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					                                     Cell Phones
 Most schools have rules about using cell phones. Students are allowed to have them but must abide
 by the rules concerning when and where to use them. But the bottom line is that having a cell phone
                         is a very good thing. Let's look at a few reasons why.

Cell Phones Are Allowed in Most Private Schools

In private schools the prevailing view is that cell phones are here to stay. They are an essential line of
communication between frantically busy parents and their children. As a result, most private schools
allow cell phones on their premises with the understanding that phones must be turned off during
class and only used under certain conditions and in specified places.
Younger and younger children are clamoring for cell phones. Companies like Disney have plans to market
to the 8 year old market. Disney had to change their phones to make them 'more grown up' as kids get
more sophisticated. It s whole new world.

As cell phone use has become more widespread, a number of different studies have been done that deal
with cell phone users. The following are a few of the statistics that have resulted from these studies.

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