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date: 15 October – embargoed 00:01hrs 16 October 2004
contact: Greg Dawson
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Window Cleaning Ranked the Most Dangerous Job in UK
It‟s official: Window Cleaning is the riskiest profession in the UK. Daredevil window
wipers have been ranked ahead of Lifeguards, Ambulance Drivers and even Circus
Performers in a dangerous jobs league table released today by Churchill Insurance.

The League of Professions was created to measure the level of risk that every job
role provided its worker, in order to rate Life Insurance cover. Along with the fearless
window cleaners, pilots, soldiers and police officers occupied the top division of dicey
walks of life. The most harmless jobber rated was a Vicar.

Churchill‟s Life spokesman, Greg Dawson said, “Window cleaners were top of the
pile as they are working at height, on ladders, with one or more implements, and
need incredible balance and concentration. They could be described as Circus
Performers without the safety net.”

The Second Division of Churchill‟s „League of Professions‟ included Satellite Dish
and Aerial Installers (Cable Guys), Croupiers, Lifeguards and Circus Performers.
Dawson said, “These vocations are still high-risk as they represent a clear and
present danger to the job holder. Cable Guys are always high up on roofs, Croupiers
have to deal with the highs and lows of gamblers, and the hazards faced by
Lifeguards and Circus Performers are easy to recognise.”

In the lowest risk tier of all, Vicars, Pharmacists and Insurance Brokers were rated as
the most sedate and secure professions. These roles tend to be more predictable,
are in the same safe place of work and require little physical exertion. Dawson said,
“Whilst these professions are challenging in their own way, they are not really front
line workers, risking life and limb. Ironically, these professions are more than likely
going to be around to offer comfort and support to the daring personnel ranked in
Division One.”

Churchill‟s Life Cover ranks and rates professions as it is one element of assessing a
person‟s health and lifestyle. Customers with Term Life Assurance can pay less than
half the premium, depending on what job role they have. Vicars could pay around
50% less for their cover than Croupiers, Publicans and Lifeguards.

Churchill’ League of Professions:

  Division One       Division Two         Division Three        Division Four     Division Five
Window Cleaner       Circus Performer   Ambulance driver        Beer taster       Vicar
Soldier              Lifeguard          Baker                   Car salesman      Pharmacist
Fireman              Sky Engineer       Bailiff                 Housing Officer   Insurance broker
Offshore Fisherman   Croupier           Bus Driver              Disc Jockey       Accountant
Pilot                Builder            Butcher                 Doctor            Bank manager
Police Officer       Bike courier       Chef                    Hairdresser       Health & Safety
Roofer               Carpenter          Electrician             Jeweller          Officer
Scaffolder           Factory worker     Farmer                  Journalist        Judge
Tree surgeon         Mechanic           Lift engineer           Housewife         Life insurance
                     Plumber            Lorry driver            Student           Underwriter
                     Publican           Nurse                   Laboratory        Office staff
                     Refuse collector   Petrol Station Worker   Scientist         Recruitment
                     Stagehand          Printing                Social worker
                     Metal worker       Postman                 Traffic warden
                                        Sales rep (road)
                                        Shop Assistant
                                        Taxi Driver


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