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									                                              Campus Partners Update
                                               Index for 2002 Issues
                                                                                           Fiscal Operations Report for 2001-
               Audit                              Department of Education
                                                                                            2002 and Application to Participate
                                                                                            for 2003-2004 (FISAP) (Aug., p.4)
   Annual Third-Party Compliance                2002-2003 Supplemental Campus-           Fourth Dear Partner Letter on
    Audit is Underway (May, p.6)                  Based Award Process (Oct., p.1)           September 11 Attacks Under
   Another Perfect Audit is Completed           2002-2003 Federal Student                 Review (May, p.3)
    (Aug., p.5)                                   Financial Aid Handbook (Oct., p.2)       Fourth Department Letter on
   Are You in Compliance? (Mar., p.7)           2003-2004 FAFSA on the Web Pre-           Terrorist Attack Relief Still Pending
   Audit Report Available in August              Application Worksheet Offered             (Feb., p.2)
    (July, p.4)                                   (Nov., p.3)                              Further Clarification on Use of New
   Audit Report Available Soon (June,           AMS Servicing Group Participates          Perkins Promissory Notes (Mar.,
    p.9) Attachment: Audit Report                 in COHEAO Teleseminar (May,               p.2)
    Request Form                                  p.5)                                     Guidance on Regulatory Changes
   Audit Report Requests Fulfilled              Adequacy of Pell Funding Levels is        Issued (Dec., p.1)
    (Sept., p.4)                                  Under Review (Aug., p.4)                 Guidance Received from ED in
                                                 Application Processing System for         1997 Applies to New Prom Notes
                                                  2002-2003 Start Up (Jan., p.2)            (Mar., p.4) Attachment: ED Letter
     Collection Agency Update                    Approval of Loan Discharge                Dated March 27, 1997
                                                  Application Forms (July, p.2)            Guide to 2002-2003 ISIR Available
Attachments:                                     Are You Receiving Electronic              (Jan., p.3)
 Featured Report… Collection                     Updates from ED? (May, p.5)              IFAP Web Site Gets a New Look
    Agency Inventory; Sign Up for                Campus-Based Policy                       (Nov., p.2)
    DocumentDirect (Aug.)
                                                  Memorandum 2002-1 Published              Information for Visually and
 Featured Report…Collection Agency
                                                  (May, p.3)                                Hearing-Impaired Students
    Recovery Analysis; Final Regulations
    Published (Nov.)                             Changes and Enhancements to               Available (Mar., p.2)
 Name Change; Featured Report                    Application Processing System            Information Issued on Tentative
    …Transactions Against Loans in                (Jan., p.2)                               2002-2003 Funding Levels Issued
    Collections; DocumentDirect (May)            Changes to FAFSA Proposed (July,          (Feb., p.2)
                                                  p.2)                                     Listing of Low-Income Schools for
                                                 COHEAO Mid-Year Meeting (July,            2001-2002 Now Available! (Mar.,
     Customer Anniversaries                       p.3)                                      p.4)
                                                 COHEAO Teleseminars Announced            National Default Prevention Day
   Long-term Customers Recognized                (Aug., p.4)                               Planned (May, p.5)
    (Jan., p.5; Apr., p.3; July, p.5; Oct.,      Dear Partner/Colleague Letter to be      New Boxes on the Open-Ended
    p.6) Attachment: Customer                     Issued Soon (Apr., p.2)                   Promissory Notes (Mar., p.3)
    Anniversaries                                Dear Partner/Colleague Letters           President Announces New King
                                                  Published (Nov., p.2)                     Scholarship (Feb., p.2)
                                                 Designated Teacher Shortage Areas        Revised Policies and Procedures for
           Cutoff Dates                           (Apr., p.3)                               Assigning Perkins Loans (May, p.3)
                                                 Don’t Pay Off Old Loans (Mar.,           SAIG Network Password Expiration
   Cutoff Dates for 2003 (Sept., p.8;            p.4)                                      (June, p.7)
    Nov., p.8)                                   Draft 2003-2004 FASFA Now                SAVE Computer Matching Between
   Feb./March (Jan., p.6)                        Available (June, p.6)                     ED and the Department of Justice
   March/April (Feb., p.5)                      EARMA and Negotiated                      (Oct., p.2)
   April/May (Mar., p.10)                        Rulemaking (Apr., p.3)                   SFA Coach 2001-2002 is Available
   May/June (Apr., p.5)                         ED Clarifies Use of New Perkins           Online (May, p.3)
   June/July (May, p.8)                          Promissory Note (Jan., p.1)              Scholarship Fund for Families of
   July/August (June, p.12)                     ED Officials Say Reauthorization          9/11 Victims Nears Goal (Sept., p.3)
   August/September (July, p.6)                  Delayed Until 2004 (Dec., p.1)           Shaw Appointed to Lead Federal
   September/October (Aug., p.9)                Education Department to Enhance           Student Aid Office (Sept., p.2)
   October/November (Sept., p.7)                 IFAP E-Mail Service (Apr., p.2)          The Orange Book Available Now
   November/December (Oct., p.8)                Enhancements for the SAIG                 (Apr., p.2)
   December/January (Nov., p.7)                  Enrollment Site (Oct., p.1)              The Student Guide for 2002-2003 is
   January/February (Dec., p.6)                 ERRATA 2002-2003 FSA                      now available on the Internet (Mar.,
                                                  Handbook Published (Dec., p.2)            p.2)
                                                 Federal School Code File for 2003-       USA Patriot Act Results in
                                                  2004 (June, p.6)                          Amendments to FERPA (June, p.7)
                                                                                           Updates to the Cohort Default Rate
    Guide Change Log (Aug., p.4)             Congress Approves Heroes Act of
   Videoconference on FSAA                   2001 (Feb., p.2)                         New Customer – Welcome!
    Application Processing Scheduled         FED UP Bill Introduced (June, p.5)
    (Sept., p.3)                             House Proposal Would Add $1             New Customer Joins Our Team
   Web-Training on FISAP Available           Billion to Pell Grant Program            (Alvernia College) (June, p.1)
    (Oct., p.1)                               (May, p.2)                              Welcome PLP Customers (Feb.,
   Web Sites for Allied Health/Medical      Increased Aid Funding Sought in          p.1)
    Technician (Mar., p.4)                    Senate Appropriations Bill (July,       Welcome New Customer! (Parker
   Work-Study Community Service              p.1)                                     College of Chiropractic) (May,
    Requirements Waiver Requests                                                       p.1)
    (July, p.1)
                                                                                          New Product Update
          How To…
                                             A Customer Success Story… (June,
Attachments                                   p.9)                                    Introducing … The EFG
 Assign a Loan (Mar.)                       Annual Statements to be Mailed in        Technologies Collections System
 Complete a Loan Verification                February (Jan., p.3)                     (Jan.)
    Certificate (Feb.)                       Annual Statements to be Mailed in
 Determine Eligibility for Economic          January (Dec., p.5)
    Hardship/Unemployment                    Annual UPDATE Index Available
    Deferments or Forbearances (July)         (Jan., p.5) Attachment: 2001
 Easily Submit Disbursement                  UPDATE Index                            NSLDS Load Error Report
    Information to AMS Servicing             Borrower Services Survey (July,          Reminder (Jan., p.4)
    Group (Aug.)                              p.4)
 Get the Most From Your UPDATE              Cameron Receives Anne-Marie
    (Jan.)                                    Miller Service Excellence Award              Regulatory Updates
 Process New Loans and Advances              (Mar., p.1)
    and Unpostable New Loans and             Customer Service Survey Results         Changes to Write-Off Amounts
    Advances (Sept.)                          (July, p.4)                              (Nov., p.1)
 Reconcile Accounting and Cash              Customer Service Week (Oct., p.5)       Clarification: Total and Permanent
    Activity Reports with Bank               Disaster Recovery with a Twist           Disability and Cohort Rate (Nov.,
    Statements (June)                         (Aug., p.7)                              p.4)
 Understand Reauthorization (Dec.)          EFG Technologies Will Become            Correction for Worksheets on Paper
 Use DocumentDirect (May)                    AMS Servicing Group on May 1             2002-2003 Renewal FAFSA (Jan.,
 Use our Web Site (Apr.)                     (Feb., p.1) Attachment: Name             p.3)
 Use the IFAP Web Site (Nov.)                Change Announcement and Q&A             Correction: Total and Permanent
                                              Guide                                    Disability Procedures (Nov., p.4)
                                             Help Desk FAQ (Sept., p.5)              Default Reduction Assistance
    Inside Campus Partners -                 Help Desk Provides Technical             Program (DRAP) (Sept., p.2)
             Profiles                         Assistance (Jan., p.4)                  Do You Have Old Loans Still in an
Attachments                                  Holiday Schedule for the New             Assigned Status (Oct., p.3)
 Beam, Teressa (Feb.)                        Year (Dec., p.5)                        ED 533 Forms for Defaulted Loans
 Blackburn, Kim (July)                      Index Available-1st Quarter (Apr.,       (Aug., p.2)
 Cameron, Sharon (Mar.)                      p.4; July, p.5) Attachment: Index       Federal Perkins Assignment Form to
 Hallums, Ella (Oct.)                       Lockbox Reorganization (Nov.,            be Revised (Sept., p.1)
 Halsey, Raffaele (Jan.)                     p.3) Attachment: Lockbox                Federal Perkins Skiptracing Service
 Hester, Debra (June)                        Reorganization Question and              (Sept., p.2)
 Marlowe, Yvonne (Dec.)                      Answer Guide                            Federal Work-Study Community
 Roberson, Patrick (Aug.)                   Lockbox Transition (Dec., p.3)           Service Expenditures Scrutinized
 Shaw, Will (Nov.)                          Market Development Department            (Feb., p.3)
 Trinkle, Danielle (Sept.)                   Restructured (Mar., p.6)                Final Regulations Published (Nov.,
 Williams, Carolyn (Apr.)                   More Information on Our Name             p.1) Attachment: Final Regulations
 Wolfe, Billi (May)                          Change (Mar., p.5) Attachment:          HPSL/NSL/LDS/PCL Promissory
                                              Press Release                            Notes (June, p.5)
                                             Our New Look (Apr., p.1)                Negotiated Rulemaking Proposed
       Legislative Updates                   Paper Reduction Tip (Sept., p.5)         Rules on Loan Issues Published
                                             Teacher Cancellation Requests –          (Aug., p.2)
   Bush Proposes Level Funding for           We Need Your Help! (Feb., p.4)          Negotiated Rulemaking Proposed
    Title IV Programs for FY 2003            Tired of Getting So Much Paper?          Rules on Program Issues (Aug., p.3)
    (Mar., p.1)                               (Aug., p.8)                             Perkins and NDSL Promissory
   Congress Approves ED Funding             Update Survey Results (June, p.11)       eNotes Available Now (Aug., p.3)
    (Jan., p.1)                                                                       Perkins Master Promissory Note
    Draft Presented (Aug., p.3)               (Sept., p.4)                                Taxpayer Relief Act (TRA)
   Service Cancellation                     Improvements to Exit Interview
    Reimbursement and Payment Letter          Packages (Oct., p.4)
    (June, p.4)                              Index (Oct., p.6)                         Form 1098-Es Mailed in January
   Total & Permanent Disability             Loan Consolidation (July, p.4)             (Jan. p.3)
    Discharge (Oct., p.2)                    Loan Consolidation – The Time is          TRA Changes (Sept., p.4)
   Total & Permanent Disability              Right! (June, p.7)                        TRA Reporting Service
    Discharge Procedures Revised             Loan Consolidation Information for         Enhancements Implemented (Dec.,
    (June, p.1)                               Exit Interviews (Feb., p.4)                p.4)
   Total & Permanent Disability (Aug.       MAIN Screen Enhanced (Aug., p.5)          Upcoming Enhancements to Student
    p.1) Attachment: Procedures for          Masterfile Enhancements (Oct., p.4)        Loan Interest Reporting Service
    Total and Permanent Disability           NSC Deferment Processing Service           (Nov., p.4)
                                              (Feb., p.3)
                                             NSC Separation Date Management
    Reminders/Announcements!                  Service (Feb., p.3)                                   Web Site
                                             New “At a Glance” Listing (Sept.,
   Get Ready for Year-End Processing         p.4)                                      Get the Complete Story Online
    (May, p.1)                               New Customer Service                       (Nov., p.7)
   Meet Will Shaw (Nov., p.6)                Representatives in Training (Feb.,        New E-Addresses (Mar., p.5)
   Pay-by-Phone Fee Introduced (Aug.,        p.5)                                      Update on Web Addresses (Apr.,
    p.5)                                     New Subsidiary Services Price List         p.1)
   SAIG Enrollment Forms Due Now!            (Nov., p.5) Attachment: Subsidiary        Web Address Reminder (July, p.5)
    (Aug., p.5)                               Services Price List                       Your Wish is our Command! (Web
   Use FTP DataDirect to Increase           New Technology in the Call Center          site features) (Aug. Attachment)
    Efficiency (Aug., p.7)                    (Mar., p.7)
                                             Pay-by-Phone Fee to be
                                              Implemented During November                Workshops/Regional Meetings
      Services/Enhancements                   (Oct., p.5)
                                             Procedures for Automatic Write-           Conferences Scheduled (Jan., p.6;
   Announcing a New Product –                Offs (Dec., p.2)                           Feb., p.5; Mar., p.9; Apr., p.5;
    Collections System Attachment:           Review your Invoices Online with           May, p.7; June, p.12; July, p.6;
    New Product Update--Collections           DocumentDirect (Nov., p.6)                 Aug., p.9; Sept., p.7; Oct., p.7;
    System (Jan., p.4)                       Special Cancellations to be                Nov., p.7; Dec., p.5)
   Archive Criteria and Process              Implemented (Dec., p.3)                   It’s Not Too Late for “Student
    Enhanced (June, p.8)                     Stop Filing and Start Dialing AMS          Loans 101” (Feb., p.5)
   Archive Process (July, p.3)               Servicing Group (Enhanced                 Regional Meetings (Jan., p.5; Feb.,
   Archive Process Begins (Sept., p.3)       Service) (June, p.10)                      p.5; Mar., p.9; Apr., p.4; May, p.7;
   Are You Using Our NSC Services?          The Time is Right to Consolidate           June, p.12; July, p.6; Aug., p.9;
    (Feb., p.3)                               Student Loans (Nov., p.5)                  Sept., p.7)
   Billing Consolidation Helps              To Cancel or Not to Cancel after          Richmond Regional Meeting
    Borrowers (Jan., p.3)                     Rehabilitation (Oct., p.4)                 Update (Apr., p.4)
   Call Center Ready for Peak Season        Web-based Federal Perkins                 Student Loans 101 (Apr., p.4; May,
    (Aug., p.7)                               Disclosure Statement Updated               p.6; June, p.11; July, p.5; Aug.,
   Changes to NSC Deferment                  (May, p.7)                                 p.8)
    Processing Service (May, p.6)                                                       Student Loans 202 (July, p.5; Aug.,
   Consolidation Update (Sept., p.4)                                                    p.8)
   Direct Line for Borrowers Provides         System III Processing Tips               Workshop a Hit with New and
    Easy Access (Feb., p.5)                                                              Experienced Loan Administrators
   Early Intervention Program               Use the Main and PAYO Screen               (Oct., p.6)
    Available Now! (Jan., p.4)                (Mar., p.8)                               Workshop Scheduled (Jan., p.5)
   Enhanced Service Available Now!          Cohort Messages on the System              Attachment: Student Loans 101
    (Feb., p.4)                               (June, p.10)                               Registration Form
   Enhancement Made to Student Loan         Do Not Process Cancellations Out
    Journal (May, p.6)                        of Order! (Sept., p.6)
   Enhancements Made for the                Using the Borrower Remark or Loan
    Collections System (Apr., p.3)            Remark Field to Indicate that a loan
   Enhancements to Masterfile                is in a Conditional Discharge (Oct.,
    Effective December Month-End              p.5)
    (Nov., p.6)
   GASB Worksheet Available by
    Request (May, p.6)
   HCOM/AUDT Enhancements

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