!

   These three would do well as the only children in a two-parent family who can provide                 •    You’ll be changing the world for
   unconditional love and support as well as a structured environment.                                        you and your older child!

   Learn more about Denea, Bishop, and Benjamen. Call 617-54-ADOPT.

                                                                                                                         MARE news •Simmer/Fall 2009

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