Ways to save water at home

					 Ways to save water at home.
1. Turn off the water when you are not using it, such as brushing your teeth etc.
2. Use a low pressure shower head, this will save 50% more water and you won’t feel the
3. Fix any leaks at home such as the sink, a hose etc.
4. Try to use less water to do the same task, so instead of using 500ml for a certain task,
   use 250ml if it does the job.
5. Don’t overwater your garden, try to use a sprinkler system to save more water.
6. Take 5 minute showers instead of baths, they save a lot of water and are faster.
7. Do not throw water you could use down the drain, if there is absolutely no use you
   could think of then use it for your garden or plants.
8. Try to use a lower volume toilet flush, that will save a few liters every flush.

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Description: Some ways to save water at home.