DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY
                                 SCHOOL OF NURSING

NAME: Dana Townes Lamar            DATE OF INITIAL APPOINTMENT: June 1992

TITLE/RANK: Professor of Nursing
            Coordinator of Academic Programs: School of Nursing

BIRTHPLACE: Jackson, Mississippi

 HOME: 1109 Maple Street
         Cleveland, MS 38732

  OFFICE: P.O. Box 3343
          School of Nursing
          Delta State University
          Cleveland, MS 38733 (601) 846-4263
          email: <>


LICENSURE: Mississippi

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: (Institution, degree, year)

      Millsaps College
      Jackson, Mississippi
      BA, 1964

      Mississippi Delta Community College
      Moorhead, Mississippi
      A.D.N., 1975

      Delta State University
      School of Nursing
      Cleveland, Mississippi
      B.S.N., 1982

      Delta State University
      School of Arts and Sciences (Music)
      Cleveland, Mississippi
      MMEd., 1991
University of Southern Mississippi
School of Nursing
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
M.S.N., 1993
       Delta State University
       School of Education (Curriculum & Instruction)
       Cleveland, Mississippi
       Ed.D., 1997

Academic Appointments:
     08/20/92-present  Delta State University
                              School of Nursing
                              Cleveland, Mississippi
                              Instructor, Undergraduate Program
                              Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Program
                              Associate Professor, Undergraduate/Graduate Program
                              Professor of Nursing, Undergraduate/Graduate Program
                              (2001-present) Tenure Received 2001
                              Coordinator of Academic Programs

       1982-present         American Nurses’ Association-ANCC Maternal-Child
                            Nursing Practice Certification (Renew Date 12/31/2002)

Nursing Clinical Practice Experiences
      05/75-08/92           Bolivar Medical Center (Full-time employee)
                                   Cleveland, Mississippi
                                   Staff nurse: adult medical/surgical
                                   Head nurse: pediatric unit (22 bed unit)
                                   Supervisor: pediatric unit
                                   Director Education: Inservice/Staff Development

       1996-present         Public Health Department Clinics....Voluntary Service
       1992-present         School Health Education and Health Services…Voluntary
                            and DSU School of Nursing related
    Community Health Nurse of the Year Nominee, 1998, Mississippi Nurses’
    Association (District #30, MNA)

      Outstanding Doctoral Student, 1998, Delta State University

      Nursing Educator of the Year, Nominee, 1997, Mississippi Nurses’
      Association (District #30, MNA)

      Thesis of the Year Award, 1993, School of Nursing Graduate Program, University
      of Southern Mississippi

      Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta State University Circle, national leadership
      honorary, 1993-present

      Sigma Theta Tau, International Nursing Honor Society, Gamma Lambda Chapter,
      University of Southern Mississippi School of Nursing, 1992-present.

      District Nurse of the Year Award, Mississippi Nurses’ Association, 1983.

      Delta State University School of Nursing Honor Society, Charter member, 1981-2000.

      Delta State University School of Nursing Pi Xi Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International,
      Charter member, 2000.

      Kappa Delta Epsilon, Honor Society in Education, Millsaps College, 1962.

      Delta State University Kossman Award for DSU Teacher of the Year. Spirng 2000.


      American Nurses’ Association, 1975-present.

      American Public Health Association, 1998-present.

      American School Health Association, 1995-present.

      Delta State University School of Nursing Honor Society, 1983-2000. STTI chapter
      established in 2000.

      Mississippi Alliance for School Health, 1994-present.
     Mississippi Nurses’ Association, 1975-present.

     Mississippi Nurses’ Foundation, 1999-present

     Mississippi Public Health Association, 1994-present.

     Mississippi Rural Health Association, 1995-1999.

     National Wellness Association, 1995-1999.

     Southern Nursing Research Society, 1996-present.

     Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society 1993-present.

ACADEMIC (and other official) APPOINTMENTS:

     American Heart Association-Mississippi Affiliate CPR Instructor Trainer
     Committee, 1988-1994; ACLS Instructor Trainer Committee, 1989-1993;
     Pediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor Committee, 1990-1992.

     American Public Health Association abstract reviewer, 2000.

     Bolivar County "Step-Up-To-Parenting" Association Advisory Council and member
     1998-present. Curriculum development, presenter 1998-2002.

     Delta State University School of Nursing Honor Society; Charter Member;
     1983-present; Faculty Advisor, 1992-2001.

     Delta State University School of Nursing Pi Xi Chapter Sigma Theta Tau
     International, Charter member; Faculty Advisor, 2000-2001.

     Mississippi Alliance for School Health; Steering Committee, 1996-present;
     Secretary, 1997-1999; School Health Education Committee, 1995-present.

     Mississippi Council of Deans and Directors of Schools of Nursing, Member 1999-present.
     Accreditation Review and Evaluation Committee 2000-2002. State Planning Committee

     Mississippi Nurses’ Association; Community Health Nursing Special
     Interest Group, 1994-present; Council on Nursing Research, 1996-2001;
     State Convention Delegate at least six years.

     Mississippi Nurses’ Association-District #30; Treasurer, 1996-1998;
     Vice President; Secretary; Board of Directors.
      Mississippi Nurses’ Foundation, 1999-2002
      Development Committee

      Mississippi Public Health-District III; Perinatal High Risk Management
      Advisory Committee, 1997-2002; Bolivar County Health Department parenting
      Classes Advisory Board, 1998-1999.

      Mississippi Summit for America’s Youth; Bolivar County State Convention
      Delegate, 1997; Bolivar County Steering Committee, 1997-1999

      National League for Nursing Test Reviewer (newly developed Community Health
      Nursing), 1999.

Delta State University Committees

      Ad Hoc, Screening Committee (Director, Office of Placement), 1998

      Ad Hoc, Screening Committee (Dean, School of Nursing), 1997.

      Ad Hoc, Placement Committee; Guideline Development, 1994.

      Ad Hoc, IHL Institute on General Education Task Force, 1995-1998.

      Ad Hoc, Educational Programs Self Study Committee, SACS, 1992-1994.

      Ad Hoc, D.S.U. Honors Program Committee, 1998-present.

      Ad Hoc, Faculty Appeals Committee, 1999.

      Ad Hoc, University Finance Committee: Committee Report to President Potter, 2001

      Ad Hoc, University Faculty Handbook Committee: 2001-2002.

      Janice and Kent Wyatt Faculty Development Committee, 1994-present.

      Faculty Senate, 1996-1998; Chair, Elections Committee, 1996-1998;
      Service Committee, 1996-1998; Executive Committee, 1997-1998.

      General Education Program Review/Revision Committee, 2000-present

      Graduate Council-School of Nursing Representative; 1998-1999.

      Institutional Review Board; 1994-present.
      Institutional Planning and Effectiveness Committee; 1996-present.
      Chair: Strategic Planning Culture Committee 1999.

      Research Committee: 2001-2002.

      Student Advisory Committee, Office of Student Affairs; 1997-present.

      Technology Council: 2002-present

      United Way Committee (DSU) 1999-present.

      Wellness Committee, 1992-present.

      University Writing Committee, 2001-present.

      Delta Health Initiative Committee, 2001-present

     Ad Hoc, NLN Curriculum; 1996-1998.

      Ad Hoc, Undergraduate Pinning Committee; Chair, 1992-2000

      AACN-CCNE Self-Study Committee 1999-2000

      Coordinator of Academic Programs (undergraduate and graduate), 1999-present.

      Curriculum Committee; Graduate Program, 1996-1998; Undergraduate Program, 1992-
      1999; Chair, 1998-1999.

      Faculty: Undergraduate Program 1992-present; Graduate Program 1996-present.

      NLN-AC Self Study Committee 1996-1998.

      Nursing Honor Society; Faculty Advisor, 1992-2000.

      STTI Chapter Application Steering Committee Chair, 1998-1999.

      RN-BSN Undergraduate Completion Program; Advisor, 1992-2002

      Scholarship and Recruitment; 1992-present; Chair 1992-1998.
      Recruitment for RN-BSN and MSN purposes in Southaven to Vicksburg, MS area
      (7 agency locations), 1999-2001. Recruitment for RN-BSN and MSN Programs North
      and Central MS on site visits (6) 2000-2001. Extensive mailout and follow-up
      recruitment work for all programs from MS Board of Nursing list. 2001-present.
       Sigma Theta Tau International, Pi Xi Chapter, charter member, Faculty Advisor, 2000.
       Charter Induction Steering Committee, 2000.

       UMC Centers for Excellence: “Mercy Delta Express” Committee 2000 - present


           Baxter Alliance Foundation Graduate Faculty, (three year faculty position with
           emphasis on Maternal-Child Health, 1996-1999, Funded. ($179,013.60).

              Smith-Kline/Beecham-Baxter Foundation Matching Fund Grant, emphasis on
              School Health Education/Health Promotion/Disease Prevention, 1998-1999,
              DSU-School of Nursing Allotment Funded ($2500).

              Meharry Medical College Grant PI, $20,000 grant to assist MSN students
              with clinical rotations at Delta Health Center in Mound Bayou, MS

              Minority Health Professions Foundation: Community Service and Outreach
              Division: Proposal for funding environmental health promotion of public
              school aged children in the MS Delta. Rejected related to nonminority status
              of primary agency-institution-DSU. September 1999
              DSU Faculty Research $250 Mini-Grant (1999-2000).

              National Library of Medicine Grant: Currently participating on proposal
              development (2002)

              CDC HIV+ and STD minority education grant: Currently participating on
              proposal development. (2002)

              “Roles, responsibilities, and attitudes of Mississippi Public School
              administrators, health educators, and classroom teachers related to the
              implementation, maintenance, and evaluation of a Comprehensive
              K-12 School Health Education Curriculum” (1997). Follow-up study
              in progress (2000-2001).

              “MS Public School Faculty perceptions of the importance of health education and
              health services in the Public School setting” (in progress-2000-2001).

              "West Bolivar County School District School Coordinated School Health Program
              Assessment" (in progress-2002)

              Mississippi School Based Clinics: Health Education and Health Services. Initial
              Survey completed. (2001).
              Data Analysis Wayne County Public Schools and Tunica County Public Schools:
              School Health Nurse Program-Student Tobacco Use Survey. 1999, 2000, 2001.

              School of Nursing collaborative faculty research efforts:
              Nursing in the Delta : Bolivar County (2000); Additional Delta Counties (2001)
              RN-BSN Program: Moving to Web-Based Instruction (2000)

              “Videotaped CPR instruction versus traditional CPR instruction: Is there
              a difference in learning?” (1993).

              “DSU Student Wellness Program Survey” (1993).

              “A comparison of mortality rates in a rural acute care hospital before and
              after adoption of Advanced Cardiac Life Support Protocol for management
              of cardiopulmonary resuscitation! (1989).

              “Differences in time and personnel requirements for pediatric versus
              adult intravenous administration” (1983).

              “Childhood immunization compliance: Does hospital referral make a
              difference?”: (1982).

              "MS Delta Elementary School Health Index for Physical Activity and Health
              Eating: Implications for the Future" (In progress dLamar and jMcCrory: Abstract
              Qaccepted for APHA presentation October 21-25, 2001.

              "Noncompliance of Healthcare Workers in Utilizing Universal Precautions In the
              Acute Care Setting" : Rachel Lewis, Dana Lamar, Janette McCrory. Abstract
              accepted for presentation to APHA for October 21-25, 2001.

              "School of Nursing and Community Partnerships: Development of a Curriculum
              for Parenting Classes in the Mississippi Delta" (Dana Lamar and Janette
              McCrory, Spring 2001; curriculum presentation to Bolivar County Parenting “Step
              up to Good Parenting Advisory Board).

      Comprehensive School Health Education, West Bolivar School
      District, Rosedale, MS and Benoit School District, Benoit, MS, 1997-
      present. (Unpaid)

       Bolivar Medical Center, Pediatric Unit and Newborn Nursery, Cleveland,
       Mississippi; 1992-1993.

       East Bolivar County Welfare Department, Parenting Advisory Council,
       Bolivar County-Cleveland, MS Mosquito Control Board, 1982-1984.

Thesis and/or dissertation advisement
       Dissertation: Committee member (4), 1999-present.
       Thesis: Chair (6), 1996-present
       Thesis: Committee member (12), 1996-present
       Project: Chair (8) present    Committee member (9), 1996-present

Tenure Portfolio Submitted February 1, 2001
Tenure Portfolio Approved April 2001; Tenure Granted May 2001

Online WebCT Course Development
      NUR 607 Health/Wellness, Spring 2001
      NUR 606 Nursing Research, Fall 2001
      NUR 404 Issues in Nursing, Spring 2002

      “Mississippi Comprehensive School Health Education Curriculum: Current
        Compliance:, Mississippi Alliance for School Health, 1997. (MSDH, MDE,
        ACS, requested survey findings presented). Delta State University Annual Nursing
        Honor Society Induction, 1998. (invitation)

       “Comprehensive School Health Education Compliance Survey for Mississippi
        Public Schools”, Mississippi Alliance for School Health, 1996.
        (MSDH, MDE, ACS invitation).

       "Ms Delta Elementary School Health Index for Physical Activity and Healthy Eating:
       Implications for the Future. authors: Dana Lamar & Janette McCrory.

Continuing Education/Inservice Workshops, & Other Presentations

       Abstinence Education: Bolivar County Schools (Shelby, Drew, Cleveland Public
       Schools) 1998-present

       Health Promotion and Disease Prevention K-12 School Children; Benoit School District
       Faculty, 1998.

       “Physical Assessment,” Bolivar Medical Center, 1986; Cleveland Health Care, 1988.

       “Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation,” Staff Course Coordinator/Instructor (annually)
        (Medical and Nursing Staff).
              Bolivar Medical Center, 1986-1992
              Cleveland Dental Clinics, 1986-1992
              DSU School of Nursing, 1986-1992.
       Continue Care Home Health, 1993
       DSU Female Dormitory Students, 1993-1994.
       Cleveland School District, 1986-1990.
       Bayou Academy High School, Faculty and Students 1986-1990.

“Advanced Cardiac Life Support course Coordinator/Instructor (annually)
      Bolivar Medical Center             1986-1994
      Delta Regional Medical Center      1986-1992
      Grenada Lake Medical Center        1988-1989
      South Sunflower County Hospital 1988

“Televised Patient Education Programs” . Initial patient education program
 development. Bolivar Medical Center, revised annually, 1986-1992.

“Adult Diabetic Education Program,” Inpatient and Outpatient Teaching Programs,
 Initial patient education program development and annual revision, Bolivar Medical
 Center, 1986-1992.

“Pediatric Diabetic Education Program,” Inpatient and Outpatient Teaching Programs,
 Initial patient education program development and annual revision, Bolivar Medical
 Center, 1986-1992.

“Pediatric Health Assessment and Documentation,” Bolivar Medical Center,
 Pediatric/Emergency/Surgical/ICU Units, 1986, 1988, 1992.

“Infant Scalp Vein IV Techniques,” Bolivar Medical Center, Pediatric/Emergency/
 Surgical/ICU/Newborn Nursery, 1986, 1992.

“Patient Safety,” Bolivar Medical Center, (annually) 1986-1992.

“CICU 10-Day Course,” Bolivar Medical Center, Nursing: CCU Registered Nurse Staff,
 (annually) 1987-1992.

“Pediatric Advanced Life Support Course,” Coordinator/Instructor (annually)
       Bolivar Medical Center (Medical/Nursing Staff)            1987-1993
       Grenada Lake Medical Center (Medical/Nursing Staff)       1988

“Neonatal Advanced Life Support course,” Coordinator/Instructor (annually)
      Bolivar Medical Center (Medical/Nursing Staff)             1987-1994
      Leflore County Medical Center (Medical/Nursing Staff)      1987

“120 Hour IV Therapy Course for LPN Upgrade to Level II, “ course development
 and instruction, Mississippi Delta Community College/Bolivar Medical Center,
 (annually) 1988-1992.
      “Breast Self Exam and Mammography Screening,” Coordinator/Instructor (annually)
             Bolivar Medical Center          1988-1990
             Baxter Healthcare               1988-1990
             Delta State University Faculty  1993-1994, 1998, 1999, 2000

      “Cardiopulmonary Arrest: ACLS Protocol-Rhythm Strip Identification & Treatment,”
       DSU School of Nursing, (BSN students-annually) 1987-1989.

      “Assessment/Intervention: Common Childhood Health Problems,”
             Cleveland School District        1988-1990
             DSU School of Education          1988-1990

      “Safety Promotion and Intervention with Injured Child,” Department of Elementary
       Education, Delta State University, (annually) 1987-1990.

      “Arthritis Management in Women,” Cleveland, MS Woman’s Club, 1988.

      “EKG Monitor Tech Course,” Course development and instruction, Bolivar Medical
       Center, (annually) 1989-1992.

      “Nursing Documentation Workshop”
             Bolivar Medical Center, (Nursing Staff-annually), 1987-1992.
             Continue Care Home Health, 1993.
             Cleveland Health Care, 1992
             MS State Penitentiary, 1991

      “Coping with AIDS/HIV+ Diagnosis,” Cleveland, MS “I Can Cope”, 1990.

      “Intraosseous IV Infusion Initiation,”
             Bolivar Medical Center, (Medical/Nursing Staff-annually), 1990-1992
             DSU School of Nursing, 1990-1992

      “STDs: Prevention, Sign/Symptoms, Treatment,” DSU Dormitory Students,
       1996, 1998.

Continuing Education Workshops/Conferences/Meetings Attended
      ( Previous listings on file and available per request.)

      Third Annual New Jersey Collegiate Summer Institute for Health Education:
      National HIV+AIDS Conference, Rutgers University, New Jersey, July, 1993.

      Pediatric Nursing National Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, May, 1993.

      National Health Education Conference, Orlando, Florida, January, 1993.
Transcultural-International Nursing Center Field Experience: CDC-P,
Carter Center, Emory School of Nursing, Atlanta, Georgia, 1993.

Child Sexual Abuse Conference, Planning Committee, Delta State University,
Cleveland, Mississippi, 1993.

Syphilis-Review and Update, Mississippi Public Health Association, Jackson,
Mississippi, 1994.

Adult and Childhood Immunizations, Mississippi State Department of Health/CDC,
1994-present (annual review)

HIV Testing/Counseling and partner Notification, Mississippi State Department of
Health, Jackson, Mississippi, 1994, 1996-present (annual review)

Curriculum Design and Teaching Methodologies, Delta State University, School of
Nursing, Cleveland, Mississippi, 1995.

Distance Learning Classrooms, Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi, 1995,
1996, 1998.

Mississippi Public Health Annual Conference; Jackson, Mississippi 1995, Biloxi,
Mississippi, 1996, 1998).

Community and Public Health Nursing Conference, University of North Carolina-Chapel
Hill, May, 1996.

Community Health Nursing Workshop: Innovations in Clinical Experiences,
Louisiana State University, New Orleans, Louisiana, April, 1997.

Annual Pediatric Update; University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson,
Mississippi, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000.

Mississippi Rural Health Association Annual Conference, Jackson, Mississippi,
1995, 1997.

Informatics Conference, SREB, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia,
May, 1997.

Current Methods of Nursing Research-Survey Method, Mississippi Nurses’
Association Annual Convention, Biloxi, Mississippi, October, 1997.

The Nurses of Oz, Mississippi Nurses’ Association Convention, Biloxi, Mississippi,
October, 1997.
Nursing Summit, Mississippi Nurses’ Association, Jackson, Mississippi, 1995, 1996,
1997, 1999,

Fourth Annual Advances in Clinical Practice, Delta State University School of Nursing,
Cleveland, Mississippi, April, 1998.

School of Nursing Advanced Practice Research Day, DSU, 1999.

AACN Master’s Education Conference: Quality MSN Programs: Fantasy or Fact?
Orlando, FL, April 22-24, 1999

Mississippi Nurses’ Association Annual Convention and CEU offerings, Biloxi, MS
October 20-22, 1999
Grant Proposal Writing (DSU Community Development Center) 1999.

American Association of Colleges of Nursing: 1999 Baccalaureate Education
Conference: “Preparing Professional Nurses for a New World of Practice” San Antonio,
TX, November 4-6, 1999.

American Public Health Association Annual Meeting: Chicago, IL, November 7-11,

Environmental Nursing in Mississippi: Investigating Invisible Dangers, UMMC, Site
Facilitator, December 10, 1999.

Web-site On-Line Course Development Training: DSU, Dr. Vicky Bond, 2000.

SREB: Council on Collegiate Education for Nursing: Facing Nursing Work-Force
Realities in the South, Atlanta, GA, February 6-8, 2000.

MS Perinatal Conference, April 13, 2000.

Mississippi Nurses' Associaiton Meeting and Continuing Education: Biloxi,MS
October, 2000.

Nursing Research Day. DSU School of Nursing. November, 2000.

American Public Health Association Annual Meeting: Boston, MA, November 2000.

SREB: Council on Collegiate Education for Nursing: Annual Meeting
Atlanta, GA, February 7-9, 2001

SPSS.11.0 Application (data entry and data analysis) 4 contact hours Spring 2002 (Dr.
Jane Weare, DSU)
      WebCT Course Development: Four Sessions: 1.2 CEU , March-April, 2001.

      WebCT Course Development and Testing: Four Sessions 12 contact hours (2001-2002
      Academic Year; DSU: Dr. Larry Lambert

Coordinator of Academic Programs:
      Ex-officio Member: School of Nursing Committees (1998-present)

      Chair: Undergraduate and Graduate Program Meetings (1998-present)

      Faculty Teaching Evaluations and report to Dean (2001-present)

      Faculty and Student Advisement (1998-present)

      SON Programs Annual Reports (1999-present)

      UG and G Curriculum Review and Revision (1999-present)

Community Service
    Bolivar Medical Center Hospital Tours K-6 grade, Coordinated; 1975-1992.

      Pediatric Play Room: Established and equipped: Bolivar Medical Center, 1978-1986.

      Teen Pediatric Candy Striper Volunteer Program: Established. Bolivar Medical
      Center, 1978.

      Parenting Education Summer Program, High Risk Clients; Cleveland, Mississippi, 1989.

      Certified Instructor Trainer, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, American Heart
      Association. Community CPR Instruction and Certification. Instructor Training.
      Health Care Provider Certification, 1986-1994.

      American Heart Association, Bolivar County CPR Chairperson, 1986-1997.

      Certified Instructor Trainer, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced
      Life Support, Neonatal Advanced Life Support, American Heart Association, Health
      Care Provider Certification, 1986-1994.

      Cleveland School District Science Fairs, Evaluator; 1986-1990.

      Cleveland Public School District Drug Awareness Activities, Participant; 1988-1992.

      Cleveland School District Drug Abuse Education and Prevention Advisory
      Council, Member; 1989-1991.

      Webster General Hospital CPR Rally, Instructor; Eupora, Mississippi, 1992.
Delta State University Faculty Wellness, Cleveland, Mississippi, 1993-present.

Delta State University Student Wellness; Health Promotion, Participant; Cleveland,
Mississippi, 1994-present.

American Cancer Association Comprehensive School Health Education Curriculum
Implementation and Evaluation, 1994-2001.

Health Fairs/Health Screening, Coordinator, Participant:
       Bolivar Medical Center               1987-1990      Annual Cleveland, MS
       Bolivar County Octoberfest           1994-1997      Annual Cleveland, MS
       Baxter Health Care Corporation       1990                  Cleveland, MS
       Presbyterian Day School K-6          1996                  Cleveland, MS
              Sixth Grade Only              1998                  Cleveland, MS
       West Bolivar Middle/High School 1995-1999           Annual Cleveland, MS
       Shelby Sixth Grade                   1998                  Shelby, MS
       Bayou Academy Sixth Grade            1998                  Cleveland, MS

Adult Immunization Programs, Mississippi State Department of Health, Districts I & III,
Participant; 1993-1998.

Adolescent Immunization Program, Vaccines for Children, Mississippi State
Department of Health, District III (HBV vaccine administration)
      Presbyterian Day School              1998
      Bayou Academy                        1998
      Shelby Schools                       1998
      Benoit Schools                       1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
      Cleveland District IV School         1998, 1999

MSDH Inflluenza Vaccine Administration:
    Bolivar County Health Department
    West Bolivar School District Faculty
    Benoit School District Faculty

United Givers Fund Community Assessment Team Member, Bolivar County,
Mississippi, 1994, 1997.

United Way Campaign Fund Drive: Delta State University, Committee Member 1998,
1999, 2000, 2001.
      Health Promotion/Disease Prevention for Elementary School Students, Coordinator-
      participant: Safety, Hygiene, Nutrition, Vision Screening, Blood Pressure Screening,
      Scoliosis Screening:
              Pearman Elementary, K-6 Cleveland            1983,1987,1992,1995-1997
              Parks Elementary, K-6 Cleveland              1983,1987,1992
              Bell Elementary, K-6, Cleveland              1983,1987,1992
              Nailor Elementary,K-6, Cleveland             1987,1992
              Cypress Park Elementary, K-6, Cleveland 1987,1992, 1997, 1998, 1999
              First Presbyterian, K-6 Cleveland, MS        1996,1998
              West Bolivar K-4, Rosedale, Ms               1997,1998, 1999
              Benoit Schools K-9, Benoit, MS               1997,1998, 1999

      Hypertension Community Screening Program, Participant; Rosedale, Mississippi, 1996-
      1998. Collaborative Partnership with MS State Dept. of Health.

      Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts: Safety/First Aid Teaching Clinics, volunteer Instructor,
      Cleveland, Mississippi, 1995.

      Bolivar County Public Health Department, Parenting Teaching Program,
      Committee Member, Cleveland, Mississippi 1997,1998; Presenter, 1998.

      West Bolivar School District-Rosedale, MS. Faculty Wellness, 1998-present
      Benoit School District Faculty Wellness, Coordinator; Benoit, MS 1998-present.

      Save-A-Life Program volunteer and Abstinence Educator, Cleveland, MS 1997-2001

      March of Dimes Volunteer; Steering Committee for Fund Raising Walk, 1998.

      Coordinator of Nursing Student Volunteers, Delta Farm Safety Day, 1998

      Bolivar County Step-Up-To-Parenting Advisory Council: Coordinated Curriculum
      Development of Premature-4Year Old Teaching Modules for participating
      parents(Power-Point, Teaching Points, Handouts, Activities etc.). Coordinated Needs
      Assessment of Delta Area Teen Parents with NUR 607 Health/Wellness students
      completing data collection and analysis.2001

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